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Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Ridgedale One Act Festival


Deadline: March 31, 2023
Troy, Michigan

Ridgedale Players is proud to announce the Ridgedale One Act Festival, a new playwright-development opportunity. Writers of all backgrounds are invited to submit their original scripts to be produced during the festival. Deadline to submit is March 31st!

Submission Guidelines:
  • Plays should be no longer than 10 minutes
  • Title Page should include the play title and the playwright’s namePlaywright’s name should not appear anywhere else on the script
  • Cast of Characters should include names of characters with a brief description.
  • Play should have minimal sets and no more than 3 characters
  • Play should be submitted as a PDF with the following title scheme: LASTNAME_PLAYTITLE
  • Limit of 2 entries per playwright
  • All plays must be submitted by March 31st, 2023 to (oneacts@ridgedaleplayers.com) (There is no entry fee)
The six selected plays will be performed by Ridgedale Players Friday, July 14th, and Saturday, July 15th.

Please reach out to oneacts@ridgedaleplayers.com with any questions.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Dramatists Guild End of End of Play.® starts April 1


Registration Form

The Dramatists Guild of America is very pleased to announce the fourth annual national playwriting month, End of Play.®

Starting April 1, 2023, participating playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists will be challenged to write a brand new play or musical, or revise an old draft. Through a combination of community building events, motivation, and that all important deadline, DG hopes to inspire countless new works.

End of Play.® is an annual initiative, created by the Dramatists Guild, to incentivize the completion of new plays, scores, or songs over the period of one month. Since the launch of End of Play.® back in 2020, hundreds of participants from all over the world have connected with one another, uniting to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of creating new theatrical work.

Each year, writers set goals for themselves at the beginning of End of Play.® month and share their weekly progress with the community. Goals may include writing a new full-length play/musical, two one-act plays/musicals, or completing a second draft of any of the above. Ultimately, the aim of End of Play.® is to get writers to the finish line with inspirational prompts, motivational events, and the support of their End of Play.® community.

How Do I Participate?

The next round of End of Play.® starts April 1, 2023. (Pens up on April 1; pens down on April 30!) Sign up using the registration form below.

Want to get more involved? Take your End of Play.® experience one step further, and become a Volunteer Event Coordinator. Plan a kick-off party, a silent writing session, or another event of your choice for your End of Play.® community!

Fostering an artistic community is more important than ever before. Once you've signed up to participate in the End of Play.® writing challenge, help us spread the word! Share that you'll be doing End of Play.® on social media, using #EndOfPlay. Maybe you can even inspire a friend or two to join you on your End of Play.® journey!

Any questions can be directed to Lily Dwoskin or Jordan Stovall.

Tips for Participating in End of Play.®:

Considering joining End of Play.®? If you have a new play or musical brewing in your mind, End of Play.® is the perfect time to start working on your draft. Here are some tips to consider between now and “Pens Up!” on April 1 to help you make the most of your End of Play.® writing experience.

1. Plan an achievable writing goal. Only you know the full extent of your time, availability, and resources. Perhaps you'd like to spend the month creating a draft of a new full length play (or two one-act plays), or composing a fully notated new song, or revising an existing draft of your play or musical. Maybe you'll only have time to draft the first act of your play or to sketch out the melody for your song. That's great too. No goal is too lofty or too small for your End of Play.® month of writing.

2. Know what you would like to write about. It's always helpful to have an overarching theme to explore or a question to keep in mind when you embark upon a new project. If you're stuck, find a friend with whom to trade writing prompts and exercises that will help spark your creativity. Or, you could read through some online issues of The Dramatist magazine to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Set yourself up for success by proactively protecting your work. The business side of writing can seem daunting and distant when you're just beginning a new project, but it's always good to think about the future of your work. If you're planning to write your play, musical, or song with a collaborator, be sure to check out the Dramatists Guild collaboration agreements for plays and for musicals.

4. Get to know the world of your play. If it’s helpful, begin the outlining process, or do some character development exercises, so that you are familiar with your plot and protagonist before you dive into End of Play.® month.

5. Find your optimal writing spot. Do you enjoy curling up with a pen and a notebook under a leafy tree? Are you most excited to write when you're poring over your laptop in the midst of a bustling cafe? Perhaps you gravitate towards the familiar surroundings of home when you want to really focus on your writing projects? Choose a comfortable writing place, or several comfortable writing places, where you know that you'll be able to do your best work.

6. Don't forget about self care. We encourage you to get some nice writing equipment, some delicious snacks for your writing breaks, and maybe a stress ball to squeeze when your hand cramps up from all that writing. Treat yourself to whatever will relax you as you take on this writing challenge. You deserve it!

7. Keep yourself accountable. How will you make sure that you stick to your writing goals for the month? Will you reward yourself after you write a certain number of pages each week? Will you make a donation to your favorite charity when you finish your draft? Will you check in with a writing friend to help keep them accountable too? There is no right or wrong way to stay accountable throughout the month. You should do whatever works best for you.

8. Plan to participate in the Guild's End of Play.® events. Check out our National Silent Writing page to see if there is an upcoming session that will work with your schedule. Take a look at our End of Play.® Events page to find regional events are happening near you, and register for any upcoming events that might be of interest!
(Don’t see any events for your area? Consider registering to become an End of Play.® Volunteer Event Coordinator, and organize your own local event.)

