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Friday, March 15, 2024



Deadline: March 24, 2024, midnight, Central European Standard Time

Catania, Italy

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At its 9th edition, Teatri Riflessi is a festival consisting of several actions aiming at promoting the performing arts. At its heart is a short performance competition focused on live works no longer than 15 minutes and without distinction of genre. Since its first edition in 2009, the festival has been promoting and encouraging a discussion on dramaturgy and contemporary art languages connecting the stage to the representation of the territory and the territory to the contemporary scene.

The theme ‘Contemporary Visions’ wants to promote a discussion on how contemporary art languages have changed to look at the future, sometimes interacting with the digital medium and unconventional spaces, sometimes exploring the creative potential of new performative dimensions hinged on the intersubjectivity of the aesthetic experience and co-creation with the beholder. The aim is to display to a wide audience works that—aware of the techniques and innovations that marked the evolution of the performing arts—can rewrite themselves as current and original, leveraging the challenge represented by the short format to avoid being vacuous virtuosity or the anticipation of still unfinished work.




No more than 12 short performances will be selected through the international call. Selected semifinalists are performing on Thursday, the 18th, and Friday, the 19th of July in Zafferana Etnea (Sicily, Italy).

All selected semifinalists receive a cachet of €500 and a travel reimbursement.

The Boards of experts from the performing arts industry (Technical, Critics’ and Special Awards) will evaluate the semifinalists, proclaiming the finalists who are performing again on Saturday, 20 July. The Boards consist of theatre and festival directors and operators, critics, and performing arts scholars.

In addition to the prizes of the competition, the members of Teatri Riflessi’s network can appoint special awards: hosting a play within their theatres or festivals, offering artist residencies, or tutoring opportunities.

Published on the 8th of January, the call closes on the 24th of March 2024.


Teatri Riflessi wants to enhance the short performance format per se: not as a reduction of a longer work nor as a starting point for a full-evening adaptation. The strength of the format lies in the artistic immediacy and urgency it conveys.

The framework of the competition connects, in a way, the ancient Greek theatre—devised as an outdoor competition for a vast audience—to the most provocative tendencies in happenings and performance art, which leverage the innate desire of the beholder to participate.





H. 12:30 P.M.


11-12 APRIL




Best Short Performance – Teatri Riflessi 9 | € 1,200
determined by the final ranking that adds together the weighted score given by the Technical, Critics’ and Special Awards Boards (40%), the Jury of the Final (40%), and the Youth Jury (20%).

Best Dramaturgy – Teatri Riflessi 9 | € 400
collectively determined by the Technical Board.

Best Direction – Teatri Riflessi 9 | € 400
collectively determined by the Technical Board.

Best Performer – Teatri Riflessi 9 | € 400
collectively determined by the Technical Board.

Critic’s Award – Teatri Riflessi 9 | € 400
collectively determined by the Critics’ Board.

‘Valentina Nicosia’ Fund | additional budget of € 600
awarded to one or more short performances based on the collective decision of the Technical and Critics’ Boards.

Special Mention of the Youth Jury – Teatri Riflessi 9
awarded by the Youth Jury to one of the semifinalists.

Special Mention of the Audience – Teatri Riflessi 9
determined by the audience during the final.

Special Mention of the Companies – Teatri Riflessi 9
determined by all competing companies.


Will there be a cachet?
Each selected short performance will receive a cachet of €500.00 + 10% VAT and a potential additional reimbursement of up to €250.00 (depending on the funds available, the origin, and the number of participants involved). The majority of prizes are monetary. The cachet, reimbursement, and potential prizes will be transferred after the festival if participants comply with all the articles and deadlines in the call.

Do I have to pay to submit my proposal?
No. Only if selected, you will need to send a deposit in April that will be refunded after the festival.

What if my piece is longer than 15 minutes?
Your piece should not exceed 15 minutes. However, as the work is performed live, a certain flexibility is allowed, but it will not be possible to stay on stage longer than 20 minutes (within that time lapse the performance must be presented, prepared, set up, performed, removed, and people eventually thanked).

Where do I find the digital form?
The link is in the call, see Art. 5. Please, read the call in all its parts before submitting the form.

What shall I upload where a dramaturgy/script is asked?
If the piece does not have a script, upload a text detailing the dramaturgical research behind the work.

I don’t have a video recording of the play. Do I need one?
We need a recording of the entire performance to assess your application. Excerpts or trailers are not sufficient, and in case you send a read-through try to be as specific and detailed as possible in writing your director’s notes.

My work contains spoken parts in a foreign language. Can I still apply?
Yes. If needed, you can perform at Teatri Riflessi using overtitles.

Can I submit more than one performance?
Yes, fill out a form for each performance. You can submit diverse works devised for different locations of the festival (the stage within the outdoor theatre, the central square, or an unconventional space in the public park). If you think your work can be performed in more than one location, tick all three and explain how you need to adapt it in the director’s notes.

What if I change something in the work I perform at the festival, compared to the materials I submitted?
No major changes are allowed. Only if previously communicated and authorised, minor changes will be tolerated.

Who will evaluate the competing performances?
Artistic directors of Italian theatres and festivals, critics and journalists from all over Italy, and performing arts scholars. Many are members of the Teatri Riflessi Network or the Anticorpi XL Network. The complete list will be published in May 2024.

Can I skip the rehearsals?
No, rehearsals are essential. The days of rehearsals will be communicated in April.

When do I need to be in Zafferana?
As you will be rehearsing either on the 16th or on the 17th of July, you need to be in Zafferana from the day we schedule your rehearsals until Sunday, 21 July, at 1:00 p.m. (the final networking event with the national operators takes place on Sunday morning).

Will I have spare time?
Yes, rehearsals take place in the afternoon, so do all other activities. The only event in the morning is the final networking roundtable on Sunday 21 July.

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