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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

New Voices Showcase seeks one-act plays

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Deadline: September 23, 2022 midnight EST

Open call for submissions of short plays / one-acts for full production in a New Voices Showcase, opening late January 2023.

Murmuration Theatre Company is looking for shows that have a cast size between 2-11 (no solo shows), and a maximum runtime of 45m. 

Open to submissions from any playwright whose work has not yet been produced on Broadway. 

Please send at least 5 sample pages (PDF or Google Doc) of each submission and a short writer's bio by email to Emma at emma.mcglashen@gmail.com to be considered. 

Feel free to submit more than one play; please attach all sample pages to the same email. 

Selected playwrights will receive a $30 fee per performance. 

We will be accepting submissions until midnight EST on Friday, September 23rd, and we will notify selected playwrights that they have been chosen for inclusion in the showcase by Sunday, October 2nd. 

Please feel free to reach out by email if you have any questions.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Anything Can Happen in Ten Minutes Play Festival 2022


Deadline: September 25, 2022

Pan Theater presents Anything Can Happen in Ten Minutes, a collection of short plays by some of the nation’s top emerging playwrights.

Play Festival Fees:

(There is a fee if you submit more than one play)

Pan Theater, where neurons fire faster, has been bringing comedic and dramatic improv to the San Francisco Bay Area and Oakland since 2002.

The theme of the festival is Anything Can Happen in Ten Minutes.

Play Festival Winners:
All writers with plays accepted for production will paid at the rate of $100 per winning play. There will be 10 plays produced.

We are seeking a range of plays from serious/dramatic to absurd/comedic.

Suggestions for submissions:

-Have the play read by actors before submitting
-Provide some idea of preferred types for the characters
-Provide some background detail for the actors
-All submissions should include a synopsis and character outlines
-We will be limiting winning plays to those that can be performed within 10 minutes at most.
-Limit the number of actors to five at most
-The play should be appropriate to a minimalist production style
-Plays that can be easily played by different perspectives

Notes from the winning prior submissions:
  • Only one winning play was over ten pages in length
  • No play with more than five characters was chosen as a festival winner
  • Plays requiring extensive props and scenery were not chosen
  • Each play could be easily summarized in one sentence
  • Authors followed submission guidelines
  • Winning plays had strong central relationships
  • Winning plays had a strong main action/event
  • Characters were transformed during the play
  • Plays chosen were easy to produce with minimal scenery/props
  • Plays were easy to cast from our performing troupes

Plays will be judged by a panel of local performers, directors, actors, and writers.
Each piece will be rated separately on the following metrics:

-Meets performance requirements suggested
-Provides strong sense of character, location, and action
-Casting description/suggestions is flexible
-Story holds interest with discernible and actable objectives
-Play is either a complete story/scene
-Writing is entertaining and provides a scene that will hold audience interest

Submission Details: Format

For each play submitted, the number of copies sent should be equal to the number of characters in your play. Two characters plays would require two copies of the play. Three character plays would require three copies of the play. Include SASE if you wish the originals returned.

We will not accept copies sent as part of the body of an email or as attachments. Only hardcopies of plays accepted.

What to include:
  • Writer's info
  • Production/Reading History
  • Synopsis/Character Info
  • Production suggestions
  • Fees:
  • 1 play - NO FEE
Chosen authors/playwrights will be notified the week of October 15th. Winning authors/playwrights will receive $100 festival award per winning play.

Send Play and Submission Fees to:
Pan Theater
3871 Piedmont Avenue, #323
Oakland, CA 94611

Winning playwrights grant Pan Theater the right to stage a winning play up to 4 times. Plays already produced/performed are acceptable.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Bloomsbury Festival New Wave Theatre Writing and Production Opportunities 2023


Deadline: September 23, 2022 5PM

In partnership with Bloomsbury Radio & Macready Theatre

https://www.bil.ac.uk/bloomsburyradio/ https://macreadytheatre.co.uk/

Bloomsbury Festival 2023 Opportunities

Bloomsbury Festival is seeking submissions from emerging writers and companies (aged 18+) to produce work as part of our 2023 festival, in response to the theme ‘Grow’. Scripts and theatre productions might explore self-development, ambition, biology, globalisation, or subjects like the exploration of space or the contemporary impact of the industrial revolution - whatever our theme inspires for you as a writer!

We welcome both young emerging writers/companies and more mature entries who are starting their professional careers. You may have recently been part of professional or academic development programmes in theatre or similar disciplines, or have had some prior experience producing your own work.

