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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The Apron Strings Project 2024 seeks monologues and short scenes


Deadline: April 1, 2024

Send to greymatters.productions@gmail.com

Greymatters Productions Announces NYC production of
The Apron Strings Project 2024
“The Ties that Bind”

We are looking for monologues, poems, raps, spoken word, personal essays, very short scenes and songs

Dream. Imagine. Create. Reminisce. Remember. Reflect. Write.

Aprons are a metaphor for a relationship, whether it be in service, care-taking, or creation. They symbolize both work and protection.

View selections from historian Diane Schwindt’s collection of over 600 aprons (below.) Let them inspire you to tell a story about yourself or your people.

We have all worn aprons of different kinds, both real and metaphoric. We have prepared food, honed stone, cared for others, carried nails, baked pastries. We have labored and we have crafted. We have done this for payment and for love. We want to explore the commonalities of our experiences and celebrate what binds us.

We will select the “best of the best” to weave together into a 90 minute theatrical presentation, performed by professional actors in a NYC theater, that will capture the richness and diversity of our experiences, tied together by apron strings. An opportunity to have your unique voice heard.

Please send submissions of monologues, poems, raps, spoken word, personal essays, very short scenes and/or songs (4 minutes or less in length) that reflect the spirit of the poem below, inspired by the gallery of aprons that follow.

Submission deadline: April 1, 2024

send to greymatters.productions@gmail.com

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