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Monday, March 31, 2014

Towne Street Theatre membership opportunity - open to all ages and ethnicities

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The Award-winning and critically acclaimed Towne Street Theatre (in Los Anglese), now in its 21st year, is looking to expand our core family of artists...

TST produces mainstage shows (both original and published), a ten-minute play festival, staged readings of plays, screenplays and novels; spoken word nights, touring shows, and more ... 

We are particularly interested in the hybrid talent amongst us and are seeking those with a diverse training background and an interest in multi-disciplinary theater, film, literary and visual artwork. We are looking for actors, technicians, directors, producers, writers, designers, stage managers, and visual and spoken word artists who thrive in multiple areas.

All of the various skills of our members are folded into our company. We are a community dedicated to creating, refining, and exercising our company aesthetic and producing dynamic productions with layered resonance.

New membership auditions/interviews are now held in the Fall and Spring and will be held the last weekend of April 2014.

Although our primary mission is creating, producing and presenting work that is reflective of the African-American experience, we live in and seek a diverse community of artists, as our work and lives intersect with all cultures. ALL ethnicities and ages 18 and up are welcomed and encouraged to submit.

  • Ethical 
  • Collaborative 
  • Community Oriented
  • Passionate 
  • Driven 
  • Motivated 
  • Innovative 
ALL members must commit to ALL areas of production, be it technical, stage crew, house management, ushering, as well as participate in reading committees, fundraising, community outreach, and development. TST is a dues paying membership company. Dues help with general operating expenses such as space rental, website hosting, materials, etc.

If you would like to join our family, please Email the following to us:
  • Picture & resume, writing & design samples 
  • References/Reviews for Directors & Producers 
  • A link if you have an online profile 
  • A statement of intent: Why are you interested in becoming a member? 
  • Your list of interests, skills & abilities: What do you bring to the table? 
  • Your philosophical & ethical artistic beliefs: What is YOUR aesthetic passion? 
Send your submission to tstsubmit@yahoo.com with “Company Membership” in the subject line.

Auditions/Interviews are by appointment only.

Thank you,

TST Membership Committee

TLC 5th annual Emerging Artists Program

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TLC is sponsoring its 5th annual Emerging Artists Program which enables both individual creative artists and a collaborative team of artists to take time and attention to focus on their current work.

This program subsidizes 2 week-long residencies for 7 emerging artists and/or 2-3 person creative teams from the Minnesota and the 5 boroughs of New York, and 1 week-long residency for a performing arts project that would have exclusive use of the facilities. Please note that applicants must live in either MN or one of the 5 NYC boroughs to be eligible to apply.
The residencies at TLC are intentionally interdisciplinary in nature. Artists from several disciplines can apply: playwriting, poetry, prose writing, painting, music composition, and dance. We would be happy to accept applicants who sculpt, produce films, are photographers, work with crafts; we are, however, more limited in terms of the materials we can provide. The underlying philosophy is to provide space and means of support for individual artists wishing to further their creative endeavors in the visual, literary or performing arts. The dramaturgical assistance of TLC director Liz Engelman is available if desired.

Group Project Week: July 14-20

Individual Artist/Creative Team weeks: June 20-26, September 8-14
How To Apply

Please fill out an application online.
Each Artist Will Receive

Each artist from MN will receive an honorarium, meal, and travel stipend of $800, and each artist from NYC will receive $1,000.

There are 7 sleeping areas in four cabins. 2 cabins are solo cabins, the other five sleeping areas are either bedrooms or lofts in shared cabins. Each artist will have 
his/her own room/loft.
Emerging Artists

We define “emerging artists” as those who have not attained name recognition in their profession/field by having a body of critically recognized work (at least 3 major productions, showings, exhibits, books) at major and well-known institutions/publishers.

Application And Selection Timeline

April 1: Application Deadline
May 15: Recipients Notified

Made possible by the Jerome Foundation

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moonlit Wings Productions, seeks plays and musicals suitable for ages 7-15

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Calling all playwrights: Summer Season 2014 Open to Submission

Moonlit Wings Productions, leading theatre-for-youth outside the Nation’s Capital, seeks new scripts for plays and musicals suitable for ages 7-15 to workshop and produce this summer in the National Capital Area.

Since 2008, MWP has mounted over 26 world-premieres of new theatre-for-youth workshop productions every summer. This summer we are selecting 4 brand-new shows to workshop and produce. Each show rehearses for 2-weeks with a professional director, choreographer, & tech director/stage manager and concludes with a public performance at the end of each session. Playwrights are given a thorough production review from the creative team and the chance to debut and promote their work with our leading youth arts organization. This is our 7th year in partnership with the Fairfax County Park Authority, the 6th largest county in the USA, located in the National Capital Area.

More at www.moonlitwings.org.

-Plays or Musicals (straight plays are fine, we do pride ourselves on a well-rounded theatre experience so we will ask to work music into your play)
-Runtime: 20-40 minutes (Hour long works may be submitted but we will ask for permission to make necessary cuts)
-LARGE cast, 15 minimum - 35 maximum, ensemble shows preferred, female driven or gender neutral casts encouraged
-Material suitable to be performed by talent ages 7-15

Our theme this year is "Season XII: ‘LUCKY 7’
The day you decide to do, is your lucky day" and we are especially seeking stories about ‘making your luck’, standing up for your future, championing a cause…

DEADLINE: April 1, 2014

***Please email the following to info@moonlitwings.org with the header: "2014 Show Submission - TITLE HERE"

Then in the body of the email include the following info

– bullet-points/list is okay:

-Your Name
-Phone Number
-Are you part of an organization or group? If so, which one?
-Title and play or musical?
-Has this work been produced before?
-A VERY brief synopsis of the show (3-5 sentences)
-Does your entry relate to our "Lucky 7" theme (suggested, but we’re open to all submissions)? If "Yes", how so?
-Cast size

We will reply to selected playwrights by or before May 2014. Our past collaborations have been with authors having work published by NYC's Beat By Beat Press, Playscripts Inc., Eldridge Publishing, and several independent literary organizations. Please forward all questions to info@moonlitwings.org. Thank you for your interest!

LIKE us at www.Facebook.com/MoonlitWingsPro for the latest news & updates or @MoonlitWingsPro on Twitter.

MadLab Theater seeks longer plays

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That’s right!  For years we have accepted submissions for short, one-act plays for our annual festival of new plays THEATRE ROULETTE.  Now, we realize something has been missing.  We...yearn for more.  To help fill the empty void in our collective souls, we need...something longer.  We need lots of them, so please, go ahead!  Send us your full length plays.  Long one-acts, two-acts, three-acts if you think you have what it takes! We can take it, and...well...we want it.  These will be considered for our regular theatre season (not for THEATRE ROULETTE, I repeat...not for THEATRE ROULETTE).  Bring it on, playwrights.  We want you!  We need some length.


To maximize your chance of selection, please read all the guidelines carefully before submitting.

All submissions should be send to andy@madlab.net
Please put “MADLAB 2014 SEASON” in the subject line.  If you do not have email, please call 614.221.5418 to set up different arrangements.

Submissions must arrive no later than April 1st, 2014.


Though we are up for anything, ideally, scripts should be long one-acts (70-90 minutes) or two-act plays (100-120 minutes). If you have something else longer, please feel free to send it on.

You may submit multiple scripts.

Script submissions WILL NOT be returned to the applicant; MadLab will destroy all evidence of your creative instincts upon a funeral pyre at an undisclosed location in order to protect both the innocent and the guilty.  Ashes will NOT be returned to you unless you purchase a commemorative urn from MadLab at the bargain basement price of $999.95.

Due to our environmentally conscious president, you must email your script to us.  If emailing is absolutely impossible for you, please call us at 614.221.5418 so we can make alternate arrangements.

Please send your script attached as a Microsoft Word document or PDF format.  Scripts should be emailed to andy@madlab.net.  Please put “MADLAB 2015 SEASON”  in the subject line.  If “MADLAB 2015 SEASON” is not in your subject line, your submission may not be received.  All submissions will receive a reply email to ensure that your submission was received.

MadLab pays a royalty of $200 + 10% of our box office for any playwright that is gracious enough to allow us to produce his/her work.  We know this will not be anywhere near worth the time and effort you put into writing your play, but we are happy that every little bit helps.

If you’ve made it through all of this, congratulations.  At least you’ve got the potential patience to deal with the travails of theatrical production. If you have any questions, please email them to Managing Director Andy Batt at andy@madlab.net

Thanks for your interest.  Good luck with your submission, and regardless of the outcome here, be sure to keep writing and producing new works.

Carl Djerassi Playwriting Fellowship

web site

Applicants to the Djerassi Playwriting Fellowship must have completed or be scheduled to complete an MFA or PhD in Creative Writing or Playwriting by August 15, 2014. 

