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Friday, June 30, 2023

Arc Stages Playwriting Festival


Deadline: June 30, 2023


Arc Stages’ Adult Playwriting Festival is open to any writer ages 18 and over.

A select number of plays will be produced in a professional reading-style performance at Arc Stages.

Submission Guidelines:Plays should be 1 to 10 pages in length, double-spaced.

There is no restriction on style, subject, or form, except plays should be inspired by the theme of 'Shadows and Reveals.'

Collaborations are permitted.

Plays must be typed, in dialogue format.

Please submit plays in PDF format.

All plays will be read blindly by a panel.

All plays are due by June 30, 2023 in order to be considered for the Festival.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Exhume seeks submissions for Fall issue


Deadline: June 30, 2023

​Exhume is a new literary journal seeking to amplify the voices of queer and trans people, people who have suffered trauma and other marginalized groups. We strive to publish visual art, poetry, and prose in order to help writers who discuss queerness and trauma find a home for their works. Though we especially seek submissions that discuss these topics, we accept good writing across the board. 

We strive to publish visual art, poetry, prose, and drama in order to help writers who discuss queerness and trauma find a home for their works. Though we especially seek submissions that discuss these topics, we accept good writing across the board. We appreciate work that speaks to the human experience on a raw level. Consider works like Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl,” Jo Ann Beard’s “The Fourth State of Matter,” and John Cheever’s “The Swimmer.” Above all else, we want writing that makes us feel something. Writing can be traditional, experimental, or a hybrid of the two. Surprise us!

We accept both established and emerging artists and writers across the board. We welcome simultaneous submissions, though we ask that you let us know immediately should your submission be accepted somewhere else. At this time we do not accept previously published work.

All submissions should be emailed to exhumeliteraryjournal@gmail.com. 

Please list the genre you’re submitting under in the subject of your email, as well as your first and last name. Please paste your third-person bio, maximum 75 words, in the body of your email and submit your works as attachments in .doc or .docx format. All documents should be submitted in 12 point fonts.

Submit up to 3,500 words of prose in one double-spaced document.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Discount ticket offer: RAGE & HONEY: A NIGHT OF BLACK FLAMENCO

"Rage & Honey: A Night of Black Flamenco", a one night only show, July 13th, 2023 at the Actor's Temple Theater.  The show explores flamenco and its resonances for the Black body.  It will feature flamenco artists from the U.S and Canada in short pieces and vignettes that dig into the soul's journey. The show is produced by Image Quilt Dance Theater and co-sponsored by the Black Flamenco Network/FUAAD. 

5% Discount on Tickets to NYC Playwrights. Please use the following code:  NYCPLAYWRIGHTSto get the discount on http://imagequilt.ticketleap.com.

The Stories Found Podcast is seeking 10-minute comedies for our upcoming season


Deadline: July 15, 2023
  • We want your funniest ten (ish) minute plays.
  • Comedies only, please.
  • Plays will be performed as audio productions, so send scripts that can be easily adapted to audio-only.
  • 1 – 4 characters
  • Playwrights may submit up to three plays.

  • A comedy. It can be a farce, satire, romantic comedy, even a dramedy. Any kind of comedy is fine, it just needs to be funny.
  • Around 10 minutes. We’re not sticklers on this, but we love a good ten-minute comedy!
  • No more than four characters
  • Must be suitable for audio production
  • This will be an audio performance, not a staged reading, so your script can’t rely on stage directions, visual gags, or physical movement. The story should be understandable with the just the characters’ lines and sound effects.
  • An SFX list or notes in the script are always appreciated! Our audio engineer will review your script and add additional sounds to help bring your story to life, but he loves to have a basic starting point from the playwright.

Questions? Read our submission guidelines or contact us!

Send scripts to: submissions@storiesfound.com

Veterans Repertory Theater (VetRep) seeks 10-minute plays from veterans


Deadline: July 3, 2023

Veterans Repertory Theater (VetRep) is launching a 10-minute play competition for playwrights who meet one of the following criteria: 
  • Current or former: US military, law enforcement, fire service, EMS, foreign service, intelligence service, DoD employee, DoD Contractor; 
  • Immediate family of the service member listed above (“immediate family member” means: parents, siblings, children, and spouse.) 
Submissions should be emailed in PDF format to info@vetrep.org 
OR via the submission portal on the VetRep website at: https://vetrep.org/submissions/

If emailing, submission must include the veteran/immediate family member status of the playwright in the body of the email. 

