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Monday, January 11, 2021

Playwrights Center Core Writer Program 2021-24

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Deadline: January 21, 2021

The Core Writer Program is a three-year appointment designed to support a diverse group of playwrights who demonstrate a sustained body of work, commitment, and artistic excellence. The program is available to emerging and established writers nationally and offers significant resources intended to further a playwright's career. 

The Core Writer program gives 25-35 of the most exciting playwrights from across the country the time and tools to develop new work for the stage. All Core Writers receive play development workshops with the Center, in collaboration with prominent directors, actors, dramaturgs, and designers. All writers are paid for their workshop time. Core Writers are eligible to be included in our formal season of public readings: the PlayLabs festival and the Ruth Easton New Play Series. 

Core Writers are also promoted by the Center and provided opportunities through an extensive network of colleges and universities, cultural institutions, and producing theaters. Each term is three years; Core Writers may reapply for additional terms. 

Applicants must reside in and have the legal right to work in the U.S. It is not required for an applicant to have had professional productions in order to apply. However, please note that this program is highly competitive and is designed for committed professional playwrights who are pursuing playwriting as their primary career. Students enrolled in a full-time educational program are not eligible. The Core Writer term will be July 1, 2021-June 30, 2024.

Apply Now

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Experimental Theater Writing Workshop - Winter 2021

Seeking female or female-identifying experimental writers for the Winter 2021 Experimental Theater Writing Workshop. This is a series of ten Zoom classes/workshops held every Tuesday evening from 01/12 - 03/23. Classes will consist of discussions of homework material; prompt assignment; readings of work generated in class. The last class will consist of final presentations.

Traditional views of playwriting strategies are rooted in higher-level cognitive functions, i.e., reasoning and empathy. While those strategies can lead the playwright to powerful modes of representation on the stage, is this the sum total of the spectator experience? Are there other methods that can enhance the experience of the theatre spectator? If we are seeking a comprehensive ability to engage spectators, we might continue our search for other techniques that allow us to create comprehensive experiences for those spectators.

The goals of this course are: 1) to gain additional theater writing techniques which expand the writer’s current theatrical repertoire; 2) to investigate writing techniques as a representation of a writer’s response to the world; and 3) to strengthen a connection between theatre and various other arts forms.

  • Only 1 submission per playwright
  • 2 samples—one realistic, one experimental. Each sample is up to 10 pages only. 
  • Title page on each sample (realistic and experimental) should contain:
    • title
    • this text: “Realistic Sample” OR “Experimental Sample”
    • name
    • contact info
  • Second page should contain:
    • Character breakdown
    • setting
    • time
  • • file name of realistic play should read: titleOfPlay_lastname_real.pdf
  • • file name of experimental play should read: titleOfPlay_lastname_exp.pdf
Writers will be selected based on the nature of the work submitted and availability. By realistic, we mean work that abides by traditional modes of realism—i.e., human characters in a psychological drama. By experimental, we mean work that challenges the conventional elements of theater. If selected, the fee is $300. This will cover the cost of actors for the readings.

Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdm1PsMReYKcwZsYAu92P4Byg9D2T4gHapqvwoL7UAQBDTf0Q/viewform?usp=sf_link

Deadline: Jan 4th, 2021 5 pm.

Web: www.suzannewillett.com

FB: @etww19

Monday, November 2, 2020

Chain Theatre Now Accepting Submissions for 2021 Playwriting Lab

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Deadline: December 20, 2020

Chain Theatre continues its commitment to developing new plays by diverse artists and underrepresented voices through the 2021 Chain Playwriting Lab.

  • All playwrights must be NYC based artists. 
  • Must be part of an under-represented community in the arts. Female identifying, a person of color, LGBTQ, or trans artists are encouraged to apply. 
  • Must be full length plays. 70 pages or more with a completed draft. 
  • Playwright must have all necessary rights. 

Application Process:

Applications will be accepted Nov 2, 2020 – Dec 20, 2020. Free to submit and participate. 
  • Include the following with your submission:
  • Resume and Bio. 
  • History of where the play has been previously produced or developed.
  • PDF Attachment of your play. It must be a completed draft. 
  • Include a synopsis of your play.
  • Must be available fora virtual interview.
SUBMIT TO: lab@chaintheatre.org

The Chain Playwriting Lab is an intensive, multi-week, highly collaborative process. All playwrights must be NYC-based artists and part of an underrepresented community. Female identifying, persons of color, LGBTQ, or trans artists are highly encouraged to apply. Plays must be full length (70 pages or more) with all necessary rights provided by the playwright. The Lab is completely free to submit and participate.

