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Monday, February 5, 2018

Free ticket give-away: THE BENCH: A HOMELESS LOVE STORY

This Saturday, February 10, 2018, in its weekly email, NYCPlaywrights will be offering a voucher good for a pair of tickets to see this show. The voucher will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must  a member of the NYCPlaywrights mailing list to receive details.

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Inspired by Real People and True Stories


EAST VILLAGE PLAYHOUSE http://www.thebenchplay.com


Written and Performed by ROBERT GALINSKY
Directed by JAY O. SANDERS
Presented by Golden Globe Nominated CHRIS NOTH,
Drama Desk, Obie, and Olivier Award winner BARRY SHABAKA HENLEY and Tony
Award Winning Producer TERRY SCHNUCK

New York: The Off-Broadway hit The Bench starring Robert Galinsky, directed by Jay O. Sanders, will extend its sold out run at East Village Playhouse (340 East 6th St). It runs through April 13, 2018, playing Friday evening at 9pm. Tickets are $29 - $39 and can be purchased by visiting TheBenchPlay.com or by calling 866-811-4111.
Based on true stories, The Bench, set in urban decay and rubble, explores the emotional heartbreak of 5 homeless characters and the catastrophic hysteria surrounding AIDs in the 1980ʼs. The set is accented with hand-drawn imagery, from Daphne Arthurʼs graphic novel adaptation, and audio design is by Deep Singh. Itʼs a unique and fresh solo theatre piece wherein one actor plays five characters, written in dialogue form, not traditional ʻmonologue black out, monologue black out...

This production is being presented by Golden Globe Nominated Chris Noth, Drama Desk, Obie, Olivier Award winner Barry Shabaka Henley and produced by Tony Award winning producer Terry Schnuck.
"After seeing this show, I can never look at another homeless person again and not think of what their story is. The Bench should tour and be shown in universities and colleges. Presenter Chris Noth;
“It is all there. Sadness, confusion, joy, rage. Galinsky steps into the characters and you feel the bizarre levels underneath. Galinsky does it. He embraces it. He accomplishes it.” Director Jay O. Sanders; 
Audiences and critics have praised The Bench saying “This lovingly rendered one-man production is a scrumptious basket of vivid details that sings out with clarion truth. These street walkers, bag men, and tramps are embodied with exacting detail in the kind of star turn that old school actors and worshippers of the craft dream about.” Broadway World; 
“Galinsky is quite possibly filling the void of incredible New York actors who’ve sadly
passed recently: Phillip Seymour Hoffman & James Gandolfini." The Metropolitan Report;
“Galinsky transforms himself into a living ghost. His vital solo piece, is the most
important kind of urban voyeurism. It puts a smile on your lips and moisture in your eyes.”
 Theater Is Easy;
“Director Jay O. Sanders has built a career on roles that are inseparable from the worlds that spawned them; that same sensibility is certain to be in evidence on The Bench.” DEADLINE Hollywood; 
“Galinsky slips between characters with flawless precision and gusto.” The Fresh Toast; “With deft acting chops that evoke the transformative versatility of Robin Williams and Jim Carrey, Galinsky brings a heartrending tale of love, fate & heroics.” BeautyNewsNYC.com; 
“Effortless... extraordinary... transforming.” Backstage Magazine; 
“Brilliant... eye-opening... fascinating.” The Knockturnal; 
“Galinsky is a theatre operative, impresario, and a bundle of energy and curly black hair.” The Wall Street Journal. 
The Bench
Written and performed by Robert Galinsky, directed by Jay O. Sanders
Original Graphic Images by Daphne Arthur; Audio Design by Deep Singh
January 26 – April 13, 2018
Playing Fridays at 9pm
The show runs 60 minutes, no intermission.
The East Village Playhouse is located at 340 East 6th Street
Tickets are $29 - $39 and can be purchased by visiting TheBenchPlay.com or calling Ovation Tix/
For more info on The Bench and Robert Galinsky visit www.galinskyplace.com
Mr. Galinsky and Mr. Sanders are available for interviews. 

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