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Sunday, November 18, 2018

SETC/Stage Rights Ready to Publish Award

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Established in 2016, the SETC/Stage Rights Ready to Publish Award is a program dedicated to developing, publishing, and licensing new works by members of the SETC community.
The awards process is open to all and the requirements for submission are: one completed full-length play (no musicals, short plays, or short play compilations) that is either unproduced, has had a produced staged reading, or a world premiere production, and a completed submission form which is attached below.

The winning play will receive:
• Publication in the Stage Rights catalog of plays and musicals.
• A panel reading of the play at SETC 2019, hosted by members of the SETC Playwriting committee.
• Prominent display of the final published play by Stage Rights at SETC 2020.

In addition, the author of the winning play will receive:
• SETC 2019 Convention Registration.
• $400 royalty advance that the winner can use toward their expenses to attend SETC 2019.

Theatrical Licensing Agency & Publisher
Founded in 2000, Steele Spring Stage Rights is a Los Angeles-based theatrical publisher, licensing musicals and plays to commercial producers, regional theaters, community theaters and educational theaters across the country and around the world. As an agency for playwrights, Stage Rights is primarily a royalty house, administering performance rights, and collecting & distributing royalties for our authors. We print-on- demand for perusal and production purposes, as well as publish print editions for distribution online, at theaters, at conventions, and in bookstores. The Author retains all copyright ownership.

The Southeastern Theatre Conference is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and dynamic membership organization serving a diverse constituency and reaching out across 10 states in the southeast region of the United States and across the U.S. SETC is recognized as one of the strongest and broadest network of theatre practitioners in the United States, and provides extensive resources and year-round opportunities for its constituents. Its services, publications, and products contribute to the careers of emerging artists, seasoned professionals, and academicians.

 Submission Policy

The Ready to Publish Award has an initial open policy for the submission of plays to be considered. We are seeking completed full-length pieces that are either unproduced or have had one world premiere production or produced staged reading suitable for professional, educational and amateur venues.

Please use the following guidelines when submitting your play:
• Include a cover letter with your name, address, phone number, website, and email address.
• Include a complete copy of the script.
• Include a completed Play Submission Form (attached).
• Include your resume/bio.

Only one work for each entrant will be considered. Please do not send any other materials besides those requested. There is no charge to submit.
The author of the winning piece must attend the 2019 SETC convention in Knoxville, TN. Please send submissions as outlined above to: april@setc.org

Relevant Dates

• October 16, 2018 – November 20, 2018: Window for initial open submission
• December 3, 2018: Date of Notification of finalists.
• January 22, 2019: Announcement of winning play and the deadline for online conference registration.
• February 27, 2019 – March 3, 2019: 70th Annual SETC Convention in Knoxville, TN. Note: The panel reading will be between February 27th and March 1st.

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