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Friday, March 31, 2017

Vermont Playwrights Circle is seeking 10-minute scripts

The Vermont Playwrights Circle is seeking scripts for our Tenth Annual TenFest show.

Submission is free, and is open to all *Vermonters* - we define a Vermonter as anyone who has lived in Vermont, at any point in their lives, for at least 3 months - partially because we have known playwrights who come to Vermont to do summer stock, etc. 

The listing is below, and can also be found at our website: http://www.vtplays.com/blog/tenfest-2017

Kim Ward
President, VPC/ Producer TenFest

The Vermont Playwrights Circle seeks scripts for the tenth annual TenFest, a ten-minute play festival held at the Valley Players Theatre in Waitsfield, Vermont, August 17-20, 2017.  TenFest is part of the Vermont Festival of the Arts, and only Vermont playwrights are eligible to submit. A Vermont playwright is defined by VPC as anyone who currently lives in Vermont, was born in Vermont or who has lived in Vermont for three months consecutively at some point in his or her life. Please carefully read and follow these guidelines, even if you have submitted before, as some of these have changed.
1. A ten-minute play is usually no longer than 8-10 typed pages.  We are now stricter about running time and will time your play before passing it along to our readers.  Please read your script aloud to check the time.  Remember to add time for any non-verbal actions. Please do not send us a play that you know is longer even though you have squeezed it into 10 pages.
2.  Only plays with five or fewer characters will be considered.  Please note that we tend to have many more women actors than men, so plays with roles for women (or that can be cast as any/either gender) are encouraged. 
3.  Although, of course, there are exceptions, keep in mind that some of the very best 10-minute plays take place in one scene, with one set, in one continuous time span, i.e., without time lapses. 
4.  Simple sets with limited set pieces are encouraged and appreciated.  This helps facilitate quick set changes between plays. 
5.  Only one ten-minute play per author will be accepted. 
6.   Re-submissions will be accepted.  Please double check that you have followed all the guidelines and have made significant revisions if necessary to comply with any changed guidelines. 
7.  Format for submissions:
a.  Please submit FOUR titled copies of the script, typed and in standard play format, such as http://playwrightscentersf.org/submissions/docs/PCSFPlayFormat2012.pdf.  Use a font such as Courier, Arial, or Times, 12-point, with one-inch margins.
b.  The playwright’s name should not appear on any pages of the script.  However, the title of the play and pagination SHOULD most definitely be included on all pages.
c.  Include the playwright’s name and contact information on a separate cover page only.  No bound scripts. A simple staple in the top left hand corner will suffice.
d.  Submit a one-page sheet with a full character listing, including a brief description of each character, synopsis of no more than 50-75 words, and a single tag line (ex: Two artists meet in a park, confusion ensues)
8. There is no reading/submission fee. 
9.  Playwrights will be notified on or near June 1st, 2017. 
Postmark Deadline is April 15th, 2017.

For info/questions: vtplaywrightscircle@gmail.com

E-mail submissions cannot be accepted at this time. Please mail scripts and forms to:

The Vermont Playwrights Circle
TenFest Competition
32 Main Street, #184, Montpelier, VT 05602

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seeking 10-minute plays for show at Lucky Jacks on Orchard Street

Lucky Jack's web site

Rose Desena and Peggy Howard Chane run a monthly show in the Theater space below the bar at Lucky Jacks on Orchard St. 

We are looking for Original writing of short stories, plays and or essays that are no longer then 5 – 10 min. Please see the rules below. We like funny, romantic, enduring or Political (we like those). There is no fee to submit. Our next show is June 19th and we want to celebrate Gay Pride.

We completely produce the event with actors and a Director. There is no payment to the writer. By submitting you agree to the terms. It’s a causal night of plays with free Pizza after the show allowing networking.

The Rules (Please follow carefully) 
  • NY writers only 
  • The Writer must attend the event and help promote the evening. 
  • Not more then 10 Min (Reading time fast Theater pace) 
  • No more then 3 characters (might consider 4 if its good) 
  • Only small hand held props 
  • No set (stage is small we use stools) 
  • No lighting (we only have a simply spots) 
  • No nudity 
  • No actors 
Send PDF only to the address below with full contact details on the front page.
Street clothes with some simple enhancements work best
EMAIL your work to: rdesena40@gmail.com
DEADLINE: May 1st 
 However please send what you have any time. The sooner the better.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Downstage Left Residencies

web site

Downstage Left residencies are designed to help playwrights take a project from the conceptual stage all the way to a production-ready script. Playwrights work closely with one of our ensemble directors and members of the literary team to design a process tailored to the particular needs of their project. We are now accepting applications for Season 36 residencies. Please download the application form below, which also provides detailed instructions. The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2017. Email questions and submissions to scripts@stagelefttheatre.com

Click here to download: Stage-Left-17-18-Residency-Application

Princess Grace Awards

web site

We encourage emerging playwrights to apply at the beginning of their careers so that through the New Dramatists Fellowship, they can develop their work as well as benefit from being a part of a unique, diverse, dynamic community of professional playwrights. An applicant’s status as an emerging playwright is evaluated during the adjudication process.

One playwright will be selected to receive:

• A grant in the amount of $7,500

• A one-season (September – June) artistic residency at New Dramatists, Inc. in New York City (For Award recipients living outside of the New York metro area, your on-site residency can be adapted according to your schedule with reimbursement provided for transportation costs to/from New York)

• Inclusion of your script in New Dramatists’ library

• Advocacy for the recipient and their script to New York and National theatre communities for the duration of the fellowship

• Mentorship from a New Dramatists resident playwright for the duration of the fellowship

• Opportunity for winning play to be licensed and published by Samuel French, Inc.


• All candidates must be United States citizens or have permanent resident status.
• Eligible playwrights must not have had any professional full-length productions other than those using the showcase code or in an off-off-Broadway theater with 99 or fewer seats.

(If your show used a higher contract tier than the showcase code, you are not eligible to apply. If your show received a festival production in a theater with more than 99 seats and did not use an Equity contract, you are eligible to apply.)

Development opportunities such as readings and workshops are admissible.
You must submit one unpublished, full-length play (A full-length play is a single play that constitutes a full evening of theater. For example, a 90-minute intermissionless play is a full-length play.)
• There is no restriction on subject matter
• Co-written material will not be accepted
• No adaptations of previously published material

The Foundation is looking to identify and support original, authentic, unheard voices in the theater. The panel will consider the submitted play in terms of the originality of the storytelling, quality, and offering of new perspectives.

Submission Window: March 1-March 31, 2017 6PM EDT

To begin your application, click on the “Begin Application” button below. You will be asked to create a username and enter your email address. Once you have clicked “Submit,” you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in. From this point forward, you will be guided through a simple process collecting all of your admissions materials in seven easy steps:

1. Log in. You will be asked to confirm you are a US Citizen, or permanent resident.

2. Fill in your full name, address, and phone number.

3. Upload your playwriting resume.

4. Upload one full-length work (play or book of a musical) (The following files may be used: txt, pdf, doc, docx, rtf).

5. Upload your personal statement.

6. Should you wish to submit a letter of recommendation, enter the name and email of your reference. An email containing a link to upload their letter of recommendation will be sent directly to them

7. Review your application, and click “Submit Your Application” to complete the process. You will receive an email confirming your application has been received.

You may save your application at any point and return to it later before submitting. Once the application window closes at 6:00 (EDT) p.m. on March 31, you may not alter your application in any way.