Applications will be accepted now through December 20th 2020. Announcements will be made January 5th 2021. For detailed information and requirements, visit: www.chaintheatre.org

The Chain Theatre venue located at 312 W. 36th St, NY 10018 has been closed since March 17th 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the current restrictions mandated by the government, all rehearsals and meetings will take place virtually. The Chain Theatre is following state health and government mandates regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our artists and patrons is priority. Following the 6-week Intensive, a free Virtual Reading will be available online to the public.

“From my first meeting with THE CHAIN, I knew that I'd never been in a better, more supportive arena for a playwright. With them running alongside me, I found renewed love and purpose for a piece that I'd all but given up on, and I couldn't be prouder of the work we did together.” – G.D. Kimble 2020 Playwright.

For more information on the leadership, requirements, and how to apply visit: www.chaintheatre.org Further questions may be sent to Managing Director, Rick Hamilton: rick@variationstheatregroup.com.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Play Incubation Collective

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Play Incubation Collective, an emerging centerpiece of new play development in Western New England, is a collective of empowered theater artists centering stories that challenge the dominant cultural paradigm. We are seeking rolling submissions of full length and short plays and musicals from creators interested in developing lasting working relationships with our collective of artists.

This is a play development opportunity. We work in a non-hierarchical, collaborative play development process where PIC artists (a collective of theater makers from a variety of disciplines) work with the writer to further develop and fine-tune their piece. There may be opportunity for a workshop or production at the culmination of the development process.

To be eligible for development with PIC, your piece must be unpublished and actively seeking development opportunities. 

You do not have to have a fully completed draft to be considered. While we do accept submissions from any location, we highly value collaborating with local artists and prioritize writers and writing teams local to Western New England or able to travel to the area (when we are no longer in a pandemic.) 

Please review the "Mission" and "Values" sections on our webpage (www.rachelfhirsch.com/pic) to get a sense of the stories we are interested in telling before submitting. 

When you are ready to submit, you may do so at https://forms.gle/tef6UBMSmxsBTkeS7 or follow the link on the webpage. You will be able to upload a pdf or word document via that link.

If you have more than one script you would like to submit, you must fill out subsequent forms. There is no submission fee and, as you will be working with our in-house PIC artists, you need not self-produce. Please reach out to rachelhir@gmail.com with any questions.

Monday, September 28, 2020

6 week playwriting intensive for women+ writers

Less than 18% of all plays produced in the US are written by women. Without the vision of women playwrights the theatre is like a play without a second act. This is the impetus behind the Playwriting Intensive for Women. Award winning playwright and Guerrilla Girl, Donna Kaz aka Aphra Behn, leads this 6 week intensive where just 6 to 8 intergenerational women+ writers will meet weekly to write and rewrite new plays (from 10 minutes to full length). Writers will submit new work or rewrites every other week, receive feedback and participate in class discussions using the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process. 

Now is the time to put pen to paper or brush off that final draft document of a stage play. Something stops you from finishing your work and submitting it. You are a bit fearful of your writing because there is a certain power in it. Yep, you possess power in a patriarchal world and that’s, well, that’s revolutionary. This intensive is for you – women, transwomen, and all who identify as women some of the time – who write for the stage but for whatever reason have put those pages to the side. It is time to step it up. We are in the middle of a pandemic and there’s an election coming up. Is the current state of women making you sad, angry and/or depressed? Then write a play about it. 

The intensive takes place via ZOOM for 6 weeks beginning October 8th. You will receive weekly critiques of each play submission from Kaz and the rest of the cohort. 

APPLY HERE: https://kazconference.submittable.com/submit/5cfd3584-405a-4923-8116-37124d5de40f/playwriting-intensive-for-women-october-november

Friday, September 18, 2020

Applications are open for GTG’s 2020-2021 Speakers’ Corner Writers’ Group

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Deadline: September 30, 2020

Full-length sample play wanted

This season, Speakers’ Corner will meet remotely from late October, 2020 through June, 2021.

Member writers read and discuss a specific play by George Bernard Shaw before responding to Shaw’s work through targeted writing prompts. 

The writers’ new works needn’t be commentaries on Shaw or adaptations of Shaw’s work, but original works inspired by the ideas sparked by reading and discussing the initial Shaw play as a cohort. 

Speakers’ Corner writers then spend the remainder of the year developing these ideas into plays to be developed through readings and workshop labs. At monthly and bi-monthly meetings, writers share their work and receive constructive feedback from one another and from members of GTG’s artistic staff. 

