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Sunday, April 21, 2024

PlayZoomers Seeks Short, Online, Holiday Scripts


Deadline: July 31, 2024

PlayZoomers, a live, online theater company, seeks short (10-15 min.) holiday scripts for our December 2024 production. We seek light, humorous, clever plays with themes related to Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, or other December holidays. Scripts should be suitable for online production. There will be no script submission fees required. If we produce your play, you will receive a small stipend.

Please email scripts to playzoomers@gmail.com 

In the email’s subject line, put “Holiday script submission: [title ofplay] by [playwright]”. If you are submitting multiple scripts, send each one in a separate email. Please do not re-submit scripts you have previously sent us.

On the first page of your script include the title, playwright name, estimated run time, and contact information. On the next page, include a logline/brief plot summary, a detailed character breakdown, any production history, and ashort playwright bio. At the end of the script, describe production details, such as backgrounds, costumes, props, music, and sound effects. 

For additional script formatting guidance, go to https://www.dramatistsguild.com/script-formats

The deadline for this round of submissions is July 31, 2024. As we read through scripts, we will acknowledge your submission and reach out to you only if your script is selected for production.

With 110+ professionally produced plays since 2020 - involving more than 285 playwrights, directors, designers, actors, and scores of audience members from 35 states and countries around the world - PlayZoomers has become a national online theatre company and an international theatre community. We feature plays of different genres and lengths, with cast sizes typically ranging from 2 - 6. We work closely with playwrights toadapt their work to a digital platform. We welcome theatre artists and audience members of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Learn more about our nonprofit company at https://www.playzoomers.org

The 15th Annual Northport One-Act Play Festival


Deadline: June 1, 2024

Submission form to print and fill out here

The 2024 Northport One-Act Play Festival will be held at St Paul’s United Methodist Church, 270 Main St, Northport, NY 11768.

We request that you be available to attend your play’s performances if possible. An Open Discussion with the playwrights, directors, and cast may follow each performance if time allows.


1) Please make sure your script pages are numbered;

2) On the cover of your script, please include a.) Name of Your Play, b.) Your Name, c.) Your Contact information [Address, Telephone Number & Email];

3) Include the character breakdown on the second page of your script;

4) Include the Setting that your play occurs (i.e., an apartment in NYC.) and the Time (i.e. the Present.) on the second page. This information will be used in the program.

5) Note: Ease of production is also considered as part of a play’s possible selection for the Festival. We recommend one simple set and no complicated props, sound or lighting requirements. You will bepermitted to have opening and closing music which is in the public domain: no music which requires a royalty. We suggest no more than 4 characters.

6) Also submit a digital copy of your script, either on a CD included with the script, or by email to NorthportPlays@gmail.com.

7) Please include a Self Addressed Stamped Postcard if you would like notification that we have received your script.


1.     REMEMBER: If you do not produce your own play, a group from the local theater community will be doing so. That group must find space to conduct their own rehearsals. The Northport One-Act Play Festival will provide for One (1) cue-to-cue technical rehearsal, which will last no longer than 20 minutes in the theater during the weekpreceding the Festival. There will also be One (1) tech and one

(1) dress rehearsal on the stage. All rehearsals are scheduled in the order that plays will be presented in the Festival.Each program consists of up to 7 playsA mandatory preview on Sep 14th will be scheduled and must be attended by Director and actors. Half-hour time slots will be offered between 11:00am and 5:00pm.

2.     LIGHTING AND SOUND: There will be a basic lighting plot that all plays in the Festival use. Any additionalequipment (i.e., microphone, musical instruments, etc.) must be provided by the Directors of the play. Any music/sound effects must be on CD or sent as an MP3 file and supplied by preview day, Sep 14th, along with stage manager, sound and lighting cue scripts (3 separate notated scripts).

3.     SETS: We will assist in any way possible to provide basic sets but keep the scenery and props to a minimum. Any plans to use a large set piece to support the production must be mentioned to the producers of the play before Sep 14thYour cast will be asked to help clear your set after each performance.

4.     RUNNING TIME: It is very important that you give us the running time of your play so we can accurately puttogether the running time of each Program. The maximum running time for a play in the Festival is 20 minutes. Any play going longer in rehearsal will require some editing. The minimum running time is 7 minutes.

5.     REHEARSALS: Directors and cast must be available to present their play to Festival producers

Sep 14th (time to be determined) so that the producers are aware of its current running time and readiness for theFestival. Note: Producers may request the directors to have playwrights make edits to reduce the running time of the play at this point if it is determined that it will run past 20 minutes.

Directors and cast must attend tech and dress rehearsals on the dates assigned during the week preceding the Festival.

6.     ACTORS: If asked, management can assist in casting by providing contact information to appropriate actors and publicizing your auditions. Director must send descriptions of open roles, e.g. age, sex, etc.

7.     PERFORMANCES: All plays will be assigned to either Program 1 or Program 2. Program 1 will be performed the evening of Friday, Sep 27th and the matinee of Saturday, Sep 28th. Program 2 will be performed on the evening of Saturday, Sep 28th and the matinee of Sunday, Sep 29th.

8.     No Royalties or other monetary compensations are given for these performances.


TECHNICAL / PRODUCTION: You will need to keep the technical requirements for your show very simple. There willbe a general light plot, with specials that everyone involved in the Festival will use. Sound is basic. Directors should submit their sound and music on a CD or MP3 file before Sep 14thDirectors will have a chance to discuss tech with the staff at this Preview Day. Storage space is limited so you should keep your props and set to a minimum. Each play will have onecue to cue technical rehearsal for 20 minutes in the theater during the week prior to the Festival and one dress rehearsal.