If you have any questions, please email us.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Classical Theater of Harlem Workshops

web site

Submit your work to Ms. Shawn René Graham, Literary Director at readings@cthnyc.org. No phone calls please.

Playwrights’ Playground

Selected playwrights submit 10-12 pages of a new work in the early stages of development. Actors are cast on the spot and perform a cold reading, followed by a moderated audience feedback session. In addition to serving the development of new work, these readings give audiences a sneak peek into how new plays are created.
  • Plays/Excerpts may not have been previously produced.
  • Playwrights may submit up to fifteen (15) pages only.
  • Plays must be submitted as a PDF or as a Word document.
  • Playwrights will not receive comments on plays once submitted.

Future Classics

CTH asserts that a “Future Classic” is a play of social significance that has the potential to stand the test of time. It tackles large-scale economic, political, or cultural issues. A Future Classic promotes courageous and open-minded examination of controversial and critical topics that are at the heart of society.
  • Plays may not have been previously produced.
  • Playwrights may submit only one full-length play.
  • Plays must be submitted as a PDF or as a Word document.
  • Playwrights will not receive comments on plays once submitted.
  • Playwrights should also include a brief author’s bio and/or resume.
  • Playwrights may also submit a play synopsis (250 words).

Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy World Theater Day ~ March 27

World Theatre Day Message 2017 by Isabelle Huppert
So, here we are once more. Gathered again in Spring, 55 years since our inaugural meeting, to celebrate World Theatre Day. Just one day, 24 hours, is dedicated to celebrating theatre around the world. And here we are in Paris, the premier city in the world for attracting international theatre groups, to venerate the art of theatre. 

Paris is a world city, fit to contain the globes theatre traditions in a day of celebration; from here in France’s capital we can transport ourselves to Japan by experiencing Noh and Bunraku theatre, trace a line from here to thoughts and expressions as diverse as Peking Opera and Kathakali; the stage allows us to linger between Greece and Scandinavia as we envelope ourselves in Aeschylus and Ibsen, Sophocles and Strindberg; it allows us to flit between Britain and Italy as we reverberate between Sarah Kane and Prinadello. Within these twenty-four hours we may be taken from France to Russia, from Racine and Moliere to Chekhov; we can even cross the Atlantic as a bolt of inspiration to serve on a Campus in California, enticing a young student there to reinvent and make their name in theatre.


Manhattan Repertory Theatre Spring 10 Minute Play Series

Seeking fully produced, (cast, directed and ready to be performed by Late April/EarlyMay)
10 minute (or under) 1 act plays for Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Spring 10 Minute Play Series

April 29 - May 13, 2016
at Manhattan Repertory Theatre,
17-19 West 45th St. (Between 5th and 6th Ave.)

Each 10 minute or less play will be given a short tech rehearsal, a full dress rehearsal with the other plays participating, a minimum of 2 performances, more if you series is selling well.

To submit your 10 minute or less play production please email:

The complete script of the 10 minute or less play as a .pdf, a synopsis of the play,
the character breakdown,
the set and lighting requirements,
the play's production history (if it has been produced before and where)
your mailing address, and a creative team leader contact email address to:
manhattanrep@yahoo.com by April 19, 2016.

Please put “Spring 10 Minute Play Play Series” in the subject heading.
We will contact you within a week, if not sooner, as to your acceptance.

Plays that we love will be accepted on a First-Come First-Served basis.
The earlier you submit the better chances you have of being accepted for we may end submissions before April 19, 2016, if we fill up all available performance slots

There is no submission fee. NON-EQUITY ONLY.

We will supply a technician to run the sound and lights.
Once accepted, there will be a $35 commitment fee.
For more information, please log on to: http://www.manhattanrep.com/

The Parsnip Ship seeks plays

web site

The Parsnip Ship is always looking for new plays and new voices, but for our third season, especially as we experience the current administration’s policies, we are incredibly interested in plays that address the modern world or are written by playwrights whose voices are underrepresented in it. As a play series who believes there are as many distinctive styles and voices as there are playwrights, we remain open to a wide range of plays that will engage audiences in an intimate setting and on a podcast format. We see our recordings as both a fun collaborative effort between us, the playwright, the directors, musicians and the actors AND an opportunity to create an asset for playwrights when submitting their plays for programmatic consideration.

Some questions we like to ask ourselves as we consider a play:
1. Does the play work in an audio only format?
2. Is the play diverse and/or innovative in perspective, voice or content?
3. Is the play exciting and unexpected?

Before you send in your play for consideration, take a listen to one of our episodes from Season Two as it best encompasses what we strive for both for the actual play reading and for our published readings.

A couple of logistical items to know before applying: a) we can easily accommodate up to 5 actors and one stage directions reader, for more actors we need to make special arrangements so preference is given to plays of that size; b) we can accommodate 3 inputs for our musical guest, i.e. 1 mic and 2 instruments/2 mics and 1 instrument/3 mics. We will be accepting full length submissions by individual playwrights, playwrights/director teams, playwright/director/music teams from February 15 - March 31, 2017 for our third season (September 2017 - June 2018). We fully encourage individual playwrights to apply; we will work with you to pair a director, cast, and musical guest from our pool of amazing collaborators.

Previous playwrights featured: Jose Rivera (School of The Americas), Brian Otano (Tara), Eljon Wardally (Big Black Balloon), Daniella de Jesus (The Columbus Play), Keelay Gipson (Untitled Radio Play), Garrett Groenveld (Missives), Chana Porter (Beshert), and many other talented playwrights and their captivating stories

February 15, 2017 - March 31, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Greenhouse Ensemble, led by Founding Artistic Director, Hazen Cuyler, is accepting applications to its inaugural Playwright Reading Workshop

You’ve completed writing your play. You want to get it in front of an audience. Our Reading Workshop is your pathway to a fully produced public reading.

Your reading will be open to the public so that you can invite your colleagues and supporters as well as members of the industry interested in your work. This is an invaluable opportunity to get your script in front of audience and determine the next step toward production. No more searching for someone else to decide to do it, you are taking charge and moving your work forward.

To begin, the workshop also gives you the opportunity to hear your script read aloud in a private setting giving you a chance to see what you’ve got. This is in keeping with our dedication to providing a safe and supportive environment for theatre artists.

The workshop also provides you with several practical playwriting tools. Each meeting will include an introduction to a writing tool, and in addition, you will have the opportunity to hear portions of your work each time the workshop meets.

With enrollment limited to six playwrights, your script will get the attention it deserves. If you have ever participated in a group with twice as many playwrights, you’ll appreciate the focus you get each and every meeting.

As an added bonus, you will have an individual script session with the Workshop Facilitator to discuss your script in detail. This session is in addition to the workshop meetings at no extra charge.

The workshop meets for 10 weeks, beginning Wednesday, March 29 thru May 31, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at Theater West 97, 214 West 97th Street, conveniently located near the 96th Street stop for the 1, 2, and 3 trains as well as several MTA bus lines. The reading series is scheduled for the beginning of June.

The fee for the workshop, which includes 10 meetings, an individual script consultation and the public reading, is $600. To apply, email your writing resume, a complete synopsis (200 words maximum), and cast breakdown of the completed play you intend to develop through the Reading Workshop to greenhouse.ensemble@gmail.com. Please put ‘Reading Workshop Application’ and your name in the subject line.

