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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sundog Theatre in New York City is seeking Radio Plays for January 2023


Deadline: November 30, 2022

Sundog Theatre's longtime, interrupted-by-the-pandemic series "The Originals" continues this winter on MakerPark Radio's internet-based station in NYC. Sundog is seeking plays that actors will read, broadcast live on the web, and heard/seen throughout NYC, the US, and worldwide in January 2023.

Producers: Ritty Mahoney & Susan Fenley

-- Original dramas or comedies-no more than 5 characters. Not produced elsewhere except for a reading.
-- Like true radio plays, sound effects should be written into the script to set the scenes.
A Foley operator will create the effects.
-- Plays should not rely on visuals to tell a story and set the mood, only words/music/sound.
-- Ideal running time: 45-60 minutes.
-- Exhibit care with any sexual/violence situations. We cater to a broad audience and families.
-- Sundog will pay a remuneration of $150 for each play that is used.
-- No fee to submit.

Mail (sorry-easier on the eyes and no potential virus issues) submissions to:
Sundog Theatre
Radio Plays
PO Box 183
Staten Island, NY 10301

Postmark deadline: November 30 - no fee to submit. 

Submissions - the sooner the better.

6th Annual New Work Weekend

Facebook page

Deadline: November 15, 2022

SPQR Stage Company is soliciting 10 minute plays for its 6th Annual New Work Weekend, occurring President's Day Weekend in February, at studio stage in Somers Point, New Jersey. 

Please submit, adhering to the following guide lines:

1. Ten minutes in length.
2. Two, but no more than three characters.
3. ONE submission of your work.
4. Play has to have an arc and characters must change.
5. Play has to have significant stakes. No plays about your relationship break up. 
    Terminal illnesses are banned.
6. A willingness to revise.
7. Deadline for submission - November 15, 2022.

Two plays will be chosen to be staged for SPQR's 2nd Annual Harvest Weekend in October, 2023.

Please submit to: spqrstageco@aol.com

Saturday, October 29, 2022

ellipsis… literature & art annual literary journal accepts drama


Deadline: November 1, 2022

Please submit one English language drama piece per year, up to 8,000 Words.

Use 12 point font.

ellipsis… literature & art is the annual literary journal published by the students of Westminster College since 1965. We sponsor a yearly poetry contest ($100 prize), judged by Laurie Ann Guerrero in 2021 and Carolyn Forche in 2022. Saddiq Dzukogi will judge the 2023 contest.

All accepted poems are eligible. Contributors include well-known writers, up-and-coming writers, and never-before-published writers.

We accept original English language submissions in poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, drama, and art. Submit poems in one document, please. 

Our submission period is August 1 through November 1 for poetry, short fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction. 

We accept art submissions from August 1 through January 31.

Please include a 75 word contributor’s note and your address, telephone number, and email address.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome but withdraw your submission immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Note that we do not republish pieces, including work online.

We usually pay $10 per poem and page of visual art, and $3 per page of prose, plus two free copies of the issue. We cannot pay international contributors.

Submissions cannot be accepted via email.

The Playwrights Center Many Voices Fellowship 2023


Deadline: December 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST

The Many Voices Fellowship is intended to support early career Black playwrights, playwrights of color, and/or Indigenous playwrights (what's this?) who demonstrate extraordinary potential, artistic vision, and a commitment to a professional development residency in Minnesota. Starting on July 1, 2023, the fellowship is expanding from a one-year residency to a two-year residency(July 1, 2023-June 30, 2025), and the salary will be increasing to $25,000/year, to enhance sustainability for each playwright.

Within each two-year cycle, Jerome Fellows will now be classified as part-time employees of Playwrights’ Center, with a salary of $25,000/year (paid bi-weekly), and eligible for all employee benefits, including employer-sponsored health insurance. Fellows will continue to have $3,000/year available to support customized play development through workshops with professional directors, dramaturgs, and actors.

Beyond the financial support, the fellowship includes working in an individualized and hands-on way with Playwrights’ Center artistic staff—some of the most experienced theater professionals in the country—to develop plays and connect playwrights to producers of new work. This holistic and customized combination of financial support, play development support, and professional connection is career-changing for most playwrights.

Applicants must reside in, and have the legal right to work in, the United States during the fellowship term. Applicants may not have had more than two different works fully produced by professional theaters by the time of the application. Productions that open after December 1, 2022 do not count.

Playwrights who have not received a Many Voices Fellowship in the past are eligible.
Playwrights who have received one Many Voices Fellowship in the past are eligible.
Playwrights who have received two Many Voices Fellowships in the past are not eligible.

