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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Revolution They Wrote and MainLine Theatre Short Works Feminist Theatre & Performance Festival

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To apply, please fill the submission form found here 

Revolution They Wrote and MainLine Theatre (Montreal Canada) are proud to present the fifth annual Short Works Feminist Theatre Festival. We are a theatre platform that gives stage to intersections of oppressions, rebellion and resilience. We focus on prioritizing marginalized voices and widening the breadth of feminism, equality and justice. The festival is a 4 day event in two venues that each have a program made up of a number of short works (3-5) that both run for 4 consecutive nights. Readings of in progress works also take place during the weekend days of the festival. We are interested in the ugly, the magnificent, the real, the struggle, the joy and the work that’s in progress. As an organisation we aim to be engaging in deep questioning, transparency and caring communication.

There is no cost involved with applying or being produced in the festival.

Jurying takes place in late January and applicants, wether selected to be featured in the festival or not will be notified shortly after. Some feedback may be given to groups not selected upon request.

Artists featured in the festival will be provided with:
  • Access to 10 hours of rehearsal space at MainLine Theatre;
  • Additional rehearsal space on a case by case basis;
  • A public reading or 4 nights of performance of the work at the festival;
  • 60% of the box office funds shared evenly between the other festival works in the program.
  • Other production-related support: promotional, technical and administrative.

*Dates for the festival are April 30th-May 3rd 2020

Questions in the application form include:
  • Goal in creating this work
  • Why this work now
  • Why are you the person to be exploring the themes of this work?
  • What about this work is important to you?
  • How do you plan to deepen or develop the work?
  • How you believe your work explores feminist values? 

To be eligible:

  • Your work must be 15-35 minutes in Length
  • All applications submitted must include a score, script, or video documentation (please highlight 7 pages for the jury to review if submitting a full script) 
  • be intended for a feminist audience
  • Be an emerging artist/collective
  • The works will be juried according to the following criteria:
  • Is this work giving a platform to unheard voices?
  • Is this work exploring something new, from a new angle or a topic that rarely gets stage time
  • The overall quality of the work
  • How the work fits within the context of the festival programming
  • Feasibility of the work
  • How relevant is the work to questions of feminism
  • Who does it benefit?

If you are looking for a little reminder join our Facebook event for updates!

For questions please contact Artistic Director, Jad at revolutiontheywrote@gmail.com.

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