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Monday, November 12, 2018

MiniFest Script Submissions

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MiniFest is a week-long festival of one-act plays featuring limited cast sizes and scenographic demands.  Every year hundreds of plays from around the world are submitted for juried evaluation.  A Play Reading Committee creates a short list which is then submitted to an Executive Committee that selects four to six plays for an actor-centered staging by members of the Acadia Theatre Company.

Submission Deadline: November 16, 2018

Rules and Guidelines

Anyone may submit up to two original scripts, provided that neither has been professionally performed.

All script submissions must be in WORD format and be accompanied by a completed electronic application.

Scripts will be chosen for their dramatic quality, but also for their suitability for staging by students in our Theatre program.  Scripts with limitedAll scripts must be submitted electronically in Word format.  No other formats will be accepted.

Each playwright may submit only two (2) plays for the competition.

The Covering Page of each script should include:

  • the title of the play
  • the playwright's name
  • contact information for the playwright (address, telephone number & email address)
  • All subsequent pages should be numbered and should include the play's title in a running header or footer.  As the jury process is anonymouse, plase do NOT include the playwright's name on these pages.

Please ensure that all document editing features are unlocked in order to enable removal or manipulation of pages for jury and production purposes.  No changes to scripts proper will be made. number of characters and modest production requirements will be preferred.  Running times should not exceed 30 minutes.

Minifest may present as many as eight plays over three consecutive nights.  Each may may be presented as many as three times.

No recording of performances will be permitted.

Successful playwrights will not be offered royalties.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

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