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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


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For this commission, please consider the work of Maria Irene Fornes, a godmother of formally innovative playwriting in the U.S.

Please take a look, specifically, at The Danube and Fefu and Her Friends. (If you have not read the work of Maria Irene Fornes you might want also to dip into Mud, Abington Square, The Conduct of Life, and Promenade — or others!)

In crafting the idea for the play you wish to propose, please utilize the following:
  • a cast made up entirely of women
  • a play broken into 5 scenes, at least three of which are set in different locations
  • voices from people who are not in the room, and the faces of people who are not in the room 
  • (cannot be puppets or language tapes)
  • (probably avoid screens or screen containing devices)
  • a singalong
  • a scene which is repeated

And please begin your play (ala Fornes) with one of the two sentences:
“Something like that could never happen.”
“That’s why they left.”

Finally, some helpful thoughts from Ms. Fornes:
  • Be always true to the character, respectful of the character.
  • Something inside you eventually shifts into the perspective of the character.
  • It’s important not to be seduced by style.

Please submit the following through the online application:
(this is a BLIND submission, see notes below)
  • completed information form
  • a one-page letter of intent telling us about your proposed project
  • 10 exploratory pages from the proposed project (either contiguous or from different sections of the proposed play – your choice)
  • a completed play you’ve written in the past (see note below)
  • a resume


No names please, on the letter, the 10 page sample or the complete play. The panel reads all submissions BLIND — the only place your name should appear is on the info form and on your resume.

The letter of intent should briefly map out the proposed piece and, if need be, orient the reader to the excerpt’s relationship to the whole. You needn’t explain or repeat anything that your 10 page sample makes clear. Then give us an idea of where the piece is coming from and where you think you want to go with it.

We are requesting a completed play you’ve written in the past so that our readers can get a greater sense of your voice, if they feel they need to. Please note (where prompted in the info form) any relationship or similarities the completed play has to the proposed project, and recommend 10 pages for us to look at for reference.

One last thing: this is a commission for Clubbed Thumb. So look around our website at our parameters and history for reference, if they are not familiar to you.


DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 30th at 11:59pm.

The proposals will be read and adjudicated over the course of the fall, and the commission(s) awarded by the end of 2015.

The $15,000 commission — which might be split between writers if the panel so elects — will be paid out in three installments every six months, with the first installment following the signing of a contract. Send questions to info[at]clubbedthumb.org

Click here to fill out an application.

The Fine Arts Association seeks 10-minute plays


The Fine Arts Association will once again showcase original, never been published 10-minute plays. Those chosen will be fully produced as part of the 20th Annual One Act Festival —The Originals in April 2016 at The Fine Arts Association.

Submissions of original ten-minute plays will be accepted beginning August 1, 2015.
Submission deadline is Thursday, October 1, 2015.

NEW THIS YEAR: Up to TWO 10-minute submissions will be accepted per playwright.

The number of plays to be produced will be at The Fine Arts Association’s discretion and will depend on the mix of qualified submissions. Original plays accepted for the Festival will be announced between January 8-18, 2016. The plays selected will be given full production within the capabilities and budget of The Fine Arts Association. There will be no monetary stipend for plays used in the Festival. There are no submission fees for this Festival.

Playwrights' Roundtable seeks 10 minute plays

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LAUNCH 2016 Script Call Now in Full Effect!

It's time for our annual LAUNCH call for scripts! We are seeking seven original ten-minute plays for our Launch production in January 2016, which will be presented at the Orlando Shakespeare Center's Santos Dantin Studio Theater.

Please check out the guidelines before submitting. We look forward to seeing your plays!

  1. Please submit no more than 2 plays per writer. There is no charge to submit a play; however, there is also no pay involved for the writer. Writers WILL receive video copies and photography of the event for their records.
  2. Plays should be 10 pages long, or approximately 10 minutes. Plays must be original works. Plays that have been previously workshopped, presented as a staged reading, or have not been locally (Orlando) produced are acceptable.
  3. Scripts should be properly formatted and submitted electronically in .DOC (MS Word 2003), DOCX (Word 2007 and later) or PDF format. Please number the pages. Other file types are acceptable, but we may ask you to convert them to a new file type if we can't open them.
  4. Please send TWO copies of your script - one with full authorship information, and one "blind" copy, which omits the name (this is the copy our readers will see). Please include the following information on the title page of your main submission: name, e-mail address, contact phone number, city/country of residence, and a brief synopsis of the play. You may also include a resume or CV, in a separate attachment from the play submission. 
  5. The selected plays will be performed in a small 60-seat black box, so please keep your set requirements very simple. Remember that 7 plays will be presented in one evening, so plays that have minimal tech and set requirements are preferred. 
  6. Plays should be emailed to submissions@theprt.com. The deadline for consideration for the script call is 11:59PM on September 30th. If you experience difficulty e-mailing scripts or attachments to this address, as a backup, please send them to info@theprt.com or charlesrdent@hotmail.com. 
  7. The writers of the selected plays will be notified via email, and granted the option of being produced. If the playwright is not currently a PRT Member, they are required to join PRT prior to production for a minimum of one season. However, for this current script call, dues are not required. If the playwright does not join, the play will be replaced in the lineup. 
  8. PRT in conjunction with Orange Television (Orange County FL Public Access TV) MAY film the production of any and all plays selected for Launch 2016. In the event of this occurrence PRT reserves the right to modify any language in your submission to conform to a loosely defined "Community Standard. This generally involves removal of common profanity and demeaning sexual or racial terms. By submitting to Launch 2016 the Author explicitly agrees to this condition. The author further agrees that PRT and Orange TV and their sucessors and assignees may make any use of the film they desire with no remuneration to the author. If filming occurs, the author will be given a copy of the final edited film, and the author may make use of such film in any way they desire. No remuneration shall be provided to expected from any party involved in this filing, including but not limited to the Author, PRT, or Orange TV.
If you have further questions regarding this call, please contact us at info@theprt.com. We look forward to your submissions. Good luck, everyone!

Monday, September 28, 2015

M. T. Pockets Theatre Company 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest

web site

Must Enter Online
Submit Entry

October 1, 2015 Deadline for submissions. 

All entries MUST be submitted online.

Novemer 6, 2015
Winning submissions will be announced.

November 15-27, 2015
Auditions for all productions and casting.

January 23, 2015
Production Date
Limit TWO entries per playwright.
Each entries must:
  • be unpublished, with less 3 or less productions (excluding readings, self-productions and/or contest productions);
  • require two to four (2 to 4) characters and minimal props and costumes;
  • excluding the title and cast pages, be no more than ten (10) pages long.

Six to eight finalists will be chose for production in our annual One-Act Play Festival to be held in January 2016.

Winning playwrights agree to permit M. T. Pockets Theatre to produce their play without compensation. Authors will retain copyright and full ownership of their plays.
Audience members will have the opportunity to vote for the favorite 10 minute play at the festival.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mabou Mines/Suite Resident Artist Program

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Mabou Mines/Suite, established in 1991, is the company’s resident artist program, a laboratory for experiments with performance ideas developed with the particular needs of emerging artists in mind. Once emerging artists ourselves, we understand the formidable pressures upon early career artists and how difficult it is to find a non-academic setting in which to explore new ideas, We believe that process-focused development is the best way to create original work and that the opportunity to work this way can prove crucial to an artist’s career. Mabou Mines’ artistic directors see it as our privilege and responsibility to guide new artists along the path we have found so rewarding.

