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Monday, February 26, 2018

The Madison Short Play Festival : Unpresidented

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Broom Street Theater seeks submissions of ten-minute scripts for

Unpresidented will be performed at Broom Street Theater in Madison, WI in October/November 2018. (Exact dates TBA)

Plays should somehow revolve around the theme of the American Presidency. Authors may feel free to take that as currently/historically/fictionally as they please.

Authors will receive full credit and complimentary admission to the show, plus a DVD of the performance, but unfortunately, we cannot pay royalties. Playwrights retain all rights to their own work. If selected for production, playwrights will be asked to sign a waiver granting Broom Street Theater performance rights to the work, and the right to use the playwright’s name and image in associated publicity.

Previously published/produced work is admissable, provided that the playwright includes a publication/production history with their submission.

As a courtesy, if your play is a world premiere, we ask that any future productions of your play mention Broom Street Theater in the program or publicity.

There is NO FEE for submission, as submission fees are loathsome and befoul the nostrils of the angels.

We will accept no more than two submissions per playwright.

Playwrights from the Madison, WI area – or with ties to the Madison, WI area – will be given precedence. However, we’re suckers for excellence coming from anywhere (especially overseas!) and we love establishing new relationships with playwrights.

The deadline is March 1, 2018, but you don’t want to be that writer whose work is buried under an avalanche of last-minute submissions. Submit early for leisurely consideration!

How to Submit

Email your script in pdf or Microsoft Word format to submissions@bstonline.org.

Please make sure your contact information is included in the file with the script.

Use the subject line – “Unpresidented”.

In the body of your email, tell us how your play relates to the theme of the festival. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us what, if any, ties you have to Madison, WI. (It’s okay if you don’t have any.) Include the word Roosevelt somewhere in the body of your email. That’s how we identify people who carefully read the submission instructions.

Your play must fulfill the following restrictions:

Plays must be ten minutes or less in length.

Plays may only feature speaking roles for up to four actors. Four additional actors are available for crowd scenes/background, etc…

That’s it for restrictions. We’re okay with nudity, swearing, entrails… – or naked, swearing entrails.

If you have questions, please email Doug@bstonline.org. (Do not, however, send your submissions to Doug or he will become cross.)

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