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Monday, May 30, 2016


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Deadline June 1, 2016

In memory of Leslie Scalapino, her extraordinary body of work, and her commitment to the community of experimental writing and performance. Read about Leslie here.

The Leslie Scalapino Award recognizes the importance of exploratory approaches and an innovative spirit in writing for performance. You can learn more about the winners of our first and second cycles, Joyelle McSweeney's Dead Youth, or The Leaks, and Khadijah Queen's Non-Sequitur, by clicking "Past Winners and Runners Up" above. Last cycle we received many submissions and a wonderful range of work.

The Prize: The winner will receive a $2,500 cash prize, print publication of the winning text by Litmus Press, a staged reading of the piece in New York this fall, by Fiona Templeton's company The Relationship; and a full production of the work in the following year. The award is biennial.

The Call: Full guidelines, including timeline and instructions for online submission of materials will be announced in early May 2016, with a deadline in late May or early June. Please read the guidelines carefully.

We are looking for a full-length work for live performance by a woman writer with an inquiring approach to language and content. The poetic practice of Leslie Scalapino was interdisciplinary, including photography, plays, performance, and collaboration with dance and music. We would like to honor this aspect of her work in the award.

While the principal focus for the award is on innovative writing for performance, competitive submissions may consider a range of approaches to innovation in performance, including but not limited to integrated experimentations with language, gesture, movement, sound, visual art / vision, site / location and/or activist practice. The writer should demonstrate some experience in the discipline, materials or medium involved. The submitted work should not have been produced or published prior to the Award production and publication in fall 2017.

Applicants should have had no more than 3 productions of their work, as the award is intended to open up opportunities, although it is not limited to emerging writers. The Award for Innovative Women Playwrights intends to support new writing by female-identified people, inclusive of transwomen. The prize is open to international submissions in English.

How to apply:

You will be asked for:

1. A 10-page excerpt from a completed work.

2. Your CV.

3. A further single page of work statement, to include a) a summary of the work, and b) a description of your approach. Please be brief and to the point.


Call for entries: May 2, 2016

Deadline: June 1, 2016

Full texts requested from shortlist: July 15, 2016

Deadline for full texts: August 1, 2016

Winners and finalists announced: Mid-September 2016

The Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Playwrights is funded by the Leslie Scalapino-O Books Fund and supported by the New York Foundation for the Arts, and is administered by The Relationship. Publication of award-winning works will be in collaboration with Litmus Press. For more information about Leslie Scalapino, please visit her website: www.lesliescalapino.com.

Qu Literary Magazine open for submissions

web site

We are now open for submissions until August 31, 2016

Payment Upon Publication: $100 per prose piece, $50 per poem

Prose submissions (fiction, essays, script excerpts) should be a maximum of 8000 words. Poetry submissions may include up to 3 poems.

Authors retain all rights and copyright to their works. Qu requests one-time, non-exclusive rights to publish your work.

One-Act Play Writing Competition

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The Elite Theatre Company’s 2016 One-Act Play Writing Competition offers North American playwrights the opportunity to submit for judging no more than one (1) one-act play with a running time of no more than 30 minutes each. There will be up to 5 winners; each winner may have their one-act play(s) produced on stage by Elite Theatre Company in 2017, for a run of up to 12 performances.

(ETC reserves the right to produce the one-acts at any venue during the calendar year.)

Script Submission Rules
Electronic submissions only.
Send to oneact@elitetheatre.org as a Word or PDF document only.
Must have name, address, e-mail address and telephone number on title page.
To be accepted into the competition, one-act play scripts must:

1. Be written by a U.S. or Canadian playwright;

2. Be original, unproduced and unpublished;

3 Be written in generally accepted play script format;

4. Have a running time of not more than 30 minutes (under 20 minutes is recommended);

5. Be a comedy, drama, mystery, thriller or a monologue (no musicals or children’s plays will be accepted); and

6. Be received between March 1, 2016 and May 31, 2016

Scripts not in compliance will not be accepted for judging. Playwrights will be notified via e-mail only when their script has been received.

It is recommended that the play have single or unit sets; no more than six (6) characters; and not require complicated costuming, sets, props or special effects. These are recommendations only and will not disqualify a play from the competition.

The judges are comprised of qualified playwrights, theatrical directors, producers or theater educators.

The Literary Manager of The Elite Theatre Company and the Judges shall have sole discretion over the manner in which the plays are judged, and their determination of the winners will be final.

Winner Notification
Winners of the competition shall be notified by e-mail or mail by October 15, 2016. Winners may make minor corrections and changes to their script before rehearsals begin in December, 2016. Additional consultations may take place between the winning playwrights, ETC’s Artistic Director and Festival Producer before rehearsals and again before performances.

2017 One-Act Festival
By submitting a script for judging, the playwright gives permission to Elite Theatre Company to exclusively produce and perform the play during the calendar year of 2017, if chosen by the judges to be a finalist, for up to 12 performances. Each finalist playwright shall be paid $100 before the first performance of the play.

Playwright agrees to give Elite Theatre Company the right to produce the play as a World Premiere, and that other performances or staged readings of the play prior to ETC’s 2017 One-Act Festival are not permitted and will disqualify the play from production.

Determination of the order of plays, directors, and production staff for ETC’s 2017 One-Act Festival will be made solely by ETC’s Artistic Director and/or Festival Producer. Winning playwrights are encouraged to attend a performance of their play. Two (2) complimentary tickets will be given to each winning playwright to attend any performance. Transportation and lodging will not be provided by ETC.

ETC Contact & Website
For additional information not covered here, please contact Steve Grumette at literary@elitetheatre.org or Tom Eubanks at ad@elitetheatre.org. For information about Elite Theatre Company, we encourage you to explore the rest of our website.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Seeking ten-minute comedies about politics for the second biennial Dewey Decimal Festival

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DEWEY 2: ELECTION EDITION - An evening of staged readings of short comedies about politics, public and private, to benefit the Friends of the Chappaqua Library.

Wow! What a year we're having. Election day is on the horizon, but we want to take a break from all that and talk about... politics!

