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Monday, February 28, 2022

Campbell Opera Librettist Prize


Deadline: March 4, 2022 11:59 p.m. ET

In 2020, OPERA America worked with librettist/lyricist Mark Campbell to establish the Campbell Opera Librettist Prize — the first award in the history of American opera that specifically recognizes the opera librettist. Early in Campbell’s career, Stephen Sondheim presented Campbell with the first Kleban Foundation Award — a prize for extraordinary theater writers.

The program is intended to recognize a librettist who has: 
  • Exceptional talent for writing opera librettos with potential for making a substantial contribution to the American opera literature; and 
  • Demonstrated experience writing for opera/music theater and a commitment to making opera a central part of their artistic work and career. 
The prize winner will receive: 
  • A one-time $7,000 direct cash prize in support of their artistry and development as an opera librettist to be used by the awardee at their own discretion; 
  • Access to OPERA America’s professional development programs for artists, including a two-part Opera Entrepreneurship Workshop; and
  • Introductions to leading opera producers through Opera America Magazine and at future annual conferences and New Works Forum meetings. 
  • Applicants must have demonstrated experience as an opera librettist and have written at least two complete librettos that have been set to music or are in the process of being set to music. 
  • Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to opera as a central part of their artistic work. 
  • Applicants must have U.S. citizenship, permanent residence, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status (proof of residency and citizenship will be requested). 
  • Applicant participation (past or current) in a librettist-training program is preferable, but not required. • Applicants may only apply for consideration for three cycles of this program. Applicants who have applied unsuccessfully in two cycles must articulate substantive career progress made since their last application when they submit their intent to apply. 
  • Recipients of the Campbell Opera Librettist Prize may not reapply for the Prize in a subsequent cycle.  
Timeline The following timeline is in place for the 2022 Campbell Opera Librettist Prize: 
•Application available online: January 2022 
• Intent to apply deadline: March 4, 2022 (required for full application)
• Application deadline: March 30, 2022 
 • Adjudication: April 2022 
• Awardee notification: May 2022 

 How to Apply 

• Read these guidelines carefully before completing any application materials. 
 • All materials must be submitted online via the online grants system at operaamerica.org/GrantsDashboard

  • The submission of an intent to apply is required for all applicants and is due by 11:59 p.m. ET on March 4, 2022. OPERA America will provide individualized support to applicants based on their intents to apply to guide them to the full application. Only applicants who submit an intent to apply may submit a full application. 
  •  Submit a complete, final application by 11:59 p.m. ET on March 30, 2022. 
  •  Applications submitted without work samples as specified in the application will not be considered. Applications that are incomplete or late will not be accepted. • Contact Diana Hossack, grantmaking director, at DHossack@operaamerica.org or 646.699.5236 with any questions. 

Application Review Process 

An independent panel will review all final applications for the Campbell Opera Librettist Prize. The panel will consist of experts with an understanding of diverse writing and creation styles, as well as new work producers from OPERA America Professional Company Members. Individuals who stand to benefit financially from a grant are ineligible to serve on the panel, and no current employee of OPERA America is eligible to serve as a panelist. Decisions of the panel are final. 

Panelists evaluate the applications based on the following criteria: 
 • Artistic Ability: The artistic quality of the work samples. 
• Creative Potential: The potential to enrich the art form and the field. 
• Impetus for Opera: Applicants’ motivations for expressing themselves through opera. 
 • Collaborative Expression: The articulation of successful collaborative work in the applicant’s artistic practice. Narrative Statements 

In addition to a current biography, applicants are required to submit written narrative statements describing their: 
• Desire to choose opera as a form for their storytelling; 
• Experience writing opera libretti; 
• Success working collaboratively with composers and other creators; and 
• Vision of how they will use their writing skills to influence the future direction of opera. Work Samples Applicants are required to submit no more than three work samples that best represent their unique voice and creative styles and demonstrate the creator’s aptitude for theatrical storytelling through music. 
 • The most competitive applications will include recent examples of works that demonstrate the librettist’s ability to write theatrical work for trained voices and instrumental ensembles. 
 • Two of the samples must be from opera librettos that have been set to music or are in the process of being set (though not necessarily premiered in a full production). Shorter and/or one-act librettos are permitted. Only complete dramatic works for the stage will be considered. Screenplays, poems, text for arias, fragments from librettos, and academic articles are not accepted. 
 • Written samples are required; audio or video recordings of the submitted samples are encouraged (whether set to music or text readings), but not required. 
• Librettos written in languages other than English must be accompanied by a complete English translation. Award Announcement • All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their requests after the panel adjudication. 
 • The award letter will contain dates for the additional OPERA America activities included in the award. 
 • The recipient of the Campbell Opera Librettist Prize will serve as the fiscal agent for the award. This is a singular award in the designated year that does not constitute continued financial support for the named awardee. 
• The Campbell Opera Librettist Prize is intended for the named awardee only and is not transferable to any other artist or organization. Reporting Requirements The awardee will receive an award letter explaining the prize terms and conditions, including financial documentation and narrative reporting requirements. A final report on how the prize has benefitted the artist in the development of their career as a librettist will be required for learning purposes for both the awardee and OPERA America. The awardee is required to acknowledge OPERA America and Mark Campbell/the Campbell Opera Librettist Prize in the manner described by OPERA America in the award letter. If the recipient of the prize has a website, it should feature OPERA America’s logo, including a hyperlink to OPERA America’s website. The recipient of the Campbell Opera Librettist Prize may be asked to submit additional documentation or cooperate with OPERA America in sharing the results of their award with the field. Staff Contact For more information, contact Diana Hossack, grantmaking director, at DHossack@operaamerica.org or 646.699.5236.

“Refusing to be Silenced” stage play festival for Women’s History Month


Facebook Page

Deadline: March 5, 2022

Think about all the iconic women who refused to be silenced. What about the women in your life who refuse to be silenced? Do you refuse to be silenced? Everyone has a story. What’s yours?
Gee Rated Innertainment is producing the “Refusing to be Silenced” stage play festival for Women’s History Month.

• Must be at least 18 years old to participate
• Submission(s) must focus on the theme of women refusing to be silenced
o All genres welcomed
o No nudity, or distasteful language
• Playwright can submit no more than two scripts
o Should be submitted as a PDF
o Should be in Stage Play Format
• Submission(s) should be original and written by playwright
o No full productions or publications
o Readings are okay
• Playwright submission(s) should be no longer than 15 minutes, but at least 5 minutes in length
• Monologues will be accepted (no more than 2) and should be no longer than 5 minutes
o Should be submitted as a PDF
• Submission(s) will not be accepted after March 5th
• Submit submission(s) through the Google forms
• If you are unable to self-produce your play/monologue, we can do it for you
• Playwright must be available for rehearsals through Zoom

If your submission is accepted, you will be notified through email by March 10th. This event will be held on Zoom in March. There are no participation fees. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@gee-rated.com. 