The goal, ultimately, is to create play that will be fully produced as part of the GTG future seasons.

For more about Speakers' Corner and to apply, visit https://gingoldgroup.org/speakers-corner-new-works/

Named after the corner of London’s Hyde Park where Shaw and other political speakers have delivered speeches since 1855, GTG’s Speakers’ Corner brings together six to ten writers who spend the year exploring a specific Shaw play and writing new work in response to that text.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Generator seeks submissions

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Deadline: September 25, 2020

Original Idiots proudly invites playwrights to join the inaugural run of The Generator. The Generator will gather a group of artists to power new work from first drafts to production-ready scripts. It will culminate with a series of staged readings on an outdoor and socially-distant evening in the early summer of 2021.

To prepare exciting new scripts for the moment when the stages are ready for them.

To foster a safe and honest community of playwrights who may support each other and be supported through the process of completing their work.


Playwrights may submit a first or early draft of an unproduced play by September 25, 2020. The Generator is a commitment to a 9-month process of group workshops to be led by Danielle Carroll (Lead Dramaturg) and Matt Jacobs (Original Idiots Artistic Director). All workshops will take place over Zoom for as long as that is the safest way to do so. Workshops will be scheduled to meet the convenience of all parties, approximately every six weeks, leading to a series of staged readings in early summer 2021.

Playwrights will be notified by Friday, October 16, 2020 if their play has been selected for The Generator. The first workshop will be in November 2020.

Artists will be paid a stipend for the time we spend in workshops.

The culmination event, as well as any potential in-person meetings, will be held in Brooklyn, NY.

Please submit your script and resume to submissions@originalidiots.org by September 25, 2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Women’s Work Project Short Play Lab

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Deadline: October 4, 2020 Midnight

A unique process of developing scripts to production quality

Since its creation in 1994, NPTC Women’s Work Project has had the goal of not only helping to develop specific plays, but to support residents’ growth as accomplished and skilled playwrights—to give writers added tools in the practice of their craft and to strengthen their individual voices. Our focus has always been on bringing scripts to production quality.
NOTE: All LABs are currently be conducted virtually. If circumstances require that we continue in that format into 2021, we may amend our procedures.

Short Play Lab

The WOMEN’S WORK LAB for short plays provides a supportive and nurturing environment to emerging and mid-career women playwrights. Six members are selected each year, along with a similar number of directors. The LAB meets monthly (Sundays) from February through June, allowing for time in between sessions for writers to continue to develop and revise their work in response to feedback. Members are expected to bring work to each session beginning with the development of an original short play based upon an assigned theme.

Playwrights receive monthly feedback on their play from the LAB’s group of director/dramaturgs. In a process unique to NPTC, feedback is given in a unified manner so playwrights do not have conflicting advice about what to work on. NPTC’s approach creates a collaborative group from which members can draw inspiration and energy. Scripts are then produced in our annual Women's Work Short Play Festival.

Note: Playwrights may not solicit outside feedback during the development process.

Application Guidelines For Short Play Lab


Playwrights should apply by midnight, October 4, 2020 by sending the following as email attachments, with the email Subject Line “Women’s Work Application” to contact@nptnyc.org:

Please include:
  • a full resume, including specific information on your training as a writer (i.e. degree program, workshops, etc.) and website URL if applicable
  • a 10-15 page writing sample from a playscript 
  • a personal statement explaining your understanding of the purpose of the LAB and why you wish to be a member, including goals for your own growth and development if selected. Please include in this statement how you choose to be identified re: ethnicity and gender (she/they).

(Please note that ALL 3 items are required to be considered.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


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Deadline: September 15, 2020 5PM

OBJECT MOVEMENT is a residency program for developing new works by puppeteers and object theater artists. Object Movement supports the development new work and advances existing works-in-progress that address eternal human questions and the urgent challenges of our society today through puppetry and object theater, and produces an annual festival of performances. The Fall 2020 Digital Puppetry Lab will focus on the creative opportunities and challenges of making puppetry and object theater for a virtual audience with the tools of modern technology.

Eight participants will meet weekly on Zoom to share the questions they’re wrestling with and the discoveries they’ve made. Participants will take turns sharing works in progress and offering peer feedback, with moderation and support from the curators. Group meetings are on Tuesday evenings from 8:00pm to 9:30pm starting September 29, culminating in an online festival of “lab experiments” over four evenings, Thursday 11/19 through Sunday 11/22. The final meeting of the lab to reflect on the process will be on Tuesday, November 24.