9. Keep a positive outlook. Get ready to challenge yourself, bring your writing to new heights, and join in on the fun!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Arakana 14th Issue seeks Micro-submissions


Deadline: April 2, 2023

We publish work by established and emerging writers unaffiliated with the University of Central Arkansas. We accept previously unpublished fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, scripts for the stage or screen, translation, artwork, and illustrated narrative through our Submittable submission manager.

Simultaneous submissions are always welcome. We only ask that you withdraw your piece as soon as you accept another opportunity.

As a journal of mysteries and marginalized voices, we’re looking for quality writing that is thought-provoking and literary. We are especially interested in work that explores the identities and experiences of writers from the Delta region, BIPOC, immigrant, LGBTQ+, women, disabled, and neurodivergent writers, the resource-poor, writers over 50, those who have experienced or been impacted by incarceration, or anyone whose voices have traditionally been silenced.


Submissions for Arkana’s 14th issue, The Micro Issue, are open from October 17, 2022, until April 2, 2023.

Fiction: We’re looking for polished fiction of up to 500 words.

Creative Nonfiction: Send us your essays, your memoirs, and your investigations of up to 500 words.

Poetry: Submit up to five poems of ten lines or less.

Scripts: Please submit scripts for the stage or screen that would last, if performed, five minutes or less.

Artwork: Photographs or images to be published alongside literary work. Photographs and images should speak to Arkana‘s mission and aesthetic.

Monday, March 27, 2023

The Playwrights Group ~ Weekly Workshop

                                                 The Weekly Workshop

Join our nationwide community of playwrights on Zoom. 

It’s a great way to stay connected and motivated.


Participating in a weekly workshop can give you the kick you need to see your script through from beginning to end.  And when your play is ready — we’ll present it in a reading open to the public. 



Sit in on a session and see for yourself!

Tuesdays or Thursdays 7 - 9:30pm EST


Check out our website for more details and rates. 


Script Consultations


If you don’t have time for the workshop but have a script you’d like some feedback on — just send a PDF of your script and you’ll get a critique via email and/or video conference. See website for rates.


Richard Caliban has worked with  individuals on their scripts from all over the world — Indonesia, China, Greece, Australia, Serbia, as well as right here in New York. A script consultation will provide you with feedback on the structural soundness of your story, the dramatic arc of your protagonist, thematic unity and much more.


Online One-on-One Courses


If you’re looking for more, check out our One on One Online Playwriting Courses:


       The Art of Playwriting

       Write a Play in 10 Weeks


Both are with instructor Richard Caliban, and since it’s One on One, the courses can be adjusted to fit your level of experience. 


Please visit our website for further Info and Rates: 



Contact us at 


Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Overtime Theater Celebrating Winter Holidays


Deadline: April 7, 2023

The Overtime Theater in San Antonio, Texas is looking for unproduced winter holiday plays (ie: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc.). The Overtime Theater will consider traditional, quirky, or non-traditional holiday tales. We have a history for offbeat and unique productions, so all ideas will be considered.

We accept submissions of all lengths—short plays, one acts, and full-length plays to be produced December 2023 in The Gregg Barrios Theater (Overtime’s main stage). Due to space limitations, we can accommodate a maximum of 10 performers per production.

The Overtime Theater accepts submissions from all writers, but gives special attention to writers from Texas. The Overtime Theater is an all-volunteer organization and compensates playwrights with one equal share of donations in our tip jar at the end of the run.

Please fill out the Google Form to include your script attachment for consideration for December 2023. Please format your submissions in Word or PDF format. 

We accept submissions year-round, but any submissions to be considered for December 2023 should be received by 11:59 pm CST on April 7, 2023.

Please send any questions to theovertimetheater@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

Barely seen submission guidelines 2023


Deadline: none given

-Submit as many ten-minute or one-act plays as you like, (Up to two for Write Bites) including previously published or produced plays in a Word or PDF file to barelyseeneditor@gmail.com. Make sure to title your email (Last Name)_(Play), and please note that any plays Barely Seen has already published won't be considered for publication a second time. 

-Any style/theme of play is allowed, but plays that include inappropriate content won't be published. 

-All ages are welcome to submit work. If submitting to the Featured Poet/Playwright of the month, please include a headshot and a bio in the body of your email stating your name and a little bit about you. 

-If you would like to be published under a pseudonym or nickname instead of your given name, please include your preference in your note.

-I will try to get back to you within two months; if I haven't contacted you by then, send me another email checking up on your submission. I might have received your file and just not been able to get to it yet. 

-If you want to be considered for Featured Writer of the Month and/or Write Bites, make sure to send in your plays by the 22nd of each month.

-If you have any questions about the submission process, please feel free to reach out to me at barelyseenquestions@gmail.com.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Agbowรณ magazine July issue is themed “Transition”


Deadline: April 30, 2023

Agbowรณ is growing to be a foremost African art company providing platforms for African writers and artists that ensure creative Africans can concentrate on creating great art while we ensure they get the audience and the value they deserve.

The editors of Agbowรณ magazine invite you to submit to its July issue themed “Transition!” What possibilities can writers derive from transitioning? And how does language transition from an idea into a story, a lexicon into verses? As editors, we admit that transition leaves a mark on us, a memory we carry with us as we kinetically charge toward a destination. As we delve into the complexities of transition, we invite writers to explore the theme through their wildest imaginations possible. From the upheaval of migration to settling down into a new home, from the strife of a breakup to the miracle of new love, we want to hear your stories of change and transformation.

