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Monday, June 30, 2014

PICK OF THE VINE – Season 13 (2015)

web site

Little Fish Theatre is accepting scripts for our 13th Annual PICK OF THE VINE short play production to be presented in January-February 2014.  
There will be a $50 flat fee royalty payment to playwrights per play produced.
Submission Guidelines:
1.    Only ONE play may be submitted per playwright.  There is no submission fee.
2.    Submissions accepted starting June 15, 2014.  Submission deadline is July 15, 2014.
3.    Submissions via email only.  
        Email submissions (in .pdf form only) to LFTpickofthevine@gmail.com
4.    Plays must include contact info (name, phone number, email address, home city and state, country) on the cover sheet. 
5.    Plays will require no more than 10 actors.
6.    Plays will run no more than 15 minutes, no exceptions.
7.    Plays will have minimal set, costume, prop, and special effect requirements.

1.     We will notify semi-finalists via email by mid/late-September.  Only those playwrights whose pieces have progressed to the semi-final round will be notified.

2.     Playwrights whose pieces have been chosen for Production will be notified via phone call and email in October.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The New York New Works Theatre Festival seeks short plays

web site

The New York New Works Theatre Festival will be premiering this August and we are accepting submissions of short plays (30 minutes or less) until July 6th.

Each year we try to undertake a project that gives back to the community and this festival is our 2014 endeavor and contribution to the aspiring writers of NYC and the Tri-State area.

We have aggregated some of New York’s most prominent writers and producers as panelists who are enthusiastic about this cause as well as being legitimate decision makers in their given fields. Each is either an Emmy Award winner or Broadway producer making this, arguably, the only festival of its kind.

Attached you will find our application. There is no fee to apply to NYNW Theatre Festival. Please send your and script and application to info@nynwtheatrefestival.com by no later than July 6th 2014.

For more information on New York New Works Theatre Festival, our elite panel of producers and festival news go to our website http://nynwtheatrefestival.com/ or “like” us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nynwtheatrefestival.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Seeking never produced before original short 1 act plays

web site

Seeking never produced before original short 1 act plays (cast, directed and ready to perform) 7 minutes to 20 minutes in length for Manhattan Repertory Theatre's

AUGUST 12 and 13 at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 West 42nd St. (at 8th Ave) NYC


We are only accepting 1 act productions from the TRI-STATE area (NY, NJ, CT).

As part of our Community producing program we offer our EVENTS 4 to 6 times a year as a service to playwright/producers in the TRI-STATE AREA.

This is an opportunity to bring your NEW short 1 act play to life!

THERE IS NO SECURITY DEPOSIT, SUBMISSION FEE, PARTICIPATION FEE or any Manhattan Rep based Fees. We are just looking for passionate playwright/producers from the Tri-State area who wish to participate and try out a new short play in front of a live audience. We are looking for NEW short plays, never produced before, 7 - 20 minutes, cast, directed, off book, put on their feet and manifested for the first time from playwright/producers in the Tri-State area.

In order to submit, you must be available on:

Saturday August 9 from 8 am to 1:30 pm for TECH REHEARSAL

(A short 20-30 minute Tech will be schedule for you during this timeframe.)

Monday August 11 from 6 pm to 11 pm for DRESS REHEARSAL

(A 2.5 hour Dress rehearsal will be schedule during this timeframe.)


Tuesday August 12 at 6:30 pm or 9 pm

Wednesday August 13 at 6:30 pm or 9 pm

(Your performance time will be scheduled once all the plays have been accepted.


We will supply a technician to run your sound and lights for your production.

Please know this Event is NON-EQUITY ONLY.

These Events are wonderful fun! Please come and join us. We put up a slick professional show at our theatre on 42nd St and 8th Ave in the heart of the Theatre District.

To submit your NEW, never produced before short 1 act play production please email:

The complete play, a synopsis of the play, the running time of the play, the set and lighting requirements, the play╩╝s history (readings if any, when it was written, etc etc.) your mailing address, and a creative team leader contact email address to:

manhattanrep@yahoo.com by Tuesday JULY 15, 2014 at Midnight.

Please put "THE AUGUST EVENT" in the subject heading.

1 act play productions will be considered on a first - come first-served basis.

(The earlier you submit, the better your chances of being accepted.)

If we fill up all production slots early on, we will end submissions earlier than JULY 15, 2014

Once submitted, we will get back to you within one week as to your acceptance.

Again there are no Manhattan Repertory Theatre based fees of any kind.

If you have any questions about THE AUGUST EVENT please drop us a line at: manhattanrep@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

North Park Playwright Festival

web site

Our goal in building the North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe was to provide a small theater to produce new, untested plays.  In support of this goal we have produced the North Park Playwright Festival each October.  The festival provides a platform for brand new, short (ten minute), plays written by playwrights from around the world.  Over the past eleven years more than 400 new plays have been produced.  We encourage new directors and actors to become involved in theater through the festival as well.  Through the North Park Playwright Festival over ninety playwrights, directors, and actors each year are able to showcase their talents.  We invite interested playwrights to submit work to the festival.  Please follow the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for:

1.  Short new plays (no more that 15 pages, less is fine) that are easily staged and have casts with no more than four people.  Our theater is very small and we normally use a minimal set concept in this festival.  We have to be able to change sets in just a few minutes as we do six to seven plays each evening of the festival.  We don't have space for large casts.

2.  We request new work.   A play that has had workshops or one or two previous productions is OK, but we are not interested in work that has been produced in numerous other places.  Our goal in building the theater was to have a place to produce brand new work and let playwrights have a chance to see their work done for the first time.

3.  We seek complete plays rather than excerpts from a larger work.

4.  Work will be chosen by the directors we have in the festival.  It is not a "contest" and we are not really judging plays in the formal sense.  The directors choose the plays we will produce, within the production budget guidelines we give them.

5.  Most subject matter is OK.  We don't do nudity or off color humor.

6.  We ask that all submissions be sent to us via snail mail at the theater.  Address is:

North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe,
2031 El Cajon Blvd.,
San Diego, CA 92104,
Attn Summer Golden, Artistic Director.

We have too much trouble with differing email, word processing, and computer platform issues to take them via email.  Additionally, our selection process requires the directors read the plays submitted and the cost of printing all the plays we receive each year is prohibitive.  Please insure submissions have a title page with complete contact information (including email), a character summary, and are in proper script form.

There is no charge to enter.