  • Must be a completed play, ten (10) minutes or less in length; Any genre/any subject matter; does not have to be related to veteran's service 
  • Must not be a musical, screenplay, children’s play, adaptation, translation, or fan fiction play 
  • Must be the entrant’s own original work and cannot be co-authored
  • Must be typed in the English language 
  • Must not have been previously produced or published. (Plays that have had a workshop, reading, or non-professional production are permitted).
  • Must not be under option, commissioned, or scheduled for professional production or publication at the time of submission
  • Must not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party 

Playwrights may submit more than one play Winners and finalists will be notified via email no later than December 31, 2023.

 (Note: We will make every effort to have results back to submitters ASAP, however, in order to ensure fair treatment of each submission and to plan for any contingencies which may arise, we are providing a worst-case scenario for our timeline).

There is no participation or submission fee. There is no guarantee that winners’ or finalists’ work will be produced by VetRep.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The Ryan Hudak LGBTQ+ Playwright Award


Deadline: June 30, 2023 5:00PM EDT


NYFA only accepts applications submitted online at apply.nyfa.org/submit.


The Ryan Hudak LGBTQ+ Playwright Award is a $10,000 cash grant to be awarded to one (1) New York State-based playwright who self-identifies as LGBTQ+.

This Award aims to honor the life and work of Ryan Hudak. Ryan was a gay playwright, theater maker, filmmaker, and a valued member of NYFA’s staff, serving on the executive and development teams. Tragically, Ryan passed away in May 2022 after a long battle with Leukemia at the age of 32. Funding for this Award is generously provided by Ryan’s parents, Pat and Tom Hudak, and individual donors.

  • Application Open: Tuesday, May, 10:00AM ET 
  • Application Deadline: Friday, June 30, 5:00PM ET*
  • Applicants Notified: October 2023
*Please note that the application form on Submittable will automatically close & stop accepting applications at this time.

Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted and no exceptions will be made. We strongly recommend that applicants complete their applications in advance of the deadline to allow time for work samples to upload and to avoid potential technical problems.

Applicants will receive an automatic response from Submittable once their application has been successfully received.

The Ryan Hudak LGBTQ+ Playwright Award is open to New York State playwrights, including those who live within the five boroughs of New York City.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be a working playwright. 
  • Acceptable forms of playwriting include stage plays, libretti, radio plays, and audio dramas. No audio is accepted.
  • Must self-identify as LGBTQ+.
  • Need to be a current full-time resident of New York State for a minimum of 12 months at the time applications close.
  • Be at least 25 years of age at the time the application closes.
  • Cannot be enrolled in a degree program of any kind.
  • All past recipients of any NYFA grant or Fellowship are eligible to apply.
  • Cannot be a NYFA employee, members of the NYFA Board of Trustees or Artists’ Advisory Committee, and/or an immediate family member of any of the above.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTSWork Samples – Up to 20 pages of manuscript, 12 point font, double spaced or in script format, and a 1 page title page (21 pages total maximum)
Artist Statement – up to 250 words
Impact Statement – up to 400 words

Optional written statements: Cultural Statement – up to 250 words
Excerpt Explanation – up to 400 words
Character Sheet – up to 250 words


Work samples are a representation of your artistic work created within the last five years. This is the most important part of your application, as it will be the primary point of review.


What to Submit

Applicants can submit up to 20 pages from a manuscript that best represents their practice. Please also include a 1 page title page in your PDF in addition to the 20 page manuscript (21 pages in total). The title page should include the title of the piece and the date of completion, but not the name of the author. If your work sample includes a combination of excerpts from larger works, you are strongly advised to include substantial portions from each larger work, rather than small fragments.

Do not include publication and/or production information anywhere on your manuscript. Do not include your artistic résumé in your PDF. Materials can be previously published or not. If published, scanned excerpts from books or periodicals, in published form, will be ineligible. Manuscripts must be in English, but can be translated into English by someone other than the artist.

File Format

File name: label your manuscript with the title of the work, ex. The Big Story.pdf or Work Sample 2023

Length: Up to 20 pages. Must be 12 point font and double spaced or in script format

Title Page: One page title page with the title of the work(s), and year of completion, but not the name of the author/applicant.

Language: English

File format: PDF

Work Sample Descriptions

Before you upload the .pdf file to your application, you will need to name your file. Do not label your work sample with your name. Instead, label it with the title of your work.

After your work sample has been uploaded, you will be able to provide a description (metadata) including title, date the work was completed, and additional information. Do not include production or publication history.