Kim T. Sharp (Workshop Facilitator) served as Abingdon Theatre Company’s Associate Artistic Director and Literary Manager for 16 seasons. He directed eight productions for the company and over 40 readings of new plays. He co-produced twelve 10-minute play festivals, presenting over 200 premiere productions. As Literary Manager he evaluated over 3,500 scripts and coordinated over 350 readings. He facilitated Abingdon’s two playwright groups for over 10 years.

The Greenhouse Ensemble, led by Founding Artistic Director Hazen Cuyler and Managing Director Reanna Armellino, cultivates a positive, judgment-free environment where artists create fully-realized work. The Greenhouse Ensemble is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-­profit arts service organization. www.greenhouseensemble.com.

Saturday, March 25, 2017



Welcome to the best and most supportive festival in US Play and Musicals between 5 and 90 minutes accepted







Submissions Accepted from Everywhere in the US Shows from outside NY and NJ can only run if the entire cast and crew are from New York City.

End of The Road New Short Play Festival and Beach Party

web site

South Baldwin Community Theatre of Gulf Shores, Alabama is seeking submissions for the third annual End of The Road New Short Play Festival and Beach Party. The End of the Road New Short Play Festival will be held July 14,15 and 16 2017 in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama located on the Gulf of Mexico. It will con- sist of three staged readings of the nine winning ten minute plays. By submitting your play you are agreeing to participate in the production of the play. Attendance by the playwright is a requirement for winning scripts.

Plays should not exceed 10 minutes in length and should be appropriate for a family friendly theatre. Submissions can be made via US mail to:

South Baldwin Community Theatre
PO Box 722
Gulf Shores, Al 36547

Submissions can also be sent via email to pfizplays@gmail.com. Please include

your name and contact information on a separate cover sheet. The author’s name should not appear anywhere in the body of the script.

Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2017. Winners will be notified by May 1, 2017.

The weekend will include an opening night beach party reception and a closing reception with talk-back. A $100.00 first prize will be given to the Judges’ Choice and a $50.00 prize will be given to the Audience Favorite.

For more details or questions call 251-968-6721 or visit the theatre online at: www.sbct.biz.

We are looking forward to reading your play!

Friday, March 24, 2017


web site


This is the third and final part of the collaboration between The Canal Cafe Theatre & Russell Lucas in the 2016/17 American Season.

The Scheme:

We seek applications from writers who have an initial idea for a 60 minute play inspired by the current American political climate.

(NB: We are not accepting complete plays as this initiative is aimed at inspiring, developing and then finally presenting the work at the end of the six months.)

Play Structure:
• The final play will be one act (60 minutes or less) and not have received any staging anywhere in the world.
• The play can feature up to three actors.
• The American Season is presented in traverse or in-the-round style seating with one entrance/exit.

• You must present your initial title, full plot synopsis and one scene from the play.
• You may include character breakdowns, actor requirements and staging needs to support your application.
• Submissions open 1st March 2017 and close 31st March.
• Please submit your idea to the following email: CCTAmerican@gmail.com

Once the submission period is closed, the artistic team will select writers that will go through to the next round. Further details will be provided to the selected applicants. We aim to reply to every applicant. The chosen playwright receives £400.00 to support the writing of their new play for a limited run at The Canal Café Theatre in October 2017.

Throughout the collaborative process you will have dramaturgical support from director Russell Lucas and production support from the venue.


Thursday, March 23, 2017


web site

So this is an idea that we were kicking around for some time, but now that we have settled in to our new Theatre space on 45th Street, we have made it it possible for anyone with a good play, and for a nominal fee, to have their play produced at Manhattan Rep! We supply the director, the cast, the rehearsal space, set and props, and we bring your play to life in Midtown Manhattan where one can invite friends, family, producers and literary agents to come and see it. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

We now have slots open JUNE through SEPTEMBER!

For a 10 minute play with 1 to 3 characters:
For Manhattan Rep to put up your production in one of our short play events the fee will be $695.00

For a 11 - 20 minute short play with 1 to 3 characters:
For Manhattan Rep to put up your production in one of our short play events the fee will be $895.00
For a 21 - 35 minute 1 act play with 1 to 4 characters:
For Manhattan Rep to put up your production in one of our short play events the fee will be $1195.00

For a Full - Length play with up to 6 characters:

Fee based on the play and production requirements.

The fee for a full-length play is usually at least 4 to 5 times the amount of a shorter play due to rehearsal time, stand alone performance time and full-length plays get 3 performances. Submit your play if you are interested and we will send you a Budget/Fee.

If you are interested in this program, please email your submission to manhattanrep@yahoo.com

Please include the complete play as a .pdf,
a synopsis of the play,
the aprox. running time,
set and lighting requirements,
your contact email address,
your mailing address,
and your contact phone number.

Please put "Summer Play Production Program" in the subject heading.

We will get back to you in a day or so as to your acceptance to this program.

Science Playwriting Competition

web site

The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, in collaboration with the C. N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, announces a CALL FOR PLAYS for the 2017 SBU Science Playwriting Competition:

Calling all talented playwrights with an interest in the sciences, and talented scientists with an interest in the theatre to compose a ten-minute play with a substantial science component. This contest is open to the general public:

First Prize Winner: $500
Second Prize Winner: $200
3rd Prize Winner: $100

The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2017.
Bringing science and theatre together can provide the inspiration for a play of exceptional artistic merit and lead to exciting new ways of learning about science. Indeed, we believe the best science plays can be great works of art because of the science they contain and great educational tools because of their artistic value. We are recruiting Stony Brook University’s brightest minds to write great plays that make science accessible to a wide audience.


ALL submissions must be received by midnight April 1, 2017.

A public staged reading of the winning entries will be performed during the Fall 2017 semester at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics.

– Plays should be around 10 minutes in length (usually around 10 pages).
– Winning playwrights will receive a directed, staged reading of their work in the Fall 2017 semester.
– Plays must have a title page that includes the playwright’s name, address, phone number, and email address.
– Plays must be unpublished work.

The awards committee will consist of Professors Christopher Herzog, George Sterman, and Steve Marsh.

*Note: please submit electronic entries as a pdf file. Submitting your play implies permission to have your play performed in a staged reading in the fall semester; all submissions remain the property of the playwright.

QUESTIONS? CONCERNS? CONTACT US AT scienceplays@scgp.stonybrook.edu

This is the fourth annual science playwriting competition. This competition is made possible by the generous support of the Simons Center, the C. N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the SBU Department of Theatre Arts. Information about the previous competitions can be found here:


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

3 Short Plays wanted for show at Under St. Mark's Theater

web site




​Each play has to be 15-40 pages in length.
The play should be in the genre of non-realism. Other plays will be considered.
Please submit a synopsis of the play, and include whether it is non-realism or not.
Looking to produce either three 20-30 minute plays, or one larger play accompanied by two 10-minute plays.


Submit plays via this online submission form: 


web site

Beyond our annual productions, in concert with our mission to see more women and transgender artists employed in the theatre, we award two commissions per year to women or transgender playwrights who have demonstrated a singular talent for storytelling. The selected playwrights will receive $2,500 each. One out of every $10 we make from our Parity Store goes to them in support of their commissioned work – we call that our 10% Promise. ​​

Parity Productions reads submissions throughout the year and makes decisions based on who we believe to be the most promising playwrights with work that is in harmony with our artistic mission. Playwrights will receive regular feedback on their commissioned work, within 30 days of their submission of a first and second draft. They will also receive one “closed door” reading (cast, Parity Productions Artistic Director, and literary department) and at least one public reading and/or developmental production of the commissioned work. An option for Parity Productions to produce the work is included in The Commission agreement.

