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Thursday, January 5, 2017


PLEASE DONATE SO KAYLA CAN MEET PRESIDENT TRUMP by Paul Defilippo is a semi-finalist for NYCPlaywrights project "Women in the Age of Trump."

PAUL DEFILIPPO is a senior year student at Queens College in Queens, NY, currently completing undergraduate degrees in both Drama and English. He has acted and/or assisted behind the scenes of a handful of productions, including Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Cloud Nine, and The Cherry Orchard. He will also be performing in Twelfth Night and Damn Yankees in the near future.

Thanks to Paul Defilippo for allowing NYCPlaywrights to publish this excerpt from his monologue PLEASE DONATE SO KAYLA CAN MEET PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Hi! My name is Kayla and I’m six years old. And I’m SO happy ‘cause on Election Day my mommy went out to vote and she prayed and she prayed and she prayed…

   (She stops for a breath.)

… and she prayed so hard for us to get a new President, because she said President Obama was re-tired and whenever I’m re-tired my mommy puts me to bed and tells me a story and I fall asleep. So I’m so happy we have a new President because now Obama can finally get some sleep. I can’t imagine staying awake for eight years straight ‘cause I haven’t even been alive for eight years. My mommy was really happy too, because when she watched the election, she started crying! I couldn’t believe it ‘cause my mommy never cries! And my other mommy was so excited she said we’re gonna go on vacation to Canada! I’ve never been there but I love tacos. But, the reason I’m making this video is ‘cause I wanna go to the in-aug-ur-a-tion so I can see President Donald Trump become the President, but I can’t go because my mommy who says we’re going to Canada says we’re not white soup reminisces. But I really wanna go, so I’m asking the Internet to send money so Kayla can go to the inagration. And if I go, I’ll take pictures of everything in Washington D.C. and I’ll go to every restaurant and take pictures of all the food and post them so you can all see.

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