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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Theatre of Others Audio New Play Festival 2022


Deadline: February 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST

The Theatre of Others is seeking submissions of 20-30 minute plays for its second annual Audio New Play Festival, which will be produced in September and October 2022. 

This year’s prompt is “FIFTY YEARS FROM NOW.” You may interpret the prompt broadly - your play exploring whatever themes it generates for you.

Plays will be released on a weekly basis via The Theatre of Others Podcast, which can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and all your favorite podcast platforms. 

If your play is chosen, you will be responsible for your own rehearsals and production. 

The Theatre of Others will provide assistance with casting, dramaturgy, and/or technical design, and will help connect you with the artists you need to round out your team, be that a director, designer, or actors. You are welcome to assemble your own cast and crew; or, we are ready to assist you in this process as much or as little as you require.


The play must be crafted specifically for the audio play medium. Its sound design must be integral to the storytelling.

The piece must either be a brand new play or an existing play you’d like to significantly adapt to meet the needs of the audio play medium.

The play should still be under construction. That is, it should still be at a stage when the dramaturgical assistance The Theatre of Others has to offer can still be of help.

While we encourage broad interpretation, the play’s relationship to this year’s prompt, “FIFTY YEARS FROM NOW,” should be recognizable.

Each playwright may submit only one proposal. Playwrights who submit more than one proposal or script will be disqualified.

How to apply
Email your submission on or before February 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST to podcast@theatreofothers.com.

Submission should include the following:

Name of playwright and the working title of the play.

Name of director (if you have one at this time).

Names of any other artists currently attached to the project.

A 100-250 word synopsis of the play, including how it relates to the theme of FIFTY YEARS FROM NOW.

100-250 words on why this play is suited for the audio play format.

Please submit:

Resume for the playwright and director (if applicable).

A maximum 10-page writing sample. Playwrights who submit more than 10 pages will be disqualified. The sample can be either taken from a previous play or from the current proposed project. If the sample is from a previous play, please provide a 2-3 sentence synopsis of that play for context.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Premiere the Play – the Podcast – submissions now open for 2023 season


Deadline: January 17, 2022

“Premiere the Play” is a podcast featuring audio performances of new stage plays. The podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms. 


· Our goal is to fill our season with diversity, so all topics, time periods, cultures, etc. are welcome.

· English, however, must be the main language.

· The play must be an unproduced STAGE play (not radio play, screen play, or zoom play).

· The play should run no less than 30 mins and no more than 2 hours.

· Maximum cast size of 6.

· No musicals... yet...

· All elements of the play must be in the public domain and not under copyright.

· Stage directions that provide essential information will be included in the final episode so they must be clean and clear.

· Only one play may be submitted per playwright for each submission call period.

The plays will be chosen on a BLIND BASIS: All identifying information about the playwright will be removed before the play is distributed to our Play Selection Committee, thus ensuring that the plays are chosen based on the work itself and not the gender, race, age, etc. of the playwright.

Once chosen, each play will be cast, rehearsed, and recorded. The recordings will only be used on the podcast and for promotional purposes. Playwrights will be compensated 4% of net profits from the episode of their play.

As a theatre company with youth programs, our goal is for at least 50% of the season to not include explicit language.

Submission Instructions:

To submit, email the following to submissions@deanproductionstheatre.com:

· The complete script (.pdf or .doc only, please) with the playwright’s identifying information only on the title page

· A full Character Breakdown

· A synopsis

· The playwright’s name, address, email address, and phone number (won’t be seen by the Selection Committee)

For more information, visit www.DeanProductionsTheatre.com and find the audio-only podcast, Premiere the Play, on your favorite podcast platform.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Scripts Wanted For Podcast


Seeking scripts that suit an audio-only, dialogue-driven format for a new podcast, The Script Workshop Podcast.


These will be simple, no-frills recordings. Just the dialogue, no sound effects or anything. Playwrights will get full credit of course and copyright info will be included. No money is involved unfortunately. We may do multiple episodes of the same script with different casts.