Bloomsbury Festival is a local festival based in central London and so the production opportunities we offer are focused towards writers with a connection to London through their home base or studies. We are therefore unable to offer travel or accommodation support for successful participants.

Please submit your applications to submissions@bloomsbury.org.uk by 5pm Friday 23rd September 2022. 

In the subject line of your email, please note which opportunity you are applying for: Radio Competition 2023, or Macready Improvisation 2023, or Bloomsbury Theatre 2023. 

Please state if you are applying for more than one opportunity and include in your email the details requested at the end of this document.

Entries close at 5pm on Friday 23rd September, and the selected writers and theatre companies will be announced during Bloomsbury Festival 2022 (14th-23rd October). The opportunities for 2023:

1. Bloomsbury Radio 2023 Radio Play Competition
Winning Writer’s Fee - £1,000
With performer and production costs supported by Bloomsbury Radio

As part of Bloomsbury Festival 2023, the festival’s partner radio station Bloomsbury Radio is seeking submissions of completed new writing/theatre scripts in response to our 2023 festival theme ‘Grow’ to be considered for a radio play production. The winning writer will be awarded a £1000 writer’s fee, with their work programmed to be produced and broadcast by Bloomsbury Radio as part of Bloomsbury Festival 2023.

We are looking for a completed script of approximately 50 minutes in length, which should be suitable for broadcast to a general adult audience. We expect the playwright to take into account that production will happen within a limited recording slot at a radio studio, with 1 day of rehearsal time and 1 day of studio time for the production. We are able to provide 3 actors for this project and advise that cast lists reflect this, though there is an opportunity for actors to multirole.

2. Macready Theatre - Writer for Script Development Through Improvisation

Selected Writer’s Bursary - £1000
With Possibility to Attend Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023

We are seeking an emerging writer to develop a new script that responds to our 2023 festival theme ‘Grow’ through an improvisation process with Macready Theatre Young Actors’ Ensemble. The selected writer will be awarded a £1000 bursary payment to develop a full script, supported by Macready Theatre and its sponsors Cemex and Rugby School Department of Theatre & Performing Arts. Bloomsbury Festival is able to facilitate any costs incurred travelling to workshops outside of London.

We are asking for submissions to contain a previously completed full script which does not have to relate to Bloomsbury Festival 2023’s theme ‘Grow’, but which does show the writer has previously developed a script through an improvisation process, and an outline of the writer’s previous work with young performers.

The winning writer will work with a professional director and student performers aged 16-18 from Macready Theatre Young Actors’ Ensemble. The first workshop day with the director and student performers will take place during this year’s festival, on Monday 17th October 2022 - the writer must be available to attend. Further development will take place across the academic year 2022-23 at the Macready Theatre in Rugby, with the possibility to take the production to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023, and/or return to Bloomsbury Festival 2023.

A further £100 contribution to the writer will be made available to visit the production if it is presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023. Please note that Macready Theatre’s plans to tour the production will be subject to satisfactory development of the script alongside workshops.

3. 3 x Opportunity to Present Work at Bloomsbury Festival 2023
£300 Bursary Towards Production
Offer of venue and rehearsal space, marketing and box office share at Bloomsbury Festival 2023

We are offering opportunities to 3 emerging theatre companies to present productions of new work that responds to the theme of ‘Grow’ at next year’s festival.

The successful applicants will receive £300 bursary towards production, as well as the offer of dramaturgy sessions, venue and rehearsal space, marketing support and a box office share at Bloomsbury Festival 2023.

We are looking for completed scripts or new works for theatre currently in development. The length should be approximately 50 minutes, and we welcome applications from new companies wishing to establish themselves through this process. You should include details of your training, theatre and professional experience as relevant.

Entries will close at 5pm on Friday 23rd September, and the winner will be announced during Bloomsbury Festival 2022 (14th-23rd October).

Radio Competition 2023: submit 1 script approximately 50 minutes in length in response to the theme ‘Grow’.

Macready Improvisation 2023: submit 1 script that you have previously developed through an improvisation process (any subject matter) and an outline of your past experience working with young performers.

Bloomsbury Theatre 2023: submit 1 script, or description of devised project and process, of approximately 50 minutes in length in response to the theme ‘Grow’, and an outline of the writer’s/production company’s previous experience including earlier script where available.

Please email a .pdf copy of your application to submissions@bloomsburyfestival.org.uk by 5pm Friday 23rd September.

In the subject line of your email, please note which opportunity you are applying for: Radio Competition 2023, Macready Improvisation 2023 or Bloomsbury Festival Theatre 2023.

