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Thursday, February 28, 2013

BBC Writers Room: The Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing

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FEE WAIVER OPTION: BBC writersroom applicants will be granted a waiver of the £5 reading fee if the words “Writers room” appear in the top right- hand corner of the cover page.

The Windsor Fringe is now accepting unpublished one-act plays from amateur playwrights for the Tenth Anniversary Special Award. Three winning scripts will be selected for performance in October during the 2013 Windsor Fringe Festival. The winner writer will receive a £500 cash prize and The Windsor Fringe will underwrite the staging of the winner and the two runners -up with selected directors.

Deadline for submissions: March 5th 2013

  • Amateur playwrights only, one script per entrant. 
  • Plays must not have been previously performed, be the original work of the entrant and be suitable for staging in a studio theatre with no more than six actors. 
  • Plays must be no more than 30 minutes long.

Submission guidelines:

Submit two copies of each script, printed on loose sheets of A4 paper, no binding or stapling. Pages must be numbered. No submissions by email, no scripts returned. Judging is on a blind-submission basis – author’s name must not appear in the script. Cover page must include name of the play, author’s name, contact details and signature.

BBC writersroom applicants will be granted a waiver of the £5 reading fee if the words “Writers room” appear in the top right- hand corner of the cover page.

Fay Weldon CBE . Second to be confirmed

Send scripts to:
Windsor Fringe Drama Writing Award
Suite 640, 24-28 St Leonard’s Road
Windsor, Berks. SL4 3BB

Additional information:
Contact Ann Trewartha Tel: 01753 863218 email: ann.trewartha@btinternet.com

Visit the Windsor Fringe Festival website for information on the festival and previous Award winners.

Aspiring Playwrights Contest

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Sponsored by East Valley Children’s Theatre

East Valley Children’s Theatre is searching for aspiring playwrights to become a part of the theatre’s future seasons of performances. Contest rules and prizes are listed below.
  • All Plays must be submitted to EVCT no later than March 15, 2013. Must include a cover sheet with name, address, phone number, email address.)
  • Plays must be suitable for children to perform for children. (Small casts are not as likely to be chosen for performance.)
  • Plays must be one hour to one hour and a half in length. (Shorter plays may be submitted but they will not be considered for production by the theatre as one of its season’s productions.)
  • Plays and Musicals must not have been previously performed.  They must be original and unpublished.
  • Musicals must include a copy of the music in some form, either manuscript or recorded.
  • Cash prizes will be given for the first, second and third place entries.
  • The first place entry will not only receive a cash prize but also will be produced by East Valley Children’s Theatre in its upcoming season, if it meets all the criteria for performance.

Send entries to:
East Valley Children’s Theatre
P.O. Box 20514
Mesa, AZ 85277-0514
Or email them to: Karen@evct.org
For more information or questions call EVCT at 480-756-3828.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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If you would like to be considered for our New Play Festival Committee, please submit your request to glenda.manwaring@centrestage.org.

Centre Stage's annual New Play Festival  features the works of three or four finalists selected from submissions of playwrights.  These plays will be presented in staged readings that begin each evening at 7 p.m. and are free and open to the public.

Each performance will be followed by an in-depth discussion of the work, led by the Festival Chairman and a guest playwright-in-residence.  On the last evening of the Festival, Centre Stage will present the latest work in development by the playwright-in-residence, followed by a discussion of that work with the playwright.

Submission guidelines

  • There is no submission fee for the New Play Festival.
  • The submission deadline for the 2013 NPF is March 1, 2013. Scripts received after that date will be considered for the following year. Three or Four finalists will be selected on July 1, 2013 and their names will be posted to this page at that time.
  • Must be a full-length play without a prior full production.
  • Send brief synopsis together with a bound complete manuscript. Please include a contact phone number and e-mail address on the play's title page.
  • The play must be at least one hour and thirty minutes in length, and no longer than two hours.
  • Dramas, comedies and farces are all welcome. No musicals or plays for young people, please.
  • Cast size limited to 7.
  • Playwrights are encouraged to become familiar with our thrust space and submit plays that are suited to our physical space. A 360 degree view of the theatre is available here.
  • Providing playwrights with the highest quality actors is a priority. Plays that can be effectively cast within our market will be considered favorably.
  • Playwrights who are questioning whether or not their play is a good match for Centre Stage are strongly encouraged to contact information@centrestage.org before submitting.
  • All plays that are not selected for the festival will be recycled. Please do not include any type of return postage. Please check our website July 1 for announcement of current year's finalists.
  • All serious submissions are read by at least two readers. Please be advised that the following are not considered serious submissions:
  • Screenplays or teleplays submitted as theatrical plays
  • Obvious first drafts 
  • Plays with typos and spelling errors
  • Plays that are not formatted according to industry standards
  • Plays with excessive profanity or violence will receive limited consideration.
Notification: We appreciate you offering our theatre the opportunity to consider your work. Our New Works Coordinator screens submissions for eligibility and for content as they are received. The final selections will be made in July 1 and the finalists' names will be posted to this page at that time.


Send manuscripts to:

Centre Stage - South Carolina
c/o New Play Festival
PO Box 8451
Greenville, SC 29604-8451

1 – A synopsis of the story including stylistic and thematic content and a completed bound script.

2 – The complete casting requirements (limited to seven actors)

3 – The development history of the play (if any)

4 – A brief bio (please be assured that past professional experience is not required)

You will receive a confirmation response by early April.

E-mails received after March 1 will be considered for next year’s festival.

Semifinalists will be contacted by the early June.

Finalists will be contacted and posted to our website in early July.

Playwrights accepted into the festival will receive travel and lodging as well as one-on-one time with the playwright in residence. Each play will receive at least three rehearsals with a professional director and actors. The play selected for the production will be produced according to a standard Dramatist Guild contract. Playwright selected for the production will receive travel and lodging for the opening week of the production.

The Venus Theater Festival seeks scripts from women

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NOTE: this is only open to writers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
NOTE: playwrights selected for the festival will be responsible for all aspects of their play's production

The Venus Theater Festival is a playwright’s contest created uniquely for women. It was designed to offer women writers a chance to direct their own never-before-seen shows, helping them to develop a sense of casting, staging, use of lights and direction. With Venus, it is our intention to give female writers a unique chance to create their vision from the first stroke of their pen to the last scene of their play. Venus is not only a festival; it’s a competition as well. That means there are prizes! The winner of Best Play will receive a prize of $2,500. Winner of Best Actress will receive $500. Venus, as well as our summertime festival, Thespis, is hosted by Cabrini Repertory Theater, a beautiful, 200-seat proscenium theater in uptown Manhattan.

General submission to Venus is free-of-charge and submissions will be accepted until March 1st.

Submissions must be between 40 and 50 minutes long.


Each applicant is fully responsible for all elements of their production. These include directing, casting, stage-managing and hiring a sound & light board operator.

Submission Rules
In order to submit a play please send the following via email:
1. A 60-word blurb describing the play you are submitting
2. A 200- to 300-word synopsis of the play
3. The complete script
4. Your telephone number and home address, plus the phone number of one other person in your production that we can contact
5. Your bio with age included
As soon as your play is accepted, you will be sent the festival guidelines. After carefully reading the guidelines, should you decide to be part of Venus, you will be asked to send in the deposit, which will be returned at the end of the festival if you’ve brought the minimum number of audience members.
All plays will be given a three-performance run at the theater.
Each show is paired with a second, and the two will perform on the same nights.

Only plays from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will be accepted.
Submissions must be between 40 and 50 minutes long.

Each applicant is fully responsible for all elements of their production. These include directing, casting, stage-managing and hiring a sound & light board operator.