Mabou Mines/Suite is open to small companies and individual artists in all fields – playwrights, directors, performers, poets, dancers, acrobats, dramaturgs, composers, painters, sculptors, photographers, singers, choreographers, film & video artists, digital & computer artists – anyone with compelling performance ideas in need of investigation.

In the past, all resident artists have received mentoring, rehearsal space and a stipend. A public showing of the work is presented at the conclusion of the residency. 2015-2016 PROGRAM - CONTINGENT UPON FUNDING.

This program is only open to emerging artists living in the 5 boroughs of NYC or Minnesota.
The program is not open to students.

This program is made possible through generous funding by:
The Jerome Foundation
and with public funds from the City of NY Department of Cultural Affairs
and Materials for the Arts.


web site

THEATRE ROULETTE is MadLab’s annual shorts festival. In its first year, THEATRE ROULETTE began a tradition of an annual shorts festival that has lasted more than 10 years. The first year was an “invitation-only” festival, from there expanded to taking local submissions to taking submission from across the United States to now, receiving almost 1000 scripts every year from every corner of the world.


To maximize your chance of selection, please read all the guidelines carefully before submitting.

All submissions should be send to andy@madlab.net

Please put “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

Theatre Roulette is a juried festival.

Submissions must arrive no later than October 1st, 2015. 

Submission will be chosen and applicants informed if his/her piece was chosen on/or before January 2nd, 2016.


Scripts should be between 5-30 minutes in length. Scripts of greater lengths will be considered, but due to time constraints, it is unlikely that unsolicited full-length plays will be selected for the festival, unless you are a Nobel or Pulitzer winning writer, in which case, your script will automatically be accepted for production as long as you waive your standard royalty, which would probably be more than the budget for the entire festival. If you are not sure whether or not you have won a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize, please find out through the glory of the world wide web and let us know.

You may submit multiple scripts. If you are submitting multiple scripts, please include them all in a single email.

Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address in the body of your email message.

MadLab will also be accepting full collections of shorts. This would be a group of plays that are meant to be performed together and would constitute a complete night of plays.

You may submit multiple scripts.

Script submissions WILL NOT be returned to the applicant; MadLab will destroy all evidence of your creative instincts upon a funeral pyre at an undisclosed location in order to protect both the innocent and the guilty. Ashes will NOT be returned to you unless you purchase a commemorative urn from MadLab at the bargain basement price of $999.95.

Due to our environmentally conscious president, you must email your script to us. Please send your script attached as a Microsoft Word document or PDF format. Scripts should be emailed to andy@madlab.net. Please put “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION” in the subject line. If “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION” is not in your subject line, your submission may not be received. All submissions will receive a reply email to ensure that your submission was received.

For ROULETTE, MadLab pays $50 to each playwright.

If you’ve made it through all of this, congratulations. At least you’ve got the potential patience to deal with the travails of theatrical production. If you have any questions, please email them to Artistic Director Andy Batt at andy@madlab.net

Thanks for your interest. Good luck with your submission, and regardless of the outcome here, be sure to keep writing and producing new works.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lourdes University Drama Society 2015 One-Act Playwriting Competition

web site

NOTE: No entry fee necessary with copy of Dramatists Guild membership card

Cash awards of $250 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $50 for 3rd place will be presented. Winning plays will also be produced by the Lourdes University Drama Society.

To enter please send the following items to the address below:
  • Completed entry form 
  • Bio of the playwright(s) – must be 100 words or less 
  • Play synopsis including character descriptions 
  • Three copies of the script 
  • $5 entry fee or copy of current Dramatist Guild membership card 
Mail to: 

Keith Ramsdell
Lourdes University Drama Society
One-Act Playwriting Competition 6832 Convent Blvd
Sylvania, OH 43560

Competition Rules:

The competition is open to all playwrights 18 years of age and older. Only one play per playwright may be entered per year. Plays may be co-written by more than one playwright, but the names of all playwrights must appear on the entry form.

Entries must be one-act stage plays with performance times of 8 to 15 minutes. Full-length plays, musicals, children’s plays, film and TV scripts, and plays previously entered in this competition are ineligible.

Submissions are restricted to original dramatic works – no adaptations – that have not been previously published or produced outside of an academic environment.

While all reasonable care will be taken, Lourdes University Drama Society does not assume any responsibility for lost, misplaced or damaged scripts.

There are no restrictions on genre or theme.

Scripts will be judged on concept, dramatic action, characterization and dialogue. Preference will be given to plays with 2 to 4 characters, limited staging requirements, and content/language sensitive to the traditions and values of Lourdes University. The decisions of the judges are final. No critiques will be given, and no scripts will be returned.

Lourdes University Drama Society will produce the winning plays royalty-free during its Festival of One Acts 2016. This includes the right to make rehearsal copies of the script, to use the title of the play and the author’s name in publicity and promotion, and to videotape the play for archival purposes. The playwright will receive a program and DVD from the production. All future production and publication rights remain the property of the playwright.

The deadline for entries is a postmark of October 1, 2015

Late scripts will not be accepted, and revisions cannot be made once a script has been submitted. Winners will be announced and notified by the end of the calendar year.

Formatting Instructions:

To ensure anonymity during the judging process, no personal information should appear anywhere on the submitted script. The entry form will contain this information.

All scripts should be printed on 8-1/2” x 11” white paper, typewritten on one side only and submitted in acceptable play manuscript format. Each copy should be bound with a staple. Pages must be numbered, and the name of the play should appear on each page.

The entry form, bio, synopsis and fee or copy of DG card should be clipped together.

Incorrectly formatted entries will be disregarded.

More Information:

Please contact Keith Ramsdell at dramasociety@lourdes.edu with any questions. You may also visit us on the web at www.lourdes.edu/dramasociety

Metropolitan Playhouse Living Literature Festival: January 2016

web site

The Transcendentalists

Deadline - September 30, 2015


Metropolitan Playhouse presents its 10th Annual Living Literature Festival, devoted to Transcendentalists.

Scheduled for January 11th through January 24th, 2016, the festival is a collection of new plays celebrating the spirit of the artists, philosophers, and social experiementers who sought a way through the mundane to live in spiritual harmony. The transcendental movement of the early 19th century included varied thinkers and artists, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau being two of the best known, but embracing Bronson Alcott, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Lane, Walt Whitman, Margaret Fuller, William Henry Furness, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, and many others. Ventures included the utopian communities of Brook Farm and Fruitlands, Thoreau's experiment at Walden, and publications ranging from sermons to pamphlets to books to the journal The Dial. Meanwhile, detractors such as Mark Twain and Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote memorable satires of the movement. Beginning with any of these figures or writings, adaptations of author's works, biographical pieces exploring their lives, or works inspired by their aspirations are all welcome.

The annual festival is a co-production of Metropolitan Playhouse and the participating artists. Metropolitan will curate, host, and promote the festival, while the participants will create and perform the plays in the festival. There is no fee for submission or participation, though costs of rehearsal, costuming, and equipage are born by the participants. Proceeds will be divided evenly between Metropolitan and the participants.