In the accompanying email, please submit a 20-50 word synopsis of your script/play with:

Phone Contact:
Contact Address:
Any recent writing courses (not essential) – course name and institution: Any other relevant information you would like us to be aware of.

Selected writers will be announced during Bloomsbury Festival 2022 (14th-23rd October).

Please Note:

Whilst all entries are welcome, Bloomsbury Festival would like to encourage applications from people who are currently underrepresented in the arts, and are particularly interested in hearing from global majority, lower socio-economic background, d/Deaf and disabled, LGBTQ+ writers. We are a festival based in the London Borough of Camden, and will pay particular attention to the work of writers with connections to the local and surrounding areas.

By applying for this opportunity you guarantee that your script is entirely your own original work, and does not infringe on the copyright of any other writer or artist.

For Radio Competition 2023 applicants you also agree that, if selected, you allow the director and Bloomsbury Radio to have the final say in casting and production decisions.

Bloomsbury Festival is a local festival based in Central London, and so the production opportunities we offer are focused towards writers with a connection to London as a home base or through their studies. We are therefore unable to offer travel or accommodation support for successful participants.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Kumu Kahua August prompt


Deadline: August 31, 2022


Every month, Kumu Kahua’s artistic director Harry Wong III will select a writing prompt on or by the first day of that month. We’re looking for 5-page monologues or 10-page scenes based on that prompt; the due date for submissions will always be the last day of the month. 

All entries must be written in traditional play format; instructions on this format can be found here (https://www.dramatistsguild.com/script-formats), courtesy of the Dramatists Guild.

There will be one winner each month. Scripts will be submitted to the judges anonymously. Winners will receive $100 and a subscription to Bamboo Ridge Press. Woo!

The prompt for the month of August 2022 is: An initial meeting between 2 college freshmen in their dorm room from different parts of the USA. For example, a local girl leaves Hawaiʻi for college where she shares a room with a girl from Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Best of luck!

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Seeking Theatre for Young Audiences Script Submissions for CATCO’s 2022 New Works Festival for Young Audiences


Deadline: August 31, 2022 11:59 PM EDT

CATCO is seeking script submissions of plays for young audiences for our new work festival in late November/early December. We define work for young audiences as plays for audiences aged 5-18 and their families where the intended audience could be, for example, 5-7, 10-14, or 15-18, as well as families with youth in that 5-18 age range.
  • Submitted scripts should be full-length, between 40 minutes and 2 hours in length.
  • The play may be unproduced or have had one or two developmental readings/productions, but it should not be a finalized script.
  • Three plays will be selected – one for a developmental production with limited production support and two for readings.
  • There is no fee to submit.
  • For the selected scripts, the playwrights of the readings receive a $300 fee.
  • The playwright of the developmental production receives a $500 fee.
  • Rehearsals: Nov 21 – 23, Nov 28 – Dec 1
  • Performances: Dec 2 – 4, Dec 7 – 10
  • Rehearsals: Dec 6 – 9
  • Public Readings: Dec 10 and 11

This festival is an opportunity for playwrights to work on projects in the early phases of development that would benefit from a workshop process. If they choose, the playwright will have the opportunity to make rewrites during the rehearsal process and will receive audience feedback after the production or reading in a moderated talkback. The play may be unproduced or have had one or two developmental readings/productions, but it should not be a finalized script. We hope that the playwrights will be involved in the rehearsal process, either virtually or in person, depending on the playwright’s location. Rehearsals take place on evenings and weekends. Travel is not provided.


To submit, email literary@catco.org.
  • In your submission email, please briefly introduce yourself and your work as a playwright, including if you have connections to Columbus or Ohio, provide a short description of the play, and let us know what you hope to gain from a workshop.
  • Please attach the script as a PDF titled “TITLE [Playwright Last Name]”
  • If submitting more than one script, please include them all in one email and let us know the one to focus on if there is only time to read one.
  • We will get back to you about the status of your submission by September 30, 2022.


Tuesday, July 12, 2022

SPIDER®, a literary magazine for children seeks plays


Deadline: none specified


For children ages 6 - 9

SPIDER®, a literary magazine for children, features fresh and engaging literature, poems, articles, and activities for newly independent readers. Editors seek energetic, beautifully crafted submissions with strong “kid appeal” (an elusive yet recognizable quality, often tied to high-interest elements such as humor, adventure, and suspense). 