Politics! They’re everywhere: in government, internationally, in the office, the local elementary school, on a desert island, even in the bedroom. Gender politics, union politics, jungle politics -- You name it, if there's arguing, negotiating, speechifying, horse trading, posturing, pollsters, posters, backroom deals, voting. and/or compromising involved we want to hear about it. And nobody says it has to be democratic - put three siblings in the back seat of a car and who wins?

We’re looking for a few good short comedies, to be presented by local actors in an evening of rehearsed staged readings, Saturday October 22nd 2016, in the 200-seat Chappaqua Library Theatre, as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Chappaqua Library.

Does your play have the right stuff?

What Do We Want?

1. COMEDIES ONLY. We like to laugh.

2. Plays should run about ten minutes (12 pages max, shorter is probably better).

3. Plays can have from 2 to 4 characters. Let us know if the genders are flexible.

4. No references to any current politician please! Historic and fictional figures are fine. They might even have some vague relationship to current events.

5. We are not looking for heavy-handed political satire. Be creative in your interpretation of the theme.

6. This will be a staged reading, so the play can be set anywhere and the characters can be most anything. However, we will shy away from plays with a surfeit of stage directions.

7. No children's plays are likely to be chosen.

8. No musicals. No monologues.

9. This is a family-friendly festival. Keep the “extra-adult” content suggested but not overt and it's fine. We won’t consider any play that includes offensive language, gun violence (ray guns are OK), or characters using banned substances.

10. Local playwrights are especially encouraged to submit.

When Do We Want It?

Deadline: May 31st 2016 (midnight EST)

How to Occupy Our Email Box
SEE COMPLETE FORMATTING AND SUBMITTING RULES at http://www.chappaqualibrary.org/friends-of-the-library/598-playwrights-seeking-ten-minute-comedies-about-politics-for-the-second-biennial-dewey-decimal-festival

  • Plays that don’t conform to the above will be discarded. 
  • Plays will be judged on their own merits. Do NOT attach anything else to your submission (reviews, resume, your favorite bumper sticker, etc). 
  • Previously produced work is welcome, as is new work. 
  • Plays produced in the first Dewey Decimal Festival are not eligible. 
  • Two submissions max per playwright, with each play in a separate email. 
How Are the Votes Counted?

1. Plays will be judged based on many parameters including creative interpretation of the theme, actual expression of the theme, score on the metric funniness scale, irrational hotly-debated opinion, and brute force. Also we need to create a balanced evening. We already know we will have many more excellent play candidates than we can include in one evening. Thanks for sharing your work!

2. No critique of plays can be provided.

3. A list of Semi-Finalists will be posted in June on the Friends of the Chappaqua Library website, and on our Facebook page. Only the Semi-Finalists will be contacted directly.

4. All Semi-Finalist plays will be read outloud in informal summer "Readers Circles" by local theatre enthusiasts, to further narrow the plays down to the Finalists round.

5. Finalists will be contacted directly, and the list will be posted on the Friends webpage and on Facebook.

6. The winning plays will be chosen from the Finalist round, and the Festival lineup will be announced by the end of August.

What Are the Winners’ Duties?

1. By submitting your play, you grant permission, if it is chosen, for local actors to perform it in up to two staged readings in the Chappaqua Library Theatre (capacity 200) in October 2016.

2 Playwrights whose plays are selected, will be acknowledged in publicity and programs, and will receive an honorarium of $5.

3. All playwrights whose work is in the Festival will be invited to attend, and should they do so, be plied with sugary snacks.

Any More Voting?

Yes! The audience will vote on their favorite plays, and the Audience Choice winner will receive bragging rights and a $25 honorarium.

Questions? Email fotcl.ywc@gmail.com. Include in the subject line: “DDF2 question”. Send entries only to DDF.Friends@gmail.com (first read formatting guidelines).

Donations to the festival will benefit the Friends of the Chappaqua Library, a non-profit community group that exists to raise funds to support the Chappaqua Public Library in Westchester County, NY. The Friends sponsor dozens of adult, teen, and children's programs open to all Westchester County residents. They also provide special acquisitions, including books, DVDs, audiobooks, and furnishings not covered by the library's budget, all available to any member of the Westchester Library System.

We look forward to reading your plays!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation Playwriting Competition

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The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation holds yearly literary competitions for works that concern LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) life and that are based on, or inspired by, a historical person, culture, event or work of art.The 2016 playwriting competition will be open to submissions from March 1 through May 31, 2016. All manuscripts must be electronically submitted and received by midnight on May 31. (No hard copies sent by postal mail will be accepted.)

Only full-length works (dramas, comedies, musicals, screenplays) will be considered. One entry per author, please. Scripts must be original and in English. All must concern lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or genderqueer life and be based on, or directly inspired by, a historical person, culture, work of art, or event.

There is no entry fee. Prizes are as follows: First Prize, $3,000; Second Prize, $1,500; Honorable Mentions, $500. Prizewinners will be announced before the end of the year.

To be eligible for the Foundation’s 2016 competition:
Your script must involve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or genderqueer characters and/or themes.
Your script must portray a historical period or incident. The past must be central, not incidental, to the work. (For more information on the meaning of “historical,” go to the “What Is Historical?” page.)
You must submit a brief statement, no longer than one page, describing how the script fulfills these requirements. This statement should explain the time period and historical issues involved.
If your work has been produced in any form (workshop, staged reading, or full production), your submission must also include a synopsis of the work’s production history. Works that have never been produced are welcome.

If these conditions of eligibility are not met, your submission will not be read.

When submitting:
Manuscripts should be in standard play or screenplay format, using a 12-point or larger font, and saved as a .doc, .docx, or PDF.
The first page must include the title and your name, as well as your own email address, mailing address, and phone number. Even if you are represented by an agent, please provide your personal contact information.
Page numbers should appear on every manuscript page.
In the case of musicals, audio segments should be sent separately as MP3 files and limited to a total of 10 minutes. We will request more if necessary.

Email submissions to: jwillis@aabbfoundation.org

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oh Force! Readings

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Oh Force! holds an official reading/sharing of at least one full-length new and original works. Held at a space in the New York area, the OHFICIAL READINGS feature finished drafts of work created by New York based artists, actors, playwrights, songwriters, poets, and anything in-between.


Once a month Oh Force! holds a casual reading/sharing/get-together of at least three short new and original works. Held at Co-Artistic Director Ryan's apartment, the BUNGALOW READINGS feature work created by New York based artists, actors, playwrights, songwriters, poets, and anything in-between.


