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Saturday, March 16, 2024

AET Reading Series Play Submission


Deadline: April 5, 2024

Anconda Montana

This will be an ongoing series, where 4 new play readings will be performed during a season. This series will start in Spring/Summer 2024 and go through the third season at AET**

**You can submit multiple pieces for multiple locations, but please submit them all on separate forms**


This series is a professional but community-based project, with affordable tickets and the shows will be performed in locations where "theatre typically isn't" such as coffee shops, hotels, bed and breakfasts, bars/breweries, shops, restaurants, cafes, and more!


We are looking for new plays that have never had a fully staged production, but they can have had table reads or staged readings. The plays will hopefully, but don't necessarily have to, fit into our location or categories listed here:

1) Sweet Pea Bridal (to perform June, July or August 2024): the location is a locally owned Bridal/Wedding Dress shop. Possible themes/types of theatre: Weddings, Brides, Eloping, Family Ties, Plays about Dreams, Plays about the Future, Plays that take place in retail shops or dress shops.

2) Gunslinger Gulch (to perform September or October 2024): this location is an 1880's Old Western Ghost Town, Gunslinger Gulch Guest Ranch. Possible theme/types of theatre: Western, Horror Theatre, Ghost stories, Murder mystery, Montana ranch life, things that scare us, etc.

3) Copperhead Lodge (to perform November 2024, December 2024 or January 2025). A piece we are workshopping has already taken this slot, so we will not be taking new plays for this location at this time.

4) Forgotten Times Barbershop (to perform February, March or April 2025): This location is a locally owned Barbershop. Possible theme/types of theatre: Barbershop, Haircuts, Forgotten Times, Community Spaces, Looking at the Past, etc.


- Plays that are between 20 mins and 1 hour in length ( this can also be reading a part, select scenes, or an Act of a Full Length; vignettes that are part of a larger piece)

- Plays must only engage 1 to 4 actors plus an actor to read stage directors (doubling of characters is encouraged!!)

- Actors can be anywhere from ages 10 and up - but we will not accept any full youth shows or children's theatre pieces (but use of a young artist in a piece or TYA encouraged!)

- Plays that are looking for feedback to get to the next step in their theatrical journey - AET collects feedback and you will receive that feedback in 1 to 2 weeks post performance.


$100 for the rights for one performance plus a $50 travel/food stipend if you choose to come to the performance. During the process, you have the opportunity to be as hands on as you wish to be! Also, feedback from your performance to use for future drafts.

Application Deadline: April 5, 2024

Selections made by: May 1st, 2024 - you will have 2 weeks to make a decision.

To apply: Fill out the application form! 

**You can submit multiple pieces for multiple locations, but please submit them all on separate forms**

** We will be taking actor/director submissions as soon as plays are selected**

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