What the Theater Offers

For those playwrights who want to incorporate live music into their play,  Cabrini Rep offers a fully-tuned, baby grand piano. We also offer a choice of stage furniture and props to all productions, as well as a large projection wall at the back of the stage and a quality projector that will create a wide range of possibilities for your set. In this way, productions need not be as concerned about moving their props in and out of the theater before and after each performance.

Again, only women playwrights can apply to the Venus Festival. If the playwright chooses not to direct, either a female director must be chosen or a female lead must be cast in at least one of the main roles.



Choosing Nominees for Best Play

After all plays have had their three-performance run, the best 8 plays will be selected by the Venus jury as nominees for the $2,500 prize of Best Play. Those 8 shows will be given a fourth performance that will be advertised to the surrounding community, which is full of artists and theater-goers who are aware of Cabrini Repertory Theater. So if, after your three-performance run in Venus, your play is selected as one of the 8 nominees, you are not only in the running for Best Play, but in addition to other audience members you’d like to invite, we will invite our supporters to your fourth performance.
Along with audience members from the theater’s neighborhood, three judges will also attend your fourth performance. This panel of outside judges will make the final decision about the winning play.

There will also be several nominations for best actress. In addition to the winning actress ($500 prize), there will be a third and second runner-up. These runner-ups will receive surprise prizes!

Winners will be announced during a special prize ceremony at the end of the festival to which the cast and crew of all nominated productions will be invited.

We look forward to seeing each one of your productions. Good luck and have a great time!


All plays will be filmed. At the end of the festival, or after your show’s run, you can purchase a video of your show for $75.

Please be aware that the festival is not directly involved with the filming of the plays. You must connect with the videographer on your own in order to purchase your show’s video.

There is no fee to submit your play to the Venus Festival.

Rather, those who are accepted are required to send in a deposit check of $250. The deposit will be returned as long as the production is able to bring a minimum of 33 audience members in total to all three performances assigned to each show; that means at least 11 people per performance.

Again, only those plays that are accepted will be required to send in the $250 deposit.

Contact us at


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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HORIZON'S MISSION: Horizon Theatre Company's mission is to connect people, inspire hope, and promote positive change through the stories of our times. We work towards achieving our mission by creating a welcoming home for a diverse community of audiences and artists to connect with each other, their communities, and the world. We create new diverse plays with developing artists, while also developing new audiences to experience those plays.

NEW SOUTH FESTIVAL MISSION: New South Play Festival, which has been dedicated to producing new plays from, for, and about the contemporary South since 1999. The Festival focuses on new plays by writers who live or have roots in the South, creating stories that our relevant to our community today. The Festival is particularly interested in plays by women and African-Americans.

We accept the following types of submissions:

Agent submissions that meet our mission
Previously professionally produced plays that meet our mission
For plays with no previous professional productions, the play must meet the mission of the New South Play Festival
We do not accept submissions of unproduced plays by individual writers that do not meet our New South Play Festival mission
If your plays meet one of the criteria listed above, please submit the following to submissions@horizontheatre.com (scripts are only accepted electronically):

1. Name, cover letter addressing how your play fits with our mission, brief bio and/or resume
2. One-page synopsis including brief description of the play, character breakdown and setting.
3. 10-page dialogue sample from the script

If we are interested in further exploration of the play, we will request a full script (please do not send a full script with your initial inquiry).

Please submit your work to us only if it meets our mission statements. You will receive an electronic acknowledgment of receipt of your materials. After that, we will be in touch ONLY if we are interested in reading the entire script.

We wish that we could read and comment on every script that is submitted to us, but unfortunately we only have time to look at those scripts that meet our mission!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Her life as Lady Gaga

Friend of NYCPlaywrights Renee Cole writes about her adventures as the foremost Lady Gaga impersonator:
The Littlest Gay 
...When I sift through my years of kids party memories, there is one that will forever stick with me.  
I had been booked for a little girl's 6th birthday and just finished my performance. As I walked around the room for photos, I noticed a little boy, about 3 years old who kept following my every move. Whenever I turned around he would be right behind me, staring up adoringly. 
I knelt down to his eye level to say hello and he put his little hand in my hair, and said the last thing I ever expected to come out of his mouth... "FIERCE!" 
I had all I could do not to double over laughing, and asked what his name was.  
He told me his name was Henry, that he knew that my favorite designer was Alexander McQueen and that he liked him too. He also told me he knew all the words to Bad Romance, and liked my dress with the bubbles. 
Then my littlest gay checked out all of my rings, accessories and even tried on my hat.  
His super straight Dad came over after a few minutes, and we took a few photos with the little guy in my lap. 
As I got up to say goodbye to Henry, I had a flash forward of his life in my head. How many obstacles he would have to face in the future just because of his sexuality, which was so strongly present already. 
All I could think to say to him as I left was "Remember to always be yourself." 
He hugged me and with a giant smile said, "I love you Gaga!". 
From that day on the song Born This Way took on new meaning for me. 
Read more at My Life As Lady Gaga.

Renee performed in last summer's Play of the Week project:

Renee and Larissa Adamczyk perform in A LESSON by Emily Cutler.

Theatre Southwest is accepting scripts for our 8th annual Reader's Theater.

web site

Theatre Southwest is accepting scripts for our 8th annual Reader's Theater. The best scripts will be chosen and given staged readings on March 17th. At the end of the readings, the audience will vote for their favorite and the winner will receive a $100 "thank you." 

Deadline: Must be received by March 8, 2013

There is no entry fee.
  • Scripts should be 5 to 15 minutes in length.
  • All entries should be previously unpublished.
  • You may submit up to 3 plays.
  • Number all pages of the scripts.
  • List all characters with a brief character description.
  • A one paragraph play summary is appreciated although not mandatory.
  • Scripts can not be returned.

Scripts should be mailed to:

Theatre Southwest
Attn: Ananka Kohnitz
8944 Clarkcrest 
Houston, Texas 77063
Attention: Readers Theatre

Ten Minute Play Workshop (TMPW)

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Deadline: 3/1/2013

Each week of the 2012-2013 school year Ten Minute Play Workshop (TMPW) will pick a ten-minute play to workshop. The Ten Minute Play Workshop project will recruit student actors to read your play, record it, and then get a faculty member and a handful of fellow writers to workshop the reading, and record that. And then, to top it all off, we invite you to be the capstone in the workshop, and record that! All of this is published on the internet as a podcast for the world to hear. But wait, there's more! We put your script on the TMPW website alongside the podcast, so folks can read along and, if you're lucky, give you feedback even after the workshop is over.

TMPW is now accepting submissions of ten-minute plays that authors are interested in having workshopped during the 2012-2013 academic year. How do you know if you should submit your ten-minute play? First, you need to be ready to have your script workshopped. We take this stuff seriously, and anyone who has had a good workshop done on their writing knows it can be a valuable experience and give you insight into your characters, their voices, and your story.

We use the TMPW Workshopping Principles when doing the critique, and when we get you on the horn to be a part of the workshop, we expect you to subscribe to the TMPW Author Workshopping Principles. We are all active writers and our aim is always to help each other along the writing road, but, as you know, being a writer means always having to hone your words, your craft. You need to be open and, you need to have enough perspective to be able to hear your work through someone else's ears.

If you've made it this far and are still reading, you should definitely submit that manuscript that you were writing before you started cruising the web and found tenminuteplayworkshop.com. Come on - you know you want to!

Now, the Mandatory Legal Part of Ten Minute Play Workshop
By submitting your script to the e-mail address listed below, you agree to the following:
Ten Minute Play Workshop is a totally volunteer effort; if you're lucky, we may send you a Ten Minute Play Workshop t-shirt. If you choose to submit your script, and it is selected, you agree to have it be workshopped by TMPW volunteers which is comprised of a reading of your script and the workshop comments recorded and posted as a public podcast on the internet. You agree to release all TMPW workshop participants, their heirs and assigns, from any and all liability related to all Ten Minute Play Workshop activities. No one at TMPW receives any kind of income from the workshops, and you shouldn't expect to, either. You will not be paid for your script being workshopped. If your script is selected to be workshopped and the podcast is published, you agree to have the manuscript you submitted published on the Ten Minute Play Workshop website (tenminuteplayworkshop.com) as a downloadable PDF file until such time as that website no longer exists. You, of course, retain all copyright to your work.