Please use “Transition Issue” as the subject line of your submission. Along with your submission, please include a brief bio about yourself.

One Act Plays
  • We will consider for publication one-act plays with running times between 10 and 30 minutes.
  • Submissions can explore any theme and can be genre-bending as well.
  • We are open to new ideas so the plays can be experimental. 
  • The submission should have a maximum cast of 7 characters. There can be room for three minor characters with limited dialogues.
  • Submissions should include a cover letter with a brief summary of the play, the name and location of the playwright, the running time, performance history (if it has been performed before), and awards (if it has won any awards).
  • Submissions should be in Microsoft Word documents.
  • Only finished scripts of one-act plays are acceptable. Do not submit drafts of works in process. Previously produced plays are welcomed.
  • The play must be a complete one-act play, not a part of a larger work. 
  • Please remember to indicate in your subject the issue to which you are submitting.
  • Please send your One-Act plays for consideration here.
Compensation: $50

Friday, March 24, 2023

THIRTEEN podcast submission guidelines


Deadline: none listed

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Thirteen! We are an audio-drama/audio fiction podcast specializing in feature length (~ one hour) productions that are characterized by slow-burn, atmospheric stories, horror and ghost stories.
Thirteen Podcast is an Imaginary Comma production.

Submissions will only be considered if they meet the following guidelines:

Our audience comes to us for slow burn, atmospheric, character driven stories. They want to know the characters and see them grow and change just as much as they want a good scare. Stories that aren't character driven won't be a good fit.

Submissions of 5,000 words or more are most likely to be selected for wide release. Shorter submissions may be selected for special double feature episodes or episodes exclusive to Patreon supporters and other financial supporters of Imaginary Comma. Any submission that is selected for production, regardless of platform, will be paid.

Submissions should be in prose or script format. Preferably in Arial font and sized at 11pt. Check out our transcripts for a visual.

Stories with a first person central narrator and supporting characters work best for our format.

Stories which include derogatory language or slurs against any group of persons will not be selected regardless of context.

Stories that include depictions of rape or sexual assault will not be selected. While these topics may be acceptable as plot elements we will not perform or narrate depictions of them.

Stories should not be plagiarized in part or in full. Any story found to contain plagiarized material will be removed from our platform and the author will be asked to return their payment for that story.

How the process works:

We may not be able to reply to all submissions. Be sure to use the subject line "Story Submission'' to ensure your submission makes it to the correct folder. You'll also receive an auto-reply with information about what will happen next

Stories not written in an audio fiction format will be altered and/or adapted to fit that format. This may include changes in the placement of character dialogue attribution, folding character dialogue into narration and resolutions to issues of clarity that work on the page but not in an audio format

Submissions with several speaking roles may require alteration to fit a limited cast. This would come in the form of the narrator incorporating the character's lines into narration

Authors are paid for submissions that are accepted and published at the time of acceptance. Payment options include Venmo, Apple Pay, Paypal or direct invoice

Authors of stories over 5,000 words in length will be paid $75.00 if accepted. Authors of stories under 5,000 words in length will be paid $50.00 if accepted

Submissions will be attributed to the author in the recorded episode and in the show notes.

Our brand is built on great stories, rich in character development and in an atmospheric tone that remains with the listener long after the story is over. We recommend becoming familiar with the show to determine if your story is a good fit.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Courtship of Winds submission guidelines


Deadline: none given


We are interested in short verse plays and one-act plays.

The Courtship of Winds
 publishes poetry, fiction, short dramatic pieces, essays, photography, art, and short pieces of music. Please submit no more than six poems at a time. Prose should generally not exceed 10, 000 words. Simultaneous submissions are fine, provided the author immediately withdraws any work accepted elsewhere. Please withdraw work only through Submittable, indicating in the "reason" field if you are withdrawing part or all of your submission.  Courtship does not publish previously published work.  Authors retain all rights to their work.

Please use Submittable for all submissions. Please do not submit work in a particular genre more than once in a six-month period.Work is considered year-round for two issues.  You should expect a response within six months. We regret that we cannot currently pay for accepted work.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Garfield Center for the Arts Short Attention Span Theatre


Deadline: March 27, 2023 at 11:59 PM


Here is our play selection process:

We are seeking scripts for 10-minute plays.

Non-LPS members may submit up to two 10-minute plays.

Submissions are anonymized and then read by our panel of judges.

Our panel of judges selects a number of submitted plays which are then offered to our group of directors.

You can see which plays made it through to directors on the SAST info page

Our directors select from this list (in addition to a list of published plays).

We will announce our final selections by June 1st.

Questions? Email sastplays@garfieldcenter.org

Good luck & get to typing

Mark Sullivan
SAST 2023 Executive Producer

Monday, March 20, 2023

Go Try PlayWrite March 2023


Deadline: March 31, 2023


We’re proud to announce a new monthly playwriting contest in collaboration with Bamboo Ridge Press. Every month, Kumu Kahua’s artistic director Harry Wong III will select a writing prompt on the first day of that month. We’re looking for 5-page monologues or 10-page scenes based on that prompt; the due date for submissions are always the last day of the month. All entries must be written in traditional play format; instructions on this format can be found here (https://www.dramatistsguild.com/script-formats), courtesy of the Dramatists Guild.