Artist Statement

(Required, 250 words Max.) A short concise statement giving an overview of your artistic practice. This statement should give a brief introduction to ideas, themes and methods in your practice. This is not an Artist’s Bio. Up to 250 words.

Impact Statement

(Required, 400 words Max.) A statement describing how this Award will impact your career and/or creative practice. Up to 400 words.

Cultural Statement (Optional)

(Optional, 250 words Max.) A supplemental statement describing how your work is rooted in a specific cultural technique, tradition or community. Up to 250 words.

Excerpt Explanation (Optional)

(Optional, 400 words Max.) A supplemental statement further explaining the context, concept, and execution of your work sample(s). This statement can also explain how the excerpted work sample(s) relate to the entire original piece. Within the Excerpt Explanation you can itemize each submitted Work Sample – if there is more than one excerpt included – and talk about them individually. Up to 400 words.

Character Sheet (Optional)

(Optional, 250 words Max.) A supplemental description of relevant character’s personalities, as they relate to the Work Sample. Up to 250 words.


All applications must be submitted via the online application platform Submittable at https://apply.nyfa.org/. NYFA does not accept any physical copies of applications.

Applicants must have a Submittable account in order to access the application form and upload supporting materials. To create an account, click on the Ryan Hudak LGBTQ+ Playwright Award application, enter your details, and click Create Account and Continue. A verification email will be sent to your email address; check your inbox and click on the link provided in the email to verify your account. If you already have an account, sign in and begin the application.

*If you do not receive an email from Submittable in your inbox, be sure to check your Spam inbox.

Saving your progress on Submittable

To save your working application as a draft, scroll to the bottom of the form and select Save Draft. Applications are not considered complete until you hit Submit. Sign in here to access your draft application.

Locating your Submitted Application

Click here to review your Submitted application


Applicants will be notified of their application results via Submittable. We recommend using an email address that is regularly active to ensure that you are receiving updates.


To request an accommodation or if you need assistance in applying online, please email apply@nyfa.org or call (212) 366-6900 ext. 248 on Tuesdays-Thursdays between 10:30 AM and 5:00 PM ET (NYFA is currently working on a hybrid schedule). We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible, and no later than May 19 to allow adequate time for staff to support you in submitting an application before the deadline.

Once submitted, you will no longer be able to make changes to your application!

You will receive an automatic confirmation notification from Submittable once your application has been successfully submitted. If you do not see this confirmation, please contact apply@nyfa.org.

Application Deadline:
Friday, June 30, 5:00PM ET

22nd Annual Pick of the Vine short play festival


Deadline: June 30, 2023

Only short plays (under 15 minutes) submitted through this process will be considered.

The THEME for this year’s Festival is: NEW BEGINNINGS

**New requirement** – Playwrights are invited to only submit a play that addresses this THEME. 

Submissions this year will be scored upon 1) the quality of the writing, 2) producibility, and 3) how well it addresses the theme.

Semi-finalists will be notified via email by mid-September. Only those playwrights whose pieces have progressed to the semi-final round of “Out Loud” reading by the committee will be notified.

Playwrights whose pieces have been chosen for Production will be notified via email in October.


Submission Guidelines:

1. Only ONE play may be submitted per playwright. There is no submission fee.

2. Submissions will be accepted starting June 1, 2023. The submission deadline is June 30, 2023.

3. Submissions via Google form ONLY: LINK to GoogleForm

4. Plays must include contact info (name, phone number, email address, home city, and state, country) on the cover sheet.

5. Plays will require no more than 6 actors.

6. Plays will run no more than 15 minutes, No exceptions.

7. Plays will have minimal set, costume, prop, and special effect requirements.

8. Plays must include a title sheet with the Title, Playwright, cast of characters (with brief description), and setting.

9. **Playwright must submit a short response on how your play relates to our theme of “NEW BEGINNINGS”.

There will be a $75 flat fee royalty payment to playwrights per play produced. (or a $25 royalty, if presented virtually)

Monday, June 26, 2023

North Park Playwright Festival 2023


Deadline: June 30, 2023
San Diego CA

Our goal in building the North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe was to provide a small theater to produce new, untested plays.  

