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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Music Theatre of Madison seeks new musicals

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Music Theatre of Madison, a professional theatre company in Madison, Wisconsin, is seeking submissions from everywhere for our 2017 Festival of New Musicals. This will be the second year of the Festival (last done in 2015), which features readings of 3 or 4 musicals still in development as well as talkbacks with audiences. It is the only series of its kind in Wisconsin. Dates are still being determined for the 2017 festival, but it will likely take place in October-December of 2017.

Due Date: Please submit no later than February 1, 2017.
Length: One or two act musicals are welcome.

Content: We are open to a variety of subject matters and musical styles! We tend to favor stories that are thought-provoking, and we are especially interested in learning about musicals that deal with relevant social justice issues.

Instrumentation: The readings will be performed with piano accompaniment only.

Cast Size: We prefer musicals meant for casts of 8 or fewer.

Stage of development: At this time we are looking for completed scripts that are ready for a reading. They can have been read or workshopped before, but must not currently be licensing. If we choose your script, you will be given a deadline for any revisions, which must be completed before we start rehearsals. We will perform what you give us and get feedback from our audiences, which we will then share with you. We will consider the shows we select for further workshopping and full production in later seasons.

Submission process: There is no fee to submit your work. Please submit a synopsis and recordings or videos of 2-3 songs from the show. (Links pasted in the e-mail are fine). We will contact you if we’re interested in reading a full script. E-mail your submission to newmusicals@mtmadison.com. Those whose scripts are selected will receive a small stipend as well as detailed feedback from audiences. We are happy to work with you on what questions you’d like us to ask.

The company: Music Theatre of Madison is an eleven-year-old company dedicated to promoting the future of musical theatre. The company has presented 2 Midwest premieres, 12 Wisconsin premieres, and 18 Madison premieres of shows that were successful elsewhere but hadn’t yet made it to our state. Read more about us and our production history at www.mtmadison.com.

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