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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Bewildering Stories submission guidelines


Deadline: none listed

For flash fiction & drama send to Charles C. Cole at charlie_c_cole at yahoo.com

Bewildering Stories invites unconventional writing in all genres — prose, poetry and drama — on all subjects in fiction and non-fiction, particularly:

  • science fiction, including accounts of alternate histories past, present and future
  • fantasy
  • mainstream fiction
  • non-fiction articles, essays, and interviews
  • reviews and review articles, which may deal with real or imaginary books, plays, films on any subject as well as musical performances
  • real or fictional interviews, biographies, or memoirs
  • (invent your own)
Bewildering Stories has the simplest submissions guideline on the Internet: “Please send us something, we’ll be glad to consider it. If we have questions, we’ll ask.”

To send a submission or other mail, please refer to the Contact page.

The rest of the Submissions page is a reference work. We link to parts of it, as needed, to keep correspondence simple. We also have a concise summary of the 12 most frequent problems found in submissions and our recommended remedies: The Review Readers’ Checklist.

A formatted version of our Duotrope interview can be found here. It provides useful information to new and veteran contributors alike.

Important reminders:
Please inquire if you do not receive an acknowledgement within three days or a decision within four weeks.

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