Thanks to a grant from the Jim Henson Foundation, participants will each receive a performance fee of $100 for participation in the festival, as well as a share of the donations collected from the festival audience.

Artists may apply with a specific project in mind, or with topics and themes they want to explore. All work for the residency will be created for an online audience, and artists will perform a 5 to 10 minute piece developed during the residency at the festival.

Applications for the Fall 2020 Object Movement Digital Puppetry Lab are now open and are due on Friday, September 11 at 5pm. Applicants will be notified by Friday, September 17. Email us at objectmovement@centeratwestpark.org with any questions.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

FWO Libretto Workshop seeks submissions

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Deadline: September 14, 2020 at midnight

Frontiers: FWO Libretto Workshop is an exciting exploration of operatic storytelling, and the eighth installment of the company’s innovative new works showcase. Led by Pulitzer Prize and Grammy Award-winning librettist and lyricist Mark Campbell, this two-night online event will be held in front of a live Zoom audience. While the first seven installments of Frontiers highlighted thrilling new unproduced works-in-progress, the company’s latest workshop strips away the musical elements and focusses entirely upon the text of new operas in-the-making. In addition to Mr. Campbell’s presence, FWO’s workshop will feature a distinguished panel of librettists, composers, directors, and artists, including H├ęctor Armienta, Nicole Brooks, Octavio Cardenas, Blythe Gaissert, Alison Moritz, Rachel J. Peters, Kelley Rourke, and Talise Trevigne.

In creating this program, Fort Worth Opera wanted to provide librettists with a platform for dramaturgical development and assure the industry and opera lovers everywhere that the storytellers within this incredible art form would not be neglected during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company continues its commitment to supporting the creation of new works, and Frontiers: FWO Libretto Workshop will provide librettists with an exclusive opportunity to hone their craft. Not only will they experience passages of their libretto performed by professional actors, but they will receive real-time feedback from some of the top creative minds in opera. Librettists will also be able to obtain a recording of the Zoom workshop to assist them further in their compositional process.

This collaborative series is presented free of charge to all participating librettists and auditors. Donations of any amount are encouraged and accepted in support of Fort Worth Opera’s educational programming. Click HERE to learn more.


Librettists from the Americas (citizens or residents of North, Central, and South America, as well as associated territories) are eligible and invited to submit a libretto. All application materials must be submitted electronically through the Frontiers web portal. Six libretti will be selected and showcased. Works not selected will not be automatically reconsidered for future showcases.

Submissions will be accepted through Monday, September 14, 2020, at midnight. On Tuesday, September 29, six librettists will be chosen, and the winning selections will be publicly announced. Only completed libretti will be considered. Due to the online forum of this workshop, libretti must be in English, and submissions must include a synopsis. There is no fee for submissions. Fort Worth Opera retains the right to select fewer than six works for the showcase.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Crossroads Project: 2021 Diverse Voices Playwriting Initiative

web site

Deadline: August 15, 2020 11:59 PM Central Daylight Time
Normal IL

The 2021 Diverse Voices Playwriting Initiative welcomes submissions for full-length, unproduced plays by playwrights of color in accordance with the mission statement of the Crossroads Project (see below). A diverse panel of judges comprising of faculty, staff, and students will select one playwright as the winner of the contest.

The winning playwright will receive:
  • An invitation to Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, IL for a one-week new play development workshop, culminating in a public staged reading. The playwright may also be invited to offer guest lectures and colloquia. The Crossroads Project will cover costs for travel, housing, and meals during the workshop.
  • An honorarium of $500 for the workshop.
To be eligible to win the contest, a playwright must be available for a one-week workshop in late March 2021 (exact dates TBD). Due to funding limitations, the Crossroads Project can only cover costs for travel within the United States.

The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2020, 11:59 p.m. (central daylight time). There is no entry fee. We only accept electronic submissions in PDF format. Because our staff and resources are limited, we can only consider the first 100 submissions.

Please include in your submission:
  • A sample from your play up to 15 pages. This does not have to be the first 15 pages of the play.
  • A playwright’s statement (max. 250 words) describing your inspiration for writing the play, as well as how you believe a workshop in a university setting will further your development process.
  • A synopsis of the play (max. 250 words).
  • A character list with short descriptions for each character (age, ethnicity, gender, occupation, family relationships, etc.)
Please follow these guidelines when submitting your play:
  • A playwright may only submit one play per contest. The writer of the play must submit their own work.
  • Plays that have been previously fully produced or published are ineligible for the contest. Plays that have previously had workshops or staged readings are eligible.
  • Submissions must be the original work of the playwright, which may include adaptations of fictional or factual material. Translations of other playwrights’ work are not accepted.
  • The submitting playwright must either be the owner and controller of the copyright or provide written proof that they have acquired the legal right to use copyrighted material in their work.
  • Submissions must be full-length plays.
  • Musicals are not accepted. However, plays with limited music requirements are accepted.
  • The primary language of the play must be English.
  • There are no other restrictions in subject matter or style.
  • The Crossroads Project reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted play for any reason.
To submit your play, use the play submission form . Please try the link first to check if the contest is still open.