Can I apply for The Commission?
By submitting your work to us, you may ultimately be considered for The Commission, but there is no direct application for it. We award The Parity Commission to women and transgender playwrights that we have become familiar with through their submissions and subsequent meetings and interactions with us or other performances of their work. The deadline for submissions in a calendar year is June 1st. Submissions received after that will be considered for the following year.

How do I submit my work to Parity Productions?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bingham Camp Theatre Retreat seeks musicals

web site

BCTR is looking for composers and lyricists of color interested in having their new musical developed this year as part of its third season. The new musical must be able to be performed with a multiethnic cast and require no more than 8 actors. The winning submission will have a staged reading this fall as part of BCTR’s third season at the Bingham Camp in Salem, Connecticut under the artistic direction of Devanand Janki. This year's developmental retreat will be Sept. 10 - Sept. 23rd, 2017.

Previous musicals developed:
Call It Courage by Adam Overett
The Family Resemblance by Masi Asare

Materials are due by March 29th, 2017.

All submissions should include:
  • Single page synopsis
  • Single page character breakdown
  • Demo of score (3 songs maximum)
  • Sample of dialogue (5 pages maximum)
  • Brief production/development history (properties with prior full productions will not be accepted.)

The selection for the 2017 season will be announced in May.

Send digital materials to: info@binghamcamptheatreretreat.org

Monday, March 20, 2017

Studio Players 4th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival

web site

Studio Players, Kentucky’s Oldest Community-Involved Theater, located in Lexington, is proud to announce their 4th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival, to be performed in August 2017. This event is growing yearly, with vibrant public response. This year, we have both a Corporate Sponsor as well as a generous Private Donor. As such, we are solid and building. We are looking for 7 strong plays which change lives to feature so, once again, we are holding a competition. This competition is for 10-minute plays only; it is open to any playwright. The judges will be members of the Studio Players theater community: board members, directors and patrons. The rules are simple and are as follows:

1. Any playwright may enter; only one script per playwright.

2. The play must be a 10 minute play (meaning it will be approximately 10 pages long).

3. All plays should be emailed, with a separate cover page, with: play's title, author's name, email address, mailing address and phone number. The play itself should only have the title; no identifying information contained in or on the 10 page script.

4. To be considered, each script must be received by April 2nd.

5. The contest is open to the first 150 entries received.

6. Winning entrants agree to a full production of their scripts and video recording and presentation of their scripts.

That's it! The top 7 scripts (as determined by the judges) will be performed by active members of the Bluegrass theater community. Each play will be a fully realized, staged production; each performance showing all winning scripts. The 7 Selected playwrights will each receive $200 in prize money.

All entries should be sent to: sweftdart@yahoo.com with "10-min play fest" in the header.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Women in the Age of Trump: CLINTON VERSUS TRUMP SEX ROMP GO! (excerpt) by Xavier Toby

CLINTON VERSUS TRUMP SEX ROMP GO! by Xavier Toby is a finalist for NYCPlaywrights project "Women in the Age of Trump."

Xavier Toby on his play:

I believe that most people are reasonable and good, no matter their political beliefs. They hold down jobs, raise families, and are convinced they are good humans, doing the best they can. So it's essential to me that my characters, no matter their political views, are never carictures. We're all just people trying to get by, jam-packed with good and bad, and I suppose that's what I try to write about. These are terrifying times, where too few of us know or care enough about politics, but shouting that someone is wrong, through art or a megaphone, is no way to bridge the chasm. We need to be inclusive, and my biggest worry is that society and the environment will fall apart before we've figured out how. Oh, and jokes. We always need more jokes.

Thanks to Xavier Toby for allowing NYCPlaywrights to publish this video of an excerpt from his play CLINTON VERSUS TRUMP SEX ROMP GO! And thanks to Larissa Adamczk and Jenna Sander for their good work.

XAVIER TOBY is a playwright, comedian and author from Australia who now resides in New York City. His work has been performed around the world, and for the last two years has been a member of the Athena Theatre Playwrights Group. http://www.athenatheatre.com | http://www.xaviertoby.com/

LARISSA ADAMCZYK is a recent graduate of the Two Year Acting Program at William Esper Studio and an alumna of Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts in both English & Dance. She was last seen as the suffragette, Rose, in Speranza Theatre Company's original play, Unveiling Liberty, previously as Jennifer Ann in Speranza's Millicent the Magnificent, and Heather/Daisy in their production of Women Rising. She has performed many new (and old) works with several theatre companies in the NY/NJ area, such as New Light Theater Project, Endangered Artist Sanctuary and in Household Words, a concert of original music by Martha Miller. She can be seen on the internet as Laura in her own web series, Tiny Boxes, or playing various characters throughout time in A Period Drama and Unplugged; two web series written by Casey Hartnett. Larissa is a co-founder of Halcyon Collective, a group of solo performing artists who collaborate and present inter-disciplinary performances (of the coolest kind) throughout the year. www.larissaadamczyk.com

JENNA SANDER attended the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. In her final graduate play she was cast in one of her favorite roles; Rosencrantz in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" at the Rita Morgenthau Theatre. Sander has also performed in Hedda Gabler as Thea Elvsted (Secret Theater) along with the role Lucy Hooks in Colorblind'd (Players Theater), and most recently performed as Norma Jean in "Norma Jean at The Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic" at the Hudson Guild theater.


web site

Entry fee waived for members of The Dramatists Guild (Please provide proof of membership). 
19TH ANNUAL NEW PLAY CONTEST Theatre Conspiracy will be accepting submissions for its Nineteenth Annual New Play Contest between December 2016 and March 30, 2017. 

All works submitted will be read and judged by a panel of qualified theatre teachers, directors and performers. Script Parameters: Work submitted to the contest must be a full length play with seven actors or less and have simple to moderate technical demands. Plays having up to three previous productions are welcome. No musicals, we are a tone deaf theatre company!. Remuneration: First place: $700.00 and full production. However, it is our goal to produce more than one entry each year.

Submission Guidelines: 

1. Send complete script to Theatre Conspiracy Inc. 10091 McGregor Blvd. Ft. Myers, FL 33919 or send via e-mail to tcnewplaycontest@gmail.com 

2: Include Biography of the Playwright and character breakdown.

3: If you would like to have the script returned include SASE. If not include an SASE for results.

4: Include a non-refundable administrative fee of $5.00. Make checks payable to Theatre Conspiracy (DO NOT MAIL CASH). Entry fee waived for members of The Dramatists Guild (Please provide proof of membership).

5. Deadline for submissions is postmark date of March 30, 2017. Please do not spend $20 to overnight or second day your script! Save your money!!!!

6. One entry per playwright per year please. Send your best script.

Saturday, March 18, 2017



Welcome to the best and most supportive festival in US Play and Musicals between 5 and 90 minutes accepted







Submissions Accepted from Everywhere in the US Shows from outside NY and NJ can only run if the entire cast and crew are from New York City.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Discount tickets: GUTLESS & GRATEFUL

Use the discount code AMY at this link, 
http://metropolitanroom.com/event.cfm?id=239500 to get $10 off per ticket 

Following sold-out runs at The Triad NYC, The Bijou Theatre, United Solo Festival, Barrington Stage Company (Tony-Award winning William Finn’s Cabaret Series) and a nationwide tour from Washington D.C. to Hawaii, the captivating Amy Oestreicher will bring her hit one-woman musical Gutless & Grateful back to NYC at the internationally acclaimed Metropolitan Room on February 5th and March 26th at 7pm, 2017. 

