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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Jersey Playwrights Contest

William Paterson University

web site

The University Performing Arts Department of William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ announces their Eight Annual NJ Playwrights Contest. This project helps bring new playwrights and their work into focus in the community, the region and the state of New Jersey. This year the competition will have both a musical and a non-musical component. Each consists of two phases. First, three plays and/or three musicals will be selected for staged-readings in the fall of 2011 from all entries received by July 13, 2011. Second, one of these finalists will receive a production in the spring of 2012 in the very flexible Hunziker Black Box Theatre. In addition to the full production, the winner will receive an honorarium commensurate with his/her level of participation. This contest is open to New Jersey residents only. Submissions should include: a cover letter, stating availability of the author for fall 2011 and the performance history of the play or musical; a one-page synopsis of the play or musical; and a resume of the playwright and/or composer.

Submissions should be emailed to
or mailed to
Theatre Series, H 105-B, 300 Pompton Rd.,
William Paterson University,
Wayne, NJ, 07470.

NO PLAYS or MUSICALS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED AT THIS TIME. Requests for scripts & music (including a piano score) and author interviews will be arranged later this summer.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walking Fish Theatre/Hella Fresh Theatre 10-minute submissions

web site


Send us your best script of ten pages or less for the Walking Fish Theatre/Hella Fresh Theatre annual Ten-Minute Play festival, Hella Fresh Fish 3.0

All submissions can be e-mailed as a .doc or .pdf attachment to freshfish2submit@gmail.com.

Entries will be acknowledged by e-mail. All playwrights will be notified by e-mail when or before the winners are announced in August.

Each script must be no more than ten pages long.

Plays that have received an Equity production, as well as any unsolicited longer one-act or full-length plays will not be accepted for this project. Special consideration is given to playwrights in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

Each manuscript must be typed. Title page must include name, address, e-mail address and phone number. All pages must be numbered. Please use a 12-point font. In the subject line of your e-mail submission, please include your name and your play’s title in the following format:
Lastname Firstname Title

The volume of scripts submitted hampers our ability to comment individually on each work, so we do not offer criticism.

All ten-minute plays will be considered for Hella Fresh Fish 3.0, The Walking Fish Theatre/Hella Fresh Theatre annual ten-minute play festival in October, 2011.

Midnight, Sunday July 31st, 2011

Address Submissions to: freshfish2submit@gmail.com, or mail to:

HellaFresh Fish Ten-Minute Play Festival
2509 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125

For more information about Walking Fish Theatre and B. Someday Productions, please call 215.427.WALK or visit www.walkingfishtheatre.com or email Stan Heleva stan@bsomeday.org

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Walden Theatre seeks plays for teens

web site

Walden Theatre, A TCG theatre and training center for young actors ages 8-18 in located in Louisville, Ky. is seeking submissions for our Slant Culture Series. In addition to our regular offerings of shows from Shakespeare to modern American classics, we produce one play a year in this series.The Slant Culture series presents new works by rising playwrights that feature complex teenage characters. The name Slant Culture comes from the laboratory practice of tilting a test tube to provide a greater area for growth, and Walden Theatre is using this series to challenge our young actors to approach character development by drawing directly from their own lives and those of their peers. Slant Culture launched in early 2010 with the regional premiere of When In Disgrace (Haply I Think on Thee) by Damon Krometis, a play based on a real-life teen tragedy and written entirely in iambic pentameter.
Since we are a private not-for-profit not affiliated with any school system, Walden is in an unique position to introduce to our students new work that they would not, otherwise have a chance to perform. Adult language and adult situations are something our students encounter every day in their real lives and therefore we believe, if the piece has value, we have a duty to present these pieces as a regular part of our season.

Submission Guidlines
Full length play, 6-12 characters - most, if not all teen aged.
Comedy or drama. Please no musicals
Unpublished. It can have had previous productions
Please submit scripts electronically ONLY in PDF or WORD document format.
Please Include one page synopsis and character breakdown.
Deadline for submissions: August 1.
Performance dates: November 10-19, 2011
There will be a $600.00 stipend to the chosen playwrite.