Participation in this event is voluntary. This event will be free to the public.

Please submit your submission(s) through the following link: https://forms.gle/4AQZ1dtQXUtjkxxVA

Saturday, February 26, 2022

STRONGBOX in the PARK Festival


Deadline: March 1, 2022

Strongbox Theater in East Rockaway, New York, www.strongboxtheater.com, seeks submissions for our "STRONGBOX in the PARK" short play festival. This outdoor, free or pay what you wish, event will feature 6-7 short plays performed over three weekends this summer by a professional team of actors and theater makers.

Submitted plays should be no longer than 20 pages in length and be original, unpublished works (it is fine if the script has been produced previously). Scripts with large casts are acceptable, as are monologue shows. Comedies or plays with lighter tones are encouraged, but plays of any genre or tone will be accepted and seriously considered. Playwrights from communities underrepresented in the theater field are strongly encouraged to apply and submissions from anywhere will be accepted. 

Only one play per playwright please.

A panel of professional directors, playwrights, and producers will select up to 7 plays to produce in the festival.

Each selected play will receive 9 performances, weather permitting, July 22 - August 7, in East Rockaway, New York.

Submissions can be sent via email to info@strongboxtheater.com. Submissions must include a title page with the playwright's name, contact information, as well as a resume. We will accept submissions through March 1st. Playwrights will be awarded a $75 honorarium if their play is selected.

The festival is creatively coordinated by Sam Hood Adrain, Kevin Delano, and Cameron J. Marcotte.

About Strongbox Theater:
We are currently in the construction phase of repurposing and old bank and office space into a 6,000 sq. foot arts complex featuring a 1500 sq. foot black box theater, a bar, and an art gallery. Our mission is to create a new audience of theater goers and be a pillar of the Long Island arts community. We believe we will build a strong sense of community as people gather to consume art, both performing and visual, at our venue.



Best actress $500, Best Supporting Actress 500, Best Actor,  Best Supporting Actor $500, Best Director $500, Singer $500, Best Short $500, Most Creative Play or Musical $500, Best Music Score $300, Best Choreography  $200

All genres/submissions accepted from playwright that live no further than 30 miles from Manhattan and provided they are between 5 and 90 minutes long.

Productions must run with a complete cast and crew from NYC or 30 miles radios. Equity productions are welcome to participate.


Productions must run with a complete cast and crew from NYC or 30 miles radios. Equity productions are welcome to participate.
You can take advantage of our Audience Feedback System. 

We find that it is usually constructive for playwrights and other members of a production team to receive audience feedback concerning the quality of their productions. 

If you so choose, the Festival will reach out to all audience members who attended your production, with a questionnaire they can fill out, answering specific questions and providing general feedback. 

Audience input can be very helpful if you are shaping your show for another run, or simply a rewrite. We believe this process will help perfect your production, or can simply help you to learn and grow as an artist for your next production.

Our Fall/Winter season in 2021 ran smoothly, without any problems.

We hosted 90 productions without a single Covid infection.


Plays and Musicals must be unproduced or produced before 2017 in which case the run must include a completely new cast and crew.

Submit to be among the plays and musicals in a Festival/Competition that is 

WOWING New Yorkers. 

to submit, go to:


Introducing NYC’s fastest growing competition. 

We offer up to $7,500 in Prizes. $3,000 alone goes to the best play or musical.
Can you find another festival that gives away this much money in prizes? Our winners are selected by the festival’s team, so it’s not simply some “popularity contest” based on whoever brings in the largest audience.  Sometimes the most “non-glitzy” smallest budget productions with the fewest audience members win first prize, simply because it was excellent.  We love sincere, heart-felt performances, and honest writing. 

Here’s a chance to have your play live on a New York City Stage! Submit your work to the Spring/Summerfest festival competition. Accepting plays and musicals of all genres between 5-90 minutes in length. The New York Theater Festival has been a haven for playwrights for 17 seasons - 10 continuous years of activity. Read below to find out why!

Why is New York Theater Festival a mecca for new and original plays?  


We offer:

  • A quality venue.
75 beautiful red fabric seats . A stage the size of your average 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan (30’x22’) with plenty of backstage space, room in the wings, a large dressing room complete with mirrors and sink, and a clean and functional bathroom.
  • Need set/prop pieces? No problem.
What other festival offers you the use of 100 set props/furniture in their storage for free? Not only do we invite you to use our items, we also offer free storage for all your hand props for the duration of your run. It’s no fun double parking your truck outside of theaters for every performance, only to find your windshield sporting a new parking ticket. It’s annoying lugging all your props, set items, and costumes back and forth on the subway throughout the length of your run. Don’t sweat it. We have space- and that’s not easy to come by in NYC! Check out our props: https://newyorktheaterfestival.com/props/
  • Easy to use technology.
Where else will you get a lighting plot of 65 lights, complete with LED lights that can create a flush in a full range of deep colors for your scenes. 
  • If MUSIC is the food of love, play on!
Need music? We also have a good upright piano you can use
  • We offer very long techs. 
Do you know how important it is to have ample tech rehearsal time? 
For a Full-Length (60-90 minute) we give 4 hours for your tech. 
For a One-Act (30-45 minute) we give you 2.5 hours for your tech, For a Short (5-20 minute) we give you 60 minutes for your tech. 
What can you accomplish with short tech rehearsals, or none at all? Absolutely nothing (say it again!) We don’t want to risk your show looking miserable during your run because you did not have enough time to prepare. We want you to feel confident with how it will look. That’s why we offer a generous amount of tech time. (After all, time is money!)
  • What's more important than advertising your show?
Many festival websites do not advertise your show. Many that do will have mundane descriptions and a thumbnail of a poster. Check out our pages with previous productions. Large posters, detailed information, and a catchy blurb of your show… That’s more like it! You can share the link without embarrassment and send it to your family, friends, colleagues, and community. All cast and crew from all productions are granted free tickets to see all of the other shows in the festival! 
Check out our posts:
  • No seasonal volunteers
One of our principle team members is always at the theater to support you during your tech, box office times, and performances. You will always see a familiar face! Feel free to ask for help or special guidance to make your performance a success. Your questions will be answered in a matter of hours from the festival’s team. You will never have to wait days for a response. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, providing you with real answers and a personal touch
  • Award ceremony
An unforgettable award ceremony at the end of the festival to honor your talent in front of your artistic colleagues, similar to the Oscars!
Plays are considered on a first-come first-served basis. The earlier you submit, the better your chances are of having your script invited to the festival. Each applicant is fully responsible for all elements of their production, including directing, casting, stage-managing. We know exactly what you need to make your show a success and we welcome you into our community of playwrights and theater innovators! 