7.  Submissions must be postmarked by June 30, 2014.  Please do not send plays by any method that requires a signature from us. We are not often at the theater when delivery occurs.  We will email notice of receipt to all playwrights submitting plays.

8.  Send only one script.  Multiple submissions do not increase chances of production.

We are trying to support new work and involve actors, playwrights, and directors of all experience levels. We have had a wide variety of artists involved from very experienced to first time directors and actors, to an 8 year old playwright (very short, well received play).  We feel having a wide range of experience involved helps the new people learn from the more experienced.

We really appreciate your interest in our theater.

Jeff Bushnell and Summer Golden
North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe
2031 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The PlayOffs at Horse & Cart 2014

web site

The PlayOffs are Horse & Cart’s annual playwriting festival/competition. Each year, we hand-select some of the best playwrights from around the country, and put them through a series of challenges, testing their chops and seeing whose work we want to bring to Denver. The winner is awarded a production with Horse & Cart for the following year, and a cash prize.


This year, 12 contestants will be selected out of hundreds to participate in our weekly battles where the keystroke is mightier than the sword!


The rules are simple. Send an email with the Subject line “PlayOffs Submission” with a sample of 5-10 pages of your best work that show your unique voice, along with your contact information to horseandcartcompany@gmail.com.

That’s it! We’ll take submissions through midnight June 30th, and contact our chosen contestants by July 10th. Once chosen, you’ll be asked to create new work on a weekly basis for 5 weeks this summer on different themes (mid-July through late August). Each week will have a live reading and subsequent elimination by our judges until just one playwright remains! That winner will receive a cash prize of at least $500, and the opportunity to develop and present an original work as part of the following year’s PlayOffs Festival.

We encourage local, national, and international entries, as all submissions will be done online. Participants will have their work published in competition anthology, and be among the first considered as Horse & Cart looks for future collaborators bringing original and powerful stories to Denver audiences!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Statement from the Dramatists Guild

DG BizBlip: Theatre Under the Stars

In light of the recent activities of Bruce Lumpkin, Artistic Director of Theatre Under the Stars in Houston, TX, with regard to the many reports of his unauthorized changes to the musical “Hands On A Hardbody” he presented at his theater, the Dramatists Guild has written a letter to Mr. Lumpkin objecting to his conduct and offers this general statement about the practice of making unauthorized revisions:
DG Statement:

Playwrights in America own their work. They have sacrificed much for this privilege, including the important right that directors enjoy, to unionize and collectively bargain for the terms of their employment. Dramatists have chosen, instead, to own their words and their music and to have approval over productions of their work. It is a right the Guild has maintained for theater writers since 1926. And it is a right that authors have incorporated into their contracts with publishers. As a consequence, all publishers license shows with a standard contractual prohibition that prevents producers and their employees (like directors) from changing the show without the author’s permission.

Fortunately, most professional theaters respect authorship and the standards of the theater industry (and their own contractual obligations) by either asking for permission to make changes upfront or staging the work as written. They don’t want to run afoul of the licensing agents, nor do they want to bear the extra financial burden of having to stop performances and restage a production, or to endure the costs of litigation. Nor, we imagine, do they want to earn the enmity of playwrights everywhere, who have made ownership and control of their work the core value of their professional lives.

But there are some theaters that take a different tack in this regard. Those theaters engage in the practice of rewriting shows they present without authorial approval, in direct violation of the theater’s contractual obligations and industry standards. The Dramatists Guild of America, a national association representing the interests of over 7000 playwrights, composers and lyricists worldwide, vehemently and unequivocally objects to such illegal practices.

When we become aware of such a theater, we keep apprised of the theater’s ongoing activities and report on it to our membership and their representatives. We hope that writers, agents and publishers will consider this information when deciding whether or not to issue licenses for any works they represent.

Call for original short plays by playwrights from tri-state area

web site

South Street Players (southstreetplayers.org) is seeking short (20 minutes or less), original, one-act plays for its 4th Annual Tri-State Theatre Festival. The event will take place October 17-19, 2014 in Spring Lake, NJ.

The festival, which receives more than 200 plays annually, is committed to presenting the finest and most unique original one-acts written by local playwrights from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The event also serves as an artistic fundraiser, with all proceeds going to SSP to help the group maintain its commitment to producing high-quality, extremely engaging theatre experiences for the 2014-15 season… and beyond.
Submission Rules and Process:

Seeking original comedic and dramatic one-act plays from playwrights currently living in the Tri-State area only (NJ, NY and PA).

Plays must be 20 pages or less. Submissions of longer than 20 pages will be declined for consideration.

Plays must be in standard playscript format.

Playwrights may submit more than one play, but please be sure your name and email address is on the title page of each script.

SSP is a family theatre – no excessive swearing, no nudity.

No royalties or payment will be provided to playwrights should his or her play be chosen for the festival.

Plays will only be accepted via email: southstreetoneacts@gmail.com

Deadline: July 4, 2014, 11:59pm.
For more information, please email Rob Sullivan, Festival Producer, at southstreetoneacts@gmail.com.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Panglossian Productions' Pop Up Theater, an annual performance of ten-minute work seeks scripts

web site

In a world… where kids rule the woods and sharks roam the beach. Where no high dive is too high and no bikini too low. Where sunburns outlive true love. This summer… one theatre company… will challenge you to confess what you really did on your summer vacation. So we can put it on stage for everyone to see. And in the grand tradition of the back of math class and that first back-to-school essay, lies are encouraged.

The 2014 theme is What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Submission deadline: July 1

Length: 10 pages or fewer

Please send the script and a brief bio or resume to literary@panglossian.org

Pop Up Theater is an annual performance of original ten-minute plays. Plays range from fully staged scenes to book-in-hand readings. The intent is for artists to get a work on its feet, in front of an audience, and see where it goes. The theme of each Pop Up Theater allows artists to find inspiration for a new story, focus an idea that has been stewing for a while, or dust off an old scene for a new life. The plays can be monologues, poems, skits, excerpts from larger plays, musical pieces, movement or dance, even performance art – as long as they fit the theme. You provide the work, and we’ll help you with directors and actors. The performance will be staged for a live audience and will be live streamed on-line via HowlRoundTV on August 31.

Proscenium Journal Now Accepting Submissions

Proscenium Journal is the first quarterly journal dedicated to publishing high-caliber theatrical works. Proscenium publications are free of charge and readily accessible online, allowing playwrights to share their work with newer and larger audiences.

Proscenium accepts original plays of any length and style, original adaptations (as long as the rights for the adapted work are secured) and musicals. We also accept articles about playwriting and theatre.