Previous Many Voices Fellowship recipients must apply with a different play than the one that accompanied their previous successful application. Playwrights who have received other Playwrights’ Center fellowships may apply, provided they still meet the Many Voices Fellowship eligibility guidelines. Recipients may not receive any other Playwrights' Center fellowships during the two-year cycle.

Fellows commit to spending the two-year fellowship period in Minnesota and actively participating in the Center's programs. Fellows will now be part-time employees of Playwrights' Center, paid on the same bi-weekly pay cycle and eligible for the same benefits, including employer-sponsored health insurance, as all other employees. Fellows may spend no more than 10 weeks/year (20 weeks over two years) out of town during their residency. Housing and travel are not provided.

The Many Voices Fellowship was created in 1994 in partnership with the Jerome Foundation in order to create a home for early career playwrights of color, Black playwrights, and/or Indigenous playwrights who would provide the American theater scene with diverse voices and aesthetics. Since that time, the Many Voices program has provided over 140 fellowships for more than 100 early career playwrights, offering class instruction, play development workshops, and mentoring opportunities. Many Voices fellowship recipients include Zola Dee, Marvin González De León, Jessica Huang, Naomi Iizuka, Candrice Jones, Daniel Alexander Jones, Aditi Kapil, Janaki Ranpura, Katie Ka Vang, Josh Wilder, Harrison David Rivers, Aamera Siddiqui, Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay, and Kit Yan.

"Without a doubt the greatest gift that the Playwrights’ Center has to offer, and what will undoubtedly bring me back to it in the future, is the kind, dedicated, and wonderful community of people that I met there. If in the future someone asks me where to look for the future of theater, I know exactly where to point them."
—P.C. Verrone
Many Voices Fellow, 2021-22
The Application

(NOTE: The primary language used by evaluators during the selection process is English. If text is intentionally written not in English, a line of context would be helpful to an evaluator. Playwrights’ Center acknowledges this is an ethnocentric practice and hopes to expand access in the future. While most Fellowship activities and engagements are conducted in English, Playwrights' Center staff are available to discuss additional support and resources as necessary.)

Each application will contain the following pieces:

-Application Form
(including contact details, eligibility, and demographic information)

-Playwriting Resume
Please mark clearly which productions (if any) meet the criteria for being "fully produced by a professional theater." Professional productions are defined as full length productions—running at least 45 minutes in performance— for which the author and primary artists (actors, directors, and creative collaborators) were reasonably compensated and that received at least three public performances each. Ten-minute or one-act plays and university, college, secondary school, amateur, and Equity showcase/waiver productions are not considered full professional productions. Productions that open after December 1, 2022 do not count.

-1 page Artistic Statement and Goals
This is a one-page artistic statement and description of your goals for the two-year fellowship term. While contextualizing your current artistic life, please describe your artistic goals for the fellowship term. The fellowship offers time to write and develop work with professional collaborators—and the opportunity to utilize the many and varied resources of the Playwrights' Center, including career support, connections with artistic leaders, and teaching and community engagement. In what specific ways would this fellowship impact your artistic growth? How does this fellowship fit in with your larger career goals? A successful artistic statement will provide insight into your vision as a theatermaker and will support your submitted script. It will also articulate that you are ready to take advantage of this career-development opportunity, and that you are committed to spending two years in Minnesota in a cohort of other writers.

-Full-length play script
A full-length play generally runs at least 45 minutes. If you are hoping to submit a script that is shorter than 45 minutes in length, please contact Julia at juliab@pwcenter.org to discuss. All script submissions must be written only by the applicant—no co-written submissions will be accepted. Scripts for musicals may be submitted by the book writer only. Previous Many Voices Fellowship recipients must apply with a different play than the one that accompanied their previous successful application. The submitted script must be a complete draft that represents your best playwriting.

-Two letters of recommendation
Please request two letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with your work as a playwright. Letters must be received by the application deadline: December 1, 2022. You will be sending a request through the application portal below. You may request letters through the application system before finishing your final application, so we recommend that you click on the link below and begin your application sooner rather than later to give your recommenders time to complete their letters. Letters of recommendation from previous applications cannot be re-used for this program.

Questions may be addressed to Artistic Programs Manager Julia Brown at juliab@pwcenter.org.

Note: You will need to make a SlideRoom account in order to apply. If you are a Playwrights' Center member, your PWC login will not automatically log you in to SlideRoom—they are two different systems. If you already have a SlideRoom account, you should be able to access the application using your existing login.