Seeking scripts of all lengths but must be only two characters, one male and one female.

Please email to thescriptworkshoppodcast@gmail.com and please include in body of email that you give permission for us to use it for the podcast as described. You will of course be notified if we use it and sent the link to the episode when it's done.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Stories Found seeks submissions for podcast

web site

Got a funny story to share? We're actively seeking featured storytellers for the Stories Found podcast!

Each episode features weird, funny, and mostly true stories from... writers, playwrights, storytellers, and YOU.

What We're Looking For

We want your off the wall, absurd, and hilarious stories. The odd situations that you stumbled into the middle of, your weird encounters with other humans, or your embarrassing, but cathartic moments. We want to hear all about it!

Look, it's been a long pandemic and we're trapped at home in Austin, Texas, and we're tired of hearing our own stories. SEND US YOURS!

We love stories, but we're also happy to accept your funny 10 minute plays, sketches, poems, etc. If it's funny and can be recorded, we want it. Send it to submissions@storiesfound.com

How Does This Work?

1. Submit your story to us at submissions@storiesfound.com

2. If your story is a great fit, we'll reach out and tell you how awesome and funny you are.

3. Record your story.
You can record your story on your own and send us the file (we can help!)
OR, we will help you record the story, play, or sketch via an audio-only Zoom session.
OR, If you have a recording from a prior performance, we can use that too (as long as you own the rights) and will be happy to get it podcast-ready for you.

4. We'll set up a time for a short recorded interview about you and your story.

5. That's it, you're famous now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a professional writer or storyteller to submit a story?
Nope! Some of the funniest stories we've ever heard have come from people with no background in writing or performance.

My story is funny, but also serious. Is that okay?
Of course! Just because a story is funny doesn't mean that it can't have a heart or an important lesson was learned. Send it over!

Do you want me to submit a summary or a fully written story? What file type?
Either is fine. We prefer to see a full story, but a summary is fine as long as you can let us the know the overall arc and why the story is funny. Feel free to submit your story in the body of the email or as an attached Word file or PDF. We're also willing to listen to audio files. Send us a link to it or let us know if you have a large file and we will tell you how to get it to us.

Am I telling the story live to you while you record it?
Not unless you want to! Most stories are recorded on your own time, in the privacy of your own home and then sent to us. It's so easy. Do it in one take or 50, it's up to you.

Can I send you a prior recording of one of my stories/performances?
Yes! As long as you own the rights to the recording (or can get permission), then we'd LOVE to use your prior recording.

Can I have an audience while recording my story?
Sure! Feel free to record your story in front of other people and bask in their laughs and applause, OR if we are helping you record your story, we can include a few extra people in the Zoom session as an audience.

Never told a story before and you need help or encouragement?
No problem! Ava is a public speaking/performance coach and she'd be happy to give you some free pointers. We can walk you through the process from outline to recording. You can do this! We want your story! Email Ava at hello@storiesfound.com

Got a question we didn't answer?
Contact us!

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Theatre Viscera podcast seeks plays about gender

web site

Deadline: August 31, 2021 5PM - or once they receive 100 submissions


We accept plays written by queer playwrights for a queer cast, about queer characters. You can send us full length plays, one acts, or a collection of shorter works. Total submissions should be 20 pages or longer. We are not accepting musicals at this time.

Send us pdfs or word docs of your script(s).

Your submission should include a character breakdown and short synopsis of your piece(s).

Your piece must be formatted appropriately, standard play format is preferred, but if your piece requires weird stuff we support that.

We have a preference for newer or unproduced works.

Plays must be paginated.

Please limit submissions to 1 per playwright.

Theatre Viscera reserves the right to reject any manuscript for any reason.



Please email submissions to theatreviscera@gmail.com

For more playwriting opportunities, check out https://playsubmissionshelper.com/

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Broadway Book Club seeks plays for livestream/podcast

Facebook page

The Broadway Book Club is a livestream / podcast event that has a community of over 120 members that engage with and correspond about all things theatrical.

