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Thursday, December 17, 2020

ReImagine: New Plays in TYA

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Phase One — Deadline December 30, 2020

Application Process

ReImagine will work in a two-phase application process. You do NOT need to have a script ready to submit in order to apply. However, scripts/drafts/treatments will be requested in Phase Two.

Phase One — Deadline December 30, 2020

Playwrights will be asked to submit a short application that includes the following narrative questions:

Tell us about yourself and the kind of work you love to make — this could be a statement, a poem, a monologue, the lyrics for a song…any text-based way you’d like to tell us about who you are and why you write. (Max: 1 page)

Why do you want to write for young people? (Max: 1 page)

Describe your project — what is the story? Why do you feel compelled to tell this story at this moment? (Max: 2 pages)

What are you looking to achieve in a development process? What resources will you need? (Please be honest – we would rather know now and your answer will not determine whether you are selected!) (Max: 1 page)

Each question and answer should be saved as a unique document for upload — Word and PDF formats accepted. Please label each document with your last name and the question number (E.G. JonesQuestion1.pdf)

A reading committee comprised of the Advisory Council plus additional invited readers will read all first round applicants and choose a selection of projects to move to the second phase.

Phase Two — Deadline February, 2021

At this time, playwrights who move to the second phase will be asked to submit a sample of the proposed work. This could be a full draft, a partial draft, a treatment, an outline, or any text-based representation of the work. Playwrights might be asked to answer additional questions and/or participate in an interview.

Final selections will be made by the Advisory Council and announced in March, 2021.

Ready to apply? Click here!

Questions? Contact Jenny Millinger at jmillinger@childsplayaz.org

ReImagine: New Plays in TYA aims to support the development and visibility of new works for young audiences by BIPOC playwrights. This project will provide funding directly to the playwright, as well as funds to be utilized for development work with a partner theatre.

Who’s it for?
ReImagine is open to ANY playwright of color who is specifically writing for young audiences. We encourage projects from early career playwrights as well as experienced playwrights. Playwrights need to be currently residing in the United States.

Definition: Playwright — the generative artist(s) who create the script/story. We are open to teams of playwrights/generative artists, including but not limited to devising teams and playwright/composer teams.

Definition: Playwright of Color — any playwright who self-identifies as Black/African American, Indigenous, Native American, Latinx, Asian-American, Pacific-Islander, Pilipino, and/or multi/mixed race.

Definition: Young Audiences — children aged 2-18. We are seeking stories that are specifically created for this audience — if you have a play that was written for adults/young adults that “could be okay for teens, too,” we applaud your work but this application isn’t a good match.

What kinds of projects are you looking for?
We are looking for bold and fresh new ideas and voices. We are interested in the stories that you feel need to be shared in this moment – stories that are urgent and energized and fantastical and joyful and devastating and searching and burning to be told.

We are interested in hearing the full range of stories that playwrights of color are interested in telling; proposed projects do not have to address cultural identity.

We are looking for projects that are in an early-to-mid stage of development. Our goal is to provide resources to the playwright to further the creation and/or development of a new idea or project. If you have a script that is ready for production, we applaud your work, but this application isn’t a good match for your project (we are actively looking for ways to highlight work that is ready for production, so watch this space.)

Recognizing that our development resources are limited, we are open to a range of styles and development needs, including devised work and musicals. Adaptations will only be accepted from works in the public domain (e.g. folktales).

That’s in large part up to you! We recognize that playwrights work at different speeds and that one type of development process does not fit all. You might want to spend one concentrated week of time working with actors; you might choose to hold a reading every weekend for a month, or even a reading every two or three months. You are in charge of your process, which will be finalized in conjunction with your partner theatre.

You may start drawing upon development funds as soon as you have found a partner theatre; all development funds MUST be expended by December 31, 2021.

What do we mean by “development process”? For those applicants who may be new to playwriting, this is often known as workshop time — it is the part of writing a play that involves other collaborators. Some playwrights like to hand a draft script to a director and actors, hear them read the work, and then go away and make changes (either overnight if you want to spend a full week with actors or over a longer period of time if you just want occasional readings). Other playwrights like to devise work by giving actors and a director opportunities to improvise on themes or ideas; the playwright watches (or participates!) and then takes ideas away to write on their own. You might also want an audience — of young people or families — to watch a reading your work and talk to you about it. When we ask you to describe your desired development process, essentially we are saying: “we will provide you with funds for actors, a director and a dramaturge — how will you use their time?”)

Stay home, stay safe: This project (and its budget!) were created for COVID times. We are assuming that development activities will take place largely or exclusively online. You and your partner theatre may choose to hold in-person workshops, but funding for travel is not included in the budget.
Who are the partner theatres?

That’s part of the process! After a project has been selected, we will work with the playwright to develop an application for theatres based upon the needs of your project. We will collect applications and help you select a theatre that best suits you and your project. You do NOT need to have a relationship with a theatre in order to apply or be selected!

If you are already working with a theatre on your project or if you have a relationship with a theatre already, then we’ll just need to confirm the theatre’s willingness to participate and you’re good to go.

Definition: Partner Theatre — A theatre that will host your development work. The theatre will be asked to do all the logistical work (hiring and paying artists, scheduling, hosting, stage management, etc.). They will also be asked to connect you with young people in their community to listen to a reading and provide dramaturgical response. And, if you enjoy working together, we hope that the theatre will continue to develop your work with an eye towards production. However, there is no long-term commitment/guarantee from either the playwright or the partner theatre. The theatres serve as the fiscal managers of the development budget and must be able to receive grant funds.

Definition: Theatre of Record — But what if you really, desperately don’t want to work with a formal theatre? If you have a creative team in place for your project (e.g. you already have a director, dramaturge and actors) AND you don’t want to be affiliated with a formal theatre AND you are willing to do the coordination for your workshops, Childsplay will serve as your theatre of record in order to compensate artists.
What will be required of playwrights?

Playwrights will be required to do active development work on their project and, in conjunction with their partner theatres, report on their activities during and at the end of the project period.

Playwrights will be required to participate in ReImagine presentations at the 2021 TYA/USA Festival to promote your work. This might include participating on a panel, helping us create a video about you and your work, or even holding a reading if your play is ready to be shared. You will likely also be asked to participate in follow-up activities at the 2022 TYA/USA Festival.

Playwrights will be invited to promote their work through the TYA/USA network and platforms. We will collaborate with you over the course of the year to determine the best way to showcase your work.

Playwrights will be invited to submit information about their project to a collective website or platform that will be developed for ReImagine in order to link playwrights to potential producers.

Playwrights will have access to support throughout their project from the Write Now staff and members of the ReImagine Advisory Council.

Playwrights will retain ALL rights to their work.

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