We have particular interests in stories that explore themes of identity (gender expression, ability, race and ethnicity, family structure including LGBTQAI+ and single parent homes, neighborhoods, beliefs, and traditions); global cultures and languages (current needs include South American, African, and Middle Eastern countries, island nations, and Native American nations); scientific and technological exploration and innovation; magical or interplanetary landscapes; cities and metropolitan areas; real kids doing real things; weird and sometimes gross stuff; and the creative spirit.

Calls for Submissions:

General submissions are always open. 


Before submitting, be sure to familiarize yourself with our magazines. (Sample copies are available for viewing at the Cricket Media Store, or you can order a current issue by calling 800-821-0115.) Issues are also available at many local libraries.

Fiction Stories and Plays

We seek fiction of all kinds: fantasy, folk or fairytale, sci-fi, historical, humorous, or realistic. Whether the setting is long-ago or contemporary, or the protagonist is a shy newcomer, clever trickster, class clown, fantasy creature, or superhero, characters and the worlds they inhabit should be complex and believable. Plays should have 2–6 characters so that a child could feasibly perform the play at home with family or friends.

Length: 300–1000 words

Stories and articles: up to 25¢ per word
Poems: up to $3.00 per line; $25.00 minimum
Activities, games, and recipes: $75.00 flat rate

Monday, July 11, 2022

Kumu Kahua July prompt


Deadline: none given - prompt is for the month of July

We’re proud to announce a new monthly playwriting contest in collaboration with Bamboo Ridge Press!

Every month, Kumu Kahua’s artistic director Harry Wong III will select a writing prompt on or by the first day of that month. We’re looking for 5-page monologues or 10-page scenes based on that prompt; the due date for submissions will always be the last day of the month. All entries must be written in traditional play format; instructions on this format can be found here (https://www.dramatistsguild.com/script-formats), courtesy of the Dramatists Guild.

There will be one winner each month. Scripts will be submitted to the judges anonymously. Winners will receive $100 and a subscription to Bamboo Ridge Press. Woo!

The prompt for the month of July 2022 is: A conflict between supporters of different gubernatorial candidates. (For example, a conflict breaking out between signwavers of different gubernatorial candidates on the street in Hawai‘i.)

Best of luck!

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Anthroplay Theatre seeking monologues


Deadline: July 14, 2022, 11 AM BST

We are looking for new writing from up and coming writers/performers including spoken word, monologues and poetry revolving around the theme 'Faith'.

Fill out our online form to enter your submission.

Pieces no longer than 5 minutes

Make sure they correlate to the theme in some way

Be prepared to be available afternoon & evening hours on Thursday 28th July 2022

Be prepared to travel to Escape Bar Dalston (97 Stoke Newington Rd, Greater London, N16 8BX)

If you have more than one submission, please collate into one document

Artists will be paid a fee of £10

Performance date: Thursday 28th July 2022 - 8pm

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Freeze Frame seeks flash drama, the weirder the better


Deadline: June 30, 2022

So first and foremost, we want a story. A complete, interesting story. 1000 words or less, any genre, no content restrictions. We want your science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, drama, literary works, satire, bizarre fiction, or anything else you can come up with or mix together. The more original, the better. The weirder, the better.

The best way to find out what we’re looking for is to read what we’ve already published! Check out our current volume, free to read at https://freezeframefiction.com/.

We use Submittable to manage electronic submissions. Please be sure to remove your name and any contact information from the uploaded document before submitting.This is very important, as we review submissions blind. Your contact information will be available to the editors.

We do not accept email submissions. Email submissions will be ignored.

Our formatting guidelines are very simple: Text should be double-spaced, in Courier New (preferred) or Times New Roman (okay) size 12. Include word count on the top right of first page. Submissions that do not follow our guidelines will be automatically declined, with the exception of experimental forms.

Will we pay you?

Yes, $10 per accepted piece.

Friday, June 17, 2022

A+ Playwriting Contest For Teachers 2022


Deadline: June 30, 2022

Fifty years as one of the leading play publishers for the educational market has taught us that some of our best-selling shows are written not by professional playwrights, but by teachers who create a play based on the specific needs of their drama program. Once published, these plays are quickly embraced by other teachers who share the same opportunities, challenges and limitations that seem universal in schools.

We want to encourage the development of quality plays written specifically by teachers and other educators. Our A+ Playwriting Contest for Teachers is open to all teachers employed at an accredited K-12 public or private school in the US or Canada. All plays submitted through this contest must have been produced within the past two years at the school where the playwright teaches.

Submissions will be accepted on an on-going basis with a June 30 cutoff each year. All manuscripts accepted for publication will be considered contest finalists. The contest winner, selected from contest finalists and announced September 30, will receive a $500 royalty advance and a one-time $500 donation to the school theatre program where the play was first produced.