PUBLICITY: Northport Plays, Inc will publicize the Northport One-Act Play Festival and coordinate overall press relations, including interviews and media attendance at performances. The directors will be asked to submit publicity photos & PR materials so that we can send complete press packages to print, broadcast and social media. A copy of the flyer/poster will be emailed to all parties. You are responsible for publicizing your own show through your own pressreleases, Facebook, and other means. The more you promote your show, the larger your potential audience. Northport One-Act Play Festival will produce a playbill for both Programs.

EXCLUSIVITY: Whether or not your play is accepted in the Northport One-Act Play Festival, Northport Reader’sTheater will try to include your script in their monthly hybrid readings. You will be invited to attend the reading of your play if it is scheduled. The readings are followed by a discussion of the play. If you are unable to attend, a video will be made of the reading and the link sent to you.

NETWORKING: The Northport One-Act Play Festival is a wonderful place for talent to network and be considered for new projects. Just think, at every performance your work will be seen by other playwrights, directors, and actors. In addition,there will be an opportunity for the playwrights and casts to meet the audience following each Program. The Northport One-Act Play Festival is a great place to be seen and be heard. Several Festival plays have gone on to runs on Long Island and in New York City.

PLEASE NOTE: The goal of the Northport One-Act Play Festival is to provide a nurturing environment to develop and showcase new plays. We pride ourselves in providing a platform to present diverse, exciting, new works that capture the pulse of innovative theatre. We enjoy the wide range of talent that we have been able to provide and a stage and for artists to present new work. We take several factors into consideration when deciding to accept a play into the Festival. Subjectmatter, creativity and freshness are important factors. Tell us in your cover letter why you feel you need to be a part of the Northport One-Act Play Festival.

ACCEPTANCE: All applicants will receive acceptance status notification (i.e. accepted or declined). Notification of acceptance status will begin to be mailed on or about July 1, 2024. If your play is accepted, you will receive a Release Agreement to participate in the Festival. You will have until July 15, 2024 to sign the Agreement and mail it to us along with your $75 participation fee. If your play is accepted into the Festival, you will be told in which Program your play will be performed. If you have a conflict with any of the dates, please note it on your submission form. You will receive two complimentary tickets to each performance of your play and a DVD of or link to the performance.

TICKETS: The Northport One-Act Play Festival tickets will be available for sale online beginning in September 2024. Information will be available at www.NorthportPlays.com or 631-223-8053.

Saturday, April 20, 2024


Deadline: April 29, 2024 at 11pm

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/murmurationtheatreco/

Submit via Form: https://forms.gle/9ZPsgY9ZzTFfxjFz6

No submission or participation fee

No eligibility restrictions; preference given to early-career writers

Multiple submissions allowed

Murmuration is now accepting work for 2024/2025 consideration in the following categories:

(1-45 pages) New Works Showcase: a selection of new short or one-act plays, fully staged and directed by our creative team.

(45-140 pages) Mainstage Production: a full length play, produced and directed by our creative team.

With optional additional consideration for:

Out of the Wings Open Mic: a monthly selection of excerpts, performed on-book.

Staged Reading Series / Workshops: One or more private developmental readings (cast by our team) and a public staged reading or workshop performance.

Not accepting: musicals, theatre for young audiences, one-person shows

Please feel free to reach out to murmurationtheatreco@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

The 2024 AGE Legacy Playwright Grants 2024


Deadline: May 15, 2024



  • Identify as BIPOC
  • 40+ years of age
  • Identify as a person of marginalized gender or gender-diverse. We use the terms “marginalized gender” or “gender-diverse” to refer to our community of members who experience marginalization due to their genders. This includes cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, non-binary people, among many other marginalized gender identities. Please note- marginalized gender is not the same as a marginalized person, nor does it relate to sexuality.
  • Identify as an emerging artist. Emerging means that the playwright has had no more than one play fully produced in one or more professional theatre(s). Readings and workshop productions are exempt.
  • Have an original draft of a full length play completed at the time of application; while not necessary, it is highly encouraged that the script have at least one principal character who is a BIPOC person of marginalized gender, 40+ years of age. Special consideration will be given to plays that fulfill this suggestion.
  • Live and work in the United States or Puerto Rico and are able to submit a W9 if chosen as a Finalist or Recipient.
  • Applicant meets all eligibility criteria.
  • Applicant submits all materials and information within the timeframe of the ALP grant submission and review process.
  • Applicant demonstrates a strong desire to not only achieve success as a playwright, but to disrupt the current American theatre canon rooted in white patriarchal norms.
  • Applicants will submit a draft of their full script, and additionally submit the specific 10 pages they want reviewed in the first round of the application process.
  • Applicants are reviewed, in addition to their play submission, on their motivation, commitment, and dedication as a playwright to impact the equity landscape of American theatre. The focus of the review is both on the artist and their play, knowing that their writing is one of many drafts and efforts yet to be birthed in their playwriting career.

