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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Yorick Radio seeks radio play scripts for podcasts


Deadline:  April 30, 2023, Midnight (GMT)

Submit to Yorick

Please visit our Latest Episodes page and listen to some of our work to get an idea of the kinds of writing we enjoy the most. This will stand you in the best stead for being selected for publication on our podcast.

Yorick Radio Productions accepts the following original pieces of written work for publication on their podcast:

  • Prose Fiction and Non-Fiction (3000 word limit)
  • Flash fiction (1000 word limit)
  • Poetry (6 Poems of no more than 6 pages)
  • Radio Play Scripts (20 pages)
  • Critical Reviews of Books, Films or Plays (2000 words)

Although each of these categories is subject to its own word/length limit, we request that all of them follow the same presentation format. Please ensure that your document is typed in a .doc or .docx file, using a readable font such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Garamond in 12pttype size. The title of your writing should be centred in bold at the top of your document with your byline underneath. Please name your document using the following format: ‘TYPE – Full Author Name’.

Eg, ‘PROSE NON-FICTION – Joe Blogs’. For further information on how to format your submission, please look to https://www.shunn.net/format/story/1/ – Modern Manuscript Format.

We especially encourage work from people from underrepresented groups, such as people with physical or mental illnesses or disabilities; neurodivergent people; people of colour or people from minority ethnic communities; care-experienced people; people from low-income backgrounds; LGBTQIA+ people. Please note, that this is not a comprehensive list of the groups we consider to be underrepresented. If you identify with one of these, or any other underrepresented group, please let us know in your cover letter and your biography (if you’d feel comfortable to do so).

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please inform us immediately if the story is accepted elsewhere. Occasionally, this may not affect us if the contact you sign with another publisher does not include rights to publish in audio format. If you are accepted elsewhere, we may ask you to send us a copy of your contract so that we can confirm this.

Previously published work is very welcome with us, subject to the rights established by your signed contract with other publishers.

Please only submit one piece of work at a time.

Our aim is to respond within 6 weeks after the closing date to let you know if we’d like to publish your work on our podcast. You can get in touch if you’ve not heard back from us after 10 weeks.

Submissions are free.

Please include a cover letter and a short third-person biography. If you are successful, we’ll read this out on our podcast alongside your work, to make sure you get the publicity you deserve. Make sure to include links to your social media and mention any other works of note that you’ve done.

We will consider any genre or subject, however, we ask authors to be sensitive and include content warnings if necessary. We will not publish erotica, graphic gore, or any material that promotes intolerance, hatred, or violence.

We are currently unable to pay our contributors, but we hope to be in a position to change this in the near future.


Prose Fiction and Non-Fiction –
We are looking for exciting, engaging stories, both real and imaginary, that piques our interest and sparks our imagination; that can make us think and laugh and wince and feel. We love pieces that are unique and present us with new angles, distinctive literary styles and different points of view. Your work can be in any genre, though we do ask for content warnings to be added where applicable. Have at, and show us what you’ve got!
Length Limit: 3000 words.

Flash fiction –
For our Flash fiction section, we want short stories that really pack a punch. If you’ve got something to say, or a tale to tell and are up to the challenge of doing it in 1000 words or less, then we’d love to hear from you. Your work can be in any genre, though we do ask for content warnings to be added where applicable.
Length Limit: 1000 words

Poetry –
Some writers find poetry a true challenge, while others can really paint their words into the perfect picture. If you’re one of those writers, send us your work. We love work that can make us see the world through different eyes, and change our perspective. It can be on any theme, as long as you provide the appropriate content warnings in your work.
Length Limit: 6 Poems of no more than 6 pages

Radio Play Scripts –
Write us a script and have our amazing cast of actors bring your work to life. This is what true power looks like: making strangers say anything you want! Make your audience laugh or cry (hopefully in a good way), or explore a new, exciting world through sound alone. Let’s see what you’ve got. Break a leg!
Length Limit: 20 pages

Critical Reviews of Books, Films or Plays –
We would say anything goes, but maybe not, according to you! There’s a lot of brilliant (and not so brilliant) work out there, and we have no doubt that you have your own opinions about them. We’d love to hear what you have to say about different media and what effect you think it’s had on its audience. Make it funny or fierce and let us have it!
Length Limit: 2000 words

Submit to Yorick!


Below is an example of a really simple cover letter. You can use this one or invent your own. There’s no need to write screeds, but it’s a good way to introduce yourself. Please also let us know if you are a regular listener to Yorick (you don’t have to be and this won’t affect your likelihood of being selected), and if you identify as part of any under-represented group of people.

Dear Mx. Beech,

Please find attached for your consideration my [wordcount]-word [category of writing], “[Story Title]”.

This work is previously published [where]/unpublished. It is/is not a simultaneous submission.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name (pronouns if desired)]


It’s very much up to you what you’d like to say in your bio, but we know that a lot of people find this part a challenge. Here are some ideas for what to include: Where you’re from – we’ve published writers from across the world. We’d love to know how cosy our little literary world is becoming.
What you like to write – you’ve submitted work to us so clearly you love to write, but do you have one type of work you focus on, or do you dabble?
Any previous publications, prizes or writing merits – we love to let our listeners know how talented you are and publicise what you’re proud of.
A fun fact about yourself – although we like to know if you’ve been published before, we also like to know who you are as a person.
Where listeners can go to read more of your work – we want to make sure you get as much publicity as possible, so if you have a published work that they can buy, a dedicated website, or facebook or instagram, let us know.

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