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Monday, August 31, 2015

Exquisite Corpse Company is seeking playwrights for its 2015 Fall Writers’ Lab

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The Lab is an intensive, designed to create a safe space for playwrights to come together, experiment, and inspire each other to create new and refreshing work that departs from what writers might be more inclined to write on their own. The Lab will be led by ECC Literary Director, Blake Bishton.

After voting and agreeing on a theme that gets everyone's creative juices flowing at the initial meeting, writers will begin to receive and submit prompts. The group will use these prompts as jumping off points for the work they create. All writers will be expected to produce approximately 10 pages of work a week. The goal is for every writer to have a draft of a new short one-act play by the end of the process.

At the conclusion of the lab, ECC will produce a public reading of each play as part of ECC's Drinks and Drama Reading Series. This 4 week series features a different Brooklyn bar as a setting for each reading!

Writer’s Lab meets on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons from September 22nd - October 13th. Drinks & Drama will run on Tuesday evenings from October 27th - November 17th.

Exquisite Corpse Company is a Brooklyn-based, performance and integrated arts company. ECC focuses both on promoting the work of women within the theatre - on or off stage - and on creating pieces that integrate other creative mediums. For more about the company, please visit: www.exquisitecorpecompany.com.

To submit, please send us a resumé and a sample of your writing approximately 10 pages in length. This can be taken from a larger work, or be a stand alone piece.

Deadline for submissions is September 7, 2015.

For more information or to submit, please email contact@exquisitecorpsecompany.com.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

The Bechdel Fest

(No web site)

The Bechdel Fest is a celebration of stories about women, utilizing the famous Bechdel Test (for more info on the Bechdel Test, visit http://bechdeltest.com/).

Ampersand Artists is seeking new 10-minute plays that feature:
(1) At least 2 female characters*,
(2) Who talk to each other,
(3) And speak about something other than a man,
(4) And that has a “Yes, and…” moment that changes the course of the story.

*May also have more than 2 female characters and may also include a few male characters.

This evening of plays will likely be performed in a bar, café, or small black box space, so please keep the focus on the story and not on technical demands.

Submission deadline: September 1st
Performances will be in mid/late-October

Send submissions to: ampersandartists@gmail.com
Be sure to include contact information, character descriptions, and please edit your script for spelling and grammar.

Every submission will be read thoroughly and respected. If you have interests beyond writing (directing, acting, design, producing), please let us know!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Playwrights and Artists Festival 2015 ~ Binghamton, NY

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When we look at a piece of art each person has a different interpretation of what they see. That is the beauty of art and the challenge to our playwrights. Each year we take three works of art and ask writers to write a play as they are moved or inspired by the artwork. We blind-read the submissions, select the best and produce them. The art is exhibited, we perform the play and ask the audience for feedback. It is our annual mixed media event that draws inquisitive art and theatre lovers to KNOW. Come join us.

As in previous years there will be 3 plays chosen for each artwork. Those chosen will need to be present for one of the performances. In person is highly preferable but we do understand monetary constraints and do not want to discourage our far away writers from participating. We have in the past used skype for playwrights to both watch their play and participate in the talk back. As always is the case the experience is best in person but we are an understanding lot.

So we look forward to seeing your submissions and wish you all the best of luck!

Please submit plays to
binghamtoncitystage@gmail.com subject should be “playwrights festival submissions”

Please include a front page with name and title (which will be removed upon sending to adjudicators). Please ONLY put your name at the front of the script as we are trying to keep the submissions anonymous for the adjudication process. And please indicate what piece of artwork you were inspired by.

November dates are TBA. All performances are at 8 pm.

*The deadline for play submissions is August 31 at midnight. There will be no exceptions. Plays will then be sent to be adjudicated and those chosen will have some time for tweaking if needed.*

Criteria for Playwright Submissions are:
  1. Play must be inspired by one of the artworks.
  2. Play length is limited to 15-20 minutes maximum (no exceptions).
  3. Cast size no greater than 5 characters. Set should be implied
  4. Playwright, if chosen, must be available to attend performances.

Tales from the Script

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Please consider the following guidelines for Därkhorse Drämatists “Tales from the Script”! It’s important to note, that while we favor newer plays, this festival is not limited to original work. Your submissions may have been produced at other venues, so long as it is unpublished and wasn’t featured in last year’s festival. Besides one-act plays, we are also looking for 1-person shorts & monologues. Please refer to the guidelines below.

One-acts: 25 page maximum / 10 page minimum. (No minimum page count for 1 person shorts or monologues). No exceedingly violent or pornographic material. Adult language allowed within reason.

Plays may have a maximum of 3-4 characters and should take place in a limited setting and minimal props.

2 submissions allowed per playwright.

Playwright must provide contact information including their location and previous production history of the play where applicable. Regional playwrights are given first consideration.

Submissions preferred in stageplay format. E-mailed no later than September 1st to: darkhorsedramatists@gmail.com

Plays can be any genre; comedy, satirical, farce, drama, horror or gothic as long as they fall into a loose ‘Halloween theme’. No musicals or murder mysteries please.

Plays will be mediated in a forum comprised of local playwrights, directors and actors to determine which will be produced.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Santa Fe Performing Arts Playwright's Competition

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Santa Fe Performing Arts Playwright's Competition was developed to support American Playwrights. The competition is not merely a competition of words, but a venue for recognition and a demonstration of appreciation - truly a celebration of the writer's contribution. SFPA and many other theatre companies around the country with similar programs, support playwrights and ensure the future of American Theatre. Without the writers, the actors would have nothing to say.

Submissions are limited to unproduced new American plays and must be postmarked by the first of September of each year. 

Send play synopsis and character break-down via email office@sfperformingarts.org

or mail to: Santa Fe Performing Arts P.O. Box 22372 Santa Fe, N.M. 87502. 

Full scripts upon request only.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Write the First Season of a Web Series

“Web Therapy”, “Very Mary-Kate”, and “Broad City” are just three hilarious examples of successful web series: short-form programming created especially for the internet and designed with the immediacy of the audience in mind. This digital marriage of screen and television writing is a platform for writers to do what they want, unrestricted by producers or censors and uniquely positioned to go viral.

Instructor: Adam Szymkowicz (Writer, "Tyler Perry's House of Payne," the web series "Compulsive Love")
Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Starts September 29
Over the course of this 10-week class, our studios will transform into a TV writer’s room as you develop the first season of your very own dramatic or comedic web series. In ten weeks, you’ll pitch, outline, and write an 8-episode series that will be ready to shoot.

ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Four Quarter Theater-TRANSITIONS

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Four Quarter Theater involves theatrical writers, directors, and actors in collaboration to develop and to workshop previously unproduced ten-minute works. In each quarter of the year, and aligning with the seasons, Four Quarter Theater aims to produce a new set of ten-minute works. Each season is framed around a theme, which relates to the season in which the quarter falls.

Four Quarter Theater is currently accepting 10 minute plays for Four Quarter Theater’s upcoming play series. The theme for our upcoming Fall series is TRANSITIONS. The theme is open to artistic interpretation and is provided as a thematic framework to guide the playwright. Below please find our submission requirements and additional guidance to successfully submit your piece to Four Quarter Theater. We are currently accepting submissions until September 7, 2015.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Play Selection Committee Chair, Dana Trottier, at 4qtsubmissions@gmail.com. For more information, please collaborate with us at Four Quarter Theater.

