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Thursday, February 8, 2024

“Eight to the Bar” – GreenMan Theatre Troupe’s Fourth Annual 10 Minute Play Festival


Deadline: March 1, 2024
Or until they receive 200 plays


GreenMan will be presenting Eight to the Bar, an evening of eight 10 minute plays. The prompt is “Revenge is Sweet – or Is It?” The show will be performed in July, 2024 in Elmhurst, Illinois. Eight plays will be selected.

Cash prizes for the selected plays will be determined by the audience voting on their favorites during the run of the show:

1st Place - $200.00
2nd Place - $100.00
3rd Place - $50.00

Also: a free subscription to Play Submissions Helper (www.playsubmissionshelper.com)


1. Playwrights may submit up to two plays each to G...@comcast.net from February 1, 2024 through March 1, 2024. Selected plays will be announced on April 30, 2024. Regional restriction: None. Playwrights must be currently residing on the planet Earth. Scripts with previous performances are permitted, but must be unpublished.

2. Prompt – “Revenge is Sweet – or Is It?” Your play needs to focus on revenge – its contemplation, cancellation or execution. It's resulting joy or regret. Its effect on your characters’ lives.

3. Content – Anything rated G to R. No nudity or excessive violence, but other than that – go for it.

4. Restrictions – No more than six actors per script will be cast. Doubling of parts will be permitted. Keep the set and props simple. A table or two and some chairs. Easily obtainable props. If your script requires six foot tall carnivorous pigs, we will be unlikely to do it justice. But you can go the Second City route: chairs can become car seats, couches or six foot tall carnivorous pigs.

5. Format – Limit: eight pages. Plays must be written in English and must be submitted electronically as PDF files. The playwright’s name must not appear anywhere but the title page; the judging is to be completely blind. Stick to standard play format: one inch margins, 12 point Courier or Times font. Title page (containing playwright’s name, address and e-mail), cast list page with brief descriptions of characters, followed by no more than eight pages of
script. The judges will read the finalists out loud to get a timing; anything longer than ten minutes will be disqualified. A sample format is found here; don’t stray too far from this.

6. Genre – Comedy, drama, mystery, tragedy, farce… pretty much anything except monologues, musicals or children’s shows. Also, we’re looking for original works. Adaptations are permitted, but the original source must
either be in the public domain, or have adaptation rights secured in writing by the playwright.

7. Quota – We will read up to 200 plays. No more than 200 will be accepted.

8. Entry Fee – There isn’t one.

9. Royalties – None; prizes only. Comps – the playwright and one friend will be admitted free, as many times as they want to come.

10. Rights – GreenMan Theatre Troupe will have the right to perform your play for this production only.
Photographs will be taken, and unless requested not to by the playwright, plays may be video recorded for online viewing on YouTube, Facebook, etc. All other rights are retained by the playwright.

11. Directing – Director submissions will be open on March 10, 2024. Playwrights may submit to direct.

12. Selection – Sixteen plays will be chosen for the final list. Eight directors will be selected, who will read all the scripts and choose three plays he/she would like to direct. In most cases, directors get their first or second choice.
So you might get to direct your own play, but don’t bet the ranch on it.

DO NOT SUBMIT - If you have any questions, please direct them to GM10MP@comcast.net.

​We look forward to reading your plays!

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