There will be one winner each month. Scripts will be submitted to the judges anonymously. Winners will receive $100 and a subscription to Bamboo Ridge Press. Woo!

The prompt for the month of March 2023 is: Something a little different. Write an extended stage direction, no more than 8 pages, that you consider impossible to execute on stage. For example, Ibsen's play, When We Dead Awaken, ends with an avalanche carrying two characters to their death.

Best of luck

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Fade to Black Festival 2023 seeks work by African-American playwrights


Deadline: April 1, 2023 12 Midnight CMT

Submit by uploading pdf of original work:

๐‘ป๐’†๐’-๐‘ด๐’Š๐’๐’–๐’•๐’† ๐‘ท๐’๐’‚๐’š๐’”

1. Playwright must be the sole author of the submitted work.

2. Playwright must publicly and openly identify themselves as African-American, Black, or of the African diaspora.

3. Previously published or produced work by the author or theatre/company is not allowed (See definitions below).

4. Play must run no longer than 10 minutes long on stage, but no shorter than 8 minutes. (Conduct informal readings to ensure).

5. Play should accommodate a “bare-stage” set requiring only a minimum of removable stage props and require basic lighting and sound cues.

6. Play must not be a musical.

7. Play must not be written for children or youth.

8. Play must not contain characters that are under 17 years old.

9. Play must not be a re-submission of previous Fade To Black play festival seasons.

10. Play must not be considered a translation or adaptation.

11. Play must not be a film. Screenplays/Scripts written for television or cinema will not be accepted.

12. Play should be "stand-alone", a separate body of work that has not been extracted from a larger, previously written play.

13. Author must be at least 18 years of age.

14. Play must be submitted in a PDF format.


1. Playwright must be the sole author of the submitted work.

2. Playwright must publicly and openly identify themselves as African-American, Black, or of the African diaspora.

3. Monologue must run no longer than 3 minutes long on stage, but no shorter than 1 minute.

4. Monologue should accommodate a “bare-stage” set requiring only a minimum of removable stage props and require basic lighting and sound cues.

5. Monologue must not be a musical.

6. Monologue must not be written for children or youth.

7. Monologue must not be a film. Screenplays/Scripts written for television or cinema will not be accepted.

8. Author must be at least 18 years of age.

9. Monologue must be submitted in a PDF format.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Left Coast Theater anthology: "Closets are for Clothes."


Deadline: March 18, 2023 - 11:59 PM PDT


We are currently accepting submissions for a staged reading of our next anthology, Closets are for Clothes.

Be they literal or metaphorical, many queer folk have had to navigate a closet or two. But we love when people live their lives open and proud! Closets aren’t for lives; they’re for clothes (and maybe the occasional skeleton). This will be an anthology of 6 or 7 pieces written about navigating the closets in our lives. While we love a good queer coming out story, we encourage writers to think outside the box with this theme.

There is no limit on the number of scripts any one playwright may submit; however, each script must be submitted separately.

Please submit your script by 11:59pm on Sat, 3/18

Chosen scripts will be part of a staged reading in May.

To submit your script (see formatting requirements below), please click the FILL OUT FORM link at the top of the page and complete our submission form.

We want to see your scripts!

But we do have rules. Submissions must adhere to the following requirements in order to be read and considered for inclusion in Closets are for Clothes.

Play Requirements:Play must not have been previously produced in the Bay Area;
Play must fit the theme of the show;
No more than four (4) characters;
Simple and minimal set pieces and props;
No more than 15 pages, or the equivalent of 10-15 minutes in length. Please do not submit longer scripts – they will not be read;

Scripts must be submitted in the following format:Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt;
1” margins on all sides;
Stage directions in parentheses and indented 2.5” from the left and 1” from the right;
Character names indented 3” from the left;
Dialogue is not indented either on the left or the right;
Include complete contact information on the front page as noted. This will allow us to notify you whether your play has been selected;
Include a one-paragraph synopsis of the plot of the play as shown in the template.

Two Good Dogs 'Dare to Dream' Play Festival 2023 seeks plays from NYC-based playwrights


Deadline: March 30, 2023

We are proud to announce our first playwright development opportunity, Two Good Dogs 'Dare to Dream' Play Festival, 2023, fostering New York City playwrights and performance artists. In our annual festivals we promote plays that call upon voices and experiences rooted in historically marginalized communities. TGD Productions is a New York-based non-profit theater company that provides inclusive opportunities for a diverse group of artists to create, collaborate, engage, and practice their craft.


After a prolonged period of online theater and distanced life, TGD mounted a highly successful production of the play Jericho in June 2022. In 2023, TGD aims to re-ignite local playwrights by sustaining their development from first ideas to a finished performance or script. Following a submission and selection process, TGD will showcase playwright finalists through live staged performances and readings that reflect the state of affairs in our city and our nation in our Two Good Dogs ‘Dare to Dream’ Play Festival, June 2023.

TGD will provide the selected invitees:A development process designed to support the playwright.
Guest actors, directors, and playwrights to assist, including in person table reads, scene work and feedback.

One guaranteed reading at Theatre 71, New York City, as part of the TGD "Festival" in spring 2023. Actors from TGD’s troupe will participate, and Director(s) will guide the production. Moreover, if your play is selected as one of three finalists, your play will be fully staged by TGD on the final day of the festival.