PICK OF THE VINE – Season 15 (2017)

web site

Little Fish Theatre is accepting scripts for our 15th Annual PICK OF THE VINE short play production to be presented in January-February 2017.

There will be a $50 flat fee royalty payment to playwrights per play produced.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Only ONE play may be submitted per playwright. There is no submission fee.

2. Submissions accepted starting May 1, 2016. Submission deadline is May 31, 2016.

3. Submissions via email only. Email submissions (in .pdf form only) to LFTpickofthevine@gmail.com

4. Plays must include contact info (name, phone number, email address, home city and state, country) on the cover sheet.

5. Plays will require no more than 10 actors.

6. Plays will run no more than 15 minutes, no exceptions.

7. Plays will have minimal set, costume, prop, and special effect requirements.

8. Plays must included a title sheet with Title, Playwright, cast of characters (with brief description), and setting.


1. We will notify semi-finalists via email by mid August. Only those playwrights whose pieces have progressed to the semi-final round will be notified.

2. Playwrights whose pieces have been chosen for Production will be notified via phone call and email in September.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Online Playwriting Classes at Primary Stages

Take an online playwriting class at Off-Broadway’s Primary Stages from anywhere! Online classes at Primary Stages ESPA help you create or polish a draft of your new play, providing the necessary structure and deadlines to those outside the NYC area or with unpredictable schedules.
This 8-week online class will guide you through the development of your first draft, providing concrete deadlines and constructive feedback that will encourage you to get your ideas on the page.
Instructor: Michele Lowe (Writer, String of Pearls and Motherhood Out Loud at Primary Stages)
Begins June 26

As soon as you finish your last line of dialogue, the need for rewrites begins. Open to new and returning students, this class will begin by establishing individualized writing goals to conquer over eight weeks.
Instructor: Caridad Svich (Writer, 2012 OBIE Winner for Lifetime Achievement)
Begins June 20

In each session of this 5-week class, a different award-winning playwright will throw writing exercises at you to make those creative muscles burn. Whether you need to combat writer’s block, work through a problematic scene, or just raise your writing to the next level, each instructor will challenge you to push even harder.
July 10: Jennifer Haley (Writer, The Nether at MCC)
July 17: Joshua Allen (Story Editor, “Empire”)
July 24: Nick Jones (Story Editor, “Orange is the New Black”)
July 31: Zakiyyah Alexander (Writer, “Grey’s Anatomy”)
August 8: Sheila Callaghan (Writer, Women Laughing Alone with Salad, CTG)

Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere.

We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

Maned Wolf Productions seeks scripts

web site

Maned Wolf Productions is accepting scripts for consideration for their upcoming performance (August 2016) at The Cherry Lane Studio Theatre.

Maned Wolf Productions is committed to giving more visibility to emerging artists and bringing new works to life. Our aim is to produce, foster, and encourage work that is socially conscious and relevant. We are in the early stages of our development so are keeping an eye out for potential collaborators in future endeavors as well.

Currently, we are working toward a late-August production date at The Cherry Lane Studio and are looking for full-length two-hander plays (1M, 1W) for our inaugural performance. If your play is accepted, the process will begin with a table-read and potential workshop component before we bring it to the stage. The production will consist of four performances over one weekend and will be marketed heavily to industry professionals.

To apply please send a PDF of your script, a synopsis, and a character breakdown to manedwolfproductions@gmail.com

Sunday, May 22, 2016


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Please Note: Synopses and 10-page work samples will NOT be accepted or considered via e-mail or any electronic submission. We encourage literary agents and invited playwrights to submit full scripts by email (PDF and Word formats).

At this time we are accepting new, previously unproduced full-length plays from literary agents. We are unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts. Please note that lawyers and law firms do not qualify as professional representation in our venue.

Although we accept plays throughout the year, we complete most of our reading between April and September, and most playwrights are notified of the status of their submissions in the late fall or early winter. To maximize the chance of consideration in a given cycle, we strongly recommend sending us your submission prior to August 1. The Humana Festival of New American Plays, Actors Theatre of Louisville’s main venue for producing new work, is an annual event held from February through early April. Please note that we do not produce musicals, children’s shows, plays that have already received press coverage, or plays that have had an Equity production, and do not review those scripts.


Actors Theatre of Louisville remains committed to the discovery and support of playwrights who are not represented by a literary agency. We invite you to introduce us to your work by sending us a letter of inquiry along with a synopsis and a 10-page selection from one of your plays. (Please note that we cannot accept these materials electronically—only by hard copy.) If the material interests us, we will contact you to request the complete script.


When we read work samples we aren’t looking to program the next season’s Humana Festival, but rather to identify interesting writers who should be on our radar and to begin getting to know their work. We’re looking for playwrights with vivid, engaging voices. If your synopsis and work sample intrigues us, we’ll want to read more!

Please note that, due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, we are no longer able to respond individually to each work sample that’s submitted, or to offer feedback. You will hear from us within six months of submitting if we’re interested in reading more of your work.
Send to:

New Play Program
Attn: Amy Wegener
Actors Theatre of Louisville
316 West Main Street Louisville, KY 40202-4218

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Living Room Series Submissions (Hollywood CA)

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September marks the opening of the 25th season of The Living Room Series, our New Play Development program which embodies The Blank’s commitment to developing new work by both established and emerging writers. The Living Room Series takes place on Monday evenings at the 2nd Stage Theatre in Hollywood between Labor Day and Memorial Day. The Living Room Series offers a week-long rehearsal process for the playwright, director and actors to explore and refine the play before presenting it to an audience. The performances are minimally staged, with actors carrying scripts, and are a wonderful opportunity for the playwright to get a sense of the play’s full potential.


The Blank accepts plays for consideration for our Living Room Series (workshops of new plays) via Submittable. We encourage diverse voices from both established and emerging writers.

Submissions will be accepted from March 1 - May 31 through this form only.


Submission must be full-length (one-acts or ten-minutes will not be considered at this time).
Submission must not have received a full production. Submissions that have received full productions, even if they have undergone significant post-production revisions, will not be considered. The Blank considers staged readings and academic productions exceptions to this rule.

