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Thursday, December 31, 2020

SOUND BITES 7.0 - 2021

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Deadline: January 12, 2021

SOUND BITES is an Annual 10-Minute Musical Festival, which showcases ten 10-minute musicals, all in one evening. Any 10-minute piece that can be performed, has a beginning, middle, and end story arch, and includes music qualifies! Now in its seventh year, SOUND BITES offers an opportunity for talented musical theatre writers, composers, and lyricists to present their work in front of audiences and industry professionals. We at Theatre Now strive to provide an experience that fosters community, service, growth, innovation, and diversity among the writing teams and musical selections. Through an open submission process, Theatre Now selects the finalists for presentation in New York City each spring. It has become an annual event and continues not only to grow larger each year but past selections have gone on to be part of New York Musical Festival Next Link Project, City Theatre’s Short Play Festival in Miami, FL, and The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival.

Due to COVID-19 SOUND BITES 7.0 that was originally scheduled for April 22, 2020 was cancelled and rescheduled for May 3, 2021. Eight of the 10-minute musicals were chosen for the April performance and will appear in the rescheduled May date. We will add an additional 2 musicals for a total of 10. Therefore we are only accepting two musicals from this submission.

When's the deadline to submit and is there a fee to submit?

Deadline is on January 12th, 2021, and there are no fees to submit!

Who chooses the musicals?

A group of diverse industry 12 professional adjudicators that includes producers, literary managers, directors, professional performers, and writers from previous SOUND BITES guided by our Theatre Now staff members. We guide the committee to consider artistic quality, uniqueness and diversity of the pieces so the evening represents a wide range of styles and types of musicals. BIPOC writers, LGBTQ+ writers, and writers with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

When & where is SOUND BITES?

Monday, May 3rd, 2021 at 7pm at Merkin Hall At Kaufman Music Center in New York City.

What's the time commitment?

From the First meeting on January 24th through the last meeting on May 9th.

Click here for more info.

Do I need to live in the NYC area to participate?

No, however if chosen, as writer, you would need someone to represent you and attend all required meetings if you do not live in the area.

How much does it cost?

As Theatre Now is an artist service organization, and as the Producer of SOUND BITES, we cover the majority of your expenses and costs. We're the only short musical theatre festival that offer artists honorariums and rehearsal reimbursements for each piece. That said, there are some out-of-pocket costs depending on your show's requirements (cast & creative team size, number of rehearsals, size of rehearsal space, etc.) and personal choice. Most of these costs relate to specific set-dressing, props and costumes for your show and additional personnel such as musicians.

Submissions require a letter of recommendation. What should that include?

Your letter should be written by a theatre professional who can talk about the piece itself or you as a theatre artist.

Ready to submit your show?

Submissions are now open for SOUND BITES 7.0. We are looking for two more teams to join the other eight teams already chosen.

Have more questions? Please email us at soundbites@tnny.org

Paramount Theatre TYA Commission

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Deadline: January 5, 2021

Thanks to the support of the NEA’s Arts Work Grant Program, we are proud to announce the commission of a new play with music for young audiences that will tour greater-Aurora area schools. We will spend the winter and spring of 2021 developing the piece with a workshop reading with the hopes to tour the piece during the 2020-2021 school year.


For our inaugural commission, submissions for this award are open only to writers of color.

Commissions: One proposal will be awarded with a commission of $3,000

  • A one-page play proposal for a new or in progress, 45-60 minute, unwritten theatre for young audiences play with music
  • A one-page resume
  • A 3-5 page sample scene
  • One of your finished plays, for reference only
  • A completed submission application form

All materials can be submitted to: school@paramountarts.com with the subject line: TYA Commission Submission

  • Center the story around global majority people (non-white), particularly interested in stories that center around Mexican-American stories (44% of Aurora’s population)
  • Utilize four performers or fewer
  • Explain the use of singular, flexible or representational scenic elements understanding this play will be toured to schools with various kinds of performance spaces
  • Demonstrate how the use of music will play a role in your script
  • Demonstrate how audience members will be engaged in the storytelling (this could be audience participation of some kind, perhaps they assist in creating an environment, or contribute to the music making)
  • Playwrights will need to complete the submission form
  • Submissions may only be from playwrights of color
  • Playwrights must reside in the United States
  • One submission per playwright
  • Submissions must be emailed by 11:59PM CST on January 5, 2021

Commission contracts will be offered in February of 2021, and will be announced upon signing.

Questions? Email us at school@paramountarts.com

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2021 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Playwriting

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Deadline:  January 15, 2021

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2021 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Playwriting. Submissions of full-length plays and other full-length works for the theater will be accepted; all submissions must address the question "What does it mean to be a human in a computerized, digitized world?" Playwrights with either traditional or experimental theater pieces, including multimedia productions, are encouraged to submit works to the award program.

As in the past, the award comes with a $5,000 honorarium as well as a support for a two-stage development process with table readings at local arts festivals/organizations. Note that works that have received a full production are NOT eligible for the competition.

The deadline for all submissions is January 15, 2021. The awards will be announced in the spring of 2021.

Submissions must include:
  • An anonymized (blinded) copy of the piece
  • Playwright resume/bio
  • Production history of the piece
  • One-page statement of purpose that answers the following questions:
  • How does your piece address the theme of exploring humanity in our computerized, digital world?"
  • What are your goals for the piece in its current form?
  • How would you use the two-part development process to achieve these goals?

