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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fort Point Theatre Channel seeks play to accompany KRAPP'S LAST TAPE

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In 2014, Fort Point Theatre Channel will produce an evening of two dramatic works: "Krapp's Last Tape," by Samuel Beckett, and a new woman-centered play or other performance work. For that second work, we seek a play or other performance work that would in some way be an appropriate accompaniment for "Krapp's Last Tape."

With your submission, please include a statement of up to 150 words stating why it is an appropriate accompaniment to "Krapp's Last Tape." No submission will be considered without this statement.

-Length: Up to one hour. Works of at least 30 minutes are preferred.

-Theme: Any, but the work must center on one (or more) woman/women just as "Krapp's Last Tape" centers on a man.

-Honorarium: $500

-Submission Deadline: October 1, 2013

-Cast Size: Small (ideally one to three performers)

-Production date: 2014; exact date to be determined

-We primarily envision a play but will accept queries for other types of work.

-The design concept will encompass both plays. Thus, a simple set or no specification for the set is preferred.

-We seek new work, with no prior full productions. (Prior readings or workshop productions are okay.)

Submit scripts and other works, along with the required statement, by email to marc@fortpointtc.org

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