We are looking for play submissions to be read by our ensemble of actors as a way to celebrate theatre digitally and engage with community. We are only seeking full play submissions and will coordinate with the dramatist concerning the use and representation of their work. After conversations, your play (when selected) will be featured as one of our Plays of the Month, and a portion of the play will be live streamed for our followers to see and experience your work.

This is not yet a paid gig, but as we grow our followers and account, we plan on paying writers as early as next year for their selected plays. Should you know anyone who would want to invest and financially help our artists, please send them our way!! We look forward to your play submissions. If you have any questions email us at hello@ryco.org.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Garden of Voices: a Podcast Theatre Troupe is looking for script submissions

Facebook page
No deadline

We are a new podcast aiming to create theatre in a purely audio format, similar to classic radio shows. We are currently in the rehearsal process for our first two episodes and looking to find more writers interested in getting involved. As this is an ongoing process, there is no deadline.

Plays should be at least 15 minutes, and no more than 1 hour long. They can be on any subject, although scripts that address current issues in society are a plus. You can submit as many plays as you want.

Each play we produce will be performed once in a live event on Zoom prior to being released as an episode across various podcast platforms. Writers whose scripts are chosen will receive 10% of all profits made from their plays.

We can be found primarily through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/thegardenofvoices) along with Twitter (@tgovpodcast) and Instagram (@thegardenofvoices)

Submissions should be uploaded here in Word or PDF format. You will hear back within a week or two of your submission regarding any next steps.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Winters Theatre Company 10-Minute Play Festival

web site

Deadline: November 6, 2020, 5:00pm PST



You must complete one application for every 10-minute play you submit.

Limit of 3 play submissions per playwright (one form per play).

While we would like nothing more than to host this festival in front of a live audience, we realize that this will be unlikely given the current pandemic. As a result, we are planning to continue the second annual Winters Theatre Company (WTC) 10-minute play festival in an online podcast format (audio only), which will be made available in 2 acts of 4 plays each, similar in format to the live performances last year. For many of us, this is a new approach to directing, acting, and managing a theatrical performance. Be sure to review the new set of rules and requirements to ensure that this new format will work for you. General information about the festival format is listed on page 4.


1. Any play submission must come directly from the original playwright/author of the play. Both scripts that have been produced previously, or not produced before, are eligible for submission.

2. Any author who does not intend to direct the play must have someone identified as the director for the 10-minute play festival.

3. The director will be responsible for coordinating their own rehearsal schedules and format, auditions, and casting. WTC will not be coordinating any live auditions; however WTC will be willing to assist in putting out a call for auditions if the director is interested in this.

4. Every play must be fully performed (including all additional audio sources such as music and other sound effects) in 10-minutes or less.

5. The recorded performances will be audio only. This will be a factor in the play selection decisions, and directors will need to consider this as they are casting and rehearsing each play.

6. The director is responsible for securing all additional sounds effects required for the recording of their play.

7. WTC will not provide technical assistance or software for virtual rehearsal space. This must be coordinated by the director of the play.

8. WTC will manage the recordings, editing and publishing of the final work.

9. You must be 18 years of age or older to submit an application for the 10-minute play festival.

10. All roles and members of the cast in the 10-minute play selections must be 18 years of age or older and we encourage play submissions to have 3 or fewer roles given the audio format.

11. There is a limit of 3 play submissions per author for the 10-minute play festival.

12. You must complete the application form on page 3 to the email addresses below.

Please submit a PDF of the full script, with this completed application form, to:

amkormos@gmail.com and jimhewlett@yahoo.com

The application and script must be received on or before 11/6/2020 at 5:00pm PST.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Latest Draft podcast seeks short musicals

Facebook page

Deadline: October 30, 2020


Calling all musical theatre writers: Submission for Season 2 of @thelatestdraft are officially OPEN! Submit your 10-20 min musical or MT song for a chance to be featured on a future episode.