The winning piece will receive two readings, at Dartmouth's VoxFest in July 2021 and at Northern Stage in White River Junction VT, during their 2021/2022 season.

Submissions may be made via THIS GOOGLE FORM.

Questions? Email Emma Orme at vox@voxtheater.org

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Molecule Tiny Art Blog open for submissions

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Deadline: January 15, 2021

Molecule accepts submissions of poetry, prose (fiction & non-fiction) plays, reviews and interviews in 50 words or less (including titles and interview questions). Visual artwork of tiny things like tea bags and toothpicks, or tiny paintings, also wanted: no skyscrapers please!

We have a strict word count. Don’t try and trick us we have tiny minds. All submissions should be previously unpublished work.

How should I send my work?

Send submissions in the body of the email or as an attachment to moleculetinylitmag@gmail.com along with a 3rd person bio of no more than 24 words (including name). Please send no more than 5 pieces.

24 words or less for a whole bio, seems random, where did you come up with that?

There are 24 atoms in a molecule of caffeine. What more do you want from us?

When are you open for submissions and when will I hear back?

We will be open for submissions for our Spring 2021 Issue from December 1st to January 15th. Replies will be sent by February 15th.

If your work is accepted we ask for first rights (to publish in our online issue) and non-exclusive electronic rights (so we can leave it up on our website). All rights revert to the author upon publication.

Sunday, December 27, 2020


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Deadline: December 31, 2020

The Contest aims to encourage writers in the creation of bold and powerful plays for young people. The spirit of this competition is the participation of playwrights in terms of equality, regardless of nationality, age, gender or language.

Contest Rules:


1. The competition is open to all writers worldwide and there is no age or nationality limit for the entrants.

a) We do accept plays co-authored by more than one writer. writer or playwright eans either a single writer or a group of writers in a collective work.

b) The participation of an underage writer must be authorised by the legal guardian.

2. The competition is restricted to plays for young audiences.

a) We do not accept plays for children or adult audiences,

b) We do not accept musicals.

3. Writers are asked to submit a play for either:

a) Category A. The play must cater for a performance time of no less than 60 min and no more than two hours.

b) Category B. The play must cater for a performance time of no less than 30 min and no more than one hour.

4. The play can be written in any official language of the world.

5. The play must be a new and original piece of work. The play must not have been

published in any form or awarded previously.

a) The copyright of the play must be owned and/or controlled by the entrant to the full extent necessary to enable Editorial DALYA to use the work as contemplated by these contest rules.

b) Performed plays can be submitted. 

6. There is no fee to enter and no hidden costs for the entrants.


7. 10000 in prizes to be won:

a) Category A ( 4800)

A cash prize of 24 for the writer, translation to another European language,

publication and public reading, plus economic aid for performances of the play

within two years after its publication.

b) Category B ( 3200)

A cash prize of 10 for the writer, translation to another European language,

publication and public reading, plus economic aid for the performances of the

play within two years after its publication.

c) Shorlist 2000)

The shortlisted plays will automatically be considered for publication in Editorial DALYA.

d) Awards cannot be shared or reduced, and the prize must be granted at least in one category.

e) The Jury may award Honourable Mentions without cash prizes to any play of the



8. The competition opens on Thursday 1 October 2020, with the deadline for entry being on Thursday 31 December 2020.

a) We do accept up to three plays per writers.

b) Each entry must contain just one play.

9. The play may be submitted via links provided in ytpwc.edalya.com or on Editorial DALYA web page: www.edalya.com. (→ Premios→Premio Teatro Joven).

a) The document must contain a front page stating:

1) The title of the play.

2) The contest category (A or B).

3) Contact e-mail.

b) Include the authorisation of the legal guardian, if applicable.

c) The writer's name must be deleted from the entry and document to facilitate fair, anonymous judging.

Steven Schwartzberg Grants for Mental Health & Wellness

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Writers are the beating heart of theater, whom we rely upon to take us on journeys and inspire us to think. '

During these unprecedented times, DGF has created the Steven Schwartzberg Grants to provide financial support for mental health and wellness services for writers. To help connect writers to therapists, DGF has partnered with Advekit, an online therapist matching service, to expand access to mental health support that might be out of your reach.

Please complete the online form to receive $1,000 toward therapy through Advekit, courtesy of DGF.

If you already have a therapist or are seeking mental wellness support other than Western talk therapy, DGF is working on ways to support you in your wellness.

Stage to Screen seeks full-length plays

web site

Deadline: December 31, 2020
Morgan Hill, CA

Calling all Playwrights! Do you have a masterpiece of a full-length play completed? Would you love to see it brought to life on both stage and screen?

Submit your play to our experienced judges by December 31, 2020

Any selected play will receive a $1000.00 award

Your play will go through an intensive 1 week “read-through” workshop before production begins.

Your play will be professionally staged as a high quality elevated workshop production

This production is filmed and screened for global audiences

Your new play is a hit

RTO Productions, in association with The Hive SJ, presents the following opportunity to revolutionize the way new plays are brought to mass audiences.

We are looking for unproduced plays to feature in our “Stage to Screen” series. These plays should have 6 or fewer actors, and no previous productions. The chosen play(s) will be produced as an elevated workshop production. Additionally, each production will be filmed and a trailer will be made available to the author as a means to assist in promoting the work. The play(s) chosen will be awarded a monetary prize of $1000.00.