For details regarding the responsibilities and privileges of our fellows, please see the main fellowships page.

All applications must be postmarked by April 1, 2014 and should indicate "Djerassi Playwriting Fellowship" clearly on the envelope. There is no application form or entry fee, though applications must include the following materials:

  • A single cover sheet listing your name, address, phone number, email address and the title of your writing sample.
  • A resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • A single writing sample (i.e. one published play or one unpublished manuscript). Your name must not appear anywhere on your manuscript.
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope for our decision.
Please note that the application materials required for this fellowship differ from those required from the fiction, poetry, and HEAF fellowships. Djerassi Playwriting applications are accepted by mail only. Send your completed application to:

      Sean Bishop, Coordinator
      Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing
      Djerassi Playwriting Fellowship
      Department of English
      600 N Park St, 6195A H.C. White Hall
      University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Madison, WI 53706

The Djerassi Playwriting Fellow will be chosen by June 1, 2014 and announced on the fellows page. If you have questions not answered in the FAQ, please contact Sean Bishop, the Graduate & Institute Programs Coordinator, at institutemail@english.wisc.edu.

For more information including submissin form and FAQ see the web site.

Gi60 2014: Call for Play Submissions

web site

Deadline Midnight, April 1, 2014

Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds): The World's First International One Minute Play Festival


How To Apply:
Gi60 is open to everybody; all you need is an idea and an internet connection. Since its inception in 2003, the Gi60 festival has premiered hundreds of new pieces of work written by people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. So if you have an idea or something to say, why not write a play?

The Rules:
• Plays must last no longer than 60 seconds
• All work must be totally original and the author's own work
• All submissions must be sent by email and must include your name, address and location before the title of your work. The title of the play should appear in the subject line of the email
• Individuals may submit as many one minute plays as they wish (one submission only per email). PLEASE SEND EACH PLAY IN A SEPARATE FILE WITH THE TITLE OF THE PLAY IN THE SUBJECT LINE.
• Entries from schools must include the name of the school and a teacher's contact details in addition to the name of the author
• All submissions must be emailed to: screammedia@yahoo.com.

Terms and conditions:
• Copyright remains with the author
• Plays will be made available for download on the Gi60 Channel on YouTube several months after the event
• Plays will only be performed as part of 'Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds)'
• Plays lasting longer than 60 seconds will not be considered, and plays that have been previously submitted in past years will not be considered
• The organizers reserve the right to choose the venue for performance (this means your play could be selected for performance in the UK or the USA)
• The organizers may use individual plays to promote the Gi60 festival for a period of one year after the festival
• Final play selection will be posted on the blog site atwww.gi60.blogspot.com, and on the Gi60 Group Facebook Page sometime in early May, 2014. We do not have the resources to respond individually to all who submit, so please join/sign up with the blog and FB page for all announcements.
There is no submission fee or payment for selected plays
• The organizers reserve the right to cut scripts where necessary

- Performances for Gi60 2014 Live US Edition: Thursday June 12 through Sunday June 15, New Workshop Theater at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York
- Performance for Gi60 2014 Live UK Edition: Saturday, June 14

** The 2014 Gi60 2014 Festivals in the UK and USA - in celebration of ten years of international collaboration - will not only include 100 original one minute plays (50 at each venue) - but will also include 60 Best Of Gi60 (30 in each venue). We'll be creating an audience 'voting system' online in the weeks to come, posting past plays for consideration. Playwrights, we will contact you in May if one of your plays is selected for a revival!

To view plays from last year and previous years, please visit the Gi60 Channel on YouTube, or click on the link through the blog site. Watch this blog for news on live streaming for this year's event, and remember to join the blog at www.gi60.blogspot.com!Gi60 is nothing without the imagination, skills and enthusiasm of our writers - and for this we thank you!!

Waukegan Theatre Festival seeks plays

web site

Deadline: Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In our second year, we're expanding our new play festival (originally called Ghost Light) to include even more playwrights and plays!

Accepting scripts of all varieties. Smaller ensemble pieces are most preferred.

The Waukegan Theatre Festival will feature a series of fully produced plays in the Summer of 2014 as well as several readings. Each play and reading will be directed by a Chicago area local director. We're expecting works of all varieties but preference will go to smaller ensemble pieces.

Submissions should include the full script and resume of the playwright.

Midwestern playwrights will be given preference as well.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no monetary compensation for artists involved in the festival, however, the spirit of the festival has always been for playwrights to continue the crafting of each play during the process.

Josh Beadle

3 Brothers Theater
115 N Genesee St
Waukegan Illinois 60083
United States

2014 Turner Cassity Literary Festival One-Act Verse Play Competition

web site

Open to all U.S. & international writers
Postmark deadline -- March 31, 2014
No entry fee

First place prize – Staged reading of the winning play and up to
$250.00 in travel costs for winning playwright to attend the performance.

One-act verse plays:  No more than 20 to 30 minutes in length, should not require costumes, sets or lighting.

Author retains all rights. No flash fiction or erotica. Plays may be in rhyming, blank or free verse.

Submission requirements:  All manuscripts must be in Times New Roman, 12 point.
Author’s name should not appear on text.

Submissions may be sent via regular mail or submitted by email.

Submissions must be accompanied a separate cover sheet with the writer's name, mail and e-mail addresses, phone number, the title(s) of the piece(s), and a short (100 word maximum) biography.

Concurrent submissions acceptable, but author must notify the Cultural Arts Council if a work wins an award prior to our June 1st announcement.

Submissions by U.S.P.S. should be mailed to--
2014 TCLF Verse Play Competition
Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County
P.O. Box 2018
Douglasville, Georgia 30133

Online submissions sent to: cultureom@earthlink.net.
Subject line of email: 2014 TCLF Verse Play Competition.

Announcement of Winners and Honorable Mentions: We will announce winners on June 1, 2014, on www.artsdouglas.org. Winning entrant will be notified personally. The winning play will be performed at the Cultural Arts Center at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

For more information, contact CAC at 770.949.2787, visit www.artsdouglas.org, or e-mail Chris O’Shaunnessy, cultureom@earthlink.net

Unboxed Voices' 3rd Annual Short Play Festival seeks short plays

Facebook page

Submit SHORT PLAY for Unboxed Voices' 3rd Annual Short Play Festival for end of July 2014. Please review the guidelines below before submitting a play.
  • 10 minute play on any subject. A maximum of 4 characters.
  • Minimal set and lights. Please include as many light and sound cues within your script as you can.
  • E-mail your script as a doc. or PDF to unboxedvoices@gmail.com by April 1st, 2014.
All playwrights will be notified by May 1st, 2014 if their play is chosen to be part of the festival.

When your play is accepted, the process will be as follows:

-Submit a $75 fee to hold your place. Upon completion of the festival, you will receive 50% of the fee back ($37.50).
  • You are responsible for your own casting and rehearsals. All performers need to be non-union only.
  • You are also in charge of your own costumes and props.
  • Each play and its cast will be required to participate in a 45-minute tech the week of. 
  • Each playwright and director must be available for at least one of the festival orientations, which will be less that two hours. 
  • Each play will get at least 2 performances.
For further information, please feel free to contact us at unboxedvoices@gmail.com. We look forward to reading your submissions!

The 4th Annual MRT New Play Competition

web site

McKinney Repertory Theatre is pleased to announce The 4th Annual MRT New Play Competition. MRT is committed to providing quality entertainment for the community through cultural education and inspiration. We will begin our 12th season in Fall of 2014 and would like to encourage new playwrights to share their inspirations and hard work with us.  MRT offers the competition winner the chance to see the playwright’s work fully realized on stage, and we hope that the winning play will goon to numerous productions elsewhere as well.

Prize: An MRT committee will choose one play as the Winner to fully produce sometime in our 2014-2015 Season. A second play will be chosen as Runner-Up and that play will receive a staged reading in the 2014-2015 Season. The Winner and Runner Up will be announced on or before July 31st, 2014.


1. Submission must be emailed in PDF format, no later than March 31, 2014. Submissions will no longer be accepted by U.S. Mail.

2. Submissions must be accompanied by a completed and signed and legible entry form. (form attached)

3. Only original, full length, unpublished scripts will be accepted.

4. Plays must not have been previously produced nor have won awards (although previous readings are acceptable).

5. Adaptations, translations, musicals and children’s plays will not be accepted.

6. Only one submission per playwright will be accepted. In the case of multiple submissions, only the play determined by the committee to be the first submission will be considered.

7. Casts of eight or fewer are preferred. Adult casts are preferred. Please keep in mind that MRT is a family oriented theater company.

Submission Procedure:

Electronic Submissions will only be accepted. Email entries will be accepted only in PDF format, and must include your completed and Legible Entry Form.

Send your email entry to Info@McKinneyRep.Org with a subject line of “4th Annual MRT New Play Competition” and your full name.