Through interwoven song and dialogue, performer Amy Oestreicher shares a primal piece of live-storytelling – weaving her near death experience and inspiring perspective with an eclectic set of songs, comedically highlighting struggles, triumphs and “beautiful detours” in her life. https://amyoes.com/metroom/

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kitchen Theatre Company Play Submission Guidelines

web site

Kitchen Theatre Company (KTC) primarily finds new plays through submissions by agents and recommendations by directors who have worked at the KTC. However, unsolicited plays are accepted on a rolling basis. Keep in mind that unsolicited plays may take up to ten months to be read.

KTC is committed to contributing to the field of American theater by producing new plays. KTC seeks plays that complement our mission of creating bold, intimate, and engaging theater. Playwrights will be contacted once KTC has received their play and again only if their play is selected for production. Due to the high volume of play submissions that the theatre receives, KTC is unable to contact every playwright when their play is not selected to be produced. Please do not e-mail or call the theatre with inquiries about a submission.

Submission Guidelines
KTC is highly unlikely to produce a play with more than 5 characters and more likely to produce a play with 4 or fewer characters. Plays with more than 6 characters will not be considered.

For more specific information about what kind of work KTC produces, visit our production history.

KTC does not accept one act plays unless they are full-length in run time (seventy-five to ninety minutes).

KTC does accept musicals on the condition that they meet the above character count and run time rules. Submit with 3 recorded songs and a complete piano score with lyrics.

Plays from international playwrights are accepted and encouraged. However, the plays must be written in English or have been translated into English.

Please submit only one play to KTC within an 18-month period.

To submit a play for consideration, download and complete the application and send it along with the first ten pages of the play (cover page and character outline is not included in this ten page count) and a FULL BUT CONCISE synopsis in PDF format (no Word documents) to submissions@kitchentheatre.org. Please do not mail submissions. KTC is a green theater and likes to go as paperless as possible.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The 8th Annual Festival of Shorts

web site

Thank you for your interest in the 8th Annual Festival of Shorts hosted at the Wade James Theater by Edmonds Driftwood Players. The Festival this year will be presented in four performances – Friday and Saturday, July 7 and 8 at 8pm; Saturday and Sunday, July 8 and 9 at 2pm.

We are so excited to announce our theme for 2017 ”Unintended Consequences”.

How many times have you never meant to do something but ended up doing the very thing you tried to avoid? Or perhaps you wanted to help someone and ended up creating a bigger mess? Maybe you didn’t want to help someone and ended up being the biggest blessing they ever received. So often, our actions produce consequences that we never thought, never foresaw, never believed could happen. For good, for bad, for ugly, for interesting, for hilarious…the details are up to you!

In order to enter the festival, please DO the following:
  • Submit an original, never before produced script for a play that will last no longer than 15 minutes with 6 characters or less, which can be staged with minimal sets, props, and costumes.
  • Incorporate the theme of “Unintended Consequences” into your story.
  • All scripts should be submitted electronically to: shorts@edmondsdriftwoodplayers.org
  • Submit your play by 5pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday, March 31, 2017.
  • Submit two documents:
  • A cover page with the name of the title and your full name, address, email address and phone number.
  • Your play in ‘Standard Stage Play Format’ with the title of the play ONLY. No identifying information about the playwright is to appear in this “blind” copy. All plays which fail to submit a blind copy of their play will be disqualified. The blind copy of the script preserves anonymity in our judging process.

In order to enter the festival, please DON’T do the following:
  • Don’t submit a play with a single character. This means NO monologues, please!
  • Don’t submit a play that includes nudity, excessive bad language or could in any way be construed as a hard ‘R’ or ‘X’ rating.
  • Don’t include excessive props or things like glitter or feathers that would be hard to clean up and delay transitions for our festival. Eight plays will be presented at each performance (4 plays before intermission, 4 plays after intermission). Please don’t make it hard for our production team to stage your show.
  • Don’t submit a play that has been produced on any stage, anywhere prior to March 31, 2017. We will do a search for each play before notifying our 8 finalists. Any evidence that a play has been previously produced will result in disqualification of the script from our festival.

If you have any questions, please email: md@edmondsdriftwoodplayers.org

We look forward to hearing from people all over the planet, so have fun! Hopefully your story about unintended consequences will be a hit with our judges and we’ll see you in July for our 8th Annual Festival of Shorts!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Playwrights Group - a Weekly Workshop

web site

The Playwrights Group seeks new members to meet on a weekly basis in Manhattan to do readings of members material — anywhere from a few pages to an entire script. It can be a full length, 10 minute play, webisode, musical, film, etc. Contact them at scripts@theplaywrightsgroup to schedule a visit.


web site

Our first short play festival—an evening of ten 10-minute plays and musicals, will be performed in the Washington DC area in the fall of 2017. The only restriction is that it cannot be currently published (or be under consideration for publication). Only one submission is permitted per playwright. Past productions are ok. There is no fee for submissions. Plays will be accepted through the spring of 2017. Plays are adjudicated by theatre professionals. Audience members will not get a vote! The top ten plays will be published by Infinity Stage and performed onstage next year. In addition, we offer these prizes:

First place: $200
Second place: $150
Third place: $100
Fourth Place: $50

There are no restrictions on your submission, per se, but it is more likely to be considered if it meets the following criteria:

1. Its running time is between 7 and 17 minutes
2. It is light or comedic in nature, rather than dark and brooding
3. It contains no vulgarisms or nudity
4. It has a cast of 3-7
5. It has a preponderance of female roles
6. Any musical has a backing instrumental CD
7. It is typed in formatting approved by Samuel French

Please send a PDF script, contact info and bio to mistercomposer@gmail.com

Monday, March 13, 2017

Women in the Age of Trump: EARLY RETURNS by Ramon L. Delgado

LAURA'S EARLY RETURNS by Ramon L. Delgado is a finalist for NYCPlaywrights project "Women in the Age of Trump."

Professor Delgado on the inspiration for this monologue:

“Laura’s Early Returns” attempts to contrast past civil rights gains with possible future losses through memories of a lost, loving relationship. Three drafts over three days were needed to strike a balance between the character’s personal story and the social comment."

Thanks to Ramon L. Delgado for allowing NYCPlaywrights to publish this video of his monologue LAURA'S EARLY RETURNS. And thanks to Marina Re for her good work.