We acknowledge and honor that any selection process is subjective and imperfect. We will work with this in mind and do our best to mitigate any bias or harm. Applicants will be reviewed on their motivation, commitment, and dedication as a playwright to impact the equity framework of American theatre. Applicants may also be adjudicated on their body of work, and potential for lasting impact in the theatre industry. We hope to amplify emerging artists who have a clearly defined sense of self as a theatremaker. We recognize that all applicants, despite varying years of training and/or experience, are all still in the process of honing their skill, learning new things, and working toward mastery. We also recognize that mastery is defined by whatever the definition is for them and their journey.

Friday, April 19, 2024

North Park Playwright Festival 2024


Deadline: June 30, 2024

Our goal in building the North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe was to provide a small theater to produce new, untested plays. In support of this goal we have produced the North Park Playwright Festival each October. The festival provides a platform for brand new, short (ten minute), plays written by playwrights from around the world. Over the past seventeen years more than 600 new plays have been produced. We encourage new directors and actors to become involved in theater through the festival as well. Through the North Park Playwright Festival over ninety playwrights, directors, and actors each year are able to showcase their talents. We invite interested playwrights to submit work to the festival. Please follow the guidelines below.

We are looking for:

1. Short new plays (no more than 12 pages, less is fine) that are easily staged and have casts with no more than four people. Our theater is very small and we normally use a minimal set concept in this festival. We have to be able to change sets in just a few minutes as we do six to seven plays each evening of the festival. We don't have space for large casts.

2. We request new work. A play that has had workshops or one or two previous productions is OK, but we are not interested in work that has been produced in numerous other places. Our goal in building the theater was to have a place to produce brand new work and let playwrights have a chance to see their work done for the first time.

3. We seek complete plays rather than excerpts from a larger work.

4. Work will be chosen by the directors we have in the festival. It is not a "contest" and we are not really judging plays in the formal sense. The directors choose the plays we will produce, within the production budget guidelines we give them.

5. Most subject matter is OK. We don't do nudity or off color humor.

6. We ask that all submissions be sent to us via snail mail at the theater. Address is: North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe, 2031 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104, Attn Summer Golden, Artistic Director. We have too much trouble with differing email, word processing, and computer platform issues to take them via email. Additionally, our selection process requires the directors read the plays submitted and the cost of printing all the plays we receive each year is prohibitive. Please insure submissions have a title page with complete contact information (including email), a character summary, and are in proper script form. There is no charge to enter. No need to go to the post office. You can just staple your play together, put in a business size envelope and drop in the mail. You can print on both sides if you want to save postage.

7. Submissions must be postmarked by June 30, 2024. Please do not send plays by any method that requires a signature from us. We are not often at the theater when delivery occurs. We will email notice of receipt to all playwrights submitting plays.

8. Send only one script. Multiple submissions do not increase chances of production.

General information:

We are trying to support new work and involve actors, playwrights, and directors of all experience levels. We have had a wide variety of artists involved from very experienced to first time directors and actors, to an 8 year old playwright (very short, well received play). We feel having a wide range of experience involved helps the new people learn from the more experienced.

We really appreciate your interest in our theater.

Jeff Bushnell and Summer Golden
North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe
2031 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104

Veterans Repertory Theater (VetRep) seeks full-length plays from veterans


Deadline: July 3, 2024 

Veterans Repertory Theater (VetRep) is launching a full-length play competition for playwrights who meet one of the following criteria: 
  • current or former US military, law enforcement, fire, EMS, foreign service, or intelligence service veteran OR 
  • immediate family member of a current or former military, law enforcement, fire, EMS, foreign service or intelligence service veteran (“immediate family member” means: parents, siblings, children and spouse.) 
Submissions should be emailed in PDF format to info@vetrep.org OR via the submission portal on the VetRep website at: https://vetrep.org/submissions/. If emailing, submission must include the veteran/immediate family member status of the playwright in the body of the email. 

  •  Must be a full-length, completed play; 
  • Any genre/any subject matter; does not have to be related to veteran's service 
  • Must not be a musical, screenplay, one-act, children’s play, adaptation, translation, or fan fiction play
  • Must be the entrant’s own original work and cannot be co-authored
  • Must be typed in the English language 
  • Must not have been previously produced or published. 
  • Must not be under option, commissioned, or scheduled for professional production or publication at the time of submission • Must not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party 
Playwrights may submit more than one play.

Winners and finalists will be notified via email no later than December 31, 2024. (Note: We will make every effort to have results back to submitters ASAP, however, in order to ensure fair treatment of each submission and to plan for any contingencies which may arise, we are providing a worst-case scenario for our timeline). There is no participation or submission fee. There is no guarantee that winners’ or finalists’ work will be produced by VetRep.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

22nd Annual New Play Festival


Deadline: July 1, 2024 11:59 PM

  • Submissions are open to any playwright whether from South Carolina, the region, country, or from around the world! 
  • Multiple entries per playwright/playwright’s representative is permitted.
  • Playwrights must submit a cover letter along with their script that includes a brief summary of the play, a description of the playwright's connection to South Carolina, and a suggestion of the unique perspective or experience provided by the playwright's body of work.
  • NO entries may be previously published.
  • Likewise, NO entries may have previously fully realized, regionally produced performances through the dates of the Centre Stage New Play Festival 2023 (previous readings and workshops are acceptable).
  • Entries may have NO more than seven (7) actors required.
  • All entries must be no more than 120 pages, but one-act and full-length plays are welcome.
  • Scripts must be in the Traditional or Modern format for plays as defined by the Dramatists Guild. 
  • While screenplays and 10-minute plays will NOT be accepted, musicals and plays with music may be submitted.

