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Friday, January 15, 2021

28 Plays Later challenge

web site

Deadline: January 28, 2021

Now in its seventh year!

Whether you are into Pinter or Panto, Chekov or Chicago, we are looking to inspire you to achieve theatrical greatness and create new work for the stage.

You know nothing about plays? Fantastic! Everyone starts somewhere, right? Jump right in! You’re an old hand at writing for the stage? Awesome! Each playwriting challenge will take your skills into new, fun and fascinating territory.

Registration is now open - sign up

In response to the effect Covid has had on our industry, we continue to offer our challenges on a commit-what-you-can basis, so everybody is welcome, and no financial obligation is required.

There are two ways in which to take part. Please choose your desired route.

TIMED ROUTE: If you submit a new and complete play every day by 10am, you'll receive a share of the pot, as detailed in our FAQs.

CREATIVE ROUTE: You can submit as and when you wish and won't receive a financial reward at the end.

Regardless of what route you choose, if you submit 28 pieces by the final deadline, you will be an official completer.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Barely Seen seeks playwrights

web site

Deadline: November 30, 2020

Barely Seen seeks playwrights for November Writer of the Month, due by November 30, 2020. 

Multiple submissions are accepted, including previously published or produced plays, but they will not be considered if Barely Seen has published them before.

 There is no submission fee, and anyone of any age anywhere in the world may submit. 

Thanks for considering.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Playwrights sought for new virtual experiences

web site

Gray Zones, a new series of live social experiments, is seeking writers to join our collaborative writing team. Each project will developed collaboratively with the series creator, Mona Patel, and a team of writers and other creatives. The first project we're looking to build our team for is still in development, but is intended as a variation of a "murder mystery dinner party" focusing on the ways exploitation is ingrained in our labor system. In this context "murder mystery" is more related to the thematic styling of the piece (many, various characters, brought together by suspicious events and locked together until the mystery is solved) rather than an Agatha Christie-style murder to be solved. It's more a scripted escape room for the audience to solve than traditional murder mystery theater.

We're looking for writers with a wide range of experiences - those who have experience writing for/about murder mysteries, audio dramas, human rights, and class consciousness are the highest priority at the moment but as this is intended to grow and develop (partly around the ideas of the writing team), we're open to anyone with a unique perspective and voice.

Gray Zones creates projects that center our audience as the crux of the action. Our stories are scripted, but the interpretations of each experiment are left up to the audience and their internalized opinions brought into the event. Each experiment has multiple points for the audience to directly respond to the events and attend a moderated discussion after the session to discuss their reactions to what they just saw. For more information about what our past work looks like and understand our company a bit better, please head to GrayZones.org.

To submit, please send a brief cover letter explaining your interest in our project as well as a brief writing sample. In your cover letter, please include the following:

- What in your background as a writer makes you feel qualified for this project
- Your experience writing for interactive projects
- A social issue you would be interested in exploring in a future project as well as an idea for what that project might be.

Submissions should be emailed to info@grayzones.org.

Compensation will be determined at a later date, but is guaranteed and will not be deferred beyond project completion

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


To participate:

- register

- select favorite Shakespeare Sonnet

- submit a self-tape (in any language, or in any style) by Deadline: Oct 15th at 9pm EST (absolute latest)

Note: Sonnet numbers that are unclaimed: 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 31, 32, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40.

Melinda Hall, producer of The Shakespeare Sonnet Slam for Willful Productions will be holding this event virtually this year. Looking forward to seeing you on Oct 24th at viewing party.

Please Register:


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Green Buffalo Productions' own 48-hour writing challenge

web site

We don't want to stop working during COVID-19, so we decided to keep WNY theatre going from the safety of our own homes! The Quarantine Quarters is an ongoing 48-hour writing challenge that is open to anyone who is looking to stay creative and occupied during this difficult time.