Contest Rules

Only entries submitted in accordance with all rules will be eligible for consideration.

Playwright must be a current or retired faculty member at an accredited K-12 public or private school in the US or Canada.

Only entries submitted with an Official Contest Entry Form will be considered.

Only entries that have been fully staged at the teacher’s school no more than two years prior to the submission date will be considered. We encourage you to take advantage of this production to revise your script as needed before submitting your manuscript.

All entries must be accompanied by proof of production in the form of a copy of the program, a newsletter or newspaper article, a review, a photo or a letter from the school principal.

Contest entries must meet all Pioneer Drama general guidelines and requirements for play submission, which can be found at pioneerdrama.com/playwrights/submit.asp.

Individuals currently published by Pioneer Drama Service are not eligible for this contest. Pioneer Drama Service employees and their families are also excluded.

All manuscripts submitted for this contest will automatically be simultaneously considered for our annual Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest, which is open to all individuals not previously published by Pioneer Drama Service. See pioneerdrama.com for more details.

Questions? Contact us at submissions@pioneerdrama.com or call 800-333-7262.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Kali SOLOS seeks monologues form women of South Asian ethnicity


Deadline: June 21,  2022 5PM BST

Calling all South Asian* women writers!

Inspired by the success of Kali SOLOS, we are launching an open call-out for writers to submit monologues for a new series.

We’re looking for monologues with an international theme.
  • Your monologue must be:Between 2 -3 minutes long
  • Set in one location
  • The character and / or action is located outside of the UK

Our reader’s panel will then select three monologues. Each of these will be self recorded by a UK actor at home and will be shared via social media and available to watch on Kali’s YouTube channel as part of the Kali SOLOS series.

  • Kali SOLOS are only open to writers of South Asian descent* who identify as women or AFAB non-binary
  • Kali SOLOS are open to writers of any experience and who are based anywhere in the world
  • Monologues must have an international theme and must be able to be self recorded by a UK actor at home
  • Monologues must be written in English
  • Writers can only submit one monologue
  • Selected writers will receive £250 each

If you are a writer who has previously been accepted for a SOLO commission, you are not eligible to apply again.

How to Enter:

Please send your monologue in a Word or PDF format to: info@kalitheatre.co.uk

Deadline for Submissions: Tuesday 21st June 5pm

Looking for inspiration? Catch up with the Kali SOLOS series so far.

*At least one parent must be descended from the diasporas of the Indian subcontinent

Saturday, April 9, 2022

25th Annual Theatre Southwest Festival of Originals


Deadline: April 10, 2022

Theatre Southwest of Houston, Texas is now accepting entries from now until April 10, 2022 for the 25th Annual Theatre Southwest Festival of Originals! The TSW-FOO is FREE to enter and will once again be calling for short one act (20 minute) plays in any and all genres from all over the country and the world. Please check below for submission guidelines and see how you can enter for a chance to win a cash prize and to see your work produced.

Submission Guidelines:

Each playwright may submit up to 2 plays for consideration.

All entries should be unpublished and previously unproduced in the Houston area.

All Genres are accepted.

Monologues or One Actor plays are not accepted.

Plays should be 20 minutes in length (give or take a minute or two). Page count should be no less than 17, but no more than 22 pages. 12 point font (Courier, Arial or Times New Roman)

There is no maximum limit of characters or sets, but common sense should be used as 5 plays will be produced in one evening.

Number all pages of the scripts, and scripts MUST be securely bound by three hole punch with brads or three hole punch folder. NO STAPLES!

Scripts must be submitted by postal mail ONLY. Emailed PDF or Word files will not be considered.

Be sure to include your contact information; phone number, email, and mailing address on the title page of each script.

List all characters with a brief character description.

Please include a one paragraph synopsis of the play.

Make sure all mailed entries are POSTMARKED by April 10, 2022.

Scripts cannot be returned.

One hundred dollars will be paid to all playwrights selected for production.

Scripts should be mailed to:

Theatre Southwest
8944 Clarkcrest St.
Houston, Texas 77063-4004

For more information or background on past productions, go to:


Saturday, March 26, 2022

Rising Sun Performance Company Seeks Short Family Friendly Plays for Outdoor Theater Festival on Governors Island


Deadline: April 4, 2022

Rising Sun is seeking submissions for plays for their 2022 outdoor Theater Festival on Governors Island.


Selected/Produced plays will receive a $100 Rights/Performance Payment.