Read through workshop:
This will consist of actors (who have read the play in advance) doing a timed read through of your play while you and the director confer either in person, or electronically. This will be done to AFTER the play has been chosen, and will assist us in all aspects of production.

All types of plays will be considered for production. If a musical is submitted, all music must be original, and you must have the rights for use free and clear. RTO Productions and The Hive SJ have a commitment to diversity and to honoring all traditions. As such, all scripts will be “blind read”, given to the readers with no indication of gender or ethnicity. Our one requirement is “Don’t bore us.”

Submit with no entry fee if submitted by December 31, 2020, 5:00 pm PST! If you submit your play after December 31st, there will be a submission fee of $25.00. 

Submission for consideration closes March 15th, 2021. 

Final production choice(s) will be announced on our website at http://stagetoscreen.org the first week of April 2021.

Submission requirements:
Via Email, submit the following:
  • A one page synopsis of your play
  • A character list and description – Due to space considerations, we would prefer a cast of no more than 6 players.
  • A short playwright bio (one or two paragraphs)*
  • The play in its entirety
*Please make this a separate document as we really are doing a blind reading.

NOTE: Scripts must be submitted in PDF format vis e-mail. You may also choose to submit a brief (no longer than one page) explanation of your vision or what you hope to accomplish from the writing and subsequent production of this play. No format other than PDF will be accepted.

EMAIL TO: submissions@stagetoscreen.org

Saturday, December 26, 2020

B8 Theatre Company is currently accepting submissions for original plays

web site

Deadline: January 15, 2021

B8 Theatre Company is currently accepting submissions for original plays, short stories, poems, and songs of any length to be presented on-line in a “readers’ theatre” format. We hope to develop a monthly one- or two-hour program of readings via Zoom until we are able to present live theatre once again. Most particularly, we are seeking plays with strong potential to become fully staged productions in the future. 

As a small company, B8 appreciates plays suitable for a total of 1-8 actors. Stipends will be provided for playwrights, directors, and actors.

We are seeking works that inspire action, change, speaking out, growth, empowerment, hope, courage, and love. We are strongly committed to producing works by artist of color, LGBTQIA+, anti-racist, feminist, and anti-ableist artists. 

The submission period is open-ended. Submissions received by January 15, 2021 will be considered for our first reading in February.

Please send submissions, comments, and questions to janlee@b8theatre.org

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

NYCPlaywrights 10 Year Anniversary: Rachael Carnes

 It's the 10 Year Anniversary of the NYCPlaywrights web site and we've asked readers to share their stories of productions, readings etc. they may have found through of our blog and weekly email.

by Rachael Carnes
Directed by Janet Bentley
with Mike Roche, Mariel Matero and Randall Rodriguez

Rachael Carnes writes:
I took my first how-to-write-a-10-minute-play class in Fall of 2016, and quickly caught the bug. As a nascent playwright, I was curious about finding places to submit to, and was grateful to find NYC Playwrights and Nancy's carefully-curated weekly list of production, publication and development opportunities. I can't even count the number of doors that this list serve has opened for me!

I'm grateful for the support that NYC Playwrights provides to writers like me, who live... 3,000 miles from NYC. Here's to ten more years! And thanks.

Thanks for sharing Rachael! For more information about Rachael and her work, check out these resources:

Rachael Carnes, carnes.rachael@gmail.com
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Nonprofit organization founder and consultant, writer/editor/educator, playwright

2020 Oregon Literary Fellowship Recipient
Portland/Oregon Regional Representative, Dramatists Guild of America.
Member, League of Professional Theatre Women.
New Writing Development Group Coordinator, KDC Theatre, London
New Play Exchange Page/ Rachael's website/ Playwright FaceBook Page
Learn about the group I founded, #CodeRedPlaywrights, responding to gun violence.

Upcoming Virtual Performances include Soup with Project Y Theatre in NYC; Intermolecular Forces with SLAM Kings Cross in London; Wabi Sabi with Open Door Playhouse; Inertia and Crabs(Dot)Com at Northfield Mount Hermon School, Mt. Hermon, MA; Crossing the Amur at Millersburg University; Creative Little Garden at Chancellor High School, Fredricksburg, VA; Pudding as part of Director's Cut, London; What a Memory Looks Like and The Function of a Pebble in PDX Playwrights’ 2021 Fertile Ground Festival, Portland, OR and a scene from Windberry Creek, as part of the Bechdel Group's Sunday Shortlist, NYC, 2021. Current publications: Egg in Spoon in the Coachella Review, Partner Of— in the Coachella Review, Waterfall in Cascadia Rising Review, Utøya in Some Scripts Literary Magazine, Contrappostoin Feels Blind Literary Magazine, What a Memory Looks Like in Some Scripts Literary Magazine and the Extinction Rebellion, London; , Curbed and Ice Front in the Silk Road Review and 91st & Powell Blvd. in Quince Magazine; Mouse & Owl in the Extinction Rebellion; RELATIONSHIPS, a new collection of oft-produced comic short plays published by Smith Scripts in London and SYZYGY, nominated for a 2021 Pushcart Prize by the Stonecoast Review. Coming soon: In Training with PanglossianProductions Podcasts.

Jason Sofge

Ghostlight Ensemble is seeking short scripts

 web site

Deadline: December 31, 2020

Ghostlight Ensemble is seeking short scripts (a maximum of 15 minutes) that are geared toward young audiences. Priority will be placed on scripts that are ethnically and culturally diverse, and written by writers of color and/or LGBTQ writers. This is open to playwrights in any geographic area, though writers in the greater Chicago area will receive priority. NO FEE. 