Deadline:  March 1, 2022
Or when they reach 200 submissions

On February 7, 2022, B Street Theatre will begin taking submissions for the third, annual New Comedies Festival which will take place from June 26 – July 3, 2022 at The Sofia: Home of B Street Theatre.

“That's great art -- nothing is self-evident. I am made to laugh about those who cry, and cry about those who laugh.” – Bertolt Brecht

In the ever-changing landscape of our country and the American theatre, B Street is soliciting submissions of comedies in all shapes and sizes for their third, annual New Comedies Festival. We encourage local, national and international artists to submit full-length comedic plays during our open submission process. We encourage pieces to include elements of romance, dark comedy, farce, satire, physical comedy, commedia dell’arte, improv, stand-up, audience participation, music, etc. 

Following the submission process, B Street will select four plays to receive staged readings in the festival. Following the festival, the audience members who attended all four readings will receive an opportunity to give feedback about which script(s) they would like to see fully produced on the B Street Theatre Mainstage. Their feedback will be vetted by B Street Artistic Staff and a minimum of one selected script will receive a full production on the Mainstage within a year of the festival closing.


• The works submitted must meet the following criteria:
o The playwright must be 18 years of age and have the right to work in the United States.
o The play must not have had a professional production, or be scheduled to have a professional production, prior to December 31, 2023. A professional production means that the artists working on the show were compensated for their time, and that all of the theatrical elements one hopes to see in a production were present.
o We are seeking to develop comedies of all shapes and sizes; however, we request that all plays be full-length. For the purposes of this festival, we are defining full-length as being no shorter than an hour and ten minutes. Solo pieces and theatre for young audience pieces will be accepted.
o We accept both original and adapted works, provided that the rights to any material not in the public domain have been granted in writing, and a copy of the release is emailed along with the script.
o While we encourage playwrights to submit “plays with music”, we are unable to accept submissions of original musicals at this time. We ask that if a play contains songs that would need to be licensed separately, the playwright list the titles and writers of said songs in the front of the script with the casting breakdown.
o Playwright must be available for the entirety of the festival (June 28 – July 3, 2022) in order to be present for the week-long rehearsal and workshop process at B Street Theatre in Sacramento. B Street Theatre provides round-trip travel, housing and stipend for the playwrights of the four, selected finalist scripts.
o The script must meet the script formatting requirements set by B Street Theatre that are listed below.
 Submissions must be submitted in PDF form; however, we ask that playwrights ensure they have an editable version of the script (Word, Final Draft, etc.) if selected for the festival.
 Submissions must be blind scripts with the playwright’s name and contact information (or representation contact information) removed from the title pages.
o Due to the submission cap (see below), playwrights are only permitted to submit one script.
• Submissions that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted.

• Please Note: Due to organizational bandwidth and our desire to have each submitted play be read by a number of qualified and committed readers, we will only be accepting 200 submissions for this year’s festival on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will also be notifying 25 waitlisted submissions that will be officially accepted into the festival prior to the first round of reading if any of the 200 submissions do not meet the festival requirements listed above. The portal for submissions will open at midnight on February 7, 2022 and will close once we reach 200 submissions. If we do not reach 200 submissions, the portal will close at midnight on March 1, 2022.

• We will solicit the help of volunteer readers to read the submitted scripts. These readers may include but are not limited to the following: B Street Artistic Staff, B Street Company Members, industry playwrights, industry dramaturgs and other industry professionals.
• There will be two rounds of reading for outside readers and each reader will read between 5 and 10 scripts each round. Each script will be read by at minimum of two readers per round. There will be a third, final round of reading for B Street Artistic Staff only in order to choose the finalists from a short-list of scripts that have been evaluated in rounds one and two of reading.
• The reading of scripts will take place over a two-month period and the final four scripts will be chosen no later than May 16, 2022.

Playwrights interested in submitting a play for consideration in the New Comedies Festival should send the following to B Street Theatre between February 7, 2022 and March 1, 2022. Online submissions via the link below are preferred but playwrights may mail their submissions to the address below.

Attn: New Comedies Festival B Street Theatre 2700 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95816

Online Application Link:

Please contact literary@bstreettheatre.org with any questions. No phone calls, please.

This is a blind opportunity. Scripts will be considered on their own merits, without any access to personally identifying information about their authors.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Dark Unicorn Productions Ltd. seeks audio scripts


Deadline: February 27, 2022 5PM UK Time

Dark Unicorn Productions Ltd (UK) is seeking three audio scripts to fill gaps in a slate of 12 audio dramas (plus a Christmas special) to be released later this year in co-production with sound designers The Colour Noise, under the strand heading “Noisy Unicorn”.

Please ensure that you’ve read the details and conditions fully before submitting.

Submissions can be in any genre but must adhere to the following:
  • No less than 30 minutes and no more than 60 minutes in length
  • For no more than five actors (doubling up roles is permitted)
  • Must be for audio – no stage or TV scripts which require adaptation. If you wish to submit such, please ensure that before they request the full script, it has been formatted for audio. They do not have the resources to adapt and reformat work.
  • Must be original, or an adaptation of an out-of-copyright work. If you wish to have an adaptation of an in-copyright work considered, they must see proof that you have permission to adapt.
  • Not previously recorded for release.
  • Prefer script to have a monologue or some way to specifically showcases a solo performer
  • Has subject matter of topical interest which can be appreciated globally
  • Foregrounds the lived experiences of people of colour, whether in the UK or elsewhere
Selected scripts will be optioned for 12 months for a nominal consideration and, when produced, will be offered for sale globally as digital downloads on either a play-by-play or series-pass basis. 

All authors will receive a 10% royalty from the gross sales of their work.

This is a tight turnaround project. Please do not make a submission if you do not have the script, already formatted for audio, ready to go at short notice.

If you wish to be considered, please send, at this stage, a signal of interest accompanied by ONLY the following information:
  • Title
  • Logline
  • Synopsis
  • Character breakdown (with doubling indicated where required)
  • Estimated running time
  • Writer’s CV (Optional)

DO NOT send full scripts at this stage. They will request the full script from those authors they wish to consider more closely.

To reiterate - submissions with full scripts attached, undeveloped ideas, or adaptation ideas for anything other than out-of-copyright work (except where detailed above) will not be considered. Submissions which are made with the expectation that they will adapt a script for stage or screen to an audio audience will also not be accepted.

Please make your submissions to submissions@darkunicorn.org

Deadline: 5pm UK time on Sunday February 27th 2022.

Feels Blind Literary Submissions for Issue #7 are open


Deadline: March 6, 2022

Submissions made on Mondays are free

Feels Blind Literary welcomes submissions of short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, plays, and art from new and emerging writers and artists who are nonbinary or identify as women.