All submissions must be accompanied by a completed, signed and legible entry form.

PLEASE NOTE: McKinney Repertory Theatre will have exclusive rights to produce the Winner, and a staged reading of the Runner-Up, royalty free during the 2014-2015 Season and to use the names of winning plays, readings and playwrights in all MRT publicity and promotions. MRT will also have the right to make copies of the plays for production and reading use. MRT reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted play. MRT also reserves the right to declare no winner. The decision of the committee is final. MRT will not provide transportation or housing for the Winner or Runner-Up during production, but will welcome your input in the process.


web site

Contestants will be selected to present their plays either Monday May 5 or May 12 at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Plays can be presented as a reading or performance, set will be chairs and tables, few props. Winners are selected by audience and a panel of judges. First Place wins $50, Second $25. These plays plus audience choice will be invited to perform at the Fresh Fruit Festival that runs July 8-July 20.


Submit plays : Founder@Freshfruitfestival.com



web site

The Franklin Furnace Fund 2014-2015, supported by Jerome Foundation, the Lambent Foundation, The SHS Foundation, and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

The Franklin Furnace Fund awards grants annually to emerging artists to enable them to produce major performance art works in New York. Grants range between $2,000 and $10,000 based on the peer review panel allocation of funding received by Franklin Furnace.

Franklin Furnace has no curator; each year a new panel of artists reviews all proposals. We believe this peer panel system allows all kinds of artists from all over the world an equal shot at presenting their work. Every year the panel changes, as do the definitions of "emerging artist" and "performance art." So if at first you don't succeed, please try again.

Artists from all areas of the world are encouraged to apply; however, artists selected by the panel are expected to present their work in New York. Full-time students are ineligible.


Please apply to the Franklin Furnace Fund 2014-2015 using our online form.
Once you sign up for an account you may log in to apply to the Franklin Furnace Fund. Your information can be saved so that it may be completed in multiple sessions before you submit it. Please remember to click on the Submit Application button when you have completed your application. You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been successfully submitted.

If you have any technical problems with the online application form, please contact support@fluidreview.com and the software application providers can help address your question. For other questions, please contact Jenny Korns at proposals[at]franklinfurnace.org.

The Microsoft Excel form is still available but please only use it if the online form gives you difficulty. If you can’t use the online form, then download the Excel Application and email it to proposals@franklinfurnace.org after it has been completed. Write "Proposal 14-15" in the subject line.

Our application process is meant to be as accommodating as possible to everyone. If you are unable to submit materials electronically, we will also accept analog applications. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator, Jenny Korns at proposals[at]franklinfurnace.org.


1- Contact Information, Required
Please provide the contact information requested. Please also let us know if
your email address or home address changes during the course of this process
so we can keep in touch with you.

2 – Proposal Information, Required

Brief Proposal (required)
A 100-word summary proposal. The summary is a critical component of your
application; it is the first piece of information that the selection panel reviews
and it is a definitive factor in their deliberations. Therefore, be sure that the
summary is clear, concise and only 100 words long.

Long Description (optional)
A full description of the proposed work. Please limit to 1000 words. You may also mail in a more detailed description of your proposed work. For more information about sending in a detailed description, please see section 5 – Mailing Options.

Budget (optional)
Specify planned expenses. If you have other funding sources for your project please indicate this in your budget. Please limit to 200 words.

Website (optional)
A website may be used as a supplement to other application material.

3 – Video, Required

You may submit up to two ten-minute videos. Please make sure each one illuminates your proposal by either being video of your proposed project as a work in progress (“Proposed Work”) or a past project that gives an idea of the kind of work you do (“Support Material”). You may submit a description and a cue time for each video from where the panel should start watching. You may either submit your videos through our online form, or mail them in on a disc to be played on a DVD player or as digital files. Video submitted online must be 300 MB or under.

Video will be projected on a standard definition projector so when you compress them please make sure their appearance is of relatively good quality. For good instructions on how to do this, it's highly recommended that you check out this website: http://vimeo.com/help/compression. If after following these instructions, your file is still too big for the online form then try lowering the data rate. Also, the dimensions for HD video should be no bigger than 1280x720. Since our projector only projects Standard Definition there should be no loss in quality from using this dimension.

The above paragraph describes the preferred format of video we'd like to receive, but if you are unable to meet these guidelines for any reason at all, then we are open to whatever you have: slides, videotapes, audio CDs, etc. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator, Jenny Korns at proposals[at]franklinfurnace.org.

4- Images, Optional

You may submit up to ten images with descriptions. These can be uploaded through the online form or mailed in on a disc. Images submitted through the online form must be 500 KB or under in size.

5- Mailing Options, Required

Application Return (required)
Please select one of the following options for returning your application materials after the selection process:

a. SASE: Please submit a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) large enough to return all of your materials. Use postage stamps. Do not use meter strip postage for your SASE as they expire the same day they are issued. If you apply from another country, do not use international stamps. Instead, please include international vouchers for the postage required.

b. Pick-Up: After receiving a notification letter, please schedule a suitable time with us to pick up your application materials. After October 1, 2014, all application materials will become the property of Franklin Furnace.

c. Do not return. You may choose not to have your materials returned.

Although the greatest care is taken in handling your application, we are not responsible for accidental loss or damage to your material. We cannot return your application materials unless you provide a SASE with sufficient postage.

Supplementary Materials (optional)

You may also submit your resume, a description list for your images and video, and up to 2 reviews of previous work/press. The video and images may be submitted through the online form, but all the other items (press and resume) must be mailed in.

Please write your name on every object you mail in! This should be the same name used on the application. Please don't put sticker labels on your discs as this may jam the computer.


Due to space limitations, please try to submit your application materials in one 9” x 12” or smaller envelope. Send your application to:

2014-2015 Proposals
Franklin Furnace Archive Inc.
80 Arts – The James E. Davis Arts Building
80 Hanson Place #301 Brooklyn, NY 11217-1506

You may deliver your application in person by leaving it at the lobby desk at 80 Hanson Place, Brooklyn from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. If you prefer to give it to us directly at our office please call first to make sure that someone will be available to receive it.


April 1, 2014- Deadline to submit all application materials. During the following two months artists receive an e-mail notification acknowledging that their application package has been received.

June/July, 2014- A Selection Panel meets to review applications and select artists to receive the grants. The panel consists of five artists who meet for three consecutive days at Franklin Furnace. Every year the panel is composed of new members. Franklin Furnace staff acts as moderators but does not make any decisions. Franklin Furnace does not record the panel’s discussion and cannot give feedback.

Late July/early August, 2014- Artists receive a letter by regular mail informing them of the panel’s decision. After this letter is sent, applications that have included a SASE are returned to the artists. Artists who have chosen to pick up their application may do so no later than October 1, 2014.

Late August, 2014- After Franklin Furnace receives the completed Release Form, Honorarium Form, Bio and Project Description Form from the selected artists, a check for 50% of the grant is sent.

September, 2014- Official announcement of selected artists is posted at Franklin Furnace website and in a Special Goings On, Franklin Furnace’s weekly electronic newsletter.

September, 2014-July, 2015- Ideally the artist will present their piece within a year. Five weeks before the performance the artist meets with Franklin Furnace staff to discuss documentation plans and publicity, whereupon the second check for 40% of the grant is issued. The artist receives a third and final check for 10% of the grant after completion of their project, if and only if Franklin Furnace receives: 1) visual documentation provided on portable media suitable for general viewing; 2) completed Final Report form with factual information and a final description of the event; 3) program or printed material crediting the Franklin Furnace Fund and its supporters.


Unless otherwise specified herein, Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. will not disseminate personal information obtained from donors, members, artists, visitors and others without their permission. Donors' names and donation levels will be publicized, although donors will be given the option to make their donations anonymous. As a condition of funding, recipients of funding from Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. must permit Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. to publicize their names and the amount of funding they received.

PROGRAM COORDINATOR, at proposals[at]franklinfurnace.org.


web site

Building on the success of an outstanding first year, WMGE, LLC presents its second season of “Fade To Black”, Houstons only short play festival celebrating the new works of African American playwrights.    On February 15, 2014, a nationwide search will be conducted to find ten finalist selected by a panel of judges. Each play selected will be performed before an audience who will vote for the grand prize winner. At the conclusion of the festival the winning playwright will receive a cash prize of $100.00.

Ten short plays will be selected from a national open-submission process and presented in a staged performance. One grand prize winning play will be selected by audience vote at the conclusion of the festival.

February 15th, 2014 - Open Submission
April 1st, 2014 - Submission Deadline 
May 1st, 2014 - Finalists Announced
June 26, 27, 28, 2014 - Festival Performance
June 30, 2014 - Grand Prize Winner Announced ($100 prize awarded)

Guidelines for Submissions:

Must be an original, unpublished, unproduced work written by an African American playwright.