We only accept submissions via email. Please email your original play or article to submissions@prosceniumjournal.com with the subject “Submission: [Title], [Author.]” We would like you to submit your play as both a Word Document and PDF file. In addition, please submit a brief, 100-word author bio. If your play has been produced, please send us information about production history. There is no submission fee, and anyone is allowed to submit.

The deadline to be considered for the fall edition of Proscenium is August 1st, 2014. However, we accept submissions year-round and will consider them for future editions.

Please allow us four to six weeks to review your play. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we regret that we cannot acknowledge all submissions.

Proscenium has has one-time, non-exclusive publication rights to plays published in the journal. The playwright retains all other rights.

For more information about Proscenium Journal, go to www.prosceniumjournal.com. If you have any questions about our submission process, please contact editors@prosceniumjournal.com.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

This Is Water Theatre is currently seeking plays

web site

This Is Water Theatre is currently seeking plays for our second season. We are the first professional, ensemble theatre company in Bryan/College Station, TX (home to Texas A&M University). Our focus is on performing new plays, devised work, and deconstructions of classic work that will encourage young adults to become regular theatre-goers. Plays should include between 4 and 8 characters, with roles for at least 2 male and 2 female actors.

We will consider all scripts that meet this qualification, but the following criteria will guide our selection process:
Most roles need to be filled by our fixed ensemble, visible HERE.
(although there may be a few changes in the 2014-2015 ensemble, it will largely remain the same). All ensemble members need not perform in each play, and we have the availability to bring in guest artists, but the ensemble will form the core of each cast.
We generally do not use traditional theatre spaces. For this reason, scripts that lend themselves to other types of venues or unusual staging are particularly encouraged.

Like any theatre committed to new work, we are always excited to produce premieres. However, we do not prioritize “World Premiere” status, so scripts that have already had a small number of productions are just as welcome as those which have not yet been produced.

To submit, please email a PDF version of your full script to dramaturg@thisiswatertheatre.com. 

We will accept submissions either until we receive 200 or until July 15. Authors of selected plays will receive a small royalty per performance, and we will do our best to fly you to Texas to observe either rehearsals or performances, pending budgetary availability. We look forward to reading your work!

Andrew Roblyer, Artistic Director
Eleanor Owicki, Resident Dramaturg

Discount tickets for NYCPlaywrights - MURDER FOR TWO

See MURDER FOR TWO before it's too late - a discount offer for NYCPlaywrights

Book & Music by Joe Kinosian
Book & Lyrics by Kellen Blair
Directed by Scott Schwartz

New World Stages – 340 West 50th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
"INGENIOUS! A SNAZZY DOUBLEACT!"  Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
“A HILARIOUS MUSICAL WHODUNIT.” – Jesse Oxfeld, The New York Observer




Everyone is a suspect in Murder for Two, a hilarious musical murder mystery with a twist: one actor investigates the crime, the other plays all of the suspect and they both play the piano! A zany blend of classical musical comedy and madcap mystery, this award-wining 90-minute whodunit is a highly theatrical duet loaded with killer laughs.

Murder for Two is perfect for ages 8 to 98!


Performance Schedule:

Monday 7pm | Wednesday 2pm & 7pm | Thursday 8pm |
 Friday 8pm | Saturday 2pm & 8pm | Sunday 3pm


$39.50 tickets (reg. $87) for Mondays at 7, Wednesdays at 2pm & 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm

$45 tickets (reg. $87) for Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm & 8pm and Sundays at 3pm


ONLINE: Visit www.BroadwayOffers.com and enter code MRPIANO214

PHONE: Call 212.947.8844  and mention code MRPIANO214

IN PERSON: Bring a printout of this offer to the New World Stages box office –340 West 50th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)

Box office hours: Mon, Thurs, Fri: 1pm-8pm; Tues: 1pm-7pm; Wed & Sat: 10am-8pm; Sun 10am-7pm
FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit www.MurderForTwoMusical.com

*Offer valid for performances through 6/29. Blackout dates may apply. Offer subject to availability. Offer may be revoked at any time. Ticket prices include $2.00 facilities fee. Service fees apply to online/phone orders. Schedule is subject to change. All sales are final.

Marin Theatre Company seeks submissions for its 2015 David Calicchio New American Playwright Prize

web site

Marin Theatre Company will begin accepting submissions for the 2015 Sky Cooper and 2015 David Calicchio prizes on July 1, 2014. Submissions will be accepted (postmarked or via the online submission form) through August 31, 2014.

• Submissions must be unpublished, original full-length plays in any genre.
• Musicals, translations, individual one-acts, and any play previously submitted for the Sky Cooper or David Calicchio Prizes are not eligible.
• Plays may not have received or be scheduled for a full-scale, professional production prior to submission (plays that have had a workshop, reading, or non-professional production are eligible).
• Playwrights must be citizens of the United States.
• Only one submission per playwright is allowed each year; you may submit the same play for both prizes.

PHASE I: Submit a completed online submission form and 10 pages of consecutive sample dialogue.
Agents may submit full scripts of their client’s work. Please do not send full scripts for Phase I unless via an agent or professional representation; unsolicited scripts will not be read.
We prefer sample pages attached to the online submission form in .pdf or .doc format, with last name, first name, (title of the play) as the document title. For example: Wilson, August (Seven Guitars).pdf.

All scripts will be read by a member of the Marin Theatre Company artistic staff. Please do not send more than the requested materials. Do not send videos, CDs or DVDs. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Due to the high number of submissions, not every playwright will receive a response to their Phase I submission. No materials will be returned.

PHASE II: Selected submissions will be invited to send full scripts for Phase II. All full scripts that have been solicited after Phase I will be read by a member of the Marin Theatre Company artistic staff.

Winners will be chosen from among submitted and solicited scripts; final selections are made by Jasson Minadakis, Artistic Director.

Submissions are accepted between July 1 and August 31, 2013 (postmarked).

For questions or concerns, please contact literarymanager@marintheatre.org. Please, no phone inquiries.

Norton J. “Sky” Cooper established the Emerging American Playwright Prize award at Marin Theatre Company in 2007 in honor of David Calicchios lifelong career as a playwright and in support of Marin Theatre Company’s commitment to the discovery and development of new and emerging American playwrights. The Calicchio Prize will be awarded annually to a professionally unproduced playwright for a new work that shows outstanding promise and a distinctive new voice for the American theatre. The play selected as the Calicchio Prize winner will receive 2 public staged readings at Marin Theatre Company as part of the theatres annual New Works Series. The playwright will receive a $2,500 award, as well as travel and accommodations for the MTC rehearsal period (25 hours).