For a video tutorial on using SlideRoom, please click here.

An information session about the application and the fellowship will be held on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. CST on Zoom at this link.

Applications for the 2023-25 Many Voices Fellowship are due Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Friday, October 28, 2022



Deadline: November 20, 2022


A non-fiction arts residency May 31st- June 30th, 2023 that includes room and board, a travel stipend, and a $2500 honorarium.

FEE: No fee

RESTRICTIONS: Open to all playwrights who work with non-fiction texts relating to the theme.

This year our theme is Off the Beaten Path: Outside the Hero’s Journey –– Realty is more complicated, more collaborative, and more interesting than what we have come to call the Hero’s Journey. It does not follow a beginning, middle, and end, with rising action and turning points that deliver a resolution with all threads tied up neatly in a bow. 

Many non-fiction makers have always created work that is outside the Hero’s Journey. Work that meanders through squiggly time, that is polyvocal, and that de-centers simple conflict in favor of growth. However, artists are increasingly trained to present themselves as the hero of their own artistic-biographical story, with their process acting as the journey, and their product acting as the boon brought home to audiences, erasing the collaboration that goes into non-fiction storytelling and forcing makers to narrativize their practice and commoditize themselves. 

The Institute runs from May 31st- June 30th, 2023 on the Skidmore College campus.

Fellowship includes:   
  • Community and feedback from a renowned group of multidisciplinary artists/storytellers/documentarians
  • $2500 honorarium
  • Travel stipend of up to $500
  • Public presentation/exhibition opportunities  
  • Access to MDOCS DocLab production equipment and space
  • Room and board – in Skidmore’s Sussman Village Housing and through Skidmore dining hall
  • Access to Skidmore facilities including the Lucy Scribner library and the Williamson Sport Center

  • Applicants must have a non-fiction-based practice and propose a non-fiction-based project. 
  • Applicants must have an interest in teaching and learning. 
  • Accepted fellows are expected to fully engage with institute events and be in residence for its duration. If a fellow is not in residence for the full institute, their stipend will be reduced. 

What you need to apply:

A completed application, which includes a work sample that demonstrates your experience in non-fiction creative work and two references.

Suits and Sage Magazine open for submissions


Deadline: November 1, 2022 at 11:59pm EST

  • Playwrights may submit up to 5 plays
  • Selected submissions will be notified by email by November 15th, but submissions that have not been accepted into the November issue may still be in consideration for future issues.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022



Deadline:  October 28, 2022 5PM EST

The submission period will begin Friday, October 14 and continue through 5 p.m. on Friday, October 28.

The Sauk, Hillsdale County's Community Theatre, located in Jonesville, Michigan is seeking entries to consider for our eighth annual Plays-In-Development in 2023. We are seeking unproduced plays. These can be any style (comedy, drama, young audience and/or musical) and any length (one-act or full-length). It is understood (and expected) that changes will be made to the script between initial submission and performance.

The selected plays will first go through notes with the artistic director. A show-specific director will then be assigned. The director will work with the playwright prior to an audition draft being submitted. Auditions will take place in mid-March with two weeks of rehearsals prior to public readings. It is expected that the selected playwrights will be involved in the process and be in attendance for final rehearsals and the public reading in Jonesville, MI.

Playwrights are encouraged to make changes to their scripts throughout the rehearsal process (often handing in new drafts on a weekly or even daily basis). The public staged readings will take place on April 21 and 22, 2023. Playwrights will be on site the week leading up to the readings. A royalty is provided to the selected playwrights and The Sauk will provide travel and lodging.

The goal of Plays-in-Development is to help playwrights improve plays that have yet to be produced. By working with a director and actors, the playwright can learn vital information about their work. After the public readings, playwrights are able to participate in a talkback with the audience. We want playwrights to leave the experience with positive and constructive feedback to improve their plays.

Please e-mail a draft copy of the script, a one paragraph plot description and playwright's contact information to Executive Director Trinity Bird at saukpid@gmail.com. Playwrights may submit no more than two scripts. We are NOT looking for scripts intended to be performed online. Scripts with strong roles for teens are encouraged! Any script received prior to October 14, 2022 at noon must be resubmitted.

The submission deadline is 5 p.m. (EST) on Friday, October 28, 2022.

The play selection committee will review all submissions and select the scripts to be part of the process. The selected plays will be announced on or before December 2, 2022.

To view our 2020 Plays-in-Development online readings and learn more about past Plays-in-Development, visit www.thesauk.org/pid.html.