We will contact semi-finalists by the end of October 2020 and ask them to submit the full play.

The winning playwright will be notified by mid-January 2021.

Inquiries about the Diverse Voices Playwriting Initiative should be directed to:

Kee-Yoon Nahm, D.F.A.
Assistant Professor in Theatre Studies
Chair, The Crossroads Project

Email: knahm@ilstu.edu

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Experimental Theater Writing Workshop - Fall 2020

Seeking female or female-identifying experimental writers for the Fall 2020 Experimental Theater Writing Workshop. This is a series of ten Zoom classes/workshops held every Tuesday evening from 09/08 - 10/10. Classes will consist of a prompt followed by readings of experimental work generated in class. The last class will consist of final presentations.

While many theatrical presentations today are rooted in realism, there are still others that resist representing the world in realistic way. Surrealism, absurdism, and expressionism have all generated powerful experiences and points of connection outside of logic and reason. And yet, have the methods that generate these emotional experiences been thoroughly investigated in theatrical writing? If we are seeking a representative experience of our world--writing that reflects who we are--we might continue our search for other techniques that allow us to represent the world as we experience it.

The goals of this course are: 1) to gain additional theater writing techniques which expand the writer’s current theatrical repertoire; 2) to investigate writing techniques as a representation of a writer’s response to the world; and 3) to strengthen a connection between theatre and various other arts forms.

  • Submit up to 10 pages of theatrical experimental writing. No more than 1 submission per playwright.
  • Title page should contain:
  • title
  • name
  • contact info
  • Second page should contain: 
  • Character breakdown
  • setting
  • time

Writers will be selected based on the experimental nature of the work submitted and availability. By experimental, we mean work that challenges the conventional elements of theater. If selected, the fee is $300. This will cover the cost of actors for the readings.

Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdm1PsMReYKcwZsYAu92P4Byg9D2T4gHapqvwoL7UAQBDTf0Q/viewform?usp=sf_link

Deadline: August 19th, 2020 5 pm.

Web: www.suzannewillett.com
FB: @etww19

We look forward to reading your work!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

IATI Theater 2021 Cimientos Season

web site

Deadline: June 30, 2020


The 2021 Cimientos will consists of two main components:
PPP (Pal Playwrights Panel): Playwrights accepted to the program, IATI Theater’s artistic staff and other specially invited theater professionals will converge in workshop meetings to discuss the new works that make up the particular season. Every meeting will be dedicated to a single playwright in the program, the focus being in further advancing the text before it is presented in front of a live audience.

SRP (Staged Reading Presentation): Each playwright in the program will be given the opportunity to present their play in a directed, professionally acted staged reading. Thus, the piece will be exposed to a receptive audience that further develops the featured script through a post-reading talkback.

There is no submission fee.
Submissions that do not adhere to the following guidelines will not be reviewed.
  1. The online form is the only method of submission. The button below will be active during June.
  2. This program is open to authors from anywhere in the world with original works in English or Spanish who are interested in feedback from a New York audience.
  3. The playwright must commit to take part in the PPP (Pal Playwrights Panel) meetings, either in person or video conference. The PPP will meet for ten (10) consecutive weeks.
  4. The playwright must commit to participate in their post-reading talk-back, either in person or video conference.
  5. Applicant must be the original creator of the submitted work and sole owner of its rights. By submitting their work, applicants grant IATI Theater and its collaborators permission to use the submitted material for the Cimientos Program.
  6. The submission must be a completed, new, full-length play that has not had a previous professional production. If the play has undergone a workshop, staged reading or development of any kind, the playwright must state so on the online form.
  7. Only one play may be submitted per playwright, per season.
  8. Scripts must be between 45–90 minutes in length.
  9. The play must have 5 actors or less. Plays that have more than 5 characters and do not provide a clear and stageable double-role explanation will not be reviewed. It must be clearly expressed on the online form.
  10. The author’s name(s) should not appear anywhere within the script, any authorship information must not be visible in the play document. Cimientos reads submissions ‘blind’, in an effort to let the quality of the work speak for itself and to keep our judging process as equitable as possible.
  11. All documents must be submitted in PDF format.
  12. Submissions for the 2021 Season will only be accepted from June 1 to June 30, 2020. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

The Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) NEW WORK SERIES (NWS)

web site

Deadline: July 1st, 2020

The Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) NEW WORK SERIES (NWS) is a three-week developmental program that provides theater artists of different disciplines the opportunity to present one performance of a polished “work-in-progress” with audience feedback. Most pieces selected for NWS will have never before been performed in front of an audience. Some selections will have been performed once or twice but will feature new material. We are not interested in seeing established pieces of theatre. We want to see something brand spanking new hit the stage for the first, or nearly the first time. We like to think of this series as an opportunity for artists to share an early draft of a new piece. There is no submission charge, and no obligation to participate if chosen. Plus participants receive 50% of the box office. Successful Fringe, NYMF, and Off-Broadway shows have been borne out of this series, and Emerging Artists is excited to present a new round of opportunities to local artists for yet another year.

We are now accepting submissions for the following new works:

  • Solo Shows
  • Dance
  • Cabaret
  • Musicals (Short and Long)
  • Short Plays
  • Subway Musicians


PART ONE: Read this page, our FAQ and  Our TERMS AND CONDITIONS

PART TWO: Fill out the application form . You will be asked to provide information on the following:

  • How you heard about Emerging Artists Theatre’s New Work Series
  • Why you think your show would be a good fit
  • Show title, running time, and production history
  • Show marketing blurb (one sentence) and summary (less than 500 words)
  • Contact information and professional bio(s)

Hit SUBMIT to submit your application


If you are accepted into the New Work Series, there will be an information session/meet-and-greet on a date to be determined. There will be snacks.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Civilian's R&D group workshop

web site

Deadline: June 22, 2020 11:59 PM EST

The Civilians’ R&D Group provides writers, directors, composers, and other generative artists with a space to develop their investigative theater projects. The creative process may include research, interviews, engaging with specific communities, or other experimental methods of inquiry.

The group meets about 12 times on a regular basis for nine months to share methodologies and resulting work, facilitated by the R&D Program Director. At meetings, group members participate in supporting the development of each other’s projects, therefore regular attendance is critical and should be considered when applying.

At the end of the season, each project will be given a brief rehearsal process to address development goals culminating in a work-in-progress presentation.

In an effort to prioritize keeping our communities safe during this global health emergency, we remain flexible with shifting circumstances. We therefore anticipate the 2020-2021 R&D Group may meet remotely until safety and circumstances allow us to do otherwise.

Applications are due by June 22, 2020, at 11:59PM EST

Please apply below or via this link
Direct questions to rdgroup@thecivilians.org
Learn more about the current R&D Group HERE

WRITERS - please upload one full-length script that you feel is representative of your work.

APPLY HERE – The Civilians R&D Group 2020-2021 Application

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Playwrights Week at The Lark 2020

web site

Deadline:  April 15, 2020

Playwrights' Week, The Lark’s Open Access Program, seeks to provide development opportunities for new and diverse voices for the theater by identifying and advancing promising plays that reveal unheard and vital perspectives.  This annual, intensive, seven-day festival is designed to foster a peer-based community among a cohort of writers with new work in development.

Our support criteria emphasizes ambitious, fresh, playful, engaging, energizing, provocative, powerful and theatrical work by writers with clear artistic goals who are open to a collaborative development process.

The five writers selected for Playwrights’ Week are provided with twelve hours of rehearsal and a public staged reading to address self-defined developmental goals for their plays, as well as opportunities to engage with fellow participants in supportive group conversation.


  • Playwrights’ Week 2020 will take place in November 2020.
  • Each applicant should expect a final response by September 2020.
  • While there is no official minimum number of pages for submitted full-length plays, we do not accept 10-minute plays or musicals. 
  • Previously produced plays ARE eligible for consideration.
  • Plays previously submitted to this program are accepted, but we strongly encourage the submission of new work.
  • Writers living outside of the United States can apply if the script was originally written in English.
  • Due to the volume of submissions to this program, we will be unable to accept revised scripts during the selection process.
  • Housing and travel will be provided for all out of town writers.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

2021 Page 73 Development Programs Application

web site

Deadline: April 5, 2020 11:59 PM EDT

New York City

Each year Page 73 meets the talented playwrights we work with through this free application. Applicants can choose to apply for the 2021 Page 73 Playwriting Fellowship and/or the 2021 Interstate 73 writers group. Please read below for more information about each program and for instructions on submitting an application.