Playwrights may only submit one script per submission period.

Friday, May 20, 2016


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Theater for The New City is committed to producing new work andrecognizing new voices. If you would like your work to be considered,please send a ten page sample of the script, brief synopsis and letter of introduction to the theater:

155 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Attn: Michael Scott-Price, Literary Manager.

Please limit your submission to one script.

For inquiries about submissions, please contact our Literary Manager, Michael Scott-Price, at literary@theaterforthenewcity.net

Scratch Night at TNC

Crystal Field and Theater for the New City (TNC) will present a varied schedule "Scratch Night” performance program, which offers the opportunity for artists to present work in progress to an audience for one night. Scratch Night started in the United Kingdom in 2000 as a way to show work in progress in an evolution of performances. At TNC, we will put our own spin on the idea to best serve our own theatre community and New York area audiences.

Our hope is that participating artists will learn something that will feed their work. And the best thing that can happen is that a piece of work will go forward into… either at TNC or elsewhere.

Scratch Night is looking for a variety of the most daring artists to try out their most cool thoughts on stage and the audience will help in the development by way of TNC’s scratch ballot. Scratch Nights will take place throughout the year on a varied schedule. All theatrical forms are welcome. All stages of development are welcome.

What are we looking for?

Original theatre, puppetry, performance art, music, dance, and mixed media collaborations. No set running time.

Please forward all materials to Michael Scott-Price, literary@theaterforthenewcity.net

Must include the following:

Biography with contact information of the artist’s name, address, telephone number and email address
Synopsis of the work
Sample or concept of the work, no more than 10 pages
Biographies of collaborators, if available
Description of stage set (if any) and production needs (i.e. sound and lighting)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Monthly Question. June 2016

web site

We are now accepting submissions for Lama Theater Company’s Monthly Question! The Monthly Question is a reading series of new and bold writing (short plays/ Monologues/ poems/ Songs) around Lama’s monthly question that will be performed at The Kraine Theater, NYC.

Our Mission: Lama means WHY in Hebrew. The Lama Theater Company is a writer/director-driven, nonprofit company that continually raises questions and encourages bold new writing from within the nation and around the world to inspire different points of view and theatrical visions.

Important dates:

June 3rd - Playwrights/Poets/Song writers submission deadline! Until Midnight, Eastern Time (EST.)
June 13th - Announcement of chosen works.

June 20th - Performance night at 8:00pm in The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street, NYC.)

Casting the actors on the spot starts at 7:30pm, show at 8:00pm.


Scripts must be related to our monthly question.
Our June question is:


(Lama’s special question for the Queerly Festival in Kraine Theate, NYC)

What inspires you when you read the question? We are interested in what you are thinking about and how the question might affect the work you do. Gather whatever inspiration the questions give you, and use it to fuel your chosen discipline. The questions are open to many interpretations!
  • When you submit please keep in mind that Lama encourage artistic exploration, provoking and risk-taking writing. 
  • Short plays are limited to 8 pages in standard playwriting formats. (You can submit your 10 pages play but please keep in mind that we might ask you to make a few cuts.) 
  • Poems/ Monologues are limited to 2 pages. 
  • Song samples should be mp3 and no more than 3 minutes. 
  • One submission per artist. 
  • Only submissions by electronic attachment will be accepted, Microsoft Word document or PDF. 
  • Playwrights can be from anywhere, but plays must be in English. 
  • Submit a BLIND copy of your script and include a list of characters/descriptions. 
  • E-mail your Script/Song/Poem to: lamatheatercompany@gmail.com
  • The subject line should include the title of the play. 
Please fill your contact info and the name of your play at our website:

Any Questions about Lama's monthly question? Please email us lamatheatercompany@gmail.com and we’ll help you out! 

For updates and more info about Lama follow our page https://www.facebook.com/lamatheatercompany

Original Works Online

web site

For Full Length Plays: OWP now only accepts plays that have received eight (8) or more performances in a production run and have been reviewed.

All Other Lengths: Do not need 8 performances or review, but still must have been fully produced.

When emailing your submission please include all of the following material you have available.
  • Your play attached as a PDF or Word document, including cover page.
  • Short synopsis and character breakdown.
  • Production history.
  • Select review highlights, quotes, and awards or nominations received.
  • Any posters or logos from the productions.
  • Playwright resume or bio.

Send it all to:


Please list the title of your submission and length (full length, one act, etc.)  in the Subject line.

Response Time

OWP receives a large number of exciting new plays, all of which are closely evaluated. Please give us a minimum of three - six months to respond.

Snail Mail Submissions

OWP no longer accepts snail mail submissions. Let's keep it green. Save money on postage, save trees, save printer ink.


OWP does not accept unproduced submissions under any circumstances.

OWP does not publish adaptations, translations, musicals, or works for younger audiences.

Single Ten Minute play submissions are only eligible for the ETENS.

Only submit one play per email unless submitting a collection.

Do not send synopsis or samples of multiple plays asking us to select which plays we would like to consider.

Currently accepting:







Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Nick Darke Award 2016

web site

Established in 2006 to celebrate the best writing for stage, screen and radio, the Nick Darke Writers' Award is funded by Falmouth University's Academy of Music and Theatre Arts, and the School of Writing & Journalism. The Award commemorates the playwright Nick Darke and was conceived following his death by his wife, the artist and filmmaker Jane Darke, with the support of his family. Nick Darke wrote in many forms but earned his living in the world of theatre, screen and radio.

Open to all national and international writers aged 16 or over, the £6,000 Award provides the time to write that financial support facilitates.

This year's category is stage play.

The closing date for entries is 17:00 (GMT) Monday 30 May 2016.

How to apply
Please read our submission information carefully and follow the submission procedure on page 6
Applicants should submit a full script along with a one-page synopsis and a short writing CV by the closing date. Please email your entry in one PDF file to nickdarkeaward@falmouth.ac.uk

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Rewrite at Primary Stages

As soon as you finish your last line of dialogue, the need for rewrites begins. Open to new and returning students, this class at Primary Stages ESPA will start by establishing individualized writing goals to conquer over eight weeks. Whether you choose to embark on a rewrite of your entire play or focus on individual scenes, writing exercises and in-class discussion will inspire you to ask new questions of your play, look at it from various angles, and deconstruct it with your fellow writers. As you rewrite, you will hear your pages read aloud in class and engage in a dialogue tailored by your instructor to each writer’s needs. You will leave this class with a stronger version of your play, and with the tools you need to transform any first draft into a polished, compelling work that’s ready to submit.