-Short-form musicals (10 to 30 minutes)
-Stand-alone songs (not from a show)

Friday, October 2, 2020

Premiere the Play, The Podcast seeks submissions

web site

Deadline: October 23, 2020

Coming Spring 2021, Premiere the Play is a podcast featuring dramatic readings of new stage plays.
Submissions are now open for our first season.

  • Our goal is to fill our season with diversity, so all topics, time periods, cultures, etc. are welcome.
  • English, however, must be the main language.
  • The play must be an unproduced STAGE play (not radio play, screen play, or zoom play)
  • The play should run no less than 30 mins and no more than 2 hours
  • Maximum cast size of 6
  • No musicals... yet...
  • Stage directions that provide essential information will be included in the reading so they must be clean and clear.
The plays will be chosen on a BLIND BASIS: All identifying information about the playwright will be removed before the play is distributed to our Play Selection Committee, thus ensuring that the plays are chosen based on the work itself and not the gender, race, age, etc. of the playwright.

Once chosen, each play will be cast, rehearsed, and recorded. The recordings will only be used on the podcast and for promotional purposes. No compensation will be given to the playwright, however, on each episode, we will encourage producers to contact us if they are interested in producing the work. We will then connect the playwright with interested potential producers.

As a theatre company with youth programs, our goal is for at least 50% of the season to not include explicit language.

Submission Instructions:
  • To submit, email the following to submissions@deanproductionstheatre.com:
  • The complete script with the playwright’s identifying information only on the title page
  • A full Character Breakdown
  • A synopsis
  • The playwright’s name, address, email address, and phone number (won’t be seen by the Selection Committee)

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Stories Found seeks 10-minute plays

web site

Stories Found is currently accepting submissions of funny 10-minute plays for our new podcast. We've moved our staged comedy shows to the safe, germ-free world of digital storytelling!

Missing theatre? So are we.

So, we've launched a new bi-weekly podcast to help your plays and stories safely reach audiences during the pandemic.

Submission Info
  • We're looking for comedies! 
  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • Plays should be in the 10-minute range, but we are open to longer or shorter plays.
  • No fee. 
  • Open to all playwrights.
Your submission should be sent by email with the script/story attached as a PDF
Because of the podcast format, the fewer stage directions the better, but we are open to reading AT RISE and some directions as needed to enhance the listeners' understanding of the play.
You may submit a prior audio/video recording (as long as you own the rights).
We are currently accepting plays, sketches, and personal stories.
Send submissions to: submissions@storiesfound.com

Questions? Reach out to hello@storiesfound.com or read the FAQ on our submissions page here: https://storiesfound.com/submissions/

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Theatre Viscera seeks podcasts for reading series

web site

Deadline:  September 25th, 2020 at 5:00pm PT

Our Submission period for plays for the Podcast Readings opens Sunday June 21st, 2020 at 5:00pm PT and will close Friday September 25th, 2020 at 5:00pm PT.

We are only able to accept the first 100 submissions, upon which the submission period will close. If we reach our cap of 100 submissions before the stated close date of Friday September 25th, we will make an announcement on our website and social media that the contest will close the following day at 5:00pm PT.

As the situation with the Coronavirus and COVID-19 continues to develop, we are moving to virtual work for the time being in order to continue our commitment to telling queer stories while focusing on the health and safety of our community. We are therefore accepting submissions for the 2021 Podcast season with Theatre Viscera. We are looking for pieces that will read well in a podcast format, but we are not producing Radio Plays. This is a great opportunity to send us weird work that might be “less producible” because of strange conventions or unique storytelling.

At this time we are accepting only one submission per playwright.

Submissions may be full length plays, a collection of one acts totally no more than 100 minutes reading time, or a collection of 10 minute plays totally no more than 100 minutes reading time. Submissions must be between 60-100 minutes of reading time, or about 60-100 pages of formatted script.

For collections of one acts or 10 minute plays, we are accepting collaborations as long as the individual pieces have a through line of plot, theme, or theatrical device.

We are not accepting musicals at this time.

