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Sunday, February 25, 2024



Deadline: April 1, 2024

This opportunity is only open to Indigenous artists who create for the stage based on Turtle Island (North America). 

Creative Nations, an all indigenous-led artists collective founded at The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado, is launching the First Storyteller’s Festival in 2024. The festival is focused on developing new work from Indigenous artists across the continent. We are purposely avoiding defining the festival by any specific genre, and encourage creators from any discipline that is performed on a “stage” to submit (with the word “stage” being loosely defined).

The festival will take place in Boulder, CO in the fall of 2024 (dates to be announced soon). The event will include:

Staged readings (or the equivalent for different genres) of pieces in early stage development

Workshop production of a piece by a member of Creative Nations

Educational workshops for community members and artists

Panel discussions to engage the Boulder arts community in the future of Indigenous storytelling for the stage

One of the core tenets of Creative Nations is that we compensate all artists for their time at a fair wage or we don’t do the project. All artists whose work is selected will receive the following:

Transportation to/from Boulder and housing for the festival week

A monetary award (that you will NOT have to spend to cover expenses)

A paid director and cast to rehearse the piece with, leading to a public reading

Networking among your Native artist peers

Education opportunities at our workshops

An invitation to join our newly established writer’s group, to continue developing work with other Native artists

Submissions and questions should be sent to FirstStorytellersFestival at gmail dot com by April 1st, 2024. We will notify everyone who submits whether or not they were selected. There is NO FEE to submit (as there never should be).

To submit, please send:

A pdf of your script

A link to a google drive folder/dropbox/youtube with any additional music files

The following information about you in the body of your email:
  • Name
  • Tribal affiliation
  • Location (reservation or city/state)
  • Name of the piece
  • Development history of the piece
  • Any artists already attached to the project (director, choreographer, actor, etc)
  • A brief bio

We may be able to fly in one additional person from your creative team, in addition to local resources you’ll have

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