Retired Professor Emeritus RAMON L. DELGADO  is the author of eight published short plays, notably “Waiting for the Bus” in the Bantam Press collection Ten Great One Act Plays and the full-length play A Little Holy Water. Three of his one-acts are available from Samuel French. He was editor of The Best Short Plays series from 1981-1989 and is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

MARINA RE has appeared: Off- Broadway: Lions Theatre, NY Classical Theatre, Flea Theatre, Bleecker Street, HB Playwrights, Abingdon,Kraine. West End. Regional: Huntington, Riverside (Fl.),Two River, Florida Studio, CenterStage, Conn. Rep, Arts Center Coastal Carolina, National Theatre of Deaf (National Tour), Gulfshore Playhouse, Charles Playhouse, Vineyard Playhouse, CityStage, Lyric Stage,Foothills. Company Member: “Shear Madness”, Gloucester Stage Co., Merrimack Rep., Boston Shakespeare Co. Awards: Desert Star Award (Master Class), IRNE Award,, Sarasota Magazine:”Best Lead Actress”( Boleros for the Disenchanted),”Best Supporting Actress ”(The Miamians), Boston Globe ”Best Performance of Year”(View from the Bridge, North Shore Fish, Sisters Rosensweig,Present Laughter, Italian-American Reconciliation), Boston Phoenix “Favorite Local Actress”. FILM: Woody Allen’s IRRATIONAL MAN, Diane English’s THE WOMEN, IRIS, TALKING TO GOD, URBAN RELICS. TV: Primetime WWYD, New Amsterdam, Nurse Jackie. Web site: www.marinare.info/

Kevin Spacey Foundation: Artists of Choice

web site

Editor's note: this grant is focused on companies not individuals, for projects that already have a budget, funders, a venue etc. As the FAQs state, they expect to be "one of several funders."

KSF Artists of Choice supports artists in the creation of new work by providing financial support (£10k / $10k) and mentoring. Open to artists who have exciting, creative and unique projects across the genres of Musical Theater, Dance, Film and Theater.

Applications open: March 13, 2017, Application close: April 14, 2017, Shortlisted applicants notified: May 8, 2017

London interviews: May 15 to 19, 2017, New York interviews: May 22 to 26, 2017.

A KSF Artists of Choice Award gives you a financial boost of up to £10,000 / $10,000 and advice on how to promote yourself / your company and your project.

Each year we select eight KSF Artists of Choice, four UK based applicants and four US based applicants.

We work with companies producing either:

A Play
A Musical
A Dance Piece
A Short Film

Blank Theatre Young Playwrights Festival

web site

The Blank Theatre Young Playwrights Festival is a 24-year-old nationwide playwrighting competition for writers ages 9 to 19.

The 12 best plays are chosen by a panel of theatre professional from submissions across America.

No other national competition awards young playwrights with seeing their vision come to life on stage in a professional production.

Winning playwrights are provided careful mentoring and direction from industry professionals to help prepare their work for public performance and hone their skills, talent and confidence.

DEADLINE: Submissions must be postmarked or submitted by March 15, 2017FEES: There are NO fees for submitting your play(s)
ELIGIBILITY: Playwrights must be 19 years old or younger on March 15, 2017; co-written plays are allowed, provided all writers meet age requirement. If submitting online each playwright MUST submit a copy of their play with their own contact information.
CONTENT: Original plays and musicals on ANY subject.
LIMIT: Up to 3 plays per playwright or playwright team.
FORMAT: All script pages must be numbered. If submitting by mail, plays must be printed on one side per page and unbound. Plays submitted via theblank.submittable.com must be in Word or PDF format.
COVER SHEET: Online submissions should ONLY include contact information in the submission form and NOT in a cover sheet or anywhere else in the attached document. Mailed in submissions must include a Cover Sheet with: Title, Playwright Name, Playwright Date of Birth, Age, School Name, E-Mail Address, Contact Phone Number, Mailing Address.

NO RETURNS: Scripts will NOT be returned so please do not send any originals.
NOTIFICATION: We will contact Festival Competition winners in April 2017
PERFORMANCE: Winning plays will be performed in the Festival in Los Angeles in June 2017.

Fade to Black seeks 10-minute plays

web site

Script submissions will be accepted from
Tuesday, February 1, 2017 until Saturday, April 1, 2017.


Please adhere to contest requirements and guidelines.

Remember: Your submission form MUST be completed before you email your play.

See instructions below.

Your play must not be previously produced by yourself or another theatre.
Your play must not be published.
You must be the African American author of the play.
The theme and subject matters of the work is open to the playwright's imagination.
Local Houston directors and actors are encouraged to participate.
Selected playwright finalists will be contacted no later than Monday, May 1, 2017.
There is no fee to submit.
Grand prize winner will be chosen by audience vote and awarded a cash prize.
Only three (3) scripts submissions are allowed per playwright.
All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

To qualify:

Your play must be an original, not previously produced, unpublished work written by an African American playwright.

“Produced” - Your play was marketed for production date(s) by either you (its playwright) or a theatre company and was performed before an audience who purchased tickets to see the event.

Staged readings are not considered productions. If your play has only had public or private readings, but has not been produced as a full scale stage performance, you are permitted to submit the play.

​"Published" - Your play is an officially published work and commands royalties from the producing theater each time it is performed.

Submission form must be completed.

Your play must be submitted in pdf format.

Your play must be between 8-10 minutes long.

Generally 8-10 pages of dialogue. Industry standard: 1 page=1 minute).

Your play should accommodate a “bare-stage” set requiring only a minimum of removable stage props and require basic lighting and sound cues.

Play must not be a musical.

Play must not be written for children or youth.

Play must not be a re-submission of previous Fade To Black festival seasons.

Play must not be considered a translation or adaptation.

To submit:

Complete the script submissions form. Click here [submissions without completed form will not be accepted].

After submission form is completed, email pdf of original work to: submissions@wmgellc.com

Email header should read: Submission: Fade to Black. Your name and the name of the play

Your play should include cover pages including: Your name, contact information, title of the play as well as any character descriptions or pertinent details you have regarding the play.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Peekskill High School Drama Department Ten-Minute Play Festival

web site

The Peekskill High School Drama Department will be accepting 10-minute play submissions for their 1st Ten-Minute Play festival. Students will be in charge of selection, acting, designing, directing, and producing chosen work which will culminate in a full-scale evening of drama in May 2017. This is a quest to expose our students to outside theatre resources and make connections with worldly practitioners. Peekskill, NY, is an urban community just an hour north of Manhattan (Located in the richly artistic and historic Hudson Valley). Please feel free to read more about Peekskill High School on the web at www.peekskillcsd.org or visit Peekskill High School Drama Company’s facebook page.

Guidelines as follows:

*Only Ten Minutes (or less).

*Deadline: April 1st, 2017. Selected plays will be notified mid-April.

*Playwright may submit as many plays as they wish.

* Three characters maximum. Any gender/any age.

*Please provide a cover letter. Include contact information and a title page with character descriptions and any specific production needs.

*Must be unpublished, but may have had professional productions/workshops/readings.

*All content, themes, and genres welcome. School appropriate language recommended.

Send to: 
Peekskill High School, 
1072 Elm Street, Peekskill, NY 10566 
Attention Terry Sandler, Director of Drama

*Scripts will not be returned. Unless you wish for them to be destroyed, we keep them on file for future usage.

* For further questions, please email tsandler@peekskillcsd.org. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your work.

Elite Theatre Company One-Act Play Writing Competition

web site

North American Playwrights Only

Competition Overview

The Elite Theatre Company’s 2017 One-Act Play Writing Competition offers North American playwrights the opportunity to submit for judging no more than one (1) one-act play with a running time of no more than 30 minutes each. There will be up to 5 winners; each winner may have their one-act play(s) produced on stage by Elite Theatre Company in 2018, for a run of up to 12 performances.

(ETC reserves the right to produce the one-acts at any venue during the calendar year.)