Submission Requirements

§ Only original and never before produced plays are eligible for consideration.

§ The play must be presentable in ten minutes (generally between seven to ten pages of dialogue).

§ Cast should not exceed 5 actors.

§ The performance will be held on October 23rd at The Drama League Theater Center. The format of the performance will be staged readings.

§ There is a submission limit of three plays. Plays not chosen for this quarter may be considered for future series if considered by the company to be theme appropriate.

§ Please do not submit first drafts. Due to the number of submissions, Four Quarter Theater can only read any play one time. Please submit the best and final version of your play for consideration.

§ Submissions should include two separate PDF documents: 1) cover letter 2) script of play.

§ Submissions are accepted electronically only at 4qtsubmissions@gmail.com and our current deadline for submissions is September 7, 2015.

Cover Letter

§ Title, author’s name, address, phone number, email address.

§ Cover letter is the only document that the playwright’s name should appear on.

§ A description of the play that is no more than ½ page in length—this need not be a summary, but may include description of the play’s world, the characters, the conflict, reason for writing the piece, connection to series theme, etc.


§ Playwright’s name should not appear anywhere on the actual script document.

§ Title and page number must appear at the top of each page of the script.

§ Title page should include at least the title, cast of characters, time and place.

§ Script should be approximately 7 to 12 pages not including title page and include completed dialogue as plays cannot be edited after submission.

Selection of Plays

The play selection process is conducted by the Play Selection Committee. Plays are read blindly and at no time during the selection process will the playwright’s name be directly associated with the submitted script. As many as six plays are selected each series (approximately 4 times a year).

Four Quarter Theater is committed to highlighting work of emerging artists. There is no financial compensation for entries, nor is any financial commitment required by the playwright.


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Acme Theater of Maynard, MA is proud to announce that it is now accepting submissions for our 15th annual New Works Winter Festival. The festival will be performed over two weekends in January 2016. Selected plays will be divided into two festival tracks and will be performed once per weekend. At the conclusion of each festival track, one playwright will be awarded the audience choice award, known as "The Charlie".

Submission Guidelines:
1) Scripts must be limited to a length of ten (10) pages or less in standard script format and be able to be legitimately performed in 10 minutes. Please keep type sizes at 10 pts or greater, double spaced, and leave some margin space.
2) Maximum submission limit of ONE (1) play per playwright.
3) Any subject matter welcome. Comedy or drama. Please no overuse of strong language.
4) Plays may have already been produced elsewhere, but any published works will not be considered.
5) Your script will be limited to the use of any/all of the following set pieces provided by Acme: - 6 standard wooden chairs - 1 dining room table - 1 coffee table - 1 tall table/desk - 1 end table - 1 podium - 1 small love seat - 1 park bench Hand props will be allowed, but nothing else.
6) Selected playwrights will be given the option to provide their own director, actors, props, etc., or have Acme provide someone from our pool of eager and capable directors for you and cast the play from our festival auditions in November 2015.

Acme Theater is a 72-seat black box in Maynard, MA with full light and sound equipment. Acme will provide sound and light operators, the stage and a 45 minute tech time the week before we open so that casts can become familiar with our space prior to the festival.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, August 30, 2015
Please email script in .doc or .pdf format to Tom Berry at acmenwwf@yahoo.com . Scripts sent to any other email address will not be accepted.
Selected playwrights will be notified by November 2015

Best regards,
Tom Berry
Acme Theater Productions
Producer, New Works Winter Festival 2016

Monday, August 24, 2015


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Submissions Accepted from Everywhere in the US. Shows from outside NY and NJ can only run if the entire cast and crew are from New York City. Submissions must be between 30 and 90 minutes long.

Venus/Adonis is not only a festival, it‘s a competition as well. That means that there are prizes! The winner of the Best Play award will receive a prize of $2,500. Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director will each receive $500. Best Original play will receive $200, Best Musical $300.
All genres of shows are welcome. If your show has already had a run (in theaters or in other festivals) you can still participate, but only with a completely new cast and crew.
VENUS ADONIS Festival is the most exiting Winterfest ever!

New Ideas Festival 2016: Call for Scripts

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Alumnae Theatre Company’s New Ideas Festival (NIF) is an annual, three-week juried festival of new plays, works-in-progress and experimental theatre. Each week a different program of up to four plays, as well as a workshopped reading on Saturday at noon, is presented. The 2016 festival, NIF’s 28th season, will run from March 9 to 27, 2016.

NIF offers dramaturgical support, rehearsal and production space, technical support, access to Alumnae Theatre’s costume and props collections, publicity and sold-out houses.

When to Submit:

We are now accepting scripts and proposals for the 2016 festival. The deadline for submissions is September 5, 2015; September 15 for Alumnae members. Preference will be given to Canadian scripts and scripts with challenging roles for women of all ages. NIF welcomes voices from diverse communities. We invite you to submit your own play or pass this information along to a playwright you think may be interested.

Submission Guidelines:

Scripts or proposals should be submitted electronically in PDF or Word format to NIFscripts@gmail.com. Scripts must be original works that have not been previously performed outside of a workshop. They may be in any genre or style, with a running time of 10 to 40 minutes; one act of a full-length play may also be accepted for production. Submissions longer than 40 minutes will only be considered for a reading, which will showcase the script development accomplished during the rehearsal period. Each playwright may submit a maximum of two scripts.

Please include a cover page with the script/proposal, providing the play title, a list and description of characters (including age), and a short play synopsis. Send a separate contact page with the play title, playwright’s name and contact information, and a short bio (75 words or less). NIF does not provide feedback on submissions.

NIF will confirm receipt of submissions within two weeks, and scripts/proposals will be sent to the NIF reading committee. The 2016 festival lineup will be announced in early November, followed by a creative exchange on November 14 to meet and choose directors, and cold reads of all chosen plays on December 7 to 11. Playwrights must be available for the creative exchange and for at least one of the December cold reads dates.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Henley Rose Playwright Competition for Women

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NOTE: $20 submission fee will be waived for current members of the Dramatists Guild. Please include a photo copy of your current membership card for verification. 

The Henley Rose Playwright Competition for Women was founded by Yellow Rose Productions, with permission of Beth Henley, to encourage and recognize the new works of female playwrights. The Henley Rose Playwright Competition for Women aims to give voice to the stories of this generation and to bring into the spotlight important works that have been crafted.

Henley Rose seeks to honor both the writings of Pulitzer Prize winner Beth Henley and those of future winners of the Henley Rose Award.

Submissions are welcome May 1st through October 1st and will be read by a committee of writers, theatre artists, and producers. The first 200 submissions to be received will be considered.

Three finalists will be announced by December 1st and will be invited to attend and be recognized at the staged reading of their play. Staged readings will take place in Knoxville, TN at a determined date during the months of January and February, 2016.

The competition winner will be announced on December 1st and will receive the Henley Rose Award. In addition, submission fees will go to create a stipend for the winner of the Henley Rose Award.

Please note, we are unable to provide feedback on scripts that are submitted.

