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Thursday, November 29, 2018

McSweeney's seeks short imagined monologues

web site

Send your short imagined monologues to websubmissions@mcsweeneys.net.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a comedy site so they are after satirical/humor monologues.

Samples of short imagined monologues at McSweeney's.

Please review their web site first so you understand what McSweeney's is about.

Please read the submissions guidelines before sending:

Submissions should be shortish. By shortish we mean an absolute maximum of 1,200 words, but in truth we veer toward pieces that are under 1,000 words, and snuggle closest to ones that are even shorter than that. Submissions of exactly 742 used to automatically appear on the site, as if by magic, but like so many good things, those days are gone.

Should be on your submission. Put it under the title of your piece. Absolutely all submissions must look like this:

My Funny Experience [story title]*
By William Williams [author’s name]
willywill@internet.com [email address]
@wilywill [twitter handle, if you have one]

The email address listed should be the one you would like to appear linked to your byline should we choose to publish your submission. Same goes for your Twitter handle. If you do not want your email address or Twitter handle linked to your byline, please tell us so.

*- Please do not make a joke by titling your piece “My Funny Experience” because that joke has been told to us a thousand times before.

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