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Monday, February 5, 2024

Ensemble Studio Theatre Youngblood Workshop


Deadline: February 26, 2024 11:59 PM EST


Keep an eye out for information on our virtual Info Session with current Youngblood members to learn more about applying to the group.

Applications are open to New York City metro area resident playwrights. While Youngblood works primarily with writers under 31 years old, we recognize that there are many definitions of "early-career" (new to the field, recently graduated from grad school, etc.). If you are over 31 but believe you qualify as an early career playwright please include an explanation in your letter.

Membership includes attendance at all weekly meetings, monthly (or more frequent) performances, readings, and retreats. If you have any questions, please contact youngblood@estnyc.org.


Please complete the form below and include the following materials:

WRITING SAMPLE - up to 25 pages. This can be part of a longer piece or a one-act. Send whatever you think best represents where you are as a playwright right now.

LETTER - The "why Youngblood" letter. Tell us about yourself and why you are interested in membership in the group.

RESUME - Your current playwriting resume.

FULL-LENGTH PLAY - A completed full-length play in its entirety. Note: this can be the full play from which the initial 25 pages was excerpted, or an entirely different piece. In most cases, this additional material will only be read if you are selected as a finalist.

PLEASE NOTE: Combine the above items, in that order (sample, letter, resume, full-length), into a single PDF file.

The file name should be your last name and first initial - i.e., TOLAN_R.pdf.
Upload the PDF file using the Upload link below.


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