Monday, October 24, 2022

The Playwrights Group ~ Please join us for a reading of Deb Patrick’s wonderful new play


Please join us for a reading of Deb Patricks wonderful new play

about the life and death of Gladys Atkinson Sweet.

Use this Zoom link to attend the reading: 


Take advantage of our online offerings! 


Weekly Zoom Workshop

This is a great way to keep yourself focused and to connect with other playwrights across the country. Get feedback on a finished script or one you’re just getting started on. We read everything from a one page scene to a full length. Plays, musicals, film scripts — whatever it is you’re working on.

Sit in on a session and see for yourself!
Tuesdays or Thursdays 7 - 9:30pm EST
Check out our website for more details and rates. 

Script Consultations

Have a script you want feedback on?  Just send a PDF of your script and you’ll get the answers you’re looking for via email and/or video conference. See website for rates.  

Richard Caliban has worked with  individuals on their scripts from all over the world — Indonesia, China, Greece, Australia, Serbia, as well as right here in New York. A script consultation will provide you with feedback on the structural soundness of your story, the dramatic arc of your protagonist, thematic unity and much more.

Online One-on-One Courses 

If you’re looking for more, check out our One on One Online Playwriting Courses:

       The Art of Playwriting

       Write a Play in 10 Weeks

Since it’s One on One, the courses can be adjusted to fit your level of experience. 

Please visit our website for further Info and Rates: 


Contact us at 


Sunday, October 23, 2022

Currently Seeking 10-Minute Plays & Monologues for Smith & Kraus Publications

Smith & Kraus website

Deadline: November 30, 2022

To submit click here

For The Best Men’s & Women’s Monologues 2023, and Best 10-Minute Plays 2023
Edited by Debbie Lamedman



For The Best Men's & Women's Monologues 2023

• Monologues must be from plays. They cannot be stand-alone pieces.
• They must be from plays produced between April 2022 and July 2023.
• Staged Readings performed live or virtually will be accepted only if the readings occurred in the above-mentioned window will be accepted.
• Monologues should be from 1-3 minutes long.
• Monologues should be active pieces that work well for auditions.
• Please include a descriptive blurb containing a brief summary of the play; the name/age of the character; to whom the character is speaking, and the dramatic context of the scene.




For The Best 10-Minute Plays 2023

Plays must be produced between April 2022 and July 2023.
• Any Staged Readings performed live or virtually will be accepted. If the play was performed as a reading, it must have been done through a theatre company or organization, not just a bunch of your friends reading your play on Zoom.
• Please include a cover page with a brief synopsis.
• No Radio Plays. No Musicals. No Children's Plays.
• Make sure your play runs approximately 10 minutes.
• Only one submission permitted per playwright. If you submit more than one play, it will not be read.

Special One Minute Play Anthology 'Contemporary Minute Plays-Volume 3

Facebook Page

Deadline: October 31, 2022 


We are open for submissions for our Special One Minute Play Anthology 'Contemporary Minute Plays-Volume 3' . 

Please send all submissions to dramaanthologyfreshwords@gmail.com as per the following guidelines:
  1. The One Minute Plays can be a tragedy or comedy or tragi-comedy.
  2. We shall not accept works promoting or glorifying- violence, sexual abuse, racism , hatred or any political ideology.
  3. Maximum 2 submissions.
  4. You can send one-minute play (Maximum 2 pages for each work).
  5. Also please send a summary of the work.
  6. All submissions to be sent to dramaanthologyfreshwords@gmail.com
  7. Submission deadline: October 31, 2022. (The selected playwrights will be informed on or before November 10th, 2022 through email.).
  8. Mention YOUR NAME followed by 'SUBMISSION FOR ONE MINUTE PLAYS ANTHOLOGY VOLUME 3' in the subject line of your email

General Guidelines:
  1. All submissions must contain a cover letter and a short literary profile (Maximum 70 words) of the playwright in the third person narrative.
  2. All submissions must be sent typed in MS Word or PDF doc as attachment with the email.
  3. The author should mention:
  4. Legal Name:
  5. Pen name (if any):
  6. Snail mail address:
  7. Playwright must send a high resolution photo(JPEG format) of self as a separate attachment with the submission.
  8. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but please immediately inform us in case they are accepted elsewhere.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/freshwordsmagazine/submit
Twitter: @magazine_words
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/som-c-a7aa36217/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/freshwordsmagazine

Support us: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/freshwordsmag

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fresh-Words-An-International-Literary-Magazine-106332345070389/


2023 Snowdance® 10 Minute Comedy Festival


Deadline: November 1, 2022

Over Our Head Players is accepting submissions for the "2023 Snowdance® 10 Minute Comedy Festival," now through November 1, 2022. "Snowdance®" entry is open to original 10 minute or shorter comedies for the stage. 

