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Friday, November 16, 2018


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We are seeking ridiculously entertaining original musicals suitable for family audiences. Ideal musicals will feature stories about young people and families with strong plot lines and great characters. Please note, we are not seeking ‘issue’ shows, and we are not seeking adaptations of children’s literature or other published works. We are looking for entertaining, engaging new musicals by early career and/or emerging writers and composers.

We’re defining ‘early career’ and ‘emerging’ on a case by case basis. Certainly a 21-year-old with a published play or a major production of their work would not be eligible. However, a 35-year-old who is unpublished without a major production of their work would qualify. Bottom line: If you consider yourself ‘early career’ and/or ‘emerging,’ we welcome you to submit. (Please note, this is not a competition for children).

Submissions will be open from June 1 - December 1, 2018. Three works will be chosen to be a performed as staged readings during a weekend-long festival in March 2019. Committee selections to be made by January 30, 2019. Writing teams will be invited to attend performance weekend.  Selected musicals will be considered for full production in 2020.

Submission guidelines for Pantochino’s inaugural “POW” Festival are as follows:

  • All submissions must be full-length musicals suitable for family audiences.
  • Musicals having already received a full production are not eligible.
  • Musicals that are already published are not eligible.
  • Musical revues are not eligible.
  • Musicals that have had a workshop or reading remain eligible.
  • Only one submission per playwright-composer-lyricist team


Email submission package to PantochinoFestival@gmail.com between June 1-December 1, 2018.
All email submissions must be in PDF format. Please include the following as attached documents, not in the body of your email. A complete submission package should include the following:
PDF of the full musical:

  • Sheet music/score of the full musical.
  • Your full contact information.
  • Resume of the writing team (playwright, lyricist, composer)
  • A short description of the musical and/or synopsis.
  • A brief (no longer than one page) history of the development of this musical.
  • One page including title of musical, character breakdown and descriptions.
  • Link to dropbox of complete demo songs.
  • Cast size must be 10 or fewer (actors may play multiple roles)

A notice of receipt will be emailed. Thank you for your submission!

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