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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Theatre Travels seeks scripts

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Theatre Travels is currently looking for new scripts - especially for 1 person (monologue) full length shows (although we accept all scripts).

If you are interested in getting your play or musical up on stage, send us your work! We are really keen to work with new writers as well as established playwrights.

We are looking for new scripts that focus on issues and themes that are relevant worldwide.

We are particularly interested in works by emerging writers. We are also looking for new works by established writers.

If your script has had a previous production or reading, please let us know where and if you have dates or reviews that you can supply, please send them through as well.

In your submission, please include:

- The writer's name

- The writer's country of origin

- Brief synopsis of the story and character summary

- Any production or reading details if applicable (including reviews where possible)

- Any information you would like us to know about your research or writing process

- If your script has any rights or agency agreements attached already, please let us know


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