Equity Library Theater of New York seeks 10- minute plays and monologues


Deadline: September 1, 2024

Submissions are being accepted for the Equity Library Theater of New York Summer 2024 Virtual Play Festival.

Seeking short plays (no more than 10 pp/minutes), from playwrights from around the globe. Also seeking monologues (no more than 5pp/minutes). Musicals welcome!

We post your YouTube link of the performance to the festival site for voting. One submission per playwright. No submission fees.

Please include name, address, telephone number and email address on your submission. We do not produce your work; we provide a venue for you to present actors performing your play.

There are no costs involved for anyone. Seeking actors and directors, too! Deadline: September 1, 2024. Email submissions to: equitylibrarytheater@gmail.com.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

WP Theater Lab 2024


Deadline: April 26, 2024 at 11:59 PM


Is the WP Lab the right fit for you?

As a writer, this program is for you if you crave dramaturgical input and creative collaboration both from a director and producer, and if you’re ready to collaborate with storytellers in other mediums to deepen your work. This program is for you, if you’re looking for practical skills in how to strategically and holistically develop your work.


The lab consists of two monthly meetings–one full Lab meeting for all three cohorts on the first Monday evening of the month, and a separate, discipline-specific meeting, usually on the second Monday of the month. These meetings are mandatory, and attendance at all meetings is the optimum means to get the most out of your Lab experience.

You will be given the full Lab meeting and Pipeline Festival schedule at the time of your interview, if you are selected.

Year One:
Participants will spend the first six months of the lab engaging in cohort- building activities to allow the artists to get to know one another as individuals and artistic practitioners, including collaboration work, skills-building, and career strategy sessions. It is imperative that participants prioritize attendance in these monthly lab meetings, as multiple absences will result in participants missing key building components that would prevent them from gaining the most from the lab experience.

In the second half of the first year, we will sort the Lab into writer/director/producer pods, and devote significant time to building the bonds and collaborative skills within each pod.

Year Two/Pipeline Festival:
Each pod will spend the remainder of the lab developing a new work together that will culminate in a showing in the Pipeline Festival reading series. The goal of the festival is to give producers, directors, and playwrights the collaborative tools to successfully develop new work in the theater industry. The resulting Pipeline Festival reading series will present this new work to New York audiences and industry professionals. The producers, in partnership with directors and writers, will shape the festival based on the artistic development needs of each project, with budgetary and in-house physical resources from WP, under the AEA 29 Hour Reading Guidelines.

  • Must be a Woman+ artist living within 90 minutes of WP Theater via car or rail.
  • Must be able to attend evening meetings at WP Theater twice a month from October 2024 to May 2026, as well as other events throughout the 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 seasons, such as previews, performances, retreats, and other special events at WP. 
  • Must be available for the 2026 Pipeline Festival (March - May, 2026).
  • Regular attendance is mandatory and therefore applicants should view the program as a two-year-long commitment. Lab meetings will be held in person.
  • Must have received COVID-19 vaccinations (including eligible boosters).
  • Must be aged 21 or over.
  • Must be available for either an in person or virtual interview.

  • Receive a stipend of $4,000 each year of Lab participation.
  • Participate in a semi-monthly full lab meeting led by WP Artistic Staff and Lab Liaisons.
  • Participate in a semi-monthly meeting of the five artists in their concentration led by a mentor in their field.
  • Participate in events and conversations led by established artists and leaders in the field.
  • Receive complimentary tickets to WP shows, invited dress rehearsals and other special events.
  • Receive artistic support and professional development guidance from the artistic staff.
  • Participate in The Pipeline Festival, a reading series of five new plays, written, directed and produced by the WP Lab, to be presented in the spring of the second year of the residency.
  • Receive access to WP’s rehearsal space at no cost, when space is not in use
  • Physical Address

Eliza Moore Fellowship for Artistic Excellence 2024


Deadline: May 31, 2024

The Eliza Moore Fellowship for Artistic Excellence is awarded annually to one outstanding, early-career artist who is developing new works that address plants, gardens, or landscapes in the broad sense. This award is open to visual artists, literary artists, dancers, and musicians. The award includes a $10,000 individual grant and requires a 2 - 5 week stay at Oak Spring. While at OSGF, the Fellow will be able to meet with staff, explore our 700-acre landscape and our efforts in sustainable land management, and visit our rare book library that holds over 19,000 objects, including many examples of botanical art.

OSGF intends to award the Fellowship to an exceptional artist whose works show remarkable promise to contribute to a deeper understanding of the natural world, and humankind’s place in it. The Fellow will be scheduled to visit when there are other Interdisciplinary Residents or Fellows on-site. This scheduling will allow the Fellow to join in communal meals, and optional activities and field trips with other artists, ecologists, researchers, or scholars working on projects related to OSGF’s mission. Beyond time devoted to their projects, a Fellow’s typical day at Oak Spring might include a walk to enjoy the landscape or birds; an appointment to visit the Oak Spring Library; and/or a morning spent volunteering at the BCCF or in the formal garden. These optional activities provide Fellows time to learn from, and interact with our staff. None of these activities are required, and we understand that some Fellows might want to spend most of their time in their writing or working independently. We support and enable Fellows to use their time as they best see fit.