Heiress Productions is now accepting submissions for its 2014 Playwriting Competition

web site

Here’s how to enter:

Scripts should be full-length and mostly comedic in nature (or with major comedic elements). In addition, the plays should be unpublished and should not have been produced in NYC. 

 Submissions will be accepted through August 31, 2014. 

 The prize for the winning play(s) will be a complete reading in NYC produced by Heiress Productions with the potential of being fully produced at a later date.

For consideration, please send the following materials to scripts@heiressproductions.org -

1. Cover Letter
2. Synopsis
3. Ten (10) representative pages. These will be the basis for the first round of consideration. Scripts selected to continue will be read in their entirety by the judging panel.
4. Resume of the playwright(s)

We look forward to reading your work!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

South Street Players seeking short plays for Tri-State Theatre Festival

web site

South Street Players is seeking short (20 minutes or less), original, one-act plays for its 4th Annual Tri-State Theatre Festival.

South Street Players is seeking short (20 minutes or less), original, one-act plays for its 4th Annual Tri-State Theatre Festival. The event will take place October 17-19, 2014 in Spring Lake, NJ.

The festival, which receives more than 200 plays annually, is committed to presenting the finest and most unique original one-acts written by local playwrights from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The event also serves as an artistic fundraiser, with all proceeds going to SSP to help the group maintain its commitment to producing high-quality, extremely engaging theatre experiences for the 2014-15 season… and beyond.

Submission Rules and Process:

  • Seeking original comedic and dramatic one-act plays from playwrights currently living in the Tri-State area only (NJ, NY and PA).
  • Plays must be 20 pages or less. Submissions of longer than 20 pages will be declined for consideration.
  • Plays must be in standard playscript format.
  • Playwrights may submit more than one play, but please be sure your name and email address is on the title page of each script.
  • SSP is a family theatre – no excessive swearing, no nudity.
  • No royalties or payment will be provided to playwrights should his or her play be chosen for the festival.

Plays will only be accepted via email: southstreetoneacts@gmail.com

Deadline: July 4, 2014, 11:59pm.

For more information, please email Rob Sullivan, Festival Producer, at southstreetoneacts@gmail.com.

WIN TWO TICKETS TO ACCIDENTAL PERVERT! or take advantage of this discount offer

“Funny but Poignant and Sweet!” – Examiner.com  

“Go See The Show!" – Village Voice

ACCIDENTAL PERVERT is the true accounting of one boy’s odyssey to manhood via a childhood dominated by pornography, an addiction accumulated after the boy happens upon his father’s collection of XXX-Rated video tapes in a bedroom closet, just to the right of his golf clubs, above the cowboy boots, behind the sweatshirts, all the way up in the top left hand corner.  Andrew Goffman takes his audience on a hilarious and self-deprecating journey into a world of video vixens, X-Rated fantasies, and really DIRTY movies with no redeeming value whatsoever.   He found the tapes at 11 years-of-age.  The addiction controlled him until he was 26. THE YEAR HE MET HIS WIFE. 

The 13th Street Repertory
50 West 13th Street, NYC

On Tuesday, June 24 at 8PM NYCPlaywrights will post a trivia question about pornography (although the question and answer will be rated PG) - the first person who emails the correct answer to the posted email address will receive the tickets.

CONTEST RESTRICTIONS: Winner receives a voucher redeemable for two tickets. Blackout dates apply. Voucher expires June 28th, 2014.


If you don’t win tickets, you can still see the show at a great deal!

$ 29 tickets (reg $49)
 Fridays & Saturdays at 7PM

ONLINE: Click Here and use code RRM29
PHONE: Call 212-352-3101 and mention code RRM29
IN PERSON: Bring this offer to the theatre box office.

RESTRICTIONS: Offer may be revoked at anytime and is subject to availability.  Not valid on prior purchase. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions; blackout dates and restrictions may apply.  Maximum of 8 tickets total with offer.

On Friday, June 20 at 11PM NYCPlaywrights will post a trivia question related to Ayn Rand - the first person who emails the correct answer to the posted email address will receive the tickets.

NYCPlaywrights Play of the Month: US by David Copper

David Copper on US:
US is a monologue that celebrates the sticky, complicated nature of relationships and recognizes that unions between humans are not possible without such stickiness. It also acknowledges the odd tendency we have to wax nostalgic about aspects of past relationships that were not so pleasant at the time. I suppose you could say it is autobiographical. But I imagine we've all been there.
For more information about the author and the actor see the NYCPlaywrights Play of the Month Page.

FWD Theatre Project seeks new American musicals

web site

FWD Theatre Project, an artists' collective working to advance Chicago's role as a premier developer of new American musicals, is accepting submissions for their inaugural 2015 season. Up to five original musical works will be chosen for development and public readings in the launch year of this new venture.

Selected shows will first be featured in a high-profile industry concert at City Winery on Sept. 22, 2014; This heavily-publicized event will feature nationally recognized artists plus leading and emerging voices from Chicago and Broadway stages, with an audience of theatre and supporting communities, directors, producers, and press with vested interest in establishing Chicago as a leading musical development city.

Following the concert, up to five projects will be offered a 29 hour workshop with two public readings in Chicago during the kickoff 2015 festival (dates TBD.) Writers/teams will receive a $200 honorarium with possible additional funds for travel and/or housing during their reading process.

Submissions open May 15-June 30, 2014 with no fee and the following guidelines:
  • Unpublished works only with no prior class-A production
  • 100 word synopsis
  • Cast breakdown
  • First 30 pages of libretto
  • Four songs (MP3 preferred) with at least two from the first 30 libretto pages
  • Writers bios
  • Development history (if available)
  • Proof of underlying rights (if work is based on copyrighted material)
  • Chicago and national writers welcome
  • Selected writers will be notified by Aug. 15, 2014
  • Writers are encouraged to attend inaugural concert but not required to do so 
Electronic submissions preferred - send to:
Amber Mak, Executive Artistic Director
(please direct to Dropbox or file hosting site for files over 10MB)

Printed/CD submissions (if necessary): email amber@fwdtheatre.org for direction.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Write Now call for Theater for Young Audiences (TYA) scripts

web site

Deadline July 31st
If you have a play in progress for young audiences (grades K-12), please consider submitting it to Write Now, a national workshop and gathering. Four finalists will receive cash prizes, a week-long workshop with TYA professionals, and a rehearsed reading of their scripts for the TYA community. Deadline is July 31st.

