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Thursday, September 12, 2013


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We are looking for amazing “pieces” for a book-length collection from a variety of genres and/or mediums that demonstrate how black women are approaching eldering in the 21st century.  These amazing “pieces” should be done by women with lived experiences or by those who have particular (perhaps observed or researched) knowledge and insight.  Some of the questions that might be answered in these amazing “pieces” are: What has the past taught us that guarantees that the “rest of our lives will be the best of our lives?” How have we resolved troubling issues from our past that will insure peace in our eldering? How do we manifest our eldering knowledge and our experiences in our daily lives? What does eldering “look” like on us?  What are we doing with our eldering experiences individually and/or collectively? How do we use our eldering experiences to prepare our young—pre-50s—for their journey into eldering? And a host of other questions we may not yet have imagined. The collection will be divided into chapters based on the questions raised and/or answered by our respondents (you).
These amazing “pieces” can be in any genre—critical or personal essay, poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, 1st person reflection, one-act play or any other literary form.  Additionally, they can be any artistic medium that lends itself to a printed publication—musical notations with lyrics; drawings, paintings, sketches, photography, textile art—and any other art form that can express the sentiments of the theme of the collection and can be articulated on the printed page. 

All submissions must be the original work of the submitting author or artist.
Abstract of 600 words or less (no more than 1½ pages) due by midnight September 30:
(Include the following in your abstract):
1.      Title (can be working title)
2.      Your medium/genre
3.      Summary/description of your submission, especially as it relates to the theme; give specifics where possible.
4.      What questions about black women eldering do you raise/answer in your piece?
5.      We will let you know by October 30 if your abstract has been accepted; if so, your final submission will be due to us by January 30. 
6.      Do not send final work in place of abstract. Abstract is required.
For questions or concerns and for sending abstracts, send to:  blackwomeneldering@comcast.net

Full Submissions due by January 30, 2014

Guidelines: For final submission of literary pieces (and for all abstracts, 2-8 apply):
1.  The maximum length is 20 pages; 
2. Use a single, clear font, 12 point size, Calibri or Times New Roman.
3. On the cover page, put an accurate word count at the top right. Put the title half-way down the page, centered, followed on separate lines by your name and contact information.
4. Left-justify your paragraphs. Right margins should be “ragged”.
5. Ensure there is at least a 1 inch margin all the way around your text.
6. Use double spacing for all your text.
7. Do not insert extra lines between paragraphs.
8. Indent the first line of each paragraph by about 1/2 inch.
Guidelines: For final submission of all other artistic works:
Must be accompanied by a one-page (maximum) artistic summary of piece and its relationship to the theme.

If your amazing “piece” is accepted for publication, you will receive two copies of the completed book.  There is no monetary compensation.

For questions or concerns and for sending abstracts, send to:  blackwomeneldering@comcast.net
Final submissions will be selected based on the following:
1.      Must be “amazing” in its reflection of the theme.
2.      Must raise and answer important questions about black women eldering.
3.      Must be an excellent example of the art form or literary genre.    

All submissions will be peer reviewed prior to publication. Only one submission per author accepted. Where a style guide is necessary, please use MLA.  

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