Submissions are welcome from individual artists and performance companies alike. Co-producers will take responsibility for conceiving and creating their contribution to the festival, with use of Metropolitan's space and physical resources. Metropolitan will coordinate and promote the festival as a part of its 24th Season.

Submissions may be solo-performances, one-acts, or full length performances (though none longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes). There are no restrictions concerning style. Adaptations, biographies, fantasies, and treatises, as well as song/poetry/dance cycles will all be considered. Selection by Metropolitan Playhouse will be based on artistic quality, feasibility of production, relationship to literature and lives of the Transcendental movement, and suitability for the venue.

No scripts alone! Please note, we are seeking submissions of performances which we will present. We are NOT seeking scripts for Metropolitan to produce. We will not provide directors or actors for productions.


Submissions will be accepted by e-mail or snail mail.
E-mail submissions MUST be pdf documents (all others will be discarded unopened).

Include in submissions:
Cover sheet with
Name of Company/Artist taking responsibility for producing the work

Project Title
Author, Person, or Subject who inspired the work (and specific titles of inspiring works, as applicable)
Performance Length (Max. 1 hr, 45 min. This is extremely important for scheduling.)

Contact Person
Telephone Contact
E-mail Contact
Project narrative of no more than 2 pages
Key artist biographies and, if applicable, company history
Sample text (may be the script for the proposed performance or a comparable work by the key artist(s))

Submission Deadline: September 30 , 2015

Mail to:
Metropolitan Playhouse
220 E. 4th Street
New York, NY 10009
Attn: Living Literature

E-mail to:

Metropolitan will invite collaborators to be a part of the festival within two weeks of submission deadline.

Contact Alex Roe at (212) 995-8410 or transcend@metropolitanplayhouse.org.

Friday, September 25, 2015

PlayPenn accepting applications for 2016 new play development conference

web site

Beginning September 1, PlayPenn will be accepting applications for its 2016 new play development conference; we are pleased to request your full length, unproduced script for consideration. Please review the guidelines carefully and completely before making application. Application materials will be accepted between September 1 and September 30, 2015. Your application must be uploaded and complete by September 30, 2015 or it cannot be considered. Currently, PlayPenn is not considering musicals or plays for young audiences.

The 2016 conference will be held in Philadelphia, PA from July 7 – 26 at The Drake, our new home in Philadelphia, PA. Invited playwrights will have the opportunity to work with a director, dramaturg and Philadelphia-based, professional actors over a 20 day period that allows for 29 hours of rehearsal and staged reading time along with ample time to reflect and write. The work will be preceded by a three- day pre-conference roundtable (July 5 - 7) that will help in laying the collaborative groundwork for the development time ahead.

Playwrights will have the opportunity to hear their plays read aloud in three distinctly different scenarios: 1) by collaborating artists during the roundtable; 2) in a first public reading before an audience midway through the process; 3) in a second reading at the end of the process before an audience. The two public staged readings are intended as a part of the process, giving playwrights an opportunity to measure the efficacy of their work and to provide an opportunity to gauge the work ahead.

PlayPenn will provide travel for casting for both writer and director, travel to and from the conference, housing, per diem and a stipend.

Applicants should be aware that we are a development conference rather than a festival or showcase for new work. The distinction is important and meaningful to us in the current climate of the increasing commercialization of play development. We work to avoid participation in what has become known as "development hell" by fostering an environment in which risk is rewarded and honest assessment is provided and encouraged. TO THAT END, WE FOCUS ON THE NEEDS OF THE TEXT. THE MID AND END-OF- CONFERENCE READINGS ARE INTENDED TO PRESENT A GLIMPSE INTO HOW THE TEXT LIVES OFF THE PAGE RATHER THAN HOW THE PLAY MIGHT BE STAGED IN PRODUCTION.


Please follow the instructions to upload your play into our system. Because the database identifies you through your registration, NO NAME SHOULD BE INCLUDED ON ANY DOCUMENT, except your resume. Please send us the following:

1. An original script in .pdf format with no identifying information (no name or affiliation information anywhere on the document).

Applications that are submitted in non-pdf format will not be considered

2. Your current resume (pdf)

3. A casting breakdown and the number of actors required (pdf) (no name on the document)

4. The play's development and production history (pdf) (no name onthe document).

Plays that have had readings are eligible.

Plays that have been produced or that have been through an extended development process are not eligible

5. An articulation of your goals for the development process using the resources offered by PlayPenn. (pdf) (no name on the document). Please be specific with regard to what aspects of your text you would like to focus on during the course of the conference.

PlayPenn does not accept applications by agents.

Your application must be uploaded and complete by midnight

September 30, 2015 or it cannot be considered.

We look forward to reading your work.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Call for Plays - Bellarmine University International 10-minute Play Festival “OUR COMMON HOME”

web site

Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY is proud to announce the return of its International 10- minute Play Festival in March 2016. The festival will run March 16-21 and will consist of 5-6, fully produced 10-minute plays, performed in repertory fashion. We are seeking submissions fromplaywrights interested in participating in this year’s festival.

Theme and Submission Guidelines

Last May, Pope Francis issued a letter outlining Catholic doctrine in response to climate change and the need to protect “our common home.” This year, our festival will pick up on the pope’s charge as we are seeking plays that deal with the theme of OUR COMMON HOME.

Playwrights are encouraged to compose plays dealing with conservation, the global impact of climate change, food sustainability, clean and accessible natural resources, environmental health, overpopulation, and the social, economic and legal issues which arise out of these concerns. While the issues of environmentalism and sustainability form the foundation of our interest in the selected theme, playwrights are encouraged to think broadly about these ideas and are welcome to submit work that deals with the theme of OUR COMMON HOME, broadly interpreted.
  • Plays should feature no more than four characters with ages ranging from 16-30.
  • Plays should take place in no more than 1-2 locations.
  • As these plays will be performed as part of an evening of ten-minute plays, we ask that playwrights limit themselves to basic set, costume, and property needs.
  • Each script must be no more than ten pages long, excluding title pages and characte lists.
  • Each playwright may submit only one script, so send us your best effort.
  • Due to the difficulty in reading submissions, submissions are limited to the first 200 scripts we receive each year. Also, please note that due to the volume of scripts we receive, we are unable to offer commentary and feedback on the scripts.
Submission Procedure

Playwrights should submit their script electronically to playfestival@bellarmine.edu no later than October 5th, 2015. 

A committee of readers will evaluate the scripts and playwrights selected for inclusion in the festival will be notified in early November. Playwrights selected for inclusion in the festival will receive a small stipend. If you have questions about submissions or the festival in general, please call Dr. Zackary Ross at 502.272.8431.


Don’t let your career or confidence falter because of  that dreaded, required field: the artistic statement.

In this 2-day workshop, Stefanie Zadravec will help you conquer the overwhelming task of writing about yourself and your work, sharing practical tips on how to articulate what makes your work vital and providing a font of knowledge about how to make your statement—and your application as a whole—more competitive. Students will complete a mock application essay prior to the start of the workshop as a jumping-off point for class discussion and exercises. By the end of the workshop, students will have a working draft of an artistic statement that can be molded and reshaped depending on the application.