Each writing challenge requires the playwright to follow a specific prompt and must be written within 48 hours. The winning play will be showcased in a LIVE READING that streams from our Facebook page. Live streams are typically on Fridays at 6 pm. Follow us to get our "Going Live" notification! You can also listen to our past Quarantine Quarters Live Readings.

  • Email us at greenbuffaloproductions@gmail.com
  • All plays must be 10 - 15 pages long
  • Submit in PDF format 
  • Submit a playwright bio and photo 
  • Include character descriptions and a synopsis
  • Submit your play on time to be considered for the live reading
  • All works must be completely original. Feel free to collaborate with others, but be sure to submit original work.
  • There's no limit to how many works you can submit.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Madwomen in the Attic Featured Writer Project

web site

As part of Madwomen in the Attic’s literacy mission, we have added a writing component to our monthly meeting tradition: The Featured Writer Project.

MITA meetings are always held on a Monday– and usually on the third Monday of the month. The reason for this is to mirror the tradition of the national holiday Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is held on the third Monday of January each year.

In honor of literacy, the days on which we will hold our monthly meetings will be known as ‘Mad Mondays’. In celebration, on Mad Monday of each month, we will showcase a featured writer by publishing their work and sharing it (or parts of it) aloud at our meeting.

If you are willing to and interested in being a featured writer, these are the most basic stipulations:
Featured writers need to gender-identify as women or as queer, gender–non-conforming, non-binary, or gender-fluid (i.e., the Featured Writer Project does not feature people who identify as men).
Featured writers need to write something something (from any genre) that relates in some way to MITA’s mission. Featured Writers should have had some kind of experience with the mental health industry or with mental health issues, whether it be firsthand or secondary experience. We leave the perspective and style of the writing completely up to the writer.

We require more than just the central piece of writing– our writers are also asked to write a statement about their piece in relation to mental health. If you submit a piece and are selected as a featured writer, you must submit the additional parts of your submission to us by the first day of the month during the month that it will be published so that the editors will have time to offer editing suggestions or to work with you to make additions or changes to it prior to the feature date.
Featured writers need to assign a writer’s name of some sort to their contributions, whether that be “fictional” (as in Solla Sollew), “actual” (as in Jessica L. Mason), or “anonymousical” (as in Anonymous).

Your subject can be personal, political, both, or neither. You may write poetry, fiction, non-fiction, a book review, a pop culture critique, a rant, an academic essay, a treatise, a list, a resource guide, a dystopian fairy tale, a lesson plan: any kind of writing is welcome, in addition to art, as long as it pertains to and supports the organization’s mission, which is to empower women who have been affected by the mental health industry or the stigma attached to what is called mental illness.

We encourage multi-lingual entries. If a piece is written entirely in a language other than English, we ask that an English translation be provided, as well, secondarily. We also ask that if you are writing about something for which not many people are well-versed that you define unfamiliar terms clearly to make your piece as accessible as possible.

Our hope with this project is to enact radical equality by publishing the work of writers from diverse backgrounds and abilities. In contrast to the literary world of publishing, which might be inclined toward elitism and might favor those who are privileged; Madwomen in the Attic seeks to nurture a sense of equality in the right to express. For novice writers to be able to write alongside veteran writers, despite differences in linguistic prowess, it sends out an acknowledgment of our equality as human beings.

The Featured Writer Project aims to combat the suppression of the voices of those, throughout history, who have had their rights and their voices ignored or taken away by systems of patriarchal power.

Madwomen in the Attic is not funded, sponsored, or financially supported by any source outside of the financial contributions (donations) of its co-founders. The group is a labor of love that relies 100% on the unpaid labor of its co-founders. Thus, MITA cannot and does not provide financial compensation to writers for their contributions to our projects or sites. We are a purely grassroots volunteer organization. Neither of our co-founders receives any financial compensation for anything related to the group. We pay for our website and for materials for our meetings through out of our own pockets. While we cannot offer financial payment for writing, what we do offer is a communal space and writing and advocacy opportunities.