At the culmination of their stay, we encourage, but don’t require, Fellows to give a 20 – 30 minute presentation with time for questions, to Oak Spring staff and any other Fellows, Residents, or program participants who might be on site.
Application Process

The application portal is now open and will close May 31st, 2024. Please note that there is one application for all of our 2024 Residency and Fellowship programs, and you will be prompted to select which programs you would like to be considered for. You will be asked to submit:

a resume/curriculum vitae (not to exceed two pages),

a 200 - 300-word statement on your artistic practice,

a statement of 200 - 300 words stating how your work relates to Oak Spring Garden Foundation’s mission to “perpetuate and share the gifts of Rachel (“Bunny”) Lambert Mellon, including her residence, garden, estate and the Oak Spring Garden Library, to serve the public interest. OSGF is dedicated to inspiring and facilitating scholarship and public dialogue on the history and future of plants, including the culture of gardens and landscapes and the importance of plants for human well-being,”

work samples

For visual artists: 5 - 10 images, please include the dimensions, year, medium, and title of each work sample. 

For creative non-fiction, fiction, essayists, or other writers: 7 - 10 pages total that demonstrate your current interests. Please use 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and double-space your writing sample. Do not include photocopies of published work, title pages, tables of contents or HYPERLINKS. Please be sure to state the genre of the work sample.

For time-based artists, including: filmmakers, musicians, dancers, and performance artists: 10 minutes cumulatively of work samples. OSGF encourages video files to be uploaded directly to Submittable, but when necessary, we also accept links to vimeo or other external sites as long as the appropriate passwords are provided.

For poets and playwrights: you may submit 7 - 10 pages total. Poetry may be spaced as needed, and scripts should follow standard script formatting.

NOTE: When applying to this Fellowship, you will be asked if you are interested in being considered for one of our other residencies, if you are not selected for the Fellowship. To learn more about our residencies, visit www.osgf.org/residencies.


Eligible applicants must be early-career artists not enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in 2025. We will consider individuals with a proven track-record of professionalism, but who are yet under-recognized, as early-career. Eligible early-career applicants will have some recognition in the form of exhibitions, commissions, performances, grant awards, residencies, Fellowships and/or publications.

Individuals who have participated in an extensive number of solo exhibitions, or who have published a significant number of books will be considered established or late career, and are not eligible for the Eliza Moore Fellowship. We encourage those who are not eligible for this Fellowship to apply to the Interdisciplinary Residency.

The successful Fellow must be self-directed and able to work independently while on site. Applicants are expected to show dedication to their artistic practice, clear connection to the natural world in their work, exceptional promise, and good communication skills.

Fellows should arrive on the same start date of an Interdisciplinary Residency, or Botanical Artist Residency, and the Fellow will complete their introductory tours with other Residents. In 2025, these dates are:

Monday, March 3, 2025

Sunday, April 13, 2025 (only available for a 3-week residency)

Monday, May 19, 2025

Monday, June 30, 2025

Sunday, August 10, 2025

Monday, September 8, 2025 


The $10,000 individual grant associated with this award can be put towards travel to and from OSGF, materials and supplies purchased for their residency, and other items that will support their work, before or after their stay at OSGF.

The selected Fellow should make travel arrangements to Dulles International Airport, where Oak Spring will arrange ground transportation for them to our estate in Upperville, VA. The Fellow will be housed in nicely appointed shared accommodations. The Fellow will have a private bedroom and bathroom, and share a living room and kitchen with 1 – 3 other Residents or Fellows.

Fellows are carefully selected through a multi-round review process in which OSGF staff, residency alumni, and external jurors review and score applications. Fellows are ultimately selected by panels of external reviewers who are established and working in fields or practices relevant to OSGF’s mission. The primary criteria for scoring applicants include: an applicant’s current work’s relationship to the OSGF mission; potential of applicant; and quality of work samples.

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unfortunately not able to provide individualized feedback to applicants who are not selected for a residency.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024








Producing your play or musical is the best way to review and develop your work.
















When you stage your work, you discover ways to enhance and improve your presentation and story.

This is a unique opportunity to invite people from the industry to see your production! People are more likely to go see a show than to read an unsolicited script - some industry people receive on average thousands of submissions per month. They understand that the journey for a show to be successful often goes through several productions and this is your chance to show that you can start that process! 

Our dedicated team is here to help you get your work out. We are with you from the moment you begin tech rehearsals, all the way through to your closing performance.

You will never be left alone during the process. We will help you choose from the 85 set/furniture pieces we offer to dress your stage for your run, and we will give you a complete crash course on how to use the audio/light/video system in just 3 minutes, which are intentionally designed to be very user friendly. 


After we show you how to use the tools we provide and how to best utilize the space, The Festival’s team will provide prime responses to every inquiry, as well as a telephone # you can call anytime during relevant hours throughout the run of your show


In 12 years and 22 seasons we have successfully hosted 1,400 plays and 300 musicals, as well as rewarding over 300 participating artists cash prizes.


Yours could be the next production onstage!




To submit to the Festival, go to:


Send your submissions now – we only accept submissions from playwrights who lives within 30 miles of Manhattan.


PlayGround-NY Writers Pool 2024


Deadline:  June 30, 2024 11:59pm ET

Are you a New York-based early-career or aspiring professional playwright? Have you ever wanted to see your plays performed on stage by leading local professional actors? Do you respond well to deadlines?