More information at www.writenow.co

There is no fee to enter a script.
  1. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically as editable digital files (no scans).
  2. Author’s name MUST NOT APPEAR in any manner on the manuscript, synopsis or cast list.
  3. Each submitting playwright must also complete and send an entry form electronically. All submissions MUST include a brief synopsis and a cast list. The synopsis should be no more than one page and should include:
       ~ list of unusual effects or technical requirements
      ~  list of characters noting age and sex, (and possible doublings).
  4. Supporting materials (reviews, publicity, etc.) SHOULD NOT accompany the submission.
  5. All submissions will be acknowledged via email.
  6. Playwrights whose work is being considered for full development (ie a potential finalist) will be asked to submit a brief history of the work and goals for the week of development. Subsequently, each playwright will be expected to confer with his/her director and dramaturg prior to casting.
  7. Submission deadline July 31, 2014. Late submissions will NOT be accepted. Winners will be contacted in December 2014.
  8. Submissions not following the guidelines will be considered ineligible.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cimientos seeks plays in English and Spanish

web site

Cimientos is a program dedicated in full to the development of new plays in English and Spanish. By focusing on the strengthening of a dramatic work's foundations, Cimientos takes each playwrights vision from initial drafts to a rehearsed staged reading where the audience voice is the culmination of growth.
There is no submission fee for Cimientos.
Submissions lacking any of the following guidelines will not be considered.

1. Submission will only be accepted through the online form. 
 See link above (only visible in June 2014.)
2. Submissions must be the author's own work. The piece shall be free from copyright restrictions and the author agrees to hold IATI Theater and directors free and harmless from all copyright claims.
3. The playwright must commit to be present on the staged reading performance of his/her work.
4. The playwright must commit to be present on the PPP (Pal Playwrights Panel) assigned to his/her work.
5. This program is open to authors from anywhere in the world with original works in English or Spanish who are interested in a New York audience feedback. However, because of the PPP (Pal Playwrights Panel), every playwright must be present to take part in the monthly meetings or commit to presenting feedback electronically or in written form on the dates of the PPP's and with no delay.
6. Only one play may be submitted per playwright, per season.
7. Submissions must not exceed 90 minutes in length.
8. The play must require 5 actors or less. Plays that have more than 5 actors and do not provide a clear and stageable doubling explanation will not be reviewed. If doubling is possible, it must be expressed clearly on the online form.
9. The submission must be a completed full-length play that has not previously been produced in any setting. If the play has undergone a workshop, staged reading or development of any kind, the playwright must inform IATI Theater of the specifics on the online form.
10. The author’s name(s) should be nowhere within the script, any authorship information must not be visible in the play document. Scripts will be read ‘blind’.
11. Submissions for the 2014-2015 Season will only be accepted from June 1 to June 30, 2014.

*The 2014-2015 Cimientos will consists of two main components:

*PPP (Pal Playwrights Panel): Playwrights accepted to the program, IATI Theater’s artistic staff and other specially invited theater professionals will converge in workshop meetings to discuss the new works that make up the particular season. Every meeting will be dedicated to a single playwright in the program, the focus being in further advancing the text before it is presented in front of a live audience.

*SRP (Staged Reading Presentation): Each playwright in the program will be given the opportunity to present his/her play in a directed, professionally acted staged reading. Thus, the piece will be exposed to a receptive audience that further develops the featured script through a post-reading talkback.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Arch and Bruce Brown LGBT Competition

web site

The 2014 playwriting competition is open to submissions from March 1 through June 30. We prefer manuscripts to be submitted electronically but hard copy submissions will also be accepted. Electronic submissions must be received by midnight on June 30 and mailed manuscripts should be postmarked by the deadline.

All works must concern LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) life and be based on, or directly inspired by, a historical person, culture, work of art or event. See What Is Historical? for more information.

All works submitted (full–length dramas, comedies, musicals, screenplays) must be original and in English. One work per author, please. There is no entry fee. Prizewinners will be chosen before the end of the year. Prizes are as follows: First Prize, $3,000; Second Prize, $1,500; Honorable Mentions, $500.

When emailing:
Manuscripts should be in standard play or screenplay format, using a 12-point or larger font, and saved as a .doc, .docx or PDF.
The first page must include the title, your name, email address, mailing address and phone number.
If the work you are submitting has been produced in any form (workshop, staged reading, full production), please include a brief production history. On a separate page, explain briefly how the work relates to LGBT life, describing its historical inspiration.
Page numbers should appear on every page.
In the case of musicals, audio segments should be sent separately as MP3 files and limited to 10 minutes. We will request more if necessary.

Email to: jwillis@aabbfoundation.org

When mailing:
Manuscripts should be neatly typed on one side of the page only. They should be in standard play or screenplay format, using a 12-point or larger font.
The cover page of the manuscript should include the title, your name, mailing address, phone number and email address.
If the work you are submitting has been produced in any form (workshop, staged reading, full production), please include a brief production history. On a separate page, explain briefly how the work relates to LGBT life, describing its historical inspiration.
Page numbers should appear on every page.
For musical works, include a CD with selections totaling no more than 30 minutes.

Mail to:

Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation
P.O. Box 26124
Brooklyn, NY 11202

Saturday, June 14, 2014

CITY THEATRE of St. Petersburg, Florida SEEKS ONE ACTS

web site

St. Petersburg City Theatre, (a 501C3 non-profit), is accepting one-act play submissions from playwrights to be used in their "Summer Shorts" production in August 2014. Plays should be no more than 10-12 minutes in length, with NO SET CHANGES! The deadline for submissions is June 20, 2014 and production dates are August 15, 16 and 17, 2014.

 Please submit manuscripts to Mary Brophy at mbrophy40@aol.com or for more info.

Elite Theatre Company World Premiere Play

PLEASE NOTE, Elite Theatre Company has sent this notice: 
"Due to the overwhelming number of submissions, as of June 13, 2014, at 12 midnight (PST), we will not accept any more inquiries or submissions for the 2015 World Premiere slot. Thank you for your understanding."
The Elite Theatre Company produces at least one World Premiere play in its regular main stage season each year. We are open to all kinds of plays.
Plays must be full-length, unpublished and unproduced.

We are a 72-seat theater with very limited off-stage space. Casts with more than 8 actors are a very tight fit (although we have done plays with 20 actors); set changes must be minimal; and, having only an 8.5-foot ceiling over the upstage half of our stage does not allow for tall platforms or second floor sets.