Playwrights will receive $25 per selected script.

Selected plays will be produced in June 2021 as part of the second annual Make/Believe festival of theatre for children under our Nightlight banner. (Learn more about the 2020 festival here.) We are planning for a virtual performance, which means the pieces will be filmed and made available to audiences in any geographic area, but only for a limited time; and tentatively for live performances. A note on virtual performances: After the performance dates, the pieces will not be shown in full again without the playwright’s permission, although Ghostlight reserves the right to use excerpts of the performances in future promotional and marketing videos. 

Please pay close attention to the script requirements. Scripts that do not meet the following criteria will not be considered. 

  • A maximum of 3 actors per script. There are no restrictions, however, on the number of characters. Please note, that while some directors have chosen to use child actors in past pieces, the intent of this festival is to perform for children, not with children. 
  • Plays must be adaptable to virtual and live performances.
  • Must fit our mission.
  • Geared toward children 10 and under. Please, NO scripts about high school students.
  • All props, set pieces and costumes must be easily made at home by actors (and children watching who want to stage their own productions at home).
  • Pieces can be previously produced, but cannot have a production running concurrently with Make/Believe. 
Electronic submissions only, please. Submit cover letter with full contact information, short bio, brief synopsis of script including development and production history (if applicable) and full script to Maria Burnham at scripts@ghostlightensemble.com. Please use the following format in the email’s subject line: Nightlight Script Submission: [play name] - [playwright name]

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2020.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Breaking and Entering Theatre Collective PEA FEST 2021

web site

Deadline: January 7, 2021

Applications and Submissions for PEA FEST 2021 are Officially Open!

Breaking & Entering Theatre Collective is excited to announce that applications for our second Pre-Emerging Artists Festival or PEA Fest are now live! 

PEA Fest is an opportunity for Pre-Emerging theatre artists to collaborate with their artistic peers in meaningful way, in an environment that respects their skills and talents, while financially compensating them with a small stipend. This year the festival will take place online and allow for additional developmental time as we mold performances designed and created for the new medium of digital theatre. 

We are looking for generous collaborators who are passionate about their craft and comfortable working with new text that is still in development.

We will be accepting piece submissions, as well as applications for directors, designers and stage managers through January 7th, 2021. Applications can be found at this link https://www.bethtrco.org/festival

Submit an original script, performance piece or choreography sample; or apply to work with us as a Director, Stage Manager or Designer!

Applications and Submissions will close midnight on January 7th, 2021.

Barely Seen Featured Writer of the Month

web site

Deadline: December 31, 2020

Each month, one play will be featured with a special author bio. These writers will always be someone who's submitted their work to Barely Seen. Each month I'll review all of the plays that have been sent to me and choose one play to be featured. I will notify the author of the chosen work by the end of the month, and if necessary, they'll supply me with a short bio about themselves and their writing journey. Make sure to check out the Submission Guidelines before submitting. The next feature is going to be Featured Writer of January, and submissions are due by December 31st. For any questions about Featured Writer of the Month, contact me at barelyseeneditor@gmail.com.

Submission Guidelines for Plays

-Submit as many ten-minute or one-act plays as you like, including previously published or produced plays in a Word or PDF file to barelyseeneditor@gmail.com. Make sure to title your email (Last Name)_(Play), and please note that any plays Barely Seen has already published won't be considered for publication a second time.
-Any theme of play is allowed, but plays that deal with inappropriate content won't be published.
-All ages are welcome to submit work. If under 18, please include a note in the body of your email stating your name, age, and a little bit about you. All others please include a note in the body of your email stating your name and a little bit about you.
-If you would like to be published under a pseudonym or nickname instead of your given name, please include your preference in your note.
-I will try to get back to you within two weeks; if I haven't contacted you by then, send me another email checking up on your submission. I might have received your file and just not been able to get to it yet.
-If you want to be considered for Featured Writer of the Month and/or Write Bites, make sure to send in your plays by the end of each month.
-If you have any questions about the submission process, please feel free to reach out to me at barelyseeneditor@gmail.com.

Barely Seen Editor

Monday, December 21, 2020

NYCPlaywrights 10 Year Anniversary: Steven Carinci

It's the 10 Year Anniversary of the NYCPlaywrights web site and we've asked readers to share their stories of productions, readings etc. they may have found through of our blog and weekly email.

Thanks to Steven Carinci for sharing.

Steven writes:
My play, Coyotes finished in a three-way tie for Best Play in the Fifth Avenue Theatre of New York Virtual Fall Festival 2020 Play Festival. I naturally discovered the link via NYC Playwrights which has over the years been a valuable resource that has allowed my plays to be performed around the U.S.A. I appreciate the opportunities afforded me and look forward to utilizing your website in the future.



I urge NYC Playwright readers to please feel free to click on the Youtube link to view Coyotes or you may link to it via Piney Fork Press. Enjoy!


Thanks Steven, it's great to hear that NYCPlaywrights has helped another playwright find opportunities! 


Sunday, December 20, 2020

Write a monologue for a Black and Brown Theatre actor

web site

Deadline: December 27, 2020

Are you interested in submitting an original monologue for our All the Web's a Stage Series? Good news, we've got an all new cast so it's a blank slate on the selection committee!