Must be no longer than 10 minutes. (No more than three (3) scripts may be submitted).

Should accommodate a “bare-stage” set requiring only minor accommodations of removable stage props and require basic lighting and sound cues.

We ONLY accept electronic submissions in PDF form. Scripts sent as WORD documents will not be considered.

Theme of play is subject to the imagination of the playwright. Write whatever subject matter you choose.

There is no fee required to submit.

Email your submission (On or after February 15) to: submissions@wmgellc.com.

Email header should read: Submission: Fade to Black. Your name. Title of play.

On the front page of your script include your name, contact information, title of play as well as any character descriptions.

For more information, please contact Denise O'Neal at sdoneal12@yahoo.com.


iDiOM Theater seeks full-length scripts

web site

FULL-LENGTH SCRIPTS: Full-length scripts can be submitted with or without a production proposal (see below).

Full length plays must be a minimum of seventy minutes and preferable less than two hours.

We prefer work with small to midsize casts (2-8), but solo shows and larger casts will be considered.

PRODUCTION PROPOSALS: We are accepting production proposals for full-length
plays or other full-length performances suitable to ONE-WEEK to THREE-WEEK runs during the season.

 - Our preference if for new unpublished work by local authors, though we will consider any work not previously produced in Bellingham. 

 - Plays requiring royalty payments to publishers are not likely to be chosen. The theater has a limited number of published works in any season, and we produce them in house.

 - Devised pieces, adaptations, and new translations are welcome.

 - Production proposals for readings, collections of shorts, festivals, or other non-play ideas will be considered.

TO SUBMIT: Submit a script (if applicable)

  • Submit an outline or detailed plan if not a scripted show 
  • Name and short bio of the director 
  • A one paragraph synopsis 
  • A simple budget 
  • Tell us what is important about this show 
  • Tell is why iDiOM is the right home for it 
  • EMAIL SCRIPTS TO submissions.idiom@gmail.com 
  • With subject line PRODUCTION PROPOSAL 
  • Word doc or PDF 
  • Please include your name, email and phone number in email 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Raw Stages History Theater

Web site

Raw Stages is an annual series of staged readings open to the public - a great opportunity for playwrights to workshop a script with a team of professional artists and receive audience feedback.

One or two play ideas will be selected to progress into a complete script to be presented at the festival. Playwrights will be awarded $1,500 and at the conclusion of the festival their script may be considered for a full commission and production in History Theatres mainstage season.

Playwrights should submit:
  • A one-page treatment which includes plot synopsis, cast of characters, and a statement of why you believe the play would fit History Theatre's mission. 
  • A 10-page writing sample from previous dramatic work.
Treatment submission deadline: June 1, 2014
Playwrights will be notified by July 1st if their treatment is selected and will have until Dec. 15th to submit a first draft. The Raw Stages workshop and reading will take place in the first three weeks of January 2015.

Send submissions as an electronic Word or PDF document to: newplays@historytheatre.com


web site

NOTE: This opportunity is open only to playwrights living in New York City at this time. 

**Please DO NOT call or email the theatre. This form is the only way to submit plays to the reading series.

The Spartanburg Little Theatre and Hub-Bub.com are looking for submissions for the 1st Play Exchange, May 18-24, 2014 in Spartanbug, SC. The week-long festival will bring readings of New York plays to the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, SC, directed and acted by local talent.

  • Full-length plays, developed and ready for an audience.
  • Plays requiring no more than six actors (more characters are fine, as long as they are double-cast).
  • Bold, theatrical voices that use language in a compelling way.
  • Stories that are told in a uniquely theatrical way.

Submissions are due April 1, 2014 by 11:59pm.
Submission packets should be saved as PDF files and include:
• Cover Letter
• Resume.
• A history of any development/productions of the play.
• Copy of play.

The Bards Town Theatre is seeking submissions for its 2014 Mainstage season

web site

The Bards Town Theatre is seeking submissions for its 2014 Mainstage season.  While we embrace comedies and dramatic pieces, we look in either case for plays that focus on engaging characters, honesty, and a love of words.  Our space is intimate, and thus we seek plays that would translate well in such an intimate space.  Small casts, great stories with pace, unit sets--we love these.




Submissions received during our reading "dead period" are not considered.

All submissions are eligible for our annual Bard Award. For more info, visit http://www.thebardstowntheatre.org/bard-award-world-premieres.html

All genres accepted.  Full length plays only for the main stage.  Typically, we either produce world premieres or newer plays that have done well elsewhere but have not been seen in the Louisville area.

On average, we receive 400-500 full-length play submissions annually (and 300+ ten-minute plays).  It typically takes us 6 months to get to scripts.  We do not provide feedback, nor can we confirm each individual submission.  If we are interested in producing the piece, we will, of course, be in touch.
Please include a short bio/resume and brief synopsis and production history (if any) with your submission.

We tend to do scripts that (1) Have cast sizes of 2-6; (2) Run under 1 hour, 45 minutes...we typically like to have the audience out in 2 hours or fewer, and we always have an intermission; (3) Have characters that fit with at least some of our resident ensemble.  If your script  calls for numerous actors under 18 or over 50, we will most likely pass; and (4) have minimal technical requirements. We are about telling stories.  We prefer simple lighting and unit sets...or at least something that allows us to be creative with the requirements.

Our reading process goes as follows: (1) We check the cast, set, and technical requirements.  If they do not meet our needs, we do not read the piece...as we could not do it, even if we loved it; (2) We read the synopsis; (3) We read the first 20 pages, judging characters, dialogue, and pace; (4) If we like it thus far (about 10% of ones submitted), we then get a team of readers on it and compare notes; and (5) We contact the playwright if interested in securing rights.

The Bards Town Theatre prefers electronic submissions, PDF or DOC.

Electronic submissions from playwrights outside of KY (neither a native or a current resident) should be sent to submissions2015@thebardstowntheatre.org.

KY residents or natives should submit to submissionsky@thebardstowntheatre.org.

If you would prefer to mail your script, please send to
Doug Schutte,
The Bards Town Theatre,
1801 Bardstown Rd,
Louisville, KY 40205.


Questions should be directed to Executive Artistic Director Doug Schutte, doug@thebardstowntheatre.org.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Open Call for original unpublished Short Plays & Scenes for new reading series

web site

Open Call for original unpublished Short Plays & Scenes for new reading series: "Under Rehearsed"
The Reading series is intended to create new artistic relationships with Guest Directors, Playwrights and Actors as well as provide a fun and engaging night for our audiences.

This is a great way to create a working relationship with our company and for us to get to know your work. We are looking for playwrights interested in collaborating and creating artist & audience relationships.

Readings will be performed in a bar, therefore we are looking for works that will engage and excite our audience, go well with a few drinks and allow for socializing and fun in between plays. Comedic plays in particular will be well suited for this series, but we are open to dramatic works as well. Each month will have a new theme that all plays will interconnect and relate to each other in some way.

Reading 1, March 18th Theme(s): The Ides of March and/or Drinking
Reading 2, April 15th Theme(s): Taxes and/or Money
Additional Dates & Themes to be announced

Performances will be held at The West in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Plays will be vetted by Literary Team and Ensemble Members. We are looking ONLY for Plays that fit the needs and requirements of the Reading Series at this time.

Seeking Contemporary themed, Ensemble driven works that meet the following criteria:
  • Material should meet one of the themes listed above
  • For this reading series playwrights MUST be able to attend the Reading in Person. 
  • Cast Age range should be Mid-Twenties to Late 40s 
  • Especially looking for plays with strong female characters
  • Cast size should be no larger than 4 people. 
  • Running time should be 10-15 Minutes. 
  • No more than 15 pages in length
  • Plays should be original and unpublished works 
Plays that do not fit this criteria will not be read

Submission Guideline; Please include the following:
  • Cover Letter, including your contact information
  • Theme/Date for consideration 
  • Play Synopsis
  • Cast breakdown
  • Script in word or PDF format
  • List of previous productions/publishing 
  • Any other pertinent information
Please be aware that no financial payment is available at this time. Writers retain full rights and credit for all work produced.

Please resubmit even if you have submitted in the past.
Electronic Submissions only. Please No Phone Calls or Direct Mail

For more information on the company visit www.risingsunnyc.com
To Submit your work: playsubmissions@risingsunnyc.com

Rising Sun also conducts workshop and table readings as a tool for writers to continue their artistic journey. Also accepting applications for resident & guest writers, as well as teaching artists. If you are interested in learning more about ongoing and development relationships please email Literarymanager@risingsunnyc.com

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Theatre503’s Playwriting Award

web site

Theatre503’s Playwriting Award is an unprecedented opportunity for playwrights at all levels to be recognised for writing an outstanding, original piece of work for the stage. It will build upon the foundation of the venue’s reputation for engaging with the next generation of playwrights, whilst broadening its opportunities to include more experienced, produced writers.