Please submit scripts to:

The 9/11 Ten Minute Playwriting Contest

web site

The 9/11 Ten Minute Playwriting Contest

Can you write a 10 minute play about 9/11 before Sat. 30th July 2011?
Think of 9/11 as a metaphor for Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, USA, Pakistan, England, Syria, Israel, Kuwait, War, Peace, Muslims, Jews, Christians,Heathens, Chaldren, Sunni, Shiite, Oil, Koran, Bible, Torah, Bubba, God, Hillary, Mohammad, Buddha, Jesus, George W.,Osama, Obama, Sistanni, Saddam, 41, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Powell, Chaney, Chalaba, Sadr, Blair, Rumsfeld, Pervez, Satire, Comedy,Drama, Prophet, Iran, Baghdad, Hezbollah, Ashura, CIA, Palestine, WMD, Scuds, Islam, Tribes, Taliban, McCain, ISI, Mullah, Al-Qaeda,Beirut, Crusaders, No-Fly Blacklist, Hamas, Sheiks, Clans, Occupation, Patriot Act, IED's, Congress, FBI, Northern Alliance, Mullah,Pentagon, Terrorists, Yeman, Bhutto, Guantanamo, Desert Storm, Jihad, Parable, Democracy, Imam, Persian Gulf War, NSA,Madras, Rendering, Rabbi, SaudiaArabia, Peshmerga, Sovereign Nation, Egit, Hijab, Together Forward, SERE, Surge, Arab, Kut, Gonzales,Law, Supreme's, Caliphate, Taiz,Love,Mecca, 5 Pillars, Mujaheddin, Coalition,Saladin,Condi, Barney, etc., etc.

Can you write about soldiers and civilians dying? Non- partisan.

1st prize - $100
2nd prize - $25
3rd prize - $25
4th - 10th prizes - $10

There will be 25 semi-finalists , then 10 finalists.

The 10 finalists chosen by independent judges will have a staged reading in Los Angeles on 9/11, 2011.

On 9/11 , independent judges will decide the #1 winner.

Semi-finalists and finalists will be notified.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Play must be Unpublished , unproduced and not have won any other contests.
2. No longer than 10 minutes
3. One page biography .
4. Include Two copies of each script.
5. No e-mail scripts accepted.
6. Include brief character descriptions.
7. A voluntary donation of 2 first class stamps from your country.
8. Contest open to Earth Citizens, including New Yorkers, Canadians and Mathematicians.
9. Deadline: Sat. 30th July 2011.

Please mail to: American Science Theatre
Short Plays
P. O. Box 291 460
Los Angeles CA 90029 USA.
( Please, no registered scripts).

If you have any questions please email John O'Donnell :
john at americansciencetheatre dot com

Each writer will be contacted before we perform your script.

We are also seeking Sponsors/Donations for productions.
Interested? Any suggestions? Please contact :
john at americansciencetheatre dot com

A 10 minute play has about 1300 words and is no more than 8 pages,
unless you use words like:Pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism,
Floccinaucinihilipilification , Honorificabilitudinitatibus,
Sesquipedalian,or Triskaidekaphobia .

....Has it really been Ten Years?

Playhouse Creatres Theatre seeks ten-minute and one-act plays

web site

Playhouse Creatures Theatre is calling on playwrights to submit your Ten
minute Shorts and/or One-Act Plays. The plays and shorts selected will
take part in a staged play reading festival to be held this Fall 2011.
There is absolutely NO entry fee.

The deadline is July 22, 2011. At this time, we are only taking electronic
submissions. Please send PDF versions to:

NOTE: Please Include a brief cover letter, and synopsis of your piece
along with a character breakdown.

*Selected submissions will be presented as part of a staged reading.

**Depending on the number, scope and selection of scripts received..We may
decide to Fully stage and produce chosen selections as part of a Fully
Staged short plays weekend!

*Please limit your submission to one play per category.

Visit Playhouse Creatures Theatre:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Chincoteague Island Theatre Company

The Chincoteague Island Theatre Company, a new community theatre organization based on Chincoteague Island, Virginia, is taking submissions of ten-minute plays for their Third Thursday Ten series. Plays should contain no more than 3 actors and should be about realistic situations that can be performed by amateur artists. Please submit plays with a brief description on page one, then the play on the following. Submissions are to be sent to chincoteagueislandtheatreco@gmail.com

Teatro Bravo

web site


Teatro Bravo seeks new plays to feature in a festival of readings in Spring 2012

(May-June 2012, exact dates to be announced.)

