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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Please join us during Pride Weekend for HOLD YR TERROR CLOSE

 Please join us during Pride Weekend for this profound, galaxy spanning production of

HOLD     YR       TERROR       CLOSE.

June 24th & 25th at 9:30

A World Premiere through The Tank’s Pridefest, this show was originally developed in residency at Target Margin Theater.

HYTC delivers innovative storytelling incorporated with tactful, experimental practice.

This star studded, sentimental piece is a heedful warning, delivering a contemporary foretelling of fame, privacy, and queer terror and love amidst the apocalypse.

If you’re excited about the next wave of innovative theatremakers, and a Gen Z defining work, come to celebrate Pride with us!

Check us out in American Theatre and BroadwayWorld! 
Full run details below:


@ The Tank’s PRIDEFest
Saturday, June 24th @9:30pm
Sunday, June 25th @9:30pm

Ohio, a queer popstar, is called into space to save the world and leave behind her loving and level-headed partner, Maria.  A queer, genre-bending one act exploring how to embrace the wickedly dangerous subliminal space of profound and intimate love.

Written by Dani Wilder (@oobbbbitsawildworld)
Directed by Adrian Costa (@the.real.adrian.costa)
Produced by @hazelnutdog and Developed under residency @targetmargin


Ohio: Javen Lara (@sexistential_crisis)
Maria: Lorena Peralta (@p.s.lorena)
Carmella: Ella Baldwin (@hazelnutdog)
Helen: Avis Zane (@avis.zane)

💡& 🎪: Jolien Louis (@louis_jolien)
SM 👩🏽‍💻 : Lucas Nascimento (@letmelucas)
Lighting & Set Designer: @nirvana_bound
Poster Co-Designer: Mango Chardiet (@mango_chardiet)

Limited comp tickets are available to those who express interest and/or need, please reach out!

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