Section A: Starts June 23
Thursdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Instructor: Stefanie Zadravec (Writer, The Electric Baby at Two River Theatre Company)

Section B: Starts July 5
Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Instructor: Josh Hecht (Director, Christine Jorgensen Reveals at New World Stages)

Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere.

We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.


web site

Plays that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.
  • Playwrights may be Latino or of any other ethnic or racial background as long as the play’s subject matter and characters resonate with Latino audiences and accurately depict the Hispanic experience.
  • No screenplays, one act plays, musicals, adaptations or translations will be accepted.
  • New and un-produced plays preferred. Plays that have had readings or a workshop production are acceptable.
  • All plays must be original and full-length (minimum running time: 1 hr., 30 min) and can be written in Spanish and/or English.
  • Playwrights must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • Previously submitted scripts are accepted unless they have already placed in the top 10.


Each script will be read by two qualified independent judges selected by Repertorio Español, on a blind submission.
Winners will be announced six to seven months after the deadline.
Each participant will be notified of the results by e-mail. We request that participants do not contact the office to inquire about the competition’s results.


Round 1: Finalists will receive a staged reading at Repertorio to further develop the script.

Round 2:

Grand Prize Winner: $3,000 and a full production at Repertorio Español (must be available for Awards Ceremony)

2nd Place: $2,000

3rd Place: $1,000
Must follow instructions and fully fill out form to participate. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any changes or re-submissions once the script has been submitted. Do not send any other biographical infomation or reviews.

Deadline: Wednesday, June 1st, 2016
Send all of this information and the requested materials via e-mail to: nuestrasvoces@repertorio.org using the subject line “Nuestras Voces: Title of –Your- Play”.

Send the following information within the body of the e-mail:
  • Your full name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your cell phone number
  • Your mailing address (street address, city, state, zipcode)
  • How did you hear about the competition?
  • 4-6 line synopsis
  • 4 -6 line description of how your play relates to the Latino / Hispanic American community

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any changes or re-submissions once the script has been submitted.

Send the following as an attachment:
One ELECTRONIC COPY of your script -- in one document with numbered pages and a title page that lists the title and year the play was written ONLY. (PDF, Microsoft Word, Plain or Rich Text Formats Accepted)
Please OMIT your name from the script

Do not send other biographical information or reviews

Florida Theatrical Association announces the 2016 New Musical Discovery Series

web site

Aspiring writers from around the country are encouraged to submit their new works, which will be reviewed by a panel of theatre professionals, including renowned directors, writers, producers and performers. The panel will select two works that will each receive a staged reading. One final winner will receive a workshop presented of their piece featuring local directors and talent. The Discovery Series will also include talkbacks for students and audiences with the playwrights and directors.
The deadline to submit musicals for consideration is June 1, 2016.

Submission Guidelines:

All submissions must include:
  • A cover letter
  • A history of the musical’s development
  • A synopsis
  • Full script
  • A CD or flash drive with at least six songs from the production (can be a very basic recording)

*Please note that materials will not be returned.

Playwrights must be available for rehearsals and performances September 6-11, 2016.

All materials should be mailed to:

Florida Theatrical Association
Attn: Play Submission
100 S. Eola Drive, Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32801

Monday, May 16, 2016

Submissions are now open for the 28th Annual JetFest in 2017

web site

$15 non-refundable submission fee. This fee will be waived for members of the Dramatists Guild. Checks and money orders should be made payable to “Jewish Ensemble Theatre.” Contact the theatre should you wish to pay by credit card.

For those submitting digitally – the $15 fee cannot be waived, and may be mailed separately or processed by contacting the theatre.


Entry must reflect the mission of the Jewish Ensemble Theatre.

Entry must be a full length original work or adaptation with a minimum running time of 85 minutes that has not been published prior to the festival in 2017. Cast size of 7 or less is preferred. Staged readings/workshop productions are not disqualifying factors.


Submissions will be accepted December 1 through May 30, 2016 (checked by postmark or time stamp).


Submit a blind copy of your script, securely bound, typed in standard play format, with pages numbered. Include a list of characters/descriptions, scene breakdown, and a brief synopsis of your play. Your script(s) should be accompanied by a cover letter, including playwright contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) and resume. Musicals must include a demo CD. If applicable, also submit a photocopy of your Dramatists Guild membership card.

The acceptable electronic format is an Adobe PDF file.

Please note that entries that do not comply with our guidelines will not be accepted. If you would like your script returned, please include a SASE. Script evaluations will not be provided.


The playwright gives the Jewish Ensemble Theatre permission to photocopy scripts for reading/ production purposes. Should your script be selected as one of the finalists, you are encouraged to attend the two readings and talkbacks.

The finalists award the Jewish Ensemble Theatre the option to produce any of the finalist plays as part of its main stage season. Finalists must acknowledge the Jewish Ensemble Theatre if/when script is published.


Each of the finalists will receive a $500 honorarium. No other expenses will be paid.


Each entry is guaranteed a minimum of 2 evaluations. The committee narrows down the entries to 15 – 20, which are then read by the entire committee who selects the finalists.


Finalists will be notified no later than December, 2016.


 Jewish Ensemble Theatre
Jet Fest
6600 West Maple Rd.,
West Bloomfield, MI 48322.

Email: c.bremer@jettheatre.org


Christopher Bremer, Executive Director



The Playwright/Submitter agrees (by submission) to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Jewish Ensemble Theatre, its Adjudicators, Board of Directors and volunteers from any and all damages, liability, and claims, arising from the submission, production or elimination/disqualification of their submitted work.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Secret Theatre presents: The 4th Annual Unfringed 2016

web site

UNFringed seeks new and exciting works that challenge audiences, facilitating lively discussion and interaction between artists and viewers.