Instructor: Stefanie Zadravec (Writer, The Electric Baby at Two River Theatre Company)
Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18
11:00am – 3:00pm

ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

Free theater in Chicago: ROMEO & JULIET

Oracle Productions + Red Theater Chicago


a verbal and signed performance
based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet
adapted by Janette Bauer and Aaron Sawyer
directed by Aaron Sawyer

Admission is FREE in Public Access Theatre
Tickets will be released on October 7.

Reservations are strongly recommended.

All performances are wheelchair accessible and will feature Captioning.
Performances at Oracle Theatre – 3809 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL  60613
Opens Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 8PM
Through Saturday, November 21, 2015
Friday, Saturday and Monday nights at 8PM
Sunday nights at 7PM
Special Thursday performance on November 19 at 8PM


web site

1) Please send your 10 minute play between August 20th and September 30th. Postmarked by September 30, 2015, please. No scripts accepted after September 30th.

2) Scripts must be 10 minutes or under in length - Absolutely no longer.

3) Monologues will be accepted.

4) Must include: Character descriptions and synopsis.

5) Include author’s contact info on script.

6) May submit up to 2 scripts per author.

7) No submission fee.

Scripts that are chosen will be performed, READERS THEATRE style, on November 22nd at Theatre Southwest in Houston, TX.

You will be contacted by phone or mail if your script is chosen.

Please send via conventional mail. No emailed scripts will be accepted.

Mail to:

Ananka Kohnitz
c/o Theatre Southwest
8944 Clarkcrest
Houston, TX 77063

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


web site

We are accepting submissions for our 4th annual 10-minute play festival to be presented on March 5 and 6, 2016. A panel of judges will select 8-10 plays to be presented as concert readings and will choose a first place winner who will receive a cash award of $100.00 and a second place winner who will receive a cash award of $50.00. Other selected playwrights will receive 2 complimentary tickets. Recently read or produced plays are acceptable; published plays are not. No musicals, no plays requiring children in the cast. Plays should have no more than five (5) characters with three men, two women or three women, two men. They should be intended for a general audience. One submission per playwright.

Please submit by email as follows:

The subject line should contain the title of the play followed by the words “contact info.” (Example subject line: Pedro’s Revenge contact info.)

The body of the email must include the title of the play and the playwright’s contact information:
• playwright’s name
• mailing address
• phone(s)
• email

Do not send contact information as an attachment to the email.

Do not send the play as an attachment to the email.

Attach the play to this email. The subject line should be the title of the play only. The title on the attachment should be the same as the title in the subject line. (Example subject line: Pedro’s Revenge).

The attached file should include cast, set requirements, and script.

Do not include your name and/or contact information either in the body of the email or in the attached play.

Submissions that fail to meet these guidelines will not be accepted.

July 15 through September 30


Award-winning playwrights and all playwrights to be included in the festival reading will be notified by December 31, 2015.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2nd Winters Playwrights Retreat

web site

The Human Stage and Creede Repertory Theatre (CRT) are welcoming writers to their community in Colorado for their 2nd Winters Playwrights Retreat.

Last winter, 10 playwrights from throughout the country accepted our invitation for an extraordinary creative retreat. This year, we are extending 25 invitations. We want to share our winter with any playwright or group of artist who seek a place to recharge and create.

That’s right. Nestled in between the cliffs of this winter wonderland is a Lord D Theatre boasting some of the best performances in the United States. But they only have a summer season, so Human Stage and CRT want to use the serenity and creative energy of the Rocky Mountains to set the stage for new play development. You’ll stay in CRT housing, meet with artistic staff, enjoy dinner with staff and friends, and potentially have an opportunity to have your play read out loud by actors who have stayed the winter.

Details: You are welcome to stay and write for one week (Sunday through Saturday) December 7 –February 6. The retreat is divided into solo weeks and two group weeks. We want you to use this time for writing, networking and recharging. This is not a competition. We want you to create.

Two kinds of readings will occur:
1. If you choose, you may elect to have your play read by actors in an intimate salon setting. Afterward, you will receive feedback from the actors, staff and invited guest. We do not expect your work to be completed. In some cases, you may only have a few scenes in development if any. The reading could be at the beginning or end of your stay. Our goal is not to judge your work, but to provide you feedback for its development.
2. Four writers will have the option to do two public readings of work further along in the development life cycle. As in the salon readings, there will be a discussion after the reading but this discussion will also include the public. We encourage you to use the feedback and go back into writing mode. The public will be asked to come back at the end of the week and hear the results.

Artists whose works are ready, may be encouraged to submit a piece to CRT’s Headwater’s Festival for new works.

As an added bonus, we may also be joined by two technology firms. The Human Stage is extending invitations to technology firms that are changing the world. Their executives will be here to recharge and innovate and dream as well. Midweek, they will present to you their vision for social innovation. As with the readings, you will have opportunities to provide feedback. Afterward, you will spend 30 minutes creating a “mini message” and perhaps establish a new relationship that can benefit both of you.

If you can get yourself here and get yourself fed, we’ll provide the gorgeous scenery, and accommodations. You are welcome to bring actors, director or co-creators with you – for readings or planning pow wows.

Wanna know more about us? The internet has the answers!
To apply for your “week of writing getaway,” contact Ann at apittman@hbmginc.com . Introduce yourself professionally and personally, and include details on what you’ll be writing and the dates you would be interested in staying.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Theatre Three Festival of One-Act Plays

web site







Friday, September 18, 2015

Discount tickets: THE HUMANS - $10 tickets

The Humans

$10 tickets for the first four previews

Visit roundabouttheatre.org (http://www.roundabouttheatre.org/Tickets/Reserve.aspx?pid=20128)


Call 212.719.1300 or visit the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre (111 West 46thStreet) box office and mention code HUMACCESS

Breaking with tradition, Erik Blake has brought his Pennsylvania family to celebrate Thanksgiving at his daughter’s apartment in lower Manhattan. As darkness falls outside the ramshackle pre-war duplex, eerie things start to go bump in the night. Soon, family tensions reach a boiling point… and the hilarity, heart and horrors of the Blake clan are exposed.

Roundabout Theatre Company presents the New York premiere of The Humans by Pulitzer Prize finalist Stephen Karam (Sons of the Prophet, Speech & Debate). Two-time Tony Award® winner Joe Mantello (The Last Ship, Roundabout’s Assassins) directs.

The Humans is part of Roundabout’s New Play Initiative, a collection of programs, designed to foster and produce new work by emerging and established artists. The Humans is Karam’s second play commissioned by Roundabout Theatre Company, following his hugely acclaimedSpeech & Debate (2007) and Sons of the Prophet (his first Roundabout commission, 2011).

* A limited number of $10 tickets are available for the following performances:
  • 9/30 at 7:30pm, 
  • 10/1 at 7:30pm, 
  • 10/2 at 7:30pm, and 
  • 10/3 at 2pm. 

No facility or handling fees apply. Limit of 4 tickets per order. Offer subject to availability and is not applicable toward previous purchases. All sales are final—no refunds or exchanges. Offer may be revoked or modified at any time without notice.

Jonathan Larson Grants

web site

Application Guidelines 2016

The application deadline for the 2016 grants is Tuesday, October 13th.

General Criteria

The Jonathan Larson Grants are intended to honor and recognize emerging musical theatre artists. Composers, lyricists, and librettists who work in musical theatre are the focus of the grants. ATW is committed to serving artists who are creating new, fully producible works for the theatre, and advancing the art form. The grants do not honor a specific piece or project.