If you wish to be a Mad Monday Featured Writer but do not have access to a pen, paper, or a computer to do so, please contact MITA and we will try our best to offer assistance. If you need assistance with putting your words onto paper or into a textual medium, please contact us and we will work with you to create a solution.

Send submissions to madwomenofwny@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

One-Minute Play Trade

Facebook page

Our mission is simple: Send in your one-minute play, get matched with a fellow playwright, and send feedback to your match by the end of the day (you will get feedback too)! No rules other than your play must be no longer than one minute.

E-mail oneminuteplaytrade@gmail.com and get matched on Fridays!

Friday, December 27, 2019

The Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest

Attention playwrights - The Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest isn't playwriting, but we thought you might be interested anyway:
Since 1982 the Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest has challenged man, woman, and (very precocious) child to write an atrocious opening sentence to a hypothetical bad novel. We're honored to receive thousands of odious entries from around the world each year.
Learn more at BYLINES

Friday, December 13, 2019

Between the Seas call for projects (Athens Greece)

web site

Between the Seas invites artists, thinkers, activists and scholars from around the world to submit their projects on the topic of Borders, Borderlands and Crossings to be presented at the 1927 space in Athens in 2020.

Proposed works may include: work in development; visual arts; new plays/translations; scholarly research; lecture-performances; new literary work etc. Selected projects can be submitted either for a one-time presentation or for a week-long residency. Our goal is to create an independent hub of international exchange among thinkers and practitioners around the world, focused on process rather than results, thinking through some of the most pressing issues of our world from a variety of viewpoints and experiences.

International artists receive presentation space and accommodation.

Find all the details and access the application form here. 

Deadline: Dec 15 2019. 

Questions? Contact: betweentheseasfestival@gmail.com

We invite artists, thinkers and scholars from around the world to submit their work for our 2020 season on the topic of Borders, Borderlands and Crossings. Below we offer some perspectives on what submissions may look like - but we are open to the artists’ innovative approaches and ideas:

  • visual art exhibitions
  • in-progress worscholarly research (articles, papers, seminars); lecture-performances; presentations of new literary work; workshops
  • We invite artists, thinkers and scholars from around the world to submit their work for our 2020 season on the topic of Borders, Borderlands and Crossings. Below we offer some perspectives on what submissions may look like - but we are open to the artists’ innovative approaches and ideas: 
  • visual art exhibitions
  • in-progress works
  • new plays
  • scholarly research (articles, papers, seminars)
  • lecture-performances
  • presentations of new literary work
  • workshops
  • other

Approaches to the topic may include but are not limited to:

  • Borders as historical and cultural constructs
  • Borderlands and the shaping of identities
  • Histories and narratives of border crossings
  • Policy-making in the border and borderlands (may include narratives of security and policing, medical approaches, human rights perspectives etc)
  • What lies beyond the nation state? transnationalism, global capitalism vs. imagining new models for transcending borders


  • Submissions are accepted from artists and researchers around the world
  • Submissions deadline is December 15 2019. 
  • Approximately 5 projects will be accepted for presentation at 1927 Art Space in Athens in  winter/spring 2020 for either a one-time presentation or a week-long residency. Artists will receive: space to present their work; accommodation (for international artists only). Resident artists will be expected to offer a workshop and/or presentation of their work at the end of their residency. 

      Independent artists/scholars: FREE (up to 3 persons)
      Institutionally supported artists/scholars: 150 euros per person per week
      Artists are responsible for the production logistics and costs of their presentation.

Due to the labor intensive nature of reviewing submissions, incomplete or off- topic submissions will not be considered. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Long-distance presentations: for artists who are unable to be physically present in Athens, if we are interested in the project we will undertake to organize a presentation on your behalf.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019

Saturday Night Live Submissions

web site

Deadline: July 15, 2019

Submit 3 – 5 Sketches
– 1 commercial parody
– 1 topical (political or pop culture) sketch
– The remainder should be whatever best represents your unique abilities

Cast the sketches using the first names of active SNL cast members and potential hosts. Combine the sketches into a single PDF file to upload.

