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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Call for submissions from Middle-Eastern Playwrights

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In each three-year cycle, Middle East America provides an American playwright of
Middle Eastern descent with:

  • A $10,000 Fellowship
  • Intensive developmental support from the Lark Play Development Center, Silk Road Rising Theatre Project and Golden Thread Productions over three years.
  • Possible production at Golden Thread Productions and/or Silk Road Rising.

Applications will be accepted September 3 – November 1, 2013.
Winner will be announced in May 2014.


Application Form

  • A completed play OR a proposed play idea including a full scene of approximately 20 pages of dialogue.  
  • In addition, playwright must include an example of past work - One script (in pdf format)with name and play title on cover.  No co-written submissions, no musicals and no screenplays. 
  • A theatrical resume or CV

Typed answers to the following questions (no more than one page each):

  • If submitting a full length play for further development, how would a development process be of value to you? What aspect of the play would you want to develop and why?  (Please include a full synopsis of the play).
  • If submitting a play proposal, what project would you want to write/develop and why? 
  • *If you are proposing to adapt an existing work (novel, short story, poem, screenplay, etc.) into a stage play, you must explain why you wish to adapt the material and how you envision the piece being transformed from its current form to theatrical literature.  A very strong case must be made that articulates your artistic vision and process for this adaptation. You must include a copy of the complete source material (with the exception of a novel) as well.
  • What inspires you to write plays? What are the successes and challenges that you have faced and how do you hope to address those in the future?
  • Describe your relationship to your Middle Eastern heritage.
  • Names of and contact information for up to three references.


  • Playwrights of a Middle Eastern background (West/Southwest Asian and North African) 
  • Plays where the protagonist or central character is of a Middle Eastern background.
  • Plays that deal with Middle Eastern or Middle Eastern American experiences, identity and/or themes.  
  • Playwrights who create ambitious, fresh, playful, engaging, energizing, provocative, powerful and theatrical works.
  • Plays that reveal unique and vital perspectives. 
  • Playwrights with clear goals about their writing who are open and committed to a developmental process.


Application form - in MS Word .doc format

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