  • Submissions must be completed full-length or one-act plays.
  • Submissions must be the original work of a female playwright.
  • Submissions may not have been previously produced or fully staged. 
  • Submissions are due October 1st, 2015 and must include all the submission materials to qualify.


1. Completed Application (Click Here for Application)

2. Script(s)

3. Payment: $20 for first submission, $10 for an additional submission. Submission fees will go to create a stipend for the winner of the Henley Rose Award.
$20 submission fee will be waived for current members of the Dramatists Guild. Please include a photo copy of your current membership card for verification.

4. All applicants may choose to submit materials via snail mail to:
Yellow Rose Productions
Attn: Henley Rose
3636 Taliluna Ave. No. 236
Knoxville, TN 37919
Make checks payable to Yellow Rose Productions.

5. All applicants may choose to submit application materials via e-mail for an extra $7.00 printing fee. E-mail submission materials may be sent to: yellowroseproductions@gmail.com

Write a ten-minute play about an endangered species

web site


Go to the World Wildlife Fund worldwildlife.org/species or CITES cites.org/eng/gallery/species/index.html and choose one or more species (Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Flora & Fauna, or Invertebrates). The species must be integral to the plot, not just mentioned. Astonish the audience with the magnificence of the species – take us on an adventure – make us laugh, make us cry, make us weep if they're gone – motivate the audience to save them!

8-10 plays will be selected for a Staged Reading at a California theatre, with an award of $100 USD for each play. Multiple playwrights/Translators on a single play will divide the award equally (unless they request a different division). The audiences’ “ticket” will be a donation to a specified non-profit Wildlife Conservancy. There is No Entry Fee.

Entries must be received by midnight November 30, 2015.

Winners and Finalists will be announced by May 31, 2016 via e-mail and on the SES website. One submission per playwright. Plays must be in English, or have been translated into English. SES does not offer critiques.

Plays may be Comedic, Dramatic, or for Young Audiences (performed by adult actors). No adaptations or musicals. Maximum 4 actors – no elaborate props, swinging trapezes, or flaming torches, please.

Playwrights must hold the copyright. Legal clearance of materials not in public domain is the playwright's responsibility. Previously produced plays are accepted, published plays are not. Playwrights are obligated to inform SES if their play becomes published after submission. Plays with any contractual commitments, which restricts SES in any way, are not accepted. SES reserves the right to decide what is restrictive.

Include on the Title page: your Name, Address, Phone Number and e-mail – On the 2nd page: Cast List, Location/Time; Name of the Species; CITES Appendix I, II, or III; and any Playwright’s Notes/Glossaries.


Electronic submissions please

Submit the full script as an e-mail attachment (Word Doc. or pdf format) to Nikki Harmon sesprize@yahoo.com

Put your Name; Contact info; Name of the Endangered Species in the body of the e-mail. In the subject line put “SCRIPT SUBMISSION” and the “Title of your Play”

If you have any problems sending your script let us know - we'll figure it out. sesquestions@yahoo.com

SES reserves the right to cancel the competition if not enough plays meet the mandate and artistic caliber required for presentation. If canceled, an announcement will be made via e-mail and on the website.

All winning playwrights are invited to the Staged Reading. Travel and accommodations are not included in the Prize.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

InterAct MainStage submissions guidelines

web site

InterAct’s mission is to produce new plays that explore the challenging political and social questions of our times. We strongly recommend that you read our mission statement and the list of previously produced plays before submitting.To submit your play please send:
  • A one-page query letter including a brief description of your play and a few sentences explaining how it fits our mission
  • A brief biography
  • A ten-page excerpt from your script
All submissions must be sent through our on-line submission form: SUBMIT ONLINE HERE
PLEASE NOTE: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT REGULAR MAIL OR EMAIL SUBMISSIONS.As InterAct receives between 500 and 600 queries and submissions per season, we ask that you please be patient in waiting for a response from us. 

If we wish to read your play in its entirety, we will contact you requesting the complete script.
Once we receive your script, it will likely take between six and twelve months to read it.
Please note: at this time we do not produce conventional musicals or related bills of one-acts.Tips for submitting your play to us:
  • DO take at least two or three paragraphs with the synopsis of the play. We do not need a detailed breakdown of plot by act and scene, just make sure we get the general themes and major plot points. DO NOT give a one-or two sentence statement with a few buzzwords. This doesn’t tell us anything useful.
  • DO include a character breakdown and BE SPECIFIC about how many actors the play requires, especially if it is not clear from the cast list. Keep in mind that InterAct rarely produces plays that require more than six actors.
  • DO NOT submit a roster of plays and ask if we may be interested in reading one of them. These inquiries will be discarded. Please take the time to read our mission statement and select one play to submit to us.
  • DO NOT submit a full script without first submitting a query, unless you are a literary agent or have a past relationship with InterAct.
  • DO NOT query by phone or regular mail.
  • DO NOT call or email to check on the progress of your query or script once you have submitted it. Do, however, feel free to let us know about any major development or production.

September SPL: Send us your scripts!

web site

Production dates: September 19-20. Cash Prizes!

Dear Friend in the Theatre,

Whether you've thought about doing a short play in New York but have never tried, or if you're a regular at such events around town, please give a thought to producing a show in the September Short Play Lab. Not only do you rub shoulders with your fellow short-play playwrights, but you get to showcase your work to people you don't know yet. Our Labs are always well-attended, and they can lead to other festivals and events that we produce, such as the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival and the Midtown International Theatre Festival (visit our website: www.midtownfestival.org for submission opportunities and requirements). The rules for submitting to September's Short Play Lab are easy-peasy:
  • Deadline is September 4. Notification will be soon after submission, depending on number of submissions. The sooner you get your script in, the more time you have to prepare. Get that script in pronto!
  • Plays should be 1 - 10 pp. in standard playscript format.* (The shorter the better; shorter plays get priority.) Include a title page, as the first page of the script, with your contact info (only means of contact is by email). 
  • Submit scripts in a MS Word document or PDF file. 
  • Pages must be numbered
  • You produce the play whether or not you live in New York. The SPL provides the theatre. This Lab will take place at The Davenport Theatre, Black Box, 354 W. 45th St., New York, NY 10036.
  • Productions must be non-union: no showcases please! (And no Equity waivers, either.)
  • Keep production values to a minimum: costumes and hand props are okay. We provide rehearsal cubes, chairs, and a table. You can't leave your stuff in the theatre overnight. 
  • Plays that use guns as props will not be considered.
  • We provide a board op, box office, and venue management. 
  • There are no fees. The SPL keeps the door. 
  • Tickets are $20. Each playwright and director gets to watch his/her show for free. There are no other comps.
  • There will be a tech rehearsal in the daytime on Saturday, September 19. The production dates are Saturday, September 19 - Sunday, September 20.
  • Every play gets 2 performances, 1 on Sat. and 1 on Sun. Each play will be part of 1 of 2 programs: Program A or Program B, but not both. Program A takes place at 7 pm Sat. and 4 pm Sun. Program B takes place at 9 pm Sat. and 2 pm Sun. 
  • We don't do staged readings. Be off-book, please! Plays not off-book during tech will be removed from the line-up. 
  • THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCTION IN EACH PROGRAM RECEIVES A CASH PRIZE OF $75. Winners are determined by polling patrons after the performance. The playwright, director, and actors cannot not vote for their play. We reserve the right to break ties.
  • *12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions. 