OK, you got through the legal part - congratulations! To submit your play, e-mail your submission as a PDF file to  jen@tenminuteplayworkshop.com. Scripts should be no more than ten pages, excluding the title and cast pages. Please use the standard playwriting format; it makes your play so much easier to read (NYCPlaywrights, a great playwriting resource, provides two formatting guides on their website). Jen responds to every e-mail message she gets; you can expect a confirmation within a few days of submission.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Subversive Theatre is currently accepting unsolicited scripts

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Subversive Theatre is currently accepting unsolicited scripts for consideration for forth-coming staged readings and full productions.

 Of course, to be eligible, plays must be in keeping with Subversive Theatre's overall mission to produce plays of a political nature that serve to raise consciousness -- and hopefully encourage action -- on socially relevant issues.  Plays that address these issues in a particularly inventive and unconventional manner -- in terms of content and/or presentational style -- are especially welcome.

Plays can be submitted in one of the two following categories.


     Short plays -- less than 30 pages in length and less than 30 minutes in running time -- can be submitted to our sUBVERsIVE sHORTs Program.
     Works selected for this program will be performed in our annual sUBVERsIVE sHORTs Showcase which is held in the late Spring/early Summer of our Theatre's yearly season of plays.  This Showcase is a cabaret-style presentation of multiple vignettes performed in repertory.

Click here to make a submission and/or read about the guidelines, rules, & general information about this year's competition

The submission deadline for this year's competition is March 5, 2013.  

Selections will be announced no later than May 1st, 2013.  Playwrights are welcome to submit up to three scripts.

Click here to read more about our sUBVERsIVE sHORTs Program


     Due to Subversive Theatre's limited resources, we are very rarely able to undertake full productions of previously unproduced works . . . but we will of course make exceptions for particularly strong material.

     Stage readings of new "subversive" works are also possible.
     To find out how to submit a full-length play to Subversive Theatre, contact our Overall Dramaturg Susan Forbes at submissions@subversivetheatre.org.

Playwrights Initiative

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A Central Virginia retreat

The Sweet Briar College campus is an ideal setting for a writer seeking an opportunity to focus on their craft. The campus’ beauty, facilities, and serenity are inspiring and create an extremely productive writing environment. Add to this a company of actors and you have the perfect location for a playwright’s intensive.

Endstation’s Playwrights Initiative brings three playwrights to the Sweet Briar College campus during Endstation’s Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival to write, workshop, and develop new plays. This program promotes the work of the next generation of playwright by providing a laboratory for young playwrights to write and rework their plays in a supportive atmosphere, and with access to other theatre artists.

Endstation Theatre’s Playwrights Initiative asks that you not only send work best representative of your talents, voice, and aesthetic but work that is the most recent. We learn most from you as a candidate when we are reviewing work that is exciting you currently, moving your work in new directions, and could benefit most from the time spent at Sweet Briar. This work, alongside a concise background of your career and training, is all that is required to submit for the coming year.

Next submission period: November 1, 2012 – March 1, 2013.

Odds and Ends Festival

web site


The Odds and Ends Festival is an annual festival hosted by Newborn Theatre targeted towards celebrating new, young playwrights with bold, new ideas.  Last year’s festival featured 13 plays written by 10 playwrights from across the continent. For more information, please see our website at http://oandefest.weebly.com/

The 2013 festival is set for next summer and we’re looking for new, diverse, short works by young playwrights from across North America.

We will consider
  • New, works shorter than 30 minutes written by playwrights who are younger than 30
  • Recent one-act productions under 30 minutes, written by young playwrights and produced by other indie theatre companies who would like to collaborate with us
This year, the festival will take place in Toronto’s downtown core and it will feature the works of up to thirty young playwrights.

Submit your work for your chance to be featured as part of Toronto’s emerging arts scene

Deadline to submit: March 1 2013, midnight E.S.T.


Email oddsandendsfestival@gmail.com with your submission.
Make sure to include the following:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Birthday
  • Bio
  • A recent photo of yourself

Attach your script in .doc or .pdf format.

Please include a cover page with the title of the play, the playwright's name and the list of characters. The pages should be numbered.

 The playwright must own the rights to the play up to the end of June 2013 (i.e. plays cannot be owned by a publisher).   Any style is acceptable, including musicals.

Only those playwrights whose plays have been selected will be notified by March 25th 2013.   The plays will be selected by our festival dramaturgical committee committee.

If selected, your play will be performed either as a staged reading or a full-scale production in Toronto, Canada in August 2013.

Should your play be selected for inclusion in the festival, you are giving the non-exclusive right to Newborn Theatre to produce and perform the play  in the 2nd Annual Odds and Ends Festival Festival (Toronto Canada), in the August 2013.  In the event that you are an independent playwright, Odds and Ends Festival will find the cast, crew and market your play.  In the event that you are a collaborating company, the festival will expect you to provide a completed production of your own show.

The submission must be a thirty-minute or shorter one-act play.
Authors retain copyright and full ownership of their plays.


web site

Submission Guidelines 2013

 All Plays received by March 1, 2013 will be considered!!

The Women & Theatre Program of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education invites submissions from female playwrights for the annual Jane Chambers Award!

For the Jane Chambers Student Playwriting Contest, guideline and application form click on "Student Guidlines"

The Jane Chambers Playwriting Award recognizes plays & performance texts created by women that present a feminist perspective & contain significant opportunities for female performers.  Experimentations in form and subject matter welcome. This annual award is given in memory of lesbian playwright Jane Chambers who, through her plays such as A Late Snow, My Blue Heaven, Kudzu, & The Quintessential Image, became a major feminist voice in American theatre.

The Award for the primary Jane Chambers Contest consists of $1000, free registration to attend the Association in Theater in Higher Education’s conference in early August & a rehearsed reading of the winning piece at that conference, hosted by WTP, with ATHE. The winner should attend the conference’s awards ceremony. The student winner is also recognized.

To enter, please send three copies of a typed script,  resume, application form, JANE CHAMBERS APPLICATION FORM 2013 (click here), brief description of the piece, and your email contact information. Please, only one submission per applicant, and no email submissions.  NO FEE is Required (voluntary donations, blind to jurors, are welcome).

Mail submission to:
Jane Chambers Award

C/O : Maya E. Roth
108 Davis Performing Arts Center
Department of Performing Arts, Box 571063
37 & O Street, NW
Georgetown University
Washington DC, 20057-1063

All entries MUST be received by MARCH 1 2013

The Women & Theatre Program will announce the winner by June 30, 2013.

Black History Month - theater edition

Kenneth Branagh and Laurence Fishburne in OTHELLO

Paul Robeson on OTHELLO

Saturday, February 23, 2013


web site

Eastbound Theatre seeks short one-act plays for production in July.  The theme of Eastbound Summer 2013 will be “Superstition”.  5 finalists will receive a production of their play, and compete for the Summer Audience Award.

Deadline is March 1, 2013.

There is no submission fee.

There is no compensation for performance or for winning the Summer Audience Award.

Playwrights will maintain all rights to their material.

Additional performances may be requested, but will not be performed without the permission of the playwright.

Playwrights may submit more than one play.

Finalists will be notified via email unless playwright requests otherwise.

Submissions must be unpublished, original one-act plays of 10-15 pages in length, inspired by the theme “Superstition”.

We prefer submissions to be completely new plays, written specifically for this event.