Submissions for Issue #7 are open until March 6, 2022 and should be sent to feelsblindliterary@gmail.com. The submission fee is always waived on Mondays. Please put in the subject line the category to which you are submitting and include a short bio written in the third person.

We are adamant about not creating a barrier in terms of who can submit and how often, which is why every Monday is a free submission day during opening reading periods. On other days, we have decided to start collecting fees. Here's why- we've noticed many literary magazines and organizations expressing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and we've been considering how to do the same. Feels Blind Literary is committed to speaking out against social and environmental injustice, police brutality, and unconstitutional attacks on our free press. With that being said, we didn't feel just saying we're committed to these causes was enough. Rather, we knew we needed to demonstrate that commitment in tangible and monetary ways, both by continuing to elevate marginalized voices in the work that we publish and by raising money for causes we believe will help directly combat racism in this country.

​As such, all non-Monday submissions must include a $3 submission fee through the donation tab below. A portion of the fees for this reading period will go directly to the Richmond Community Bail Fund. If you include a $10 donation, we will guarantee a 2-week or less response time to your work.

We hope other literary magazines and organizations are following a similar model. We can offer words of support, but even as writers we recognize words too often fall short. When we say we're in this together, everything we do needs to be in direct service to this sentiment.
Submission Details

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but immediately withdraw your work if it is accepted elsewhere.

Submissions must be previously unpublished, original works.

Please do not submit more than one entry per reading period.

If we publish your work, please wait a full year before submitting new work.

We will do our best to respond to each submission within 60 days. If 60 days has passed, please send us an inquiry at feelsblindliterary@gmail.com. We will try our best to respond much sooner, however.

Plays: Send one one-act play up to 15 pages.

While we won't know exactly what we like until we see it, we do like honest, accessible work. Things that are overly abstract or don't make readers feel something don't do it for us. We want you to make us laugh and/or cry. We want you to challenge us as readers. We want your work to pass the Bechdel Test. We will not tell you which writers we worship, though we will tell you we don't worship Raymond Carver, Ernest Hemingway, or John Updike.

​​​Rights revert to the author upon publication. All work published in our online issues will be considered for an annual print anthology. While we cannot pay contributors at this time, we hope this changes in the future.

Monday, February 21, 2022

On and Off Theatre Workshop seeks audio drama scripts

Facebook page

Deadline: March 3, 2022

The On and Off Theatre Workshop (@onandoffwkshop) is looking for audio drama scripts to be produced in their next season. Chosen plays will get a full audio production and the playwright will receive a small stipend. Requirements below.

What we’re looking for:
  • 10-minute plays or 40- to 50-minute plays
  • 6 characters or less — no doubling
  • Plays that work for audio-only production
  • Deadline: March 3rd at midnight Mountain Time
Send a New Play Exchange link or full script to onandoffwkshop@gmail.com.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center seeks plays for its 2022 summer outdoor season


Deadline: March 1, 2022

Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center, a nonprofit community theater based in Plainfield, NJ, is seeking plays for its 2022 summer outdoor season. Submission period is February 9-March 1, 2022. The playwright of any play chosen will receive a small royalty.

Play Requirements
  • Scripts should be 60-90 minutes in length—No Longer.
  • Only one submission per playwright. Choose your best one.
  • Play must be appropriate to be performed on a porch without any set.
  • Play must be a comedy.
  • Play must lend itself to diversity in casting and multiculturalism.
  • No Covid or end of the world themes.
  • No talking animals or talking objects.
  • Play should be appropriate for ages 14-adult.
  • Play should have low production cost—modern costumes and minimal props.
Submit the following to DragonflySubmissions@gmail.com:
o A detailed synopsis of no longer than two paragraphs
o A list and description of the characters
o Production History
o Playwright’s town of residence

Unfortunately, we will only be able to respond to playwrights whose scripts we are interested in.

Liberation Theatre Company Writing Residency Program 2022 - 2023


Deadline: February 28, 2022 11:59 PM EST


Liberation Theatre Company (LTC) is proud to present our fifth year of The Writing Residency Program 2022 - 2023 (supported by NYSCA); furthering our commitment to the development of new Black playwrights for the American theatre.

It is a rare opportunity burgeoning playwrights have to hone their craft under their own vision through provided resources from an organization that only seeks to uplift their voices. For that I owe Liberation Theater Company an unlimited amount of gratitude. Nathaniel Johnson - Residency Playwright 2017/18

We will select four early-career playwrights and provide them with dramaturgical and professional support over a ten-month period, during which time they will each be required to complete a new full-length play.

Beginning in May 2022, selected playwrights will attend monthly group meetings to share and refine their works-in-progress in a collaborative, energized setting via Zoom; meet individually with LTC’s Artistic Director and staff who will provide additional support for their artistic needs, concerns and process; and have the resources of a director and professional actors during a table reading as their play begins to take shape.

Additionally, through connections with the larger New York City theatrical community, LTC will provide access to theatre tickets (when available) and seek to support, inspire, and assist playwrights in any way a small and dedicated company can.

The Residency will conclude in February 2023 with public readings of each playwright’s finished play. Upon successful completion of the program, each playwright will receive an honorarium.


To be considered for the Writing Residency Program all applicants must be 

a) residents of New York City at the time of participation (May 2022 – February 2023). 

b) Applicants must have written at least two full-length plays or three one-act plays. 

The applicant must not have received a production of any of their work that was more developed than a Showcase presentation under the Actors’ Equity Association production code.

Application Submission Procedure

To be considered for the 2022 - 2023 Writing Residency Program, Liberation Theatre Company will only accept submissions via this online form. If you have questions about the program or the application process, please email: info@liberationtheatrecompany.org.

The following materials must be uploaded and submitted in PDF form no later than 11:59 PM EST on Monday, February 28, 2022. Make sure that all documents are properly labeled with your name.

1. Completed Online Application Form

2. Letter of Intent. This should be limited to 1,000 words and address all of the following points:
  • Your writing career thus far and where you feel you are in your creative and professional life
  • Your career goals and how you will use the Residency to further those goals
  • Briefly describe the play you will complete over the 10-month program
  • Why you feel ready for a rigorous residency such as this
  • Have you participated in a residency/fellowship before? If so, describe your experience.
  • Anything else you think may be relevant

3. A 10-page Work Sample that best represents you as a playwright

4. The full script from which you selected your 10-page work sample

5. Your playwriting resume (not a bio). Please include one personal or professional reference, with the person’s title or institutional affiliation, phone number and email address. (Referrer must be someone familiar with you and your work.)

Saturday, February 19, 2022

PlayTime 2022


Deadline: March 7, 2022

Our application period for PlayTime 2022 has started (February 7th- March 7th)! It's our on-going new play development program for Women or BIPOC playwrights. Each season, we provide emerging playwrights with workspaces; professional collaborators; and, administrative, organizational, and logistical support. Selected playwrights utilize these resources to further develop and prepare a pre-existing draft of an original play for a public audience.