Follow Black and Brown Theatre on Instagram @bandbtheatre for new videos from our company actors saying what they're looking for in a monologue.

Writers can send a two-minute monologue in the body of an email to BlackandBrownTheatre@gmail.com with the name of the specific Black and Brown Theatre actor (Antoine, Brenda, Ciarah, Harvey, Sebastian, or Tori) they are writing for in the subject line by Sunday December 27. Please follow directions. Submissions that do not follow directions are subject to omission.


Actors will choose their favorite monologue to perform live via zoom for Anton Art Center's SatARTday presentation of Black and Brown Theatre's All the Web's a Stage Monologue Series on Saturday January 9th at 6pm.

Fifth Annual Aphra Behn Festival

web site

Deadline: January 7, 2021

SATE is seeking submissions for Directors and Playwrights
for the  Fifth Annual Aphra Behn Festival
Presented digitally April 30-May 2, 2021

Theme for the 2021 Festival: Do Over

Established in 2017, the Aphra Behn Festival’s goal is to give womxn interested in directing and writing for theatre an opportunity to get some more experience, try out ideas, experiment, and hone their craft.

For artists interested in submitting a play:
Email your script to stl.sate@gmail.com by January 7, 2021.
The play must contain the following ingredients:
  • Theme: Do-Over
  • 2-3 characters max
  • Include 3 lines from previously published play
  • Include a piece of music from an unexpected source
  • Include a revelation of space
  • Include a surprise entrance
  • Break of Frame
  • Repetition of object or image 3 times
  • A sequence of extreme contrast
  • Must be between 10-15 minutes

The Fifth Annual Aphra Behn Festival will be performed live on Zoom over three evenings. All rehearsals will also take place over Zoom.

SATE will be hiring three directors and three writers for the 2021 Aphra Behn Festival. Womxn Artists of all ethnicities, races, ages, abilities, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Submissions from applicant directors and writers will be reviewed by members of SATE’s newly created Artistic Advisory Ensemble.

Timeline for the 2021 Aphra Behn Festival is as follows:
January 7, 2021: Director submissions and Plays due.
January 11-22, 2021: Director interviews
January 21, 2021: Plays chosen
February 4, 2021: read-thru of scripts with directors, playwrights, and members of the Ensemble
February 11, 2021: plays assigned to directors
March 11, 2021: script re-writes due
April 5, 2021: rehearsals begin
April 27-29, 2021: Festival Tech/Dress rehearsal
April 30-May 2, 2021: Live, online Aphra Behn Festival


Performances at

Saturday, December 19, 2020


web site

Deadline: December 21, 2020


This award represents a unique collaboration between the prestigious Ucross Foundation in Wyoming, where artists from all disciplines have been supported by residencies since 1983, and The Blank Theatre in Hollywood, which has been developing new plays and new artists since 1990.

The Future of Playwriting Prize will be given annually to an early-career playwright who personifies the future of theatre — someone whose voice will shape theatre for decades to come, and who will bring new thoughts and views to the American theatrical conversation.

The winner will be awarded a $5,000 cash prize and an all-expenses-paid, two-week residency at Ucross’s ranch at the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains. The residency includes transportation, accommodations, meals, and the opportunity to commune with other visiting artists. The winner will also receive a professionally produced staged reading in The Blank Theatre’s Living Room Series new play development program.

Two additional finalists will each be awarded a $500 cash prize.


  • Inclusion and diversity are vital to the future of theatre; therefore, playwrights from all backgrounds and genders are urged to apply.
  • We encourage application by playwrights who may not have had access to advanced or graduate writing programs.
  • As this is an emerging playwright award, writers who have had Off-Broadway, Broadway, or major regional theatre productions will not be considered.
  • Since the focus is on American theatre, playwrights must reside in the United States.
  • Winning writers must be between 21 and 30 years of age as of April 1, 2021.


  • Submissions are open now, and the deadline for applications is December 21, 2020.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Writers must submit:
  1. Resume including creative/educational background.
  2. A personal artistic statement that describes (A) Who you are and what has brought you to this place - your influences and life experiences. Also, what you hope to gain personally from an uninterrupted two-week residency at Ucross. (B) The concept for a new play (a full-length you have not yet initiated) that you would like to begin or work on while you are there - what themes, characters or stories do you want to explore? (C) How do you see the future of theatre, and what is your role as a playwright in it? Your artistic statement should be 1000 words or less. PDF form only, titled FirstName_LastName_STATEMENT
  3. One short play of ANY length not to exceed 45 pages. Please submit only a complete short play, not a sample from a full length play. PDF form only, titled FirstName_LastName_SHORT (e.g., Sally_Jones_SHORT).
  4. One full-length play (60 to 120 pages). PDF form only, titled FirstName_LastName_FULL ( e.g., Sally_Jones_FULL).
  • One submission only per playwright. Please do not submit multiple applications to include different scripts. We want to see what you consider your best work.
  • Plays and other submission materials must be written in English.
  • Translations, musicals, adaptations, and children's plays will not be considered.
  • All scripts must be typed in standard playwriting format.
    • Page numbers must appear with the first page of dialogue as page 1.
    • Scripts must contain a character breakdown and time/place setting.


  • The first 300 submissions will be considered. If 300 valid submissions are received before the end of the application period, additional entries may not be accepted, and notice will be posted at TheBlank.com.
  • A jury of professional theatre artists will select one grand prize winner and two finalists, to be announced April 2021.