Please submit your script and a cover letter explaining how the theme inspired your work.

Email submissions to ZenRipple@yahoo.com.  Attachments can be doc, rtf or pdf files.

Hard copy submissions can be sent to:

Eastbound Summer 2013
Milford Fine Arts Council
40 Railroad Avenue South
Milford, CT  06460

Transient Theater submission guidelines

web site

Currently, Transient Theater is only producing one show a year. This isn't to discourage you from submitting your play; we just want you to understand we don't have a big staff and accepting submissions is something new for us. That being said, we'll be looking for a play to do in 2013 and we're willing to explore lots of possibilities. If you think we should read your play, please ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my play have 3 characters and minimal technical requirements? (We know that's harsh, but it's the only sort of play we're currently capable of producing.)
  2. Does my play speak to the mission* and values of Transient Theater?
  3. Is my play past the developmental stage and ready for a full production?

If you can answer "yes" to all 3 questions, then send us an email with a one page synopsis of the play. If we're interested in reading the full script, we'll let you know within a few weeks.

* Transient Theater strives to inspire new levels of understanding and empathy in its audience members by producing brave and smart plays in a sustainable way. We challenge our audience members to sympathize with someone they wouldn’t normally identify with in their day-to-day lives. At our most successful, we plant the seeds for a revolution of empathy to replace our culture of separateness. At the very least, we have fun trying.

Free tickets for NYCPlaywrights ~ PAS DE DEUX and JOE

See the first of the Cherry Lane Theatre's Mentor Project plays this season. Free tickets are available for the Monday February 25, 2013 7pm show.

Email your request to be placed on the comp list to Seri Lawrence at Seri Lawrence slawrence@cherrylanetheatre.org - put "Mentor Project" in the subject of your email.

Red Bull Theater presents: NEW SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL

web site

3rd Annual Short New Play Festival – Open Submissions

New plays! Heightened language! Classical themes! 10 minutes long!

The Deal
Building on the success of our last two Festivals, Red Bull Theater’s Short New Play Festival returns in 2013. Six short plays will be selected from an open-submission process and presented in staged readings along side two short plays by commissioned writers (past writers have included Constance Congdon, Elizabeth Egloff, David Grimm and John Guare). Plays will be selected based on relevance to Red Bull Theater’s mission, incorporation of stated theme and excellence of the work.

The Drill
Write a short play of no more than 10 minutes in length that contains heightened language, verse, classical themes, or is an adaptation of a classical story. This year, each play must respond to the following word:


Take a look through our history to see the kind of work we have done. Respond to a play we’ve produced or choose a classic of your own. Adapt something, Riff on a character, Borrow a language structure, Create a whole new classical world – you choose!

The Rules
• Each playwright may submit ONE SCRIPT only.
• Each play may be no more than TEN PAGES in font no smaller than 11pt.
• We ONLY accept electronic submissions in PDF form. Do not mail printed scripts.
• INCLUDE writer contact information on the title page.
• Plays should be self-contained with a beginning, middle and end.
• Excerpts of full-length works are INELIGIBLE.

The Timeline
Email scripts to submissions@redbulltheater.com by the deadline of March 8th, 2013.
Submissions will only be accepted electronically in PDF format.
Selected plays will be announced by April 15th, 2013.
New Play Festival is May 13th, 2013.

*Due to the volume of scripts, we are unable to comment on submissions.

Friday, February 22, 2013

HONKY: Discount ticket code for NYCPlaywrights

Award-winning theatre, URBAN STAGES, presents HONKY - a darkly comedic look at five people, white and black, as they navigate the muddy waters of race, advertising and basketball shoes. 

NYCPlaywrights are welcome to check out this poignant new comedy for just $20 during previews (March 8th - March13th). Simply head directly here http://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?showcode=HON5&Dcode=NYCP to grab the discount or head to urbanstages.org with code NYCP. 

More about HONKY
When a black sneaker company hires a white CEO, their commercials begin glorifying the “ghetto" and sales triple among white teens. But when violence erupts in a black community, the shoe designer blames the ads and promises revenge. Meanwhile, the writer of the ads is paralyzed by white guilt – which only gets worse when his therapist turns out not to be what he expected. Luckily, there’s a new racism pill on the market advertising, "If you don't think you need it, you're probably a racist!" HONKY takes a comedic look at the symbiotic relationship between racism and commercialism. 

Written by Greg Kalleres. Directed by Luke Harlan. 
Starring Scott Barrow, Philip Callen, Dave Droxler, Danielle Faitelson, Anthony Gaskins, Chris Myers, Reynaldo Piniella and Arie Bianca Thompson

Mass Rhetoric: A New Works Festival

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Fundamental Theater Project is now accepting submissions for Mass Rhetoric: A New Works Festival, to be presented April 29th - May 3rd, 2013 at the Penthouse at Shetler Studios.

We are seeking work that explores one of the five canons of Rhetoric; Invention, Arrangement, Style, Memory, Delivery.

Five plays/musicals will be accepted and presented in a rehearsed staged reading format. Each play selected will be given a one-night reading, as well as a post-show reception.

Chosen playwrights will also be invited to an additional special reception with FTP Honorary Patron, Sir Peter Shaffer.


  • Unpublished, previously unproduced plays/musicals without pending professional productions (previous readings or workshops acceptable). 
  • Focused on one of the five canons of rhetoric (invention, arrangement, style, memory, delivery) and playwrights are encouraged to interpret this theme in any way they like.
  • Able to be read in 90 minutes or less
  • No larger than eight actors (multiple roles allowed if doubling is feasible and consistent with the overall flow of the piece.)


  • Submit as a PDF file that includes a title page with name(s) of playwright(s) and MP3s of any musical numbers
  • Include a three-line synopsis of submissions and a short bio for playwright(s)
  • There is no fee for submissions
  • Limit of two submissions per playwright

Submissions from previous Mass Rhetoric festivals should not be re-submitted (previous Think-Tank submissions accepted)

Send submissions in an email to submissions@fundamentaltheaterproject.com

FTP will offer one rehearsal prior to reading, in which the play will be read in full with discussion with playwright and director. Musical rehearsals to be decided on.

FTP will hold auditions for actors and interviews for directors for all pieces, which the playwrights are encouraged to attend. If the playwright has a director or cast they’d like to recommend for their piece, it will be taken into consideration.

FTP encourages a post-reading discussion, as well as other feed-back opportunities at playwrights discretion (Q&A, written surveys etc.).

FTP will market ‘Mass Rhetoric’ as a week long event - playwrights are encouraged to assist in building audience for their specific performance.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Hangar Pilot Reading Series seeks scripts

Submissions are currently closed for the 2013 Hangar Pilot Reading Series. We will be accepting submissions for the 2014 Hangar Pilot Reading Series, starting in March 2013.  Scripts received between now and spring will be returned, provided the inclusion of a self addressed stamped envelope with proper postage. Please check back in the spring for more information about our new play submission policy. At that time, we will be moving to a complete digital submission system. 

The Hangar Pilot Reading Series serves as a safe environment for playwrights to test out & receive feedback on their newest works. To be eligible for the series, plays must not have been previously produced. We look for well-constructed plays that celebrate the generosity of human spirit, speak to our diverse community, and advance the American theatre. We place no limit on the number of cast members required. We seek a diverse group of new and established playwrights. 

If you have questions about our submissions policy please contact our Literary Manager, Nick Saldivar via e-mail at Literary@hangartheatre.org

Game Play festival

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Self production.

The Brick Theater is pleased to announce the fifth annual Game Play festival, taking place during July 2013 in Brooklyn, New York. This year’s festival will once again feature cutting-edge works that lie at the intersection of video gaming and performance.

We are now accepting for consideration submissions from a variety of artists, including but not limited to: playwrights, game designers, performance artists, musicians, media and visual artists, entertainers of all stripes.