This biennial award has been made possible by the generous support of The Richard Carne Trust, Curtis Brown Creative and Arts Council England.

The winner of the award will receive a financial prize of £6000 and a guaranteed production of their winning play at Theatre503.


The 503Five is an eighteen month Resident Writer Training Programme for developing playwrights. It provides the five chosen writers with a full-length play commission, a personal industry mentor, workshops and masterclasses led by industry professionals, practical opportunities to develop their work, varying public presentations, and the vital experience of working in a writer-centric new writing theatre.

Writers applying for the 503Five should have no full-length professional production credits, defined by a run of 3 weeks or more and which has received coverage from the national press.

Submission Process

There will be one submission process only for The 503 Playwriting Award and the 503Five. If you wish to be considered for the 503Five you must submit an application for this process.

The 2014 Theatre503 Playwriting Award/503Five will open for entries between 1st and 31st March 2014.

Applications will be made using an online form directly accessible via a one-click Award Button located on the Theatre503 homepage. This button will go live on 1st March 2014.

Writers will need to complete the application form in full, which will include submitting a 200 word biography, a 50 word synopsis of your play, and the full length play in PDF form only.

Writers may submit one full-length play (min. 60 minutes stage time) only. This must be an original, unproduced work, unperformed anywhere in the world, apart from rehearsed/staged readings and workshops.

Co-written plays are accepted for the award. If the writers in question are then considered for the 503Five they will be asked to submit individual work.

Writers are free to submit for the process with a work that has previously been considered by this or another theatre.

Post Submission Process

503 Playwriting Award

All writers will be notified as to the outcome of their submission at specific stages in the process. The first will be the long-list, followed later by the short-list. This contact will be a standard email and Theatre503 will be unable to provide feedback or enter into discussion about those decisions on an individual basis.

The winner of the New Playwriting Award will be announced in November 2014.


Irrespective of the outcome of an individual’s award submission, all candidates submitting for the 503Five will be considered separately. The winner of the Award will not be eligible for the 503Five. Those writers long-listed for the 503Five will be asked to submit a further application and at this point those who have not been successful will also be contacted. This will happen in Autumn 2014.

Terms and Conditions

Any play or writer that does not meet the criteria set out below will be disqualified.

  • Whilst submissions should be made in your own name, the reading process will, in part, be anonymous. Therefore please do not include your name or contact details anywhere in the body of the script.
  • The online portal will be open for submissions from Saturday 1st March to Monday 31st March (inclusive). Any entries received before or after this time will not enter the reading process.
  • All questions on the submission form marked with an asterisk must be completed.
  • Only entries submitted online as requested will be accepted. Please do not submit any material by any other means. E.g. on paper, email, CDs, digital media.
  • Plays must be written in the English language.
  • Plays must have never been professionally optioned, produced or published.
  • Only one script per writer may be submitted.
  • Plays may have been submitted to other playwriting competitions, however points 15, 16 and 17 below must be observed at all times.
  • Theatre503 must be informed immediately should you wish to withdraw your play at any point.

By submitting a script for consideration you agree that:

  • The text itself does not contain any detail of your identity.
  • You are the writer of the play and exclusively own and control all copyright and all other related rights to the play.
  • The play is at least 60 minutes in stage time.
  • The play is an original, unperformed, unpublished work for the stage and has not been produced anywhere in the world.
  • The play is available for production and unattached to any other theatre or company.
  • If you are the winner, or are selected to join the 503Five, your play will be automatically under option to Theatre503 for a period of eighteen months after the announcement of the award winner or the 503Five members, whichever is applicable.
  • You will not be entitled to any production related fees other than Theatre503’s standard percentage of gross box office receipts.
  • Upon the occurrence of any event of force majeure or incapacity, Theatre503 shall not be obliged to produce any work.

Final judging panel includes: Dennis Kelly (Matilda The Musical, Utopia), Chris Campbell (Literary Manager, Royal Court Theatre), Erica Whyman (Associate Artistic Director, RSC and Chair, Theatre503), Roy Williams (Sing Yer Heart Out For The Lads, Suckerpunch), Henry Hitchings (Evening Standard) and Marianne Elliot (Associate Director National Theatre, War Horse, Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time).

For all enquiries email literary@theatre503.com

Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group welcomes submissions pertaining to music and the performing arts

web site

As a first step in submitting a manuscript, we recommend that you send a book proposal consisting of:

A letter describing the purpose and audience of your book, along with your background and qualifications; please indicate which word-processing software you use as we ask that final manuscript be submitted on disk
An outline or table of contents and an estimate of the length of the completed manuscript in numbers of words or double-spaced pages
A sample chapter or two, printed out (no electronic file transfers, please)
Sample illustrations as well as an estimate of the total numbers and types (for example, pen-and-ink artwork for line drawings, black-and-white glossy photographic prints, camera-ready music examples) of illustrations planned for your book
Your schedule to complete the book

Generally, we ask authors to submit book proposals early in the writing process as this allows us to give editorial advice during the development phase and cuts down the amount of revisions needed later.

Due to the large volume of submissions, you may not receive a response from us. If you wish to have the materials you submit returned to you, please so indicate and include return postage.

Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group does not accept any songs, sheet music, musical scores, music manuscripts, or recordings for publication consideration.

Very best wishes for the success of your writing project.

John Cerullo, Group Publisher,

Mail Address:
John Cerullo
Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group
33 Plymouth St. Suite 302
Montclair, NJ 07042

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Princess Grace Playwrights Award

web site

Playwriting Guidelines

We encourage emerging playwrights to apply at the beginning of their careers so that through the New Dramatists Fellowship, they can develop their work as well as benefit from being a part of a unique, diverse, dynamic community of professional playwrights. An applicant’s status as an emerging playwright is evaluated during the adjudication process.

One playwright will be selected to receive:

• A grant in the amount of $7,500
• A residency (including transportation costs) at New Dramatists, Inc. in New York City
• Inclusion of script in New Dramatists’ library
• National distribution of the recipient’s script to scriptshare subscribers for the duration of the fellowship
• Opportunity for winning play to be licensed and published by Samuel French, Inc.

·       All candidates must be United States citizens or have permanent resident status.
Eligible playwrights must not have had any professional full-length productions other than those using the showcase code or in an off-off-Broadway theater with 99 or fewer seats. (If your show used a higher contract tier than the showcase code, you are not eligible to apply. If your show received a festival production in a theater with more than 99 seats and did not use an Equity contract, you are eligible to apply.) Development opportunities such as readings and workshops are admissible.
You must submit one unpublished, full-length play (A full-length play is a single play that constitutes a full evening of theater. For example, a 90-minute intermissionless play is a full-length play.)
• There is no restriction on subject matter
• Story, language, and characters must be original; no adaptations.
• May not have received a professional production as defined above


New this year, the Princess Grace Foundation –USA Playwriting application is completely paperless.

Applicants apply through a module on New Dramatist website

Applications will be accepted March 1-March 31 6PM EST


Application Components:

Online application
Resume, including a list of other plays written and produced, performance venues and dates
One full length play
Personal statement: Please describe, in your own words, your views and expectations of your role as a theater artist now and in the future. Please elaborate on your “emerging status” and how you plan to utilize this fellowship.
Applicants are also encouraged to submit a letter of recommendation from a theater professional (director, dramaturg, etc.) addressing how the applicant has demonstrated his/her excellence in the field; promise as an outstanding young artist; and why he/she is deserving of a Princess Grace Award.
- See more at: http://www.pgfusa.com/grants-program/grants-program/grant-applications/playwriting#sthash.LZKmvUcx.dpuf

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

9th Biennial Festival of Ten-Minute Plays

web site

The Department of Theatre and Music Studies at The College at Brockport - State University of New York is pleased to announce its 9th Biennial Festival of Ten-Minute Plays

  • All submissions are online.  
  • Please visit our website for complete submission and format guidelines: http://www.brockport.edu/theatre
  • Each submission must have a cover sheet – available with the complete submission guidelines
  • Each script must have a running time of seven to fourteen minutes
  • Only original scripts allowed
  • Maximum of two scripts per playwright
  • No musicals
  • Previously produced plays, for which admission was charged, are not accepted
  • Plays written by the College at Brockport Department of Theatre and Music Studies faculty and staff (full and part time) are not accepted
  • Entries will be acknowledged by email
  • Scripts must be submitted by April 1st 2014 midnight EST
  • The top ten scripts will be produced in fully realized productions as part of the College at Brockport Festival of Ten IX in February 2015
  • Awards will be given to the top three selected plays
  • Finalists will be notified by December 1st  2014
  • For more information please visit our website: http://www.brockport.edu/theatre


web site

EMOS ~ Ecodrama Playwrights Festival & Symposium ~ 2015

Hosted by the Department of Theatre and Dance
At the University of Nevada, Reno in May 2015


First place Award: $1,000 and workshop production

Second place Award: $500 and possible workshop production

Honorable mentions: public staged reading

Deadline for Submissions is April 1, 2014.