Winning entries will be performed together by the OOHP Snowdance ensemble in the winter of 2023. Concluding each performance, audience members can vote for their favorite individual comedy; the audience favorites will earn cash prizes for the playwright. Entries may be sent to SNOWDANCE, c/o Sixth Street Theatre, 318 Sixth Street, Racine, Wisconsin, 53403. Alternatively, entries may be sent by email to snowdance318@gmail.com. Once again, we request that scripts have a maximum of three characters, and entries less than 10 minutes are actively encouraged.

Rules for the Snowdance Comedy Competition, which is open to everyone without age or geographic restriction, are relatively simple. In summary, competition is open to unpublished, 10 minute or shorter comedies. Musicals, adaptations, and translations will not be considered. Entries must be postmarked by November 1, 2022. The writer’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address should be included on the title page and only the title page. The title page should also include a cast list and a one-to-three sentence synopsis of the play. Plays can have a cast of one to four characters; plays should be easily staged, avoiding elaborate set requirements. Submit one typed manuscript in standard format, securely bound. Complete rules are posted on the Rules page. Any questions can be directed to Rich Smith via the box office, at 262-632-6802, or by e-mail at snowdance318@gmail.com. Scripts will not be returned.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

The Brick Presents: New Works 2023


Deadline: October 31, 2022

  • A yearly multi-week festival of new works in all mediums. 
  • Your most brilliant/disastrous ideas!
  • 1-20 minute-long pieces on a split bill.
  • No split bill is the same, though pieces can present more than once.
  • Tech time is typically 1-4 hours. Simpler is better. Easy on, easy off.
  • Think creative and ambitious pop up.
  • Theresa Buchheister techs and board ops every project.
  • The Brick team provides box office staff and one person helping with transitions between pieces.
  • Curated by The Brick Curation team, hosted by Garlan Jude.
  • All the artists work together to make things happen!
Applications will open September 1, 2022 and close October 31, 2022. 

All applications will be reviewed in November and applicants will be notified soon after. Performances for New Works will take place in April, 2023.

For a taste of past festivals - check out our YouTube Playlist from 2021

Friday, October 21, 2022

Starting Next Week at Primary Stages ESPA!

It’s not too late to dive into your play this Fall! More online classes and workshop at Primary Stages ESPA start next week. Whether you’re looking to start a first draft, jumpstart your creativity, or delve into plays from the director’s point of view, we have the class for you. 


This class will guide you through the development of your first draft, providing concrete deadlines, constructive feedback, and a collaborative environment to get your ideas on the page. Crystal’s is a class of the IMAGINATION. This class will be very much focused on what you are passionate to write a full-length about and what is theatrical – and what MUST be a play.

with Crystal Skillman (Writer, King Kirby, Open, Rain and Zoe Save the World)

Tuesdays from 7pm – 10pm ET

Starts October 25


In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is the energy that it possesses due to its motion. It is defined as the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy unless its speed changes. This workshop will toss you headlong into your play. Come with the very seed of an idea or something you have only written one or two scenes of. Set into motion by Winter, the group will write 3/4 of the time and share 1/4.

Not for first-time playwrights. Writers of any level are welcome as long as you have some playwriting experience and are ready to write!

with Winter Miller (Writer, In Darfur at The Public Theater, No One Is Forgotten at Rattlestick)

Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6

11am – 3pm ET


Whatever the project, the job of any creator is first rooted in the text. Being able to delve into and interpret a text regardless of genre is key to creating your work - and for a director, it gives a solid foundation that is then brought alive in the design and rehearsal processes. In this class, you’ll learn how to effectively analyze and break down any text - both for the project as a whole and for the actors in the rehearsal room.

with John Gould Rubin (Director, Turn Me Loose Off-Broadway; former Co-Artistic Director and Executive Director of LAByrinth Theater Company)

Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm ET

Starts November 9

Start and end dates vary. Click here for the full list of writing classes.

Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere.

Primary Stages ESPA provides students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x215 or email espa@primarystages.org.



Deadline: November 30th, 2022 
(Will be reviewed on a rolling basis)

Only Make Believe (www.onlymakebelieve.org) is seeking to commission a playwright for their 2023/2024 season of in person and virtual programming.