We have a preference for pieces with modest cast lists (8 characters or less.)

We have a preference for pieces that tell stories of trans and GNC characters, as well as stories at the intersections of oppression; disabled queer characters, BIPOC queer characters, etc.

We are looking for plays by queer artists, about queer characters, for queer actors.

For your submission please include:
  • A cover page with a brief synopsis and cast breakdown
  • Your full script as a PDF or Word Doc formatted appropriately
  • Your artist bio and contact information, including your pronouns

Email submissions to theatreviscera@gmail.com and use subject line “Podcast Play Submission”

For more playwriting opportunities, check out https://playsubmissionshelper.com/

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Painkiller Project podcast seeks work

web site

Deadline: May 7, 2020 10PM

The Painkiller Project is a fortnightly playwriting competition with a small £150 prize for each winning play.

The winning play will be produced and released the following week as a podcast (available here). The winning playwright will also get the chance to have a "video coffee" with a line-up of established theatre makers over the coming weeks including Laura Wade, Ryan Craig, Anne-Louise Sarks and David Eldridge.

​We hope that the repetitive nature of the competition helps to make the project feel collaborative and cyclical - like theatre.

We hope this a good idea, it may not be - we don't know. If it works, however, we hope to improve it/keep it going every week that theatres in the UK remain closed.

We have already raised some money to get the project off the ground. If people like this idea and it grows, we hope to pay everyone else involved in the project. For this to happen, in the long run, we are going to be reliant on the generosity of others.

If you can afford to donate, or if you know anyone who might want to donate to the continuation of the project there are two options:

You can make a one-off donation through PayPal.me

Or, you can become a patron to the project through Patreon. This allows you to make a donation that would be repeated each time a new winning play is released, fortnightly.
Become a Patron
It would mean the world to us and allow us to make more work.

Any money raised will go exclusively towards the winning playwrights, designers, readers and actors.

Finally, please give us lots of feedback and let us know if you have any other questions - we want to make this something that feels like a collaborative experience that works for everyone who wants to be involved.

To get updates about The Painkiller Project you can subscribe to Bitter Pill's mailing list.

​Thank you for your support and spread the word!

The infomation.

Our next submssion window will be from Monday 4th May (10am) until Thursday 7th May (10pm) - please send to bitterpilltheatre@gmail.com

All submissions should be done with the following form attached. Download here. We encourage you to use a pen name. Plays should be written for 1 or 2 actors.

On Sunday 10th May we will announce one play that will become a podcast the following week, we will also release a shortlist this time.

The winner will receive £150 upfront. We will try to give feedback to as many plays as possible but will only give it if we think it is helpful rather than for the sake of it - we don't have all (or even many) of the answers!

Each winning play will be produced (in audio form) and released online approximately 1 week on from being announced as the winner.

Each winner will also have the chance to have a video coffee with an established theatre maker.

The method.
  • Using recording equipment and by working with innovative sound designers!
  • The plays will be rehearsed over online video technology, recorded and then released.
  • Once all this is over, we would hope to bring the winning plays together for some kind of physical event. 
The twist(s).

We are looking for short plays. Plays should between 500 and 1500 words.

For now, all plays need to be performable by a maximum of 2 actors.

All plays should have been written post 20 March 2020 (the day most theatre buildings closed in the UK). We also request you do not submit more than one play per submission window.
Plays with the following words included within them will still be considered but we wonder whether it might be a good idea to avoid them:

social distancing, coronavirus, COVID, the virus, self-isolation, self-isolate, antibody test, quarantine, ventilators, Chris Whitty, herd immunity, Lombardy, Wuhan, flattening the curve, stay at home, vaccine, Dyson, lockdown, Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, pandemic, super spreader, Keir Starmer, antibody test, Houseparty (the app), Zoom (the app), Skype, shielding, Donald Trump, mortality rate, Matt Hancock, stock-piling, toilet paper (within the context of stock-piling), symptoms, asymptomatic, a new or continuous cough, PPE clothing, Sweden, Governor Cuomo, face mask.