TGD’s ticketing, professional marketing and audience engagement to ensure wide distribution.
Each finalist will receive a $500 award as Two Good Dogs ‘Dare to Dream’ Play Festival Finalist, 2023.


Submissions are restricted to New York City residents 18 years or older. 

Entries (one per playwright) must be based on your original work. The work cannot have been published or produced in a venue where admission was charged before April 1, 2023. Prior staged readings/workshop productions are not disqualifying factors.


We are looking for diverse, character-driven stories with thoughtful consideration for those with a unique story to tell. (No musicals.) Plays must be between 15-30 minutes in length (about 10 - 25 pages) that have not been produced.

Submission Deadline: March 30, 2023

Please submit plays in PDF or Word .doc or .docx format only.

Submit all materials through the TGD website www.tgdproductionsinc.com @TGDProductionsinc




Deadline: March 30. 2023

Register by submitting up to a 200-word synopsis (not a sample) of a 10-30 min play that speaks to the TGD mission statement “plays that call upon the voices and experiences rooted in historically marginalized communities.”

In addition to a synopsis, submit a final or preliminary 10 to 25 pages draft of the play in standard play script formatting.


Deadline: April 15, 2023

Based on your synopsis submission, you may be invited to expand your concept into a completed 10-30 page one-act play. A development process designed to support the playwright/performer will follow, where guest actors, directors, and playwrights will assist, including in person table reads, scene work and feedback.


June, 2023 (dates TBD)

Actors and directors will be provided through TGD for one 'off-book' performance or enhanced staged reading of the selected plays. Playwrights will be required to attend the first rehearsal in the month of May. Judging will occur and finalists will have an encore performance. Each finalist will receive a $500 award selected as judges' favorites.

Staging note: The planned number of performers should not exceed 4, and please consider the feasibility of your staging for a 'black box' staging (e.g., minimal props, sound effects, and lighting.)

Other Requirements:

There are no fees for any aspect of submission or staging. In return, TGD Productions requests the option to produce a staged reading of your work as part of its 2023 Festival season royalty free.

TGD Productions will provide the selected festival invitees ticketing, promotion, and marketing of their work.

Please submit all materials through the TGD Festival 2023 website www.tgdproductionsinc.com

Questions? Email us through the website.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

NYTheater Festival Fall/Winterfest 2023 Theater/Festival/Competition

 NYTheater Festival Fall/Winterfest 2023 - Theater/Festival/Competition - Plays/Musicals - Total Prizes $8,000 - First Prize $3,500 - Full Lengths - One Acts - Shorts – Solos

We strongly believe that self producing a play or a musical can offer a very important tool for the growth of every playwright’s work.

Once a playwright sees their work onstage, it provides an opportunity for the playwright to improve or modify their story.

It’s also a great opportunity to invite people from the industry to see your production. People are more likely to go see a show than to read an unsolicited script, as some industry people receive on average thousands of submissions per month, and they understand that the journey for a show to be successful often goes through several productions

Our team is completely dedicated to help get your work seen.

We are always with you to help, from the first moment of your tech rehearsal to the closing of your last show.

You will never be left alone during the process. We will help you to choose some of the 85 set/furniture props we offer to dress your stage for your run, and give you a complete crash course on how to use the audio/light/video system, which are intentionally very user friendly.

After we show you how to use the tools we provide and how to utilize the space, you will be able to rehearse your tech rehearsal with whatever plan works best for you and your production.

A team member will be present to provide prime responses to every inquiry, as well as a telephone # you can call anytime during relevant hours throughout the run of your show.

In 11 years and 19 seasons we have successfully hosted 1,200 plays and 300 musicals and rewarded with cash prizes over 300 artists who participated in our Festival.

Yours could be the next production onstage!






Submit now so your production can come to life in the heart of New York - our plays and musicals have been WOWING New Yorkers for over a decade! 


to submit, go to:




Introducing NYC’s fastest growing competition - Now accepting submissions only from writers and producers  who live within a 30 mile radius from Manhattan.



We offer up to $8,000 in Prizes. $3,500 alone goes to the season’s best production (either a play or a musical) 

There is no other festival that gives away this much money in prizes. Our winners are selected by the festival’s team of judges, unlike many festivals that are nothing but popularity contests where winners are determined by who brings in the largest audience. We believe that sometimes the simple productions with smaller budgets and smaller audiences turn out to be the best shows, and therefore go on to win 1st Place Prize. At this festival, we love honest writing and sincere, heart-felt performances.

Prize categories include:





2 BEST ACTORS: $500 each 

2 BEST ACTRESSES: $500 each 






Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Rice Paper submission guidelines



SUBMISSION FORM: PDF Name_Theme_Genre or DOCx Name_Theme_Genre

Please complete the above submission form and send it with your submission to submission@ricepapermagazine.ca

We ask for First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) should your work be accepted for publication. Authors retain all rights to their work after publication. We also ask that you grant us permission to archive your work online at ricepapermagazine.ca

We request that authors acknowledge their work’s first publication in Ricepaper Magazine if it is reprinted elsewhere.

As we are a volunteer-run publication, we are unable to provide financial remuneration for submissions.


Asian writers of all cultural backgrounds are encouraged to submit non-fiction articles, stories, poems, and profiles relatable to Asian Canadians, many of whom are global citizens with ties to other parts of the world.