Rising Sun Performance Company is planning a return for our 6th season on Governors Island this summer (permit pending). Our company has a rich history and relationship with the island, and we look to continue that with more entertaining and enriching theater!

Performances will be held in Governors Island, NYC (permit pending), one to two weekends in August/September 2022. These performances will be presented to the public for free (donations accepted).

As we will be presenting the festival pieces outdoors–free and open to the public–it is essential that we ensure that all material is suitable and appropriate for all ages, and “family friendly”. Therefore, we especially welcome and strongly encourage submissions of plays that are intended for young audiences. However this call is not exclusive to such plays; and we will also be considering pieces that are not strictly meant as “children’s theater”.

Plays should also fit the following requirements:

● Play should be able to be performed outdoors

● Plays should be able to be performed with minimal production elements

● Cast Age range should be adaptable, understanding our ensemble is 20s-50s

● Especially looking for plays with strong female identifying characters

● Especially looking for plays with diverse characters in race, gender identity and age

● Cast size should be no larger than 4-6 people.

● Running time should be 30-50 Minutes in length

● No more than 50 pages in length

Plays that do not fit most of these criteria will not be read.

We are not seeking musicals at this time, but are open to plays with musical elements.

Plays will be vetted by our Reading Committee which is comprised of 12 Ensemble members and our Literary Manager.

Submission Guidelines

Please include the following:

● Contact Information

● Play Synopsis

● Cast breakdown

● Script in word or PDF format

● Any other pertinent information (Playwright bio, list of previous productions, etc)

● Please resubmit even if you have submitted in the past.

Please complete one submission form for each play submitted.


Electronic Submissions only. Please No Phone Calls or Direct Mail

Should you have any technical issues or questions about submissions, please contact our literary manager at: rspliterarymanager@gmail.com.

Writers retain full rights and credit for all work produced.

A signed rights agreement granting RSP permission to produce is required for selected work.

A One-time Rights/Royalty Fee of $100 will be given to selected Play/Playwright

For more information about Rising Sun Performance Company visit us online:




Saturday, March 5, 2022

Petaluma Radio Players submission guidelines


Have a play you would like us to consider for broadcast?

We're looking for 30 minute and 60 minute Radio Plays and Radio Plays in series, or stage plays that can easily be adapted to radio. We'll consider all genres including comedies, dramas, thrillers, historical fiction, adventure, noir and more. Please avoid submitting plays containing  long monologues. 

If we accept your script we may provide notes to assist you in making minor changes to fit our air time requirements or for dramatic enhancement.

Send your script as either a Word file or pdf file

to: info@petalumaradioplayers.com.

In your Subject line, please write: 'SUBMISSION'.

Please include all of your contact information. If your play is represented by an agent please include the agent's name, agency name, and contact information. For PRP to consider an agented play for production, agented plays, like all scripts we vet and approve, must adhere to our Standard Use terms and conditions.

Our Troupe will read your play within four eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks of receipt at one of our Script Review Sessions, then notify you with our acceptance or rejection decision.

We review one (1) play per same author every six months. Please do not submit more than one play at a time and please abide by our request. We log all submissions.

Standard Use Terms & Conditions:

If PRP accepts your play, we will pay you a fee of $100. PRP reserve rights to broadcast your play up to three (3) times per calendar year on kpca-lpfm (103.3 in Sonoma County, California) and stream  on the world wide web via www.kpca.fm, and via podcast ('PODCAST' tab on petalumaradioplayers.com)  and on other non-commercial stations on a case by case arrangement. We also reserve the right to upload to our Podcast and keep your play active on our Podcast for a period of three (3) years with the option to renew subject to payment of a $50 renewal fee for an additional three (3) years. In the event we consider your play for future syndication on noncommercial or commercial stations, or for distribution via a third-party publisher (Blackstone Audio, Amazon's Audible, etc.), we will contact you to discuss  additional compensation. Our standard royalty for playwrights is five percent (5%) of net profits.

We retain broadcast copyright for material we produce. You retain all other rights to your play.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Drip Action Theatre Trail 2022 seeks one-act plays


Deadline: January 31, 2022

Plays should be between 30 and 40 minutes long, with practicable casting, props and effects and a maximum of five performers. We do not insist on premieres.

All entries should be submitted to:

Drip Action Theatre Trail 2022
The Arundel Festival
c/o The Town Hall
Maltravers Street
West Sussex
BN18 9AP

Entries must be received by 31st January 2022. There is no reading fee.

To encourage more writers from overseas we are allowing plays from outside the UK to be submitted by email - info@dripaction.co.uk

One play only per entrant, in hard copy if sent from within the UK

Please enclose an SAE if you’d like your play returned.