Please note we're not suggesting you try and write a play about coronavirus which simply excludes these words. You can write about absolutely anything and it is probably inevitable that the state of things will influence everything and everyone at the moment. Tackling the subject head-on, however, and writing "The Resistible Rise of Rishi Sunak" or "Waiting for Herd Immunity" might be a bit premature!

Best of luck writing, and we hope people find this interesting! Let's try and make some plays. @BitterTheatre on Twitter for updates.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Playing on Air’s 2020 James Stevenson Prize for Comedic Short Plays

web site

Deadline: April 26, 2020
In his cartoons for The New Yorker, James Stevenson told stories about the human comedy with energy and economy. Returning for its third consecutive year, Playing on Air’s Stevenson Prize will honor three original comedies that perpetuate Mr. Stevenson's spirit and wit, bringing the finest new American short plays to a national audience.

The Prize is made possible through the generosity and vision of Josie Merck, James Stevenson's wife. For submission details, read on below.

$6,000 award, plus a Playing on Air recording of the winning play for radio and podcast distribution

$3,000 award

$1,000 award

Playing on Air invites writers to submit a short comedic play of 10-25 pages (not counting title page).
One submission will be accepted per entrant. Additional entries will disqualify the writer.

All entries must be original, unpublished, and unproduced plays. For more information about our working definition of “unproduced,” scroll down to our STEVENSON FAQs section.

Even in revised form, plays that have been previously submitted to the Stevenson Prize competition or to Playing on Air are ineligible.


Please submit your script as a PDF with title page (with no author information), 12pt font, 1 inch margins on every side, and numbered pages.

All submissions will be judged "blind." Uploaded scripts should not include the author's name, representation, or any identifying information. All author information should be provided via submission form, linked below. 

Submissions will be judged for literary merit, originality, and humor. 2020 Guest Judges will be announced after submissions have closed.

We’re particularly excited about plays that embrace the creative possibilities of storytelling through sound and language. Your play may include brief moments of music, but it shouldn’t be a musical. We’re unable to accept any supplementary tracks or audio files.

Special consideration will be given to the script’s suitability for audio recording and public radio broadcast.

Single-character monologues and plays that rely on the extensive use of a chorus, stage directions, or visual elements are discouraged.

Please do not include sound design cues or instructions beyond standard stage directions.

We strongly encourage you to listen to recent Playing on Air episodes by subscribing to the Playing on Air podcast on your favorite app. Two of 2019’s winning plays, HUMAN RESOURCES by Jason Gray Platt and THE CLAM by Amanda Quaid, will premiere as part of the Spring 2020 podcast season. 

Submissions will only be accepted through the digital form below, which opens on February 27, 2020.

The Preliminary Submission Period will run from February 27, 2020 - April 26, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. During this period, there is no submission fee. We strongly encourage playwrights to submit their work well ahead of April 26 to avoid the extended deadline fee.

The Extended Submission Period will run from April 27, 2020 - May 15, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. During this period, a $5 fee will be applied to every submission. No exceptions will be made to this deadline.

*Why this new system? As the Stevenson Prize competition grows, we’re committed to keeping this opportunity accessible to all playwrights. We’re also committed to paying every reader, judge, staff member, and intern involved, as we have in previous years. $5 submission fees in the Extended Period will cover a small part of that fair compensation for the artists who make the Stevenson Prize possible.

Entrants must be at least 21 years of age by May 15, 2020. By entering, playwrights consent to Playing on Air’s recording and distribution of any winning plays.

Past winners may not submit.

Due to number of entries, Playing on Air cannot provide feedback on any individual script.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Onstage/Offstage Seeks Postponed/Cancelled Short Plays for Podcast

web site

Deadline: 11:59PM TUESDAY, APRIL 8.

As some of you may be aware, Onstage/Offstage is a podcast that, in its eight years of production, has interviewed theatre artists from across the globe and from all aspects of theatre life.  Right now we're somewhere around 125 episodes, some of which have featured readings of short plays.