We focus on showcasing creative writing by Asian Canadians and material containing diverse characters, stories and/or themes pertinent to the broad Asian Canadian population. That said, we are open to accepting submissions from Asian writers around the globe so long as we can see a link between the content and an aspect of the Asian Canadian experience. Canada is home to people from all kinds of backgrounds. We can usually find a connection.


Ricepaper accepts unsolicited creative writing in the following genres: poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.

Literary and Creative Writing (3000 words or less):

Previously unpublished short fiction, poetry (a limit of 3 poems per call), comics, play excerpts, and translated works

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The School Magazine submission guidelines


Deadline: ongoing

The School Magazine is open for submissions from writers, illustrators, comic serial creators and cartoonists.

The editors are seeking quality children’s literature for ages 7-12+. Submit stories, plays, articles, persuasive texts or poetry.

High quality stories, poems, plays, activities and non-fiction texts suitable for our readership are invited for all four levels. All material must have strong literary qualities.

  • Plays should be easy-to-stage scripts for large groups of students to perform, although plays for smaller casts are also welcome.
  • Scripts should have literary qualities in characterisation, language and plot.
  • Generally a maximum of 1500 words (fewer for younger readers).

  • The School Magazine endeavours to reply to submissions within 30 days. However, due to the quantity received, this means that the process can sometimes take some time.
  • We require non-exclusive, ongoing print and digital rights to this material, and that you agree to give The School Magazine first right to publish. Please note that you retain copyright. Your submission of a manuscript means that you accept these terms.
  • The School Magazine reserves the right to edit manuscripts according to house style and the needs of the magazine.
  • The School Magazine pays on publication. We pay a repeat fee at half price, if a piece is reused in a printed version of the magazine. Writers retain copyright of their work.
    • We pay $0.50c per word for fiction, articles and plays.
    • We pay for poetry: 1-12 lines is $55; 13-24 lines is $105; 25-40 lines is $170, and over 40 lines is $230.
  • We send two complimentary copies of the magazine to the authors of work in that magazine.
  • Our mission has always been to ensure fair and equitable access to quality literature for all primary school-aged children since 1916.

Monday, March 13, 2023

NYCPlaywrights advisory ~ call for submissions deadlines

Playwrights please note: although calls for submissions are sometimes posted on NYCPlaywrights with deadlines, be aware that many theater organizations do not consider these firm deadlines. They may have unpublicized maximum submission limits and may decide days, weeks, even months ahead of the publicized deadline to close the submission window. 

Some organizations will notify NYCPlaywrights when they close their submission window early - but some do not and NYCPlaywrights does not have the resources to continually check the groups' websites for news of changes to submission deadlines. If you have found an opportunity published on NYCPlaywrights and discover it is closed before the publicized deadline, please let us know by dropping us a line at info@nycplaywrights.org

So basically, you're better off sending your script earlier than later. Don't assume you have until the initially published deadline to polish your submission. 

If you have thoughts on theater organizations practices and you'd like to share, we're happy to publicize your thoughts - signed or anonymously. Send to info@nycplaywrights.org


Teatri Riflessi International Short Play Festival ~ 8th edition


Deadline: March 23, 2023 MIDNIGHT (Italian time)


Teatri Riflessi International Short Play Festival is a festival centred on a core event: a short play competition, no matter the genre: theatre, dance, or performance. The competition aims at promoting the expression of contemporary languages, hinging on the form of short plays—playlets and short pieces—encouraging dialogues and exchange between the performing arts and various participants—geographically, culturally, and artistically diverse.

The event takes place at the public park in Zafferana Etnea, in the Amphitheatre ‘Falcone & Borsellino’ from 13 to 15 July 2023. The artistic committee of the festival will select 10 short plays, lasting around 15 minutes. The selected participants will perform as semifinalists on Thursday, 13, and Friday, 14 July. The announced finalists will perform again on Saturday, 15 July 2023. The deadline for submissions is on 23 March 2023 at midnight (Italian time).

Teatri Riflessi 8 is a festival focused on short plays: live performances lasting around 15 minutes, with no distinction in terms of dramaturgy and genre. Each short play ought to have its completeness and needs to last approximately 15 minutes, being 20 minutes the maximum length within which the play must be presented, prepared, set up, performed, removed, and people eventually thanked. Therefore, the participants need to manage their time on stage in order not to exceed the compulsory threshold of 20 minutes, even when the actual duration of the piece might be longer than 15 minutes. Based on the materials submitted and the programme of the evenings, 10 short plays will be selected and will receive a cachet of € 500.00 and a potential additional reimbursement for travel expenses both issued by the Municipality of Zafferana Etnea (cf. Art. 4, Art. 5.1, and Art. 6.3).


The theme selected by the IterCuture for Teatri Riflessi 8 is OTHERNESS: it will be the common thread for the cultural and artistic activities of the festival. Adherence to the theme, as personally interpreted by each author and performer, will be taken into account for the selection. Participants can tackle and deal with the theme as they wish and are asked to clarify the connection in the participation form.


The competition consists of two semifinals (on Thursday, 13, and Friday, 14 July 2023) and a final (on Saturday, 15 July 2023) held at the Amphitheatre ‘Falcone e Borsellino’ in the Public Park in Zafferana Etnea (CT). The finalists will be determined thanks to the assessment of the Technical Jury of the Semifinals. The Best Short Play ⁠– Teatri Riflessi 8 will be determined by the votes of the Technical Jury of the Final, the Press Jury, the Jury of Cultural Operators, and the Youth Jury. The evaluation expressed will be weighted as follows: 50% Technical Jury, 20% Press, 15% Cultural Operators, and 15% Youth Jury. All evaluations take place on a digital platform.