The 7-week lab (held via Zoom) allows us to support the playwright through review and critique, table readings, and dramaturgical feedback. The final week is dedicated to preparing a staged reading for the live and in-person public. Applicants will receive notification of their application's outcome by the end of March. On behalf of all of us here at DQT, thank you for sharing your work with us! PlayTime workshops will be held every Tuesday evening on the following dates:

April 5th @ 7pm EST
April 12th @ 7pm EST
April 19th @ 7pm EST
April 26th @ 7pm EST
May 3rd @ 7pm EST
May 10th @ 7pm EST
May 17th @ 7pm EST
May 24th @ 7pm EST

Friday, February 18, 2022

The Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival 2022


Deadline: March 1, 2022 11:59 PM EST


Blackboard Plays and Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) partner to uplift the experiences of Black Parenthood. The Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival was established to tell stories from and about Black artists with families.


Since 2008, Blackboard Plays has been devoted to Black Playwrights throughout the African Diaspora. Blackboard Reading Series was incubated at Nancy Manocherian's the cell in Chelsea's Manhattan as a resident series for 10 years before Blackboard made its home in The Mary Rodgers Room at The Dramatists Guild in 2018. Feature Readings and Community Nights are two ways that Blackboard supports the development of new work by Black Playwrights. Blackboard was founded by Garlia Cornelia Jones.

Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) is a national advocacy organization serving as a resource hub, community, and solutions generator for caregivers in the performing arts and media and the institutions who support them. PAAL created the first all-gender, all-discipline national PAAL Childcare Grants for individuals and institutions. PAAL has participated internationally in think tanks, on panels, and facilitated workshops on parenting in the arts at multiple gatherings, including the national TCG conferences, BroadwayCon, Actors Equity Association, Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, and the first national conversation on caregiving in the Latinx community at the Latinx Theatre Commons Annual Convening, Miami in Motion, in 2019. PAAL commits to anti-racist roots in structure, practice, policy, principle, and production, through Vertical 50/50, centering support on BIPOC artists, and gathering resources for active anti-racism in caregiver support.


PAAL and Blackboard established #BMPFest to showcase the creative output of Black parent playwrights. They issued an open call in October 2020 for writers who identify as Black parents or caregivers to submit up to 10 pages of work that they would develop into a one-act.


The Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival (#BMPFest) is seeking new plays by Black Parent and caregiver playwrights for its upcoming theatre festival in the Fall of 2022.

#BMPFest is open to those that identify as Black parents and caregivers.

#BMPFest is seeking stories centering the Black parenting and caregiving experience.

This includes, but is not limited to stories from artists with family responsibilities.

PAAL and Blackboard are transgender and non-binary affirming spaces. All language referencing "mother," "parent," "dad," "caregiver," and their derivatives include and refer to any individual who identifies with them.


March 1st, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST


Please submit up to 10 pages MAX of a play that you would develop into a One-Act (30 - 45 minutes.)

Ten (10) Semi-Finalists will have a feature digital (zoom) reading as part of Blackboard Plays’ ‘21-22 Season.

Four (4) Finalists will develop their One-Act centering on the Black parenting and caregiving experience to premiere digitally during the Fall of 2022.
If you are chosen as one of our ten (10) semi-finalists, we will request the full script for review.
Diverse Gender representation will be prioritized in the review and selection process.
Each produced play will have digital production elements and an assigned director.

Although we ask for a sample of 10-pages, this is not a 10-minute play festival. . Video Submissions will not be accepted.

Each of the four (4) Finalists will be paid a stipend of $1,000. USD, as well as a $500. USD Caregiver Reimbursement Stipend per artist.

2022 Platform Presents Playwright’s Prize for plays no more than 10,000 words


Deadline: March 7, 2022, 12PM

Platform Presents are thrilled to announce submissions for the 2022 Platform Presents Playwright’s Prize are now open.

This is an open call for distinctive, dynamic plays, no more than 10,000 words.

(NOTE: NYCPlaywrights estimates 10,000 words in a standard play script to be about 75 pages.)

The prize includes ongoing mentoring and producing the winning script, as well as the £5,000 cash prize.

The competition closes at 12pm on 7th March 2022.

Judges confirmed so far are Aki Omoshaybi (Actor, Writer & Director), Charlotte Colbert (Director), Dianna Agron (Actor & Producer), Dipal Acharya (Writer & Journalist), Dougray Scott (Actor & Producer), Helena Lee (Writer & Journalist), Jack Farthing (Actor), Jasmine Lee-Jones (Writer & Actor), Jessica Ronane (Casting Director), Laura Weir (Writer), Pearl Mackie (Actor), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Actor), Sara-Ella Ozbek (Writer) and Zoe Rocha (Producer).

For the 2021 Prize, 734 plays were submitted by writers from London to New York, LA to Melbourne. These were shortlisted to 10 by our Script Editor Meghan Cosgrove, our Script Reader Adrianna Bertola, Gala Gordon and Isabella Macpherson, and then judged (un-named) by an incredible group of industry experts across theatre, television and film.

The prize includes ongoing mentoring and producing the winning script, as well as the £5,000 cash prize.

Instagram - @platformpresents

The competition closes at 12pm on 7th March 2022.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

2022 Relentless Musical Award


Deadline: March 1, 2022


The American Playwriting Foundation is accepting applications for The 2022 Relentless Musical Award in honor of Adam Schlesinger. The creators of the winning submission will receive $65,000, the largest prize in American theater presented to an unproduced musical.

The Relentless Award, founded in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman, places special emphasis on works that are fearless in their choice of subject matter, featuring passionate voices that are relentlessly truthful. The winning musical, along with finalists and semifinalists, will also receive development opportunities through a series of staged readings at Theatre Row as well as at some of the top regional theaters in the country.

The Relentless Musical Award will honor works that:
Are challenging.
Exhibit fearlessness.
Exude passion.
Are relentlessly truthful.

All submitted materials will be evaluated anonymously. Even the final judges will have no knowledge of the identity, gender or race of a work’s creators. Our criteria for submission casts a wide net of eligibility, but we especially encourage submissions by first-time composers, lyricists, and book writers of all identities. Our goal is to discover and promote new works from people whose voices have been historically under- or un-represented in musical theatre.

Eligibility/Criteria for Submission

Only full-length works of musical theatre are eligible for the 2022 Relentless Musical Award.

The work must be unproduced and cannot have had a previous professional production or a current production commitment.

Applications are limited to shows by writers with United States citizenship, those who possess a green card, or currently reside in the United States and have lived here for at least four (4) years.

