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Monday, March 4, 2024

Coachella Review open for submissions


Deadline: March 9, 2024 3AM

We welcome dramatic writing for both stage and screen. We’re interested in scripts 10 to 12 pages in length but welcome and encourage shorter pieces, such as monologues of up to 1,500 words. Screenplays should follow American Standard format. Stage plays may be in American Standard or any other format that serves the story.

We will also consider scripts (including excerpts) for produced short films not yet widely available (showings at festivals are fine, but the film should not be made publicly available on the internet until the week of the journal issue’s publication).

For editorial purposes, we prefer work submitted as Word or Final Draft documents. We do not accept PDF files.

Please do not include any photography, illustrations, or other attachments that will not be included in the final published work. If your work does include such additions, you must provide copyright information and permissions in your cover letter.

In addition to your submission, please include the following information in your cover letter: the title of your entry, its genre and word count, and your email address (we will use it if we don't hear from you through Submittable).

Multiple submissions for the same genre in the same reading period are not accepted, but simultaneous submissions to other journals are accepted. If you would like to submit to multiple genres (e.g. a piece of fiction and three poems), please contact us directly to alert us of such a submission. We will only publish one submission per author per issue.

We do not accept work currently published on the internet, including on social media and in podcasts.

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