You Get:

$500 first prize for Best of The Festival [play wins based on audience votes]

50% of the door [after first 11 full price tkts]

No submission fees

Applications accepted March 2nd, 2016 – June 1st, 2016 * In the summer of 2013, The First Annual UNFringed Festival brought bold and daring new works to The Secret Theatre of Long Island City, Queens – named “One of NYC’S best theater spots” by Time Out

DEADLINE JUNE 1st [please apply immediately if you are ready will begin selection process in May and some shows will be given early notice]

Web site:  http://secrettheatre.com/Unfringed2016page.html

The Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd St.
Long Island City, NY 11101

E, M, G or 7 train to Courthouse SQ/23rd St.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016 Emerging Playwrights Program

web site

The Dennis & Victoria Ross Foundation (DVRF) is pleased to announce and solicit submissions for the 2016 edition of its Emerging Playwrights program. The program is intended to help develop and ultimately bring to public attention new and promising dramatic work from playwrights who have not yet achieved commercial success. For 2016, we will select and develop one full-length play over the course of several months, culminating in a week-long intensive workshop and subsequent public presentation before an audience that would include industry professionals.

Exact development, workshop and presentation schedules will be coordinated in consultation with the selected playwright. The workshop and presentation will take place in New York City.

Rules and Guidelines for Submission
  1. We are seeking full-length plays only. While there is no strict minimum for length we suggest all submissions be at least 30 pages long.
  2. Submissions must be written in English.
  3. No play that is currently under option, or has previously had a full, public production is eligible for selection. Submissions that have been developed previously or were under option must be accompanied by a brief summary of their developmental history.
  4. No musicals or dance pieces will be considered at this time.
  5. Please only one submission per playwright/playwriting team.
  6. The play must be original or based on material which the author previously was afforded the rights to.
  7. Playwrights must be residents of the United States and at least 18 years of age.
  8. The selected playwright must be prepared to bear any lodging and travel expenses incurred while participating in the program. This program is intended only for playwrights who will be able to attend a week-long workshop and presentation at different dates in New York City in 2016. 
For a full list of rules and conditions, click here.

Instructions for Submission

All submissions must be made electronically using this form. Submissions should be PDFs and in standard stage play format. Please note that the form asks for an additional"blind" copy of your submission, with your name and personal details removed from all pages.

The deadline for submissions is May 31st, 2016.

Fifth Annual Playwrights CageMatch

web site

The Douglas Morrisson Theatre in Hayward is accepting submissions for its Fifth Annual Playwrights CageMatch. Our CageMatch is a chance for playwrights to show their stuff in an audience-decided live competition.

Five Playwrights enter but only one will emerge victorious. Grand prize for the chosen script.

We are seeking brief scenes (5-20 minutes) which conform to the limitations of the competition. DMT staff will select the top five submissions. Each of the final scripts will get one rehearsal with the same director and company of actors. On June 13, 2016, the five scenes will be performed at a live staged reading event at the Douglas Morrisson Theatre. The audience will vote by token to determine the winner!

Our theme this year is: PUBLIC SQUARES, PRIVATE STORIES. The setting is a town square in a small town anywhere in the universe. It’s where Main Street meets First Street – perhaps there’s a little park, or a statue of a forgotten general, probably a few pigeons. Time period is not restricted. Please limit your scenes to no more than four characters. We’re looking for creative and elegant back-stories that incorporate the setting into the scenes. Tone, theme or genre is up to you! A parade, a lovers’ tryst, or a protest, perhaps? Anything can happen in the town square.

Admission to the performance is free, but a token to vote for the winner is $5.

Deadline for CageMatch submissions sent via e-mail is May 27, 2016; post-mark deadline, if mailed, is May 20, 2016.

Submissions can be e-mailed in *.doc or *.pdf to cagematch@dmtonline.org or mailed to:

Douglas Morrisson Theatre
ATTN: Susan E. Evans 
c/o H.A.R.D., 
1099 E St., Hayward, CA 94541

Friday, May 13, 2016

Discount tickets: RUBBERMATCH

RED CARAVAN presents

Tickets: https://www.artful.ly/rubbermatch

Ten years after tragedy drives a group of college friends apart, two are unexpectedly reunited: Ceci, fleeing a broken relationship, tries to find a new home by moving in with Nina. But when their attempts to reconnect uncover old wounds, Nina's repression is pitted against Ceci's self-destructive tendencies. RubberMatch asks: when can a friend's help become an act of violence?
Saturday 5/14, 3pm & 8pm
Sunday 5/15, 3pm
Wednesday 5/18, 8pm
Thursday 5/19, 8pm
Friday 5/20, 8pm
Saturday 5/21, 3pm & 8pm
At the TBG Theatre, 312 W 36th St, 3rd fl
$12 tickets with code NYCPW

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Beta Series submission guidelines

web site

An invitation-only reading with a sole objective to further develop and workshop a script through a free showcase & talkback for potential producers, directors, actors, writers, investors, donors, and audiences. Actors, writers, directors come together to hear an exciting new script and offer feedback in a moderated Q&A session. Come enjoy some coffee, new friends and free insights.
The beta reading series is supported by the Dramatist Guild Fund.

Please submit your full-length play (full-length as defined by more than 40 pages) to submissions@thedirtyblondes.org. Include a resume and/or artist statement and a BRIEF line about why you think your play speaks to our mission, answering the questions:
  • WHAT is the social issue / conversation your play participates in?
  • WHEN is the time and place for this conversation, or why now?
  • WHY do you personally care about this social issue/conversation?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Circuit Training: Getting it Ready at Primary Stages

“The ‘business part’ is part of being a writer, and it’s really not as charming and artsy as we [playwrights] think it is to say we’re bad at it.”  —Deborah Zoe Laufer, playwright and ESPA instructor (in conversation with Adam Szymkowicz, I Interview Playwrights Part 263)

Putting yourself out there as a professional playwright takes more than just getting the words down on the page, but for many playwrights, the “business” end is the final, most terrifying frontier. This brand new Circuit Training class is designed to help you face, and—gasp! even enjoy—the process of developing the strong relationships required to take your play from the page to the stage. Led by an all-star team of power players, self-pitching gurus, and business specialists, this class is designed for those of you who have a project ready and need the tips and tricks to package yourself.