The SPL is a lot of fun and a good way to see your work on its feet in a supportive environment. It's also a great way to see actors and directors at work, so you can recruit people for later productions.

To submit a script, send it as an attachment, in a Word document or PDF file, to john.chatterton@gmail.com. Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!
John Chatterton
Executive producer, Short Play Lab

Friday, August 21, 2015

Borderlands submission guidelines

web site

Play Submissions – Borderlands is committed to developing and producing new plays. Before querying, please read our mission and peruse past and current production descriptions. If you have a play that you believe resonates with our mission, please send a synopsis along with a 10-15 page writing sample to literarymanager@Borderlandstheater.org. Please do not send full manuscripts – unsolicited plays will not be read.

Summer Harvest 2016 ten-minute plays

web site

Onion Man is accepting submissions of original 10-minute plays for Summer Harvest 2016! A Day at the Lake. The shows will be staged in late May and early June of 2016. 

 The deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2015. Below are the submission guidelines:
  • A limit of two plays per playwright
  • It should be a 10-minute play
  • Must be an original work with no prior production

All submitted plays must be written to one of the following set parameters. The plays must be set on either a dock at a lake or on the back porch of a lake house.

If written for a dock, action should be on the dock or on land behind the dock. There will be an entry/exit point from the dock leading off stage for any characters going into or coming out of the lake.
If written to the back porch of the lake house the action should be on the porch, steps or small area of ground in front of the porch. There will also be a door for entry/exit to the house.

Submissions are open to any writer, although Georgia and southeastern playwrights will receive preference.

Plays should be submitted in a PDF format without name or contact information of the writer on the script. Please place the writer’s name and contact information in the text of the email or on a separate page. Scripts should be emailed to jpbeck99@gmail.com 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Find Your People, Assemble Your Dream Team

Raising a playwright takes a village. This 5-week relay race will give you the advice and encouragement needed to assemble your very own team of superheroes to help you thrive as a professional writer. Each week, a different instructor will guide you through the ins-and-outs of building a professional support network, tackling play development applications, and catching the eye of agents, representation, and publishers.  By learning how to better pitch yourself and your work, you can start setting up the team needed for a sustainable career.

September 30: Emily Morse (Artistic Director, New Dramatists)
October 7: Michael Walkup (Producing Director, Page 73)
October 14: Andrea Hiebler (Director of Scouting and Submissions, Lark Play Development Center)
October 21: Emily Shooltz (Associate Artistic Director, Ars Nova)
October 28: Max Grossman (Abrams Artists Agency)

ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

2016 Submissions Villagers Playwrights Series

web site

The Villagers Theatre in Franklin Township, NJ is accepting submissions for the 2016 New Playwrights Series. Selected plays will be presented as staged readings in the Zaidi Black Box Theatre February – May 2016. The selected playwrights are required to attend the readings and to participate in discussions with the audience.

• Deadline for submissions is August 30, 2015

• Script word count must be 20,000 words or less.

• Scripts must be original, unpublished works. We welcome all comedies, dramas farces etc. of professional quality.

• No hardcopy paper manuscripts will be accepted. All submissions must be digital and sent via e-mail to:NewPlaywrightSeries@Gmail.com

• Body of email that contains attached script must be formatted as follows:
o Authors Name, Address and Phone Number
o Name of Play
o Genre of Play (comedy, drama etc.)
o Number of Characters
o Word Count
o Brief Synopsis
o Brief Bio of Author
• Additionally, all submissions MUST include character breakdown AND detailed synopsis in order to be considered. Please attach these along with script attachment.

• One-act plays and shorter scripts will be considered, in addition to full-length scripts.

• Musical plays will NOT be considered.

• Plays with smaller casts (under 8 characters) are preferred, but larger cast size will be considered. We also prefer shows designed to be performed on one set, with an eye toward future community theatre productions.

The goal of the Villagers New Playwrights Series is to provide playwrights with an opportunity to glimpse the performance potential of their works in progress. Additional goals are to provide alternative performance opportunities for our local actors and directors and to expose our local audiences to new works. All submissions will be considered for their potential to fulfill these goals. Due to the fact that Villagers programs are supported, in part, by funds from the New Jersey State Council of the Arts/ Department of State (a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, and administered by the Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission through the State/County Partnership Local Arts Program), preference will be given to New Jersey resident playwrights.

Global Playwriting Contest 2015 on Confronting Climate Change and Defying Disasters