In support of this goal we have produced the North Park Playwright Festival each October.  The festival provides a platform for brand new, short (ten minute), plays written by playwrights from around the world.  Over the past seventeen years more than 600 new plays have been produced.  We encourage new directors and actors to become involved in theater through the festival as well.  Through the North Park Playwright Festival over ninety playwrights, directors, and actors each year are able to showcase their talents.  We invite interested playwrights to submit work to the 

1. Short new plays (no more than 12 pages, less is fine) that are easily staged and have casts with no more than four people. Our theater is very small and we normally use a minimal set concept in this festival. We have to be able to change sets in just a few minutes as we do six to seven plays each evening of the festival. We don't have space for large casts.

2. We request new work. A play that has had workshops or one or two previous productions is OK, but we are not interested in work that has been produced in numerous other places. Our goal in building the theater was to have a place to produce brand new work and let playwrights have a chance to see their work done for the first time.

3. We seek complete plays rather than excerpts from a larger work.

4. Work will be chosen by the directors we have in the festival. It is not a "contest" and we are not really judging plays in the formal sense. The directors choose the plays we will produce, within the production budget guidelines we give them.

5. Most subject matter is OK. We don't do nudity or off color humor.

6. We ask that all submissions be sent to us via snail mail at the theater. Address is: North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe, 2031 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104, Attn Summer Golden, Artistic Director. 

 We have too much trouble with differing email, word processing, and computer platform issues to take them via email. Additionally, our selection process requires the directors read the plays submitted and the cost of printing all the plays we receive each year is prohibitive. Please insure submissions have a title page with complete contact information (including email), a character summary, and are in proper script form. There is no charge to enter. No need to go to the post office. You can just staple your play together, put in a business size envelope and drop in the mail. You can print on both sides if you want to save postage.

7. Submissions must be postmarked by June 30, 2023. Please do not send plays by any method that requires a signature from us. We are not often at the theater when delivery occurs. We will email notice of receipt to all playwrights submitting plays.

8. Send only one script. Multiple submissions do not increase chances of production.

General information:

We are trying to support new work and involve actors, playwrights, and directors of all experience levels. We have had a wide variety of artists involved from very experienced to first time directors and actors, to an 8 year old playwright (very short, well received play). We feel having a wide range of experience involved helps the new people learn from the more experienced.

We really appreciate your interest in our theater.

Jeff Bushnell and Summer Golden
North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe
2031 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104



Deadline: June 30, 2023

fiction fiction fiction fiction fixion fixion fixion fixion fickshun fickshun fickshun fickshun poems poems poems poems poh-ems poh-ems poh-ems poh-ems poetree poetree poetree plays plays plays plays plais plais plais plais playz playz playz playz all you’ve got to lose is your reputation take no prisoners c’mon submit we dare you wtf see guidelines for details see guidelines see ya. https://fleasonthedog.com Runs June 1 to June 30.


Fiction: We take pretty much everything. Mainstream, traditional, literary, barbaric yawps, flash, metafiction, experimental, sci/fi, speculative, fantasy, mystery, micro, nano, grunge, bad (but it better be good!), modernist, post-modernist, spamlit, kitschlit, retro, metro, outsider, novel excerpts, graphic stories, even comics.   Our only criterion is quality. 

Poetry: Up to FIVE poems any style. Poems beyond that number will not be read.

Plays: Any style up to five acts. 

Screenplays: any subject, any length.

Politically incorrect is welcome as long as it doesn’t devolve into invective!!

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Athena Project’s Read & Rant: A Plays In Progress Series: September 2023


Deadline: June 30, 2023 11:59 pm MDT 

Google Form Application

Athena Project’s Read & Rant: A Plays In Progress Series
Submissions Accepted: June 15-30 for September Read & Rant

Athena Project’s new Read & Rant program seeks to combine the original form’s sharing of theatrical work with the wider public with the new play development aspects of Plays In Progress while also fostering collaboration between playwrights and dramaturgs. We are initiating these changes to Read & Rant with the goal to create digital opportunities for early and mid-career playwrights, uplifting women* writers and dramaturgs overall, and highlighting the underrepresentation of women* in these positions.

A total of five plays will be selected via lottery. Two of these plays will be featured in our next Read & Rant and will receive a moderated Zoom discussion led by a dramaturg and initial public feedback. The remaining three will still have an opportunity to receive short feedback from a dramaturg via a medium of their preference (written, audio recording, short video, or live phone call).

Submission Guidelines:

Playwright must be a woman* and may submit only one full-length script each month. Full-length is defined by at least 60 pages in standard playscript format.Only previously unproduced plays are eligible. Scripts with prior workshops, readings or academic productions are accepted, but the script should be revised prior to submission to Read & Rant so the playwright receives the most benefit from this opportunity. (Presently, we cannot accept musicals.)