Our reading committee will select the plays that will be performed, with the best submitted script receiving the Joy Goun award of £250 at our Theatre Trail launch in May 2020.

Each successful playwright will receive a £200 writer’s fee.

For further information call 01903 885250 or email info@dripaction.co.uk

Thursday, January 6, 2022

great weather for MEDIA seeks dramatic monologues


Deadline: January 15, 2022


great weather for MEDIA seeks flash fiction, short stories, dramatic monologues, and creative nonfiction for our annual print anthology.

Our focus is on edgy, fearless, and experimental subject matter and styles. No theme. Wehighly recommend reading one of our previous collections, or coming to one of our events, to see the type of work we are interested in. Our latest anthology is Paper Teller Diorama. Let us know in your cover letter how you found us and what you like about us We are based in New York City and welcome submissions from both national and international writers.



Surprise us with your fearless best!

We do not consider previously published work, whether print or online. This includes limited edition chapbooks and personal blogs. 

If your work appears in our most recent anthology, please wait a year before submitting again in any genre.

One prose/creative nonfiction piece, two if both under 500 words. Maximum word count: 2,500. Please include the word count on the first page.

Please submit only once in each genre (poetry / prose.) If you are submitting two short prose pieces, attach your work in a single document. Do not submit again until you have received a response.

Simultaneous submissions are fine - just notify us with your good news immediately. If you wish to withdraw individual pieces from consideration, click on the title of your submission, click on Active, and add a note listing the title(s) to be withdrawn. If you need to withdraw your entire submission, please use the Withdraw button.

Please don't send revisions. You can always add a note to your submissions if there is something you need to let us know about.

Payment: One contributor copy, plus $10 for writers based in USA. To help towards shipping costs, international writers receive one copy.

Copyright: great weather for MEDIA holds first serial rights for material that we publish. The copyright automatically reverts to the author upon publication. All work may be permanently archived online. We ask that great weather for MEDIA be acknowledged in any subsequent publication of the work.

We aim to respond in 1-4 months. If you have not heard from us after five months, please email editors@greatweatherformedia.com

Monday, December 27, 2021

Scenes from the Staten Island Ferry 2022


Deadline: December 31, 2021

Sundog Theatre in NYC is seeking one-act plays for “Scenes from the Staten Island Ferry 2022”

Sundog Theatre’s 20th annual presentation of new and original,
one-act plays about our favorite boats, the Staten Island Ferries.
Since it is our 20th anniversary, the themes are “celebration” or “anniversary”.

Writing Guidelines:

–Original plays not previously produced or published, with a signed note affirming that.

–10-25 minutes in length and set on the Staten Island Ferry.

–Set in contemporary time period. Strong priority will be given to plays with 2 characters, however, 3-character plays will be considered. No special set pieces other than benches or railings found on the Ferry, limited and easily accessible props, and no special sound or lighting.

–Avoid overt and unnecessary sexual/violence situations and language since we cater to a broad audience.

–No musicals, long monologues, poetry, rants, or verse.

–Humor, if appropriate, is welcome.

Submission Guidelines:

—Please send two copies, bound or stapled, blind submission (removable cover page with title, author and contacts), and the name of the play on each page to Sundog Theatre, “Scenes 2022”, PO Box 183, Staten Island, NY 10301.

–Submissions should include brief synopsis, play history, 70-word bio, and full author resume.

–Plays must be in our hands from now until no later than December 31, 2021. Latest postmark we will accept is December 24.

–Please do not submit plays electronically.

–Questions: ferry@sundogtheatre.org. Susan Fenley, Producer

>>5 – 6 plays will be chosen; writers will receive $100 each and be produced in our series of five March 2022 performances in Staten Island.<<

Playwrights of selected plays will be contacted directly and their names listed on Sundog’s website early in 2022.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Rockford New Words 2022 is seeking new 10 minute works


Deadline: December 1, 2021

10 new works will be chosen and presented in a staged performance Feb 4th & 5th, 2021. Writers can choose to perform their own works (Live or on Zoom), or have them presented by professional performers. Writers each receive $200.


In the words of Audre Lorde, “…the strength of women lies in recognizing differences between us as creative, and in standing to those distortions which we inherited without blame, but which are now ours to alter."

“Woman” has multiple facets including gender identity, social construct, and lived experience. This year we are asking writers to look beyond boundaries to express their experience with the word “woman.”