In light of the negative effects of COVID-19, I want to bring back our play readings for the next few months.

As of April 1 I will be soliciting short plays—but only short plays that were scheduled to have been produced but were cancelled due to theatres suspending their programs.

We believe that folks who got lucky once should have a second chance to have their work produced, at least on some level.

Only plays that follow the following guidelines will be considered for production:

  • Your play must have been selected either for a production at a theatre that solicited work in an open-to-the-public opportunity or through NPX tagging or as a selection at a major conference which has since cancelled its program. All production dates would have had to be in calendar year 2020. Please provide verification of your work's acceptance;
  • Plays must run no longer than 15 minutes;
  • Two, three, or four characters;
  • No plays with excessive foul language (our shows are broadcast over public radio). Selected plays will be broadcast on WRFI 88.1 Ithaca Community Radio and podcasted on our web site (www.onstageoffstage.org) and iTunes.
  • Submissions will aired/be available as podcast on a date TBD.
  • Submissions are welcome by email ONLY from 12:01AM WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 to 11:59PM TUESDAY, APRIL 8. Send submissions to: sapiogeorge@gmail.com. The email message header must read OSOS Play submission/ Second Chance/ YOUR LAST NAME/ PLAY TITLE.
  • Selected plays will be cast, rehearsed, and recorded by Onstage/Offstage personnel.
  • Playwrights must agree to do a short interview via Skype at a mutually convenient time to accompany their play.
  • Please do not submit plays that require extensive reading of stage directions. We feel that the work should be overwhelmingly dialogue;
  • But on the other hand, no monologues.
  • No overly excessive language. Not that we are against strong language in a work, but I have to bleep it for public airwave broadcast. I leave it au naturel for the podcast;
  • Plays MUST BE IN PDF FORM with playwright contact and cast/tech/set info on cover page, and pages numbered. (You'd be surprised. No, really, you would.)
  • Please title your PDF documents in the following form: YOUR LAST NAME Play title.
  • No more than ONE submission per author.
  • By submitting, you agree to let Onstage/Offstage produce, air, and podcast your work. No worries: you will have prominent credit.
  • We cannot afford to pay you. We do regret this, as artists should be reimbursed for their craft. But we are a shoestring operation (my wife has banished me to the garage) and without funding. We hope that the podcast with your interview and produced work will suffice.
  • Again: please address submissions and inquiries to: sapiogeorge@gmail.com
  • By submitting you state agreement to all of the above conditions.

Sunday, February 23, 2020


web site

For Season Six, we are looking for plays exclusively written by Queer (LGBTQIA+) playwrights*.

As we believe there are as many distinctive styles and voices as there are playwrights, we remain open to a wide range of plays that will engage audiences in an intimate setting and on a podcast format. We see our recordings as a fun collaborative effort among us, the playwright, the directors, the musicians and the actors!

Before you send in your play for consideration, please either attend a live episode recording or take a listen to one of our episodes AND read our FAQs on submissions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please email submissions@theparsnipship.com.

*Queer People of Color and Trans + Non-Binary folx are highly encouraged to apply!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Panglossian Productions seeking 10-minute plays for podcast

web site

Panglossian Productions is seeking 10-minute plays for our new podcast, the Best of All Possible Podcast.  The biweekly podcast showcases short new plays by putting them up for cold reads with a carefully selected and talented cast. Afterwards, the panel (typically consisting of the moderator, cast, a theatre professional or special guest) discuss the play, the topics it raises, possible staging scenarios, or whatever the panel decides to discuss.

Here is what you need to know:
-The submission process is ongoing.  As long as the podcast is running, we are happy to receive submissions
-You may submit more than one play (as long as you feel that it is worthwhile, submit it)
-Plays must be approximately 10-minutes in length (you can still submit one-act or full length plays through literary@panglossian.org for our Plays In Progress series, but they will not be considered for the podcast)
-You will be notified via email if your play is selected to be featured in a podcast
-Submissions should be emailed in PDF format to literary@panglossian.org and contain the following information
1. Playwright name
2. Playwright contact information including email address
3. A brief statement about the playwright and the piece itself (be creative, but honest)
-If you would like to listen to the first two seasons, you can find them on iTunes
-If you have further questions, please email them to literary@panglossian.org

Why are we doing this?
According to our namesake, the dementedly optimistic Dr. Pangloss, “All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.”