Applications are due by March 1, 2013. 

To apply, please fill out the following form, and email any supporting materials to gameplay@bricktheater.com.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Discount tickets for NYCPlaywrights : WE WILL PREVAIL

Want to see new work that is bound to leave a mark?
Here's your chance to see the world premiere of WE WILL PREVAIL.
An evening of two one-acts, The Intruder, and Ladies Night, written and directed by young American playwright, Larry Bao. These plays are a poignant magnification of intrusion, property, camaraderie, and of course... love.
Journey into the cynicism and optimism of our human psyche.
As humans, we can prevail...
Cast: Camille Lowman, Alyson Calder, Phoebe Dwight, Paul Notice, and Brent Rose

The Tank Theater
151 46th St 8th Floor
March 9-10, 15-17
Door: $15
Reserve your tickets at http://wewillprevail.brownpapertickets.com/ with code "wwpfriends" and get a 5 buck discount!

Follow us on Tumblr and see the faces behind the production! http://nowwewillprevail.tumblr.com/

NOTE: The producers, marketing directors, etc. of currently-running theatre productions may consider an exchange with NYCPlaywrights - you offer a special production discount code to NYCPlaywrights and/or a small quantity of free tickets for the production to members of the mailing list in exchange for posting your show information on the NYCPlaywrights blog and/or weekly email blast. The posting will be visible on the NYCPlaywrights home page for 1 - 2 weeks after which it will be available in the monthly archives listed at the bottom of the page. 

For more information about getting your theatre-related information on this web site, see this Rate Card.


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PLEASE NOTE: there are two options for submission without a fee:
  • Agent submissions require no fee. 
  • The fee will be waived for Dramatist Guild members with an enclosed photocopy of a membership card. 
Otherwise there is a $10 fee. NYCPlaywrights recommends that all American playwrights join the Dramatists Guild.

The Woodward/Newman Drama Award is an exclusive honor offered by Bloomington Playwrights Project, sponsored by the Newman's Own Foundation, remembering the many great dramas Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman performed in together. It presents the best unpublished full-length drama of the year with a prize of $3,000, a full production as part of the BPP's 2012-13 Mainstage season and travel expenses up to $300.

The BPP has begun accepting submissions for the 2013-14 Woodward/Newman Drama Award. Submissions are due by March 1, 2013. The top 10 finalists will be announced at the end of May with the winner announced in June 2013.

The Bloomington Playwrights Project is a not-for-profit theatre with non-Equity performers. The theatre is a black box with 90 seats. Because the BPP is a script-developing organization, winning playwrights are expected to become part of the development process, working with the director in person or via long-distance. Each winning play receives a staged reading early in the development process. This staged reading is open to the public and the playwright is encouraged to attend.

(subject to change):

1.  "Full-length" plays will have a complete running time of between 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes) to 2 hours 15 minutes (135 minutes).

2.  Plays submitted must be unpublished at the time of submission. Plays that have received developmental readings, workshop productions, or productions at small theatre companies are acceptable. No scripts with previous productions at major regional theaters will be accepted. Once entered, subsequent activity does not change the acceptability of the script.

3.  Each submission must include a synopsis (1 page or less) including the cast size. A separate page should include a brief bio of the playwright, and production/development history if applicable.

4.  Each submission must include a cover letter with contact information and a $10.00 reader fee. Agent submissions require no fee. The fee will be waived for Dramatist Guild members with an enclosed photocopy of a membership card. The BPP only accepts U.S. checks or money orders (Make check payable to "BPP").  No international checks or money orders will be accepted.  If submitting internationally or if you want to avoid paying by check, pay online with your credit card here.

Make sure to note with your submission that you have paid the reader fee online.

5.  It is preferable for musicals to include a demo CD. The complete score is not necessary but may be included. All plays are read by BPP's literary personnel led by and including the Literary Manager and Artistic Director.

6.  We do not accept email submissions. Scripts will not be returned.

7.  The BPP reserves the right not to name a winner and/or name a winner but not commit to a reading or production. These instances are rare but can and do occur.

8.  Send to:
Woodward/Newman Drama Award
Bloomington Playwrights Project
107 W. 9th Street
Bloomington, IN 47404

9.  Scripts must be postmarked by March 1, 2013, and received no later than March 10, 2013. We are not responsible for postal delays, and recommend you not choose to send Media Mail unless you are submitting several weeks in advance.

10.  For further information, write

Attn: Literary Manager
107 W. 9th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404.

For faster replies, please email us at literarymanager@newplays.org.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shakespeare: Original pronunciation

3rd Kulture Kids is currently looking for new full-length plays with a female Middle Eastern character in her 20s

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3rd Kulture Kids is currently looking for new full-length plays with a female Middle Eastern character in her 20s. Submissions will be considered for the upcoming In Transit annual reading series in Spring 2013, as well as possible future productions.


We are accepting full-length plays previously unproduced in New York City
Please include the following with each submission: a bio and/or resume, production or development history if applicable.
Open to potential existing relationship with a director or actor(s).

The deadline for email submissions is February 24th, 2012. 

Scripts can be sent by email to submissions@3rdkulturekids.com

Hudson Guild Theatre Company seeks work by women writers

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NOTE: this is for women residing in New York state only.

Hudson Guild Theatre Company seeks work by women writers for an upcoming production titled New York Ladies to be presented at the Hudson Guild Theatre in fall of 2013.

The show will be a theatrical collage of short pieces – monologues, sketches, songs, stories and poems -- all written by and about New York women.

We’re looking to explore the positive, vibrant attitude of so many women in our city, emphasizing the immense reservoirs of wit and vitality which are summoned under even the most difficult circumstances.

Send work for consideration by February 28, 2013 to jfurlong@hudsonguild.org.

For more information, contact:

Jim Furlong, Director of Arts
Hudson Guild
441 W. 26th Street
NY, NY 10001

Babes with Blades Playwriting Competition

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Babes With Blades Theatre Company is a Chicago-based company, currently celebrating its 15th anniversary season!  Our unique mission, using stage combat to place women and their stories center stage, is at the heart of this playwriting competition. "Joining Sword & Pen" is the international playwriting competition we founded in 2005 to increase the number of quality scripts featuring fighting roles for women - and the 2013-14 competition is now open!

We’re looking for scripts inspired by – and containing –  these images.

Does one (or both) spark an idea for you?  We want to see it!

The winning script will receive a full production with BWBTC in 2014.

The winning playwright will receive the Margaret Martin Award, which carries with it a $1000 stipend.
  1. Only FULL LENGTH submissions will be accepted: 75-120 minutes (at least 75 pages) in length. Shorter submissions will not be read or considered. NOTE: Please DO NOT send incomplete submissions, excerpts, or a synopsis.
  2. The moments depicted in the images must be dramatized in the play. You may choose to use only 1 of the 2 images, OR both images.
  3. Both all-female and mixed-gender casts will be considered. Women must be in most/all of the primary roles. Women must be featured in most/all of the combat.
  4. U.S. and international, male and female authors’ submissions will be accepted.
  5. All submissions must be new, original works, inspired by the contest’s topic. Previously workshopped, published, or performed submissions will not be considered.
  6. The author must observe and adhere to the submission guidelines, below.
Please Consider:

1. Fights are a big part of what we do, so their inclusion in scripts is important to us – so long as they serve the story and the characters. Quality over quantity, please.
2. We typically perform in small, black box theatres on limited budgets. Preference will be given to scripts that require fewer than 12 actors and uncomplicated scenery (multiple complex settings require higher budgets). Less is more.
3. Please take a few moments to peruse this website to familiarize yourself with the mission and direction of our company, our acting ensemble, and our past shows.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Submissions are due NO LATER than February 28, 2013. By submitting a script, you are agreeing to adhere to all the dates on the workshop and production schedule.
2. Electronic submissions preferred: email to swordandpen@babeswithblades.org

IMPORTANT: This will be a BLIND SUBMISSION PROCESS. This means your email submission should contain two separate attachments:

Your cover page with title, name, and full contact information (name, phone numbers, email, mailing address).