PlayGround is seeking applications for the fourth PlayGround-NY Writers Pool. Only members of the Writers Pool are invited to submit for the Monday Night PlayGround short play staged reading series, from which each year’s Best of PlayGround are selected. PlayGround releases a prompt on a Friday morning and writers have just four-and-a-half days to write an original ten-minute play inspired by the prompt. Of the submitted scripts, 6 get chosen for a fully-staged, partly-teched, script-in-hand reading led by leading local directors and actors, on fourth Mondays, October-March. Writers not chosen in any given month can participate in PlayGround Recess, with the opportunity to hear their work read aloud by professional actors and receive peer feedback in a private setting.

The PlayGround Writers Pool has featured some of the nation’s most distinguished new writers of the past two decades, including Lauren Yee, Christopher Chen, Jonathan Spector, Geetha Reddy, Vincent Terrell Durham, and Diana Burbano, among others.


To be eligible, writers must reside within the five burroughs of New York City.

Writers Pool members must commit to submitting for at least four of the six Monday Night PlayGrounds in any season. The submission of a script to Monday Night PlayGround grants PlayGround the exclusive option to stage the play as part of the Monday Night PlayGround and, should it be so selected, to present the world premiere as part of Best of PlayGround and the non-exclusive right to publish the script in the “Best of PlayGround” anthology.

All selected writers must attend a mandatory meeting for the Writers Pool on Monday evening, August 26, 2024.


To apply for a place in the 2024-25 writers pool, please submit a 10-page max, double-spaced script as a Portable Document Format (.pdf) attachment. Both previously produced and unproduced scripts are eligible. The script must have the playwright’s name, address, email and phone number at the top of the first page and include a detailed cast breakdown, and all pages must be numbered. The script title must be labeled by Lastname_Firstname_Title.

Excerpts from longer works are not accepted but short plays that meet the above requirements and are derived from a longer work are accepted. BIPOC, trans/gender-non-conforming & differently-abled playwrights are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be received by 11:59pm ET on Sunday, June 30, 2024. The 2024-25 PlayGround Writers Pool will be announced on or before August 1, 2024.

The submission form can be found HERE.

For any questions not answered above, email to info@playground-ny.org.

YouthPlays accepting new work


Deadline: May 1, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific

Submission form on the webpage

Welcome! We seek challenging, entertaining plays and musicals that are appropriate for teen and younger actors and/or audiences, as well as shows that have the potential to cross over to universities or community theatres. Please read all guidelines on this page carefully and browse our website to learn more about us before submitting.

Prospective Authors (19 and Under): You may submit one play only through our New Voices One-Act Competition. Submissions run from January 1, 2024 through May 1, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Prospective Authors: US-based BIPOC playwrights only may submit full scripts. Other authors may email a query (instructions below) about a single play. You may query again when you've heard back from us on your current query or submission.

Current YouthPLAYS Authors: Log in first and then submit as many scripts as you like.

We accept unsolicited submissions of full scripts only from current YouthPLAYS authors, US-based BIPOC authors age 20 or older (please identify yourself as BIPOC in the Note the Publisher) and for the New Voices One-Act Competition for Young Playwrights.

All other authors may email a query (no scripts, please) about a single play to submissions@youthplays.com

Please make sure the query includes all of the following in the body of the email (no attachments): The play's title.

A brief synopsis.

The approximate running time.

A cast breakdown (e.g. 2 males, 4 females, 8+ any gender). Please address specifically whether the play contains any significant young (teen or younger) characters.

The producing groups for which you think the play is most appropriate (e.g. high schools, middle schools, TYA theatres, etc.).

Production/development history.

Any encumbrances (e.g. some part of it is published in a non-exclusive anthology). Also, please disclose any agency representation at this time.

Why you believe this play is a fit for our mission.

Again, do NOT include the script, in whole or in part, with your query.

Other Important Submission Notes

If invited/eligible to submit a full script, please make sure it has complete contact information (full name, mailing address, phone number, email address) on the title page, as well as a Cast of Characters page with a full cast breakdown. Please make sure the body of your script contains page numbers.
We only consider previously produced musicals, and they must have a completed, digitized (i.e., PDF) score (with orchestrations, if applicable). Musicals for which musical tracks (both for performance and with vocals for rehearsal) are available are strongly preferred.
While we will accept unproduced non-musical plays, we recommend that all works be produced prior to publication so that they can be road tested. At minimum, the play must have had a developmental reading or workshop.

Should your play have any encumbrances (e.g., some part of it is published in an non-exclusive anthology), or if it being simultaneously submitted to other publishers, please note that in the "Author's Note to the Publisher" section. Be advised that we only represent material for which we can be the exclusive licensing agent.

Script submissions through this page only. No emailed scripts (and, of course, no snail mailed scripts.)
Please, no phone calls.

We do not publish screenplays, short stories, novels or poetry.

Response time is typically 6-9 months on scripts (less on queries), but may take up to 9-12 months or longer (and sometimes it's much quicker!). We ask that you only follow up if you have another publication offer to report. In that case, we are happy to expedite consideration of your play so that you may potentially consider both offers.

If at any point your material becomes unavailable (e.g. because you accept another publication offer), please email us immediately so that we can devote our resources to material that is still available to us.
We do not accept submissions of previously submitted plays (either in whole or in part) unless we have specifically requested the resubmission.

Types of MaterialScripts with at least some age-appropriate roles for young actors, even if those roles are likely to be played by adults. We also consider scripts with strongly youth-friendly content and that have a youthful spirit (e.g., Melodramatics, which is an educationally valuable example of melodrama), even if there are no discernibly young characters.