Script Submission Rules
Electronic submissions only.
Send to oneact@elitetheatre.org as a Word or PDF document only.
Must have name, address, e-mail address and telephone number on title page.
To be accepted into the competition, one-act play scripts must:
1. Be written by a U.S. or Canadian playwright;

2. Be original and unpublished;

3 Be written in generally accepted play script format;

4. Have a running time of not more than 30 minutes (under 20 minutes is recommended);

5. Be a comedy, drama, mystery, thriller or a monologue (no musicals or children’s plays will be accepted); and

6. Be received between March 1 - 31, 2017.
ONLY THE FIRST 100 SCRIPTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR JUDGING. (NOTE: In 2016, we received 100 scripts on the first day of the submission period.)

Scripts not in compliance will not be accepted for judging. Playwrights will be notified via e-mail only when their script has been received.

It is recommended that the play have single or unit sets; no more than six (6) characters; and not require complicated costuming, sets, props or special effects. These are recommendations only and will not disqualify a play from the competition.


The judges are comprised of qualified playwrights, theatrical directors, producers or theater educators.

The Literary Manager of The Elite Theatre Company and the Judges shall have sole discretion over the manner in which the plays are judged, and their determination of the winners will be final.

Winner Notification
Winners of the competition shall be notified by e-mail or mail by October 15, 2017. Winners may make minor corrections and changes to their script before rehearsals begin in December, 2017. Additional consultations may take place between the winning playwrights, ETC’s Artistic Director and Festival Producer before rehearsals and again before performances.

2018 One-Act Festival
By submitting a script for judging, the playwright gives the rights to Elite Theatre Company to produce and perform the play during the calendar year of 2018, if chosen by the judges to be a finalist, for up to 12 performances, during its regularly scheduled Annual One-Act Festival. Each finalist playwright shall be paid $100 before the first performance of the play.

Determination of the order of plays, directors, and production staff for ETC’s 2018 One-Act Festival will be made solely by ETC’s Artistic Director and/or Festival Producer. Winning playwrights are encouraged to attend a performance of their play. Two (2) complimentary tickets will be given to each winning playwright to attend any performance. Transportation and lodging will not be provided by ETC.

ETC Contact & Website
For additional information not covered here, please contact Steve Grumette at literary@elitetheatre.org or Tom Eubanks at ad@elitetheatre.org. For information about Elite Theatre Company, we encourage you to explore the rest of our website.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dan I Rodden Jr Play Award (Egbert-Rodden Writing Awards)

Award for full length play.


Dan I Rodden Jr embraced the variety and challenge of life fully. His care for others extended to his sons, daughters-in-law, and his grandchildren.

Specific Rules
  • Submissions for the award must be unproduced or scheduled for production at the time of submission. However, we encourage writers to seek production opportunities during the submission period. 
  • Plays must be at least 75 minutes in length. No musicals are considered. 
  • Subject matter is open but excessive violence or language, or gratuitous abuse or sexual content will be rejected. Plays with blasphemy directed at any religion will not be considered. 
  • Yearly deadline closes March 27. Plays may be submitted at any time to be considered for the next award. 
The Award Series

Our grandparents HH and Jane Egbert and Dan I and Naomi Rodden were not people you would have heard of before. On the surface of things, they lived everyday American lives. But they also all took great risks in their own ways to make a better world for themselves, their families, and their country. We wanted to honor their memory in a small way by giving some encouragement in the writing arts, something all our grandparents cared for deeply.

The Egbert-Rodden Awards are meant to encourage writers to create new work. The Awards are not a publication or production award and no materials will be published or produced. Please understand the following before you submit.

General Rules
  1. Each award carries a $100 prize. 
  2. The award winner is responsible for any taxes. 
  3. The author must supply a valid PayPal account for payment or the award. 
  4. The award winner agrees to allow his or her name and likeness to be announced. 
  5. The author of the submission affirms that s/he is the author of the piece submitted. 
  6. The author affirms that the piece is unpublished or unproduced and not slated of publication or production at the time of submission. 
  7. We encourage the writer to pursue all avenues for publication and production while the submission is being considered. Post-submission publication or production has no effect on the award selection. 
  8. Award winners who cannot be contacted or do not respond in a timely manner will be withdrawn from consideration. 
  9. The judges' decisions are final and they may reject a submission for any reason.

    And Toto Too Submission Guidelines

    web site

    We are now accepting submissions for our 2018 season.

    • Woman playwright
    • Full length or long one acts
    • Play may not have had fully produced performances in Colorado, readings are fine
    • 7 or less characters (do not double up your characters to make it fit)
    • Finished plays only
    • Minimal settings (our theatre space seats only 56 and won't handle multiple sets)

    Electronic only (if you send a hard copy it will be returned to sender unopened)
    First 10 pages

    Production History


    If these guidelines are not followed your script will not be read. We will contact you only if we are interested in seeing a full script. We do not give feedback on why your play was not accepted. Thank you for submitting we look forward to reading your work.

    Send to submissions@andtototoo.org

    Young Playwrights Festival 2017

    web site

    Ends on March 16, 2017

    The Blank Theatre Young Playwrights Festival is a 24-year-old nationwide playwrighting competition for writers ages 9 to 19.

    The 12 best plays are chosen by a panel of theatre professional from submissions across America.

    No other national competition awards young playwrights with seeing their vision come to life on stage in a professional production.

    Winning playwrights are provided careful mentoring and direction from industry professionals to help prepare their work for public performance and hone their skills, talent and confidence.

    DEADLINE: Submissions must be postmarked or submitted by March 15, 2017

    FEES: There are NO fees for submitting your play(s)
    ELIGIBILITY: Playwrights must be 19 years old or younger on March 15, 2017; co-written plays are allowed, provided all writers meet age requirement. If submitting online each playwright MUST submit a copy of their play with their own contact information.
    CONTENT: Original plays and musicals on ANY subject.
    LIMIT: Up to 3 plays per playwright or playwright team.
    FORMAT: All script pages must be numbered. If submitting by mail, plays must be printed on one side per page and unbound. Plays submitted via theblank.submittable.com must be in Word or PDF format.
    COVER SHEET: Online submissions should ONLY include contact information in the submission form and NOT in a cover sheet or anywhere else in the attached document. Mailed in submissions must include a Cover Sheet with: Title, Playwright Name, Playwright Date of Birth, Age, School Name, E-Mail Address, Contact Phone Number, Mailing Address.

    NO RETURNS: Scripts will NOT be returned so please do not send any originals.
    NOTIFICATION: We will contact Festival Competition winners in April 2017
    PERFORMANCE: Winning plays will be performed in the Festival in Los Angeles in June 2017.



    Welcome to the best and most supportive festival in US Play and Musicals between 5 and 90 minutes accepted







    Submissions Accepted from Everywhere in the US Shows from outside NY and NJ can only run if the entire cast and crew are from New York City.

    Friday, March 10, 2017


    Our  Playwrights Lab. consists of an exciting and varied group of playwrights who meet for 3 hours a week, to listen to professional actors read their plays.  After the readings, there is constructive discussion about how well the play is working, and serving the objective of the playwright.
    These are not  cold readings; Pulse provides the actors for the scenes, and gets scripts to the actors, so that they can read the scripts before the workshop meets.

    The group is currently under the leadership of internationally produced award winning playwright Lezley Steele.  It is administered by Brian Richardson. All playwrights involved are expected to participate in discussion about all the works being read, not only their own plays.

    One of the many distinguishing features of our Lab, is that the playwrights receive FULL READINGS OF THEIR WORK, as many times as they need in the workshops environment, until it is deemed ready for a full public audience.  They are thus able to re-write and hear their changes as often as they wish!  A unique and most valuable opportunity and learning experience for the development of the plays!