You do not need to upload a release form. Submitting this form online will create your release form and email you a copy.

By proceeding, you are acknowledging that you are in agreement with the NBC Universal

Sunday, April 21, 2019

9th Annual Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Slam

Where 154 sonnets are spoken aloud by 154 readers of all ages and abilities

Friday, April 26, 2019
Time: 1pm - 4pm

Riverside Church, 9th Floor Lounge 
91 Claremont Avenue
(nearest cross streets: Riverside Drive and W 122nd)
NY, NY, 10027


Reader Registration is open!
Click here to become a Sonneteer! 

We will email you your Sonnet and event details.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Young Adult Four Minute Play Contest

web site

Manhattan Rep presents: Young Adult Four Minute Play Contest

Seeking fully produced Four minute plays written and brought to life by Young Adults ages 12 - 18 to compete in our Young Adult 4 minute play contest on Sunday March 31 at 2 pm and 4 pm.  

This will be a super fun event for all.  A great opportunity for Young Adults to write, act or direct. And there will be two performances. And it all takes place on one Sunday afternoon.

Best Four Minute Play production playwright will win an opportunity to write a 20 - 40 minute play (mentored by Ken Wolf Artistic Director of Manhattan Rep,) which Manhattan Rep will then produce and bring to life for 3 performances in June 2019.

To submit for this contest:

Forward us your idea for your 4 minute play to: 


Please put FOUR MINUTE PLAY CONTEST in the subject heading.

We do not need completed scripts. We will get back to you within 24 hours with acceptance.  We are only accepting 15  - Four minute play productions for this event.

Once accepted, you will be required to bring your Four Minute Play to life for this contest.

You must be available to attend tech rehearsal at 12 noon on Sunday March 31, and for the two performances that same day at 2 pm and 4 pm.

Winner of the Best Four Minute Play Production will be announced right after the 4 pm performance on March 31, 2019.

All participants in each Four Minute Play production, (playwright, actors and director) must be between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age.

There is NO submission fee or payment for Young Adults to participate.

If you have any questions about this event, please write us at manhattanrep@yahoo.com

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


web site

Emerging creators, theatre makers, playwrights, and artists of all disciplines are invited to fill out the submission form and send scripts or pitches for consideration for our mainstage presentation and development streams (progress showings and readings) during Nextfest 2019 (May 30- June 9, 2019).

The Nextfest Arts Company presents Nextfest: an annual arts festival dedicated to the cultivation and presentation of emerging professional artists in the disciplines of music, visual art, dance, poetry, film, theatre, and multi-disciplinary performance.

“Emerging” is defined as any artist in any discipline practicing within the first ten years of their career.

Questions, concerns, or queries about submitting? Have an idea, but not sure how to write about it? Putting together your first pitch and need some guidance? Not too sure which form your should fill out? Hit up our Festival Director Ellen Chorley at ellen@nextfest.ca and she’ll help you out!


Script Submission
Due: January 25, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

Fill out this submission form and submit a script to be considered for a staged reading, progress showing presentation or full production.

Please send the complete script for consideration in either a Word Document or PDF file to ellen@nextfest.ca (other formats will not be accepted.)

Sunday, December 16, 2018

SITTING SHOTGUN seeks proposal submissions for the Spring 2019 Mainstage Season

web site

The Spring Season will take place February - May 2019

Qualifying proposals must be:

-full length performance based projects of any discipline
-ready to be presented to an audience
-able to be produced on an indie budget (please see the link below for specifications about space)
-created by and with emergining artists
-prioritize and highlight intersectional and equitable theatre making
-based in NY and willing/able to travel to Brooklyn
-non union only

Exceptional candidates will:

-be able to attract and engage with an audience outside of our existing network
-engage with innovative methods of performance making
-present new and bold ideas, seeking to investigate uncharted territory in the current world of theatre-making

Submissions are due December 21st by 11:59pm. 

