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Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Jim Henson Foundation grants for contemporary puppet theater


Deadline: March 4, 2024

LETTER OF INTENT PDF SUBMISSION LINK:  https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/HensonFoundation 

The Jim Henson Foundation awards grants each year for the creation of innovative new works of contemporary puppet theater. Our definition of a puppet is an object that is given the appearance of life through direct or indirect manipulation by the human hand. The Foundation’s Board of Directors judges applications based on the excellence of the puppetry including puppet design, manipulation and theatrical execution.

There are three Artist Grants available: Workshop Grants ($3,000), Production Grants ($7,000), and Family Grants ($4,000). All Artist Grants are to be used towards puppetry. This includes the building and performing of the puppets and the integration of the puppets in the piece.

If you would like to be considered for a grant, the first step is to submit a letter of intent on or before March 4, 2024.

The letter of intent is a PDF comprised of two pages, a 1 page letter and a 1 page visual. 

 The Letter must include: Your complete contact information, including mailing address, phone number, email and website address

The category of grant you intend to apply for – Production, Workshop or Family.

A clear description of the planned project, including the dramatic arc of the piece, the types of puppets that will be used, the lead puppeteer, the lead puppet designer and builder, and your timeline for the work including any upcoming workshops, residencies, or performances.

The letter must be accompanied by a one-page visual.This can be photographs of the puppet(s), a working sketch or illustration of the puppet(s), or a combination of images that show the puppetry in the proposed project.
Do not include images of other artists you are inspired by who are not attached to the project. If these kinds of inspirational images are included, your application will be disqualified.
Puppetry is a visual medium, the one-page visual you submit is essential to the letter of intent phase of the process.
All images must be original work and have the artist/source identified.

Do NOT submit a cover letter or any other additional materials. Letters of intent are accepted only via online submission.

You will receive an email of receipt from our office within 3 business days of submission. If you do not receive an email, please contact us.

Approximately half of the applicants submitting letters of intent will be asked to submit full proposals. Letters of intent will be reviewed at the Spring board meeting, and applicants will be notified of the board’s decision by June 3, 2024.

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