web site
  1. Everyone is eligible to join the “Global Playwriting Contest 2015 on Confronting Climate Change and Defying Disasters”.
  2. Each entry must focus on the theme of climate change as described in these rules. We cannot solve the crisis of human survival unless we address the Armageddon of global warming. The entry must have a compelling dramatic narrative line that aims at generating the will to build a mindset of disaster risk reduction, resilience in communities, and a healthier sustainable future for children. The entry should be based on a real-life experience that is available from numerous accounts from around the world. A short paragraph should be appended to the entry, identifying and describing the climate change issue that is tackled in the play.
  3. The term “climate change” is defined the way it is defined in Article 1 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), namely, change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods.” As explained by UNESCO, “Carbon dioxide and other gases in Earth’s atmosphere act like a greenhouse moderating the temperatures we experience. These warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. This is a good thing because it keeps our planet habitable. However, by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil and clearing forests we have dramatically increased the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere and temperatures are rising.” The UN 3rd Conference on Disaster Reduction was just held in Sendai. The declaration and results of the inclusive management concerns and building of resilient cities are accessible in the UNISDR web. Likewise, the web notes of UNESCO on education for sustainable development will be interesting briefers for participants. Other sources are UNEP and IPCC.
  4. Each entry may be written by one or more playwrights. In case there is more than one playwright, a written statement signed by each contributing playwright should accompany the entry, certifying that each playwright will get an equal share of the cash award, if the play wins.
  5. The title of the play, the name/s and contact information (email address, mobile phone number, and mailing address) of the playwright or playwrights, and the estimated playing time on stage should be indicated on the first page of each entry. A scanned copy of the contestant’s passport or other identification card (containing name and address) should accompany the entry; in case there are two or more playwrights, scanned copies of their passports or identification cards should be attached.
  6. Each play should run for at least 30 minutes but not more than 45 minutes without intermission on a stage. There is no limitation on the type of stage to be used. If it will not be a proscenium stage, there should be an indication in the page that describes the setting of the play. The drama can integrate lyrics if there is music composition required. It can also include in the stage instructions if mixed media is used, the necessary visuals desired.
  7. There will be one (1) prize for the best play. The prize of Five Thousand US Dollars (USD 5,000.00) will be given by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDRR) headed by Dr. Margaret Wahlstrom, the special representative, of Secretary-General Ban ki moon.
  8. The criteria for choosing the winning play are: 50% quality of writing and 50% accuracy and effectiveness of the twin message of confronting climate change and generating resilient and disaster-prepared communities.
  9. The winning play will be given to every member country of the United Nations, for staging on stage or adaptation to radio, television, and/or film through the mechanism of dissemination of information via the UNESCO National Commissions through the cooperation of the office of the UNESCO Director-General, Dr. Irina Bokova. It will be accessible for replication through the network of UNESCO associated schools and the UNESCO Assembly of Goodwill Ambassadors and Artists for Peace.
  10. The copyright to the winning entry will remain with the playwright or playwrights. The project is organized through the Philippine Center of the International Theatre Institute and ITI-CIDC Social Action Network and the Earthsavers-UNESCO Artist for Peace under the direction of Cecile Guidote-Alvarez.
  11. Notwithstanding Rule 10, the playwright or playwrights will allow the International Theatre Institute (ITI) to stage the play (live on stage) for one performance each in each United Nations member country without payment of royalties. The playwright or playwrights will allow the staging and or dramatic reading of the play at a United Nations and/or UNESCO event without payment of royalties. The playwright or playwrights will allow ITI Philippines to premiere the play on radio with live Web streaming, without payment of royalties, in Filipino translation. Subsequent performances, as well as radio, television, and film productions, have to pay royalties to the playwright or playwrights. Similarly, all translation rights belong to the playwright or playwrights and any translation into languages other than that or those of the original play needs explicit written permission from the playwright or playwrights to be done, except in the case of ITI Philippines, as provided above.
  12. Each entry can be written in any language or combination of languages, but plays not in English should be accompanied by an English translation of the entire text
  13. Each entry (in pdf form) must be received on or before noon of 30 August 2015 (Manila TimeS) by email to isaganicruz@gmail.com. ITI Philippines Secretary General or by postal service stamped august 30 . Send to: ITI-Earthsavers UNESCO DREAM Center, Gotesco Twin Towers B, Unit 1203, Natividad Lopez St. , Ermita, Manila, Philippines.
  14. The project is a contribution to the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO. It has been conceived to demonstrate the immense value of a cultural communications ingredient as a force for education in popularizing scientific data in symbols people can understand and relate to, as well as to provide a conscienticizing platform to help forge the collective will for the crucial global deal in Paris, to prevent the irreversible threshold of two-degree Centigrade of devastation. It is also meant to call attention to the dynamic possibilities of applying effectively an arts-based psycho-social therapy to heal trauma of victims and refugees of disasters as part of recovery and reconstruction efforts to address the mental health of survivors. It aims to harness a creative army of artists concerned to help confront the global challenge of survival of humanity and Mother Earth.
  15. The winner will be announced on October 15, 2015.
  16. The awards will be given in appropriate ceremonies at a proposed side event at COP21. If not in the home country of the winning playwright or, in the case of several playwrights, in the home country of the first playwright listed on the title page of the play. A dramatic reading of the winning play is being arranged through the UNFCCC secretariat headed by Ms. Christiana Figueres, as part of a continuing Tri-Continental South-South Intercultural Interfaith Dialogue on Defying Disasters, co-convened by the Philippines, Colombia, and Kenya, coordinated through the Earthsavers UNESCO DREAM Center, Ocean Security International, and Climate Institute
  17. The decision of the board of judges is final and unappealable.
  18. The board of judges is composed of Isagani R. Cruz of ITI Philippines (chair) and a representative of ITI Director-General or President through the International Playwrights Forum (IPF). For content consultation and dissemination of rules, the board of judges will be assisted by UNESCO, UNEP, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), and the Office of Commissioner Heherson Alvarez of the Philippine Climate Change Commission.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Impact Theatre submission guidelines

web site
As our mission is to produce kickass new plays by upcoming playwrights, we generally select only unpublished full-length plays that are either world or regional premieres or have had very few prior productions. Here’s how to have your best shot at getting your play produced at Impact:

1. Your submission should be a single PDF document with the title being “[writer’s last name]_[playtitle].” So if your name is Jane Q. Badass and your play is titled Make Mine a Double, your PDF should have a filename like badass_makemineadouble.pdf. If your play title is long, feel free to title your PDF with a shortened play title.

2. This ought to go without saying, but your script should include a list of characters at the beginning, along with any notes about doubling or tripling. We need to know from the start what the cast size and requirements are.

3. Your email to us should include your play’s production and/or development history.

That’s it! Please email your masterpiece or any questions about the process to Literary Manager Christina Novakov-Ritchey (christina [at] impacttheatre [dot] com). Christina will email you a confirmation upon receipt. Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to provide feedback for each entry. If we are interested in your script, we will contact you within three months. Thank you for your interest in working with us!

Panowski Playwriting Competition 2015

web site

Panowski Playwriting Competition Rules

1. There is a broad theme selected each year for the competition that entries for that year must adhere to. There is no restriction to style.

1.2 2015 Theme: For our 2015 competition, we are looking for a comedy that features college-age characters as the majority of the cast.

2. The competition is open to any playwright, but only one play per playwright may be entered per biennium.

3. Entries must be original, full-length plays or musicals. They also may be co-authored, based upon factual material or an adaptation. The applicant must be the owner and controller of the copyright. The legal clearance of materials not in the public domain is the full responsibility of the playwright.

4.One-act plays and works previously entered in playwriting competitions sponsored by Northern Michigan University are ineligible.

5. Submission is restricted to plays that have not been previously produced or published.

6. No revisions will be accepted once a script has been submitted.

7. No written or oral critique will be given on plays submitted.

8. Entries may be submitted starting July, 2014 and must be received no later than September 1, 2015 to be considered for the current theme. The winner will be announced in December. A staged reading/workshop will be scheduled for March or April 2016. The full production will be scheduled in the 2016-17 season, and may happen in any of our performance spaces.

9. Northern Michigan University reserves the right to accept or reject any play entered in the contest.

10. Scripts should be submitted electronically either in PDF or Microsoft Word format. They can be submitted through the website or via email to newplays@nmu.edu. If you have difficulty submitting through our online form, or would like to send your script as a PDF, please email your script to avalenti@nmu.edu. However, if your ONLY recourse is a paper script, then the script must be loose leaf bound in a 3-ring binder or with a binder clip. Scripts bound with staples are not acceptable. They must be either typewritten or word processed. Entries not meeting these criteria will be disqualified.

11. By submitting a paper copy of the script the playwright agrees to allow their work to be scanned into a PDF.

12. Paper scripts will not be returned. It is suggested that playwrights retain copies of their scripts.

Click Submission on the side navigation to submit your script.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Upstream Artists’ Collective of Brooklyn is looking for scripts

web site

The new Upstream Artists’ Collective of Brooklyn, New York is looking for script solicitations from local, national, and international playwrights. The mission of Upstream is to produce new work with a focus on environmental and climate concerns in non-didactic, storied ways. Sustainability is a core part of the mission; plays with minimalism and resourceful, beautiful design potential will be given great consideration. Special consideration to: full length plays of less than 90 minutes, plays with music (not musicals), few characters, and poetic storytelling.

Email us at upstreamartistscollective@gmail.com.

Deadline: August 22, 2015

Equity Library Theater of New York is seeking a self contained one act comedy or light drama

web site

Equity Library Theater of New York is seeking a self contained one act comedy or light drama, under one hour, to be presented as their fall production at the NYPL Alvin Ailey Auditorium and George Bruce Theater in late October 2015. The production must be cast, off book, with minimal staging and lighting requirements. No fees, no compensation. We will accept new plays as well as "classics" that are royalty free.
Send project ideas to: submissions@pineyforkpress.com.

