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Friday, October 28, 2022



Deadline: November 20, 2022


A non-fiction arts residency May 31st- June 30th, 2023 that includes room and board, a travel stipend, and a $2500 honorarium.

FEE: No fee

RESTRICTIONS: Open to all playwrights who work with non-fiction texts relating to the theme.

This year our theme is Off the Beaten Path: Outside the Hero’s Journey –– Realty is more complicated, more collaborative, and more interesting than what we have come to call the Hero’s Journey. It does not follow a beginning, middle, and end, with rising action and turning points that deliver a resolution with all threads tied up neatly in a bow. 

Many non-fiction makers have always created work that is outside the Hero’s Journey. Work that meanders through squiggly time, that is polyvocal, and that de-centers simple conflict in favor of growth. However, artists are increasingly trained to present themselves as the hero of their own artistic-biographical story, with their process acting as the journey, and their product acting as the boon brought home to audiences, erasing the collaboration that goes into non-fiction storytelling and forcing makers to narrativize their practice and commoditize themselves. 

The Institute runs from May 31st- June 30th, 2023 on the Skidmore College campus.

Fellowship includes:   
  • Community and feedback from a renowned group of multidisciplinary artists/storytellers/documentarians
  • $2500 honorarium
  • Travel stipend of up to $500
  • Public presentation/exhibition opportunities  
  • Access to MDOCS DocLab production equipment and space
  • Room and board – in Skidmore’s Sussman Village Housing and through Skidmore dining hall
  • Access to Skidmore facilities including the Lucy Scribner library and the Williamson Sport Center

  • Applicants must have a non-fiction-based practice and propose a non-fiction-based project. 
  • Applicants must have an interest in teaching and learning. 
  • Accepted fellows are expected to fully engage with institute events and be in residence for its duration. If a fellow is not in residence for the full institute, their stipend will be reduced. 

What you need to apply:

A completed application, which includes a work sample that demonstrates your experience in non-fiction creative work and two references.

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