The mission of EMOS’ Ecodrama Playwrights Festival is to call forth and foster new dramatic works that respond to the ecological crisis and that explore new possibilities of being in relationship with the more-than-human world. The central questions EMOS asks are ―when we leave the theater are things around us more alive? Do we listen better, have a deeper or more complex sense of our own ecological identity?‖If your play does, send to us!

The EMOS Festival includes workshop performance/s of winning script, readings, talkbacks and discussions of the scripts that are finalists in the Playwrights’ Contest. A concurrent Symposium will include speakers, panels and discussions that advance scholarship in the area of arts and ecology, and help foster development of new works.

Guidelines for Playwrights

Scripts must be original works which have not been published and have not had an Equity or ―premier‖ citation production. (Readings or informal workshop productions are okay.)

Thematic Guidelines

We are looking for plays that do one or more of the following:

• Put an ecological issue or environmental event/crisis at the center of the dramatic action or theme of the play.

• Expose and illuminate issues of environmental justice.

• Explore the relationship between sustainability, community and cultural diversity.

• Interpret ―community‖ to include our ecological community, and/or give voice or ―character‖ to the land, or elements of the land.

• Theatrically explore the connection between people and place, human and non-human, and/or between culture and nature.

• Grow out of the playwright’s personal relationship to the land and the ecology of a specific place.

• Theatrically examine the reciprocal relationship between human, animal and plant communities.

• Celebrate the joy of the ecological world in which humans participate.

• Offer an imagined world view that illuminates our ecological condition or reflects on the ecological crisis from a unique cultural or philosophical perspective.

• Critique or satirizes patterns of exploitation, consumption, or other ingrained values that are ecologically unsustainable.

• Are written specifically to be performed in an unorthodox venue such as a natural or environmental setting, and for which that setting is a not merely a backdrop, but an integral part of the intention of the play.

Submission Process

We are looking for full-length plays that are written primarily in English (no ten-minute plays, please; one-act plays are okay if 30+ minutes in length; no musicals, please). Submitted plays should address the thematic guidelines as listed above. Deadline: April 1, 2014 ~ Early submission highly encouraged. / Electronic submissions may be sent; see #2 below for instructions.

1. All submissions should include a cover page with:

• Play Title

• Author Name

• Contact Information

2. Two blind copies of the FIRST 30 PAGES OF THE SCRIPT ONLY. Please do not put the author’s name on the script, only on the title page.

• Additional requirements for Electronic Submissions:

• Files must be saved in PDF; cover page may be a separate PDF file

• Send to Jonathon Taylor at emos@unr.edu by April 1, 2014

3. A synopsis of the play and cast requirements.

Paper submissions must be received by April 1, 2014 to:

EMOS Festival/Jonathon Taylor, Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Nevada, Reno

1664 North Virginia Street / MS 0228, Reno, NV 89557-0228

Evaluation Process

After reading the first 30 pages of all submitted plays, we will narrow the pool of submissions. We will then request two full paper copies be sent to us by July 1, 2014. Winners will be selected from this smaller pool.

Questions? See our FAQ on the EMOS Website at http://emosfestival.wordpress.com. If you still have a question, email: emos@unr.edu.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Testimonial time

Thanks to Paul McCormick for his kind words about the site and the 10-minute play article! We're thrilled to help new playwrights get started!
- just a note to thank you for your article "How do you write a good 10-minute play?” I am a med-tech executive, 60, who’s only arts background was raising two daughters who were dancers. As a lark I signed up for a ten week Creative Playwriting course at the American Conservatory Theater here in SF, where I was introduced to the concept of a ten minute play. I was energized and as part of my efforts to supplement the course found your article. Now I have an additional tool with which to review my work. 
Paul McCormick
Aspiring Playwright

Thespian Production seeks short plays for festivals

web site

Thespian Production now accepting one-act submissions for our “Limelight: Go Green” playfest centering on environmental issues and going green.

We also are taking submissions for our playfest “Pumpkins, Poisons, and Plays…Oh My!” our Halloween event.

The Going Green playfest is July 10 – 12, 2014, and the Halloween playfest is Oct. 23-25, 2014. Events will be held at Joria Mainstage Theater in NYC.

Thespian Production showcases fresh and emerging talent in NYC and pursues talented artists who loves performing arts and want the chance to show off their skills. We’re interested in intense, thrilling, and stimulating plays for both themes.

Submissions need to be 10 – 20 minutes in length, with minimal to no profanity, and no more than four characters.

Plays also need to require minimal set.

In the subject line, please state “Halloween” or “Go Green”.

We will accept previously produced works as long as it has been more than two years. Deadline for submissions is April 1st, 2014.

 Email submissions to submissions@thespianproduction.com or to charsunshine64@gmail.com

The Women's Theatre Project seeking short plays

web site

The Women's Theatre Project, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is seeking short plays (5-12 minutes-figure one minute a page); written by women only, and with a lesbian theme; cast limit (women and men) is 2-8.

Limited submission:  No more than 2 scripts per playwright.

Deadline: March 31, 2014

Submit scripts in PDF format and pages numbered to:

girlplaytwtp@yahoo.com with Lesbian Playwriting Festival 2014 written in subject line.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Piney Fork Press Theater One Act Play Festival - New York City playwrights only

web site

Piney Fork Press Theater One Act Play Festival seeks NYC Playwrights!
Submissions from NYC playwrights (only) are now being accepted for the Third Piney Fork Press Theater One Act Play Festival, to take place in the summer of 2014 in New York, New York.

Seeking 10 minute plays (no more than 10 pp), preferably with no more than 5 characters. Also seeking monologues (no more than 4pp). Basic set requirements.

One submission per playwright. No profanity, as this is a family friendly festival! No submission fee! Please include name, address, telephone number and email address.
Seeking actors and directors, too!

Deadline: April 1st, 2014


Snail mail:
Piney Fork Press Theater Festival
22-73 43rd Street - JC
Astoria NY 11105

Friday, March 21, 2014

NYCPlaywrights on a roll

We received another lovely testimonial this week - thanks Max Gutmann!
In two weeks, my first play opens, produced by the Playwrights' Round Table in Orlando. I sent it to them after seeing their call for plays at nycp blogspot. Without your website, this first production almost certainly wouldn't be happening. 
Thank you for all the submission opportunities you keep me and others informed about! 
Max Gutmann

More about Max's production here: http://www.theprt.com/shows/2014premiere.html

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thanks for the encouragement!

Thanks to Colleen Shaddox for her encouraging email:
Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the blog. I learned about a one-act competition through you, entered, won and am having a staged reading next month. It's the first time my work has been performed, and I'm thrilled.
Never would have happened without the terrific resource you provide out of the goodness of your heart.
Thank you.
Colleen Shaddox

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


web site

If you have a ten-minute play or ten-page scene that needs feedback, send it to TRADE A PLAY TUESDAY (TAPT). TAPT is available to playwrights on an ongoing, weekly basis, and is announced on both Official Playwrights of Facebook and Twitter (follow at @donnahoke to see the confirmation announcements – IF THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION ANNOUNCEMENT, THERE IS NO TAPT THAT WEEK). When you see that it’s on, send your play to donna@donnahoke.com with the subject #TAPT (Trade A Play Tuesday). They will be swapped out two-by-two as they come in. Subject matter can be anything, but there are two important rules:

1) It must be a ten-minute play or ten-page scene. No sneaking in any longer one-acts.

2) You MUST read it and provide feedback within a reasonable time frame: Ideally, this would be WITHIN THREE HOURS, but certainly NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE DAY (that means midnight EST). We all know that once something languishes in your email, it can get lost forever, which would not be fair to the playwright who is diligently reading your play and awaiting your stellar wisdom. If you can’t do it within this time frame, don’t send it until you have the time to dedicate.

Once you’ve sent your feedback and received yours, if you feel like you want more AND are willing to read another play–send it again. I’ll trade you with another playwright. If another play doesn’t show up within two hours, I’ll trade you myself.

And that’s it. If you’ve got a new ten-minute, send it on Tuesday. You’ll get feedback AND meet a cool new playwright. Each week, more and more playwrights are getting in on the action, so help spread the word, and join in.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Scripts Wanted for Apr. 26 - 27 Short Play Lab -- Cash Prizes!!

Dear Friend in the Theatre, 

It's time again to think about the Short Play Lab, scheduled next for Sat. & Sun. Apr. 26 - 27. New participants are welcome! We had a good turnout last time (scheduled for performance Mar. 29 - 30), so we're trying an early announcement again. (We've narrowed the venue down to 2 locations, one definitely available and one probable. Both are theatres in NYC. We'll announce the exact location ASAP.)