NYCPlaywrights 10 Year Anniversary: Tavi Juárez


It's the 10 Year Anniversary of the NYCPlaywrights web site and we've asked readers to share their stories of productions, readings etc. they may have found through of our blog and weekly email (sign up here for weekly emails.Do you have a story to share? 

💃 Send it to us at info@nycplaywrights.org - thanks! 

by Tavi Juárez and Stephen Tsimpides
Pictured: Tavi 
Juárez, Stephen Tsimpides, Cameron Moser,
Lindsey Bristol, Shay Thomas, Janelle Lawrence

My chicken comedy, "The United States of Huevos" just won BEST PLAY in the Fifth Avenue Theatre of New York Virtual Fall 2020 Play Festival! I found this opportunity on your blog and I couldn't be more grateful! Thanks for being one of the best places to find playwriting opportunities!

Best, Tavi Juárez

Congratulations Tavi! 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Dramatists Play Service Submission Guidelines

web site

Please do not send scripts. Submissions of a full script will not be considered.

Send an inquiry via email with a one-page synopsis, a production history, and any reviews to Stella Bowles, Assistant to the President, at bowles@dramatists.com

All inquiries must be submitted electronically. We do not accept paper submissions. There are no exceptions to this policy. Paper submissions will be discarded without a response.If we are interested, we will contact you for a full script within six months. Please bear in mind that the Play Service generally acquires plays after successful productions in New York City, London or at a major regional theatre. If your show has not yet been produced in a notable venue, you might be better served to put your time and energy into pursuing a production.

NYCPlaywrights 10 Year Anniversary: Rex McGregor

It's the 10 Year Anniversary of the NYCPlaywrights web site and we've asked readers to share their stories of productions, readings etc. they may have found through of our blog and weekly email (sign up here for weekly emails.Do you have a story to share? 

💃 Send it to us at info@nycplaywrights.org - thanks! 

by Rex McGregor
Paulo Goulart Filho, Sarah Jeanne, Pepper Liddell

Over in New Zealand, Rex McGregor writes:

I'm a playwright based in Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks to NYCPlaywrights, I've had numerous productions over the last decade. The blog truly has an international reach. Here are a couple of examples of productions arising from opportunities listed there: 
The Birds Are Feeding Me Zoom Fest Series 2, Goodly Frame Theatre, Greensboro, North Carolina, August 26, 2020, directed by Meredith DiPaolo Stephens
Paulo Goulart Filho (Doug), Sarah Jeanne (Kim), Pepper Liddell (Marion​) Greensboro, NC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3ad-h616LM

Stage Fights Screen Theatre Three Off-Stage/On-Line, Port Jefferson, New York, May 13, 2020, directed by Jeffrey Sanzel
Phyllis L. March (Greer), Dennis Creighton (Josh) and Meg Bush (Shannon) New York

Many other examples can be found on my website: http://www.rexmcgregor.com/
That's great to hear Rex and thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your international successes!

Phyllis L. March, Dennis Creighton and Meg Bush

Playwright Submissions for “Scenes from the Staten Island Ferry 2021” Now Open

web site

Deadline: December 31, 2020

Sundog Theatre in NYC is seeking one-act plays for “Scenes from the Staten Island Ferry 2021”
This is Sundog Theatre’s 19th annual presentation of new and original, one-act plays about our favorite boats, the Staten Island Ferries.

  • Original plays not previously produced or published, with a signed note affirming that.
  • 10-30 minutes in length and set on the Staten Island Ferry (Note: not performed on the Ferry).
  • Set in contemporary time period. Strong priority will be given to plays with 2 characters, however, 3-character plays will be considered. No special set pieces other than benches or railings found on the Ferry, limited and easily accessible props, and no special sound or lighting.
  • Avoid overt and unnecessary sexual/violence situations and language since we cater to a broad audience.
  • No musicals, long monologues, poetry, rants, or verse.
  • Humor, if appropriate, is appreciated.

This year’s theme is anything related to our current circumstances imposed by Covid-19. Again, humor is appreciated. Also note: write your play so that – if necessary – it can be rehearsed/performed online.


4 – 6 plays will be chosen, and writers will receive $100 each and be produced in our series of five spring 2021 performances in Staten Island or online.

  • Please send two hard copies, bound or stapled, blind submission (removable cover page with title, author and contacts) and the name of the play on each page to Sundog Theatre, “Scenes 2021”, PO Box 183, Staten Island, NY 10301.
  • Submissions should include brief synopsis, play history, a 70-word bio and also full resume of the writer.
  • Should be postmarked from now until December 31, 2020.
  • Do not submit plays electronically.
  • Questions: ferry@sundogtheatre.org. Susan Fenley, Producer


Playwrights of selected plays will be contacted directly and their names listed on Sundog’s website early in 2021.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Spring Writing Classes Online at Primary Stages ESPA!

Spring 2021 online classes at Primary Stages ESPA are now open for enrollment! Here are just some of the classes in our lineup of opportunities in the writing department:

The First Draft

This class will guide you through the development of your first draft, providing concrete deadlines, constructive feedback, and a collaborative environment to get your ideas on the page.


Suzanne Bradbeer (Writer, Confederates (Kilroys Honorable Mention))

Tasha Gordon-Solmon (Writer and Director; Faculty, NYU Graduate Playwriting Program)

Michael Walkup (Producing Artistic Director, Page 73)

The First Draft: Adaptation

Instructor: Caridad Svich (Writer, OBIE Winner for Lifetime Achievement)

This class will guide you through the development of your first draft of an adaptation.