June 27: Defining Your Voice and Establishing Goals with Joshua Harmon (Significant Other and Bad Jews at Roundabout Theater Company)
July 18: Log Lines, Artistic Statements, and the Elevator Pitch with Jesse Alick (Literary Manager, The Public Theater)
August 1: Developing and Maintaining Advocates with Robert Askins (Writer, Hand to God on Broadway, EST, and MCC; Permission at MCC) and Moritz von Stuelpnagel (Director, Hand to God on Broadway, EST, and MCC)
August 15: Taking Meetings and Seeing Results with Michelle Bossy (Associate Artistic Director, Primary Stages) and Leah Hamos (Agent, Gersh Agency)
August 29: Keeping the Dream Alive with Bailie Slevin (Founder, Entertaining Finance)

Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere.

We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

The 2017 Boston Project

web site

The Boston Project is a new works initiative supporting the creation and development of plays set right here in our hometown. Our goal is to create more plays that explore what it means to be in this city at this moment, and tap into the full breadth of experiences and identities that make up life in Boston. We are seeking proposals for currently unwritten full-length scripts set in contemporary Boston.

Submission Deadline: May 15th, 2016
Call for Proposals

For our 25th anniversary season, SpeakEasy launched The Boston Project: a new works program geared towards telling local stories and reflecting our hometown on stage. We spent the year developing two fantastic plays by local writers– Ward Nine, by Bill Doncaster, and Born Naked, by Nina Louise Morrison– culminating in a two-week workshop and staged readings of each play on February 20th, 2016. We are happy to announce that after the success of its first iteration, the Boston Project is back for our 2016-2017 season, with increased commissioning fees, professional dramaturgs and a longer development timeline.

The Process
  1. Proposals for unwritten full-length plays meeting the requirements below will be accepted through May 15th, 2016.
  2. From the submitted proposals, SpeakEasy will select two projects, and invite the playwrights to spend the 2016-2017 season writing and developing their plays with us.
  3. Once proposals are selected, SpeakEasy will work with the playwrights to build a development schedule that fits their needs. Potential available resources include: regular dramaturgical meetings, research assistance, deadlines, casual table reads, and feedback sessions with the artistic staff. After the first draft deadline, each playwright will also be paired with a dedicated, professional dramaturg and director to assist with their process.
  4. The development process will culminate in a two-week workshop and invited staged reading in Winter/Spring 2017, featuring professional actors from the area.
  5. Each selected playwright will be paid a commissioning fee of $2,500.
  6. SpeakEasy will hold an exclusive production option on the proposed play during its development process, and for a period of ninety days following the 2017 workshop.
How to Apply

To be considered for the Boston Project, please submit by 8pm EST on May 15th, 2016:
  1. A 1-2 page proposal for an unwritten full length play (90+ minutes). The play must be set in Boston or its surrounding areas, and take place within ten years, plus or minus, of the present day.
  2. 5-10 exploratory pages for the proposed play. These pages need not be a single, polished scene, but should give a clear sense of how the play will ultimately live on stage.
  3. A professional biography or writing resume detailing your playwriting experience.
  4. A separate full length (90+ minutes) play by you.

All materials should be submitted in .pdf format to bostonproject@speakeasystage.com. The components may be in separate documents, but please include all materials in a single e-mail.

Proposal Submission Deadline: May 15th, 2016
Selection Announced: July 1st, 2016
Important Information
  • This project is designed to support the development of a brand new play. This is not the time to submit a script which you’ve already written; we want to work with you as you explore a fresh idea in its earliest stages.
  • The proposed play need not center on or be inspired by any real event/person. The only requirement is that it be set in contemporary Boston or its surrounding areas.
  • For this project’s purposes, “contemporary” means plus or minus ten years from today.
  • Your 1-2 page proposal should explain the play you intend to create, and may include: a synopsis of the work as best you know it, a potential cast list and/or character breakdown, a statement regarding the inspiration for the work, and any other information about the play you envision. You may also let us know any specific needs you foresee during the development process. The ultimate goal of the proposal is to show us what your play will be beyond its initial premise/inciting incident/idea.
  • There is no hard limit on cast size, but typically the plays that SpeakEasy produces use between four and eight actors.
  • While we love musicals here at SpeakEasy, we will not be considering proposals for new musicals as part of this season’s Boston Project.
  • You do not need to live in the Boston/New England area to submit a proposal, but SpeakEasy is unable to provide housing or travel reimbursement during the development and workshop process.
  • Part of SpeakEasy’s mission is to reflect the vibrance and diversity of our city. Projects which further that goal will be of particular interest in the selections process.
  • Proposals that most caught our eye during the first season’s consideration were those in which Boston was an essential component, and not just a generic backdrop. We hope writers will use this opportunity to explore a story that could only take place in this city, and that transcends “typical” Bostonian tropes.

Questions regarding the proposal process or the Boston Project itself can be directed to SpeakEasy Administrative & Artistic Associate Walt McGough, at bostonproject@speakeasystage.com.

2017 Young Audience Outreach Commissions

web site

One-third of CRT’s productions are new works, and every year CRT commissions a new show for its celebrated Young Audience Outreach Tour. The goal of this program is to bring theatre to thousands of kids in rural and underserved communities throughout the Southwest while creating an exciting opportunity for emerging playwrights. Bilingual (English/Spanish) plays are preferred, but not required. With a 31 years of successful productions we are looking for playwrights interested in working among a collaborative artistic team.

We are accepting submissions for the 2017 Young Audience Outreach Tour and if you would like to be considered for a commission, please, submit the following by May 30, 2016:

• Cover sheet with your name, contact info, and synopsis
• Cover letter that indicates experience in the following: touring shows, theatre for young
audiences, and/or plays that have been produced.
• 10-20 page excerpt

The Young Audience Outreach Tour performs shows based on core curriculum subjects: history of U.S. Presidents, the science of flight, the geography of the United States, the water cycle, the importance of math. For more information on previous productions check out our Young Audience Outreach Tour page. http://www.creederep.org/education/young-audience-outreach- tour.html

To submit materials or for questions contact Education Director Johamy Morales at johamy@creederep.com. Electronic versions are preferred. Hard copies should be mailed to: Creede Repertory Theatre, Attn: YAOT, PO Box 269, Creede, CO 81130.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

BoxFest Detroit seeks plays

web site

BoxFest Detroit is an annual festival that showcases and creates opportunities for women directors!