Whether you've thought about doing a short play in New York but have never tried, or if you're a regular at such events around town, please give a thought to producing a show in the upcoming Short Play Lab. The rules are easy-peasy:
Deadline is Mar. 30. Notification will be soon after submission, depending on number of submissions. The sooner you get your script in, the more time you have to prepare. Get that script in pronto!
Plays should be 1 - 10 pp. in standard playscript format.* (The shorter the better; shorter plays get priority.) Include a title page, as the first page of the script, with your contact info (preferred means of contact is by email).
Submit scripts in MS-Word.
You produce the play whether or not you live in New York. The SPL provides the theatre (location to be determined, in NYC).
Productions must be non-union: no showcases please! (And no Equity waivers, either.)
Keep production values to a minimum: costumes and hand props are okay. We provide rehearsal cubes, chairs, and a table. You can't leave your stuff in the theatre overnight.
We provide a board op, box office, and venue management.
There are no fees. The SPL keeps the door.
Tickets are $20. Each playwright and director gets to watch his/her show for free. There are no other comps.
There will be a tech rehearsal in the daytime on Mar. 29.
Every play gets 2 performances, 1 on Sat. and 1 on Sun. Each play will be part of 1 of 2 programs: Program A or Program B, but not both. Program A takes place at 7 pm Sat. and 4 pm Sun. Program B takes place at 9 pm Sat. and 2 pm Sun.
We don't do staged readings. Be off-book, please! Plays not off-book during tech will be removed from the line-up.
THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCTION IN EACH PROGRAM RECEIVES A CASH PRIZE OF $75. Winners are determined by polling patrons after the performance. We reserve the right to break ties.

*12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions.

The SPL is a lot of fun and a good way to see your work on its feet in a supportive environment. It's also a great way to see actors and directors at work, so you can recruit people for later productions.

To submit a script, send it as an attachment, in Word format, to john.chatterton@gmail.com. Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!


John Chatterton
Executive producer, Short Play Lab

Sunday, March 16, 2014


web site

Entry fee waived for members of The Dramatists Guild (Please provide proof of membership).

16TH ANNUAL NEW PLAY CONTEST Theatre Conspiracy will be accepting submissions for its Fourteenth Annual New Play Contest between November 2013 and March 30, 2014. All works submitted will be read and judged by a panel of qualified theatre teachers, directors and performers.

Script Parameters: Work submitted to the contest must be a full length play with eight characters or less and have simple to moderate technical demands. Plays having up to three previous productions are welcome. No musicals.

Remuneration: First place: $700.00 and full production. However, it is our goal to produce more than one entry each year.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Send complete script to

Theatre Conspiracy Inc.
10091 McGregor Blvd.
Ft. Myers, FL 33919

or send via e-mail to tcnewplaycontest@gmail.com

2: Include Biography of the Playwright and character breakdown.

3: If you would like to have the script returned include SASE. If not include an SASE for results.

4: Include a non-refundable administrative fee of $5.00. Make checks payable to Theatre Conspiracy (DO NOT MAIL CASH). Entry fee waived for members of The Dramatists Guild (Please provide proof of membership).

5. Deadline for submissions is postmark date of March 30, 2014. Please do not spend $20 to overnight or second day your script! Save your money!!!!

6. One entry per year please.

Contact: Bill Taylor: Artistic Director 239-936-3239

TENFEST 2014 CALL FOR SCRIPTS - Vermont playwrights only

web site

The Vermont Playwrights Circle seeks scripts for the seventh annual TenFest, a ten-minute play festival held at the Valley Players Theatre in Waitsfield, Vermont, August 14-17th,  2014. TenFest is part of the Vermont Festival of the Arts, and only Vermont playwrights are eligible to submit.

A Vermont playwright is defined by VPC as anyone who currently lives in Vermont, was born in Vermont, or who has lived in Vermont for three months consecutively at some point in his or her life. 

Please take note of the following guidelines:

  1. Only one ten-minute play per author will be accepted. 
  2. A ten-minute play is usually no longer than 10-12 typed pages in no less than 12 pt. font with one-inch margins. We are strict about the running time. Please read, or have your play read out loud to check the length. 
  3. Only plays with five or fewer characters will be considered. Please note that, while quality is always our first criteria in selecting scripts, there are usually many more women than men auditioning for plays, so we are always happy when playwrights include female characters, or characters that could be played by either gender.
  4. Please submit three titled copies of the script, typed and in standard play format. The playwright’s name, however, should not appear on any pages of the script. Three adjudicators will read the scripts blind.
  5. No bound scripts, please. A simple staple in the left hand corner will suffice.
  6. The playwright’s name and contact information should appear on a separate cover page.
  7. Submit a one-page sheet with a full character listing, including a brief description of each character, and a synopsis of no more than 50 words.  Do not include your name on this page. Playwrights should also submit signed copies of our expectations form and media waiver form, which can be downloaded at our web-site:  www.vermontplaywrightscircle.org  
  8. If you have any difficulty downloading these forms, please let us know right away and they will be sent to you: vtplaywrightscircle@gmail.com 
  9. There is no reading/submission fee.
  10. Postmark Deadline: March 31, 2014
  11. Playwrights will be notified on or near May 31st, 2014
  12. E-mail submissions cannot be accepted at this time. Please mail scripts and forms to:
The Vermont Playwrights Circle
TenFest Competition
P.O. Box 333
Roxbury, Vermont 05669


web site

Seeking fully produced one act plays 
(cast, directed and ready to perform) 
7 minutes to 25 minutes in length for 
May 7 - June  6, 2014  
at Manhattan Repertory Theatre       
303 W. 42nd St. NYC.  


To submit your one act play production please email: 

The complete play, 
a synopsis of the play, 
the running time of the play, 
the set and lighting requirements, 
the playʼs production history 
(if it has been produced before and where) 
and a creative team leader contact email address to:

manhattanrep@yahoo.com by MONDAY March 24, 2014 at Midnight.

Please put “Spring One Act Competition” in the subject heading. 

Applicants will be contacted by Monday March 31 as to their acceptance. 

There is no submission fee.  


Each play will be given a MINIMUM of FOUR performances, more if the play moves on to the finals.  

Once accepted, there will be a $150.00 participation fee.

There will be NO additional security fees or Manhattan Repertory Theatre based production fees.  

For more information please log on to: www.manhattanrep.com

Sunday, March 9, 2014


web site

Amtrak is excited to announce the official launch of the #AmtrakResidency program.

#AmtrakResidency was designed to allow creative professionals who are passionate about train travel and writing to work on their craft in an inspiring environment. Round-trip train travel will be provided on an Amtrak long-distance route. Each resident will be given a private sleeper car, equipped with a desk, a bed and a window to watch the American countryside roll by for inspiration. Routes will be determined based on availability.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by a panel. Up to 24 writers will be selected for the program starting March 17, 2014 through March 31, 2015. A passion for writing and an aspiration to travel with Amtrak for inspiration are the sole criteria for selection. Both emerging and established writers will be considered.

Residencies will be anywhere from 2-5 days, with exceptions for special projects.

There is no cost to apply for the #AmtrakResidency program. For more information, please read our Official Terms.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Seeking 10 minute play based on the theme of Speak Up, Speak Out

web site

In 2013, US senator Wendy Davis spoke for ten hours straight to preserve women's reproductive rights in Texas; Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA, knowing that the moment he did he would be branded a traitor; Malala Yousafzai faced almost certain death when she spoke out against  the Taliban.

Using the phrase 'Speak Up, Speak Out' as a starting point, we ask you to explore this incredible human trait, to say something when others won't, in any way that you feel possible. Whether it's a revelation, a secret, the truth or a lie, we would like to hear from you, and we'd most certainly like to hear from your characters.

Guidelines for submissions:
• Your script should be no longer than 10 minutes
• Your script should contain a maximum of 4 characters
• Your script should address the theme, but it may be freely interpreted
• Your script must be able to be performed with basic staging and technical support
• Please email your submission to admin@brockleyjack.co.uk by Monday 10th March
• Please include a contact number in your submission email
• Performances of selected scripts will take place on Saturday 17th May
• Selected plays will be announced on our website in mid April 2014
• Writers of the shorts do not need to have a connection to south east London
• Submissions are restricted to one short per playwright

Deadline: Monday 10th March 2014 

Short Play Lab

web site

Deadline Approaches for Mar. 29 - 30
Short Play Lab -- Cash Prizes!!

Dear Friend in the Theatre,

Deadline is March 15
For the Short Play Lab, scheduled next for Mar. 29 - 30, is obviously hard upon us. While I've been out producing the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival, scripts have been slow to trickle in. If you have something handy, or have been procrastinating, please drag yourself to the keyboard and send in that script!
New participants are welcome! Whether you've thought about doing a short play in New York but have never tried, or if you're a regular at such events around town, please give a thought to producing a show in the upcoming Short Play Lab.