Musicals that utilize extant music not written by the applicant(s) (e.g. “jukebox musicals” or musicals with parody lyrics) are ineligible.

Writers must be at least 18 years old*.​​

​(*except in NE and AL where writers must be 19 years old, and MS where writers must be 21 years old)

Works may be based on underlying material, in which case proof of authorization or right to adapt the underlying material must be uploaded with the application if it is not in the public domain.

We welcome and encourage musicals that include non-English languages, but in recognizing the current limitations of our reading committees, request that an English translation be included for any non-English text.

Writers and composers who have had a show produced on Broadway or the West End are ineligible.

Musicals considered to be “Theatre for a Young Audience” are ineligible.

Shows may only be submitted for consideration ONCE; if submitted for the 2022 Relentless Musical Award, the show will be ineligible for future Relentless Musical Awards.

If you have any questions whether your show fits these requirements, please email LSpector@bfany.org


As all work will be evaluated anonymously; writer/composer names and personal information should be removed from all documents and file names.

Materials required

“Heart of the Book” – A script excerpt containing three consecutive scenes or approximately 20-25 consecutive pages; this excerpt should also contain at least one song that is recorded and uploaded as part of the score excerpt.

“Heart of the Score” - Five songs that represent the score in its entirety; at least one of these songs should be a part of the script excerpt.

Full Script.

All Songs – all the songs that have been written/recorded, representing at least 50% of the planned score; these should include the five songs uploaded as the “Heart of the Score”.

Artistic Statement – This should be no longer than a page. Though the musical should be able to stand alone, this document will give the creators an opportunity to share with the readers/Judges anything about the project that they believe is vital to understanding the work and where they think their project is regarding its stage of development. For instance, if the first half of the work is considered finished, yet the second half is a first draft, this information would help us give you the fairest evaluation process. This should include the artists’ conception/aim for the finished show and where the writer(s) think they are in their process.

All materials should be uploaded electronically along with the application form information.

All score materials should be uploaded in the form of music/audio files or zipped folder containing music/audio files. PDFs of sheet music will not be accepted.

How to submit your show:

The submission window is from January 25, 2022 until March 1, 2022.

There is a link to Submittable.com at the bottom of this page to submit your musical.

REMINDER: please DO NOT include your name or other identifying info (email/phone number) on any of your manuscript pages. Please also exclude agent info, development info, and dedications. This will preserve the anonymity of the writer(s) for our evaluators.

You'll receive confirmation your application has been received. Our staff will reach out to you if there are any problems.

For even more information:

Please see our FAQ here.

Shawnee Playhouse accepting submissions - one-act/short & full-length


Deadline: March 31, 2022

***Submission fee will be waived if playwright submits hard copies of play, with a copy for each reader/character and the Host/Director.***

Each year, Worthington Players will produce and perform the original work(s) of a playwright(s), chosen by our Executive Committee from among submissions received in our open contest and read before a live audience.

Beginning with the 2017 season, works produced previously at any theatrical venue are no longer eligible for consideration.

Original Play Submission Requirements

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2023 productions. Plays will be read over the summer of 2022 and the winners will be produced in 2023.
Deadline for submission is March 31, 2022.

Short Plays Should Include:
  1. Page Numbers
  2. Brief plot summary & setting description
  3. Title on every page (footer)
  4. List of all characters with description (M/F, age, race, etc.)
  5. # # # or END to assure that all the pages are included

Full Length Plays Should Include:

  1. The Full Play 
  2. A 30 Minute selection. This a something that could be presented as a representation of your work to our voting committee.
  3. Stage directions
  4. Synopsis
  5. Anything additional you would like the audience to be aware of
  6. Page Numbers
  7. Brief plot summary & setting description
  8. Title on every page (footer)
  9. List of all characters with description (M/F, age, etc)
  10. # # # or END to assure that all the pages are included

Submissions must be accompanied by a submission fee and the Shawnee Playwrights Series Form available below

Submission Fees are as follows

$25 for Full Length
$15 for One Act/Short Play

***Submission fee will be waived if playwright submits hard copies of play, with a copy for each reader/character and the Host/Director.***

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

New Online Classes Announced at Primary Stages ESPA!

New online writing classes have been added to the lineup at Primary Stages ESPA! Whether you’re looking to tell your own story, motivate yourself to start a first draft, or revise your draft in an environment that puts the play in playwriting, we have the class for you:

Solo Performance

Instructor: Judy Gold (Emmy Award-Winning Actor, Writer, and Comedian)
Thursdays from 11:00am – 2:00pm
Starts February 24
Online via Zoom

Like Anna Deavere Smith, Nilaja Sun, John Leguizamo, Sharon Washington, Sarah Jones, Daniel Beaty, and other brave solo performers who have come before you, this class will guide you through the process of telling your personal story on stage. Led by Emmy Award-winning actor and writer Judy Gold, you’ll leave this 8-week online class with a performance piece based on your own fascinating life and a new perspective on the art of solo storytelling.

Fast First Draft

Brittany K. Allen (Writer and Actor; Redwood at Portland Center Stage, Kilroy's List)
Mondays from 7pm - 10pm ET
Starts March 7
Online via Zoom

This class is holistic, curious, delight-driven, and collaborative, cultivating group accountability and affirming all whimsical impulses. Brittany believes the first draft is about mainly getting out of your own way and taking big, bold swings. This 5-week class will emphasize a sense of play and ethical collaboration as you embark on a first draft of a new play, urging every writer to think deeply about how their identity shapes their creative point of view.

Rewriting Your Draft

Instructor: Kate Moira Ryan (Writer (with Judy Gold), 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother)
Tuesdays from 6:30pm - 9:30pm ET
Starts March 1
Online via Zoom

This class puts the play in playwright! Designed to be fun and supportive, this 8-week class will help you tackle the revision process and develop a stronger version of your play. You can work on 10-minute plays, one acts, or a full-length play of any genre (including adaptations, one-person shows, and musicals), as long as it’s for theater.

Start and end dates vary. Click here for the full list of writing classes.

Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere.

Primary Stages ESPA provides students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x215 or email espa@primarystages.org.

Magnetic Theatre One-Act Play Festival


Deadline: February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST


The One Act Play Festival is scheduled for November 2022

Submissions are free and open to all playwrights with plays 5-15 minutes long


Playwrights may only submit one piece for consideration

Please limit your cast to a maximum of six actors

Scripts with minimal set, costume, and prop requirements are preferred

We are not considering theatre for young audiences at this time

We will not accept screenplays or musicals at this time

The Magnetic Theatre tends to produce plays that have not received major/recent productions in the Asheville area. We respond primarily to plays with a sure command of language, that are accessible to a diverse and discerning audience, and clear dramatic action that truly uses the resources of live theatre.