Applications include a resume, 10-page playwriting sample, and letter of intent addressing specific questions posed below.

Please note that you cannot save your work in the form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@page73.org.

Applicants for both programs:

1. The applicant must be a US resident at the time of participation;

2. The applicant must have completed at least 2 full-length plays or at least 3 one-act plays;

3. The applicant must have made a commitment to playwriting as a professional goal;

4. The applicant must have never received a production of his/her work in New York City that was larger than an Actors' Equity Showcase Code presentation;

5. The applicant must not be enrolled in a full-time degree/certificate program at the time of participation.

Interstate 73 applicants:

Attendance at all Interstate 73 sessions is extremely important; please do not apply for Interstate 73 if you will be unable to attend group meetings in New York City on a regular basis. Playwrights' stipends are tied to attendance. Priority is given to writers who are not involved in a similarly structured institutional writing group and who will be present in the New York City area for the calendar year.

We understand this application occurs well in advance of 2021 and appreciate that schedules and institutional affiliations change. If you are not sure about your involvement in other writers groups or your location for 2021, you are welcome to apply for Interstate 73 and update us accordingly regarding your eligibility.

Page 73 only accepts submissions via this online form.

If for some reason you are unable to submit via this form or have questions about these programs or this application process, please email info@page73.org.

The following materials must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on April 5, 2020 to be considered for the 2021 development programs.

A. Completed Online Application Form *NOTE: Please have all your PDF documents ready to upload. The work on this form cannot be saved.

B. Letter of Intent (uploaded as a PDF)

1,000 word limit. Please address all of the following questions.

1. Please introduce yourself. Tell us briefly about your work. What interests you? What do you hope to accomplish through your writing?

2. What do you consider to be your greatest artistic challenge at this point in your career?

3. What do you consider to be your greatest professional challenge at this point in your career?

4. Being specific, how do you feel Page 73's program(s) will help you address the challenges you describe in questions 2 and 3?

C. A 10-page sample from a full script (uploaded as a PDF). No title page is necessary; you will list the title of the work in the Online Application Form. We are very open to receiving samples that do not come from the beginning of your play. If you feel your sample requires a brief contextual introduction, feel free to include that on the first page.

D. The full script from which you selected your 10-page sample (uploaded as a PDF)

E. Playwriting Resume (uploaded as a PDF). Note: We do not wish to receive a bio in place of or in addition to a resume.

F. Name and Contact Information of a professional reference.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Troy Foundry Theatre seeks submissions for reading series

web site

Deadline: February 15, 2020


The selected plays will be presented in staged reading format with the possibility of being considered for full staging.  Please see below for details and submission directions.

We’re calling for submissions of plays that meet the following criteria:
  • Work well in a non-proscenium seating environment, allowing the possibility of being performed in non-traditional spaces like a storefront, rooftop, old house or hotel, restaurant, pub or brewery
  • Feature immersive elements or takes advantage of being performed amidst or among (not “at”) a live audience
  • Will benefit from a full-day workshop experience with a director, actors and an audience to play among
  • Have not been fully produced.  Previous workshops and readings are fine. 


Work must be submitted via email to tftsubmissions@gmail.com with the subject line: 2020 MARCH SESSION _FIRST NAME LAST NAME_ TITLE OF PROJECT

Submissions for the 2020 MARCH session will be accepted until midnight on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

There is NO submission fee.

Please include a short playwright’s bio, a synopsis of the piece, a production history of the piece, and the play in PDF or WORD doc format. You will only hear back from us if your play is selected.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New Moon Minute writers' LGBTQ group (NYC)

web site

Deadline: February 10, 2020 11:59 PM

New Moon Minute is a monthly writers’ group taking place on or around the New Moon, in which participants will develop 10-15 minute works for the stage that fall within the boundaries of Water House’s mission to produce Queer Mythos Theatre. We seek works that stretch and challenge the boundaries of writing. We seek artists interested in using visual components beyond the written word and exercising text in non-narrative ways. The work developed in New Moon Minute should begin on paper - in notation - and grow to flower on the performer's body.

New Moon Minute is part of our lunar and seasonal programming cycle, which includes the monthly Full Moon Sing and annual A Minute Flowering showcase.

New Moon Minute will have five monthly writers-only sessions beginning in February and concluding in June, culminating in a showing of writers’ works produced by Water House Collective, called A Minute Flowering.  Each writers-only session will be no more than 3 hours long and will take place on or around the new moon (based on writers’ availability). Writers will be asked to read each others’ pieces in between sessions, however the works are short (less than 20 pages) and most reading and feedback will be done during workshop hours.