Only Make Believe creates interactive theatre with children in hospitals, schools, and care facilities. Inspiring joy and imagination, our professional actors engage children with medically fragile conditions and developmental disabilities, fostering social and emotional growth. Our shows are highly interactive and allow children to participate during the narrative in whatever way they are able. Moments of improvisation written into each show allow for these moments of engagement to be structured and transformative.

The commission requires writing a 40-60 minute in person or virtual performance piece for children and their families performed by a team of three professional actors, with moments of interaction as an essential storytelling component in the play. Pieces may contain rhymes set to music and the use of non speaking communication whenever possible.

● Piece should be an unwritten original TYA play or a modern take of a narrative within the public domain.

● Piece should be age-appropriate, for ages 4+ and accessible for children who are neuro-diverse and/or with developmental disabilities.

● Piece will be workshopped and premiered in our 2024 season by professional actors (over 18+), Cast/Director/Choreographer/Production provided by Only Make Believe.

● Must be ready for pre-production in January 2024.

● Creators retain all rights to their material, but allow Only Make Believe a five-year exclusive option to produce the show without royalty payments.


The playwright will receive a minimum stipend of $3,000.

To Apply, please send:

● A proposal for your play of no more than 1000 words, including your basic premise as well as how it will incorporate the required elements of audience interaction.

● A ten-page sample of your writing, preferably something that has been intended for a youth/family market.

● Bio and/or resume.

● A statement as to why you think you are a good fit for this project.

● A description of your proposed timeline.

Application Procedures

Send materials to Attn: Christopher Wilson, Director of Programming, cwilson@onlymakebelieve.org (PDF and links preferred- please do not attach large files) OR SUBMIT THROUGH THIS FORM

Downtown Urban Arts Festival (DUAF) is currently accepting play submissions


Deadline: November 7, 2022

The Downtown Urban Arts Festival (DUAF) is seeking theatrical works (plays, musicals, and solo performances) for its 21st season to be held in Spring 2023 in New York City.

DUAF supports diverse, new, and emerging voices from America’s burgeoning multicultural landscape. Over 200 playwrights have participated in DUAF and some have gone on to greater success on Broadway and have claimed top prizes such as Pulitizer, Tony, and Obie awards and nominations.

Submission Categories:

Short-length play (under 45 minutes)
Full-length play (not exceeding 70 minutes)

Eligible Projects: 

Plays do not exceed 70 minutes
Plays should be new or existing work with minimal exposure

Plays should not have any other production in New York City during the 30-day period before and after the 2023 Spring festival

Playwright’s Supports:
  • No submission or participation fees 
  • $500 production stipend 
  • Actor stipends
  • Casting support 
  • Technical support 
  • Reimbursed rehearsal space rentals with Art-NY
Actor’s Equity Showcase Code application administration

$1,000 monetary awards for best full, short, and audience.

Submission Checklist:
  • Playwright's bio with contact info- name, address, phone # and email
  • Photo of playwright
  • Synopsis of theatrical work
  • Complete script of theatrical work
  • Estimated running time of work
  • Actor/director/crew bios, if available
  • Description of stage set (if any) and production needs (i.e. sound and lighting) 

Please submit all attachments as .pdf. Photos must be in either .jpg or .jpeg. 

The submission deadline is Monday, November 7, 2022. The program is subject to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please submit to coordinator@duafnyc.com. For more info about DUAF, visit: duafnyc.com.

DeVante Lewis <they/he>
Arts Coordinator
Downtown Urban Arts Festival
18 East 41st Street, Suite 1806
New York, NY 10017
Visit us online at:

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Athena Project Read & Rant seek scripts


Deadline: October 31, 2022

We are looking for plays primarily written by women. We believe that “women” means many things and can be a complicated term. We recognize that the term “women” does not automatically include all aspects of the gender spectrum. We want to create a safer space for the expression and growth for all women, non-binary, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.
Submissions will be accepted from now through October 31st. The link for playwrights to submit their work is here: https://athenaprojectarts.org/submit-2/

Interested in submitting a script for Read & Rant: A Plays In Progress Series or one of our other submission opportunities? Best way to find out what’s happening is to join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming opportunities.

The Players Theatre Improv and Sketch Residency 2022


Deadline: December 1, 2022

The Players Theatre is dedicated to creating space for those to create. Improv and Sketch Comedy is an art form like no other which sparks ideas and generates a unique unity between audience and performer. We want you here! Submit your proposal for The Players Theatre Improv and Sketch Residency.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Fleas on the Dog January 2023 issue seeks submissions


Deadline: none given - to be published January 2023

Submissions are now open for Issue 13 to be published January 2023. There is no submission fee. There is no remuneration for work we publish, either, but what the heck, you're going to be famous! We'll get back to you in about 30 days, hopefully sooner. 