Tom Eubanks, Artistic Director, describes what he’s looking for: “For this slot in our season, I like plays that engage the audience’s sense of not knowing what to expect, something about the play in its characters, theme and plot that is quirky, off-center, but not obscene or tawdry. I’m not interested in “living room” plays or plays that take the social justice issue to the point of being whiny. For 2015, I would love to see more submissions by conservative writers, whose voices have traditionally been muted by the East Coast theater establishment. If in doubt, just write it and then send it to me.”

Letters of Inquiry and submissions are accepted from March 1 – June 30. If you send an inquiry or script outside the submission period, we may not respond.


No web site

Occupy the Empty Space is spearheading a long term arts action to encourage students to fight the... student debt crisis. In the culmination of this project, your play will be performed multiple times at different areas in the country by college students -- that's the vision.

What We Need From You:

We are looking for superb, tight, ten minute plays about student debt. No more than four characters, no more than 12 pages. Err on the side of minimal swearing unless totally necessary to the play. We are particularly looking for plays written by and about under-represented voices-- women, people of color, individuals who identify as LGBT, individuals throughout the gender presentation spectrum, and individuals from varying economic backgrounds."

****Any plays submitted longer than 12 pages, with more than four characters, about any other theme than student debt, will be completely disregarded. 

***Please do not submit more than one play without first checking with us. If you do so, we will disregard all of your submissions.  

**Please include a brief greeting with your submission. Honestly, we're not too concerned about your credentials or where you've been produced; we want to know who you are and what you're about. 

*Send your submission to otes.studentdebt.action@gmail.com, as a PDF or .doc attachment, between October 15th, 2013 and June 15th, 2014 at midnight. 

For more information check out our Facebook page.

MITF Presents Special July Short Play Lab - Cash Prizes

web site

Dear Friend in the Theatre,

The last Short Play Lab of the season has come and successfully gone, at which point I usually call it a year and focus on the Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF). But this year we decided to include a Short Play Lab in the MITF itself, which will create more-varied programming in the MITF and offer more opportunities for glory to (mostly local) playwrights.

Whether you've thought about doing a short play in New York but have never tried, or if you're a regular at such events around town, please give a thought to producing a show in the July Short Play Lab. Not only do you rub shoulders with your fellow short-playwrights, but you get to be promoted among 50-some other plays of all sorts, from the microscopic to full-length commercial musicals. (Our audiences number in the thousands.) The rules are easy-peasy: 

Deadline is July 1. 

Notification will be soon after submission, depending on number of submissions. The sooner you get your script in, the more time you have to prepare. Get that script in pronto!
Unlike other Labs, this one will be performed on Fri. night and Sat. afternoon.
Plays should be 1 - 10 pp. in standard playscript format.* (The shorter the better; shorter plays get priority.) Include a title page, as the first page of the script, with your contact info (preferred means of contact is by email).
Submit scripts in MS-Word.
You produce the play whether or not you live in New York. The SPL provides the theatre. This Lab will take place in the WorkShop Theater Company's Jewel Box, 312 W. 36th St. 4th floor, New York, NY 10018.
Productions must be non-union: no showcases please! (And no Equity waivers, either.)
Keep production values to a minimum: costumes and hand props are okay. We provide rehearsal cubes, chairs, and a table. You can't leave your stuff in the theatre overnight.
We provide a board op, box office, and venue management.
There are no fees. The SPL keeps the door.
Tickets are $20. Each playwright and director gets to watch his/her show for free. There are no other comps.
There will be a tech rehearsal in the daytime on Friday, July 25.
Every play gets 2 performances, 1 on Fri. and 1 on Sat. Each play will be part of 1 of 2 programs: Program A or Program B, but not both. Program A takes place at 7:30 pm Fri. and 4:30 pm Sat. Program B takes place at 9:30 pm Fri. and 2:30 pm Sat.
We don't do staged readings. Be off-book, please! Plays not off-book during tech will be removed from the line-up.
THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCTION IN EACH PROGRAM RECEIVES A CASH PRIZE OF $75. Winners are determined by polling patrons after the performance. We reserve the right to break ties.

*12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions.

The SPL is a lot of fun and a good way to see your work on its feet in a supportive environment. It's also a great way to see actors and directors at work, so you can recruit people for later productions.

To submit a script, send it as an attachment, in Word format, to john.chatterton@gmail.com. Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!


John Chatterton
Executive producer, Short Play Lab

Women in Theatre: Ruby Dee, actress

Friday, June 13, 2014

WIN TWO TICKETS TO THE ANTHEM! or take advantage of this discount offer

Directed, Choreographed & Designed by Rachel Klein
Featuring Jason Gotay, Remy Zaken with Jenna Leigh Green
and Randy Jones of the Village People as the evil overlord, Tiberius!

THE ANTHEM is a rollicking sci-fi musical about a revolt of the young against an evil state lovingly inspired by the classic novella “Anthem.”   Hunger Games meets Ayn Rand in a world where individuality is illegal. Filled with romance, rousing music, energetic dancing and high flying aerial acrobatics, this is one summer show not to be missed.  
See what the critics are saying…

“An Exuberant Musical Adaptation… Pours on Dazzling Trimmings.  
What makes the show pop is the bracing vision of its Director, Rachel Klein”
The New York Times

“A Great Stroke of Rebellion. The Anthem Makes Smart Choices”
Entertainment Weekly

The Lynn Redgrave Theater at 45 Bleecker
45 Bleecker Street 
New York NY 10012

On Friday, June 20 at 11PM NYCPlaywrights will post a trivia question related to Ayn Rand - the first person who emails the correct answer to the posted email address will receive the tickets. 

CONTEST RESTRICTIONS: Winner will receive a ticket voucher redeemable for two tickets to a performance of his/her choice. Blackout dates and other restrictions may apply.


If you don’t win tickets, you can still see the show at a great deal!

$45 from May 30 to July 6 (regularly $64)

PHONE: Call 866.811.4111 and mention code ANTRRM
IN PERSON:  Bring this offer to The Lynn Redgrave Theater at 45 Bleecker
45 Bleecker Street (box office opens daily 2 hours before performances)

RESTRICTIONS: Subject to availability. Maximum of 12 tickets per order. Not valid on prior purchase. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.  Additional blackout dates and restrictions may apply. No refunds or exchanges. Offer may be revoked at any time. Standard service fees apply to all phone and internet orders. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Theatre d'Art seeks full-length scripts

web site

We are THEATREdART, a small community theatre company in Colorado Springs. We've been operating for about ten years now, and one of our goals is to give new artists a chance to have their work produced. We are currently taking script submissions for our 2014-2015 season, and for the first time, have decided to open up submissions beyond our immediate area.