Rewriting Your Draft: Writer’s Room

Instructor: Stefanie Zadravec (Writer, The Electric Baby at Two River)

As soon as you finish your last line of dialogue, the need for rewrites begins. This class will help you tackle the revision process and develop a stronger version of your play.

Rewriting Your Draft: Individualized Attention

Instructor: Adam Kraar (Writer, Wild Terrain at EST)

This class is a combination of full class sessions and one-on-one meetings with Adam, designed to help you hold on to the things that first excited you enough to start writing your play, while also using the tools of craft to organize it into a script you're truly satisfied with.

Write Your Own Hamlet

Instructor: Kate Moira Ryan (Writer (with Judy Gold), 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother)

Write a full-length play using William Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a blueprint!

Writing for Zoom

Instructor: Lia Romeo (Writer, 4-time Kilroy's List writer)

Learn how to write for this new virtual and socially distant platform.

Big D Energy: The Dramaturgy of Playwriting

Instructor: Winter Miller (Writer, In Darfur at The Public Theater)

Look at great works from the outside in to strengthen your own writing.

Short Form Screenwriting 

Instructor: Mêlisa Annis (Writer, Director, Dramaturg; Faculty, NYU Tisch)

Apply the concepts of character development, visual storytelling, theme, plot, and dialogue to your own original short film script.

The Business of Theater

Instructor: John Gould Rubin (Director, Turn Me Loose Off-Broadway)

Learn about theater as a business in order to produce your own work.

Workshop: Kickstart Your First Draft

Instructor: Abe Koogler (Obie-winning Writer, Fulfillment Center at MTC)

Spark inspiration to kickstart your new play!

Workshop: Being On-Camera for Playwrights and Directors

Instructors: Amelia Campbell (Tony-nominated Actor) and Anthony Arkin (Actor and Filmmaker, “The Americans”)

Enhance your craft as a playwright by delving into on-camera techniques and strategies that actors employ to create high-level, captivating work.

Classes begin in February. Start and end dates vary. Click here for the full list of writing classes.

Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere. 

Primary Stages ESPA provides students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x215 or email espa@primarystages.org.

ReImagine: New Plays in TYA

web site

Phase One — Deadline December 30, 2020

Application Process

ReImagine will work in a two-phase application process. You do NOT need to have a script ready to submit in order to apply. However, scripts/drafts/treatments will be requested in Phase Two.

Phase One — Deadline December 30, 2020

Playwrights will be asked to submit a short application that includes the following narrative questions:

Tell us about yourself and the kind of work you love to make — this could be a statement, a poem, a monologue, the lyrics for a song…any text-based way you’d like to tell us about who you are and why you write. (Max: 1 page)

Why do you want to write for young people? (Max: 1 page)

Describe your project — what is the story? Why do you feel compelled to tell this story at this moment? (Max: 2 pages)

What are you looking to achieve in a development process? What resources will you need? (Please be honest – we would rather know now and your answer will not determine whether you are selected!) (Max: 1 page)

Each question and answer should be saved as a unique document for upload — Word and PDF formats accepted. Please label each document with your last name and the question number (E.G. JonesQuestion1.pdf)

A reading committee comprised of the Advisory Council plus additional invited readers will read all first round applicants and choose a selection of projects to move to the second phase.

Phase Two — Deadline February, 2021

At this time, playwrights who move to the second phase will be asked to submit a sample of the proposed work. This could be a full draft, a partial draft, a treatment, an outline, or any text-based representation of the work. Playwrights might be asked to answer additional questions and/or participate in an interview.

Final selections will be made by the Advisory Council and announced in March, 2021.

Ready to apply? Click here!

Questions? Contact Jenny Millinger at jmillinger@childsplayaz.org

ReImagine: New Plays in TYA aims to support the development and visibility of new works for young audiences by BIPOC playwrights. This project will provide funding directly to the playwright, as well as funds to be utilized for development work with a partner theatre.

Who’s it for?
ReImagine is open to ANY playwright of color who is specifically writing for young audiences. We encourage projects from early career playwrights as well as experienced playwrights. Playwrights need to be currently residing in the United States.

Definition: Playwright — the generative artist(s) who create the script/story. We are open to teams of playwrights/generative artists, including but not limited to devising teams and playwright/composer teams.

Definition: Playwright of Color — any playwright who self-identifies as Black/African American, Indigenous, Native American, Latinx, Asian-American, Pacific-Islander, Pilipino, and/or multi/mixed race.

Definition: Young Audiences — children aged 2-18. We are seeking stories that are specifically created for this audience — if you have a play that was written for adults/young adults that “could be okay for teens, too,” we applaud your work but this application isn’t a good match.

What kinds of projects are you looking for?
We are looking for bold and fresh new ideas and voices. We are interested in the stories that you feel need to be shared in this moment – stories that are urgent and energized and fantastical and joyful and devastating and searching and burning to be told.

We are interested in hearing the full range of stories that playwrights of color are interested in telling; proposed projects do not have to address cultural identity.

We are looking for projects that are in an early-to-mid stage of development. Our goal is to provide resources to the playwright to further the creation and/or development of a new idea or project. If you have a script that is ready for production, we applaud your work, but this application isn’t a good match for your project (we are actively looking for ways to highlight work that is ready for production, so watch this space.)