Old Vic 12 seeks playwrights

web site

Applications are now open for The Old Vic 12, Matthew Warchus’ exciting new scheme, supporting 12 individuals to explore their creative potential and take the next step in their careers.

Open to non-UK residents, but participants will need to be within traveling distance of London for the duration of their time as a member of the Old Vic 12.
The scheme will offer participants an opportunity to expand networks, receive first class mentorship and benefit from the prestigious association with The Old Vic through an attachment to Matthew Warchus’ first season.The 12 creatives will work alongside each other to develop their skills and present a work in progress to an industry audience.

The Old Vic 12 will consist of:

3 Directors
3 Producers
3 Playwrights
1 Choreographer
1 Designer
1 Composer

We’re hosting two launch workshops to give you a chance to ask questions, meet some of the individuals involved and to network with your creative peers.

Thursday 13 August 6–8pm The Old Vic Workrooms, Bermondsey

Friday 14 August 2–4pm The Old Vic Workrooms, Bermondsey

We will also be heading up to Edinburgh with the intention of holding an informal drop in, keep your eyes peeled on our social media for dates and times.

To find out more about The Old Vic 12 please see the attached FAQ sheet.

You can apply through Hiive.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cradle Theatre New Works Reading Series

web site

Our New Works Reading Series is dedicated to producing dynamic, compelling staged readings of new plays and screenplays by up-and-coming young artists, giving new voices a chance to be heard.

The works we produce have never been seen before, and are inspired, either directly or in spirit, by works of classic drama.

Our next reading will be on Saturday, September 12 in New York City . Submissions are still open!

We are currently looking for short plays (between 10 and 75 pages) to workshop in a weeklong program before being presented in early September.

We are currently looking for short plays between 10 and 75 pages long. We embrace creativity, though, so if your play doesn’t quite meet those length qualifications but you feel like it should still be counted as a short play, just let us know in your application!

Subject Matter:
We have no official restrictions on subject matter, but we welcome you to think about how your work as a writer interacts with or responds to the rich traditions of dramatic literature, in any meaning you deem worthy of the term “Classic.”

Location and Availability:
If your play is selected, we would love for you to be able to come to New York City to work with our actors to workshop the text. If for any reason that is a problem for you, please indicate in your application–if we like your play, we’ll try to work something out!

Submission Deadline:
August 16. No exceptions.
If you would like to submit an unproduced new play, please fill out the form on the “Submit Your Play” page.

For more information, simply email info@thecradletheatre.org


web site

Dixon Place announces the sponsorship of The Institute of Prophetic Activist Art, a laboratory for activist artists and their projects. The Institute is looking for 12 activist artists who would like to build their projects during the semester-long seminar, beginning August 30, basing their work Tom Block’s manifesto/handbook of art activism: Prophetic Activist Art: Handbook for a Spiritual Revolution (http://www.amazon.com/Prophetic-Activist-Art-Spiritual-Revolution/dp/1499572409). Mr. Block will be running the seminar.

The eight session seminar will introduce artists to the specific ideas of the model, including co-opting political, business and social energy; partnering with non-profit groups; making liaisons with other artists; utilizing unusual exhibition and outreach methods; “Machiavellian” activism; how to build a project from inception through completion; how to imagine and successfully attain quantifiable activist goals and other specific aspects of a Prophetic Activist Art intervention.
To apply: please send a coverletter outlining the germ of your activist idea, plus any activist art experience you have had; a link to a website or portfolio of images and a resume to: thomasablock@gmail.com 

Deadline for applications August 15.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Living Room Series

web site

Now in its 24th year, The Living Room Series is a New Play Development program, which embodies The Blank’s commitment to developing new work by diverse voices from both established and emerging writers. The Living Room Series takes place on Monday evenings at the 2nd Stage Theatre in Hollywood between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

The Living Room Series offers a week-long rehearsal process for the playwright, director and actors to explore and refine the play before presenting it to an audience. The performances are minimally staged, with actors carrying scripts, and are a wonderful opportunity for the playwright to get a sense of the play’s full potential. The Blank accepts submissions for our Living Room Series (workshops of new plays) from June 1 – August 31 via Submittable.


See you on September 14th when the new 2015-2016 season starts up!

All performances begin at 8:00pm and take place at The Blank’s 2nd Stage Theatre, 6500 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood California.

For reservations please email info@theblank.com with your name and how many seats you would like.


Submissions will only be accepted from June 1-August 31 through Submittable. Each submission must include:
  • Playwright resume and biography.
  • A one-sentence summary of your script. For example: A young man and woman from different social classes fall in love aboard an ill-fated voyage at sea.
  • A brief synopsis of your play.
  • A character breakdown list (including ages and gender).
  • A brief artistic statement explaining how you feel your play would benefit from participating in the Living Room Series.
  • An outline of your play’s developmental/production history (if existing). If the submission is optioned by another company, please note this in the Development History document so that we may attempt to coordinate the LRS reading with the upcoming production.
  • A copy of your full-length play.

Click Here to Submit via Submittable!

Submission must be full-length (one-acts or ten-minutes will not be considered at this time).
Submission must not have received a full production. Submissions that have received full productions, even if they have undergone significant post-production revisions, will not be considered. The Blank considers staged readings and academic productions exceptions to this rule.

Playwright may only submit one script per submission period.

Materials must be submitted as PDFs. For information on how to create a pdf, please visit: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-PDF-Files.
Any submission that does not adhere to these guidelines or that is submitted after the submission period will not be considered.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ready to try Screenwriting?

Screenwriting is a specialized craft that requires its own set of dramatic writing principles, the most important being the ability to write visually. Film allows writers to tell stories in an infinitely wide range of styles, from special effects-charged blockbusters to the most intimate indie projects.

Instructor: Kate Cortesi (Screenwriter, New Line Cinema)
Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm
September 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18
In this 10-week class, you will apply the concepts of character development, story, theme, and dialogue to both original works and adaptations. Class time will be devoted to the development and discussion of outlines, screenplays-in-progress, and rewrites, coupled with assignments and feedback tailored directly to your needs. Regardless of prior experience, you can expect to leave this class with the foundation to tell a story successfully on the silver screen and be well on your way to a first draft.

ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition.  For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

5th Annual Short Play Festival: We Are Family

web site

Submissions due August 14, 2015

Selected short plays will be performed during the Autry’s American Indian Arts Marketplace in Los Angeles. This year’s theme: What is family?

Today there are many variations on what it means to be a family. Your play on the family story might focus on the more traditional, extended family story (parents and children residing with other family members); or perhaps the so-called nuclear family; or maybe it’s a story of a mother or father raising their children; or a brother, his sister, and her children; or maybe you want to explore GAP family stories (grandparents raising grandchildren); or an adopted or created family story.

What does all of this mean to the Native American family and identity? Are we born into a family for life, or do we surround ourselves with adopted “family members” as we grow older? Whether a family is biological or chosen, it has shaped our identity and formed our histories.

Native Voices seeks short plays (5–16 pages long) that address the many ways a Native American family forms and functions. Plays may be a celebration of family life, or an examination of complexities and issues in Native families. Alternately, plays may dramatize traditional family stories or family histories. Specific topics can range anywhere from coming-of-age stories to foster care or adoption stories; the discovery of shared heritage to the cycle of historical trauma. Both comedies and dramas are always welcome.

