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Monday, November 11, 2019

Free theater: THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS ~ Worcester MA

written and directed by Noah Mailloux

December 5 - 7 at 7:30 PM
December 7 - 8 at 2:30 PM
Reserve Tickets at 508-793-3536
The Pit - O'Kane Hall 37
Free Admission - reservations recommended
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester MA

Rosie Gardner and her best friend Paul Nelson live a simple life as roommates in Rosie’s childhood home in Queens, New York. After the death of her father and her unexpected inheritance of a high sum, stability seemed just over the New York skyline for Rosie, until the cost of living in New York began to add up. Six years later, running out of money and relying on Paul’s failing acting career for income, Rosie’s estranged brother, Moss, shows up at the front door looking for a place to live. However, emotional baggage isn’t the only thing Moss is packing as his housewarming gift, a commonplace house plant is revealed to be a hidden compartment for ten thousand dollars. Drugs? Robbery? Murder? What’s Moss been up to for the past six years? As a family drama unfolds at home, new neighbor Jules and on-and-off handyman Devin become smitten with members of the Gardner-Nelson household, complicating an already thorny situation.

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