  • New Words: written after OCT 25, 2021
  • Theme: Words On Woman
  • One Written Work per writer
  • Language: English
  • Writer Location: Anywhere!
  • Originality: no translations, adaptations, or excerpts of other works
  • Copyright: you must own it
  • Eligibility: no previously published or produced works
  • Length: 10 pages or less
  • Time: 10 minutes or less
  • Format: Any

Fill out the online application and upload a copy of your work here: wssr.org/submit

Words will be accepted until Dec 1, 2021 at 5:00pm CST. We will let you know the status of your submission by January 15, 2022.

Have questions? words@wssr.org

Monday, November 22, 2021

Ghostlight Ensemble is seeking short scripts for young audiences.


Deadline: December 31, 2021

Ghostlight Ensemble is seeking short scripts (a maximum of 15 minutes) that are geared toward young audiences. 

Priority will be placed on scripts that are ethnically and culturally diverse, and written by writers of color and/or LGBTQ writers. 

This is open to playwrights in any geographic area, though writers in the greater Chicago area will receive priority. NO FEE.

Playwrights will receive $25 per selected script.

Selected plays will be produced summer of 2022 as part of the third annual Make/Believe festival of theatre for children under our Nightlight banner. (Learn more about the 2020 festival here and the 2021 festival here.) This for live, outdoor performances.

Please pay close attention to the script requirements. Scripts that do not meet the following criteria will not be considered.


A maximum of 3 actors per script. 

There are no restrictions, however, on the number of characters. 

Please note, that while some directors have chosen to use child actors in past pieces, the intent of this festival is to perform for children, not with children.

Plays must have no technical demands, as this will be outside and there is no lighting or backstage area and minimal sound cues will be available.

Must fit our mission.

Geared toward children 10 and under. Please, NO scripts about high school students.

All props, set pieces and costumes must be easily made at home by actors (and children watching who want to stage their own productions at home).

Pieces can be previously produced, but cannot have a production running concurrently with Make/Believe.

Electronic submissions only, please. Submit cover letter with full contact information, short bio, brief synopsis of script including development and production history (if applicable) and full script to Maria Burnham at scripts@ghostlightensemble.com. Please use the following format in the email’s subject line: Nightlight Script Submission: [play name] - [playwright name]

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2021.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

All Out Arts, Inc. / Fresh Fruit Festival, CALL for SHORT RADIO PLAYS


Deadline: Rolling Deadlines - End December, Mid January, Mid February


An official part of the 20th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival of LGBTQ Arts

It’s that “Old Time Radio” time again . . .

All Out Arts is accepting script applications for a new series of RadioPlays, to be presented this winter, as part of the Fresh Fruit Radio podcast. January – April 2022. 
These can be original drafts for radio, or adapted for Radio from your existing works.

The play must have a running time of 25 to 55 minutes, in either a 1 or 2-act format, and involve a cast of 2 to 6 principals.

> 3 to 4 Accepted plays will be given a $250 producing-author stipend upon broadcast, and All NYC artists involved will be eligible for our Equipment Purchase/upgrade Subsidy program.

> The Festival provides technical rehearsal, and performance recording on a high-quality audio channel if desired, plus technical guidance and audio post-processing for your recorded tracks.

> We can work with YOUR sound designer to enhance movement or ambiance cues.

> The schedule allows for roughly one play monthly, for January to April of 2022. We provide a full program book which expands to cover the entire RadioPlay series as above.

Note: Rolling Deadlines - End December, Mid January, Mid February. But Please apply as early as possible; you can always revise scripts later.

Last year’s Program Book and RadioPlay podcasts are available on our website. We provide a high degree of hand-holding in the development process of moving your creative vision to a Radio format. 

And thanks to the generosity of New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs and the Mayor's Office, there are NO application fees or participation fees, and ALL accepted producers receive the $250 author/producer's stipend.

Your RadioPlay production “team”

Besides the performing talent, you must assemble a required creative team:
> A DIRECTOR who beside overseeing dramatic and timing issues, has an eye for virtual presentation, including a realistic “suggestion” of blocking, and a breakdown of all entrances and exits which are to be simulated.

> This is a “Radio” presentation; so a real SOUND DESIGNER is required! We will work WITH your Sound Designer to solve audio problems, enhance spatial and ambiance cues, customize background ambiance, and tailor licensed music samples where appropriate. We also have a large library of foley sound cues you may draw from.

> A STAGE MANAGER is needed to watch for technical issues: Continuity; Unwanted background noise; Distortion in sound tracks, etc.

Apply for “Early Decision” if you can be ready for a late January broadcast premier. Please go to our full-season breakout page and choose the RADIOPLAYS division:

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