The competition is the core event of Teatri Riflessi 8: many are the activities and events that will take place during the festival such as forums and round table discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and installations.

Entrance to Teatri Riflessi 8 is free of charge.



Determined during the semifinals by the Boards and awarded at the end of the final, the winning short plays will receive a contribution of €400.00 for each category. The Technical Jury of the Semifinals will consist of experts, artists, and theatre and festival directors assessing the semifinalists to award the prizes listed below. The decision of the Jury is incontestable.


The Artistic Direction has established three optional prizes for the Best Original Script in Italian, the Best Original Script in a Foreign Language, and the Best Dance Dramaturgy. Each prize consists of a reimbursement of €400.00 for the best author or authors of an original script or dramaturgy. Each of these prizes is proclaimed by a specific Board consisting of experts in the sector. An author can compete for the prize only if regularly registered for the competition. Mendacious or incomplete communications might determine the disqualification of the contestant from the optional prizes. These three prizes will be awarded if at least three short plays are competing in the same category. Nevertheless, the Boards can decide to proclaim a prize even with less than three competing short plays if a script or dramaturgy appears to be particularly deserving.


IterCulture has established an award for Best Direction consisting of a reimbursement of €400.00 for the short play with the most deserving direction and manifesting exquisite originality, immediacy, and eloquence.


IterCulture has established an award for the Best Interpretation consisting of a reimbursement of €400.00 for the performer or cast, whose interpretation is considered the most deserving. All performers are evaluated during the semifinals. The award is dedicated to a friend and former member of IterCulture, Valentina Nicosia: cheerful, energetic, and irreplaceable point of reference for the artists until 2015.

Sixth Annual Ivoryton Women Playwrights Festival seeks one-act plays


Deadline: June 1, 2023


The Ivoryton Playhouse have announced its Sixth Annual Ivoryton Women Playwrights Festival. They are seeking submissions of one-act plays by women playwrights.

The IWPF provides the 4 writers whose work is chosen, paid travel to Ivoryton and housing while here, 3 days of intensive workshops with a director and actors for play development and participation in a staged reading festival that will take place October 25-28, 2023. Writers will also receive a $500 stipend.

Ten minute plays are acceptable, and all plays must run no more than one hour.

The theatre will be accepting completed manuscripts by email only until June 1st, 2023.

Interested playwrights should email a completed manuscript, (for musicals include a script and links to music), with name and contact info.

The Ivoryton Women Playwrights' Festival is also seeking resumes from directors (CT residents only), and those interested in being readers, both men and women.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Balance Arts Center Performance Showcase


Deadline: March 27, 2023 at 5pm EST


Join us this May for the BAC Performance Showcase in support of performing artists in NYC! There will be two shows taking place at the Balance Arts Center in Midtown: Saturday May 6th at 7pm and Sunday May 7th at 2pm. 

Each artist will have up to 15 minutes of performance time 

There is a no application fee!

The BAC will curate the performances

Musicians, singers, actors, dancers, and performers of all art forms are all encouraged to apply!

Accepted applicants will receive:

One 2 hour rehearsal in the performance space

A lighting/tech rehearsal on the day of the performance (3 internal cues max)

Reduced space rental fee at the Balance Arts Center as space is available (15% discount)

Showcase Specifications:

Performance Running Time: 15 minute max

Minimal props requested

Piano, music stands, small speakers, black traveler, and projector are all available on site

No excessively loud music

No street shoes, percussion sets, animals, open flames, paint, liquids, glitter, beads, confetti, or food to be used in the performance

Click Here to learn more about the Balance Arts Center’s Karl Kemp Performance Space!

Application deadline is Monday, March 27th at 5pm EST

Applicants will be notified about their work being presented by April 5th

If you have any questions regarding the application process you can email us at info@balanceartscenter.com

Literature Today seeks one-minute plays for its April 2023 issue


Deadline: March 28, 2023

PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO:  editorliteraturetoday@gmail.com 

Literature Today- an International Journal of Contemporary Literature is inviting submissions for April 2023 issue. The theme of our April 2023 issue is ' Relationships '. You can send us poems, short stories, memoirs and one minute plays on :

1. Man-Woman relationship.

2. Parent-child relationship.

3. Man's/Woman's relationship with animals.

4. Man's/Woman's relationship with birds.

5. Lover-beloved relationship.

6. Man's/Woman's relationship with God.

7. Man's/Woman's relationship with Machines.

8. Man's/Woman's relationship with trees.

9. Any other themes relating to relationships.

Submission Deadline: March 28, 2023

Friday, March 10, 2023

Liberation Theatre Company Writing Residency Program 2023/24


Deadline: March 31, 2023 11:59 PM EST


We will select four early-career playwrights and provide them with dramaturgical and professional support over a ten-month period, during which time they will each be required to complete a new full-length play.

Beginning in May 2023, selected playwrights will attend monthly group meetings to share and refine their works-in-progress in a collaborative, energized setting; meet individually with LTC’s Artistic Director and staff who will provide additional support for their artistic needs, concerns and process; and have the resources of a director and professional actors during a table reading as their play begins to take shape.

