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Friday, September 20, 2013

Libra Theater Company is now accepting submissions of new, full-length plays

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Libra Theater Company is now accepting submissions of new, full-length plays for consideration for upcoming development and/or production opportunities. Plays submitted must be unproduced in NYC. In addition, writers with both unproduced plays as well as plays that have premiered outside of NYC but are seeking second or third productions should feel free to submit.

If interested, please submit the following to submissions@libratheater.org:
  • One-page summary of the play
  • 10-20 page excerpt
  • Playwright resume (emerging writers are encouraged)
  • Brief artistic statement detailing why you are passionate about the submitted play and what excites you about writing for the theater (optional, but encouraged… We’d love to get to know you a little more in addition to reading a bit of your play.)
All submitted plays should have a minimum of 4 actors, with at least half playable by 20-something performers. In addition, much of Libra’s past work has included music to some degree. In keeping with this, we would love to see plays that have the opportunity to incorporate original music or song. However, this is certainly not a requirement. We are not accepting full musical submissions at this time.

Please submit initial excerpts and supplemental materials by September 30, 2013. 
We will be sure to be in touch if we would like to read your entire script.

Founded in 2010, Libra is dedicated to producing quality theater that honors and works with the time commitments of our artists. This commitment to balance also extends to our annual programming, which includes both musical and non-musical theater as well as new work and revivals of classics. Recent productions of note include Will Reynolds’ Poems & Moon Songs, William Shakespeare’s 12th Night (2012 NY Innovative Theatre Award – “Outstanding Original Music”) and the world premiere of Joshua H. Cohen’s The Thirteenth Commandment (recently nominated for seven 2013 NY Innovative Theatre Awards including “Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play”).

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