If you wish to submit a play for consideration, please click the button below and include a complete manuscript (bio, resume, and any other supporting materials (e.g. reviews) that might help pique our interest in you and your work are optional but encouraged).

Rhino Theatre's 2022 6th Annual One-Act Jamboree


Deadline:  March 1, 2022

Submission fee waived for members of Dramatist Guild (must include copy of front and back of current card with submission)

Show Dates: JULY 15, 16, 17 (Friday 8pm Saturday 2pm and 8pm and Sunday 2pm)

WEBSITE FOR SUBMISSIONS: https://www.rhinotheatre.com/oneacts

Writers must submit their one-act plays (with a running time of 20 minutes or less)

Entries will be judged on plot, character development, dialogue and overall quality.

Please send manuscripts and enclose your $20 reading fee (per manuscript)
Submission fee waived for members of Dramatist Guild (must include copy of front and back of current card with submission)

Mail to:

Rhino Theatre Group, LLC
237 Hamburg Turnpike
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

Attention: One Act Jamboree

Alternatively, you may submit your play via our website here. Click "Submit A Play for 2022" to send your manuscript via email. 

CONTACT EMAIL: joann@rhinotheatre.com


Between 6 and 10 winners will receive the opportunity of a staged production of his or her play at the
Rhino One Act Jamboree, which will be held July 15, 16, 17, 2022 at Rhino Studio 237.

The production will have auditioned actors, directors chosen by committee, producers, stage managers, ushers, ticket takers and tech crew.

If your play is chosen, a $50 participation fee will be required prior to auditions for your play. As the playwright, you are invited to auditions and will have input regarding casting and production presentation. However, Artistic Director may choose to exercise her authority regarding questionable content and/or presentation of the show with consideration and protection of the reputation of the company in its entirety.

At the conclusion of the jamboree, one winner will receive a $250 cash prize based on audience vote.

Monday, February 14, 2022

The Process Accountability Lab (PAL)


Deadline: Friday, February 18, 2022 @ 11:59PM

The Process Accountability Lab (PAL) is a six-week program for artists looking for a boost of creative energy in the form of an accountability buddy! The lab aims to create community and foster support for wherever you’re at in your 2022.

HOW IT WORKS: Sign-up with an idea or a project you want to move forward. Your form responses will match you with an individual or small cluster of community members: these will be your PALs: the individuals with whom you'll process your ideas into existence. Over six weeks, you and your PALs will create your own creative ecosystem.

After a kick-off meeting - you and your PALs will decide how often to gather and how much structure you need. FGP will be there like the bumpers on the bowling alley with prompts and guidelines to keep you going! The program will run for six-weeks between late February and mid-April.

Sign up online at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd28E4ED63MyRBhYfgySuJHBs4Qd9AbDotMsOjJ--Qzg4hbLQ/viewform

EMAIL: info@freshgroundpeppernyc.com



Deadline: March 9, 2022 at 11:59 PM


Young writers with disabilities are invited to submit a 'ten-minute script' of any genre. Scripts may be for plays, musicals, multimedia, video, film, TV, podcasts, or other writing for performance. Entries may be the work of an individual student or a collaboration of two students that includes at least one student with a disability. A panel of theater professionals selects division winners.

Writers are encouraged to craft short (10 minute) works from their own experiences and observations through the creation of fictional characters and settings, writing realistically, metaphorically or abstractly about any topic, including the disability experience.

Writers must be in ages 15-18 and must have a disability. Please read the eligibility for participation.

Multiple winners will receive exclusive access to participate in virtual professional development activities provided by the Kennedy Center. Winners will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals in further development of their own script, as well as participating in networking opportunities.

Apply by Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Michael and Joan Kornblit 10-minute Playwriting Competition offered by Jewish Theatre of Oklahoma


Facebook page

Deadline: February 15, 2022


Mothers in the Bible: Smart Women, Tough Choices

Requesting monologues and/or one-acts from playwrights around the globe dealing with Mothers in the Hebrew Bible.

All entries must be under 10 minutes. Anything that reads longer than 10 minutes will not be considered.

Limit three submissions per playwright.

Those selected for production will each receive a $100 prize.

Selected pieces will be announced by March 15, 2022.

Selected pieces will have works professionally performed in salon-style productions on April 30 at 8 p.m. and May 1 at 2 p.m. in Oklahoma City (venue TBD).

Plays will be chosen by blind submission committee.

As we usher in Mothers’ Day 2022, Jewish Theatre of Oklahoma (JTO) invites playwrights to take a reverent but realistic view of some of the greater and lesser-known mothers in the Hebrew Bible. While it’s simple to see mothers as beacons of goodness, nurturers, and dedicated followers of God, sometimes mothers need to break bonds, commit sins, and even rebel against God.

In our first “Mother’s in the Bible” festival, “Smart Women, Tough Choices,” JTO asks playwrights to explore the complexities of motherhood through stories about the strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures of mothers that fill the pages of the Hebrew Bible.

Here are just a few examples of possible topics:

· Was it strength that led Sarah to exile Hagar and Ishmael or jealous insecurity?

· Lot’s daughters seduced their father to become mothers. What are the implications?

· Tamar chose to dress like a prostitute and seduce Judah. Ends justify the means?

· What might a conversation between Moses and his mother, Jochebed, have sounded like?

Saturday, February 12, 2022

SUBMIT A PLAY: Playwrights on Park Reading Series


Deadline: February 15, 2022

We are currently accepting submissions for the 2022 season of the Playwrights on Park Reading Series at Playhouse on Park in West Hartford, CT.

Our Mission

PLAYWRIGHTS ON PARK is an exciting artistic endeavor for Playhouse on Park. Our mission is to develop and produce original plays, to foster emerging and established playwrights, and to become a leader in new play development. We aim to help establish the Greater Hartford Area as a premiere destination for the cultivation and exploration of innovative theatrical work. Playwrights selected as part of the Playwrights on Park Reading Series will have a day of rehearsal, followed by a reading of their play and a talkback with the audience.

IMPORTANT INFO: Playwrights MUST be able to come to West Hartford to attend the staged reading and the audience discussion that follows. There will be a rehearsal the day of the reading in which attendance by the playwright is optional, but strongly encouraged. 

Transportation may be provided from NYC or New England locations by the Playhouse. Readings will be on select Sunday nights throughout the season at 7:00pm.

Playreading dates TBD

We will choose FIVE plays for readings for the 2022/23 season. Final selections will be made by April 1st, 2022.

Submission Guidelines

> BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, womxn, Latinx, and differently abled artists are strongly encouraged to submit
> We are seeking FULL LENGTH plays with smaller casts (5 or less), No musicals or One-Acts at this time
> Please submit a FULL script and character breakdown (Please submit in PDF format). Plays must be submitted electronically
> Include any production or workshop history, as well as biographies of the playwright, and any collaborators
> Playwrights may self submit or go through a literary agent.
> Connecticut-based and NYC playwrights are strongly encouraged to submit

Submit plays to newworks@playhousetheatregroup.org with the subject line SUBMISSION.