The company may seek to develop these plays into full production during its 2012-13 season.

Plays on a variety of topics related to U.S. Latino life may be submitted with the following guidelines:

1. Casts under ten or less. Or, if multiple roles are included, doubling that allows the use of ten actors or less.
2. Simple sets or creatively imagined use of spaces beyond the literal
3. A focus on issues of either "cultural heritage and myth" or “contemporary life” in the Southwest, broadly defined
4. A special emphasis on women playwrights, though we'll consider plays written by all
5. The playwrights need not be Latina/o as long as the issues of Latina/o "cultural heritage" and “contemporary life” are well defined.
6. Major roles for Latino or Latina actors, though plays with mixed casts are also welcome
7. We will consider plays in English or Spanish, or Spanglish.
8. We will consider plays that have been produced a couple of times, but not published, and which still count as "relatively new."
9. We may seek to include such plays in a future anthology, and therefore the playwright must possess the rights to grant that authority.
10. Only hard copies will be accepted at this time. Please include SASE if you wish script returned, or include note allowing us to recycle.

If chosen, plays will be assigned a director who'll pick a cast.
A small stipend ($100) will be paid to the playwright for the reading. The theater cannot afford to fly in or host playwright for readings. If chosen for production, a standard royalty contract will be provided.

Please send to:

Teatro Bravo
4211 E. Palm Lane #204
Phoenix AZ 85008

Deadline: October 1, 2011

Future Ten 10-minute play festival

web site

We are currently accepting submissions for our 8th annual 10 minute play festival. In order to be considered for production, scripts must be received in PDF format no later than Friday, July 8, 2011. Future Ten will take place in November.

Other submission guidelines are as follows:
• Since the general rule is that one typewritten page of a play equals one minute of stage time, each play should be approximately ten pages in length.
• Playwrights must submit their play in PDF format using our online submission process. Visit
• Writers may submit up to two (2) scripts; however, no more than one (1) play per writer has the possibility of being selected for production.
• One-act or full-length plays, musicals, children’s plays, or plays that have been previously produced will not be considered.
• Due to the limitations of our space, please craft your work to meet the following criteria: cast size – 2 to 10; set – basic chairs and tables; costumes – try to avoid costume changes; props – limited to a few items that you or your director must provide; lighting – full, dim and blackout are the only three light changes we can offer at this time. (NOTE: We will not necessarily rule out a quality script based on a production issue, but we may ask you to make changes in order for your work to meet the limitations of our space.)

A panel of judges will choose their favorite plays, and the selected playwrights will be notified by early September. Open casting will be held at Future Tenant in mid-September (dates TBA).
For more information about Future Ten 7, email info@futuretenant.org.

To submit your play, please visit our Submishmash page.

Deadline: 07/08/2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 2011 Play of the Month: DARK RIDE by Ralph Greco

Here is the recording of the June 2011 Play of the Month: DARK RIDE by Ralph Greco. Performed by Diane Quinn and Bruce Barton. Mike Giorgio did stage directions. Thanks to everybody for your great work and sharing your talent.

Ralph writes:
I was actually inspired to write the piece from a New York Times Sunday NJ section article about a dark ride closing in Atlantic City... very much like Brian says in the play.

more about Ralph and the cast here...

The next Play of the Month will be in September 2011. Check this web site for the call for submissions in August - or join the NYCPlaywrights mailing list for updates.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Santa Monica Playhouse submission info

web site

Thank you for your interest concerning play submissions here at Santa Monica Playhouse. A few things to consider:

1. We accept submissions for full-length plays with 10 or fewer actors only (no one-acts, please).
2. We received hundreds of plays each year, so it will take six months to a year before your play will even be read.
3. We usually plan our performance schedule at least two years in advance
4. We do not accept musicals, family theatre or children's shows.
5. NO materials will be returned.

