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Monday, January 30, 2017

Call for Submissions for Flying Solo 5

The Secret Theater’s Flying Solo Festival
Festival Dates: March 9th – 18th


READ THIS FIRST: We can accept all shows from short 10- 20 minute shows that are being workshopped to a 60+ minute finished piece. We will consider previously produced shows if you believe that you will attract an audience. Our criteria are that the show is good and deserves a platform.

What is Flying Solo?

• Flying Solo is a festival of solo shows that doesn't charge participation or submissions fees.
NYCPLAYWRIGHTS NOTE: there is a $50 tech fee
• Flying Solo doesn't ask for any rights, royalties or residual payments
• Flying Solo is presented in the Secret Theatre's 99-seat house.
• We can accept shows that have premiered or even in workshop mode - apply first and we'll talk. We'll only refuse a show that has previously produced if we feel its gonna be hard to get an audience.
• Preferential consideration given to students of Go Solo or Flying Solo alumni. If your show is 'on book' or very short [20 mins or less] you may be invited to participate in a showcase show of multiple shows. If your show is 30 - 60 mins then you will either be asked to do a stand-alone or a double bill.
• Flying Solo presents a $150 CASH PRIZE to the audience vote winner.
• In addition to the CASH PRIZE! There will be a door split too at 50/50% after the first 11 tickets! Therefore if we sell 40 tickets you will make $260! If we sell 60 tickets you make $440! Sellout and you'll make $791… hey then if you win add $150 that’s $941 for one nights work!
• We provide a tech/lighting designer/Board op for your run although you are welcome to have your own tech or SM do this.
• We will accept shows that have already appeared in Flying Solo if you and we both feel that it will find an audience.
• No fee to submit or produce. We supply all the basic production elements needed to support a new work – a stage, a small crew, box office and lobby staff, great sound and lights. There is a $50 tech fee. This money pays for a dedicated lighting designer for tech and for an SM/Board Op


• We accept all shows from 10 minutes to 60 minutes
• Finished 60-minute shows are offered either a stand-alone or double bill slot.
• Shows of longer than 30 and not more than 60 minute get one-hour tech per show. You should provide a tech script in advance to help you maximize this time.
• Short shows of 20 mins or less are accepted but will be presented as part of a multi-show showcase. Up to 6 shows but tech requirements must be minimal due to the between show change over.
• Tech rehearsals are held during the day and evenings from March 6th – 8th.
• Dedicated Tech/Lighting person assigned for entire run/all shows.

Submit via our dedicated form APPLY using url below

Submission deadline: February 6th –
Please email questions to: stmanager@secrettheatre.com

Selected shows will be presented from March 9th - March 18th

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