    Works from our Playwrights Lab. have been performed in venues all over NYC and in other States. We take selected plays to full production level, as part of our new play development program.

    The Playwrights, under the leadership of Ms. Steele continue working on the script until they feel it is ready for a public viewing.  When the play is deemed ready, it  is presented in a full public staged reading.  Pulse casts the play, provides the director, and provides the presentation venue.

    PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a beginning level class.  
    The Playwright must have a work in progress, and be willing to continue working on the script; this is not a workshop for people who consider that their work is already completed.

    There is a nominal monthly fee towards the space, and the casting for the actors for all the readings. There is no submission fee. More info at www.pulseensembletheatre.org/playwrights-lab

    Playwrights are admitted into the group based upon their writing skills and enthusiasm for the process.
    It is the playwright’s responsibility to meet the deadlines as set up by Pulse.

    Please complete an application form, and please SUBMIT it with your scene 

    The Nora Salon reading series

    web site

    Nora’s Playhouse is proud to announce The Nora Salon (TNS), a new monthly reading series devoted to supporting and promoting the work of emerging women playwrights from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

    We envision TNS as an informal gathering of artists and Nora’s supporters who want an inside look at how plays get from page to stage, and the opportunity to participate in the development process. Our first salon will take place in January 2017 in Downtown Brooklyn.

    We welcome submissions of any genre and length, provided they:
    • are by women playwrights in the NYC area,
    • centrally feature women’s stories and perspectives,
    • have not yet had a production.

    Finished pieces and works-in-progress both welcome.

    Please email a copy of your submission along with a brief cover letter to submissions@norasplayhouse.org.

    Thursday, March 9, 2017

    Primary Stages: Write a Play in 2 Days

    Instructor: Melissa Ross (Writer, Of Good Stock at MTC, Nice Girl at Labyrinth)
    Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7
    1:00pm – 6:00pm both days

    This 2-day writing extravaganza is designed to push you to write an inspired first draft in 48 hours. Sounds crazy, right? But it can be done! The class is specifically focused on using your intuition and liberating you from the trap of overthinking. You will be given exercises by email in the week leading up to the course in order to start planting seeds, and throughout the weekend Melissa will lead you in exercises that will shake up tired assumptions about how to create. Bring in a preliminary idea or simply come in with an open mind, and by Sunday evening you will have—at the very least—the foundation of your next play.

    Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere.

    We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. Primary Stages ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

    Tuesday, March 7, 2017

    Next Act! New Play Summit 6

    web site

    Submissions are now being accepted for Capital Repertory Theatre’s Sixth Annual NEXT ACT! NEW PLAY SUMMIT!

    Next Act! now in its sixth year, is an expansion of Capital Repertory Theatre’s (theREP) commitment to the development of new work. At the same time, the weekend long summit is designed to complement the Upper Hudson Valley’s rich diverse populations. The summits directly reflect the theatre’s mission, “to create meaningful theatre generated from an authentic link to the community.” Next Act! New Play Summit 6 takes place October 20 - 23, 2017 and will feature readings of four never-before produced plays, with additional special events throughout the weekend.

    As in years past, the theatre is devoted to finding a play that can be produced in an upcoming season. Evidence of this devotion can be found in theREP’s productions of Suzanne Bradbeer’s The God Game (2015) and Naked Influence (2016), Sherry Kramer’s How Water Behaves (2015), and Bob Morris’ (2017) production of Assisted Loving; Dating With My Dad, all of which started at Next Act.

    Accepting full length plays only.

    (No Musicals.)

    Multi-cultural and ethnically diverse pieces encouraged.

    Comedy and Drama welcome!


    Eligible plays can not have been previously produced, though previous readings are allowed. No more than 7 characters. (Please do not submit works in which actors play multiple roles, unless it is a device used to illuminate generations.)

    Plays previously submitted to Next Act will not be considered for this years’ Summit.

    Agent and non-agent submissions accepted.

    Submission Deadline: END OF DAY – Friday March 31, 2017.

    Playwrights should submit one document, as a Microsoft word or PDF file attachment. This document must include: a short one-paragraph synopsis – that illuminates the plays entire plot including its ending; the character descriptions and the first 10 pages (and only the first ten pages) of their play. Submission documents must be void of playwright’s name and contact information.

    Submissions that do not conform to the guidelines stipulated will not be accepted.

    Email your submission to mhall@capitalrep.org with 2017 SUBMISSION in the subject line. (There is a spam filter on this email account to protect it from hackers. First time users please prove that you are human by following the link to ensure your submissions delivery.)

    A small stipend and limited travel available for playwrights selected.

    Electronic submissions preferred.


    Playwrights selected for the summit will be notified at the beginning of August.

    Three plays will be selected to have readings (with an eye towards a potential future production) during the annual 4-day summit, which takes place October 20 – 23, 2017.

    Capital Rep is a professional LORT D theatre, established in Albany in 1981.

    Monday, March 6, 2017

    Distilled Theatre Company seeks radio play scripts

    web site

    Distilled Theatre Company is excited to present our fifth season of dtc radio! dtc radio curates and produces new story-based radio plays that air for free on iTunes and are available through any podcast app. The dtc radio team will work with you on script development and when a final draft is complete, the team will find a director, actors, a sound designer, and produce the script. There will be 5-6 new plays in Season five, all around 20min in length.

    Have you ever read a quote and thought to yourself “Well that get’s straight to the point!”? This season we are looking for plays inspired by a quote that tells it like it is. We have included some of our favorites below, but are open to ALL interpretations. Feel free to email distilledtheatre@gmail.com with any questions!


    *dtc radio is currently located in New York City, San Diego, and Fort Lauderdale. We request applicants only from near these areas so the playwright can be involved in the process.

    Playwrights on Park Reading Series

    We are currently accepting submissions for the 2017-2018 season of the Playwrights on Park Reading Series at Playhouse on Park in West Hartford, CT.



    Playwrights MUST be able to come to West Hartford for the day of the reading. There will be a talkback with the playwright and the cast after the reading. There will be a rehearsal the day of the reading in which attendance by the playwright is optional, but strongly encouraged. Transportation may be provided from NYC or New England locations by the Playhouse.

    We will ultimately choose 5-6 readings for the 2017/2018 season. Final selections will be made by June 1.

    The plays will receive a cast of professional actors and a director and will be presented as a staged reading for a public audience. After the reading, a moderated audience discussion with the actors, the director, and most importantly, the playwright, will give both the Playhouse on Park and the playwright constructive feedback to further develop the playwright's vision for the play. 

    Playwrights on Park is a new and exciting artistic endeavor for Playhouse on Park. Our mission is to develop and produce original plays and musicals, to foster emerging and established playwrights, and to become a leader in new play development. We aim to help establish the Greater Hartford Area as a premiere destination for the cultivation and exploration of innovative theatrical work.


    Submission Guidelines:

    Please submit a FULL script and character breakdown (Please submit in PDF format). No hard copies please.

    Include any production or workshop history, as well as biographies of the playwright, and any collaborators

    Playwrights may self submit or go through a literary agent.

    For musicals please submit the music on a CD or by mp3.

     Connecticut-based and NYC playwrights are strongly encouraged to submit


    Sasha Brätt, Literary Manager
    Sean Harris, Artistic Director

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