If this does not frighten you away, please send us your resume, a brief (no more than one page) summary or synopsis of the play, and no more than ten sample pages. If there is interest in reading the entire play, we will inform you within a year of your submission. If there is no interest, you will not hear from us. Do not send the full-length play. Do NOT send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Send your submissions to:

Santa Monica Playhouse
Attn: Cydne Moore, dramaturge
1211 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401-1391

or email your submissions to:

and put "PLAY SUBMISSION" in the SUBJECT line.

OnStage Atlanta Christmas Plays

web site

Play Submission Guidelines and Formatting Instructions

Barry West of OnStage Atlanta is seeking short one act plays for the 2011 Christmas season. OnStage Atlanta is open to original works as well as previously published and/or performed works.

Submissions must be formatted for our Reading Committee (see formatting directions below) and follow the guidelines described below. Barry West and Abra Thurmond, our point people, will be accepting scripts from Friday, June 10 until Sunday, August 21. Barry West will announce the selected scripts on Wednesday, August 31 through the OnStage Atlanta website, Facebook, and e-mail. E-mail your scripts in a Microsoft Word attachment to: play.submission@onstageatlanta.com or CatheP@gabar.org. Please put OnStage Atlanta's Merry Little Christmas Shorts in the heading.

Each playwright is welcome to submit up to two scripts.


Genre: Christmas comedies that are family friendly and celebrate Christmas.

Playing Time: 10-12 minutes per play.

The Set: The plays must work well in OnStage Atlanta's small space. Playwrights can count on the following: Living room (basic) with couch, chair, end table, lamp, coffee table, Christmas tree (decorated and lit). If playwrights wish to have the above struck for a bare stage, that is also possible EXCEPT the Christmas tree stays in place.

Plays Should Have (But Are Not Limited To) the Following Props & Characters:

Roles for women over 50: Other characters of other ages and genders may play major roles as well. But, each play must have at least one lead role for a female over 50.
Limitation on the number of characters: 3 is the best number; however, a 4th character is permissible.
In some way, a pet must be in the story. The pet can be referenced by the characters but never seen OR we welcome a dog on a leash OR a kitten OR a puppy. No adult cats.


1. Create a Title Page in a separate attachment. The title page should include the play's title, playwright's name, and playwright's contact information.
2. The body of the play should follow professional formatting standards and must include the play's title in the header, BUT NO OTHER IDENTIFYING INFORMATION on the pages of the script.
3. Each play will be given a number by Barry West and Abra Thurmond. The contact people will keep the names of playwrights confidential and pass the submitted plays on to members of the Reading Committee. The contact people will not serve on the Reading Committee.
4. Barry West and the Reading Committee will announce the selected plays on August 31 through the OnStage Atlanta website, Facebook, and e-mail.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dramatists Guild conference keynote address by Julia Jordan

Watch live streaming video from newplay at livestream.com

Watch more Dramatists Guild conference speeches at livestream.com

NYCPlaywrights testimonials!

Rich Espey, Dramatists Guild D.C./Baltimore Region Co-Representative:

NYC Playwrights' postings of submission opportunities have been a tremendous resource for me. I've been fortunate to have had numerous productions result from opportunities I first learned about from the NYC Playwrights website.

I visited an NYC Playwrights meeting a number of years ago and so admired the process that I decided to apply their format to the group I facilitate: the Playwrights Group of Baltimore. I'm glad I did!

Rich's web site

Tom Tirney, Board President, Philadelphia Dramatists Center & Philadelphia Regional Representative, Dramatists Guild of America:

NYCPlaywrights is a reliable resource on the net for dramatist opportunities and exchanges. Nancy (McClernan) also provides lots of opportunities in pre-development as well for playwrights to hear their work and she's been a tireless advocate for dramatist rights. Rock on!

Philadelphia Dramatists Center

MCC Theater submission guidelines

web site

Due to the high volume of scripts and the careful attention the members of the Literary Department give to each script received, MCC Theater does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Interested writers are welcome to submit synopses and dialogue samples of no longer than ten pages (no electronic submissions, please) and are assured a timely reply. If you would like your materials returned, please include a SASE. If you do not need your materials returned, please include an email address for response.

Submissions can be sent to:
MCC Theater
311 W 43rd St #302
New York, NY 10036
attn: Literary

Membership in the MCC Theater Playwrights' Coalition is by invitation. Interested writers may submit material according to our submission guidelines, noting "attn: Playwrights' Coalition."

