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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Spooky Action Theater New Works in Action program

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Spooky Action Theatre would like to invite you to submit to our New Works in Action program! Under the direction of Gillian Drake, our program gives playwrights the chance to work on full length plays that are in their home stretch of completion by offering a three-step production testing-ground. The goal of the New Works in Action program is to serve the playwrights ght and bring your play to life. Even if you have submitted before (but were not selected), we encourage you to send us your newest play.  The past few years, we have engaged some of Washington DC’s best directors and most talented actors in all phases of our NWIA process.

PLEASE NOTE:  While not expressly limited to DC playwrights only, the New Works program is only for playwrights who will attend and participate in the process

For this reason they have a preference for playwrights living in the DC area.

Submissions must be at least 60+ pages of a full-length play or a work-in-progress with at least 1 act completed.

We seek plays in the style that is sometimes called “American Magical Realism”, for which we have a broad and flexible definition. We want mind-blowers. Reality twisters. Plays that encourage our audience to think about and experience life in radically different ways, both in the theater and out of it. We want plays that explore the primality of humanity and nature. We want plays that reach beyond the conscious world. Plays that take ordinary order and bend it to a new paradigm of rules.

What kind of plays do we NOT want?
​We are not looking for micro plays or musicals or one-person shows or kitchen comedies or living room dramas that don’t stretch themselves out of the genre a bit. Unfinished plays won’t benefit from this process and neither will plays that have extensive production histories. Mostly we are looking for a strong script and a talented playwright who will benefit from our process.

And, we aren’t interested unless you are interested in taking part in our work on your play. We don’t have money for housing or travel, but we will invest in the kind of artistic staff that will help you experience your play at critical times in your playwriting process. So in essence, we are looking for playwrights with roots or connections to Washington DC and are willing to invest a little bit of time with us together on your play.

How can I submit my play?
Use the link below to upload your play (.doc, .docx, and .pdf only please), give us contact information and a brief production history of your play.

The Deadline for Round 12 Submissions is December 31st, 2019. 

Submit script

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