We are looking for 5 - 55 minute submissions for our August 2016 festival. 

Please submit all plays to kelly@boxfestdetroit.com by June 1st 2016.

Because all artists participate on a volunteer basis, we are unable (at this time) to compensate playwrights if their submission is chosen for the festival. Please include with your submission, the play's genre, number of male/female/unspecified characters, and a brief synopsis. 

SUBMIT FOR LIVEART NEW YORK CITY JUNE 2016 at Manhattan Repertory Theatre

web site

Due to an unprecedented response to our LIVEART MAY 2016 submission, we are extending LIVEARTinto JUNE so that more artists can participate.
LIVEART NYC just got bigger and we would love you to participate!

What we are looking for:
Short 1 act plays (7 - 30 minutes) - cast, directed, ready for performance by May!
Dance Pieces (3 - 15 minutes) -choreographed - rehearsed, ready to fly!
Performance Art presentation (7 - 15 minutes) - fully produced, ready to roll.
Improv Comedy - (10-15 Minute set) - Whatever happens come May!

Each play/dance/act/presentation/etc will be given at least 2 performances with a short tech and a full dress rehearsal with the other "acts" performing in a LIVE ART performance series. We will run the Sound and lights.

To submit for this JUNE LIVEART event, please email us the following:
  • For short plays (7 - 30 min) please email:
  • The complete short play as a .pdf file.
  • A synopsis of the short play,
  • the running time of the short play,
  • the set and tech requirements,
  • the plays production history (if it has been produced before and where)
  • your postal address,
  • and creative team leader email address.
For Dance pieces and Performance Art pieces, please email:
  • A synopsis of the Dance or Performance Art piece,
  • The running time of the Dance or Performance Art piece,
  • the set and tech requirements,
  • the dance's production history (if it has been produced before and where)
  • your postal mail address,
  • and creative team leader email address.
For IMPROV COMEDY please email:
Your IMPROV GROUP's history - website if available. A reel or link to your comedy improv reel if possible, your postal mail address, and your email address.

Please email all to: manhattanrep@yahoo.com by May 24, 2016

Please put "LIVE ART NEW YORK CITY JUNE" in the subject heading.


Submissions will be accepted on a First-Come, First-Served basis. The earlier you submit the better chance you have of being accepted. If we fill up all the performance slots before May 24, we will end submissions early, so please submit early so that you don't get closed out.

Once accepted there is a $30 commitment fee paid online.
All performances will be at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 W. 42nd St at 8th Ave.

For more information, please log on to: http://www.manhattanrep.com/

Monday, May 9, 2016

Discount workshops: Southampton Theatre Conference

web site

The Southampton Theatre Conference is still accepting applications. Lucas Hnath will be running a workshop on July 6th through the 10th. July 11th and 12th, Alec Baldwin and Bethany Caputo will be hosting an acting master class and Stephen Adly Guirgis' workshop is July 13th through the 17th. 

Mention  NYCPlaywrights in the application and receive 10% off tuition. 

For more information, please see their website.

Crazytownblog seeks writers

web site

Crazytownblog, the voice of Bohemia, is looking for new voices to express their opinions about life, love, culture, art, politics, philosophy, music, theatre, and anything else that you can possibly think of for their weekly blog.

We are currently looking for writers that can make a 12 week Summer commitment writing one post a week. Blogs can be about anything, but writers are highly encouraged to share their new work.

Writing a novel? Write it on crazytownblog! Write a serialized version in weekly installments. Or maybe you can take the #52songs challenge and post a brand new song or poem each week. Are you producing a show? Talk about the many steps involved in creating your new work from page to production, or just write about things that matter to you.

You'll be joining a small community of other up-and-coming artists in New York that has included Ryan Scott Oliver (Jasper In Deadland), Gregory Jacobs Roseman (Save The Date), Julia Meinwald (Pregnancy Pact), David Davila (Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty), Leah Bonnema (Huff Post's Top Ten Commedians), Alex Brightman (Make Me Bad, Star of Rock of Ages), Kimberly Lew (Other People's Children), Owen Panetierre (Vestments of the Gods), Isaac Oliver (Intimacy Idiot), Brett Ryback (Murder for Two), as well as photographers, directors, actors, singers, dancers, non-fiction writers, and pop-culture commentators.

What are you waiting for?

Share your thoughts with an audience of people who care about new work in New York City.

Send a bio, picture (for the website), and a 250-500 word sample blog to crazytownblog@gmail.com by May 29, 2016

If you have an idea for an on-going series or a serialized play or novel, please send a proposal of that as well.

Need more info? Come meet the writers of crazytownblog for an informal Happy Hour at Hourglass Tavern (46th and 9) on Monday May 16th from 5 to 8pm.

Wide Eyed Winks Staged Reading Series Season 4

web site

Each month will feature a 20-minute segment from three original works by three different writers which are related to, or inspired by, the theme for each month. The themes are as follows: September: MOTHER, October: MAIDEN, November: CRONE, December: MADONNA, January: WHORE. The only consistent element is that each play must feature a “great role” for a female actor. At the end of each night the audience will be invited to select their favorite play of the evening by casting an anonymous ballot. The audience favorite decided upon by majority vote will be named a semifinalist and invited to submit a full text* to Wide Eyed Productions’ Artistic Board for consideration for our final round.

Two (or three) overall finalists will be chosen and given a full staged reading of their plays at the end of the WINKS series. From the finalists, one winning text will be chosen based upon audience and board votes. This winning text will then be put into development with Wide Eyed in whatever capacity we believe would best support the text and playwright.

What you need to know:

· The play does not need to be a world premiere.
· The play does not need to be a fully completed text when it is initially submitted.
· Musicals will be considered as long as they are submitted with a music sample.
· Directors and casts will be provided by Wide Eyed, but we love it when you have suggestions for people you love to work with!
· Please submit selections of text, treatments, and other support material to submissions.wideeyed@gmail.com with the title of your play and the theme you think it best matches in the subject line.

· The readings will be presented at The Drama League on the second Tuesday of each month.
· Half of the proceeds from the readings will be donated to women’s organization of our choice following the series.

* The full text of the submitted play is not to exceed a 90-minute estimated run time. Semifinalists will be given a deadline for submissions of full texts.


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