One-act or full-length plays and musicals for schools and youth theatres. We particularly need one-act (and full-length) comedies for high school and middle school performers with large or flexible casts and lots of female roles, as well as mysteries and/or murder mysteries for that age group. One-acts that run 30-35 minutes and are suitable for competition are highly encouraged. We are not particularly looking for more fractured fairy tales unless they offer a very different spin from what we already represent.
BIPOC plays and playwrights. We particularly seek plays that speak to BIPOC teens and youth, plays that deal with the concerns and interests of the Latinx, Black and Indigenous communities, and bilingual plays (particularly English/Spanish) written by BIPOC playwrights. But we are interested in diversity of all kinds!

One-act or full-length plays and musicals in which adult actors or mixed-age casts perform for young audiences (TYA). It is important that the protagonist and preferably other important roles be young characters, even if they are played by older actors.

Short monologues (6-8 minutes) and plays for 2 or more actors (8-10 minutes) with teen/youth characters, particularly comedies.

Adaptations and parodies of well-known titles (please check our site to make sure we don't already have your chosen title). In the case of adaptations, please be sure you have all appropriate permissions (i.e., a written agreement with the underlying rights holder, if the material is not in the public domain) before submitting.

We typically do not accept collections of unrelated stand-alone monologues, as we believe monologues should exist within the larger context of a play.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Campbell Opera Librettist Prize 2024


Deadline:  April 26, 2024, 11:59 p.m. EDT

The Campbell Opera Librettist Prize is an annual award created and funded by Mark Campbell and offered as part of OPERA America’s continuing effort to support individual opera creators.

The Campbell Opera Librettist Prize is awarded to a librettist who has exceptional talent for writing opera librettos, with a growing body of work that is already making a contribution to the American opera literature; and who demonstrates experience writing for opera/music theater and a commitment to making opera a central part of their artistic work and career.

Created and funded by librettist/lyricist Mark Campbell, the Prize is the first award in the history of American opera that specifically recognizes the opera librettist.

The Campbell Opera Librettist Prize is supported by Mark Campbell.
Prize Details

The Campbell Opera Librettist Prize includes a $7,000 direct cash prize. The prize winner will be chosen from applicants by a panel of independent experts.

Eligibility: Librettists who have U.S. citizenship, permanent residence, or DACA status may apply. See the Guidelines below for additional eligibility requirements.

Important Dates & Deadlines
Intent to apply deadline:
(required for access to full application) April 26, 2024, 11:59 p.m. ET
Application deadline: May 24, 2024, 11:59 p.m. ET
Applications adjudicated: June 2024
Grantees notified: July 2024

How to Apply

Review the prize guidelines and application worksheets to apply. All applications must be submitted through OPERA America’s Grants Portal.



Deadline; April 25, 2024

FRESH WORDS-AN INTERNATIONAL LITERARY MAGAZINE is open for submissions for its Special One Minute Horror Plays Anthology titled titled 'SHHH! BREATHE SLOW!' (Volume 2) . Please send all submissions to dramaanthologyfreshwords@gmail.com as per the following guidelines:

1. The play should be a 1 minute horror play/monologue.

2. We shall not accept works promoting or glorifying- violence, sexual abuse, racism , hatred or any political ideology.

3. Maximum 3 submissions per playwright.

4. The length of the plays should be decided by the playwright, keeping in mind that the performance time should not exceed 1 minute. (NOTE: if selected the performance rights and intellectual property rights of work will exclusively remain with the playwright, we shall request for one time publication rights in the anthology. The copyright of the work will revert back to the playwright immediately after publication of the anthology.)

5. Also please send a synopsis of the work.

6. All submissions to be sent to dramaanthologyfreshwords@gmail.com

7. Submission deadline: April 25th, 2024. (The selected playwrights will be informed on or before May 3rd, 2024 through email.).

8. Mention YOUR NAME followed by 'SUBMISSION FOR Shhh! Breathe Slow! ANTHOLOGY (Volume 2)' in the subject line of your email.

General Guidelines:

1. All submissions must contain a cover letter and a short literary profile (about 70 words) of the playwright in third person narrative.

2. All submissions must be sent typed in MS Word or PDF doc as attachment with the email.

3. The author should mention:

Legal Name:

Pen name (if any):

Snail mail address:

4. Playwright must send a high resolution photo (JPEG format) of self as a separate attachment with the submission.

5. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but please immediately inform us in case they are accepted elsewhere.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fresh-Words-An-International-Literary-Magazine-106332345070389/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQmmN1p8jcbIa6rUxzCzL2Q

Support us: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/freshwordsmag


Sunday, April 14, 2024

Elliott Hayes Award 2024


Deadline: April 15, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET


Named in honor of Elliott Hayes, the former dramaturg and literary manager at The Stratford Festival and a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, this award recognizes excellence in dramaturgical work on a specific project over the past two years. Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to, production, season planning and implementation, educational programming, or advocacy for the profession.
Application Information

Named in honor of Elliott Hayes, the former dramaturg and literary manager at The Stratford Festival and a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, this award recognizes excellence in dramaturgical work on a specific project over the past two years. Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to, production, season planning and implementation, educational programming, or advocacy for the profession.

The recipient of the 2024 Elliott Hayes Award, presented at the annual LMDA conference, will receive $1000 USD and a $500 USD travel stipend to the LMDA conference held in Kansas City, MO.

There is no application fee. Applications will be evaluated through an anonymous application process. The application is open to all.