Best Medicine Rep Theater Company seeks full-length plays


Deadline: February 28, 2022

Best Medicine Rep Theater Company is accepting scripts through February 28, 2022. 

We are looking exclusively for full-length comedies with simple technical demands and a cast of no more than 5 people. 

 Previously produced plays are welcome, as long as they have not been previously produced in the DC/Baltimore area. 

 Please email the full script as a pdf file to Literary Manager Alexandra Parker at bestmedsubmissions@gmail.com.

Drama Notebook updated submission guidelines


Thank you for your interest in submitting a play to Drama Notebook.

Due to a huge influx of plays during the past two years, we are currently only accepting the following types of work:
  1. Plays based on popular works in the public domain, such as: Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Anne of Green Gables, The Scarlet Letter, The Sword in the Stone, The Velveteen Rabbit, Swiss Family Robinson, etc.
  2. Works based on authors in the public domain such as: Beatrix Potter, Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jane Austen, etc..
  3. Plays for kids in Spanish or French.
  4. Plays of a timely or educational nature, such as: Christmas plays, Chinese New Year play, Valentine’s Day play detailing the origins of Cupid, plays that explain nature, geography or science, etc.
  5. Plays for very young children or early readers.
If you have any questions as to whether your work will fit our guidelines, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.


Have you written plays for kids and teens and simply want to have them used and performed?

Drama Notebook is accepting play script submissions from playwrights, teachers, and actors who have written scripts or scenes for children and teens. We are building a huge library of royalty-free, high-quality scripts for use in educational settings.

Most drama teachers pay for materials out-of-pocket, and cannot afford to pay royalties, per-script fees, video fees, etc. By sharing your work, you will be benefiting thousands of educators in over 100 countries.

We can either license your script for a small fee, or purchase the copyright for a slightly larger amount. This is not life-changing $ to be sure, but you will experience the joy of knowing that your work is being performed by students all over the world.

When we publish your script, we include your bio, a link to your website (if applicable), and a way for teachers to contact you when their students perform your play!

Ready to submit your plays?

1. Download more detailed information below.
2. See an example of a formatted script.
3. Download our handy script template (optional).
4. Fill out the play submission form.

What to expect after submitting your play…

We will write you right back and let you know that we received your piece, and will read it and get back to you as soon as possible. If your script is accepted, we will send out a simple license or copyright agreement, complete your payment and get to work on formatting your play. It usually takes a few weeks to publish each script.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Long Wharf Theatre Literary Program & New Work Development

web site

Long Wharf Theatre has a proud and rich history of forming meaningful relationships with artists, supporting the development of their work, and moving their projects towards production.

We are particularly interested in incubating new pieces that center BIPOC voices, push form, and feature innovative dramaturgy. We are also eager to support projects that originate with artists other than playwrights, such as designers, directors, dramaturgs, and activists. Many of these works have become part of the modern American canon with more than thirty Long Wharf Theatre productions transferred to Broadway or Off-Broadway runs.

We are revitalizing our commitment to playwrights at all stages in their careers, and are now welcoming scripts from unrepresented playwrights as well as agents.

The following are examples of ways we have supported and continue to support new work development. These offerings are flexible, as we are committed to tailoring the process to suit the needs of each artist. We strive to be nimbly responsive to our artists’ goals.

Submit A Play For Consideration

Email scripts to:

The body of the email must include:
Author’s Name
Type of material (one-act, musical, adaptation, etc.)
Synopsis of the play (500 words or less)

Please Note: We are only accepting scripts by electronic submission at this time.

The attachment of the email must include:

A script excerpt no more than twenty pages and music sound files, if applicable.

Type of Materials:
Full-length, One act, 10-minute scripts, musicals, adaptations, translations, virtual/Zoom plays.

Special Interests:
Plays by BIPOC writers, plays centering cultural narratives, stories of joy and resilience, multi-disciplinary work, and theatrical innovation.

Submission Period:

Response Time:
4–6 months

If the response time has been exceeded, we invite follow-up emails.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Original Works Publishing submission guidelines


Original Works Publishing accepts unsolicited submissions all year round. Please follow the guidelines closely. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.


OWP does not accept unproduced submissions under any circumstances.
OWP does not publish adaptations, translations, musicals, or works for younger audiences.
Only submit one play per email.

Do not send an inquiry email or synopsis or samples of multiple plays asking if any are of interest. Just submit the play in a complete submission package per the guidelines.

  • For Full Length Plays: We now only accepts plays that have received eight (8) or more performances in a production run and have been reviewed. 
  • All Other Lengths: Do not need 8 performances or review, but still must have been fully produced.
  • When emailing your submission please include all of the following material you have available.
  • Your play attached as a PDF or Word document, including cover page.
  • Short synopsis and character breakdown.
  • Production history. (Include theatre company and dates.)
  • Select review highlights, quotes, and awards or nominations received.
  • Any posters or logos from the productions.
  • Playwright resume or bio.

Send it all to:


Please list the title of your submission and length (full length, one act, etc.)

in the Subject line.

Response Time

OWP receives a large number of exciting new plays, all of which are closely evaluated. Please give us a minimum of three - six months to respond.

Snail Mail Submissions

OWP no longer accepts snail mail submissions. Let's keep it green. Save money on postage, save trees, save printer ink.

Currently accepting:

ONE ACTS - (25-45 minutes.)




Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Playwrights Group


Take advantage of our online offerings! 


Script Consultations


Have a script you want feedback on?  Just send a PDF of your script and you’ll get the answers you’re looking for via email and/or video conference. 


Richard Caliban has worked with  individuals on their scripts from all over the world — Indonesia, China, Greece, Australia, Serbia, as well as right here in New York. A script consultation will provide you with feedback on the structural soundness of your story, the dramatic arc of your protagonist, thematic unity and much more.


Weekly Zoom Workshop


Get feedback on a finished script or one you’re just getting started on. We read everything from a one page scene to a full length. Plays, musicals, film scripts — whatever it is you’re working on. This is a great way to keep yourself focused and to connect with other playwrights across the country. 


We meet (virtually) Thursdays from 7 - 9:30pm EST.  Check out our website for more details and rates — and arrange to sit in on a session and see for yourself.


Online One-on-One Courses


If you’re looking for more, check out our One on One Online Playwriting Courses:


       The Art of Playwriting

       Write a Play in 10 Weeks


Both are One on One with instructor Richard Caliban, who has spent his life in rehearsal rooms getting words on a page up onto a stage. And since it’s One on One, the courses can be adjusted to fit your level of experience. 


Please visit our website for further Info and Rates: 



Contact us at 


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