Submission must include: 
The submission deadline is June 30, 2023, 11:59 pm MDT for September Read & Rant participation.

Fred Ebb Award 2023


Deadline: June 30, 2023

Each applicant must be a composer/lyricist or composer/lyricist team wishing to create work for the musical theatre, and must not yet have achieved significant commercial success.

Application Materials:Electronic files of up to four songs from one or more musical theatre pieces, with typewritten lyrics and a description of the dramatic context for each song (combined into one PDF for all songs); and
A completed application form.

Application Guidelines:

All applications will be coded as they arrive. Because all submissions will be reviewed anonymously, please do not place name(s) of writer(s) on electronic file names, lyric sheets, or description of dramatic context. Names should only appear on the Application Form.

MP3, ZIP, and M4A files are preferred, but Dropbox links will be acceptable as well. Dropbox files should not have time limits.

Only musical theatre work will be considered.

Please do not submit recordings with significant audience sound.

The applicant(s) must have written all the songs included in the submission. For example, a composer cannot submit one song with her own lyrics, and a second song with lyrics by another writer.
No individual may appear on more than one application. You cannot apply as an individual and again as part of a team, or as part of more than one songwriting team.

Submission Deadline: Applications will be accepted from June 1st – June 30th.

Please submit applications to:

Saturday, June 24, 2023

FireWorks, a 4-week program for playwrights


Deadline: June 30, 2023


Pale Fire Theater is excited to announce FireWorks, a 4-week program for playwrights to develop and specify their plays. We'll provide you with the resources to explore your play on its feet, not just as words on a page or thoughts in your head.

The resources we offer:
  • 8 hours of rehearsal space a week
  • A cast of actors, suited to your play's character breakdown
  • A director from the Pale Fire Team, who’ll work with you to create a workshop process suited to your goals
  • $200 stipend
The workshop will culminate in a final reading/performance open to the public.

Note that this is a pilot run of FireWorks – it's our first time organizing it and we're going to learn along with you. Aside from the resources listed above, there will be ample flexibility for you to inform how the program would most benefit you. Join us this fall to breathe life into this new play development program.

Application Requirements
A full or near-full draft of your play​
You must be local to the NYC area

Application and Program Timeline
Applications Due: June 30
Interviews: Mid-July
Decision Released: Late July/Early August
Tentative Program Dates: Sept 4-28
Tentative Final Showings: Sept 29-30
Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Only the first 50 applications will be considered due to our capacity constraints.
Interviews will be an opportunity for you and the Pale Fire team to get to know each other better, and to best match you with a director should you be selected for the program.

Friday, June 23, 2023

Playwright/TV Writer offering 1x1 Intuitive Writing Coaching

Sarah Congress is now offering 1x1 intuitive writing coaching. 

Congress is a published playwright & TV writer. 

Most recently her comedy Overdose was produced in the 2023 Downtown Urban Arts Festival at Playwright's Horizon, and her comedy Dracula in Denver! will be receiving its fifth production September 10th at The Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts (NJ) for the In Death's Company Short Play Festival. 

Learn More about Sarah here:  
"I am now offering 1x1 intuitive writing coaching sessions - using meditation and visualization to help guide an author to write their story (whether play, tv or screenplay).
This approach can not only help one tap into their creative energy, but can often help with writer's block!
To learn more, check out my Insta @misscongresss (for latest press) or feel free to email me at sarah.congress@gmail.com."

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Please join us during Pride Weekend for HOLD YR TERROR CLOSE

 Please join us during Pride Weekend for this profound, galaxy spanning production of

HOLD     YR       TERROR       CLOSE.

June 24th & 25th at 9:30

A World Premiere through The Tank’s Pridefest, this show was originally developed in residency at Target Margin Theater.

HYTC delivers innovative storytelling incorporated with tactful, experimental practice.

This star studded, sentimental piece is a heedful warning, delivering a contemporary foretelling of fame, privacy, and queer terror and love amidst the apocalypse.

If you’re excited about the next wave of innovative theatremakers, and a Gen Z defining work, come to celebrate Pride with us!

Check us out in American Theatre and BroadwayWorld! 
Full run details below:


@ The Tank’s PRIDEFest
Saturday, June 24th @9:30pm
Sunday, June 25th @9:30pm

Ohio, a queer popstar, is called into space to save the world and leave behind her loving and level-headed partner, Maria.  A queer, genre-bending one act exploring how to embrace the wickedly dangerous subliminal space of profound and intimate love.