Fiction: Up to 5000 words. Length is less important than quality. For works longer than 5000 words query the editors about possible serialization.

Plays: Any style up to five acts. 

Submissions should be on a Microsoft Word doc or docx file. Use a sensible font. Double space format. Stuff like grammar and sentence structure is important unless your work deliberately exploits bad grammar and lack of structure. (We can tell the difference.) Include a brief bio with your submission and publishing credits, if any. Send your submission as an e-mail attachment to editors@fleasonthedog.com (or type in the link in the email address).

Include the genre (fiction, poetry, or play) and title of your work in the subject bar. Simultaneous submissions are okay, just let us know when your work is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are not okay unless solicited. Submit to only one category per issue. We retain the first rights of your work for a period of three months. After this time rights revert back to the author. If you should republish the story/article please acknowledge that it was first published by www.fleasonthedog.com

For the Playwrights:

All of the plays you’ll find in each issue of Fleas On The Dog are considered primarily as pieces of dramatic literature, living their lives, for the moment, strictly on the page. Some pieces are more or less finished, some will probably see additional revision but everyone involved the making theatre – especially playwrights and directors - know that a script is only the pretext for an embodied life on stage or film. And as theatre-making is a collective effort, scripts in production often go through a long revision process informed by directors, actors, technical theatre specialists, et al. Every bit of dialogue you’ve written, every cue, pause or note on stage logistics, and the minute details of your take on sets and lighting, as well as casting preferences, will be run through the sieve of multiple points of view and aesthetic perspectives – all in the service making your play as structurally solid and emotionally affecting as possible.

So why do I feel the need to reiterate things (truisms / platitudes) that are this obvious? Because being finished is an elusive goal and it’s vital that you never close your work off from the possibilities of yet another revision, or incorporating comments or suggestions from anyone whose intentions and acumen you trust. You never know when some of these observations might catalyze a seismic transformation and your play will just “burst into blossom.” And good luck to all of you in getting your opus up on its feet, on a live stage, before a live enthusiastic audience (stay away COVID, please), or safely in the can.

For playwrights whose work didn’t appear in FOTD: I’ve been declined a bunch myself (x 10n times, I reckon) and mostly without a word regarding why. I really do hate to continue this tradition but the time and perspective-shifting gymnastics involved in reading and synthesizing so many diverse submissions inveighs against that extra level of feedback courtesy. We receive vignettes, 5-10 minute plays, monologues, one acts, full-length plays and performance scripts for every issue and the differences in pacing, rhythm, structural characteristics, levels of complexity (usually a function of length), and artistic intentions really complicate the decision making process. And, of course, time – the ultimate parameter that “rounds our little lives” with the blaring of alarm clocks.All I can say is don’t be fazed, don’t give up: my (our) opinion, while informed and considered, is only my (our) opinion. Keep submitting – but do some research on where you may find your best shot. And you can always send us your revised version of the original or a completely new play.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Stay True Theatre Company Seeking LGBTQIA+ Family Planning Plays


Deadline: none listed

Stay True Theatre Company is currently seeking submissions for plays that cover family planning within the LGBTQIA+ Community. Subjects covered can include but are not limited to: surrogacy, adoption, pregnancy, platonic parenthood, foster parenting, among others.

The play can be previously produced or an unproduced new work. The play should be full length around 90 minutes. No intermission is preferred but not required. Preference will be given to plays that can be performed with a cast of five or less actors.

Please email PDFs of draft and synopsis of the play, any other supporting materials you find relevant, your resume with contact information, and pronouns to staytruetheatrecompany@gmail.com.

The production will be staged in late summer or early fall of 2022.

Compensation will be a stipend to be discussed and negotiated.

We encourage playwrights of all ethnicities, gender identities, ages, shapes, sizes, and (dis)abilities within the queer community to submit

GO TRY PLAYWRITE (Kuma Kahua monthly prompt)


Deadline: October 31, 2022


The prompt for the month of October 2022 is: A Thanksgiving situation. A fight over food that masks strongly held political differences. For example, here in Hawai‘i, one person brings Zippy’s Chili with meat and another brings Zippy’s Chili without meat, and the ensuing argument masks a fight over whether or not the Honolulu Rail is a good thing.

We’re proud to announce a new monthly playwriting contest in collaboration with Bamboo Ridge Press!

Every month, Kumu Kahua’s artistic director Harry Wong III will select a writing prompt on or by the first day of that month. 