Your script. DO NOT include ANY contact information in the body of your script. No names, by-lines, or contact information of ANY kind. This is to ensure that when the selection panel reads your script, it is a blind read. An author’s identity will only be revealed once a selection has been made.

3. If you are unable to submit via email, you may submit by snail mail to Babes With Blades Theatre Company, C/O Morgan Manasa, 444 N. Wells, #204. Chicago, IL 60654. If submitting via snail mail, do not bind or staple your script.
4. Scripts submitted will be considered the original creations of the authors, not Works for Hire. The author will retain all copyright rights and privileges granted thereto. If a winning script is eventually published, we ask authors to note “Babes With Blades Theatre Company” as the original producing company.

Additional Questions?

Visit our JS&P History page and JS&P FAQ page.  After that, if you’re still flummoxed, please email swordandpen@babeswithblades.org and we’ll help you out!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights

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NOTE: Plays must be written by an Appalachian playwright (currently living in the Appalachian Mountains which, for our purposes, run from New York to Alabama) OR the plays must be set in the Appalachian region.

This annual festival celebrates the richness of the Appalachian tradition by showcasing the stories of this region, both past and present, and the inspiration it provides the playwrights and writers who live here.

The ultimate goal is to share our rich cultural heritage with audiences across the nation. Since 1933, Barter Theatre has been developing new works and nurturing area talent. Barter Theatre professionals have a proven track record of guiding this process.
The Festival has gained national attention by developing a process that has resulted in plays being produced not only on one of Barter’s two stages, but in regional theatres throughout the country.

Keep on the Sunny Side, by Douglas Pote, introduced in 2001 toured twenty-three states in late 2004 and early 2005. Enjoyed by more than 100,000, this poignant love story about  A.P. and Sara Carter is now being produced by theatres everywhere. Black Pearl Sings by Frank Higgins was first read and developed in 2006 at the AFPP and, in 2010 was listed as one of the most produced plays of that year by Theatre Communications Group.

Project Outline
Barter’s Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights is actively planned and organized throughout the year. New plays are submitted by March 1st, 2013 for consideration in this year’sFestival. Final selections are made in May.

A brief rehearsal process (six hours/play) takes place in June with an emphasis placed on clarity, not effect—getting the playwrights words and story out to the audience. The plays are read by members of Barter’s Acting company. Following each public reading there are audience and artist discussions about the play, led by Richard Rose, Producing Artistic Director, and a panel made up of local and regional theatre professionals. The reading and discussion is an invaluable tool to a playwright seeking to discover what’s working in the play and what needs work.

Over the years, the AFPP has developed an audience who love to be a part of the process of helping playwrights develop their work. This process works because they playwright has a chance to hear from the very people who will eventually be buying tickets to their play!


  • Plays must be written by an Appalachian playwright (currently living in the Appalachian Mountains which, for our purposes, run from New York to Alabama) OR the plays must be set in the Appalachian region.
  • Plays must be unpublished and must not have had a full professional production.
  • Full length plays are preferred.
  • Deadline for Submissions: March 1st, 2013.

To submit your play electronically, please send a PDF of the script along with contact info and a brief synopsis of the play to: apfestival@bartertheatre.com

To submit your play by mail: Please submit the full script in a three-brad folder or unbound, along with your contact info (please include email and phone) and a brief synopsis of the play. Plays will not be returned. Plays may be submitted to this address:

Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights
c/o Barter Theatre
PO Box 867
Abingdon, VA, 24212

The 2013 AFPP will take place July 5—-July 12. All playwrights who submit will be notified in May/early June as to whether or not their play has been selected for reading.

The playwrights of the six selected plays will each receive $250 plus transportation and housing so that they may attend their reading. The winner of the AFPP will receive $500 and the runner-up will receive $250.

Plays must be received by March 1, 2013

For more information, contact:
Nicholas Piper
Director, Barter's Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights
P.O. Box 867
Abingdon, VA  24212

Thursday, February 14, 2013


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Trustus Theatre Announces its Annual Playwrights’ Festival, a National Contest Culminating in the Professional World Premier of an Original Play.

Now in our 24th year, we’re one of America’s longest-running play festivals. Since 1988, many of our winners have been published and produced off-Broadway, in Hollywood or at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.

THE WINNING PLAY will receive a staged-reading at our 2013 Festival and $250. During the following year, the playwright will develop the script for production as he/she wishes and in consultation with members of the Trustus staff and company. In August, 2013, the play will receive a full production--and the playwright an additional $500, plus travel/lodging for the Festival opening.


Full-length plays only, with no previous professional productions. Academic productions and workshops are okay. We’re looking for innovative comedies and dramas on any topic, raw or polished, profane or polite—but please: no musicals or children’s shows.

  • One set, minimal production needs preferred.
  • Cast of eight or fewer preferred, ages 15-60.
  • One script per author, please.
  • No re-submissions. Write something new.


****NEW FORMAT****

We are now taking submissions electronically. We do not accept paper submissions sent through the regular mail. All materials should be e-mailed to the literary manager, Sarah Hammond, at shammond@trustus.org.

Step One:

Between December 1, 2012 and March 1, 2013, e-mail shammond@trustus.org a query package containing the following items:

  • An eight to ten page selection from the play. Do not send the full script.
  • A 100-200 word synopsis, development history (if any), and cast breakdown, noting any special casting requirements.
  • A resume or short bio.
  • Name, address, phone number, and title of the play must be included in the body of the e-mail message.
  • Only submissions received between December 1, 2011 and March 1, 2013 will be considered for the festival.

Step Two:

From the applications/synopses, we will identify 25-30 semi-finalists. If your play is selected as a semi-finalist, you will be notified and invited to send a full script. From those scripts, the artistic director will select a winning play by July 2013.

Questions may be directed to shammond@trustus.org.


web site

Smith & Kraus, theatrical trade publisher, seeks ten-minute plays for its annual ten-minute play anthology, edited by Lawrence Harbison.

Plays must be produced between May of 2012 and May of 2013

Submissions: between now and March of 2013. 

Send via e-mail to Lawrence Harbison (LHarbison1@nyc.rr.com).

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Radio Theater Project Submissions

web site

We are currently accepting submissions for 2013-2014 season.

Submissions are open until March 1, 2013.


  • Plays should have a running time of 50 minutes or less. Brevity is the soul of.
  • Plays longer than 30 minutes will need to be able to be split in two parts with an intermission.
  • Plays that originated as stage, film or prose are fine, but we produce radio theater – works originating in other forms will need to be adapted into a radio play
  • The Studio@620 WMNF Radio Theatre Project reserves the right to make any edits necessary for length, clarity, or FCC regulations.
  • Preference will be given to Florida writers and plays with Florida settings and subject matter.
  • Send plays for consideration to Jim Wicker, Literary Manager, at jimwicker.actor@gmail.com.


  • Please include a cover sheet with title, name of author, and contact information.
  • On the second page, please include a plot summary and brief bio of the author.
  • Please submit scripts in 12-point type with page numbers in the upper right-hand corner.
  • The scripts will be broadcast over the radio, so FCC broadcast restrictions apply—no seven deadly words, obscenity, overt sex, or graphic bodily functions.
  • Before your script is produced, you will need to put it into radio play format – see guidelines here.


  • Any action must be made clear by dialogue and sound effects; there are no visual cues.
  • Characters should be identified frequently by name, and there shouldn’t be too many characters in the same scene. If characters aren’t part of the conversation, they disappear. Remember: the audience can’t see the actors. Don’t confuse them.
  • Be judicious in your use of narration and monologue. Dialogue is generally more engaging for the listener.

