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Monday, December 7, 2020

NYCPlaywrights 10 Year Anniversary: Kevin Curley

 It's the 10 Year Anniversary of the NYCPlaywrights web site and we've asked readers to share their stories of productions, readings etc. they may have found through of our blog and weekly email (sign up here for weekly emails.Do you have a story to share? 

💃 Send it to us at info@nycplaywrights.org - thanks! 

Kevin Curley shared his story, thanks for your kind words Kevin. And NYCPlaywrights would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin for all the times he's given us a heads-up on opportunities out there that we missed! And congratulations Kevin on your success and your exemplary organizational habits which some of us at NYCPlaywrights could learn from.
KEVIN CURLEY: Congratulations on NYCPlaywrights  Tenth Anniversary! What an accomplishment! You should be proud.

NYCPlaywrights have been a godsent to playwrights like me. I can’t thank you enough. As I think I shared with you once, when I arise each morning I check my email, the digital NY Times and then NYCPlaywrights. Every day including Saturday and Sunday. Any notice that I might qualify for I enter onto that year’s spreadsheet and send it along when it’s due. I have been reading your blog since the beginning and you have saved me an enormous amount of time I would have had to devote to seeking opportunities, which has in turn given me more time to devote to writing. Thank you!

Here are my productions in the last few years: Daddy a ten-minute play produced in a reading by Plays and Pizza at Lucky Jack’s Bar in NYC, April 2017. Things, my one-act play, was selected by The William Inge Festival 2016 (declined, by me, because of expenses involved). Brothers a ten-minute play was produced by Stage Door Theatre in Fredericksburg, VA, April 2014. Improv, a ten-minute play that was broadcast on Spokane Radio Theatre KYRS, October 2013. Friendship, a ten-minute play presented by Lebanon Community Theatre in Lebanon, PA, August 2012. Proposition, a ten-minute play, broadcast on Spokane Radio Theatre KYRS, June 2012. Your Thing: produced in A New York One Minute Play Festival, NYC, September 2010.

All best and looking forward to ten more years,



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