Recognizing that our development resources are limited, we are open to a range of styles and development needs, including devised work and musicals. Adaptations will only be accepted from works in the public domain (e.g. folktales).

That’s in large part up to you! We recognize that playwrights work at different speeds and that one type of development process does not fit all. You might want to spend one concentrated week of time working with actors; you might choose to hold a reading every weekend for a month, or even a reading every two or three months. You are in charge of your process, which will be finalized in conjunction with your partner theatre.

You may start drawing upon development funds as soon as you have found a partner theatre; all development funds MUST be expended by December 31, 2021.

What do we mean by “development process”? For those applicants who may be new to playwriting, this is often known as workshop time — it is the part of writing a play that involves other collaborators. Some playwrights like to hand a draft script to a director and actors, hear them read the work, and then go away and make changes (either overnight if you want to spend a full week with actors or over a longer period of time if you just want occasional readings). Other playwrights like to devise work by giving actors and a director opportunities to improvise on themes or ideas; the playwright watches (or participates!) and then takes ideas away to write on their own. You might also want an audience — of young people or families — to watch a reading your work and talk to you about it. When we ask you to describe your desired development process, essentially we are saying: “we will provide you with funds for actors, a director and a dramaturge — how will you use their time?”)

Stay home, stay safe: This project (and its budget!) were created for COVID times. We are assuming that development activities will take place largely or exclusively online. You and your partner theatre may choose to hold in-person workshops, but funding for travel is not included in the budget.
Who are the partner theatres?

That’s part of the process! After a project has been selected, we will work with the playwright to develop an application for theatres based upon the needs of your project. We will collect applications and help you select a theatre that best suits you and your project. You do NOT need to have a relationship with a theatre in order to apply or be selected!

If you are already working with a theatre on your project or if you have a relationship with a theatre already, then we’ll just need to confirm the theatre’s willingness to participate and you’re good to go.

Definition: Partner Theatre — A theatre that will host your development work. The theatre will be asked to do all the logistical work (hiring and paying artists, scheduling, hosting, stage management, etc.). They will also be asked to connect you with young people in their community to listen to a reading and provide dramaturgical response. And, if you enjoy working together, we hope that the theatre will continue to develop your work with an eye towards production. However, there is no long-term commitment/guarantee from either the playwright or the partner theatre. The theatres serve as the fiscal managers of the development budget and must be able to receive grant funds.

Definition: Theatre of Record — But what if you really, desperately don’t want to work with a formal theatre? If you have a creative team in place for your project (e.g. you already have a director, dramaturge and actors) AND you don’t want to be affiliated with a formal theatre AND you are willing to do the coordination for your workshops, Childsplay will serve as your theatre of record in order to compensate artists.
What will be required of playwrights?

Playwrights will be required to do active development work on their project and, in conjunction with their partner theatres, report on their activities during and at the end of the project period.

Playwrights will be required to participate in ReImagine presentations at the 2021 TYA/USA Festival to promote your work. This might include participating on a panel, helping us create a video about you and your work, or even holding a reading if your play is ready to be shared. You will likely also be asked to participate in follow-up activities at the 2022 TYA/USA Festival.

Playwrights will be invited to promote their work through the TYA/USA network and platforms. We will collaborate with you over the course of the year to determine the best way to showcase your work.

Playwrights will be invited to submit information about their project to a collective website or platform that will be developed for ReImagine in order to link playwrights to potential producers.

Playwrights will have access to support throughout their project from the Write Now staff and members of the ReImagine Advisory Council.

Playwrights will retain ALL rights to their work.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Short Play & Musical Festival - SEX! 2021

Deadline: December 19, 2020 11:59pm

February 12-28, 2021

PENDING PANDEMIC and COVID RESTRICTIONS: Ideally, we will be able to run the festival as planned with a live audience present in the theatre. Audience members will likely be required to wear masks and your cast members are also welcome to perform with masks if that makes them more comfortable. However, at a bare minimum,we will live-stream the festival from the theatre to a paying audience watching at home. Therefore your cast must be comfortable performing your play in person at the theatre in NYC.

Please keep social distancing measures in mind when writing your play. If at all possible, focus on the sexual tension rather than physical touch (unless your cast members are from the same "bubble" and are fully comfortable with physical touch). It is also recommended that you keep the number of characters in your play limited to keep cast sizes as small as possible which will aid in performances and maintaining social distancing measures. As always, this festival focuses on the playwrights and their stories - very simple sets, props, and overall productions are recommended.

The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre at The Players Theatre

115 MacDougal Street, New York, NY 10012

3 weeks, 3 performances weekly (Friday through Sunday),

4 plays featured each week.


Short Plays and Musicals with a performance time of 15 minutes or less, no more than 15 pages in length.

Writers are eligible to submit up to 2 plays.


A little bit naughty and slightly steamy but very sexy. No one under 18 will be admitted to the performance so .....

All plays submitted must be centered on, or revolve around this theme.

** Note **

1) Playwrights are responsible for producing their own play - Host provides Theatre, technicians and box office

2) If selected, there is a $50 NON-refundable tech fee required

3) Plays MUST be NO MORE 15 minutes in length and no more than 15 pages

Submissions open: November 23, 2020

Submissions close: December 18, 2020 at 11:59pm

Play selection announced soon thereafter by mid-January 2021.

For more festival information visit: www.shortplaynyc.com

Click Here to download a sample contract for the festival

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