If you have questions, please contact Jim Wicker, RTP Literary Manager, at jimwicker.actor@gmail.com.

Monday, February 11, 2013

UNRENOVATED play festival

(No web site available)

Seeking 10-minute plays to be performed in an unrenovated brownstone in Brooklyn.  The space is very raw and unfinished, with tools, 2x4s, and sheets of drywall scattered about.  There’s a cast iron radiator and an old nonworking fireplace.  The space is about 15’ by 10’. If you would like to see photos, send an email to the address below.

All plays must be 5 to 15 minutes long, with no more than 4 characters.  Dramas and comedies are welcome, but all plays should be set in the space where they will be performed (no plays set on boats, for example).  The topic of the play should be somehow relevant to the space. In other words, there should be a reason your play is set in a contruction site, other than that I told you to do so.

Deadline is February 15, 2013.

Send scripts in standard format to unrenovatedplayfest@gmail.com.

If you want to submit by snail mail, send an email requesting and we can work something out.


web site

Bricolage Production Company is proud to announce a call for submissions of new full-length plays for its first annual In the Raw Festival, to be held in April/May 2013.

Expanded from Bricolage's ongoing In the Raw series, this year's 5-week festival format will give three playwrights the opportunity to work closely with a dramaturg to revise, explore, and solidify a new work. Each of the selected three plays will receive a week-long workshop with a director, a dramaturg, and professional actors. The workshop will culminate in two public readings at Bricolage Theater in downtown Pittsburgh, followed by audience response sessions.

"Our goal is to celebrate and cultivate new plays by local playwrights, incubate talent in our region, deepen our relationships with local artists, and expose our audience to the process of play development," say Tami Dixon, Bricolage's producing artistic director.

Eligible submissions must meet the following criteria:
  • The work must be unpublished
  • The work must not have been professionally produced, including pending professional productions
  • The work must have an anticipated run time between 90 and 120 minutes
  • The work must require no more than 6 actors (doubling is permitted)
  • Submission deadline is February 25, 2013. 
  • Winner announcements will happen the week of March 4, 2013
  • Eligible submissions must include the following:
  • Synopsis of the play (300 words or less)
  • Description of how the playwright feels that this script would benefit from the workshop/revision process (300 words or less)
  • Playwright biography
  • Complete copy of the script

Playwrights must submit materials both electronically and in hard copy to:

In the Raw
c/o Bricolage Production Company
PO Box 42336
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Additional information to note:
  • Submissions not adhering to all guidelines will not be considered
  • Upon submission you will receive an e-mail confirmation within one week
  • There will be no housing or travel provided in conjunction with workshop residency
  • If you do not receive confirmation, please email Annie DiMario at annie@webbricolage.org
  • Bricolage will NOT provide feedback on unselected scripts
  • If you would like your hard copy returned to you, please include a self addressed envelope with sufficient postage

If you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact Annie DiMario at annie@webbricolage.org.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

50/50 Applause Award Winners - multimedia

  • A scene from Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker, produced by ICWP award winner Playwrights Horizon.

Learn more about the 50/50 Applause Award and the International Centre for Women Playwrights.

Related article:
Women Attend More Theatre Than Men: Why Not More Roles?

It appears that in many major theaters across the country, men’s roles out number women’s by half. One out of every three roles go to women. (An informal survey of 10 theatrical seasons from across the country that I did put women in only 35% of the total roles). This means that men’s stories out number women’s by the same amount. 
Those of us noticing this could be considered big old whiners if it weren’t for some solid business-y sounding facts: 
  • Women buy 70% of theater tickets sold
  • Women make up 60%-70% of its audience (see here and here)
  • On Broadway, shows written by women (who statistically write more female roles than men) actually pull in more at the box office than plays by men
In any other market the majority of consumers would significantly define the product or experience. Why not theater?

Seeking New Musical Theatre Work

web site

RIFF is searching for new musical theatre pieces, or plays with music, that push form and showcase emerging talent to be presented in full production, developmental workshops, or concert reading format during our 2013-2014 season. Writing teams or solo writers should be excited for collaboration and intense development work, as well as interested in how their community can engage with their piece.

To submit, please send us an email to TheRiffCollective@gmail.com. Tell us a bit about yourself and what city you hail from, the latest draft of your project, and a few of your best demo tracks. Writer’s fees and ticket percentages will be negotiated after selection of works.

We review any and all submissions (unfinished work is more than welcome) and are excited to bring new music theatre work to Chicago. If you have any questions, contact artistic director JD Cannady at JD@RiffCollective.com.

Outcast Theatre Company is seeking play and musical submissions

web site

Outcast Theatre Company is seeking play and musical submissions from both new and established writers for an upcoming play reading festival and for future production.

We are a repertory company devoted to the presentation and exploration of live performance to encourage dialogue on social topics, the human condition, and the nature of connection. This mission is achieved through the production of top-quality mainstage productions, augmented by opportunities for social dialogue and interaction, and through an educational program targeted at secondary school-aged children in both the heart of Jersey City and in the greater NYC area.

If you feel your work falls under the auspices of our mission statement please send:

  • A synopsis of the work
  • A script sample
  • A copy of the full script
  • A resume
  • If the work is musical, please include recorded tracks in mp3 form.

Send all work and/or questions to literary@outcasttheatre.org. No phone calls please.


web site

We are seeking submissions of your best ten minute plays for our THIRD ANNUAL: FEMNOIRE: THE WOMEN'S PLAYWRITING FESTIVAL to be held at the beautiful Whistler House Museum of Art on March 29, 30th at 8PM.

If you are interested in submitting a short play or monologue, please e-mail a WORD compatible document to us at imagetheater@comcast.net

No more than 2 submissions per person, please. We are looking for plays that are easily staged, limited set pieces, limited cast size, please.

Please include all contact info on the title page of your play.

DEADLINE is February 10th

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Jerry at 978-866-2125.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The winners of the 2012 International Centre for Women Playwrights "50/50 Applause Award"

NYCPlaywrights salutes the theater companies awarded the first "50/50 Applause Awards" by the ICWP. The winners were recognized for producing seasons in which half (or more) of the plays were written by women. 

If you are located near these theaters we urge you to give them your support.
ICWP started in 1988 with a mission is to support women playwrights worldwide and bring attention to their work. The creation of the 50/50 Applause Award coincides with the organisation’s 25th birthday celebration. President of ICWP, Dr Jennifer Munday, has stated that “these companies need special thanks for the integrity of their decision-making.” 
In recent years, discussions within the global theatre community and the media have prompted both academic research and discussions to explain why the work of women playwrights is underrepresented in staged theatrical productions. In 2009, Emily Glassberg Sands released a study called “Opening the Curtain on Playwright Gender” which showed that only 18% of the productions done in the United States in 2008 were by female playwrights. She also found that “only 11% of shows on Broadway over the past decade [1999-2009] were written exclusively by women”. 
Other research from countries with developed economies has demonstrated similar imbalances. Last year, Lyn Gardner of the UK’s The Guardian stated “...of the 57 productions in the West End and the fringe that might be considered plays (rather than musicals or physical work), only six are written by women”. In Canada, Rebecca Burton and Reina Green reported that 30-35% of the nation’s artistic directors were female in 2006. 
Aside from the imbalance of theatrical expressions of women’s experience, there is a clear economic trajectory that starts with a production. A professional production is typically followed by script publication, book sales, further productions, royalty revenue for the playwright and other financial rewards like commissions, residences and travel opportunities.
To that end, ICWP’s qualifications for the 50/50 Applause Award were that theater companies produced women playwrights in both 50% of productions and 50% of total performances in their 2011-2012 season. Theaters that included producing women playwrights in their mission were not eligible. Five theatre companies have been recognised with the 50/50 Applause award, through a strict nomination process.
To learn more about the award and the criteria, visit www.womenplaywrights.org/award

Artemisia is accepting plays for its 2013 Fall Festival of Staged Readings

web site

Artemisia, a Chicago Theatre, is accepting plays for its 2013 Fall Festival of Staged Readings.  All plays submitted must be full length and fit within Artemisia's mission.  They must be about women, have a minimum of one female leading character and must challenge the audience's perception of women.