Selection Process: Short plays (5 page minimum–15 page maximum) that are related to the theme and are received by August 14, 2015 will be read and evaluated by a national reading panel comprised of Native American theatre artists and community members along with nationally recognized theatre artists. They will select 5 to 8 plays for the festival based on the creative use of the theme, originality, theatricality, and execution. Selected plays will be given a staged reading on November 8, 2015, as part of the Autry’s annual American Indian Arts Marketplace. A panel of celebrity judges will select the 2015 Von Marie Atchley Award for Excellence in Playwriting, a $1,000 cash prize.

Checklist for All Submissions
  • Please label script attachment as follows: PlayTitle_Author’s Last Name, First Initial (Example: MyNewPlay_Doe, J.doc).
  • You must use a standard playscript format (observe one-inch margins, use a #12 Times or Courier font, number all script pages).
  • Include a title page with full contact information (mailing address, phone numbers, email address) and a draft or revision date.
  • Include a character breakdown.
  • Provide a biography of 75–100 words. Please label attachment as follows: Bio_Author’s Last Name, First Initial (Example: Bio_Doe, J.doc).
  • Provide development history for the play. Label attachment as follows: DevHistory_PlayTitle_Author’s Last Name, First Initial (Example: DevHistory_MyNewPlay_Doe, J.doc).
To submit, fill out our online form and upload your submission materials here: Native Voices Script Submission Form

Monday, August 10, 2015

2016 Equity Library/Piney Fork Press Theater Play Festival

web site

Submissions are now being accepted for the winter 2016 Equity Library/Piney Fork Press Theater Play Festival in New York. Send your under 8 minute play or 3 minute monologue to: submissions@pineyforkpress.com. Also seeking actors and directors! Deadline: October 1st.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Plays & monologues on race in America

web site

Production company is currently seeking submissions of short-length plays and monologues examining issues or race in America. Works may be of any length but one-acts (15 minutes max) and monologues (7 minutes max) are preferred.

* Submit scripts as a MS Word document or PDF file.
* Include name, email, phone number and title on cover page.
* All submissions must be professionally unproduced, unpublished and with no existing attachments for production.

Six plays will be selected to be performed in a showcase this fall in downtown Los Angeles. Playwrights will receive full credit in program and a small stipend. Send your script by email to  laraceshowcase@gmail.com

Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Voice Is My Power

web site

The Black Theatre Troupe is celebrating black women playwrights in our My Voice Is My Power series, beginning in October 2015 and concluding in February 2016 at the Helen Mason Performing Arts Center.

Submission Guidelines & Information

Deadline: August 15, 2015 at 5 p.m., (MST)
Scripts must be original works for the stage that have not been published or produced. Works should not be adaptations or obvious first drafts. Musicals will not be accepted in this round. However plays with original music will be accepted on a limited basis providing the submission is accompanied by a high quality recording. Works that have had workshop analysis and evaluation are eligible.

Only submissions by female playwrights of color will be accepted. The strongest finalists will be works that illuminate issues that concern or impact women of color.

This project is open to ALL female playwrights of color. However, submissions from playwrights in our preferred region of of the Southwest – Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah – are strongly encouraged.


Playwrights may submit up to two ten-minute plays no longer than 10 pages (not including the synopsis, title and character pages), and two one-act plays between 20 and 45 minutes in length.


Playwrights may submit only one full-length play between 90 and 180 minutes long.


Scripts must use the 12-point size in Arial, Courier New, or Times New Roman fonts.


A separate page/document must include the following information on the submission:

Click here for an interactive .pdf form for your convenience
Genre (comedy, drama, or play with music)
Character list
A synopsis of the work (no more than 500 words)
A brief development history of the play (no more than 500 words)


The playwrights email submission package must include the following attachments in a Microsoft Word or PDF document (PDF form available).
Playwright’s name
Playwright’s complete Address
Preferred email address
Preferred telephone number
Title of play and category (comedy, drama, or play with music)
PDF or Word copy of the script

Email the above information/attachments to: Info@blacktheatretroupe.org.

The subject line of the email submission must include: last name with title of play and celebration submission. If submitting more than one script, please submit each in a separate email with the exact same information. Incomplete submission packages will not be accepted. All personal identifying information must be on a separate page from the script.

Deadline: August 15, 2015 at 5 p.m., (MST)

Plays will be read, adjudicated, and scored by a panel of producers and directors from several organizations in our target region. Those receiving the highest scores be included in our reading series October 29 – November 1, 2015 at The Helen K. Mason Performing Arts Center (home of the Black Theatre Troupe in Downtown Phoenix, AZ).

New works for our Staged Reading Series, February 25 – 28, 2016 will be selected from the winning group of works in our October/November Reading Series. These staged readings will be directed and performed by regional professionals and will allow the playwright to continue to work on and develop her play between the initial fall reading and the start of rehearsals for the February Staged Reading Series.

Thank You,

Larissa Brewington
Literary Manager and Project Coordinator
My Voice is My Power Series

Friday, August 7, 2015

Television Writing at Primary Stages ESPA

Calling all playwrights who want the tools to transition from stage to the small screen. Writing for television has the potential to be not only artistically satisfying, but lucrative as well—just ask Aaron Sorkin from "The Newsroom", Sarah Treem from "The Affair", Tracey Scott Wilson from "The Americans", or Heidi Schreck and Rajiv Joseph from "Nurse Jackie", among many other playwrights-turned-television writers.

Instructor: Scott Burkhardt (Screenwriter, "Smash" on NBC)
Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm
September 16, 30, October 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18, December 2, 9

In this 10-week class, you'll receive feedback on in-class exercises and writing assignments while absorbing the details of the episodic structure of half-hour comedies and one-hour dramas. By the end of the semester, you'll have a complete pilot or spec script and the means to create powerful, distinctive, and commercially-viable television.

This class is also available online! Study from anywhere via our Citrix interactive platform.

ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition.  For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

The Charter Oak Cultural Center is seeking submissions

web site

The Charter Oak Cultural Center is seeking submissions for an upcoming reading series of plays focused on social justice issues.

We are seeking full-length plays (no musicals at this time) that engage audiences in a dialogue to produce positive social change. Plays that directly deal with issues of social justice, plays that depict underrepresented lives on stage, plays by playwrights who are otherwise underrepresented in the theatre community – all of these stories fit our mission.

Our reading series will begin in late fall 2015 and extend through 2016. Each play will receive a one-night reading in our 150-seat space, followed by a moderated talkback with the audience.

Writers within traveling distance of Hartford will be enthusiastically included in the rehearsal process and talkback. For out-of-area writers, we will work with you to provide maximum access to all parts of work on your play through available technology.

Charter Oak resides in the first synagogue built in Connecticut, and our programming attempts to live up to the Jewish notion of tikkun olam - “repairing the world” – through the arts.

Interested playwrights should submit the following to newplayscharteroak@gmail.com:

- A brief cover letter including a short author bio and how you see the submitted play connecting to the series’ mission.

- A synopsis of the play

- A 10 to 15 page writing sample from the play.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Detroit Fringe Theater Festival

web site

The Detroit Fringe Theater Festival, to be held September 17-20 in Detroit, is now accepting submissions!