There is NO FEE to submit.

Please see www.sitting-shotgun.com/submit for more information. You can also see the work we have previously produced at www.sitting-shotgun.com/archive.

Please note - submissions for shorts are not accepted at this time. Sign up for our mailing list at www.sitting-shotgun.com to stay tuned for information about a festival of short work coming Summer 2019.

SITTING SHOTGUN is a theatre production company that aims to foster a diverse community of emerging artists, prioritizing equitable and intersectional theatre-making. With the intention of making space for artists to collaborate, create, share their practice, and expand their network, Sitting Shotgun seeks to fill a void in the emerging artist community, providing support and affordable opportunities for artists to pursue their craft and produce new work.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

14th Street Y seeks co-presenters

web site

Submissions for the 2019-2020.

In 2017, the Theater lowered our weekly rental by 40%, accepting artists and productions through a submission process.  The theater will provide a highly reduced rental agreement that includes subsidized space, marketing consultation and support, technical support, administrative support, a fully staffed box office, and production consultation.

All productions are co-presented by the 14th Street Y and must go through a submission process before being curated into our season.  We are not a rental house.

For our Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Season, the Theater at the 14th Street Y is seeking producers and artists in the mediums of Theater, Dance, Film, Music, and Festivals to submit ideas for co-presentations that revolve around the theme LIFE + DEATH.

Let us know how your project investigates the theme LIFE + DEATH.

For productions that are a part of the curated season, rental charges will be $2000/week for exclusive use of the space, and $1000/week if the production runs in rep. Season partners will receive 70% of ticket revenue, while the Theater at the 14th Street Y retains 30% of ticket revenue, plus all fees.

Submit via the online form.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

2019 Elliott Hayes Award

web site

Application Information

Named in honor of Elliott Hayes, the former dramaturg and literary manager at The Stratford Festival and a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, this award recognizes excellence in dramaturgical work on a specific project over the past two years. Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to, production, season planning and implementation, educational programming, or advocacy for the profession.

The recipient of the 2019 Elliott Hayes Award, presented at the annual LMDA conference, will receive $1000 US and a travel stipend to the following LMDA conference.

There is no application fee. Applications will be evaluated through an anonymous application process. The application is open to all.

Applications will be accepted from August 15 at 12:00 AM PST through October 1st 2018 at 11:59 PM PST. All applicants will be notified of the panel decision and the winner will be notified by November 15, 2018. However, the public announcement will be kept private until the presentation of the award at the LMDA Conference in Summer 2019.

Application Guidelines

1. For the purposes of this application, if you self-identify as a dramaturg, you are a dramaturg. If you come from a culture that does not view dramaturgy as separate from other parts of the creative process, or does not have a word for dramaturgy, and you feel your work fits within the rubric above, please contact me at awards@lmda.org to speak further.

2. All applications must meet the above-mentioned standards for eligibility.

3. Only one application per person.

4. Although we welcome applicants from anywhere in the world, the application must be in English.

5. The application must be a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 4000 words. The will be no reward for brevity nor punishment for length. Within the already stated boundaries, the essay should be exactly as long as it takes for you to make a strong, clear, and cogent argument for the nomination you are putting forth.

6. At this time, we do not have the capability to review secondary materials such as videos or slideshows. Although their inclusion will not disqualify an application, they will not be reviewed. No letters of reference are needed - nor will they be read if sent. As well, please do not include a resume in your application, as we are concerned with only the strength of your proposal and what currently engages you, not your history.

7. In order to facilitate the anonymous application process, you must provide two separate documents in.doc or.docx format - the first discussing the work with no identifying information (including the name of the work, your name or the name of the person you are nominating, or the city, state or country in which the event took place. In other words, nothing can be included which is searchable on Google or any other search engine. The phrases "the work”, “the director”, and “the process” are all fine substitutes. The second document will include all of the identifying information not present in the first, including your name and contact info or the name and contact information of the person/work you are proposing. Your application will be reviewed by a panel of dramaturgs who represent the extraordinary talent and diversity found within our profession. As VP of Grants and Awards, I am the only person who will see the identifying information, and the panelists will not know the identity of the winner until after a decision has been reached.