Grant awards are based on merit, and are intended for those artists with a demonstrated commitment and dedication to a career in musical theatre. Further, the grants are not intended to be scholarships, and artists applying for grants should be working professionally in the field.

Applications are accepted in the following areas:

Individuals may apply as lyricists, composers, librettists, or any combination of the three.

Collaborative teams may apply together as composer, lyricist, and/or librettist, or any combination of the three. Collaborators who work together regularly are strongly encouraged to apply as a team. If your collaborative team has more than three individuals, please contact the ATW offices.

United States citizenship is not a requirement to receive the grant, but you must be eligible to work in the U.S. and reside/work here on at least a part-time basis and submitted work should be predominately in English.
Artists may apply only once per grant cycle. You may not apply as part of a team and as an individual applicant.

Prior Jonathan Larson Grant Recipients are not eligible.

(Applications that do not adhere to these general criteria will not be considered)
Required Materials – Applicants must submit the following through our online portal to be considered.

Completed Application Forms, including:
General Information
Artistic Statement— on the form provided, describe your achievements and goals for your career as a creative artist or collaborative team (one per application). Please do not make specific monetary requests as part of the application.
Creative Curriculum Vitae—productions/workshops/readings, educational history, and including list of awards (one for each applicant or each member of a team, please submit multiple CVs in one, combined .pdf or .doc file).

Comprehensive Work Sample List—a list of all the song and libretto selections with authorship information. Work samples are only required in accordance with your application focus. For instance, if you are applying as a composer only, please only submit music, and dramatic context for the song. Do not submit a book or lyrics for adjudication. The same would be true if you were applying as a lyricist or book writer, only submit samples for the area or areas for which you wish to be considered.Once you have completed the Work Sample list, you will have the opportunity to upload your material.
Libretto—Please submit one-act only of a musical book (or if your work does not have a traditional act-break, an excerpt of 60 pages or less). .pdf format is preferred. You may start your libretto with a 1-page synopsis of the show in its entirety.
Audio Files/Song Selections—upload selected songs (accepted formats include MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, ACC (M4A) and FLAC). Select individual tracks and pieces that reflect your best work.
Dramatic Context/ Lyric Sheets—describe the dramatic context and provide the lyrics for each song selection

Applicants may provide a letter of support/recommendation from theatre artists or educators.

About Selecting Work Samples:
Regardless, if you work creatively in all three disciplines (music, lyrics, and book) or you are applying as a collaborative team, you should submit combined work samples that represent the full range of your work. For example, Jonathan Larson might have submitted one application that included three song selections from Rent, two song selections from Tick, Tick…Boom!, and the book of Act II from Rent. Please do not submit a recording of an entire act or production. Select individual tracks and pieces that reflect your best work.

The Jonathan Larson Grants are intended to honor and recognize emerging musical theatre writers. We are aware that artists work in multiple disciplines; and while it is not necessary that you only work in musical theatre, selections of representative work submitted for the grant must be for musical theatre. Applications submitting oratorios, operas, symphonic scores, or film scores will not be considered.

Adapted Works: Should you choose to submit selections from work which is adapted from an existing work, you must provide proof of rights for that adaptation as part of your application.

Online Application

Oregon Contemporary Theatre submission guidelines

web site

Oregon Contemporary Theatre currently accepts script submissions from both playwrights and agents.

Submissions should include a 10-page sample of the playwright's work, as well as: production/development history; clear cast breakdown; a brief plot synopsis; and a brief playwright's biography.

All documents submitted via email should be in a pdf format; we are unable to accept Final Draft or similar files at this time. A member of the OCT Staff will be in contact with further interest.

Please email questions and submissions to: Tara@octheatre.org

Should you prefer to send hard-copy materials, please address mail to:
Oregon Contemporary Theatre
Attn: Script Submissions
174 W Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Take Ten Festival

web site

Between Us Productions is looking for ten minute plays for its annual Take Ten Festival, going up April or May 2016. In this festival 16 plays compete for the titles of best play, best director, best actor, and best actress. All awards come with cash prizes and the winner of best play will have a workshop of a longer one act produced by Between Us Productions in summer 2016. There is no submission fee, but there is a $150 participation fee if you're selected. Please note, this is a self-producing festival. Between Us Productions will provide a performance space (at least 2 performances, could be up to 4), tech time in the space, and general festival marketing.

This is a great opportunity to get your work out there in Manhattan. Additionally, Between Us Productions has continued to collaborate with Take Ten playwrights, including its last full-length production at Theatre Row, The Fairer Sex, by a former Take Ten winner.

Plays must be no longer than 10 minutes and can be of any genre and subject matter. Please email all submissions to betweenusproductions@gmail.com by September 20, 2015.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New American Voices Play Reading Series

web site

The Landing Theatre Company invites you to submit to their fifth annual New American Voices Play Reading Series

Submissions will be accepted August 1-September 30, 2015
The 2015 New American Voices Play Reading Series will be presented April 22-24, 2016

Play Submissions

The Landing Theatre Company is now accepting full-length plays for the 2016 New American Play Reading Series in Houston, Texas. Four plays will be selected for staged readings directed and performed by professional local talent. Selected playwrights must attend the readings in Houston. A $100 reward will be granted to each of the 4 winning playwrights. Playwrights must cover their own travel expenses.


There are no fees for submitting. Submit the play via the play submission form online at http://www.landingtheatre.org/#!submissions/c59z


Selected playwrights must attend the festival.

 Each playwright will be paired with a local director prior to the festival to prepare for the event.

 Directors will cast each play prior to the festival.

 Each production will receive at least two rehearsals prior to the official reading.

 One rehearsal will be scheduled when the playwright can attend.

 The play will then be read in front of an audience, with a moderated discussion of the play afterwards.

Play submissions must meet the following criteria:

 Playwright must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States of America.

 Play must not have been produced.

 Play must not have had a public reading in the Houston area.

 Submission must be received on or before September 30th.

 Submission must be a minimum of 30 pages long and have a minimum run time of 45 minutes.

 Submission must be in .doc, .pdf or .rtf format.

 Plays are given blind reads, so there should be no playwright identifiers anywhere on the script.

 Your name and/or contact information should only be in the email.

 Only one play per playwright per submission period.

 No musicals, children's plays, or one-person plays.

 Playwrights will only be notified if your play is selected.

Monday, September 14, 2015

National Playwright Residency Program Application — 2016 Round

web site

Application Deadline: September 15, 2015
Three-year residences to commence in July 2016

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, in collaboration with Howlround, A Center for the Theater Commons at Emerson College, established the National Playwright Residency Program (NPRP) in 2013. The pilot round, which was on an invitation-only basis, has provided three years of salary, benefits, and a flexible research and development fund for American playwrights at 14 selected theaters. The goals of the program are to:
Advance the state of playwrights in the American theater by providing them with space, time, and resources, and greater access to the institutions in which they work;
Influence the working environment of theaters by embedding playwrights in them;
Generate public value through the interaction of playwrights with local artistic and civic communities;
Document and disseminate the findings to help benefit the field.