Treehouse Theatre Company submission info

web site


If you have an interest in contacting the Treehouse Theatre Company or would like further information, please feel free to e-mail us at info@treehousetheatre.org.

We fully support the development of new American plays and playwrights, as each season is solely made up of new works. In this respect, we have an open submission policy, accepting full-length scripts year round for our mainstage season. Each play selected will be given a full production, while others we find intriguing, but not quite ready will have the option of a staged reading or workshop.

As mentioned in our mission statement, we seek to produce plays that focus on and explore the human condition and the various ways that we relate to each other as people.

If you would like to submit a script, please e-mail (and only e-mail) a cover page with all of your contact info, a synopsis, character breakdown, and the full script to submissions@treehousetheatre.org.

Kentucky Women Writers Conference seeks scripts from women

web site

The Kentucky Women Writers Conference (KWWC) will award $500 and a full theatrical production to the winner of its new Prize for Women Playwrights. Balagula Theatre in Lexington will produce the winning script as a world premiere in early 2012.

"The purpose of this prize is to bring more scripts by women to the stage, and we hope to award it annually," says Kentucky Women Writers Conference Director Julie Kuzneski Wrinn. "We chose Balagula as our partnering theater because of its impressive track record of producing socially conscious, thematically ambitious plays, both new and classic repertory. We also liked their mission as an actors’ theater, since we are especially seeking new work that creates compelling roles for women actors."

Quality roles for women will be judging criteria, though literary merit and theatrical potential are the foremost considerations for the new prize. A judging panel of theater professionals and representatives from both the Kentucky Women Writers Conference and Balagula will select semifinalists, and the panel hopes to secure a renowned woman playwright to choose a winner.

The Kentucky Women Writers Conference is a program of the University of Kentucky and is the longest running event of its kind in the country. Playwriting has not been a significant focus of the conference since its first decade, when it featured Women’s Experimental Theatre (1983), Split Britches Theatre Group (1984), Theatre Workshop of Louisville (1986), and Spiderwoman Theatre (1990). The Prize for Women Playwrights aims to revive a commitment to professional support for female playwrights. "We view this contest as a return to our roots," explains Wrinn.

"Playwrights often find themselves straddling both the literary and theater worlds, never wholly belonging to one or the other," says Candace Chaney, contributing theater critic to the Lexington Herald-Leader. "The KWWC Prize for Women Playwrights corrects this unintentional marginalization by welcoming women playwrights into the fold of writers it supports and encouraging a unique collaboration with the theater industry."

"What’s more, it is a laudable regional effort to counter a troubling national phenomenon—the theater industry’s dearth of productions by female playwrights," says Chaney. "A New York Times report about a 2009 Princeton study revealed that not only are male playwrights writing more plays than their female counterparts, but they also enjoy more productions and longer runs, even in theaters led by women artistic directors. We still don’t know all of the reasons behind this disparity, but partnerships like KWWC’s and Balagula’s make important inroads toward remedying it."

Natasha Williams, the only female artistic director of adult theater in Lexington, emphasizes the contest’s collaborative nature as an artistic boon for both the winning playwright and the producing theater. "The exciting process of co-creating will start in September after the winner is announced and go through a series of workshops and rehearsals, culminating in the early 2012 production. It is the kind of collaboration that feeds the talent and creativity of the artists’ ensemble in the most inspiring way possible," says Williams. "For an ambitious theater that aims to contribute to the overall development of the art of theater, this is a dream come true."

The competition is open to all women playwrights, with no restrictions on age, residence or experience. One-act or full-length scripts with a running time of between 45 and 90 minutes that have not been published or produced are eligible.

Submissions must be postmarked by July 1, 2011.

Submissions should be sent to
232 East Maxwell Street
Lexington, KY 40506-0344.

For guidelines and entry forms, visit www.kentuckywomenwriters.org. A winner will be announced Sept. 1, 2011.

Balagula Theatre is a professional company dedicated to delivering intelligent, innovative and inspiring theater to audiences in Kentucky and beyond. The company was formed in 2003 from a collective of local actors and artists seeking new direction and autonomy of artistic expression, and it has produced more than 50 plays. For more information, visit www.beetnik.com.