Applications will be accepted from April 1 at 12:00 AM ET through April 15, 2024, at 11:59 PM ET. All applicants will be notified of the panel decision and the winner will be notified by May 15, 2024. However, the public announcement will be kept private until the presentation of the award at the LMDA Conference in Summer 2024.

Application Guidelines 

  1. For the purposes of this application, if you self-identify as a dramaturg, you are a dramaturg. If you come from a culture that does not view dramaturgy as separate from other parts of the creative process, or does not have a word for dramaturgy, and you feel your work fits within the rubric above, please contact us at admin@lmda.org to speak further.
  2. All applications must meet the above-mentioned standards for eligibility.
  3. Only one application per person.
  4. Although we welcome applicants from anywhere in the world, the application must be in English.
  5. The application must be a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 4000 words. There will be no reward for brevity nor punishment for length. Within the already stated boundaries, the essay should be exactly as long as it takes for you to make a strong, clear, and cogent argument for the nomination you are putting forth.
  6. At this time, we do not have the capability to review secondary materials such as videos or slideshows. Although their inclusion will not disqualify an application, they will not be reviewed. No letters of reference are needed - nor will they be read if sent. As well, please do not include a resume in your application, as we are concerned with only the strength of your proposal and what currently engages you, not your history.
  7. In order to facilitate the anonymous application process, you must provide two separate documents in PDF format:
    • The first discussing the work with no identifying information (including the name of the work, your name or the name of the person you are nominating, or the city, state or country in which the event took place. In other words, nothing can be included which is searchable on Google or any other search engine. The phrases "the work", "the director", and "the process" are all fine substitutes.
    • The second document will include all of the identifying information not present in the first, including your name and contact info or the name and contact information of the person/work you are proposing. Your application will be reviewed by a panel of dramaturgs who represent the extraordinary talent and diversity found within our profession. Only the Executive Director, who collects applications, will see the identifying information. The panelists will not know the identity of the winner until after a decision has been reached.
  8. Although you are welcome to propose the work of others, that other person must be known to you, you must have had a real-life interaction with said person, and you must be able to provide contact information for them.
  9. Any project you propose cannot have been completed before July 1, 2023. It is fine if the project is still underway. Ideally, it should be completed by December 31, 2024, though exceptions may be made for extraordinary work.
  10. Each project may only be proposed once for the Elliott Hayes Award. While there is no limit to the number of years in a row one can apply (see note below), each year must feature a new project.
  11. The winner of the award must appear at two conferences, either in person or virtually (using an application such as Zoom.) The first appearance would be to accept the award, and the second to present it to the next year's winner.
  12. The winner of the Elliott Hayes Award is required to sit on the next year's adjudication panel.

Note: If you have won or received a special commendation for the Elliott Hayes Award, you may not reapply for three years.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Lindsey R. Barr, Executive Director, at admin@lmda.org

We look forward to your consideration!

The Gallery Players 28th Annual Black Box New Play Festival


Deadline: April 30, 2024

The Gallery Players in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, is seeking plays for its 28th Annual Black Box New Play Festival to be held in January/February (exact dates to be determined) 2025. Each play selected will be given a black box production with non-equity actors. Playwrights must be available, if not in person, via Zoom or other virtual venue for some rehearsals and use this as an opportunity to continue work on their play.

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: RECEIVED AT GALLERY PLAYERS BY April 30th, 2024. NOTE the received date. Mail your submissions accordingly.

Submission guidelines: 

 1). Plays must be un-produced (readings are ok); must be the play’s world premier

2) Length of Plays: Plays should be 30 - 60 minutes. Plays must have at least 4 characters, more is even better. No monologues. No period costume pieces.You may only submit two (2) plays.

3). Format: Pages must be numbered; A cover page with Title of the play and playwrights contact information is required, along with a page that gives plot synopsis of the play and a character breakdown

4). Submit a copy of your playwriting resume.

5). Playwrights cannot direct their own work

6). Send two copies of your play(s), along with your resume, to:

The Gallery Players
Black Box New Play Festival
199 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215.

We will only contact you if your play has been accepted into the Festival. If you want confirmation that your mailing was received by us, please include a self-addressed stamped return postcard.

We do not accept email submissions.

We do not return scripts. Any scripts not chosen for the Festival will be destroyed to protect the copyright.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Identity Theater Company seeks new plays for reading series


Deadline: May 1, 2024

Send script to theateridentity@gmail.com

Identity Theater is looking for new plays for its upcoming reading series "Self-Expression." 

Plays can be of any length and should explore the themes of gender, sexuality, pronouns, etc. 

The series will be held over 3 consecutive Sundays: June 23, 30 and July 7th, 2024 from 5-9 pm at 215 E 99th St Underground Theater (ADA accessible). 

At Identity Theater, we strive to promote community, therefore we ask/require that all directors AND casts stay for the ENTIRE evening of festivities (not just their own reading). 

The playwrights selected will be required to produce their show to whatever extent they want (technical requirements are limited but should be directed to us before you agree to participate.) Identity can try to give you names of directors and actors, but ultimately it is the playwright's resposibility to do this Also, we don't require submission fees, but if you are selected and agree to be in the series there is a $60 participation fee. But you have the opportunity to make your money back (up to $60). We charge $10 a ticket (No comps) you get $3 for every person YOU bring to the show, meaning you do NOT get paid for audience members that are there to support the company at large. T

The deadline for submissions is May 1st. 

Selected playwrights will be notified by June 1st. 


So get writing and we cant wait to read your work!

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