Residencies for the next round will be selected through an open application process. To apply, theaters and artists must apply jointly and submit letters of intent from the playwright and artistic director, together with other specified materials to demonstrate eligibility and potential to achieve the goals of the program. The basic structure of the program will remain the same, with artist compensation and benefits covered by grant funds based on the salary structure of the host institution. Resident playwrights would also receive $30,000 in discretionary development funds and opportunities for developmental workshops at ArtsEmerson, and theaters would receive funds to support administrative expenses associated with hosting the residency, based on a percentage of the grant, not to exceed $30,000.

The application must be received no later than September 15, 2015. A peer review panel will recommend a group of potential theater and playwright partners for consideration, and the Foundation will then issue invitations for them to submit supplemental materials to complete the application. If approved, residencies could commence as of July 1, 2016.

As you consider whether you wish to apply, we have listed below the minimum requirements for eligibility. If both playwright and theater meet these criteria and you wish to apply for a residency grant, please refer to the submission guidelines in the link below.

US-based 501(c)(3) with a minimum of five years in operation
Full-time staff of at least two paid employees
Minimum operating budget of $300,000 (an average of the past three years)
Demonstrated capacity to manage payroll and benefits processes
Must have produced at least one play by the partner playwright
Commitment to produce at least one play by the playwright during the grant period

Residency in the same city or town of the theater and commitment to remain there for the full three years
At least two plays given professional productions — with one at the co-applicant theater

Only one application per playwright and theater allowed; both parties must apply together
Agreement to attend two convenings during the residency
Commitment to establishing and carrying through a plan for documentation of the residency
May not have participated in the previous round of the NPRP


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Developmental Reading Series - Queer First Drafts Wanted

web site

All Out Arts' The Fresh Fruit Festival, NYC's biggest celebration of LGBTQ arts, is hosting our annual reading series this October. We're looking for work in its early or middle stages of development—scripts not quite ready for a festival, but that could use a public ear.

Your script should be no longer than two hours, and readable by no more than 8 actors. (It's fine to double characters that you wouldn't double in a full production.) In accordance with our mission statement, scripts should somehow involve queer characters/themes.

Submission Instructions
Please send your script, along with its production history and your playwriting bio/résumé, to liz@freshfruitfestival.com by 6PM FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th.

The October Event Manhattan Repertory Theatre

web site

Seeking never produced before original short 1 ACT PLAYS (7 minutes to 20 minutes)
(cast, directed and ready to perform)
(2 minutes to 20 minutes in length) for:

OCTOBER 13 - OCTOBER 23, 2015
at Manhattan Repertory Theatre,
303 West 42nd St. (at 8th Ave) NYC

We are looking for passionate playwright/producers and choreographers from the Tri-State area who wish to participate and try out a new short play or dance piece in front of a live audience. We are looking for NEW short plays and dance pieces, never produced before,cast, directed, choreographed, off book, put on their feet and manifested for the first time from playwright/producers in the Tri-State area.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only accepting 1 act productions and dance pieces from the TRI-STATE area. As part of our Community producing program we are offering this EVENT program as a service to playwright/producers and choreographers in the TRI-STATE AREA. This is an opportunity to bring your NEW short 1 act play or dance piece to life! THERE IS NO SECURITY DEPOSIT, NO SUBMISSION FEE, NO PARTICIPATION FEE or any Manhattan Rep based Fees. (IT'S FREE!!!)


We will supply a technician to run your sound and lights for your production. And again, there is no fee to participate.

Please know this Event is NON-EQUITY ONLY.

To submit your NEW, never produced before short 1 act play production or dance piece, please email:
  • The complete play or synopsis of the dance piece,
  • a synopsis of the play,
  • the running time of the play or dance piece,
  • the set and lighting requirements, 
  • the play or dance piecesʼs history (workshops, readings if any, when it was written)
  • your mailing address,
  • and a creative team leader contact email address to:

by September 20, 2015 at Midnight.

Please put "THE OCTOBER EVENT" in the subject heading.

1 act play productions and DANCE performances will be considered on a first - come first-served basis.

(The earlier you submit, the better your chances of being accepted.) If we fill up all production slots early on, we will end submissions earlier than September 20, 2015. Once submitted, we will get back to you within one week as to your acceptance. Again, there are no Manhattan Repertory Theatre based production fees of any kind.

If you have any questions about THE OCTOBER EVENT please drop us a line at: manhattanrep@yahoo.com

Saturday, September 12, 2015


web site

Two Muses Theatre of West Bloomfield is excited to announce the return of its wildly successful Women’s Playwriting Festival. After delighting packed houses last year, we are thrilled to bring the festival back and are looking for more wonderful plays by female writers.

This year the festival will be limited to 10 minute plays. Ten minutes is not a suggestion, but a requirement. Please note plays that run over ten minutes will be edited by our resident dramaturge if necessary. Conversations will be made to confirm edits, but it is highly encouraged that you read your play aloud with friends and time it.

Playwrights will not receive compensation but they will receive a fully staged, off -book production directed by a local female director. Audiences and judges will also vote on awards which will be mailed to winning playwrights. There is an option to have audience, director, and actor feedback if desired.

Plays will be performed January 22-24, 2016 at Two Muses Theatre in West Bloomfield, MI. Attendance is not required, but recommended for those interested in seeing their work staged by working actors and directors.


To submit: Please email the project manager at erdgz12@gmail.com. Please title the email: Women’s Play Fest: (Author’s Last Name, Play Title). In the body of the email please include your name, address, phone number and a brief but detailed synopsis of the play. Please attach the script as a PDF or Word Doc.

Deadline to submit is Sept 14, 2015 at 11:59pm.

Winners will be notified sometime in October. Please note that our festival staff is small so confirmation emails may take some time to go out. We appreciate your patience. Please visit www.TwoMusesTheatre.org for more info about our theatre.

Friday, September 11, 2015


web site

NOTE: there is an optional $10 YSF donation 

Ring in the FIFTH ANNUAL SANITY IS FOR SUCKERS with us by sending in your one act play inspired by the theme: "out of touch." Submit your 10 page one act play to sanity4suckers@gmail.com by Monday, 9/21 @ midnight. 

Please keep your production simple - limited props, lights, sound and set. Cast size: 1-4 actors.
There is an optional $10 donation to YSF, to help kickstart our fundraiser: http://www.youngstorytellers.com/give/
*Make sure to write "S4S" in the "How did you hear about Young Storytellers" section.

Write For Young Audiences

So you have a great concept that you think would make an awesome kid’s TV show or a brilliant idea for a play that you want to write for young audiences—what should you do before you put pen to paper? Come away from this 2-day workshop at Primary Stages Einhorn School of Performing Arts (ESPA) with the tools to write compelling scripts targeted toward children and teens and an understanding of how to break into this expanding and lucrative world.

with Cusi Cram (Writer, A Lifetime Burning at Primary Stages, Emmy Award nominee for "Arthur" on PBS) and Peter Hirsch (6-time Emmy-winning Writer, “Arthur” on PBS)

There is a huge demand for quality scripts written for young audiences, but too often the material available to young audiences is cliché, preachy, and downright poorly-written. Cusi Cram and Peter Hirsch will walk you through the nuts and bolts of dramatic storytelling for kids and share their intimate knowledge of this business.

Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25
11:00am – 5:00pm

ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

Open Call for original unpublished Short Plays & Scenes for new reading series

web site

Open Call for original unpublished Short Plays & Scenes for new reading series: "Under Rehearsed"
The Reading series is intended to create new artistic relationships with Guest Directors, Playwrights and Actors as well as provide a fun and engaging night for our audiences.

This is a great way to create a working relationship with our company and for us to get to know your work. We are looking for playwrights interested in collaborating and creating artist & audience relationships.

Readings will be performed in a Bar or Studio, therefore we are looking for works that will engage and excite our audience, go well with a few drinks and allow for socializing and fun in between plays. Comedic plays in particular will be well suited for this series, but we are open to dramatic works as well. Each month will have a new theme that all plays will interconnect and relate to each other in some way.

Plays will be vetted by Literary Team and Ensemble Members.
We are looking ONLY for Plays that fit the needs and requirements of the Reading Series at this time.

2015 Series Theme(s):
Sunday December 6th: HOLIDAY THEMED - Seeking plays that cover a diverse range of holidays
Our December event will be part of our fundraiser & holiday party, and interwoven with music and libations

Seeking Contemporary themed, Ensemble driven works that meet the following criteria:
  • Material should meet the theme
  • For this reading series playwrights MUST be able to attend the Reading in person. 
  • Cast Age range should be Mid-Twenties to early 60s 
  • Especially looking for plays with strong female characters
  • Cast size should be no larger than 5 people. 
  • Running time should be 10-15 Minutes. 
  • No more than 15 pages in length
  • Plays should be original and unpublished works 

Plays that do not fit this criteria will not be read

Submission Guideline; Please include the following:
  • Cover Letter, including your contact information
  • Theme/Date for consideration 
  • Play Synopsis
  • Cast breakdown
  • Script in word or PDF format
  • List of previous productions/publishing 
  • Any other pertinent information

Please be aware that no financial payment is available at this time. Writers retain full rights and credit for all work produced.

Please resubmit even if you have submitted in the past.
Electronic Submissions only. Please No Phone Calls or Direct Mail

Thursday, September 10, 2015


web site

Deadline: September 20, 2015

This prize is offered as a memorial to honor the memory of the mothers of the founders. Having been in the “theater business” for a number of years, we are well aware of how discouraging it can be to submit plays and to receive no positive feedback. At times it seems that all our efforts, expectations and dedication are wasted.

Our prize is intended to identify dramatic talent, to give it a degree of acknowledgment, and to provide encouragement to continue. The prize is awarded based upon written scripts. The prize will, we hope, provide talented (struggling?) playwrights with some needed encouragement when any success seems impossibly far away.

The judges will accept submissions for each season; the cutoff date for each season is posted at the top of this website. A prize will be given four times a year, once each season. This means that all plays submitted within a season, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter will be judged as a distinct group. The prize will consist of $50 cash and a certificate. The award is admittedly nominal. However, it may help you get your play produced in the future. And it should make you feel better about your work.

There is no fee for submission. Submissions are by email only. We shall attempt to respond as soon as possible. However, this will vary depending upon the number of submissions.

Submissions will be as either rejected or entered into a pool of potential winners. The final winner will be determined at the end of each submission period. Winning plays and playwrights, with permission, will be identified.

If desired, we will provide a brief evaluation as to defects and/or suggestions for improvement of rejected plays. Let us know, in your submission, if you desire this. Be warned; we will be tough. We are VERY candid. There is a $5 fee for an evaluation, payable via PayPal, credit card or check. Indicate in your submission e-mail if you wish to receive an evaluation and how you will pay for it, you will then be contacted with the payment information.

Reviews may be quoted or used in any way desired by the author.

The judges do not intend to produce any of the prize-winning plays, except in highly unusual conditions. One necessary condition is being within easy traveling distance of suburban New York City.

  • Plays previously produced, or entered in other contests, are acceptable. 
  • Plays should have an appeal to a general audience.
  • Plays should not contain profanity
  • Theatre of the Absurd plays are not acceptable. 
  • Plays may be on any subject as long as they show talent and work
  • Do not send any music. The lyrics alone are sufficient
  • Plays should be in English, and free from grammatical errors. Use spell and grammar check.
  • Scripts should be no more than 60 pages
  • Synopsis and autobiographical information are desired but not necessary
Your play should be presented with regard to realistic requirements for cast, scenery, sets, lighting and sound effects, etc. Community theater groups often operate with limited budgets.

Each submission should have contact information, and a sentence or two identifying your intention. Tell us what you hope to accomplish with your play.

Submit your play to dutchtheatre@gmail.com

Good luck, God bless and keep creating.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Babes with Blades submission guidelines

web site

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Playwrights of all genders and plays of all genres are welcome. Male characters are great, so long as they don’t overshadow/outnumber the female characters.


Fights are a big part of what we do, so their inclusion in scripts is important to us – so long as they serve the story and the characters. We see fights in our shows as similar to songs in a GOOD musical: words fail, so musical characters burst into song. Words fail, so our characters resort to violence.
Finished but not polished is fine. Likewise, one acts are fine if the intent is to expand them, through development, into full-lengths. If you consider the piece complete as-is and aren’t interested in further development, please indicate that when you submit.

And of course the caveat – we typically work in small, black box theatres on limited budgets. A piece with multiple, complex locations and/or more than 10 characters that can’t be easily doubled might not be the best fit for us.

SCRIPTS ACCEPTED: Throughout the year. Deadline for consideration for 2015 has passed.

The City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting Contest

web site

The City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting furthers the Company’s mission to identify, acknowledge and award excellence in short form dramatic writing. Known for developing and producing ten-minute works by established talents and promising new voices, City Theatre will select up to twenty-five plays from among its annual Contest submissions for special recognition. The National Award is valued at $2,000: the Winning Play will be produced in the annual Summer Shorts festival; the Winning Playwrightwill earn royalties, a cash prize of $1,000 and be invited to Miami for the festival. Finalists are awarded a certificate, and invited to Miami to attend the CityWrights Weekend for Playwrights (fee waived) and hear a reading of their Finalist Script (*subject to scheduling).

The Summer Shorts Festival is produced annually in Miami during the month of June. Not every play in Summer Shorts is a contest Finalist. Finalist plays are not guaranteed City Theatre productions, but receive preferred consideration in the current or future Summer Shorts festivals, and/or other City Theatre programming, including Summer Shorts, Shorts Gone Wild, Shorts 4 Kids, and its Readings Series. Winner and Finalists’ plays are also submitted to the annual Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival Contest.

City Theatre Play Submissions Rules and Information.

City Theatre is looking for wonderful short plays (ten minutes) for Summer Shorts and other programming. Having produced hundreds of plays, we want scripts that are lively and timely, hilarious and provocative, poignant and surprising. We look for plays that span style and genre. We will consider bilingual scripts and ten-minute musicals. We have no restriction on the age range of the characters. In other words, we are seeking compelling plays that rise above the ordinary.

Please review the criteria thoroughly before sending your submission.

Plays will be accepted yearly from August 30th – September 30th.

Scripts won’t be considered sooner or later!

Playwrights can submit only one script – send us your best!

No scripts will be returned – save postage by submitting electronically. No SASE required.

Each script must be no more than ten pages long. We start counting when the actual play begins.