The rules are easy-peasy:
Deadline is Feb. 28 (yes, we'll take latecomers!). Notification will be soon after submission, depending on number of submissions. The sooner you get your script in, the more time you have to prepare. Get that script in pronto!

Plays should be 1 - 10 pp. in standard playscript format.* (The shorter the better; shorter plays get priority.) Include a title page, as the first page of the script, with your contact info (preferred means of contact is by email).

Submit scripts in MS-Word.

You produce the play whether or not you live in New York.  The SPL provides the theatre (at the Roy Arias Studios, 300 West 43rd Street, NYC).

Productions must be non-union: no showcases please! (And no Equity waivers, either.)

Keep production values to a minimum: costumes and hand props are okay. We provide rehearsal cubes, chairs, and a table. You can't leave your stuff in the theatre overnight.

We provide a board op, box office, and venue management.

There are no fees. The SPL keeps the door.

Tickets are $20. Each playwright and director gets to watch his/her show for free. There are no other comps.

There will be a tech rehearsal in the daytime on Mar. 29.

Every play gets 2 performances, 1 on Sat. and 1 on Sun. Each play will be part of 1 of 2 programs: Program A or Program B, but not both. Program A takes place at 7 pm Sat. and 4 pm Sun. Program B takes place at 9 pm Sat. and 2 pm Sun.

We don't do staged readings. Be off-book, please! Plays not off-book during tech will be removed from the line-up.

THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCTION IN EACH PROGRAM RECEIVES A CASH PRIZE OF $75. Winners are determined by polling patrons after the performance. We reserve the right to break ties.

*12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions.

The SPL is a lot of fun and a good way to see your work on its feet in a supportive environment. It's also a great way to see actors and directors at work, so you can recruit people for later productions.

To submit a script, send it as an attachment, in Word format, to john.chatterton@gmail.com. Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!

John Chatterton
Executive producer, Short Play Lab

Cupcake Lady Productions Awful Play Contest

web site

Send us the best of your worst work! Dig through the trash and find the most terrible play you have every written. We want the most absurd, out of context, inconsistent pieces of theater possible. Clunky dialogue, offensive language without redeeming value, and wildly implausible scenarios are all pluses.

Send us one of the short plays – or an inexplicable scene from a longer play – that you scrapped ages ago (10 minutes or less), or come up with something awful right now. Come to the show: we will be performing the five (5) finalists, which we will officially announce that night! Our carefully selected judges and an audience poll will rate the plays, and we’ll award the winner (loser?) with a very special PRIZE at the end of the night!

NOTE: Limit to only one play submission per person, so be sure to pick the best of your worst work.

Submit YOUR worst short play to CupcakeLadyProductions@gmail.com by Saturday, March 15th, 2014.

For more guidelines: http://cupcakeladyproductions.com/RottenTheatre2014ContestGuidelines.pdf

Call for Submissions: An Evening of Grand Guignol IV

web site

Inspired by works presented in the early 20th century at the Theatre du Grand-Guignol in Paris, Taboo Theatre’s Festival of Fear (a.k.a. An Evening of Grand Guignol) has evolved from pre-existing translations of the original French shows to new plays written in this style. In 2012, we accepted a proposal from local playwright Dan Bray for three new works, which we workshopped and presented as a full Evening of Grand Guignol event in November of that year. This show was so successful that we remounted one of the plays (Criminal Negligee, or An Evening In) for the 2013 Atlantic Fringe Festival and it won the award for best script.

This year, we are again accepting submissions for our annual Grand Guignol show.

 Here are the requirements:
-          The plays can be either (a) completely original ; (b) new translations of 20th-century French Grand Guignol works; or (c) adaptations of other material that fits the requirements of this genre (such as the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe).
-          The theme chosen for the show is Envy, so the play should have this as an essential element.
-          The plays can be set in any time period but should not require elaborate sets, props or costumes.
-          Submissions may consist of one or more plays.
-          Completed first drafts are preferred but not absolutely necessary.
-          Please include with your submission any past writing and production credits.
-          Submissions will be accepted no later than March 15, 2014.
-          Chosen submissions will be announced by April 1, 2014.

The accepted plays will be workshopped during the late spring and early summer of 2014 (the exact dates will be determined by the number of shows accepted). After the workshopping process, final working drafts are to be completed no later than August 15, 2014.

2014’s Festival of Fear will then be rehearsed and mounted over the following two months, with exact details and dates to be announced at a later time.

A great deal of information on Grand Guignol is available at the website grandguignol.com, which also includes an example of a play in this style from the early 20th century.

What we are looking for is a short play (20 minutes or less is ideal) which is a work of either horror, suspense or comedy. The show will consist of three plays, one of which will be a comedy (in keeping with the “hot and cold shower” format of traditional Grand Guignol events).  Our audiences expect  a certain amount of gore, so blood-spilling is encouraged as long as any special effects required are within our production budget. It is also important to note that although we are looking for horror plays, the plot should not depend on the existence of the supernatural (although there can be a reference to the supernatural).

Submissions can be sent to Taboo Theatre’s Artistic Director at tabootheatre@gmail.com.

International Playwrights Group Residency

web site

Since 1989 the Royal Court Theatre has collaborated with emerging playwrights from all parts of the world, working in over 70 countries and in more than 40 languages. The International Playwrights Group (formerly the International Residency) is part of this programme that offers the opportunity for international playwrights to spend time at the Royal Court Theatre in London, developing a new play. It also offers international theatre artists a forum to meet and work with leading British writers, directors and performers.

In summer 2014, five international playwrights will be invited to London to take part in a focussed, residential writers group, working with members of the Royal Court Theatre artistic team from 2 to 19 July 2014 (inclusive).

International playwrights will be asked to develop a new play during their time in London in collaboration with members of the Royal Court artistic team. Writers will follow an intensive programme that combines group sessions led by leading British theatre makers with individual one-to-one meetings. Each playwright will be teamed with a Royal Court script advisor and translator who will work with them to help realise their new play. There will also be an opportunity to share work with the rest of the group in a workshop environment.

The Royal Court Theatre will arrange complimentary tickets to all shows at the theatre for the duration of the programme, as well as productions at other venues in London.

Writing facilities can be provided throughout the programme.

The International Playwrights Group is the latest incarnation of the Royal Court Theatre’s development work with international writers in London. This started in 1989 as the Summer School before becoming the International Residency for Emerging Playwrights from 1993 with support from the British Council. This evolution has taken many forms, focusing ever more closely on international playwrights and their plays.

Many new and exciting theatre projects have evolved in different parts of the world as a result of these programmes, including seasons of new international work at the Royal Court which have often included the work of former participants. These include Marcos Barbosa (Brazil); Pedro Miguel Rozo Florez (Colombia); Marius von Mayenburg (Germany); Anupama Chandrasekhar and Abhishek Majumdar (India); Amir Reza Koohestani (Iran); Anna Wakulik (Poland); Olivier Choinière (Québec, Canada); Gianina Cărbunariu (Romania); Juan Mayorga (Spain); and Natalia Vorozhbit (Ukraine).

The Royal Court Theatre is one of Europe’s leading theatres, which since 1956 has presented a programme of new and innovative drama that has become known throughout the world. Since its foundation, it has presented premieres by almost every leading contemporary British playwright, from John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger to Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls to Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem. The Royal Court Theatre is the only British new writing theatre with a commitment to working with playwrights across the world to develop new plays.

The Royal Court Theatre may seek funding for successful candidates in order to pay for their participation. Playwrights may be asked to help in researching and applying for grants available in their home countries. Please note that acceptance on International Playwriting Residencies is NOT dependent on funding.

Playwrights will be expected to write in their mother tongue and this work will be translated by the Royal Court. However, participants will need to have a good working knowledge of English as all meetings and group sessions will be conducted in English.

Travel and Accommodation
International travel, subsistence and accommodation will be provided by the Royal Court Theatre. Accommodation is self-catering, within walking distance or a short bus ride from the theatre. The Royal Court Theatre will also reimburse any UK entry visas costs.

Please provide us with the following:
A completed application form (see web site)
A recent example of your work (this should be an original, full length stage play in the original language and not an adaptation)
Two letters of recommendation from people who know your theatre work.

You are advised to send your application as soon as possible and they will be accepted until 14 March 2014. Applications are accepted by post or email. All postal applications should be printed single sided and unbound. Please do not send ring-bound or stapled scripts. Please ensure that all scripts contain page numbers.

We will acknowledge your application within two working days of receiving it.

Please send your completed application to

Elyse Dodgson
International Director
Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8AS, United Kingdom
Email: residencies@royalcourttheatre.com

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