We’re looking for 5-page monologues or 10-page scenes based on that prompt; the due date for submissions will always be the last day of the month. 

All entries must be written in traditional play format; instructions on this format can be found here (https://www.dramatistsguild.com/script-formats), courtesy of the Dramatists Guild.

There will be one winner each month. Scripts will be submitted to the judges anonymously. Winners will receive $100 and a subscription to Bamboo Ridge Press. Woo!

Best of luck!






Submit to be among the plays and musicals in a Festival/Competition that is WOWING New Yorkers. 


to submit, go to:

Introducing NYC’s fastest growing competition. Now accepting submissions only from playwrights who live no farther than 30 miles from Manhattan.
We offer up to $7,500 in Prizes. $3,500 alone goes to the best play or musical.
Can you find another festival that gives away this much money in prizes? Our winners are selected by the festival’s team, so it’s not simply some “popularity contest” based on whoever brings in the largest audience.  Sometimes the most “non-glitzy” smallest budget productions with the fewest audience members win first prize, simply because it was excellent.  We love sincere, heart-felt performances, and honest writing. 

Prize categories include: 





2 BEST ACTOR $500 each 

2 BEST ACTRESS $500 each 





Here’s a chance to have your Play or Musical live on a New York City in Manhattan Stage!  

Accepting plays and musicals of all genres between 5-90 minutes in length.  The New York Theater Festival has been a haven for playwrights for 20 seasons - 11 continuous years of activity. Read below to find out why!

Why is the New York Theater Festival a mecca for new and original plays? 


We offer:

§  A quality venue.
75  seats . A stage the size of your average 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan (30’x22’) with plenty of backstage space, room in the wings, a huge dressing room complete with mirrors and plenty of storage



§  Need set/prop pieces? No problem.
What other festival offers you the use of 85 set props/furniture in their storage for free? Not only do we invite you to use our items, we also offer free storage for all your hand props for the duration of your run.  It’s no fun double parking your truck outside of theaters for every performance, only to find your windshield sporting a new parking ticket. It’s annoying lugging all your props, set items, and costumes back and forth on the subway throughout the length of your run.  Don’t sweat it.  We have space- and that’s not easy to come by in NYC! Check out our props:
§  Easy to use technology.
Where else will you get a lighting plot of 65 lights, complete with LED lights that can create a flush in a full range of deep colors for your scenes.  You are also free to use our projector that projects a back stage image of 21×12′.  Our lighting and sound boards are extremely easy to use even for those that had no previous experience. You do not need to be a tech person to use them.



§  If MUSIC is the food of love, play on!
Need music?  We also have a good upright piano you can use

§   We offer long techs.
Do you know how important it is to have ample tech rehearsal time?  
For a Full-Length (60-90 minute) we give 4  hours for your tech. 
For a One-Act (30-45 minute) we give you 2 hours, For a Short (5-20 minute) we give you 60 minutes. 
What can you accomplish with short tech rehearsals, or none at all offered somewhere else ? Absolutely nothing (say it again!)  We don’t want to risk your show looking miserable during your run because you did not have enough time to prepare.  We want you to feel confident with how it will look.  That’s why we offer a generous amount of tech time.  (After all, time is money!)
§  What’s more important than advertising your show?
Many festival websites do not advertise your show. Many that do, will have mundane descriptions and a thumbnail of a poster. Check out our pages with previous productions and you will see immediately the difference. Large posters and detailed information. 
You can share the link of the post that we create for you without embarrassment and send it to your family, friends, colleagues, and community.  All cast and crew from all productions are granted free tickets to see all of the other shows in the festival!
Check out our posts:

§  Prime performance hours
 We give you only ideal prime time slots, 30 minutes of ample set-up time before performances, and since the festival runs for 3 months, each production has time to breathe.


§  No seasonal volunteers
One of our principle team members is always at the theater to support you during your tech, box office times, and performances.  You will always see a familiar face!  Feel free to ask for help or special guidance to make your performance a success.  Your questions will be answered in a matter of hours from the festival’s team.  You will never have to wait days for a response.  Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, providing you with real answers and a personal touch.
§  Award ceremony
An unforgettable award ceremony at the end of the festival to honor your talent in front of your artistic colleagues, similar to the Oscars!

Not Your Average Theater Group is looking for full length play

Facebook page

Deadline: December 1, 2022

Not Your Average Theater Group is looking for full length play submissions for a February 2023 production date. Prefer a play that works for the small stage with minimal set. 

Can be from playwrights from any state. 

Send submissions by December 1st and any questions to myra.graves@comcast.net.

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