Authors to be featured at the Kentucky Women Writers Conference, scheduled for Sept. 16–17, 2011, will be announced at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 24, at the "Halfway to the Women Writers Conference" celebration at Regatta Seafood Grille, 161 Lexington Green Circle. This event will include a reading by Louisville poet Lynnell Edwards at 7 p.m. Edwards is among the writers who will teach a writing workshop at the September conference. Regatta is beside Joseph-Beth Booksellers, and books by 2011 presenters will be available for purchase.

MEDIA CONTACT: Whitney Hale, (859) 257-1754 ext. 229; Whitney.Hale@uky.edu

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Play of the Month - June 2011 - DARK RIDE by Ralph Greco

The June Play of the Month has been selected: Ralph Greco's DARK RIDE.

The reading of the play will be video-recorded and posted to the NYCPlaywrights web site by the end of June 2011.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ars Nova Out Loud

web site

Out Loud supports promising emerging playwrights with public readings of exceptional new plays. Each reading provides essential resources for playwrights by drawing on the talents of leading directors and actors, and offering developmental feedback and support from the Ars Nova artistic staff.

To be considered for Out Loud, please send a synopsis and ten-page sample of your play, along with a playwriting resume and a cover letter detailing any previous development the play has undergone. Writers are also encouraged to invite us to readings or productions of their work. Please note: full scripts will not be considered unless requested based on the ten-page sample. Out Loud submissions are only accepted by mail and can be sent to: Attn: Out Loud, Ars Nova, 511 W. 54th St., New York, NY 10019.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Macy's New Play Prize for Young Audiences

web site

The Macy's New Play Prize for Young Audiences

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park commissions a new play each year as the winner of the Macy's New Play Prize for Young Audiences. In addition to a $5,000 commission fee, the Playhouse brings the playwright to Cincinnati for both the development process and production of the work.


The completed script will be produced by the Playhouse’s outreach program and toured by our intern company to schools and community centers. Therefore:

The play should be 50-55 minutes in length.
The play should be written and targeted to a specific audience of lower elementary (K-3), upper elementary (3-6), middle or high school students.
It should be able to tour in a van and have minimal technical requirements.
It should be suitable for a cast of three to six actors (who are generally between 25 – 30 years of age); however, actors can play multiple roles of various ages.
It probably should not be a musical.

Submission Guidelines:

The play cannot have been produced previously.
If the play is an adaptation of copyrighted material; copyright must have been secured.
If the play is a literal adaptation (as opposed to a significant adaptation), it must be a work never previously adapted for the stage.
Playwrights should send a resume, a copy of another play written for children, a story outline of the proposed project and two to three pages of dialogue (if available).

Playwrights who previously have submitted work are encouraged to submit another proposal. This project is made possible through generous grants from the Macy's Fund of the Federated Department Stores Foundation.

Please send all applicable materials and direct any questions to:

The Macy's New Play Prize for Young Audiences
Mark Lutwak
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
P.O. Box 6537
Cincinnati, OH 45206
E-mail: mark.lutwak@cincyplay.com

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wordsmyth Theater is now accepting One Act or Two Act plays

web site
(go to the web site to submit your play via their online form)

Wordsmyth Theater is now accepting One Act or Two Act plays for a New Play Reading Series for 2012. Six plays will be selected, with one slot reserved for a Houston, TX playwright and another slot reserved for a Spanish/English bilingual play. Each selected playwright will be paired with a director and cast. The play will then be read in front of an audience and the audience will be invited to stay after for a moderated discussion of the play.

Submissions must meet the following criteria:

1. Play must not have been produced.
2. Play must not have had a public reading in the Houston area.
3. Submission must be received on or before July 31, 2011.
4. Submission must be a minimum of 40 pages long and have a minimum run time of 40 minutes.
5. Submission must be in .doc, .pdf or .rtf format.

6. There should be no playwright identifiers anywhere on the script.
7. Only one play per playwright per submission period.
8. No musicals, children's plays, or one-person plays.

Play of the Month - June 2011 - deadline tomorrow

The deadline for the June Play of the Month is Sunday, June 5, 2011, 11:59 PM

more details here.

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