Additionally, through connections with the larger New York City theatrical community, LTC will provide access to theatre tickets (when available) and seek to support, inspire, and assist playwrights in any way a small and dedicated company can.

The Residency will conclude in February 2024 with the possibility of public readings of each playwright’s finished play. Upon successful completion of the program, each playwright will receive an honorarium.

To be considered for the Writing Residency Program all applicants must be a) residents of New York City at the time of participation (May 2023 – February 2024). b) Applicants must have written a full-length play or at least two one-act plays. The applicant must not have received a production of any of their work that was more developed than a Showcase presentation under the Actors’ Equity Association production code.

Application Submission Procedure
To be considered for the 2023 - 2024 Writing Residency Program, Liberation Theatre Company will only accept submissions via this online form. If you have questions about the program or the application process, please email: info@liberationtheatrecompany.org.
The following materials must be uploaded and submitted in PDF form no later than 11:59 PM EST on Friday, March 31, 2023. Make sure that all documents are properly labeled with your name.

2. Letter of Intent. This should be limited to 1,000 words and address all of the following points:

Your writing career thus far and where you feel you are in your creative and professional life

Your career goals and how you will use the Residency to further those goals

Briefly describe the play you will complete over the 10-month program

Why you feel ready for a rigorous residency such as this

Have you participated in a residency/fellowship before? If so, describe your experience.

Anything else you think may be relevant

3. A full-length or one-act play.
4. Your playwriting resume (not a bio). Be sure to list your full-length plays or at least two one-act plays that you've written.

5. Please include one personal or professional letter of recommendaton.

6. Please write an original 10-minute play (8-10 pages. 1 page = 1 minute) Ripped from the Headlines; based on a current news report. Include one character who is often interrupted or says no more than five (5) words. Reference on the cover page of your 10-minute play that this is indeed original work and reference or provide a link to the headline.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Rogue Theater Festival 2023


Deadline: April 1, 2023


Participants may choose to participate in Scenario A (in person and live in NYC) or Scenario B (remote filming anywhere in the world and virtual presentation)

Performances: June 6th-11th (each Scenario A show will have 1 performance that performs at Theatre Row, each Scenario B show will stream for the whole week via ShowTix4U)

Each Scenario A show will have 1 technical rehearsal during the week of June 5th-11th at Theater Row

Each Scenario B show will give Rogue Theater Festival their edited piece by May 1st to be inserted into a final package before presentation by Rogue Theater Festival

Playwrights and Producers are fully responsible for putting up their production (e.g. Director, union contacts if choosing to use union members, rehearsal space, transportation fees, salaries, marketing, costumes, casting etc.).

There is a one time, nonrefundable, participation fee. You do NOT need to pay to submit your play, only if you plan to participate in the festival.

Each show will need to sell a minimum of 10 tickets or participate in a buyout of those tickets with Rogue Theater Festival

Each Scenario A participant will need to show proof of vaccination in order to have access to the Theater Row technical rehearsal and performance opportunity.

Scenario A participants will not need to wear masks during rehearsal or performance within the theater, but will be required to follow Theater Row rules while in their public spaces.


Scenario A: Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes. NO intermission.

Scenario A: $350 participation fee

Scenario B: Length: 10 minutes to 1.5 hours long (if it's longer we will consider it, NO intermission).

Scenario B: $75 participation fee

It may be a play, musical, improv piece, stand up comedy set, clowning routine, one person work, burlesque number, poetry, spoken word, song cycle, or dance. If you have something else we’d be thrilled to hear from you too!

It must be an original work, but having been performed before is totally fine!



Participants will perform their piece at Theater Row in New York City with Rogue Festival serving as front of house and lighting/sound board operator. They will be assigned a date and time where they will come in for a tech rehearsal prior to their performance date and time.

Participants will be required to turn in lighting and sound design desires (along with the MP3’s of the sounds) before their technical rehearsal.

Participants will have lighting and sound design done and ready for them on their tech date along with a professional Stage Manager to run all design cues.

Participants will need to supply their own set pieces and props (which must be kept to a minimum and be approved in advance.)

Each show will need to sell a minimum of 10 tickets or participate in a buyout of those tickets with Rogue Theater Festival.


Theater space at Theater Row for one technical rehearsal.

Professional Designer to design Lighting and Sound.

Professional Stage Manager to run Lighting and Sound Cues.

Press opportunities for your show and the festival as a whole

The opportunity to film your show if you desire.



​Participants will film their piece remotely and send Rogue Theater Festival their finished product.

Participants may film their piece on zoom, in their home, on location, in a theater they have access to, or any other way they can SAFELY imagine as long as the quality of the video and audio is acceptable.

Rogue will create a ‘final package’ including an introduction for the festival, the filmed piece, and any bonus features you would like featured at the end.

Each show will need to sell a minimum of 10 tickets or participate in a buyout of those tickets with Rogue Theater Festival.


Press opportunities for your show and the festival as a whole.

‘Final Package’ video of your show presented by Rogue.


Please submit your piece (pdf attachment please) to roguetheaterfestival@gmail.com

The deadline for all submissions is Saturday, April1 st.

We will be reviewing all submissions and contacting selected participants by or before Monday, April 10th.

If selected, there will be a one-time participation fee. Scenario A participants ($350) and Scenario B participants ($75). These are non-refundable.

Please send us an email if you feel you need more information and to get to know us better!

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