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Monday, September 9, 2013

Youth Theatre Press is currently accepting submissions of youth and children's plays.

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Announcing Youth Theatre Press, a new publisher of plays for young audiences that continues the tradition and philosophy of such pioneering publishers as Sara Spencer and Louise Dale Spoor who believed that plays for young audiences deserved their own publishing company where the sole purpose is to publish and licenses new youth plays.

Youth Theatre Press believes in the importance of children's theatre and that it deserves a publisher whose only interest is bringing new plays to this special audience. YTP is currently accepting new plays to be included in their first catalog of plays for children, ages 5 through 11, and plays for youth, ages 12 and up.

Plays for consideration include adaptations of new literature and classic tales, innovative original plays, plays that deal with topical issues and musicals for both adult performers as well as musicals for young performers.

Submissions should include the script along with a short synopsis of the play, production history (if any) and playwright's bio. All submissions should be a PDF file and included all files as a single attachment. Submissions can be emailed to submissions@youththeatrepress.com.

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