So, if you have written a unique script that you would like to see produced, please send a copy of the script (or a sample) to tom@theatredart.org[1] before June 31st. 

If we choose your play for production, we will negotiate payment for rights for 9 showings to a house of 50.

Serious submissions only, please, We will not critique or workshop scripts, so please do not send any works in progress, or otherwise unfinished scripts. Depending on number of submissions, we may not be able to reply to everyone who submits something. And as a final aside, we're fairly new to doing open calls for scripts. If there's already an established forum or method for doing this, we apologize, and would love for someone to point us in that direction!

Call for Short Plays Featuring Good Roles for Women

Page on Facebook

Small, barebones company primarily looking for short plays that feature good roles for women. They are particularly interested in comedies featuring women, but will consider all sorts of work, including darker shows. (They used to host the Samuel French Short Play Festival.)
Submit one-acts (no longer than 25 minutes) with small casts (5 or fewer actors). If possible, a permission letter for an AEA showcase with an end date of 6 months form the submission is appreciated.

Le Wilhelm, Artistic Director
Love Creek Productions
21-44 45th Ave., #4
Long Island City, NY 11101

Saturday, June 7, 2014

downSTAGEright, on behalf of STAGEright, seeks short plays with the theme PAYCHECK

web site

downSTAGEright, on behalf of STAGEright, will be presenting one night of new works readings on August 3rd- the third episode of its incredibly successful and arousing Slingshot Series.

Email your text(s) to roland@seattlestageright.org by JUNE 11, 2014

Guidelines for submissions are as follows:

- Each playwright may submit up to TWO plays.

- Each play must be no longer than 25 PAGES, not including the Title Page and any character/setting information.

- There is no minimum or maximum for characters.

- Each submitted text must be a completed work with a beginning, middle, and end- no partial works, scenes pulled from full-length pieces, or incomplete works will be read.

- Musicals or plays with music are welcome; please submit a score of any music- demos as well, though these are not required.

- Only plays in development will be considered, meaning that your play cannot have had a full production- though works which have had readings/workshops are welcome.

- Scripts must be COMPLETELY blinded, please submit a separate Cover Sheet with the title of your play and your contact information.

- Each play must have something to do with the theme - PAYCHECK.

- Playwrights whose works have been selected will be contacted by July 9th- submissions are due 11:59pm PST JUNE 11th!

Works who do not meet any one of these requirements will not be considered.

The 4th annual NEWvember New Plays Festival

We are now pleased to invite submissions of new plays for this year's NEWvember festival:

  • submitted plays should be previously unproduced (we will consider plays that have had readings before but are still in development) 
  • plays should not have previously been submitted to the NEWvember Festival 
  • plays should have a cast size of 2-8 
  • plays should have a running time of 30 to 120 minutes 
  • we will only accept one submission per writer 
  • we ask that the writers of the chosen plays attend the reading of their play towards its further development and to be present for a post-reading Q&A with the audience. We will provide $50 towards travel for those traveling more than 50 miles (the equivalent of a return Amtrak trip from NYC to Rhinecliff) as well as local accommodation in Tivoli
  • there is no fee for submissions 
  • while we are open to all styles and subjects, our companies do have a preference for narrative and character driven stories 

Please submit your play at www.NEWvemberfestival.com/submit
  • via our online application form 
you will be asked to include
  • your play as a PDF, without your name, email or other identifying marks (to aid our blind reading process) 
  • the title page, listing the name of author, separately 
  • a 3-line synopsis of the play 
  • a bio of the writer 

The window for submissions opens Thursday May 1st 2014.
The closing date for submissions is Monday June 30th 2014 (12 midnight EST).
Please note that these criteria will be applied strictly and any submissions made after the closing date or not following the submission criteria will not be considered.

The writers of the plays that have been shortlisted will be contacted in early September and will be asked to send any updated version of their play, as this will be the final version considered and the version read at the festival if chosen.

The invited plays will be announced in October.

CASTING: Please note - the chosen plays will be read by an ensemble of actors, each performing roles in multiple plays in the festival. While we will endeavor to provide the best match of cast for each play that is read, in terms of characters' listed ages/ethnicities, we also need to form an ensemble to best cover the entire range of the festival's program. We appreciate our playwrights' understanding of our ensemble-based casting.

For more information, see www.NEWvemberFestival.com

Project Y offers discount tickets for Playwrights Night

web site

Project Y is holding a Playwrights' Night for their New York premiere of THE RELIGION THING Renee Calarco on Wed, Jun 25th at 8pm.

Below is a link to get $10 tickets (Reg. $25). 

USE CODE: PYT2014 when checking out. 

After the show we’ll head out to the Trailer Park Bar and Grill (271 W 23rd St) for drinks and conversation with the artistic directors and other members of the company. 

Click here to learn more and buy tix

Project Y produces world premieres and New York premieres of new plays every season, and also offers readings, workshop productions, and more. In addition, the Project Y Playwrights Group is a selective playwrights' workshop that meets twice a month to read and discuss new work.

About the Play

Mo and Brian are a picture-perfect DC couple: they’re smart, they’re witty, and they have a beautifully remodeled kitchen. But when Mo’s best friend Patti announces she’s found Jesus and is putting her own career on hold, Mo must take a closer look at the harder truths surrounding her own marriage. A comedy about relationships, faith, and the fine line between compromise and regret, The Religion Thing was nominated for a Helen Hayes/Charles MacArthur Award for Best New Play in 2013.

We hope to see you on June 25!

Children’s Theater Playwright Competition

web site

CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale NY announces the 1st Annual Children’s Theater Playwright Competition.

The purpose of this contest is to encourage unpublished writers to write for the stage by providing the opportunity for them to collaborate with actors, directors, and others through all stages of production, including rehearsals and performances. The Playwriting Award supports the development of plays and musicals through a variety of benefits, including an opportunity to workshop the show in a slot on our Children’s Theater Stage, a subscription to our mainstage season, a raffle type item to be named later and your name on a plaque in the theater as the winner. Please refer to the Rules and Procedures.