8. Although you are welcome to propose the work of others, that other person must be known to you, you must have had a real-life interaction with said person, and you must be able to provide contact information for them.

9. Any project you propose cannot have been completed before July 1st, 2017. It is fine if the project is still underway. Ideally, it should be completed by December 31st 2018, though exceptions may be made for extraordinary work.

10. Each project may only be proposed once for the Elliott Hayes Award. While there is no limit to the number of years in a row one can apply (see note below), each year must feature a new project.

11. The winner of the award must appear at two conferences, either in person or virtually (using an application such as Skype.) The first appearance would be to accept the award, and the second to present it to the next year’s winner.

12. The winner of the Elliott Hayes Award is required to sit on the next year’s adjudication panel.

Note: If you have won or received a special commendation for the Elliott Hayes Award, you may not reapply for three years.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Bernardo Mazón Daher, VP of Grants and Awards, at awards@lmda.org

We look forward to your consideration!

To Submit:

Send your essay without identifying information in PDF format per the instructions here and a separate PDF with all of the identifying information outlined here to awards@lmda.org.

If you don't receive an acknowledgement of your application within 48 hours, please contact lmdanyc@gmail.com.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


web site

The Problematic Play Festival will force us into conversation about the theater industry’s play selection process and the topics that are “off the table” in the American theater. Through an open submission process, we seek playwrights who are willing to discuss, stage, and confront their “problematic” work, providing a space for in-depth, critical, facilitated conversation between artists and audiences.

Throughout the process, we are asking what it means for work to be deemed problematic: Are these scripts “problematic” because they break some kind of universal rule, or have we personally deemed them “problematic” due to our own explicit or implicit biases around certain cultural, social, or political issues? Are there certain lines (of representation, privilege, and identity) that playwrights simply cannot cross? Is there some work that simply should not be done?

The staged reading series will take place in October 2018 at Z Space in San Francisco. Each staged reading will include facilitated discussions before, during, and after the reading; these discussions are the heart and the point of the festival.


Playwrights must be willing to be present (either virtually or in person) to discuss their play with a facilitator and audience.

Any length but longer plays (one-act or full-length) preferred

If you are interested in submitting your play and being part of this conversation, please prepare the following:

Script of your unproduced “problematic” play.

One page explanation of who you are, why you wrote the play, what makes the play “problematic” to you or to others, and what you might want to discuss with an audience.

Optional: up to three documents that show that the play has been rejected by gatekeepers (artistic directors, literary managers, major institutions, foundation officers, etc.).

Please attach all documents as PDFs and email to roser@zspace.org with subject line Problematic Submission by May 1, 2018. Notifications will be sent by July 1, 2018.


If this project intrigues you and you would like to be involved as a reader, facilitator, actor, director, producer, or in any other capacity, please email roser@zspace.org with a bit about yourself and your interests.

This project is supported by a LMDA Bly Creative Capacity Grant.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

8th Annual Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Slam

web site

Date Friday, April 27, 2018
Time 1pm - 4pm
Where Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park, New York City
Will we? Rain or Shine
Contact sonnetslam@gmail.com

Open Registration for Readers Begins April 1st

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Happy World Theater Day March 27

World Theatre Day was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute ITI. It is celebrated annually on the 27th March by ITI Centres and the international theatre community. Various national and international theatre events are organized to mark this occasion. One of the most important of these is the circulation of the World Theatre Day Message through which at the invitation of ITI, a figure of world stature shares his or her reflections on the theme of Theatre and a Culture of Peace. The first World Theatre Day Message was written by Jean Cocteau in 1962.

More information

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