We will be accepting proposals of performances and scripts that are appropriate for any of the following categories: Pop Culture, Experimental, Drama, Musical, Comedy, Family Friendly, and Satire. Performances can be staged plays, poetry/spoken word, music, and any other style of performance that expands ideas about what the theatrical experience is and can be.

Pieces that have been performed elsewhere are eligible and encouraged to submit as long as the piece is unpublished and/or rights are secured by the party submitting. The festival is also open to experimental interpretations of the classics or other pieces in the public domain.

On the final evening of the festival one performance will be given a Best of Show award (determined by a Detroit Fringe panel) and another an Audience Favorite award (determined by public voting). These two performances will each receive a portion of the festival’s ticket sales. 

Performances will be held at the CMAP Detroit space (Carrie Morris Arts Production), 2221 Carpenter Street. Festival line-up and schedule can be found at www.Facebook.com/DetroitFringe.

To apply: Go to the following link to access the Detroit Fringe Theater Festival submission form - http://goo.gl/q6vPrg. Submissions are due by Wednesday, August 19th and participants will be notified by end of day Monday, August 24th. Festival tech provisions are minimal (basic light and sound will be provided) and performances will have the option to be staged either indoors or outside in the lots directly adjacent to the venue. Load in and tech time in the space will be scheduled the week prior to the festival and will be based on twice the duration of your performance (if your performance is 90 minutes long you will be scheduled for 180 minutes of load in and tech time.) And that’s it! SO GO ON AND GET TO YOUR SUBMISSION!

Please note that playwrights and performing artists must provide their own transportation to and lodging in Detroit. The performance space is provided free of cost courtesy of CMAP (Carrie Morris Artists Productions).

Any questions? Please email: DetroitFringeFestival@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing what you propose for Detroit!


The Detroit Fringe team

For updates: Follow us on Facebook (Facebook.com/DetroitFringe) and Twitter (@DetroitFringe).

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

UP Theater Company seeks plays

web site

UP Theater Company produces new and provocative work in the Northern Manhattan neighborhoods of Inwood and Washington Heights

We are currently seeking plays that specifically address the spate of Police killings and other brutalities against un-armed citizens of color.

We are also looking for plays about this issue from the point of view of police officers.

UP will perform readings and possibly productions of any worthy play on the subject. Plays of any length will be considered, but the best case scenario is we receive two or more short plays of conflicting view points to present on the same evening.

There is no timeline for this, and we reserve the right not to pursue any submissions if we feel the work is not to our standards.

Plays should be un-produced in the NYC area, have maximum cast of 8, simple set requirement, and be set in the present. Email questions and submissions to info@UpTheater.org - put US/THEM in the subject line. Or mail to

UPTheater Company
60 cooper street 2e
new york ny 10034

UPTheater Company is dedicated to presenting new and challenging works of drama and comedy relevant to our Uptown neighborhood. UP will not be afraid to be gritty, rambunctious, irreverent. UP will be for and by the community, taking advantage of the many theater artists who live among us; yet we also envision a theater that will be a destination for theatergoers from across the area, drawn by work of quality and passion.

MRT Fall One Act Competition

web site

Seeking fully produced one act plays
(cast, directed and ready to perform)
7 minutes to 20 minutes in length for

Sept. 10 - Sept. 30, 2015
at Manhattan Rep, 303 W.42nd St.

$1000 PRIZE for BEST PLAY!!!

(And an additional 4 performances if the play goes on to the FINALS - Sept. 29 and 30, 2015.)

To submit your one act play production please email:

The complete play,
a synopsis of the play,
the character breakdown,
the running time of the play,
the set and lighting requirements,
the playʼs production history (if it has been produced before and where)
your mailing address,
and a creative team leader contact email address to:


by Friday August 7, 2015 at Midnight.

Please put “Fall One Act Competition” in the subject heading.
We will contact you within a week as to your acceptance.

Plays that we love will be accepted on a First-Come First-Served basis.
The earlier you submit the better chances you have of being accepted for we may end submissions before
August 7, 2015, if we fill up all available performance slots

There is no submission fee. NON-EQUITY ONLY.

Each play will be given a MINIMUM of FOUR performances, with 4 more performances if the play moves on to the finals. We will supply a technician to run the sound and lights.

Once accepted, there will be a $150.00 participation fee.

There will be NO additional security fees or Manhattan Repertory Theatre based production fees.

For more information log on to: www.manhattanrep.com

Monday, August 3, 2015

Supernova 7: A Festival of New One-Act Plays

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We at the Bench are proud to announce that the ever-successful Supernova festival of new writing will be returning next year, for it's seventh edition. Over the past fourteen years many things have changed, but the festival remains a prominent showcase of original one-act plays, each one composed by amateur playwrights, and produced and performed by our own award-winning membership.

We are aiming to display around 8 new pieces of writing in February of next year, with each piece being performed within the production week. To this end we would love to hear from anyone who would like to send us a script to contemplate - whether you are a veteran of writing for the stage, a local author who is considering turning their hand to script writing, or a complete novice with an idea for a play, we will gratefully consider your work, and are very keen to put on as wide a range of interesting and high-quality work as we can.

There is no fee for entering your piece to the festival; we only ask that you ensure that it meets the (hopefully fairly relaxed!) criteria below, and that you send it to us by the end of August (the entries officially close at midnight on the 31st).

If you have any queries about the festival, please feel free to drop us a line at supernova@benchtheatre.org.uk

You may also wish to look at the production details of Supernova 6, the last edition of this event, to get a flavour of the festival!

Terms and Conditions
  • The play should be able to be performed by a maximum of 6 actors (but could contain any number of characters)
  • Plays must consist of a single act. Playwrights should aim for compositions of between 15 and 45 minutes, short plays are just as welcome as longer ones!
  • Plays should be written for an English-speaking audience
  • Plays must be original, unpublished and previously unperformed, with no performance rights attached, and they must be new to the Supernova festival - not submitted to previous editions
  • Plays should be able to be performed within the constraints of our space, the Spring Arts Centre, and please bear in mind the nature of the festival - we will be unable to include plays which require complex sets, effects or costumes.
Submitting your play(s) gives the Bench Theatre the right to perform it/them on the dates given here, without further payment, however copyright remains with the author. We are sadly unable to offer any payment to successful entrants.

There is no fee for entering plays for consideration, but we are now only allowing three scripts per author.

How to Enter
As submissions are read and considered anonymously, please ensure that your name does not appear anywhere on any of your scripts
Scripts must be submitted electronically; please email a PDF, Word or OpenDocument file to supernova@benchtheatre.org.uk, including your name in the email
Submissions must reach us by midnight on August 31st, 2015
The Selection Process
  • Every play submitted will be read by a Reading Panel (composed of Bench Theatre members) in conditions of strict anonymity and confidentiality.
  • Approximately eight plays will be selected for performance, each play being performed twice between the 7th and the 14th of February 2016.
  • Our aim is to put on the best new writing in a varied and entertaining programme. As such, we are looking for a range of scripts, and reserve the right to choose more or less than the 8 plays we have set as our guideline, depending on the respective lengths of the successful entries.
  • Because the Festival is open to anyone, including members of the Company (except for the reading/selection panel), a non-voting administrator will ensure that confidentiality is maintained until the end of the selection process.
  • Successful entrants will be notified by the 15th November 2015

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