In the final months, additional meetings and rehearsals with actors and guest directors will be scheduled as necessary. Calling upon the extended Water House Collective network, we will strive to offer contributing writers’ pieces as much (or as little) development as they see fit.


Each session will be informed by ritual, beginning with something like prayer, proceeding into mindful and transformative discussion, mapping, working. Our structure for feedback and discussion is inspired by Quaker practice, where we will each carefully consider how work is speaking to us and how our voices will contribute to the generative growth of the artistic conversation - a force that is shared by those of us that are present together. We will end each meeting with a quiet, reflective time to consider the lunar cycle and editing process, to prepare writers re-entry into the normal world.


Emerging writers who identify as Queer in some fashion and lack institutional or formal support, particularly for their submitted work, and those who may be interested in ritual performance or have a fascination with lunar cycles. Queer & Trans People of Color (QTPOC) voices are especially welcome.


Proposals for new prompts for performance (scripts, diagrams, poems, designs, etc) that are in seedling phase. We are especially interested in developing works that queer performance; these may be difficult to describe, include many disparate design or performance elements, or are impractical or improbable or impossible but still unquestionably works for performance. We do not require that plots feature queer characters or narratives.

If you would like your piece or selection to be included in a group showing at the end of the workshop process, it should be no longer than 15 minutes when performed in full.


New Moon Minute is not a grant or funding opportunity. Water House will provide rehearsal and performance space, refreshments, feedback, and will secure directors and performers for the final showing, but at this time, we are unable to provide additional funds for exploration or stipends for accepted writers.


Please submit:
  • a script of something (else) you have made. This sample may be either a document file or image file, so long as it can be opened with Google, Microsoft Office, or other standard software. The Water House Collective creative clerks will read about 10 pages per submission, in images or text or some combination. If you submit more than 10 pages, please tell us which 10 to review.  
  • a ~300 word description of the work you hope to develop and what you aim to achieve during this process. 
  • a list of the last three artistic projects you created/participated in that you LOVED, with one sentence describing each. We will not disqualify anyone based on their resume, we would simply like a broader sense of who you are as a performance maker. 
  • if you have a website/social media presence/cool YouTube video of yourself/anything special you would like us to know or see, please include it.  



Sunday, February 2, 2020

New Victory LabWorks 2020

web site

Deadline: February 5, 2020

Submission Form

New Victory LabWorks is committed to fostering an inclusive program where every artist feels welcome. We encourage creators who are diverse in identity, perspective, ability and experience to apply. We believe it is important for young audience members from all communities to see themselves represented on stage with stories that are relevant to their lives.

2020 – 21 New Victory LabWorks Artist Applications

Applications are now open for the 2020-21 New Victory LabWorks program. Applications are due by 5pm on Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

Join us for a LabWorks Info Session and Networking Event on January 15 from 5-6pm to learn more about application requirements, meet with New Victory staff members and former and current LabWorks Artists, and ask questions. The Info Session will also be live streamed on the New Victory Facebook and Instagram pages. RSVP to attend the in-person or digital info session.

Program Requirements
  • Artist(s) must be NYC-based and available to participate between August 2020 and July 2021.
  • Artist(s) must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Artist(s) must apply with a concept for a specific project. The project must be intended for family audiences (artist does not need prior experience in creating work suitable for families).
  • Proposed project must be in development, but may be at any point during development, including initial concept.
  • Artist(s) must have secured the rights to use or incorporate any pre-existing material (if applicable) as part of the proposed project.
  • Artist(s) must be able to attend rehearsals in Manhattan. Rehearsal hours are typically Monday through Saturday, within the hours of 10am to 6pm.
  • Artist(s) must be interested in actively participating in all aspects of the New Victory LabWorks program, including professional development, monthly meetings with the 2020-21 LabWorks cohort, peer-based exchange and peer and/or audience feedback.

For further information on New Victory LabWorks, please read our FAQs.

Instructions and Application
If you are interested in reviewing the application questions and required materials before applying, please refer to this document.

Please complete the application and include support materials via a Dropbox link. If you have physical materials to submit, please let us know by emailing LabWorks@NewVictory.org.
Once all applications are reviewed, a select group of applicants will be contacted to participate in an interview with members of the New Victory Artistic Programming staff. All applicants will receive notification of final decisions. No phone calls, please.
Applications are due by 5pm on Wednesday, February 5, 2020. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed.

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