All Entries must be received by June 15th 2014

Submissions should be mailed physically to:

CM Performing Arts Center
931 Montauk Highway
Oakdale, NY, 11769 
Attention Playwright Competition 

or emailed toinfo@cmpac.com
  • The content must be accessible for CM’s Children’s Theater stage
  • The show must contain two acts of material and can be up to 2 hours in length
  • Music, if included, must be either original or be public domain.
  • If of the musical variety, the submission must include sheet music for at least 2/3rds of the included music
  • This contest is only open to amateur i.e. unpublished playwrights
  • The contest will be judged by our Artistic Director, Patrick Grossman and the winner will be chosen and posted by 6/30/14

The Workshop:

The winner will work in conjunction with our resident Artistic Director to cast, direct and produce the selected work for our September Children’s Theater slot. There will be three performances, on weekends, of the work. At the close of the CM Theatrical Run, the author is free to take the material elsewhere for production and in no way are rights the property of CMPAC.

The rehearsal process will consist of 2-3 rehearsals weekly, leading up to the technical week, or week prior to the production opening, and will be the responsibility of the director/ contest winner, along with the Artistic Director, to schedule and maintain.

A production staff and budget will be provided to the show and the director/winner may have input on production staff and casting.

An opening day reception for the winner, the cast and staff, as well as selected guests of the winner will be provided by CM

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mixed Blood submission guidelines

web site

Mixed Blood welcomes submissions of contemporary plays that pursue and realize the company’s mission and aesthetic. Mixed Blood uses theatre to address pluralism, usually manifest in race, culture, language, disability, gender, nationality, affectional orientation, and political worldview. Predictably unpredictable, the theatre particularly invites polyglot plays, scripts from the global stage, and work that advances the art form. We prefer e-submissions. If you think you play might be a good fit for us, please send a query letter, your bio or resume, a brief synopsis, and a 10-page sample of your play to the Mixed Blood. Send to: literary@mixedblood.com

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mystery On The Menu seeks ten-minute murder mysteries

web site

Mystery On The Menu is looking for several ten-minute murder mysteries for a Murder Mystery night in July.

  • Ten minute or less murder mystery play (longer plays will not be considered)
  • No more than six characters
  • Plays should be light, cozy-style of mystery
  • No electronic submissions
  • Submit three blind copies of play with
  • Brief synopsis 
  • Character descriptions
  • Title page with author’s name and short bio
  • SASE if you want the manuscripts returned, otherwise they will not be

Deadline for submissions - June 10, 2014
Seven plays will be selected by three judges for the Mystery Night

Mail to:

Mystery On The Menu
1201 South Ocean Drive
Hollywood, Fl. 33019

Questions? Call Barbara –786.683.6078

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Morrissey Playwriting Contest

Facebook page

The Morrissey Playwriting Contest, sponsored by Real Woman Have Curves Studio in Boyle Heights is now underway!

Do you have a dramatic memoir about the first time you fell in love with this Charming Man? Do the lyrics or title of a Smiths/Morrissey song inspire a story in your soul? Submit a short MOZ-themed play for a chance to win prizes and a staged reading of your piece by professional actors later this year! 

10-pages or less.

Spoken-word/monologues also welcome

So Margaret, get off that Guillontine and start writing... send your Moz-themed plays to: teatromoz@gmail.com

And "like" our page to receive updates and info, including soon-to-come details about the live staged reading of winning entries!

Get ready to "Sing Your Life"... with TEATRO MOZ!

Deadline June 7, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

Seeking plays by parents 2014

web site

The Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company (BETC) announces our Fall 2014 Generations new play competition, supported by a generous grant from the Sustainable Arts Foundation. In order to support the work of parent playwrights, we are seeking full-length plays, for a cast of seven actors or less, written by a parent with at least one child under 18 years of age as of 6/15/2014.

The winning playwright will receive

· a week-long workshop residency in Boulder, Colorado, with daily rehearsals, culminating in a staged reading of the selected script;

· the chance to rewrite and revise during the week as part of the script development experience;

· a stipend for travel and lodging;

· a $250 prize; and

· a $250 childcare stipend to defray the costs associated with childcare during the residency.

During the residency, the selected play will be rehearsed with a cast of professional actors, director, and dramaturg. The week will culminate in a public reading. The selected work will be considered for full production in a future BETC season.

The selected playwright must be available for residency in Boulder, Colorado during the week ofNovember 3-9, 2014. Specific residency details will be negotiated directly with the winning playwright.

Plays must be written in the English language. Plays that have been produced by Equity or professional companies or that have been published are not eligible. Plays that have had a workshop, reading, or non-professional production or that have been published as an actor's edition will be considered. Plays may not be under option or scheduled for professional production or publication as of June 15, 2014.


To have your work considered, please submit the following, by email, as two Word or PDF files, tosubmissions@betc.org.

In the first file, please send a 20-page dialogue sample with your play’s title as its file name. Please do not include your name in this file. Do not send a completed full-length script.

In the second file, please include:

1. Your contact information: name, phone, email, mailing address, and a paragraph bio for yourself and any other collaborators;

2. a brief synopsis of the play (500 words or less);

3. a brief production history of the work (if applicable);

4. character list and descriptions.

The application deadline is June 15, 2014. A shortlist of playwrights will be contacted in mid-July, and we will request full-length drafts of select works at that time. Our winning playwright will be notified by August 15, 2014.


web site

The Tron Theatre is looking for short 15 minute plays in response to The Commonwealth Games.

These plays will be performed as readings during Glasgow 2014 as part of The Trons Home Nations Programme. The scripts should be a response to the athletes, events, sports, political issues or scandals of The Commonwealth Games since 1930. We would like these plays to take us on an interesting, alternative journey.

Scripts should be no more than 15 pages and have no more than five characters.

Please email submissions to lisa.nicoll@tron.co.uk with the heading Commonwealth Plays by Monday 9th of June 2014.

For further information, please contact lisa.nicoll@tron.co.uk (Lisa Nicoll), or visit http://www.tron.co.uk/

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thespian Production is seeking one-act plays

web site

Thespian Production is seeking one-act plays for its 2014 domestic violence awareness showcase.  Plays should be between 10-15 minutes in length, have no more than four characters. 

We are looking for domestic violence plays dealing with men or LGBT (we already have a play dealing with women). 

We love producing new and unpublished works but do accept works already produced. 

Multiple submissions are accepted. Plays should have simple set requirements. Since we are a community theater, plays with excessive vulgar language are less likely to be accepted. 

Please include synopsis and contact information. 

Plays will be accepted through June 30, 2014.

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