Written by Dani Wilder (@oobbbbitsawildworld)
Directed by Adrian Costa (@the.real.adrian.costa)
Produced by @hazelnutdog and Developed under residency @targetmargin


Ohio: Javen Lara (@sexistential_crisis)
Maria: Lorena Peralta (@p.s.lorena)
Carmella: Ella Baldwin (@hazelnutdog)
Helen: Avis Zane (@avis.zane)

💡& 🎪: Jolien Louis (@louis_jolien)
SM 👩🏽‍💻 : Lucas Nascimento (@letmelucas)
Lighting & Set Designer: @nirvana_bound
Poster Co-Designer: Mango Chardiet (@mango_chardiet)

Limited comp tickets are available to those who express interest and/or need, please reach out!

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Playwrights Group: Join our nationwide community of playwrights

The Weekly Workshop

Join our nationwide community of playwrights on Zoom. 

It’s a great way to stay connected and motivated.


Participating in a weekly workshop can give you the kick you need to see your script through from beginning to end.  You can bring in anything you’re working on — a full length script, a musical, a TV pilot, whatever. And when your script is ready — we’ll present it in a Public Reading. We also bring in Guest Speakers, like Pulitzer Prize winner Margaret Edson (Wit). 



Sit in on a session and see for yourself!

Tuesdays or Thursdays 7 - 9:30pm EDT


Check out our website for more details and rates. 


Script Consultations


If you don’t have time for the workshop but have a script you’d like some feedback on — just send a PDF of your script and you’ll get a critique via email and/or video conference. See website for rates.


Richard Caliban has worked with  individuals on their scripts from all over the world — Indonesia, China, Greece, Australia, Serbia, as well as right here in New York. A script consultation will provide you with feedback on the structural soundness of your story, the dramatic arc of your protagonist, thematic unity and much more.


Online One-on-One Courses


If you’re looking for more, check out our One on One Online Playwriting Courses:


       The Art of Playwriting

       Write a Play in 10 Weeks


Both are with instructor Richard Caliban, and since it’s One on One, the courses can be adjusted to fit your level of experience. 


Please visit our website for further Info and Rates: 




Contact us at 


NYTheater Festival Fall/Winterfest 2023 Theater/Festival/Competition

NYTheater Festival Fall/Winterfest 2023 - Theater/Festival/Competition - Plays/Musicals - Total Prizes $8,000 - First Prize $3,500 - Full Lengths - One Acts - Shorts – Solos

We strongly believe that self producing a play or a musical can offer a very important tool for the growth of every playwright’s work.

Once a playwright sees their work onstage, it provides an opportunity for the playwright to improve or modify their story.

It’s also a great opportunity to invite people from the industry to see your production. People are more likely to go see a show than to read an unsolicited script, as some industry people receive on average thousands of submissions per month, and they understand that the journey for a show to be successful often goes through several productions

Our team is completely dedicated to help get your work seen.

We are always with you to help, from the first moment of your tech rehearsal to the closing of your last show.

You will never be left alone during the process. We will help you to choose some of the 85 set/furniture props we offer to dress your stage for your run, and give you a complete crash course on how to use the audio/light/video system, which are intentionally very user friendly.

After we show you how to use the tools we provide and how to utilize the space, you will be able to rehearse your tech rehearsal with whatever plan works best for you and your production.

A team member will be present to provide prime responses to every inquiry, as well as a telephone # you can call anytime during relevant hours throughout the run of your show.

In 11 years and 19 seasons we have successfully hosted 1,200 plays and 300 musicals and rewarded with cash prizes over 300 artists who participated in our Festival.

Yours could be the next production onstage!






Submit now so your production can come to life in the heart of New York - our plays and musicals have been WOWING New Yorkers for over a decade! 


to submit, go to:




Introducing NYC’s fastest growing competition - Now accepting submissions only from writers and producers  who live within a 30 mile radius from Manhattan.



We offer up to $8,000 in Prizes. $3,500 alone goes to the season’s best production (either a play or a musical) 

There is no other festival that gives away this much money in prizes. Our winners are selected by the festival’s team of judges, unlike many festivals that are nothing but popularity contests where winners are determined by who brings in the largest audience. We believe that sometimes the simple productions with smaller budgets and smaller audiences turn out to be the best shows, and therefore go on to win 1st Place Prize. At this festival, we love honest writing and sincere, heart-felt performances.

Prize categories include:





2 BEST ACTORS: $500 each 

2 BEST ACTRESSES: $500 each 






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