Visit artemisiatheatre.org and view the line up of plays selected for our 2012 Fall Festival of Staged Readings for further guidelines.

Please send all submissions electronically as a single file pdf attachment (no other format will be accepted) to Artistic Director Julie Proudfoot at artemisiatheatre@gmail.com.

Artemisia does not charge a submission fee to writers; anyone at any time can submit for free.

Submissions must be received by midnight April 1, 2013 to be considered for our 2013 Fall Festival.  Submissions received post deadline will be considered for the following year's festival.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

NYCPlaywrights February 2013 Play of the Month: TUMMY BUBBLES by Jenny Lane

NYCPlaywrights received 115 submission for its February 2013 Play of the Month, and there were several plays that we really liked and we regret we don't have the resources to select more than one play for a video recording.

After a reading of the semi-finalists, we selected TUMMY BUBBLES by Jenny Lane. Thanks to Alice Anne English, David Lamberton, Doug Rossi, Kitty Hendrix, Renee Cole and Tim Lueke for their good work in the selection process.

Play of the Month reading

Tim Lueke and Doug Rossi
Thanks to the NYCPlaywrights reading team for their excellent work in reading the ten-minute semi-finalist plays.
The winner will be announced later today. 
Special thanks to Kitty Hendrix for hosting the reading at her beautiful apartment, as well as her amazing home-made vegan muffins and tofu-cheese pizza, and thanks to Alice Anne English, David Lamberton, Doug Rossi, Renee Cole (and Renee's home-made cupcakes!) and Tim Lueke for their great work and evaluation of the scripts.

Renee Cole and Alice Anne English

Kitty Hendrix and David Lamberton

To see more photos click the "Read More" link.

Tim Lueke and Renee Cole

Renee Cole and Alice Anne English

Alice Anne English, Kitty Hendrix and David Lamberton

Doug Rossi and Renee Cole

Submissions Now Open for All Out Arts’ 11th Annual FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL A Celebration of LGBTQ Arts & Culture Running July 8-21 in NYC

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All Out Arts is now accepting submissions for the 11th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival, New York City’s grassroots, multidisciplinary international festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer arts and culture.  A cornucopia of various forms of artistic expression, the festival will be presented July 8-21, 2013 at The Wild Project in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Entries are accepted through February 25, 2013, and there is no submission fee if submitted by February 11, 2013.

“Going into our 11th year, we have thus far featured performers from every group within the national LGBTQ community, as well as artists from as far away as Kenya, the Philippines, Japan, the Caribbean and Israel,” says Festival Founder and Artistic Director Carol Polcovar. “We’re excited for what lies ahead as we begin a new decade in amplifying artistic voices traditionally unheard.

The Fresh Fruit Festival showcases the whole spectrum of LGBTQ lives as expressed in theatre, performance art, dance, film, spoken word, graphic arts, music and beyond.  Thus, if it is “art” and it reflects any aspect of the LGBTQ community and its culture, you are welcome to submit.  The Festival seeks diversity, “color,” and things less traditionally available in mass media.  Last years’ festival featured a “high stakes” poetry slam, two weeks of theater and performance art, dance, jazz, an art exhibit, variety acts, and a comedy show, among other works.

The Festival provides AEA-approved performance venues & production insurance, marketing & publicity assistance, ticketing Services, full performance staff (logistics manager; light/sound technicians; front of house), repertory lighting plot & sound system, networking events & more!


Click here to learn more & apply online now for the 2013 Fresh Fruit Festival.


Regular Deadline: February 11, 2013 (No Entry Fee)
Late Deadline: February 25, 2013 ($10 Late Fee)
Notification: March 15, 2013
Festival: July 8-21, 2013


Fresh Fruit Festival was the creation of two long-established LGBTQ community arts groups:

New Village Productions, established in 1989, has produced ten LGBTQ short play festivals, including an international short play Festival in conjunction with the Vineyard Theater and Gay Games 1994. New Village Productions is a not-for-profit theater company committed to diversity and the celebration of difference, both in selection of material and by inclusion of disabled and minority artists.

All Out Arts’ mission since 1992 has been to bring together the diverse artistic, organizational, political and financial resources of the LGBT community to foster awareness of the value of LGBT arts. The mission of All Out Arts is to support and present LGBT art and artists to fight intolerance. All Out Arts fulfills its mission by supporting arts organizations within the community through fiscal sponsorship, events, contests, collaborations, networking events for emerging artists, and by sponsoring productions, concerts and displays of visual arts.

The Fresh Fruit Festival is the primary expression of All Out Arts’ mission.


What if my work is accepted?

Upon acceptance you will receive a packet that includes an information sheet and a contract that must be returned within two weeks to reserve your place in the Festival. All producers are guaranteed, at no cost to them, a share of ticket sales; and you may also choose from co-production plans that will pay a higher share of ticket sales.

What is the performance schedule and when is it set?

Full-length works will be scheduled for at least 4 performances; and solo or shorter works for one or two performances.  Work that attracts excitement and audience energy may be extended.  Films will be scheduled for one or two showings.  The Festival schedule will be fixed by mid-April, with performances in July.

What does Fresh Fruit provide to participating artists?

AEA-Approved Performance Venues • Festival Publicity (flyers, press mailings, listings, email blasts) • Media Advertising • On-line Ticketing Services • AEA-Approved Production Insurance • Limited technical/dress rehearsal as determined by the Technical Director • Limited Rehearsal space when available • Festival staff: logistics manager; light/sound technician; front of house • Repertory lighting plot & sound system • Front of house staff • Glossy, full-color festival programs • Networking events for all participants • Marketing Assistance • We will support your application for funding, grants or scholarships available to you.

What are the Privileges of Being a “Fruitie” (by virtue of submitting work to the Festival)?

Fresh Fruit is intended not only to be a celebration of LGBT culture, but also a continuing source of support for LGBT artists. By submitting or presenting work at the Fresh Fruit Festival we welcome you as a “Fruitie,” to a community of supportive artists and patrons.  All works in the Festival are eligible for Awards in several categories based on audience and jury opinions. The Awards are held at a Gala event each Spring. What does Fresh Fruit expect of you? You donate your talent to the Fresh Fruit adventure. You will also supply anything you need to make your show notable.  That includes musicians, set, director, actors, sound and lighting design, special machinery, video or other equipment. In short, you put up the show the way you envision it.  We do not ask for any control over your copyright -- only that we are   mentioned in any program where the work we have presented is shown.

You must publicize your show and work to secure a suitable audience.  It’s your proven supporters who are most likely to attend and you must keep them informed.  By virtue of being in the festival and cross promotion with the other shows your group will build upon its support list.

What if my work is not accepted? 

First and foremost, just by submitting work your are a “Fruitie,” joining a supportive community of artists with unlimited access to our website, Facebook page and Yahoo groups.  We will also alert you to upcoming events and submission possibilities.

In addition, we maintain a waiting list of worthy artists whose work, for reasons of time or funding, we were not able to accept at first.  If there are cancellations or changes in schedule that will accommodate your work, we will contact you immediately. And, you can still participate in the Festival by having a staged reading at the Festival or presenting an excerpt of your work at our bimonthly Fresh Fruit Playhouse in an informal cabaret setting.

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