Most of the time, the world falls short.  As any young artist who decides to build a life in the performing arts discovers, it’s hard to get experience without already having it. It’s even harder to convince people to take a gamble on new works and innovative ideas, no matter how exciting they may be.

What’s safe is always… well… safe.  And that’s fine.  But safe things don’t ignite passion in us.  They don’t make us catch our breath or question how we live or want to go running into the streets to tell people what we’ve seen.  So, we choose projects that take risks and that are worth the risk.

We exist in order to boldly and thoughtfully create:

• Unpretentious productions that challenge our audience without patronizing them.
• Opportunities for talented and dedicated young artists to gain meaningful experience.
• Development of new, innovative, substantive, and semi-crazy artistic ventures.

Visit us online at panglossian.org or find Panglossian Productions on facebook.

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Upstage Podcast

web site

We're working to launch this podcast in September 2019.

Readers: If you live in the Philadelphia area, and want to be a reader, send us an email. Make sure to tell us about yourself.

Playwrights: Submit your play! Send it to us, and tell us about yourself as a human, why you love theatre, or what makes your face light up.

As a small note: Please consider your privilege before submitting. If you've been successful as a writer, remember that the goal of this podcast is to make room for and hand the mic over to new voices.

Email us at theupstagepodcast@gmail.com.

Deadline: July 15, 2019

Friday, January 18, 2019

NYCPlaywrights Podcast seeks 10-minute romantic comedies

The theme for the next NYCPlaywrights Podcast is "romantic comedy."
  • The play must be romantic in the sense of romantic love - not only sex.
  • The play doesn't have to be uproariously funny to be a romantic comedy but must have a happy ending - or at least not a downbeat or cynical ending.
  • Romantic comedies involving couples who are not heterosexual are welcome.
  • The Podcast pays actors for their performances - having many characters will count against your play due to the expense. And 10-minute plays usually work best with fewer characters.
These are the submission rules:
  • The deadline is Sunday, January 27, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • There is no fee for submission 
  • The script must be a romantic comedy.
  • The play can be no longer than ten pages (not counting title, list of characters etc.)
  • Only one submission per playwright.
  • The submission should be sent by email, with the script itself as a file attached to the email as a PDF file.
  • Send the script to hello@playwrightspodcast.com
  • All rights will remain with the playwright.
  • The script must be submitted by the author of the script, no agents or others may submit. 
  • Make sure you have your name and your email address on the script. 
  • The play may be submitted by any writer in the world but must be in English - non English phrases or words are fine but please include English translation.
  • It's OK if the play has been produced before. But not published.
  • The NYCPlaywrights decision is final.
  • We will notify submitters of the decision and announce the winning play on the NYCPlaywrights Podcast web site by Sunday February 3, 2018.
  • A recording of the selected play will be included in the next NYCPlaywrights Podcast.

We did a staged readings of eight romantic comedies in 2015 for a previous "Take Back the Rom Com" - you can see the web page for that here.

We recommend you listen to a podcast episode before submitting - especially to the segment in the "Rants and Raves" podcast where we talk about what makes a ten-minute play good.

If you have any questions write to us at hello@playwrightspodcast.com

Saturday, January 12, 2019

London Theatre Podcast seeks monologues

web site

Playwrights, we’re looking for new writing to be performed as part of our 2019 season for The London Theatre Podcast! One minute monologues centred around the theme of: New Year, same me.

The selected piece will be performed and broadcast during an upcoming episode in January 2019. 

Email your submission by Sunday 13th January to thelondontheatrepodcast@gmail.com Best of luck & happy new year!

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