Electronic submissions can be sent via www.citytheatre.com as a PDF and must include contact info, synopsis, and bio and production history. Mailed manuscripts must be typed and individually bound or stapled. Title page must include contact info, synopsis, and bio and production history.

Previously submitted plays, children’s shows, longer one-acts or full-length plays won’t be accepted or returned.

City Theatre will consider previously produced works with a production history included with submission.

The volume of scripts submitted prevents us from providing feedback or criticism.

NOTE: City Theatre will only contact playwrights with scripts the company considers for the National Award for Short Playwriting Contest, or we are interested in producing in its various programming. ONLY those playwrights will be contacted in February-March by e-mail or a phone call.

Deadline for Submission Must be Postmarked or submitted
electronically to Literary Manager by September 30th, 2015.

Submit your play electronically: to Literary Manager (when available in the future), or cut and paste the link to your browser:
http://www. (when available in the future)

*NOTE: This is a 2 step process.The 1st link will take you to a page to confirm your e-mail address (this is step one). Once you have confirm your email, Literary Manager will send you an e-mail with a submission link (which has your email address included in the link, this is step two). Use this link to submit your play.

Please submit script saved as a PDF.

For questions email susan@citytheatre.com


Mail Submissions to:
Susan Westfall,
Literary Director / City Theatre, 444 Brickell Ave., Suite 229, Miami, Fl 33131
or submit your play electronically through our website www.citytheatre.com and clicking on Play Submissions and using LiteraryManager. Please submit script saved as a PDF.

For questions email susan@citytheatre.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Exit 7 New Short Play Contest

web site

Exit 7 Players (Ludlow MA, exit7players.org) is seeking submissions for The Exit 7 New Short Play Contest, performing in February 2016. The contest producers are Sue Crowther and Rebecca Johnson.

The Exit 7 New Short Play Contest will produce short plays by 16 playwrights in an exciting audience-participation format, awarding two winning writers a prize of $150 each.

Submission Process

You may submit either one or two plays. Please use the following process to enter the contest. Read all requirements carefully so as to be considered.

Format your script using no smaller than 12-point type. Use 1” margins on top, bottom, and sides. Please number your pages. (Click Sample Script Format to see a properly formatted page.)

Page one should start with the title of the play at the top of the page (as seen on the Sample Script Format). If you consider your play to be a comedy, please follow the title with “A Comedy”. If you do NOT consider your play to be a comedy, follow the title with “A Drama”. And yes, you must label your play as either one or the other.

Your play must be limited to 15 pages total. Any script 16 pages or longer will be rejected.

The plays we produce are chosen blind, so do not include ANY author information on the script itself. The contest Play Selection Committee does not see any playwrights’ names until the final selections for production have been made. Therefore, if you put your name on the script so that a member of the Committee sees it, it will be rejected. A company member who is not on the Play Selection Committee keeps the playwright contact info until the final 16 plays are selected for production.

Save your script(s) in .pdf format. You can submit your script(s) from Monday, June 29 to Saturday, September 12, 2015 via the form found on the Exit 7 Players website. Do not attempt to submit the script in any other format or to any other destination. Snail mail submissions are NOT being accepted.

Submission Restrictions

Please read the following carefully so that your script can be given due consideration:

Playwrights can submit 2 plays, but only 1 play per writer will be produced. Members of Exit 7 Players are eligible to submit to the contest, but if their script is chosen as one of the 16 semifinalists, they will be prohibited from working on the production of the contest in any capacity.

Scripts should require 2 to 5 actors. Please note that a play can include more than 5 characters, as long as they can be played by 2 to 5 actors. Scripts requiring more than 5 actors will be rejected.

We will not consider one-man or one-woman shows, musicals, or children’s theatre.

Entries must be original plays. Scripts may be co-authored, based on factual material, or an adaptation. Legal clearance of materials not in the public domain is the full responsibility of the playwright.

We will consider unproduced works as well as plays that have been previously produced, so long as their first date of production was on, or after, June 29th of 2014.

Submissions are restricted to plays that have not been published in any form, and they must be royalty-free to Exit 7 for this contest.

We’re seeking plays, not skits or sketches. Plays should have a beginning, a middle, and an end (though not necessarily in that order) and feature character development. Above all, make the script compelling.

Exit 7 is a community theatre. If we foresee difficulty producing a play due to unusual script requirements, the play may be rejected.

While Exit 7 is a family-friendly theatre, adult content is acceptable. Profanity, if it is fully justified by the script and for the character, will not be cause for outright rejection; however, profanity is no replacement for good writing. We will reject any script that requires nudity.

Keep set, lighting, sound, costume, and prop requirements to a minimum. The contest will feature 8 plays per night, with quick changeovers. A script with complex technical requirements could lead to its rejection.

Play Selection Process and Contest Format

Plays which do not meet submission requirements will be disqualified. A play selection committee of five Exit 7 members will read those plays which meet the submission requirements.

The play reading committee will select 16 plays for competition: 8 comedies and 8 dramas. Each play will be performed twice in the semifinal rounds. Eight plays will be presented in semifinals night Group A (4 dramas and 4 comedies) and eight plays in semifinals night Group B (again, 4 dramas and 4 comedies). This sequence will be repeated the following weekend and audience votes totaled.

An audience vote on each semifinals night will select the finalists—four dramas and four comedies. The audience of the finals night will select a winner in the drama category and a winner in the comedy category, who will receive a prize of $150 each. A detailed explanation of the performance format and of the audience voting system will be made available to the playwrights whose plays are chosen as semifinalists.

Additional Information

By submitting your script you are agreeing to the following:

a. You have read, understand, and agree to all of the contest rules and guidelines as detailed on Exit 7’s website.

b. You understand that Exit 7 reserves the right to change any contest rules as needed (but we will attempt to keep any such changes to a minimum).

c. You attest that your submission is an original piece, and that you are the author of said submission.

d. You attest that your play has not had a production prior to June 29, 2014.

e. You understand that Exit 7 reserves the right to reject any submission for reasons including, but not limited to, length, quality, content, or for otherwise not meeting submission requirements.

f. You give Exit 7 non-exclusive permission to perform your play as part of The Exit 7 Short Play Contest free of any royalties, as well as to record any performance of your play for archival purposes (not for resale or profit).

No playwright revisions will be accepted once a script has been submitted; Exit 7 reserves the right to request changes to any script, but none will be made without playwright consent.

No written or oral critique will be given on plays submitted.

Exit 7 will post the names of the semifinalists and their plays on its website and Facebook page once the selections have been made.

We will promote your play, but you should too.

Complimentary tickets will be made available to participating playwrights; those playwrights will be informed of our comp policy at a future date.

Playwrights must agree to allow Exit 7 to record their plays for archival purposes (not for resale or profit). A DVD copy of your play only will be copied for all semifinalist playwrights. You may use the footage of your play for self-promotion purposes, e.g. on your own website, if desired.

A Final Note

We are expecting literally hundreds of submissions…so make your plays compelling from the very first line of dialogue!

Audiences will choose the two prize winning plays from only 16 semifinalists, so once you’re in the contest, your chances are pretty good…the tough part is getting a play into the semifinals. Write a great script that grabs us, makes us laugh or makes us think, or both. Good luck! Keep an eye out for announcements on exit7players.org, and “Like” Exit 7 Players Theater on Facebook.

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